Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1941
Page 11
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18. STEELING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS PA ere E1 evert t>allv E*cept STANDARD Established 1858 Con*oltd«t'*d June 24 1918 'Sterling Daily Gazette opinion?, urerp. important by report- inr them a* Tn j the wm-th of * *e«- Co St*ri!R2 Dl F Orisndon D W Grsnflon. «it Sterling po*roffie* us Second Class Matter MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The. Associated Press is erciuslve- entltled to th« us* for rep<jftllfa- -*.«! of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise, credited tn thl« paper « ncl * lao th * ioc *' MW * publi-shedJierciiT. ~TiRMB~OF SUBSCRIPTION Bv mail in Whlteside and sdjotn- nig counties - pw vear *i W. stx _aooths S2.75. three months 11.50. one month 75 cents. Cash with order By man outside Whlteside and ad Joining counties—per reur 17.00. si* months 13.75 three months 12.00. One month 75 cents Cash with order Per week delivered bv carrier lr plth«r Sterling or Rock Falls X •nts, payable every Saturday mom- tat. No papers sent through the pottofflce fa the city carrier district of Sterling or Bock Falls If yf>n ^e^Id Hf iTfsjyre**^ft if n. dnmh nrtfhhw mmA? It. Bit tihv think soldiers larking in morslp bra-!***- tiT'v keep on actin? I a'., or ^.T.ilrtn't cro-*- ?-hen i! foyrt. •;•:? gr>\ ptnmen' to take over lr. I 1 .-' ".'•* Thai'.* the way Fascism giv ron'rr.; of unions. If ' '. f- ni^'k inherit th'* earth. wll z r ' ;• Think how many years our ;*vv> meekly endured the clos- ir.z '"'f hanks and l^s' of their RJ AD THE CLASSIFIED ADS. TOUT'S HEPIU SUMiSTNMS By A "stewed primps *mon'. orenm of to«.«r. rr>f- Breakfast fc<yk with •yheRt. nrho fee. mt!k I/unfh^on: Coin chowder, hot rlovrleaf rolls, stered prnrhe*. jn^](« h'lt'T cnk^, oranR." eRR nos. Dinner: Fork snri veal loaf, fried potato pn'f."s. turnip* *'Hh grern jirwr dre.v.nR. jrrape- fruit saiad.'rhocyiiat" bread pudding;, coffee. Milk w such a •, aiuable food that It's important !o find plensnnt ways to incivide it in each days menu. For each child, try to get. at 1 1-2 pin!.* a dav and a quart If A Thought for Today • But that on the good ground are they, which In an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep and bring forth fruit with p« -Luke 8:15. J Ood answers sharp and sudden on some prayen. And thrufts the thing we have prayed for in our face, A gauntlet with a gift in 't.— Browning. Tomorrow's Birthdays •Mrs. Karl Scheler. C. L. Nicol. Nell •Blinders, Clyde R. Wahl. Delbert JfeCftslin, Roy Myers, Mervyn Reed Bury Terhune, Wilmar Joyce Lin- Donald Powell, Sterling: 'Lela "Dorothy Sctdel, Christina - - Al- Rock Falls; Tena Kllmstra and Anna Olson. Earl |bobea, Morrison; Elwood Foy. Tam- ntoo; Janet Raylor, MUledgevtlle; Diffenbaugh, Coieta; Floyd Lyndon. Monday—Henry F. Janssen, 81. J f. IflQer, Mrs. Charles Buyers. Guy Mrs. Bdwin Wllklns, Marie Horaoe Watson. Mrs. Rus- Haiberer, John McDonald, J. A Mildred Hendricks. Selma _8u«Bint, Donna Jean Potts, David fto Wl*d, Mrs. Harry KeUter, BUly 'Walton Loos, Mrs. Albert Bartolomei, •torllnf; Joyce Hinds, Ha Ruth Lee tuetUe C. McNinch. Doris Ruth Robert •Wright; Ronald Oa«Ue, O«ne Rutledge, Elizabeth Jean •krogsUd, Rock Falls; Mrs. 8 O. Cram, Mllledgeviire; Howard J Malvern; Verlea Klnsel, Ray- Buikema, Frank Me>-er. Mor- William Larnont, Mrs. Betty ••Hard. Prophetstown; Leroy Mc- ttotnbs. Tampico, Today—Cither Gist. Rock Falls Quillen's Quips •y RoMM QUIUa We aren't really Insnlvent—The own the RFC that holds 'mortgage A great man U one whd seems rial and infallible today in spite •C the dumb miitakes he made yes- •§«« e^aality and youth's free. is«i have hit bottom when tad •fei slaWhler get dnsnk te- pnu hai the right to be ; but the more ft«« it. is. .the i -ri**LJl_ha«_to_be_ wrong. One year really Isn't enoush. In that time a draftee can't even get •11 of nil vaccinations. If he thinks the countn-'s ruina- lU insure hi» election next will he try to prevent Its must wake up and get If prices double, it means income is cut In half. • "The one weakness of * free press *» **•-* it makes a crackpot official's i IN STAMPS] rd Gave Up Drama 'o Study Physiology EN have niade trc- < p>annnin contributions to the of scienc*. Along with Pas- Mid aVthelot are hundreds known scientist* whose were profoundly impor» Bernard (1813-1878), honored philatelic*!!? in INt ttajap above, was § fa- He came to at th* age of 21 intending drama, but a French urged him to study mcdi- made inUnsive studies th* function of the pancreas and the liver. His.conclu- provvd important in the jaf digestion and also in the W diab»t*i. research by Bernard the study of the vaso-rnotor He also wit* greatly in- ia the physiological ac- df poi*on«. Bernard died in Paris, 19, 1171, he was accorded a funeral—the first man of to b« |ro honored in HOLD EVERYTHING! "My mother sent me the outfit, just in case we're ordered to Iceland P , SIDE GLANCES 0*1 health "That barrel of cider is for double duty, Horace—to cover my last si^-monlhs subscription and to put a wallop *>intp your editorials lambasting the politicians!" '. THIS CURIOUS WORLD 8y William Ftrgmon ©or •THaiiat. NJAMC FROM, THE KACT THAT THEV WEBB INTO IM oK&mm. TO CONCEAL. TMKMK _. . IDENTITV THB OEKMANC. IMSltNCr/ A CHICMcM *AJi»»t> Wsl A PBN, VWHWW IT HAS NSVER 9BVM ANOTHCR t.rV!N& W1U- f WHKW seize t A Ptmc* cm ANDb^fiH AVAtfM AAOC NOW AND THEKI AT for «ch adult a pint or more, «md for pr?sn«nt or nursing mothers, i full Q'mrt. That's th? health rfff^n*^ nil* every bfWfwifr mti't follow. , Try Rddin? ortihgr juirp to your <-RR nog rrrip* 1 . This Insures th» ! Ratting thfir fBg, mi)V . »nd citrus fnilt *ill In on». drink. Crfum Jwips mn'c'' n d»!irlous m«ln for luncheon snd rirn chwrter T.-|th rvuporpfwl milk If you «-|.*h' Is «n pxrriiont ^'*y to ii*» up the rrrrn i"It ovM' 'rom yf.'tprdsy's dlr.nrr. erf Toff-ovrrs a pork and V for ere n rf- ! l°af in of rls', .<•. n">n. < -!. Pork ami \>»l (rrmind pwk fS arns\ S-4 cup crsckrr mimtw. 1-2 tenjipoon Mlt. 1-1 t«"«.«;pooTi pepp*r, 11-2 teaspoons *n(je, 2 enst.i, 2 tablespoon* milk, 1. butter, melted. Mix meat, cracker crumb*, salt, and <y»Re together lightly. frrounri vrnl, Beat fgit. mi!* and butter together; add to meat mixture. Shape In RrfRsed medium-sired lo^f pan »nd Hakr In moderate oven M.V) dnrrees F ' for I hour and IS minutes or • infil •sf-i! ri^ne thi-o-jRn^uf and 1 ! nlfly browned on the out.Mrie. ways to "r>^p up" the root vegefa- • hSes whlrh »r? so chP*p to buy nnri so nerrxsjiry to our diet from » nutritional stsndpoint. T»o tqh!.-.- r •if.h Green PrppPr Orr^sini Three cups turnip*, diced. 'r>o:i;nR vatT. S table.'.poon,^ butter. 1 t^a- spoon r-n'.i. Plare boihntr ^a'^r in saucep<»ri nnd drop turn:p< into wa'er' ro'.r:. bol! R»nt!v for IS to ?ft rninuf" or until tenfl'r. Hrain and add bu'tT M •d nni^n. 1 pi*d; 4 !rib:' •'! rvj"T r <Y..\'\; ni-irl f-t C ID ? \ r-f r n for Crok f n: 5 Po^ir 11-." t-1 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE HE'S FOUND TH' \ DIRTY HID UNDER TH* SINK -- RESPONSIBILITY ON ME .' ME SA'D HE'D HELP MA SViTM TH' DISHES OUR PLACE --BUT O' COURSE HE WILL WE GO a;.: ONES WE HfD; /$•••• WHAT DO /' VOU THINKf ARE MADE- NOT BORKJ V r. 8O//ISTMW A BEAUTV/ — • If I 14AO THAT CM \\t,l'D 60 AROUND LIK& A BILLBOARD, AND EXCEPT OUTDOORS < WHO 16 G;UEE.'xi!E <; OM,VOD ME AM TK"; VNELLjSMB'e—SM WMO 19 '*<£} I DOtvT Kr4O\M/vu, I G QUEENiE ; ^s TATTOOER TOST PUT TMAT M AWE " %j\ THERS IM HOiOR- OP QUE."£Ni / ^ VICTORIA,OR <E>OM>EBODY/ / •OOr4 l T SPiLL IT To JUUE,YOO PORPOISED 60 A FOR. TATTOOING.. »• T*^ VlCTORIAsf" , ;.o»f. ^S BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES t's Awful BY EDGAR MARTIN VCOWt. ^». ^ • TOO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Plot Progressing as Planned BY MERRILL BLOSSER Is TMIS SMAOYSIDE POLICf STATION ? VA/BLL. I'D LIKC TO REKXT SOME PWOWLIft* IM THE NEKJM6OH- MOOD OF 4AMF LOOKS LI*BT ft/cay, wo IM 1&A*J GOT DAT* AT TVie SAMe AOOttfSS ' wurry coo«r — we MAKE s SEVfNTH/ SHV MUST HAV* WMAT IT T3UCBS/ WASHTUBBS Ul! JY1QYLCRANE ROOM A 1 MaJUTff.VICKlW •t W6HT / CALLfD . HI'S LOCATtO IT IN , STOP PLAV ACTING. POMUeJ THE EMCaALD NECKLACE V~, AROUND VOUB OVUM NECIC VUHEPE IT^ BCCM CVEQ 61WCE VtXl TOO< If FROM »r\y ROOM / r-<§ 1»4I 1Y Nf A H«VICt. RED RYDER Mort Work BY FRED HARMAN ««^ ALLEY OOP SoDoWt t Hut-wt tent: 2 ftniai Nfiiie Ko««. 1 TU American Way; «. Ood fiteva Uw Kiog. BY V. T. HAMLIN ALL. »<SMT. WE\X HMk/K ID j rr...eurx. HAW 1 HAU»» OUT O* TH TIMK MAC

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