The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 18, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1859
Page 4
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LEG./ JL ADVERTISEMENTS. EEPOBTBD ?QB THBJ NEWS. • ''' " From Europe. »•*." _ M»yl6. to tbe S6fh nit.,, hag reached .Independence. The orar- land mails by the central route are missing* Advloes from Pike's Peak are disooursgiag, MKW MEW Paul Morphy played:*nd won the second game in ttBinatoUS .phy gives tie to<Perin. Mr. Mor- , May 17. X -J bat no falling off in emigration h^e thlB^, li,yfy Vtnii: Moijilijr. BcmUi.vmjptoiiiv' C i;—Dates to the evening of the 4th lost., state that tbe Austrian army had ad- ranoed toiCombrocatro wtthout any serioas oomb»t v -«''— " : '" :l -'•• - s - -'- ; ''-~ ; - ''•- *" PARIS.—Military jvolonteen /or five years., rit.l&..i.Wi>-te 1*1.1, ! COMMBRC1A1, oontneted by a national subscription. ST. PIUKSBUEOH.—The official journal is authorized to declare most positively that there exists no treaty of alliance, offensive or defensive, .between Russia and any other po ; w- er whatever. ' ' • ' " -« * a'tn Consols closed on the the *th «t 90 s-» «> 90 6-8 for money »nft »ooonnt«. May 17. l TrtatB of sfcge, of oonflrmed hasalio been done by Venice and fleneral Qlnly had imposed on the town of Novartt a demand for a heavy contribution of provisions andArage. -^TheiTta>iB8*;oi^ arfiole says, the improve- inent in thafnudfi this morning, (Tuesday} "consequent upon ihe assurance of D'lsraelt of his perfect confidence that no secret treaty existed between France and Russia, was less than ualf per cenU, and the market at the close vras still heavy. Consols were first quoted at 90 1-2, and after ranging brtween 90&91; they left off at 90 1-4. The demand for discount at the bank was nnnsually heavy, and a further advance on the rates on Thursday was considered probable. . It appears that the bridge of Baffalora was destroyed by the Piedmcntese, on retir inc. On entering Piedmont, Gen. Giuhty issued a proclamation, in which he said the Pied montese should be treated with "the greatest oonsldaation — Austria being there solely . to combat the turbulent party which attacks the rights of Austria, and the other Italian States _ 4 party feeble in numbers, strong only by audacity, and which prevents the voice of the true Piedroontese people from being heard. Ttie Emperor of Austria had addressed an order of the day to Gen . Giulay's troops.which concludes thus : " Soldiers of the second army, it is foa you to tarry to victory the unsullied flag of Austria. March to the combat with the blessings of God and the confidence of the Emperor. '• VESSEL LOST The cabin passengers of the Pomona consist*ed of Mrs, Baxter, a retired officer's widow and her children Of tbe 393 steerage passengers, 88 were English and the remainder Irish. The following is a list of the English passegers : — Chas. Parkinson, John Webster. John Chapman Wm. Randall, Geo. Ranford, Geo. Ball, Jas. Ferris and wife Jno. Miller.Mair Miller, Jno. Brunley, Geo. Annitage and wife.Freder- iok Sngden, Wm. Akrayd, Jno. Edmundson, David. Elizabeth.WilUam, Joseph, Mary Ann, and Charles Dobley, Jno. Seden, Mary, William, Ann Jane, Elizabeth and Sarah Ann Whiley, Henry Smith, Betsey Giles, Emma and Harvey Shaw. Scotch passengers . Juo HoCollom and wife, Robl. Lyle, Thos. Wilson, Wm. Taylor. Margaretw, Jno. Graham,- Jas. Keene and Adam McCaffrey. None of the English or Scotch passengers hav« been saved. ST. JOHNS, N. F., May 16. The steamship Vigo, from Belfast, May 4th, Via Qneenstown May 6lh, passed Cape Race last night en route for New Y ark . Her news was obtained by Mr. Parrel 1, manager of the Associated Press. Tbe Swiss Federal Assembly has approve d of the declaration of neutrality, and of the measures of defence taken by the Federal Council, and has appointed Geu. Dnfanre oom- mander-in-chief of the army of Switzerland The Bank of Prussia on the 4th of May raised tbe rate of interest to 5 per cent. IHDIA — The mail steamer had arrived at Suez from Bombay. Bajah Maunsingh surrendered to Major Meade on the 2d of April. The combined movement attacked the rebels on foot, and came near killing, in on« fight, 600 of them, including 30 of their officers. The body of the rebels are still iu Ne- panl. ALKXAKDBIA., April 27. — The mail steamer Conn arrived last night. Lord Elgin was on board. A telegram from Marseilles, of the 6th says Lord Elgin leaves to-night for Paris . A despatch from Paris of the 6th says the Monitenr this morning contains tbe following: Allessandria May 4th, Eve. The Anstrians, who had crossed the Po in email quantities, at Cawphia and Po, and pushed the vanguard as far as Salla. have crossed the river. The Austrian divisions reported on the right bank, are still threatening the passage of the Po, but the river being much swollen by rain offers another obstacle to their crossing. The rain continues, and the low ground is covered with water. The Moniteur also contains the following : Parma, May 5th. The Reigning Duchess entered Parma yesterday. Pan of the troops had gone to meet her, and another part was drawn up along the roads. , The London Times of the 6th, in speoklne of the military operations, says : "They have-came to no other result than that after having been seven days on Sardinian soil, the invaders have not advanced more than 33 miles from the frontier river '•It seems a£ though Ansuia had staked heavily for an opportunity, has won it, and now thrown it away. They have gained nothing 'by their choice of movements, eicept the power of making forced contributions in the enemy's country, while all the positions Sardinia holds, aje connected by lines of rail with each other andjby Alpine passes into France. Exchange on London had fallen to 33 1-2 The death of the Duke of Lewis is announced. Lord Goddelphin is his successor. The Duke of Malakoff had an audience of Queen Victoria on Thursday, and delivered hi* letters of recall. The members returned to the new House of Commons, up to Thursday night, amounted to 652. The Times estimates the total ministerial gain at 17. yThe Times' city article of Thursday ere this, has bean settling day in English funds, and on the whole passed ofl well. Mo failures were declared, and delays have been granted in all cases of -doubt to the end of the week. The Bank of England will now make advances to their customers' six months bill at 6 1-2 per cent. The demand for discount at the advanced rate,. wai vary active] both in the banks and the open market. The government stock banks have raised their allowance on deposits. The raising of the rates to 4 1-2 per cent, is the result -of the movement of the public. There is really no Tory excessive pressure for immediate wants on tbe part of the mercantile body, but the enormous outlay consequent on the general arming of- Enrope absorbes specie. The Daily News' city article of Thursday evening, says the alteration at tbe bank had no effect on the funds, which opened at tbe quotations current at 4 o'clock yesterday, and remained at that rate until about one hour after the announcement There were subsequently some fluctuations, tout the closing prices were a quarter per cent. better than yesterday. " The rise in the rate of discount causes sales of English railway and other stocks hitherto held in borrowed money. The gold drawn from the hank to-day for exportation was £64,000 ; £47,000 in American gold was also jpurchMed for the continent. ' - The dates from Bombay hy the telegraph are to the 19th of April. Intelligence had been received from Hahom- edtotheSth. Tanta Topee was captured by Col. Meade's -detachment on the previous night, with the Mgistanoe of Maunsigh, whose surrender to Col. Meade had previously taken place. On the :2d, the columns under Colonels Salee and Rich, In combined movement, overtook the rebela to Seoronga Jungle, and killed 600 of them. Tantt.Topee wai iprj»ent. - i r ;-,iI : ' OFHOE OP THE DAILY NfVTB, l! , C-^-- -•' Milwaukee. May IT, 185D. ( Slosar MiiriRSr—Tbe large amount of bll's tha. have been offering have had the effect of absorbing much of the currency, making It'more scarce. Exchange's alse mn'e scarce and Still sell'.ag at S per cent. The Banlcera.however, speai of making a reduction in the rate sometime this week. The markets for flour and wheat were easy tb'i morn- log, with an upward tendency, especially on flour. The morning salei bclnj made at yesterday's prices, and gradoally rising until an advi nee of foil GOc was galn- td,vhen tht tide seemed to turn and prices gradually settled back til' at the cine the advance wai lost,' and a still downward tendency was felt The market via active In tb e early part of tbe day and >ales amounted to about 8,000 bbls. In wheat there was less activity and fluctuation. Some of the small sales would seem lo show a slight advance; but the largest sale, being 6,(,00 bus of No. 1 at 1,40, when compared with the s»le of 11,000 bnsW the same kind rtslerday at 1,45 shows a positive decline of 6c with still downward tendency.— The sales foot up to rising of 9,000 bus. There was more : ctivlty In Oats than we hare obsev- ed for a few days, though prices were rather lower.— Sales £,COO bus delivered in bags. milu-aakec Wliolcvalc Market. Freights—no new engagements to-day. The Schr. W. >V. Craig tle&red lor Buffalo with 17,000 l>us wheat, which she took in yesterday al Sc. Flour—more active and advanccdoOc. Sal, s GOO bbls Merchant! Mills, superfine, 7.00; 150 do Milwaukee Oity, White Winter, 8,75; 100 do Premium Eagle, white winter, 8,75; ISO do double extra • hlle it inter, Eagle Mills, 8USO; 73 do double «xtra do Citj Mills, 0,50; 100 do £ast Troy, 7,80; 200 du City Mills, 7.S); 200 do do 7,76; COO dc North Star. 7,SO, tOO ,.o Madison City, LBQAI. ADVERTISEMENTS. tnviXKO STATES MARSH AIVS SALE. Netrcomb Cleveland, * us. tbe.La Orosse'A MH' . . -. , TN pursuance and by virtue of a writ of Merl Facia* JL l&sued out of the Dlitrlct Conrt of the United Sutef for ihe.Dlstrict of WiMOQ»In, in favor of the* saia Mew- . comb Cleveland, plaintiff, against the La Orosje A Mil- Waukee Rail Road Company (defendant In tne above entitled" cause, issued for the amount of one hundred and twelve thousand two hundred and eeventy^ne dollar and 1 seventy-six cents, recovered by the said PlalnUfl agafu«t the eald defendtiit, the 7th day of October, AD. 1B57, by the judgment of the said DlBlrlct Court, tested the of October, A- 0. 1867, to me directed, X have levied upon and ahftll sell at 'Public Auction, on Tuesday, the lOUi day of December next, at the United State* Marshal*! Offices 1° the City of Milwaukee, at 10 o'clock £n the forenoon of taid day, the following property:, to wit : The La Crosse Railroad and all Uie Interestof the LaOroaac A Milwaukee Eailroad Company therein, with all the franchises, rlghis and privileges thereunto belonging and appertaining, including roads, roadway •« right* of way and real ea tale of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, roils, station houses and bufldliigi 'and grounds, sheds and grounds, engine houses ami grounds, shops and grounds, water houses and grounds, cars and Appurtenances, locomotive engines and appurtenance*, more particularly described in the folloirtng schedule (marked A.) Also, all that portlou of the LaOrosae and ftlllwaukct Railroad, known as the Waterlown Division of said Railroad, and all the Inter* at of the said LaCrossc and Milwaukee .Railroad Company therein, with all tr« franchises, rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, including roads, road ways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station hr.uses and buildings and grounds, shops aud grounds, water houses and grounds, engine houses and grounds, can and appurtenances, locomotives anil tippurtfti wees; also, about forty-five thousand Lara of Railroad iron, more particularly described in Uie fol- ovrlng schedule (marked B.j Also, lota 9, '0 and 11, In block 8, and lota 1, 2, 3, In Mock 47,»in the Fifth WaYd of the City of Milwaukee.— Lots 1 un'd 4, In blot,k 156; lots 1, 2, 4, 6, 6, 7, b, 9, to, 11, 12.13, 14, in block 155; X of block 157, except lot band 10 of the bayou adjoining said block; H of lots B, 9 ami )£, all of lots 12, IS and 14; ^ or lots 16 and 17 ami K % of 15, in block IBS, In thr Fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee. (Schedule A., referred to :il>ove.)- One j. a SB en err depot, one store house, two freight depots, Brain platform and shed, blacksmith shop, three tank bouses, machine Shop, stationary engine house, paint shop, lumber house, coppersmith shop, Iron housr, .blacksmith shop, turntable, circular engine house, car shop, all la the City of 23S do Bellrllle 7.&O) 600 do Magnolm S,l>0; 'MO Nonh l^tvr 7,RO; 177 dollark Rlvrr 7,aj; CM do Ma- maule 7^0, 1,300 do Ktcptrc , liraver Dam, 8,01'; 800 do Ilorlcon 8,00; 200 do M»duon Ci y S.O.I; L'OOdo Portas* City 8,00; i,000 do Magnolia 7^0; 20,1 Jo City Mills 8,00; 40 do mixed club at 7,75. Wheat — dull at a decllre of f'alrs i>00 < Extra Club 1,67 >4 , 400 do do 1,65; 800 do do 1,60; ilK) do Extra No. 1 mixed 1,M>; 300 do triple eitra 1,6S; 2 p do extra l,fS; 100 do do 1,64, 275 do do 1,60; 2tKJ do prime No. 1; 1,60; 360 do extra l,7o ; l,4(io do triple extra 1,70; 7,000 do No. 1 t. o. ti , 1,40 Rye — nominal at 1,10^,1, 15. No sales. Oats— lower. Sales 1.200 bus at 54, de'lrernl; tiu Jo In bags 55; 600 do do 66; 300 do do 67. Barley— dull and quiet. Sales S5u 1> U > cholcr 7.V. choice is quoted at COST.'', common nt W(g,6U Corn— inactive and nomina.1 at 88(^*0. Potatoes— stesdy. Sale 60 bos rommorireil nl 56 Beans— sales 110 bun mlx.-,j at 86 Timothy Seed — somewhat rcarre. Ur iioi- sale r»l ^' bus kt 1,SO; quoted at 1,50^,1,71. Eggs — in demand at S S . Butter— lower; 14&1C lor large q ulntlties. Highwiud— advanced. Sales S5 l>bl» at 83. rtion twelve -of salt] and freight u pot, at Kichfield; one tuni table atiJ pajuten^er anil freight depot, a Milwaukee; lank house on B ruad; one diiUi ou section bouse aud passenger and i < eight uepoi house, tanc at Hartford; passenger atid freight depot ,t KuMcon; passenger aud freight dei«ot aud tank hoi. e al Woodland; ditto at Iron liidge, turn table, p:. ' ' •-•• • engiue huuse and tank ! ger and freight depot al Prairie; turn luble, engine t seugcr arid freiglit tiejKjt at Trt-igiit depot HuU tank hou and Irciiiht dri.,.t al C&tubr, . j.ol, inrn Uibk-, \aua houat iuud; passenger and r rei£hi l.i.uM- Hiitl Lank liou^e at Poi gruund> upon whuji vuch hitu&te>l mid which ore appi,. f locouiotiVr i KecoUd piles, ten t illllu, four Kiiud .-ar». (Schedule It., referred to •.u ihe City *>f Milwaukee; Juncliou; one ditto and wo.' staliou iiouite al llarlland; i lion; one w&ler iiuQ»e, one « t.uuSf al OcummH'Wur; one mucl.ine .slui(», i ar itl.i.p, bl., LOU^I'-H, ensile l.i.uci- and we,• linn t.oa.-e afi'i waler hous* enfime at..I nulcr hi.Uf:eat C grojtitls upt.n vrhicii &urh ho . lui \vlinrh ar« appurte and freight depot, •use at Horicoo; pasaeti- •i Dillon; ditto at ftolltn^' ••e, tank houm- a:«U |>ar<- *ver Dam; pa.t.icii^er aud at Kux Uakr; pa.^i-nj.'c r [>:t^aent:er ami livighi iir ni *.-n^;Hn' liv.ii«n- at Kliil- epol, turn table, tu^mf /eCily, to^ethn with the Ubes iv n >t I'Uiiiliii^'x art- nant tttt-rt-to. Twntv- *l clasx passr-nm-r curs, bg{.'H.)>t: cn.r», 16 1 )iout<- , !'." jrravrl rars nnu 17 ivr ) Otie cup i tie tiousf i«> station house at the shr-il nl 1'ewaukre, <-uc , ditto at line Lakr ni» • d fihetl, and on. sL^iiou itlOD liousr, franif thetl, amiLh 5Noj», lu u water .1 f lit i I he ^ :*;id l.illltitugs ai t ftitu .lll.crrtu. 8t-vrn UH-.. engines, tj, box cars, »• rack cariL, lu ImuJ can, • uur |.i**M;UK- r GJirs & l«u ba ... x r farit, iU ilumj, .-ars A i the SHnie uuy^il IHO o'clock | i, .,Uear llu- La Orossf Rail| ioad l>e|Hjl,L,u l.U.uku 40 and i in the cur ul Milwaukee, j auil alnjul 4to bars ol Kail, -. I al K.ur i.'riuck I 1 . M., Ihe sh... ! dock in ihe Cu> ul Mllwau. , i ol Katiruotl iruu v.-lnub I s,. .. December, li^.T, at Ihrce u'i- i bkut i.f Lhe W ISCUIIMU River, i o! Lit*- l.s Clu^ae auii MllWIvu. ' v>ertv ,-nuiu.-raLed in llie I'M da) , al Dousiuati A C»S &UJ about l.OISJ burs sell »Q tbe I7lli .lav '.I west liue Kecclptat. PORV8 DURING THE PiST rwSSTV-roPR BOI'Ks.— 7S M lumber; 46 bblt flour; ^ do h. -n lute; 100 reJar posts; 840 pkg« sundrlei; 16 bbln uc,. 5 blida sn^ar, 48 bbls hair; IS roll* leather ^ con!* wo:>.l, .*.oo 6pike«i 89 t mdt. LIES EXPORTS DI'EINQ THU PA. J T TwKNTT-rors Hoot,*.— aud I'. M., lUilroaii. U uul ul II.e i fa.or ,,f .^ uo ih The pro- U. will W ^ff~ The above salr »• *-4th day ol January, *-,. MaruhaJ'i L»tlic«, M droad tti>L lurUtU-nrd M. J TlJuMAS, U. ri. Marshal. v adjuuroed to Mi.uila it Ui u' A. it the » l.i.-l , at alea 647 dour; 2 bo,« h b B «J. : W* ,r«. h,d«.ll I tuos mill, 247 pkgs dries, '.> bbls i-y(r»; 41' bdl! b£fl nbol, 4 bbi> wl,i..Le>. !'3 SHERIFF'S SALE. Circuit Oo ut, Milwaukee County. LewbiBIil "' I . | ie, ".' i ' ' •' ljt i I Judgment Fareeloinre. VKeith. f~v_ .°;' : . X •'-'* '•;•• .: _ . * . I N virtui of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In taldVC mrt^in the-above entltlrt wtlon, dated February U, 1859, 1 shall expose for tale and sell at Public At ctlon, at the Posl-Office, In the City of MliwauleJ, on Saturday, tbe Dili day of July, 1859, at the hour of 9 f- «•, of that da;, {he following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be- necessary to raise Urearuouni of said judgment. Interest and costs, together with expenses at iale.towlt: "The cquul undlvldeil one-half of lot So. one. In block No nhi' iy-nvc, and tbe equal undlrnlrtl one-half of lot six, In block No. one hundred and eltven, all in thu ftfib Ward, of th«-Clty of Milwaukee, in the Slate of Wisconsin. Dated Stierlll •» Office Milwaukee, >prt)9, I8J9. K. MiM«(lc», [ A J. LANGWOBTHV, Fl'ffs Altfy. { Bh'lf Mil. Co., Wis. ' ' 877] >S SAI.S-". [N f WISCONSIN, I Circuit t'o^irt, Milwaukee Co. I Andrew MHchell, ) t . .. 'a?'"' 1 , i Foreclosure and Sal». John 1.004) r R nd | Marion Coo; er. J I N virtue of aud pursuant lo a judgment rendered In the above entitled action, dated -April30,1SS9, I shall eipode for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, In the CUy of Milwaukee, on smnrdnv, tin: 2Olk Jay of August, 1SSS, al the hour of 2 p. « , of that day, the. following Jescribed Imurtgatred |>reruisen, or so much thereof as •nay be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interest and c< s'8, together with expensed of *:ile, thr follow ng v 'to wit: "All that pie<-e or pireel of land slluale In the County of Mllwatrkee and Slate of Wisconsin, knowri anil described as the west half of the north, west quarter of section llsj, town sir |OJ, range twenty-jiir 1*1], containing ninety- two acres, scrurdlng In Hie I ulted States survey, eireplh.g one hilf acre leased by John and Marlon Coop-r T cue of them tohchool District No. six ffi), In ihe Tuwn "f MreenHehl, Mllwauk e Oouuty.', Daled SherlfTj Office, >HI« aukee, May 14,185!). [Ipnm A (iBiun Pl'ff« Att'ys. ma.vla-Sm-lin^i (fTATK OP WI.1CuN,"l v Olrcuil Oolirt, Mdw.iiil.i-r r John Kerlir, 1 Thomas Oul«abl, Jost |>ha QulvTRld, Orth, | Toej fcr Wenz-t. j I N irlu< -jl ai.'l | ul-u-vnl I" a ,11 1 "' n i,U v'l.tirt, \n Ihe al.uVr r-ntitlrt -, In- Ai:iMi.,|i :1 | I'lii- P. null.- .i n 'Hid Mil* iuke* ilr'e», in tli-.,:v in salnrJnj , Ilic J"tli <l*\ A. J. I ANOWOHTUV, Sh'ff. M.I. Co , Wis. Mr. I > Knrorl., .11 thr hour of r « r'l ,•( ihnl ..r v!"»»uk,, >r vucu^t « . II,.- (ol Illlieh Ihere- uf a5 Ina3 - br n- r..*sary lu raise ll.r an. ju.U-nienl, Interest ^n-1 r,,Hts, tug. Ilier wtrt ,-.f ?aV, tin- following real eitM^ t i wr : ••All tint (Krcr i,r |..r .-lot lan.l .llti: l'.,imly of Mil" auk.-.- \n.l .^ at.- ol Slal roll*.II, knonn unartt-r uf il,c ihltly BIX i 1C one (21), . uli ii.n:- I Mi' a Daird rtd. rlir. OITK-. M i*««l 1>H &M a (lHl« *« ( A . M'tf. -tu'.vH f ma) 15-iim-lirV'w kit I. K It » '•> • STATK III' VVISOON^I',, I L'(.U I, M. WHllk ri I , Ll.t Kobrrl XV. U.-''leiUi , I ln« If ' W,: .<ilh -a« f se. ti., e tw .-fill e. May 14. If'.l LVMiWoKTIIV. .•!.'!! M:l i .. , H . Cl uhe Dr. Due A L'.i. j.aru rrs ' V I Illtl, . 1 l.n- I i aj't.lcmrnl rru.lere.1 I ' illilir.l aclton, 'i^tr-l Krl I .r -»l< SD.i >ell al Pul , un "t.r cnn.rr ol \Vi.r. r in Die CUy o( M<l«auket Rking. 65 rases I quor, bdu sera; iron. IG.VtW' bu> irhcal. [ By Telepra.[vr, j S«-« Vork. fllurkri. Niw YonE, May 17. Plour—dull and heavy, bill J.r ices uorliarjeed; sales 6,400 bns a<. 7,25 for very choice alale, f,,lu^.7.^ for superfine western; 7,95(^t&,25 for round Loop uii-o. Markerxloslng heavy. Canadinij 7,7.',&i.73 fur eitris. Bye flour—quiet at 4.75&i,5o Wheat—-"nil and heavy at llie cl. he sales -0."00 bus al 148^1,40 for M 1. club; 1,90 lor Lin. « inler rej and western; 2,00 for white weste-n. Sin lui small lol Mich. Rye—firm; sales 6,00n bus al 1 u-'. Barley—firm al SO. Corn—dull and depressed, sales 1 .:iii" I,*- *t u< >^ !)»;>, for yellow, all kinds; 94<&95 for >.,.'. -i: ru.xeit weste n at K>. . ' Oal«—60 for state. C1<^C*J t r western ar.i Canadiau. : Stocks—Soil board lower. U S 5'. of "74 lol.'., M . i MS, ^» 91, S CO, Uirl (S8; M i M :., l> M 73i* . N V 0 | 72)^, S 15, M 1(1. do gr»d ::; v , M C 4' Panama 11s 1 C 57. t, 4 C &4J», C * T '/7 s , C A R I &2 » . i merchandize b]- l.atcc. By Strclmer ( 1ftd<in(i—L>. d J/. K. K Foa PxasOBTS IKTBS Crrr.—W Staples, Yale A French, ' Gall & Erank, J Mark. Atkins, Steel A Wbile, Uarcm, | Manin & Co, Bradley t Uetcalf, LeFevre A Oreen, J ; D A Co, O B i Co, Mahler & Adler. W t Bro on, J B j Harvey, U A Jeuell, J B Benedict, B I' Caiiy. FOE PzaaOKs 15 THS Cousrav.—J R Halch. iMAosli' H G Dimmock, Beaver . am; Cathrart A Co. St Paul' Chapman A- Thorp, Kan Clair; G W 7'oweni. Palrbault, Minn; Lyman i Bone, Kenosba; Charlotte Uoore. Stoapbton; Rtley aloretop, Portage uity; Winchester, DeWolf A Co, Pushing A tweelland, Uhltewater; D A J Canan Pardeevllle; Dearborn A Jannett, McGregor. By I'rfjt. Kenasha — Pevjtle'i Lint—TVjMUs, SinrL- iceaiher <t Co.. Agtiitt. L'iC. Jt M. /.'. R Duck. FOB PIEBOSS is THS Crrr.—0 Williamson, H Gunnison, J M Kvmpball. Warren A Hewett, M Mea<l A Son, John PntillfTA Oo, E M Ilu rd, Oreen * Button, Mann !iro. FOB PKBBORS i> TH« Cor/KraRV.—B t Perry, C C Buck * Co, Madison, fc) M Farrlnplon, Winona, K H Wells. Cambria, Wls; C A Brakefleld, Oconomowoc 0 Wald rick; Pairbonlt, Mien, R , Baldwin, Minneapolis do; (Starkweather A ICUnore, rt aupan, A G Hanford A Rro, Wankesha; Alien A Billings, Oshkosh; H Potter A Co, Lawrence 4 Atwood, Janesvllle; 8 P Day, Watertown, Bradley A Co, ilc&regor, Ion », Carrun i Ualb, K R Deacon, J Edwards, J W Partrldpe, Pond du Lac; H Durfie d, Cushlng, 8 t Oo, L A Tanner, K KaiUie Wliltewater; Kelly t Alieu. B M Brown, Bparta; North & Case, Hastings, Minn; Pf ukrick A- Pair, Schia>er A Durtt, A Thornton, 81 Paul; Hiram Parke*, Kilbonm City; W L Beecher, Horrtcon; McHenry i Co, Decuiah; C J McOuflough, 0 J Petttbone, Portage City;'Reay A Dunton, Beaver Dam; B B A Oo, li Beale, J R DeReemes i Co, Berlin, Marey Bros i Co, Oalamlna, WL-; Stephen Uray, Mansion, do; Wm Whltehouse; Dan'I Williams, SummlU; Bedford A Abbott, Oregon; B Bowen, Albany; 3 B Cook, Rochester, Minn; ti Pomeroy,, do; li W Gray, Lansing; Bassett A Brown, Baraboo. By PropelUr Rocktt—X. T. Central K R. Unt—J. J. Tallmadye, Agtnt. FOB PrasoHB l» TES Crrv.—G Breemer & Co, Bradford Bros, N Brick, Blair A- Persons, Bownan A Bynow, Ball A Barlow, E H Brodhead, J H Oordes, M 0 Cook * Co, Candee t Oo, A Campbell, A f Clark, T Delany, Dutcher, rexton i Oo, E Tnmlow, 0 Elsfeldt, Wm Flnkler, Green A Button, f. Goes, Harrison H A Co, K N Uurd, Hanford P A Oo, Uaney A DeBow, E llajkins, M HUD- nesey, U 4 J P Hill, Jnsten i F, Lefere A Green, L Lake, Lloyd A Bnple. LJtUe & Baker, Mann A Bro, S Morse, Noonan A McNab, H J Nazro A Co, Otto A Bro, C Prusser, Jno Rice, Bice, Serton Bro A Co., L, Shel- hoff, A F Snilflohn, J H Fish, E Terry A Co, E Tpson, 8 U West, Wtee 4 Oo, Warren 4 Hewett. FOR PKRSOSS is TH» Conirav.—Charles Altenbereer, Portage City, H Brand, Delevan, Brownson * Lsugh- lln, Fond dn Dae; Chalmers 4 Bro, Minneapolis Bridget OnlUgan, Eau Clair, W Oaswell, Portage City- L P Dodge, Wanpun; A Foiter, Columbus; U Oriswold La Orosse; A Hanghton, Trempelean; F Hyde, East Ban- dolph; G W Holmes, St Paul; C 4 E W Jones, Waupun: 0 H Lord, Watertown; H E Lacy, LaOrosse; N Myrlck, Traverse des Sioux; P Nichols, Oihkosh H M Nichols, Jacksonville; Naber & B, MayVIIle; L D Newell, Prescott; W S Newton, Sparta; E Perkins. Fond do Lac; N Petrie, Watertown; M Bhedall, Fond dn Lac; Diamond 8, Traverse des Slool; E Tallman, Barraboo; W B Toby, Beaver Dam; Terry Oatman 4 Oo, La Crossr; W H Wood, Paciac; rtTilte tc Marks, Mankato; W D Mln apolls; Adam Yonng, Berlin. a*aw^a*awaawaw^saawssaw^sa*asaiawa^sa*aw^asaw^a^a*a^a*ai MARINE RECORD. ary G, lhi% al a u'tU.ik p. M »i Ui^ i eri»-, li\ • i>l*rt-.. tuentioucd abu% e. Marbltal's Oilice, Mllwanke, l>e<-i-mlN'r 15, l^i. 11. J.Tllu.'dA'', declO-Jlawti U. rl. Mareliai. t^a*~ The abuve (.ale is liere'.y furlber ajj..urut-.l I M..inlay, the l&lh day ul FebruAi), l=>ls, »l lloVlo.-k i u.. ul the .U. f.'i OM.-c., Milwaukee, r». e(.t the »aies of Railroad Iron m^ut.oii.-J in r(rht-,lulr li . wh.cli are a.liourue.1 rf*|»e* ll> .-ly lo Monday. Ket:r..*r> li., la&>, k.. '1 o\-lo< k r. «., an.I 4 >•'• I... k f w.,it!..l We4:.e«ilay, 1- bniirj 17, ;•,:.-. >-. ;. . ' lock f u . all' • res|'«-c: . e plac. • n. nliotied tb-v,. Mai.-'-.''.(>....., ^!, J anuary 4, i-',^. jan6- .,- : M J TUoilAS, l_ . S. Marshal. t7-,;r~ J -M.V.- kxlr .i, hereby a.lj. uri.t-.i I.. Thiir-.Jay, i.. I1.M- uiv of April, l"*i\ »l 11 ,.'i !-,ci f. ».. al Uie 1 . .- Mannars Ulfice, Milir ituarr, e> L r|.i ll.e ^»M . ul Ka-tli a-i Iron ment-otied in >Lhcilui.- ti, wbicl; nrr a*ljourne.l rr»|«-i livrS lo Thur^Jay, IT., l^;^, al 'i u\-l(>ck r «., ami 4 o'.'l<» k r M , an-! haturdnv, A|.rtl U, lr>r«r«, &i a n'.-lork r M*, »| .*..- rr.- 9|><-.ll\r |.ltt.-t-» lllrllll, tjr.l •ieb»>-.llit«tl ' M J THOM \>, I J Marshal (2gr~ Tn. al.ovr aalr n tn-rei-y (urllirr a>lj«urur.l i.. Tuesday, llje lit!, day ol June, 1V>^, »' M »'f-io. I. A w , al Uie U. .-'i Oliice, Milwauv —, et -1.1 u:.' .^.-. 01 Iron iDr-ntion^u in f I,. ,n:r li , which ai. i ajjouroed refjiM'tively l>. v, J'lD^ l^.th, IV.*, al | 2 o'cloLh, [.. in 4 , ',-nM-k, [>. rr. , an.I T!.urv-Ji>,j June 11, IsJ^, tti o o'clock r M., at the rr*|-e< IM >- j..», • ? mentioned abci e. | MarsbaJ', oilice, M.lwaukee, April 1.',, 1-w'.-' aprle-illamt M.J THUJU.^, 1 .- Mar.h»i | 0?~ Tbe t ab.i»e sale is herenjr lurLher aajoun.r.l l., [ Wednesday', llie 1411. day ot July, 135*, at II o'r:,.,k ' i. u., al Ihe U. H. llaJ-sbvl's vjmce, Milwaukee. ,-\.-r,.: Uie salea ul Railroad iron uieljUonr,! n. s.he.lul^ It , which are adjourned ri sj.eclivejy I., W (."li.t-sdav, Juij I N viiltle (.f AD.i pursiian saiJ Coiirr HI Ih- il.,.»r ruary ."., l-%59. I shall -\}.,1 I c Aurt <tr. at the l'o«l Ulii. ».n and Mlliriukee 'In- l» '•M xulurdiij. Uir Mill ill) of »l n y IsM', al the hour of '2 I- K of ,lay, puriu x. lo Chapter I'^'i Revise-l .^ialulr., -nt 'I..I ••' l 1 ^ -i •Mrclianlci ami o oe.«, ' allfie n.-i • .1-111 I -i ,' lf,e ibtivr nauie-l tiefen.Ulii , I ' I-- " i • • , t.,|...|lj c.,, H, c Hh jHj ol K,-t, i. . !-./>, -ii 1 rertaiu building !ltu»tr i ' -, No !«•--•.',.0 IV'.']. 'I, block or- t.u-1 'r- ' . .1 ''-Ti, -I.'I Ul], in I. W «',-..«'. .ul.l. • " -t, ..... i fteBlnuarlcr..'*, ,'lii.'ir ' ', »* ' liie Oilj of Milwia-.— » • ' Hi- ;a,,t .lefrn.lMil In i"l • ^ 1^3, on the 5Ui iln v K i ' liate.1 SLeriBV l)iri.-e. M.i . » • FIN, u«*. l.T»u. i M,Li.«a. . ' ^ '• ' 1; ' ' ' . Pi'il- Atl')l. I '* • apr i • I*n6n |3P r " Til. abov.. in, ,, •.. r bv |n.i t""''' t -. ."llur U Oie 11 III «lay if Jiui^, lsi.1^ *t Ihe »ai:i- pVi.'t \l, t '• ti. , I ML M,. . • . Ma I AM 14. IVy rt .lilTH , Ml I III I I ,-TATl; OF « I.M...N.- ni r i-urt.M *.-jk r, r.. ,i.-i n. 11 .^( MleC, |,^r \ llel i, 1, h. SU1 I) iV virtu- N, i iMt-y J B Y virtu- ..I an r .,• ll.r tnl.llrj Lhe l—t ,le f r . , ori't-r U.e r ;nl 6.S4 chalo. ^&itl nuarler rnrr i.f lan,l ri nTt yej l\ s -- 1 l-.-pf. Ihen i . I.' -|, 14, l->55,al li «., in,I Kn.lay, Julj it, IV.-. , . ^ m. l , May 16. A deroatoh has been received here from MlnlstOTMcLeane, aunounotng that he hasar- ranged the btaU of a treaty with Mexico, by which the right of way from Jlhe Bio Grand to Guaymas hi secured, and the neutrality of the Tehuantepeo route IB guaranteed. ~ • ,-. •: The State Department has farther Intelligence from Gov. Gumming, of Utafi, He re- jwdUteatheidetaMribddtohlmofafiiliatiou with the ; Mormoaa;«id ;«ji it -Jg iaa artfol dodge of hi* enemie* to injure hhl^ with the AdminiJtration, and Oiereby ( :; 1859. Port of Milwaukee 17 ARRIVED, Prop Michigan, tiopkinj, Chicago. Stmr Trareller, Sweeney, Chicago; 4 htids sugar, 142 pkgs sundries, 13 pass. Stmr Gazelle, Butlln, Tiro Elvers, 98'rolls leather, C bbls sundries, 124 pkgt do. MAT ITTB. bbls sundries, 25 pkjgi aundrles. Schr Ithaca, Folsom, Man i to woe, 80 cords' wood, 8 'M lum, 600 piles. . |rop Wenona, HnfT, Chlcajo. «5SIs? J ' :< i f0lerel » nd ' B| J Bl( s; Haven, Stmr Gazelle, BntUn, Two Blvers, 6 tons mdi »8 bbls ' 1^* k 8reen ari <lM> ** "**" "inor, 89 bis shot, Prop OgrJensbnrg, Ho^im, -prieniburg. BtmrTraveUcr, Sweeney, Chicago. .''.-', .-' ' . .«*'» 17T B- 8chr V W Brlgbun, Hamson, tart Washington. Star Gazelle, Butto, IVe aiTen, B toni md>,4 bbls whiskey, 63 pkgs sundries. Prop Wenon*, Huff, staBUo, 65 bd> scrap iron. gear W W Craig, Bard, Buffalo, 16,000 has wheat. Stmr City of OliTcland, BqaJer, (JranU Haven. Schr KlUy Grant, Johnson, Mnskeron. Sehr fiasqaebjuina, Perrln, Msj-qartte. - , Prop Kenosha, Haihaway, Chicago. . •Ing on ftiday last, reached portlate In the e vetting. Marnbal's OtLce, Milwaukee, June l^, l-*i>5. jel6-la«ll U J.THOIUAS, I' !* Marshal. p^T~ Thr above »ale is bereby further a lj..urnnj I Wednesday, the lllh day c«f August, IsSs, al II o'clo,- ^. u., at tlie United Stale* Martial's aih.-e, r except the sale* of railroad iron lueulioned in schedu! li^ trhlcb are adjourne.l re*[.rctively lo \Vrdneadai August 11, 1&3, al 'J o'clock r M., alid Friday, Aa^a: l«i, lbi>1, at ^ o'clock F. M.,llt ll.e reftl.ecln e pl,ir t -. u»t L tiontni above. Mansh&l's Office, Milwaukee, July 14, li.'.%. jylS M. J. THOMAS, C. rt Mar,h»l. f£?~ The above nale n. tiereby further adj-.uri.ej lo Wednesday, the Ibtli .lay ol September, li.^^, al 11 o'clock «. >., al Uir C. > Mar-hal'. Utllce, alil«aukrr. s&lej) of Rltllroad iron mentioned m adjourned renpectively U ' except Ui b., which 15, '858, at 2 o'cU.i. P. »., and r'rt.lajr. . lembej 17, !-'•'. al .S o'clock p. u., al Die imperliyr places men! kJ above. Marshall, <uce, Milwaukee, August 1 1, !S£tH. augUi-lmwu M. J. THOMAS, L". .-'. f&~ The ai*"V. sale u lieri'l.y further adjoui ued li, Wednesday, U. 9lh day ol SepU;uiber, Ktn, at 11 o'clock A. u., al ' • U.ti. Marahal's OUicv, Milwaukee, except Uie allies o! i. kilroad iron mt-nlioned in Kchedul 11., «tjich are adjourned respfctively u. Wednesday, Ueptetober i'J, Isis, *i it o'clock p. «., and fnday.octo ber 1,:1&58, at W o'clock f. M., ut the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sept. U, 18U. sepUo.lawu M. J. THOMAS, U. ft. Marshal. e^pTbe above sale is hereby further adjourned lo Monday, Uie siilh day of December, ISM, at 11 o'clock A. M., at tbe U. &. Marshal's t,trjce, Milwaukee, except the salefl of R&ilroad iron uirtiLu.ned in ecljedule B., which are adjourned respect! \t-ly lo Monday, December 6, lb5S, at 1 o'clock f. «., and Wednesday, December b, 1858, at 8 o'clock P. «., al the respective places mentioueu above. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, Sept. 29, 1858. septSO-vuwGir M. J. THOMAS, U. 3. Marshal. ~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 12th day of January, 1859, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the U.S. Marshal's Oltice, Milwaukee, excepl tbe sales of Railroad iron mentioned in ihe schedule U., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, January 12, Ib59, at 2 o'clock P. M., and Friday, January 14,18A9, at 8 o'clock K n., at the respective places men- loned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Dec. 6, ISaS. decl-oawlt M.J. THOMAS, VI.B. Marshal. |3r~ Tbe above sale Is bereby further adjourned to Monday, the 14th day of February 1859, at 11 o'clock l. at., al the U. S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, excent the sales of Bjillroad Iron mentioned in the schedule B-, which are adjourned respeclnrely lo Monday, Febru ary 11, 1859, at li o'clock P. Sf, and Wednesday, February 1C, lf£>9, at 8 o'clock p. u., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwauke., Jan. 12,1809. janlo-oawtl M. J. T'lOMAS, U. S. Marshal. 53T" The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the 24th day of February, lbS9, at 10 o'clock A. u., at the C S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of BAllroad Irofi mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, Feoru- ary 24th, 1859, at 2 o'clock r. n., and Saturday, February 20th, 1859, at 3 o'clock r. »., at the respective places mentioned above. / Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Fcb.42,1S69. fehlS-oawtt H.J. TUOUAlp U. S. Marshal. ff~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, tbe 23d day of March, 1S5*. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, al th< U. S. Marshal's offtec, Milwaukee, except the sales of Eailroad Iron mentioned. In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 23,1859, at 2 o'clock r. St., and Friday, March 25, 1859, at 8 o'clock r. K., at tbe respective plftces mentioned above; Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 24,1859. . feb26-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, D. B. Marshal. 1 The above sale Is bereby further adjourned to Saturday, '.he 2d day of April, ISM, at 10 o'clock A. n., at Uie United States Marshal's Office,, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively toBatnrday, April 2,1869, at 2 o'clock p. «., and Monday, April 4, 1869, S o'clock r. H., at the respective place* mentioned Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 28,1859. mar24-lawtt M.J.TliO HAS, U. 8. Marshal. 0T* Tbe above sale is hereby farther adjourned to Saturday, the 7th d*/ of May, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. «., at the United .States Marshal') Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Eailroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which ire adjourned respectively to Saturday, May 7,1869, »t 2 o'clock ».»., luu MOnd«J, May », 1859, 8 o'clock r. at., at tbe respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Aprll«, 1859. apr&-l«S»lt M. J. THOMAS, 0. 8. Marshal. CT. Tbe above sale la hereby • further adjoamtd to Monday, the 6th day of June, 1859, *t 10 o'clock A. M., at the Doited Bute* Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the salei of Eailroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, June B, 1859, at 2 o'clock r. M., and Wednesday, June S, 1859, at 8 o'clock r.u.,'fit the respective plice* mentioned above, j ; . . . -. tn (he ule of tiefr»nohlsts tad other corporate pro ?erty,the person who shall ettUfy thesxecutlon.wlUi Ul legal fees and expenses thereon, and shall agree to *ke such Traochlse for tbe shorten period of time, aod lo receive during that time all such toll as said corpora: tlon-wonld by law beentltleJ to demand, shall»« orar sldaredthehlibtstbidder. ..,.:-, !| r J»»nh»l'»«iee,-MUwaiJa^liifjkyt.i8W,-; .;< i InayS-lawtt ; . ; M.J. THOMAft, 0.8. Marshal, L hnndf ed s and six (WS), ( the First WsrdJ of the saM OHy or tt, County of slUwankteaniBtaUof "' ' ' British Queers "THe dJffl- oulirS^JwifethrejrHmiierv ;preiraitlntf te. ; ie irfier u a- •.. •. • D»*e4Bh*rtir'sOfflce, Milwaukee, Sov. 84,186*. - activeor«nenl,ln a Ing bniloeii alreUy «tab)lslre4 1» ttiUdly". OB* an4t.lwflltod a fim-r«te cprlmnM for U.»e*- B^ »*»%fl»'.Wte. wnt*fiMt*il»t*mHl> la,.- of sai.l land" mnvry. (.. ,nt *tO leet .-a^l of tnlddir o! I, r.,a-l. ihen.'t ••'lilt* 1'^' fet-t, ih.iu-* !r^l 10 middlt- ,-f (trem Bay rwad. tht H,r nilodlf I.I •»..! r,,a.l .oulli to the .oulh li e of iai-1 ,| 'ancr , .nlaln-np about SI i. iia .1 ^.-rt:. .1.1 ,|tiart^r "f se^iion 17. t..ft:> 7 ranire '£-, beiniiii-riK ai n..rt', eajt r»n..r , '. »aid '(Uarter .c-clloli, llieru f «r.-st wuh r.orth dlrotOreeu U:i>, tbvnrepoutl. llon^' m .1 ,.T i.inJ r..nvey c.l l.y i)ani, Uiiistuih ."clil.>e|.f. Ihen.'e l-neof na-.l land Lo c^,l >in« BC.-I ol. L.i '-\ , haln^. tin-tic. D.-rLh l^vr.i.i.a rii-'hl, Llllr ai,d intere^l ol thr taid defendant or r.lher of uLi tn in antl to Ihe Bald preui.s,-. itnd appil'trnincti. oil thr lei,li, day of on... Which said property aj aforesaid, 1 -hall eip..— f-.r sale and stll al Public Au.-'.l-.n, al U.r Po<»t-Offi. r, HI the Oily of Milwaukee, on *Jk I tl rcl a )'. tbe I (III duj- of .Tlu)-, "-'' !( , " ibe of 'J p » , of that dar, U. satisfy i aid r *.-< Jliot, t",;. Iber with ex of sale. Uated .Sherlu"i Office, MMnaukee, March '^, l5il). Lrsok * MlLl.r», l A J. I.ANGWUKTIH, 'ffs All'ys. ( Ah'ff. Mil l!o , Wis., tlay, Uie 2 time of da i da> > sale is hereby post ' May. ISM. al the •d l" Satur - place an. I Sheriff's Oilice, Milwaukee, May 14, IV.J A J I.ANMWOKrliV, anylS Hh'D Mil U.. . V. i CIBCUir COURT, I County of Miiwauk.e | Peler J llnlalitix, P.a.Mitl, 1 Paulina 11. Josl'ln. James P. Ureves, Ueorge W. Uiiliop anil | Willlhni P. Vouog. Defend'Is. j State of Wisconsin, to Ihe above .' uujtuonj fur ,.l ) named tlfferjU&nta, Kli&b U. Joslin and Paulina B. Joslia : Y OC are hereby Euiumonnl antl required to answer the complaint lo Uiig actiuo, which will be filed in the office of ttie Clerk of the Circuit Court, Uounty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, and to lerve • co^gr uf your answer t<i the Bald comjtlaanl on Uie sab- scnbers, at their office. In the City of Milwaukee, wltt- tn ninety days after the service, of this summons on you, exclusive of Uie day ol luch servicr ; and If you fail to anaver the said complaint wlthlu the lime aforesaid, the plaintiff In tins action will apply to tin Court for the relief demanded In Uie complaint. Dated April 1'2, ls£9. UPBASI t UOAUAM, WalntiO's Attorney*. Tbe .hove mentioned complaint wu filed April 12, 1809, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at ililw&u- kee, Wisconsin. Dated April 21, 1BS9. apr22-lawCw CPU AM A ORAUAM, Plalnl.ff"! Attorneyi. CIRCm* COURT, 1 Milwaukee County. I N. George Clark, Plaintiff, against Charles J. Kerthaw, Jesse U- Leavenworth, Merrlck Murphy, John T. Perkins, John PUnklnton, John Ogden, Llfidiay Ward, Lyman P. Swin, James H. Rogers, Receiver of the Oermanla Bank of G«o. Pmp- enulck ft Oo., diaries B. Curtb, John O. Meyer, William JOSO Roe, Charles Kuehn, George B. Miner, Cyrus D. Davis, Jama Banhav, Defendants. The State of Wliconsin, to th« above named defendants Y ' OO are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, which Is filed in the office of th« Clerk of said Court, and to serve a copy of yoor answer to the »ld complaint, on the subscribers at their office', Nos. 3 snd 4, Albany Building, Mllwao, kee, Wisconsin, within twenty days after the service hereof, exclusive of tht day of such service; and If yon answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to the Court for the 1 relief demanded In tbe complaint. Witness the Honorable AETHCR UoAR- I —- I TUUR, Judge of the Circuit Court for slid •CeuLV Connty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this { —<— \ thirtieth day of March, In (he |vear one thoniind eight hundred ami fifty-nine HOOKKB * 8PANGENBKHG, Pl'tlg's Att'ys, Milwaukee, WIs; IS»3] SHERIFF'S SALE. [New* BTATK Of . WIBCOJIBIN, I Oltcoit Court, Milwaukee County, f George W. Peckham, 1 Jnil{ment of foreclosure and igajafct Vsale. TJdlvSaU. f I NTlrtne.of*odpumiant to a Judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, I shall expose for salejand §«U M Pnbllo aueOon, mt Uie J3ourt House "" " • - - - - tU«S r, M., of Uni se, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturdav. s istbTtlaY «f May* 1889. »» «>>e boor of 4 Jof ttellSSf-Se-rollsiHDg described mortgaged preiniie«,or i«o much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount due to.the plaintiff for principal, Iq. terest •est aud e«tt(, together .with expence* of "All that lot or parcel of, Una known - ' scribed as Idi number eleren (11), In block one »n the Serenth WarJ, if sale, to wit: andde- writM: " 1 havi AYEfl'S CHEERY PECTORAL, FOR TUB RAPID ODBB Or Colds, Coughs, and Hoarseness. Banouus HAW, 20th Dec, 18tt. Dm. J.O. Am: I do not hesitate to say the best remedy I have ever found tor Gooses, Hoarseiiees, TTiflntrnfa, and the concomitant symptoms of a Cold, Is your Conn PnmnuiL Its constant use In my practice and my tunny for the last ten years has shown It to possess superior TiTtae* lor the treatment of these complaints. KflKN KNIQBT, M. D. A.a MOBTUJY. Kso,,of Unas, N. Y, wnve: used yoor Actoraf myself and In my family ever since yon Invented It, and believe It the best medldne for Its purpose ever pat oat. With a bad cold I should sooner pey twenty-live dollars for a bottle than do without It. nr take any other remedy" Croup, Whoopins; Conch. Inflneoza. Bnnrarma, iuaa, Feb. T, ISM. BBOTsn Arm*: I will eheertaDy certify yonr ftctoraJ ls the best remedy we possess far the cnre of whooping oonfh, croup, am} the chest diseases oT children. We of you fraternity In the Booth appreciate year skill, and comment your medldne to our people. HIRAM CON KLIN, U. D. AMOS LIB, Esq., Moanarr, La-, writes, 8d Jan., ISM: " I had • tedious inflnenma, which confined me ta doors six weeks; took many medicines without relief; finally tried vonr ActeraJ by the advice of oar clergyman. The flrst dose relieved the soreness In my throat and Inngs ; lees than one half Ike bottle maja me completely well. Tour medldne* are tbe cheapen as »eU as the best w« ean bny, and we esteem yo». Doctor, and your remedial. is the foar man's friend. 1 * sajthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. Wm MAHCHIRZB, PA, Feb. 4, 1350 8n: Tour CRerrv Ketaral la performing marvel lun» cures In this section. It has relieved several from alarm Inc symptoms of consumption, and Is now curing a man who has labored under en affection of the Inngs for th* Us* forty years. HKNKT L. PARKS, Merchant A. A. RAMSBY, U. D_ Aura*, afonoi Co., low. write*, Sept-0, ISM: "During my practice of many yar« I ban fouid nothing equal to your CVrry Ptatoral for (tvtng ease and relief to consumptive patients, or mrlnx •^rh ££ are cvrabls. n ef e might add vohunes of evldenea, but the- most eon- vlnclng proof of the virtses of this remedy to (bnad hi Its •fleets upon trial. * Consumption. Probably no one remedy has ever been known whjefc 0Mred so many and snch dangerous esses as this. BQBM oje human a!4 can reach; but, even to those the Cftjrr> />cforaJ affords relief and comfort. Asroa nooss, Nsw Toaz Crrr. Mmrcn 5, ISM. Docroa Area, Lownx: I feel It a doty and a pleasure to Inlbrm von what yeur Cherry Ftctormi ha? done for my wife She had been five months laboring nndor th« dan- KBTOUS svmptoms of Consumption, from which no aid w« sc.ald prwenr* gave her mueh relief She was steadily fall* log. uutll Dr. Strong, of this dty, where we hav« <*»me. to, advloe, recommended s trial of your medicine. W« bine* hla klndnesa, as we do your skill; for she has reou'trwl from that day. Bhe Is not yet as strong as ih. ua~l u. be, but Is free from her oough^ and calls finrself wwll Tours with gratitude ana regard, ORLANDO SHELBY, or 8iuurTU_LS Cbnrumpcfaes, do not despair til) yon have tried Arsa'i CuaaAT PKCTOBAL. it Is made by one ef the beat in.*dlc*l cbemlsu lo tbe world, and Its cures all around as baapeak tbe high merits of Its virtues. — I^iHadfiphta Lfilyer < t Ayer's Cathartic Pills. I MlK i>rienoM of Qjamistrj tud Uaiilciij* ti*.<* bn.*.j tued their otmosrt to produce* tfcli boat, [x-rtwi porgsitiT* which U known totinAn. InnamarmbU r>n..f B u« ihown that tbe*e PlLU h»»« rtrtnei which inrpaM • „ «xoell«BC* tb« ordinary medldnM, and that they wlu an procvdento.ilj upon the oatmeal of all m*n. Th.*} evraufr •nd pit-Aunt to talk*, bat powerful U> cum. Their pt-nr* timtiog prop*rtle« stimulate th« Ttt&laetlTitiMof Uie fj.-H r.emoTi) tb* crbeitlractlonj of ft* organ*, purify th*>.t> tod «xpe. dlseaae. Th«yporgo<mt theftml htunon i breed and grow di* temper, ithnalat* dared onc-uu Into their oat oral action, and Impart I tone with itrength t» the whole tjtt*tn. Nut only J.. th«y cure the ererj-day complainbi of 9^nrj body, r-ut stJco fornj liiiLl* »od dangerontt iHlisiiisi that have baffled lh« Ujat of human tk.Ul While they prodnc* pt^worAjl rlTccta, they ar« at the tarn* time, la dlmlnithod d«Mr>«, U>« <a£Bsrt and t**t physio that can be «nplrryod Cor children. Betnc iugar-coated, they are pl«.uaat to take; &ad b«tn,{ purely Tt^etablc, are IVe* IVoro any rtik of harm. Cor*n bare tcyjn made wbtrh turptm belief were they n*»t *ui> • taotla.t«<d by m*n of stQch exalted pocltkm and M to forbid the nupldon of nntrnta. Many eminent ;lerg7TDen and phytlclanj hare lent their oamee to certify U> the pobllf the rollabUlty »f my nmedlea, while otb^n tune sent m« the aaiaraare of their «oaTtetiun that QJ- Preparation, oontrlbnte Lmmenae.y u> tatte r^llff ^f atj afflicted, smflerlnf fellow me a. {p The A pent below oam«d ta pleaaed to fornUb gratlj mj American AJnanac, oontalnlnj dlrectloiu (br their Qe0s>nJ re*rtlflcatee of their rural, of the following complaUctj Co«d»»oeeB, Blllooj Oomplalnta, RheuiuaU«m, Drnpey. tieartburn, ll«adache arlclng from a fluul •tnmmc-h, N«u iwa, Indlpwsrtion, Morbid Inaction of the Buwelt uxl P-VJ.J arl«ln( tbt*rejfrom, Flatoleney, La« of Appetite, Klj Clc*-r i'U. and CntaneouJ Diseaaee which retqaim kn t>«&.-iuint nirtdirin*. Scrofula or King's BrlL They alan, by purlfj (ad tb<t Mood and ctlmiuftttrtf th* sTjTtem, cure m.*o* njmpUiDU which It would not be ctrpposed tbny ccuK] rr-tv^i, »orb u D*aafneoa, Partial Blindn****, Nenral.rU «<td N^r^oir^ Irrltatillltj, D*r»njementJ of tbe LlT«r »n*l K lij oryt, Gutit, s\nd ottifr stindred eomptalntj ailtlnic fnxu » i u w »tatc of tbe body or obetrurtlon of. 1U fnnctk.n* l>i uot b« pot ulT by anprineiplvxl <!<<.ml«ri with a.m* ntb*r pill th»-7 mjike m^re profit on. A«k tor Aiwt PlLLA, an J tAX* u>*Uilij|{ «!••} So t>tb^r tb«y ran sf^ 1 * roo fX3tnp*r«i with lbl§ tn It* IntrlnsTlc »aln« wr cor»n»o [».wv>r« Tlko lick waut the beat tlit lb^r« i« fi<r (h*-to, and Ui«y «bnu)d bare it Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER, Practical and Acilytical ChomUt, Lo-o-ell. Uui Paid US On. Pstm Box. PITI B^ira r-.a | I. BOLD BT JOHN itlCK, M!lwaakf«. J H Rr-'.Fn .1 CO., Chi-»(i-o. tn 1 A.'* HJ •- cTt > I .WT, la the Cnit«C| Stitri. mr:l y r- » t i « DR. M'LANF.'S C FI.F-RRA II- I) VERMIFUGE LIVERJPILLS. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL DR. HOOFLANB'S GERMAN BITTERS, A X ! I DU. HOOFB, l.\D'S BftLSAMH CORU! 4L. Ttit yr'ilt m"l"- •„.-, if ilit iif""' ' iltf. hill'? ai-'l'tir?,! ill, 'i /,-•! i" ,,ul,iril<i ml} through ./«.//•< "'' '"ill t''i?—H'<:l*,l t.ilt'f'a,- tlun 1.1 rrrt'l'-'-f/ ',,, 'h-'n ••/ ;:/ -K'-1. .Ifi'i. '•'•• prupl? lull'' print' iiin.-<-'i '-fin ti-'i r t!i'i Liver Complaint, Djspi'psia. Jaun<Hce. Debility <>r tlic .Wriou* Sjstr-nu Diseases uf tin- Kidnc)-*, ami 'ill ,li.<«l*.:l ,/'••!•../ / ...... . l,.,,r'/,- I lli-rT .ir wtlkfi<<< "I 'I" i'oni.i- '. j7j./ l-'i--li'- orytlTi*, ilrr ty,"li,<i -""1 :•• •' •'< ''*••" 'I't -'"'.'I "j ih, OERM \N ill IT Klt.< Thr Balsamic Cordial ••>• ./••,,<•"•<•' > | fpn'"tt\»'i ••<* ,''t^-iii'; ' ' '•'•' "''i..'' y •• p«rtl.'l»n rtf't'i I' ' '••'••• vv:ril<'' ' -Mil //(,• in'"f tn'.-'- in { <<":•; '.t i-'-l '>! Cough. Cold, or Hoarsnneas. Bronchi u.i. lu tfueuia. Cioup. P:ion;uonia. Incipient CoiiiUiu j-. ; >>u . • ltt'1 fl*I1 p'" .,riit?.l •'.. " - - , . •' j rvrr tmlirn ,,l Confirmed Consnmption. A I"' -i ..... '••••' I • . •< " - ',- '•!,'• - • •• DM j T h< r i r<,,-- .„.•„:,;. „ ....... , , / - " J v. K-..N V ' .. . V. I - '• - 'i-ipin-l. /' J . •'• I ir- ••, : 'i I ,•• ; '..,/•.- 7 '"• ("/•, -ifr- • M .*'•.- I't Hi' .\' ' !• l"i' .'i.',../ ..... i -i yr^fnr/ur ', • -.}'. .1 K "• V U . <: ' < - 1 . •, . l . 1 ;;'< •<•„•.• W ....... • •"- <•• : ....... OF TEE M,. \ % \ I s. N I . \V I; l . A rxivMiii.ii .v T i,,- «,.:!». r . , - \V7"E beg leave to call the attention ot the I, and more especially the 1'hvMi.uns ut the country, to tuo ot the most popu lar remedies nov, hftorr the public. We refer to Dr. ('has. fl'Lane's Olcbratfd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them as universal Cure alk, but simply toi what their name purports, viz. : THK VKKMII-T(;K. F"or expelling \\omis from tht human system. It lui-, also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal? subject to Worms. THK L1VKR PILLS, For the cure ot Li v ti< COMPLAINTS. ill BILIOUS DKRA \-f.F.MENTs, SICK HEAD-ACHE, cvc. In cases of FF.VF.R AND ACUF, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably makt l speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with th< directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time /ind attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pill; Shall continue to occupy the high position they .now hold among the great remedies of the day, the,^ continue to spare neither time libr expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and com- xmnd them in the most thorough njanner. Address: all orders to FLEPIB PROS, PWrtprgh, Pa. De*l«r» and Physician* ordering from otherl ming BTOB., will *> well to write their orderi Wtoctlj, aid taJu *<me Mi Dr. jriauti, mrpand 6j f»««V Snu. RKttnargk, /b.; To tbow irWUng to gin **>» trial, \r» wfll torward per aatt. KM paU, to aoj »rt of the United Btatovon* box of TIliiTir Hrelr. hrec-eaot poBtaga itampt, or QDO rial of V«rmlftig» t» JorUen three-eent •''"'r*' An ordea tram Canada moil M Mtoaputled by tymiy cenu «tr«. ,-" ' : ! ' •• 0, HA»RJNflT ON, -us, ll,,:!*.-. N i • n - A Mu.-T .»>. Ih .\n>.<. i.c^a. A< l-iy 1 '." ' . r is '.i i; \)\ i>f ;• HID* . t j 'trr'« Itlv- "r.ll T.T* .. I ., v it!!.^,-.-^ J ^1 'r .n, • , , lr^alai»r.l .^h.r itk aiar..v..rini,', .1, «nf.-, cITt-ylu il J»n,l t ( -r, 04 writ 1-1 Ih.i.f |4l.-al.-Mi ii.'rfl.i l>. |.r,-v<M.l>.->tl •' Ui- «• .-^'-v j. til'. '. ., .-- -siruaiwlv .utr,.u: i .. . -i., ... . . il^rr^r^u, , m ih-,. ..xl.-i'i»;<ni .. '.'ill N I'nY IN k U.i L - IVrs us >u au> i iirl.,1 Ll.v .* i .1 .1.1 treated hy f,,rwanllog i r . rv, i 1^1 , , w tli a rfMiiiltan.T f*.r\l.-.|.. i,.-.. ft' A iiir^sa l»r AMOMA ^.iN.o-.i:. r » » . t ,;,. itrcrt, Bulfa.o, N. \ .,»•., Ci.-.] SlIKUIt »'N > » I I >.<». 8TATK OK WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee C'mlily i .-'. In-y Sh.-par I Christian lltjnry Meyer, aotl .Vl/n.'u ' * » ^ < i i. S. Brown, Davl.- O I'uwvr. K.lw«r i Hi... w > m P. Merrill, Selauu Web.u-r. Cl.if.- » k - -]' Detmer Flac ri hack, 0. Kn.l.lm an I \. W iir ^\ ,, AJintniStralorfl ..( tlie e>ta(e •-! J,,hn l-. l.^K, , I- ceajed, Orinand T Crantf, Lharl,-. V 11,,,1. , \,| in : , trator uf the rs'ate i»( Cbvir .-^ G ^(.hr- it-r, led, Jamea W Affeiell auj IK- tiuin G C. k.-in.i.-r I N virtue of and pursuant l.i » ju.l>rincut r^tm.-r, .1 , said Court lu the ah.IT* <-mitl...liwti,iu, ,| ; tt.-.i K,ii,n,'L r?8, 1S59, I shall etpose Mr lalu :in.l sell \i p u r,i.. v,,. lijn, al the Hust OUice, in the Ciiy ,r Minim ,...,, smur«li»>. tbv !>tli day o( Jnlv. 1 " r i" atthuhour of 2 f. u., of that Jay, un- till,,* n,; :. scribed mortg3|?i.'»l prmiist^ or so much 't^r^-.f a..\u , be necessary to raise thr amount ul <.t.u ,i.K"n. m i, terest snd coats, irt-ethei. w,ill i'e-vi.^i >., • ,,.^wlt: "Lot number Etlxtt>i>n i Id) au.l the .-a.t IIAII i .1 numbee-nftecnOA), in block 'fi.n/ rive n..i. n the Second Ward of Uie CUy of Xlilwau*.-*-. !>-- ing on Tamarack street, between Kliili MI.I Sixih streets, sti in tho Countj' or Miiw ,,h^ and State of TClaui.n.tin." Dated Sherlrl'i Ollirr Miiwaubre. \|,ni *, l V.'J \. J LAN \VllKTIIY. aprU-Sru-liniw Slionll Jlit«rau..-e c:» , W,. 8OO] SHE HI My* SAI.I- i\«w» 8TATB Ot WiaCONdIN, i Ulrculi Court. MUwsakee Countj ( Jsmes-S. Brown, Jo?hua H«thanr»y aud T!in, u »s I.. OK- Jen, against A. Patterson f?mith and Alfred a'dwards- 'orecloaure. £ N virtue of end pursuant, to a judgment r*n,leri'.l u said Court, In the above entl'Ie.l actimi, I t,-.| March IT, 1S59, 1 shall expose for sale and srll nt Pul. lu AncUon, Jt tho Post OOlce, In the city of Mllw^nk, „ on Satarday, tbe 8* day ot July, it£U, .u thehourof 2P. x. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof ia may be necessary ta ralle the amount of salil jndgment, Inttr^n and costs, together with the expenses' or safe, to wit • "Block number twenty-eight (23), of Clnrk'a . addition. In the Elgith WarJ, of the city of Mil. ;w»u«ee anil count? of MUw.ukee, and »at« of •'; - WUconsin. P*t«i Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April In, 1359. DaVIDB. Ooora, r • A. J.tAJtOWbRTIlv, WViOtt'r. r HMtlff Mil. C«, Wis. : ,V'.l^|..i.• imr'l,-',-, tl 111.- V , ..... -ll.r 11^ '•''LUST Sl'illl' .l.\'l> !/K.-lJiJ.V(t • ' I ,«»;.!• .it TVl.i III MirtKl. , i, - i.e. n rMelTml li' O iv ..'mi (lie I i ; ,i ,..,.;( , ,,M IV ,r ehom Qa tl.. II hKlld l'ir III'Mlll" 1!' I r-ir. •i:lv., ',.,1 '.flclr ll l.y , b.ive l.e^n l - , •,« iruru lljeaee. «uij ^.iitle trear- -,.3 ir.t appre- ^ vi t:i 'i>-< l"r<m» ,;. ^ ,,,..!. ,i» Th.; btst prosl ta t,» t.^..5 l>r '.' '. ciated w, lh:it he I. <!:nly n'.-t-tviin' all parlSOf the ti.unlry. vi.l llsnn- -eilriy rocelved cii3e*. Ao /Vfl b r«xiutr«d for in fviimnu. -i^t .;ual.,n No CH.IBOK :ur aervioes iiim *.,- ..,,; .... . ^-v!«, M *m bo stated whea tub patient is r««iv u j. U(.'i.'«,iwejr» TriatiMOn t\t Xar u/iJ S^a i j be u»u jratti an »'j- pUoa«en u aiova.

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