Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 19, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1888
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FLOUR anil No 122 West 3d Street. The Lnrgent and Brut Keed. Store tm Mtrrlins:. HusitliuMlll Feed of nil kinds we keep Bait, Hn td Hay, Dll Mi-al, Wrapping Paper, &o. We • ell Ooshurl'scol-'bratcd MIbLKO«F,VII.I-K FLOUB, Aim, tali No. 1 BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Pan CsJcS Klour as cheap »s at the mill. GEO. DAVIS01T. VOLUME 6. STERLING ILLINOIS. THURSDAY, JANUARY 1918^-8 NUMBEB 286 MOSES (DILLON Ha§ jnst received a car of SPLINT COAL Just the thing to "bum in YOUR ORATES This klafl of weathe jcr. & FABT. 8—Passenger 0:15 a.m 70—Freight »:16 p.m. ARRIVK FROM KABT. 79—Pas"*enRer...O :i*t p.m. 77—Freight 8:40 it. in. WMT. 36—PiWHcnftcr 2:*5 p.m 42-Frclglit 8:4Sp.m WTWT 41—Freight 1 :So p.m Passenger No. 30 connects with rralns enst an< we«t on Clinton Branch; with n. It. 1 & P. H. R at Rock-Island eait ai.d west; with GnJesburf! pasaengtT at Bio; with main line lor (wlnis wes Council Bluffs, Omalia ami beyond, and at Bush nail tor Kansas City and points beyond. C. &N. W. TlMt TABLE OOIWO «ABT. ~ Marshalltown Passenger ...._..._..1:40 p. m D3nverPas»...10:28 a. m. Atlantic Kx 2:37 a. m. Clinton P««j.-.6^7 a. m. OOTW o wrar. Clinton Puss., 8:17 p. m Pacific Ki 2:288. m Dfinver Pass...4 :W p. m Marahalltntvn FBIIOHT TRAINS I-HAT GAJIBT ' OOUTO BART. OOIKO WKflT. No.Tft..™. .....JJ.I7 p. m. No. 73 10:2H ». m No. 84 8:37 a. m. No. 87 3:43 a, m " Where did Mr Lingg get those Bombs?" - "I do not know, but I can tell you where you can get a pair of ]EV£BY PAIR WARRANTED.! Men's Felt BOOTS. ALBERT DOLGE'S All Wool FELT SHOES AND SLIPPERS AKD THH ANKLE-SUPPORTINO CORSET SHOES, FOB WEA.K ANKLES. Jnat call and see at J. P. OYERHOLSER'S, Dealer In Boot* »nd Shora, Sterling. ' A tew choice tracts ot land now In the bands of F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and BouUern Minnesota, with TITLES WARRANTED PERFECT. While many of the' lands now owned by specn l«,tors are under a cloud of title. These lauds are sold with rKKFECT ABSTRACTS. HKIOE3 FROM SIX TO TBN DOLLARS PER AGUE. I have also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property In Bterllr-g or Kock Falls will be taken as part pay. mont. Now Is the time to get nood bargains. HAPHAND DKSCBlPTIOXt* Can be bad at my office, and cheap tlokets to show western lands. Delays u-e Danceroas oa'Theae Bar- coins. F. B. HTTBBA.RD Land office opposite Hannerohor Ball, Htrrllnr. III*. KIRK'S FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For tha Bath, Toilet and I_Hxmdry. Snow Whita and Absolutely Pure. If vonr doaler does not koep Whlto Cloud Bos.ii, Mud 10 oenu (or sample cake tu tbe juaket., JHS. S. KIRK & QO., _!__ CHICAGO. THIS is the top of the genuine "Pearl "Top" Lamp Chimney, all others similar are imitations. ,~, . . v. j .This is the exact label on each one of thq I Pearl Top I Chimeys. The dealer may say and think he has as good, but he has not. Insist upon the exact label and top. GEO. A. MACBETH & CO Pittsburgh, Pa. In Cb 4 i.A'*av»n^ lo «.».-' x.of ol'U>n «i .' will fine tt a* '-'^ ' St. FURIOUS FRENCH EDITORS BARKLY RESTRAINED FROM THE ANNIHILATION OF ITAUY. Bather Rerlons Complication About th* Violation or a Consulate—Wild Elclte- ment Over th* R«Ieu« of «n Irish Priest —An Appeal (or Starving People—Boycotting Cleveland's Meuenger to Leo. p PARIS, Jnn. 19.—A special dispatch from Rome to Tlio R-publiqusFrancalsesays Minister Flourens bus tormally complained to Big. Crisp! of tho delay in finally settling the questions arising from the ou'roge on the French consul, and adds that should an Italian ju IRB attempt to carry out the threat* of again forcing an entrance into tbe consulate to sein his papers France would immediately withdraw her erabanaador and take such steps an the honor of .the country might demand. Tbe incident mentioned consisted of a breach of consular rights on tbe part of the Florence police, who had searchod the French consulate tor papers connected with a pending lawsuit over a succetslon to property. Le Paris urges tho government to demand complete satisfaction for tho indignity, and In the event of a failure of Italy to comply to break oil the relations between France and Italy and expel all Italians from France. The feeling of bitterness Is hourly Increasing, and many persons fenr that some other pretext for recalling tbe French ambassador may be found should Italy heed France's warning and refrain from repeating her of- 'fonne. There Is no probability, however, that tho French government will yield to public clamor or the counsels of Imprudent advisor! by pursulr g the matter any further than the circumstances demand, and tha fears o( the timid will doubtless be allayed by an ample apology from the Italian government in due time. Several evening papers violently attack Italy, nnd La Franco alludes to Premier Crlspi as "Bismarck's volet," Tha French consul at Florence has received certain instructions as to the course to pursue In case the incident is prolonged. It Is somi-offlclally stated that Count de Mouy, French ambassador to Italy, having informed M. Flourens that the praetor of Florence had intimated his Intention to remove on Friday next the seals u III tod by th» French consulate to the document] relating to tha Hussein succession, if. Flourens Instructed Count da Mouy • to Inform Bignor Crisp!, the Italian premier, that if such an act of violence were committed France would hold Italy responsible. ROJHE, Jun. 19.—Tho Reforma announces that tlie government has decided to postpone the removal of the French seals from the Hussein documents at Florence, but declines tb be responsible for tha act* of the judicial officials of that city. WILDLY EXCITED IRISHMEN. They Give R Released Priest a Great Ovation and the Folio* Trouble. ' DUBLIN, Jon. 10. —Father Matthew Ryan, the priest who was imprisoned at Limerick (or a month for Inciting the people to illegal acts in connection with the plan of campaign, was released Wednesday, He was met at the doors of the prison by on lmmens» crowd of wildly excited home rulers. After a brief stay at a hotel in Limerick he proceeded to Herbartslown, whither he was escorted by a large crowd. A force of police followed tho procession, but were delayed at a point midway between L'merick and Herbertatown by a disabled car which bad been placed across the roi.d in such a way as to mako its removal noceesary to further progress. This obstruction ena- Father Ryan to arrive at HerberUtown sufficiently in advance of the police to make a I pooch at that place, which was concluded ba fora the police got there,, The released priest reiterated bis belief In the legitimacy mid efficacy of tbe plan of campaign, which 10 declared was both moral and just, despite the opposition made to it by spiritual and temporal lords. ' TROUBLE IN A FRENCH CATHEDRAL. The People Heruu to Listen to a Priest's Sacrilegious Production. PARIS, Jan. 19—A disgraceful scene oc- cnrrod In the cathedral at Rouon Wednesday, caused by the sacrilegious attempt of a priest to work upon tbe superstitions of tbe jeople, through the arrangement of a scene n which be impersonated God, and carried ma dialogue with another priest, represent- ng, In costume and sentiment, tbe devil The congregation hissed the performance, and finally drowued the voles* of the speakers by singing the Marseillaise and "En Rav- •nantde la Revue." The police were sura- noned and attempted <to clear the cathedral, rat were unable to do so. They arrested several of the congregation, however, and he disorder was finally stopped by the termination of the farce which provoked it Cleveland's Messenger In Bad Odor, LONDON, Jan. 19.—Americans in Rome are laartily athamed of th* doings of the person o whom was entrusted tha duty of convey- ng President Cleveland's Jubilee present to he pope, and are doing everything possible o suppress tb* scandal his negligence las created. This person has been boycotted by the members of the American ,tlon on purely persona] grounds ever inoe his arrival at Rome, and as h* has not ilmself seen fit to fulfill tb* obligation ira- weed upon him, 4nd the American representative* decline to bar* anything to do with him or bis mission, it is highly probable hat the vellum copy of tbe constitution will never reach the hands of the pope. Ten Thousand Paopl* Starving;. BOSTON Mass., Jan. 111.—A dispatch has >een received at the rooms of the American ward of missions from Murdin, in east Tur- :ey, stating that 10,OtX> people ware starving here, and calling for immediate relief. It is also reported that the .famine at Adana in central Turkey, still continues, and tha mini- »r who are suffering Increases dally. Money «nt to Langdou S. Ward, I Somerset street, kwton, Mass., for this purpose will put >r«ad Into ths bands of these sufferers within orty-eigbt hours from the time of it* receipt , Th* SulUo and Vanderbili. • CONSTANTINOPLE, Jon. 10.—Tbe sultan •ery strongly urged Mr. William K.' Von- lerbilt, durlngthat gentleman's visit here, to undertake tha construction of a system of Asiatic railways for the Turkish Igoveni- ment, and has forwarded to Ur. Vanderbllt n Egypt all tho papers relating to tb* subset, together with a letter expressing th* iop* that if h* ibould n,ot ba disjxxed to *n;»*« in tbe undtrtakjng Mr. Gould will lo so. ___^_ '' An M. P. OavleUd IB London. , Jan. 19.-To* trial of a C. Ora- laaj, Liberal number of parliament for North janarkuhlr*, and Barn*, tb* Kottingbam lociaUit )*ader, was concluded Wcdjioaday, Th* dafsudauttt w*r* arratgnad apon Identical eaarg** of rioting, amoltiu&fUw poiioa, mod , unlawful Mstmbjy, watoA) oStoem it was *i- 4 wam w>ou»i«l«4 tofntfaJzar KKMT* OB i. W, l*tt. Tlwqr w*w trained a th* first two charge* and oonvlctej of tha las- aud sent to prison. The crowd present vente< their wrath by an outburst of biasing. DcspnmUi Msht with Prisoner*. BT. PITERSBUHO, Jan. ;9.— A body of prisoners, recently en route to tho Caucasus from south Runla under military guard, b.-enraj mutinous during the journey, and wore witl great difficulty prevented from escaping •n masse. Tbe convicts fought desperately and before they could be brought under subjection eight soldiers and two gendarmes were kille'l, while thirty-on* of the prisoners were shot dead. Twenty-ona prisoners mads good their escape. The New German Military Bill.— ~ BERLW, Jan. 19.—The committee of th reioh»tag has approved the military bill, with an amendment to the effect that met j entering active wrvica In the army before they are 20 may leave the landwehr at an earlieiO period than they otherwise would Gen, Bonsart Von Bchollendorf, minister o war, stated that the measure would add to the German army in time of war nearly TOO, (XX) trained men. Belgian Miner* Striking. BBDBSELS, Jan. 19.—The Belgian miners are resuming the strikes which it was though had been settled. The entire force of a larg colliery at Faturagea, near Mons, stmck Wednesday without giving the sllgbtcs notice to their employers, and It is said tha others will follow their example, Another French Crlils Looming Up. PARIS, Jaa 1». —Le Paris states that a cabinet crisis Is imminent, owing to th* fac that several of tha ministers strenuously oppose Tlrard's proposals to tax tbe liquor traf DC, while tha premier firmly adheres to hii position on the question. Eight Suiolde« ID On* D«y. VIENNA, Jan. 19.—Eight suicides occurred In this city Wednesday, among them Capt Deachnuer, of the Austrian navy, and Paymaster Fuchs, of the army. NO REPORTS FROM TRAVERSE. Apprehension for • Town on the Minnesota Border—A Distressing Story. ST. PADL, Jan. 19.—A great deal of solicitude Is felt for the people of Brown's valley, a village of 1,600 souls In Traverse county, Minn., on the border of Dakota- Tba plaa is In the region whore casualties were greatest in the blizzard of last Thursday, and no report* havo been received directly from them for several days. Brown's valley Is on a branch of tbe Minnesota road runnlnj southwest from Morris forty-six mile*. Nc trains 'have run to Brown's valley since Christmas and telegraphic communication Is interrupted. Besides, the country roads are banked full of snow to the depth of four feet on a level and are Imjiassable everywhere, On Sunday afternoon a man walked across th* country on skis from Brown's valley to Beardsley, a place eight miles away, and reported that there was uolther a pound of coa nor a stick of firewood in tb* village, anc that the sufferings of tha people could not be estimated. He said that after burning al their own fuel they made a raid upon tbe Manitoba round bouse and confiscated al coal stored there. When this supply was exhausted the railroad building! were torn down and chopped Intofirewood. After telling his story the man begged a sack of coal, threw It across his shoulder and tramped back to his family. Many car-loads of fue consigned to Brown's valley are blockaded al Morris, and a large force of men Is engaged in opening the line up, but trains can not be got running for four or five days. CHAMBERLAIN 13 How an Alleged California Capitalist Filled HI* PookeU with Money. •• GRAND HAVJSN, Mich., Jan, ;9.—The Qreat Western Cutter works, wer* taken possession of by creditors Tuesday afternoon. Last spring C. 8. Chamberlain, representing Llnmelf as a California capitalist, Inducad > prominent moneyed man here to take stock in the concern. Chamberlain raised about $V!5,000,and put up a big balloon frame building in sawdust. He fed every one on wind, but managed to keep things quiet until Tuesday, when tbe Star company, of Chicago, through Its branch at Lowell, Mich., attached all tbe Great Western's property here. Chamberlain immediately placed a mortgage on record, dated Jan. 0, in favor of Theodore BUvenson and the Courtland Top and Rail company, of Courtland, N. Y., for $10,IKW. The Cutler & Savidg* Lumber company, of this city, attached tha works here Tuesday. It Is thought that Chamberlain has mad* (60,000 out of tha plant. He has manufactories at Coopersvllle and • Howard City. His whereabouts are unknown. ; A Bad Wreck Near Apple Elver. FBIKPOBT, Ills., Jan. 19.—An Illinois Control passenger train was wrecked Tuesday night, near Appl* river, Jo Davless county, by the breaking of a rod. No one was; killed. Tbe Injured were:. Mr. Birmingham, Galena, hurt liadly about tbe arms and bank; Mrs. E. L. Bedford, wife of a Galena attorney, sever* injuries of the hook and bead; Robert MoLeud, Grant county, Wis- coosin, left side injured; Miss Jennie Ransom, Avery, Ills., generally bruised about tbe head and shoulders; Arthur T. Ransom, Coatesvllle, Ind., fracture of a rib, by coming in contact with a seat, and left ear split open; Mr.' H. C. Traer, Iowa Falls, IB., received saveral bad bruises;- Mail Agent Cornstock, injured badly. The J*alou* Mlsoreant One* Mor*. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Jan. 19.—Frank Faulkner, aged 21 years, shot bis wife Addle, aged !W years, Wednusday afternoon, inflicting tire* wounds in tha bead which will doubt- leu cause her death. Ha tbeu shot himself In tfce btad, and died instantly. The wounded Wo ran was taken to a hospital The shooting, to whloh there were no witnesses occurred at tha residence of Mrs. Faulkner's mother, ISO Second place, wbero Mrs. Faulkner bad been living for some time, having left her husband on account, It Is said, of bis 111 treatment, caused by extreme jealousy. \ , Fir* at Bprlnic<Uld, Ills. Bp&iNarixLD, Illi, Jan. 19. —A three-«tory business building on Fifth and Monroe stroes, belonging to J. a Conkling, took fire Wednesday morning shortly before 1 o'clock, and was totally ruined. The building was insured for 913,000, and valued at 115,000, AsKjck of drugs was losurad for f iO.AOO, and valued at $12,000. A slock of groceries was fcisured for f5,500, and valued at ft),000. How the fire originated is not known. ' j Brloklajer* Elect Omoerm. BofTOH, Jan. 1ft — Most of Wednesday's seswlob ot the bricklayers' and masons' convent Ipn wo* occupied in tb* election of offl- oan, (which resulted u follows: President, Al*z ;D*rragh, Bt Louis; vlcu precldaut, An- dr«w itcCorinlck, Toronto, Ont; secretary, Thongs Odea, Cohoe*, N. Y.; treasurer, Patrick Hurray, Buffalo. Tb* next convention vill be had at Cl*v*laad, Jau. ft, loBfc V«aa Th.t ray |ar Tt>*tr KaUia* Csxua iUrri*, it, Jut. 19. —Tb* 4m**> loan Fuiauvi Cbiaa £Jwla* K*corti aaoocialtoB out bi aauuai couv*aUoa B*r* W*io**d«y, awl tUdtarod a 4iTW*«*» sf SO par «**«. MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE CONGRESSMAN PLUMB THINK3 HS HA3 DISCOVERED 80METHINa Alleged Alteration of • Word In the B«- fandlnc Act— I>u»g* by th* 8*n»t» ot the Direct TM Bill—Agricultural Colleges Token Cure of In the Home—1»mar Pad on Hl> Silk Bob*. WASHINGTON CTTT, Jan. 19. — The resolution ttiat Pmmb of Illinois wanted the house toconsldor Wednesday projSosed the appoint-- ment of Q>* memben of tha bouw to make a careful examination of the passage, engrossment and enrollment of the to-called refunding net, and all act* enforced, bearing on the question of the right of the government to ' redeem it* outstanding Interwt-bearlng obligations; and with a Tlew to taking luch steps n maybe nqnlrarf *«<aao«rtain tha truestate* of the lair on that subject. The point of the resolution it the «11egatlon that the refunding act "has, as it appears without due authority, been altered and published in tha statutes at large so as to read •payable at tha pleasure of ths Uni.*d States after thirty years, 1 Instead of 'for thirty years, as voted, thm entirely subverting the manifest meaning of the provision of the act." If thii Is true the bonds hare all along been payable at the pleasure of the government, and nearly $3,000,000 has bean paid out ID premiums in purchasing the * per oenU that should be In the treasury. -"THE SESSION OF CONGRESS. Bow the National Statesmen Put In a Day Briefly Summarized. WASHINGTON Crnr, Jan. 19.—The first buslnenj ot the senate Wednesday was tha passage of a bill reducing the fee for a passport to $1. Then came a short rush of petitions and bills on various subjects, among them Farwell's bill to perpetuate the national banking system, which It Is proposed to do by issuing $ per cent bonds to run fifty years In exchange for those now held by the banks, pay- Ing the premium on the latter, and allowing circulation to issue to the full amount of thi par value of the fqrmer. The bill also au- thorUes the treasury to buy bonds with the surplus In the open market " Tha bill to refund the direct tax to tha states was then taken up and passed—43 to 10—and then Brown of Georgia and Blair continued the debate on tbe educational bill, both speaking in favor thereof. Tha senate then adjourned. Cox announced to the bouse that Speaker Carlisle wns rapidly recovering, and would soon resume the gavel. A reeolutlon was adopted calling on the secretary of tha interior for Information as to what legislation is needed to prelect the forests at the head of navigable waters. Plumb offered a resolution appointing a committee to investigate the refunding legislation with the object ol ascertaining if the government can pay the bonded debt at Its pleasure. He wanted II considered at once, but objection was made. The majority report on the Carlisle case was presented. It was ordered that 10,000 extra ooploi of the president's Pacific railways message be printed. The appropriation for agricultural experiment stations was pa Wllklns called up his banking bill, but Wearer and others filibustered until an adjournment was forced. THOSE DIRECT WAR TAXEa Provisions of tlie Hill to Refund Them— A Cotton Tax Amendment Rtjnoted. WASHINGTON CITY,, Jan, 19.—While tha bill to refund tbe direct tax to tbe states was nnder consideration in the senate Wednesday Vance movod an amendment refunding the cotton tax Sherman opposed this, say- Ing that It would cost from fflO.000,000 to 180,000,000, and defeat the bill Tbe amendment was rejected. The votes against the passage of tty> bill were: Berry, Blair, Jones of Arkansas, Paddock, Platt, Plumb, Saulsbury, Teller, Vest and Wilson of Maryland. The bill direct! the secretary of the treasury to credit to each state and territory and to the District of Columbia a sum equal to all collections made therefrom or from the citizens and inhabitant! thereof, or other persona, nnder tbe direct tax act of Aug. 5. JStJl. It remits all moneys still due to the United States under such act, and it appropriates, the amount neco'sary for the reimbursement, tbe suras collected directly from Individuals to be held In trust by the state tor the benefit of the persons from whom they were collected, or their legal representatives. Standard Oil Cue Under Advisement. WASHINGTON Cm, Jan. 19.— Judge Loomis, of Oiiio, mad* the closing argument Wednesday before the inter-Mate commerce commission in th*Qeorge Rice complaint igainat southern ana southwestern railroads for discriminating against him and In favor of th* Standard Oil company In tha matter of freight rates on petroleum oil When ho concluded the commission took the case under advisement. Judge Loomls la bis remarks said, in brief, that his client was wiling for the Standard Oil company to profit )y It* logitlmate advantage* of large oapl- -al, but not that it should shut him out of the market entirely by obtaining from tha railways discrimination! in freight charges ranging from 10 to 250 per cent., as has been proved. ' Wanted by the National Board of Trad*. WASHINGTON CUT, Jan. 1R—The national xnrd of trade opened its annual convention at Wlllard'a hotel at noon Wednesday. Hon. Frederick Fraley, of Philadelphia, president, jreslded. At the afternoon session resolu- ions wore adopted urging the passage of a udloloua national anti-food adulteration law; avorlng the establishment of a new executive department of the government to be called the department of "Industry, Com- neroe, -Agriculture, nnd Mining;* advocat- ng tha extension and enlargement of coast and harbor defences, and favoring appropriations for river and harbor improvement! ;enorallr. Tbe convention then adjourned or tbe day. Frederick Fraley was re-elected >resldant for tho ensuing year. TobaMoBfen Will Watch Development*. WASHINGTON Crrr, Jan. IB.—Tha Nation- J Tobaofo association In convention here Wednesday elected O. W. Holmes for president, T. R, Bpence for vice president, and V. W. Woodside for secretary and treasurer or tha ensuing year. An executive commit- •ee who hav* authority to meet and call a conference when neceauay wo* also appointed. A retolution was adopted declaring that he convention having mat in coatweueaand lading tha views and probable aotion of congress on the tobacco tax question undeveloped and anwttlad, BO action thereon i* d**med neoewaxy. The ooaveutlon adjounud sia*di**tl p. m., and soon afUrward to* cumbers called on PraaUoat Cleveland at White HOUM. I*«aw Indiut«d Into HI* He WA*a!*xm>aCmr. Jui IB.— To* indue- Uoa of •Ajsociats) fntiiat L»m«r Into bi* •**& oo t&* tupntta* baac& **> tb* feature **• latssw* I filuhe»t court of th« land. It was of mor* than niual interest from tbs fact that th* eeremony mnde a full bench for th* first time In three years, nearly. Mr. Latnar reached the chamber a little after I la. m. r an! too't the prescribed oath, reverently kissing the Bible after b* had repeated the formula. He than retlrad to don his rolw, reappearing In a few minutes, whan th» court rose, and their new brother bow*l to his associates, and then took the vacant seat on th* laft of the bench. Minority Rnpart* on Carlisle's Cas*. WABHI.VOTON CTTT, Jan. 19.—Tho minority report on tbe Thobe-Carllsle case wns pr»- tsnted to the house Wednesday.- It is signed 1 by Lyman, Houk, Lodge, and Johnson of Indiana, and snyn that Carlisle's right was dear before tbe Thobe affidavit* were presented; concedes that the speaker's ex part* testimony met Thobe's charges as far a* such testimony could, but holds that the case should not bave bean so hastily closed, but .should have been looked Into deeper. Hovrelf • .»o vaada a iretK>rt for.Himself..agreeing with th* majority report, except that ha does not think ex parte testimony should have been listened to at all. Thirty Cents a Ton Per l.OOO Mile*. WASHINGTON Crrr, Jaa 19.—The American BUippmg league convention held a short session Wednesday forenoon and re-elected G. N. Joseph president. The convention took a recess at noon, and at 1:80 the delegates called In a body at th* executive mansion and paid their respects to tbe president "At the afternoon notion tha committee on resolution* made a report, which was adopted, recommending the passage of a bill allowing 80 cents per ton to American built vessels for each I,0(i0 miles traveled. The convention adjourned sine die. Will Inqnlre Into Immigrant Bat**. . WJLBBIMOTOZI Crnr, Jan. 19.— Th* interstate commerce commission has ordered an inquiry into the matter ot the Inland transportation of immigrants from New York city. There is now ponding before the commission a complaint by private parties that the methods employed and the rate* charged by railroad companies for transporting immigrant* from New York to interior western points are illegal, unjust and onpressiva. the inquiry will be held In New York city, commencing Feb. 7. Potters Indorse Shipping; Subsidies. TVjLjsniNOTON Crnr, Jan. .19.—The potters' convention Wednesday passed a strong resolution Indorsing the American Shipping and Industrial league, and promising to stand by them in their efforts to build .up tho American merchant marine. On the question of prices they indorsed lost year's list To allow a comparison of ths artistic feature* of their work they agreed to ask for space for a permanent *xblbitlon in the Smithsonian or National museum, and then adjourned sine die. • Indemnity Londs Withdrawn. WASHINGTON CITT, Jan. 19.-The acting commissioner of the general land office bos ordered the restoration of the land heretofore withdrawn for Indemnity purposes for the Chicago Ik Northwestern, Grand Rapids ft Indiana, Jackson, Lansing ft Saglnaw, and the Bt Joseph & Denver City railroad companies. INDIANAPOLIS TALLY SHEETS. - Testimony as tu How They W*r* Doe- torcd by Manipulator*. INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 19.—The trial of th* tally-sheet case was continued Wednesday before Judge Wood. The sheets were produced in court and were the records of th* vote in eight pre- and each ot lowed plainly that somebody . bad changed them. Tb* change* were awkard- ly don* and aggregated nearly 100 votes, . . Bin cor. and reversed the majorities received by tha Republican candidates for criminal judge and coroner. . Allen Heisey, Democratic Inspector in the Second preolnct, Thirteenth ward, and W. H. Colbaly, Democratic judge in the First precinct, Seventeenth ward, were the most Important witness of the day. They both testified that tbe sheets were changed during the meeting ot the canvassing board, and tbe former said Perkins took them from him on the pretense of seeing it they were all right, returned them in an hour and then witness noticed the changes. Perkins is expected to be the next witness. DEVILISH HATFIELD ATROCITY. A Woman Shot to Death and Her Husbaad and Children Bouted. CHAKLISTON, W. Va., Jan. 19.—Word reaches here from Oceana, Wyoming county, that tbe Hut field gang made a raid Saturday night on tha bouse of Sam McCoy, a brother of Randall, whose house was burned and a portion of his family killed several days ago, and taking Mrs. McCoy to a tree, blindfolded her and tied her to it, then shot bar to death, together with her soa The boos* was set on fire and McCoy and his two youngest children burned to death. What the Surgeons Overlooked, CHICAGO, Jon. 19.— A special to Th* Inter Ocean says that a strange discovery wa* made at tbe post mortem examination on tbe body of Fred fagel.wbo was shot by Andrew Biemal while attacking th* latter ba- cause be was a non-union sailor. Page! was shot through tb* body, and tbe surgeon* cut aim open to find ths bullet, which was supposed to be In the intestines. After the operation the body was sewed up, and when th* post mortem examination wa* made It was opened again, and a sponge such au i* used, by surgexms found inside. Insist That Young I* Not • Thief. DETROIT, ; Mich., Jaa, -19. — Charles E. Young, who was arrested Tuesday on a olvlT suit for $50,000 defalcation from the Michigan Carbon company, i* still confined in jail He and his friends claim that ha has lot stolen any of tbe company's money, and investigation shows that h* baan living vary quietly. His friends will try to have him liberated. If they accomplish this, the officers of the company say they will again hav* him arrested on a criminal suit Mr*, Logan Still Safferlns;. K«w YOBK, Jan. 19.—The Tribune says .hat the accidont to Mrs. John A. Logan, by which sh* was throtfn from a carriage, baa eft lasting results. Her friends .bar* ar* Informed by letters that sh* has severe pain almoat constantly In UM Injured thoulder. Ur*. Logan is said to hav* grown old rap- Idly sine* th* generals doatb, and to bav* tost much of bar old-tim* vivacity and *o- Won* Than th* OiU-F»»liloned Btov*. QciNCT, III*, Jan. 1C.—A oar stove Utted wltb coll pipes, o**d on *. Chicago, Burluig- toa & QIJ inoy paoungw train a* an *xpwi- n*a«. ex|>tad*d ax Ba>bn*ll W*da*«Uy with Urrlflu force, l*<ily wr«ila*; Uw oo*cb, •lixxit tUrtj yuovuftn la W* oar bad jw» o«t to luncfc or turtoa* hav* rtsuiMl RANDALL'S BACKSET. THE KEYSTONE 8TATE DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE GOES AGIN' HIM, And Eleeu W. L. 8«ott's Man to the Chalr- Dnnihlp After a Lively Fight— -Governor Ogleeby Mot In the Race for Governor, But Smile* at Another Bnnrmttoa— Th» Obi* Senator* Still Squabbling. HARIUSBURO, Pa., Jaa 19.— At th* meeting of the Democratic state committee here Wednesdaythe feature was the fight between the Randall and anti-Randall men for th* chairmanship. Both Randall and Congressman Scott were here beading tbe two factions, and their candidates were Mr. Banders and Elliott P. Kianar, respectively. The fight waxed hot until the last minute, and when the vote was annonnoad it was found that Klmer had been chosen by a Tote of *3 Jo 85.^ The remit was haard with • great deal of dismay by the Randall men, as they were tolerably sure of success. Elliot P. Klsner is well known among th* workers in Pennsylvania politics, bavins; been one of tbe secretaries, of tbe Democratic , committee for tbe pest eight years. He is a member of the Lurjsrne county bar, and re, side* at Hazel ton, where be ccmbines the • practice of tbe law with journalism as on* ot the editors of The SentineL The executive committee is composed of William A. Wallace, William L. Scot, Kck- ley B. C< xa, Samuel J. Randall, William Mutchler, William McClelland, and J. Henry Cochran. Scott and Cox* are millionaires. Scott offered a resolution indorsing Cleveland's administration, which was unanimously carried. Harrijborg was fixed as th* place and 23d of May as the time for the meeting of tbr state convention. WASHINGTON Crrr, Jaa 19. — That Ran| dall will not attend the next Democratic national convention at tbe bead of the dalega tlon from Pennsylvania 1* the opinion of well-informed politicians from that state in Washington. They say tbe straight anti- Randall fight mad* in tha state committee) was only put into shape hurriedly a week ago. Every county in the state was represented. This defeat breaks Randall's power to control th* party la Pennsylvania, and pots the element lad by the tariff reform William L. Bcott into possession of th* party machinery. Ohio Republican Senators at It Again. COLUHBUS, O., Jan. 19.— The Republican factions in the senate bad another quarrel Wednesday afternoon, which la »ted till late in the evening. A resolution condemning the action of electing a Democratic clerk was called up, and this brought on a lot of speeches, which gave the inside ot all the alleged combinations made for tbe organisa- tion of the senate, and both sides an at ses, again. Tbe work of the afternoon has destroyed the possibility of a compromise, which was provided for by th* selection ot a conference committee at the caucus Tuscday night. Tbe resolution of condemnation was defeated by tbe combined vote of tha bolt- ers and the Democrats against the caucus Republicans. Oov. Ogleeby Not In the Bae*. CBIOAOO, Jan. 19. —Governor Oglesby was in the city Wednes lay, and a reporter said to him: "They are talking of yon for another term for governorf" "Well, I am not up this time. I have said I wasn't a candidate, and Til stick to it Since I came to town this time lota of tha boys have asked ma to run again, but I won't I am not a candidate for senator, •Itber. I am going no my farm." ' How would yon like to see the boys whoop- log it up for Blalne and OglesbyP The governor smiled sweetly. A Decidedly Illalnelih Ton*. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. 19.— A representative convention of Minnesota Republican clubs is in session here with some 250 delegates present, tbe purpose belnz th* formation of a state league a! a branch of tha recently formed National league. Kr-Governor Barton, of Sank Center, was made permanent chairman, and Lieut Trnssel, of Minneapolis, secretary. Stirring speechas were made and the work of organization proceeded with. Tbe ton* of th* convention Is decidedly Blalnelsh. Th* President Exjpreasod Mo Opinion. New YORE, Jan. IK— "President Cleveland was anxlnus to learn from me, when I was in Washington last Saturday, 1 ' Col F<* lows said to a Sun reporter, "what my judgment Is concerning; th* proposition to hold tbe Democratic national convention in New York city. Of course, I favored holding th* convention in this city, for two reasons. It Is tbe best place to hold the convention in, and personally it suits my convenience. The president expressed no opinion." Th* Ohantanqua Assembly. BUFFALO, N. Y.', Jan. 19.— The flrst session of tb* annual meeting of th* Cbautauqua assembly was held here Tuesday night President Lewi* Miller, of Akron, Ohio, presided. Edgar Duienberry, of Pottsvllla, Fa;, was elected trustee to fill a vacancy. The following officers were elected for the ensuing term: President, Lewis Miller; first vie* president, Francis Root, of Buffalo; second vie* president, Clem Studebaker, of South Bend, Ind. ;' third vie* president, Jacob Miller, of Canton, Ohio; chancellor, J.- H. Vincent, of New York; treasurer, K A. Skinner, of W oilfield, W. Y. ; secretary, W. A. Duncan, ot Syracuse, N.' Y.; director of Cbautauqua press,' George Vincent Also an executive committee. •' _ __ Tha Iowa Loglelatara. $ Moarta, la., Jan. 19. -President Hall, of the state senate, presided over tb* Joint convention of th* legislature Wednesday, which, elected James K. Wilson United States senator by a vote ot 68 la tha house and Ki in tb* senate. . A bill . was introduced in the nnate to appoint a commission to furnish text books for tha public school*. Another railway regulating bUl was .also introduced. The two bouse* adjourned until th* £4.h inst " ' •' ' ' ' ' _ •' A Long Felt Want Supplied. TUBOOUA, Jan. 19.— Father 8. Magnlre, formerly an eminent Roman Catholic pri**t of Chicago, has renounced Catholicism and •11 orthodox faith*, sold togathtr with Dr. O, H. Harris, of Neuman, tola county, will establish a new church, to be known a* "Progressive Christians. * Father Ma«u'r» Is over TO years of age, and for fifty years served in important department* of tb* Prussian government. ' • _ ^ .Anthony Coxutook Triumph*. Niw Ypax. Jen. 19.— The proprietor* and •mploye* ot tb* nv«r*i dime museum* ia this city, who wer« r*«mtly arraeted on tb* charge of An ebony OoatMeck of *xaibUiQf disgusting status*, picture*, etc., wen *d- judjr*d cuilty Wadnewley, aaiflue* imposed ranging from fc Taefat Property S* M*4 •> «*o4 Sal*. NKW Yofcft, Jan. SSl— The Iron (teas yacht TUlte, for wuio* H«wy Ivw patd » I W, QUO, wwwidai auotioa W«dn««Ur by enter of tb* nurte****, Contowdor* WlilUi» R tSterboc*, EUM bran**! Ttrtwa HL. Brew* wo* tta* Jo r v ears itnasbees tno Ask your retailor fnr the Original *)3 Skew, Beware ot Imltntii-ni. Button,Conirra«ftta«i [Hut caV "Mn. anexceium la C*rat*llt a ,Comfort and Jo, pearanrt. A poiUl card wn» L to us will bring you Informs, ^ tlon hoiT to I[?t tllU Bhc* $•<•* 1 ^V n ""i fJ L":-' ji " re r 1 i=-*5'- n M . th " ,ny other In the world. TbonwroS * it will toll juu the roMon Ujtn atk Iboa, J. R. BELL & SON Will sell them to vtra If you will tlv* , as well a*i OLOTHINO. 0 J^y at t 1 whloh """y ** nk ot going anywhere « els* In the citS^eepV The James Means Shoe A m T 1 JM 0 J^y at t 1 whloh """y ***> o hand. D«nt think ot going anywhere «l»e. as no one els* In the citS^eepV Or M floe and THE CHICAGO IORTH- RAILWAY. OPe»etof»tcsj the Centres] »r Fvimto. j tttesi IH ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, It* THAI!* BEBVICB la esurarsUlir arranged to meet requirements of local travel, aa well aa to furnish the most attractive Route* ,or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES': Aim EOtUPMKjrr of Day and Far. lor Gars, Dining and Pilaoe Sleeping dan Is without rivaLi - ^ ITS HOAO-BKD Im perfeetliw ot stone-ballasted steel.. Tbe Horth-Wectera 1* the favorite route for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and &« seekers alter new homes la the OoUtaa Northwest. / Detailed inlormatlon cheerfully furnished by C3-. «. H. WHXTHAJT, H. O WICKJELR. Vioe-Pres. & Gen. Ifangr. Traffic Manager. a. P. W1UOS. Bit] fuumt AjttH. DYSPEPSIA. T 8 that misery experienced when w« suddenly 1 be'-ome aware that we possess a diabolical arrangement called a stomach. The stomach I* the resicrvoU irom which every fibre and tissue must be nourished, ana any trouble wiM It Is soon felt throughout the whole system. Among a dozen dyspeptics no two will bave the same predominant symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mental power and'a bilious temperament are sublet to Sick H>»<Sa*h«t: those, fleshy and phlegmatic bave Con«tl|>atlou. while Uwtbln and nervous are abandoned to (-loony for*- JnitlBRB.. Borne dyspeptics are wonderfully orgetful; others have gi eat Irritability of torn. Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, on* Using The underlying catae it inthtUVKK, and one thin" more Is equally certain, no on* ill remaiu a dyspeptic Kho will U WU1 Acidity ot ' Stoanaeh, Rxpel fonJ Allay Irrltatlvn. A**t»t ^£ tit the asone tlaur ' Start the Liver to working, . when all other troublee Soon disappear. 'My wife was. a confirmed dyspeptic, Som* three years ago by the advice ol Dr. Stelucr, ot Augusta, she was Induced to try Simmons Liver Kenultttor. I feel gmtcjul for the relief It taaa given her. and m*y all who read this and ar* afflicted in any was. whetuerclironlo or otherwise, use Simmons Liver Regulator and I teal eoiiftdent health will be re stored tu all who will' be advised."—WK. M. Ksuuu, Fort Valley, G*. Sea that you get the Qenuint, with red K on front of Wrapper, PBZPASXD OMLY BT jr. HL HKiuar A oo.. Ptui*deipbu, r*. LADIES! Do Your OtmDyalag, M PEERLESS DYES TOw will dye everytlilJvg, They are sold every wbar*. Itioel«Cka package -wcotot*. Toaj B*>v« oo eqiuil bBr atrjogSTBriKhtoosa, ijaMuA lor Pastaos ol Oolw, They do not <sp»« «lKO. iATHUtO*- A J

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