The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 22, 1971 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1971
Page 11
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WP, HIUMSPGRT FACTS, PreejN>rt, Texaa, Monday, November ttJMIj Pftjeli T!K. lirv, Hftiitt for Sato Houm far Sato UHt for Sato ••AIMfOBt fAVINOI CftttM t»M. ItIM <M MIK« tliM || IMIMtWf llttl HI »ll If »PAMl«i I««»U II k<l Mfl (l ,44 Iw liVt I ** I fcwtt II |tl nr lAKt JACinOH • KAUHFIH «»»<wv», Ml , tkll 1 1*. i •». mi a. Mw *• tottm * WOOD«0 M fl«t ttUvnf. t«mmi««, k*«ti«< ">< hwukwir r>«<»t All M »» lilltt »t lit . mwiM,, CA*»M t*v ul« , iw <• Mttl KI*M«I IllltO OM) » rnUtt If Hll Ant*rt*« OH»< <»M «lir. 111 HI, M» IIM. HOLIDAY 1 I «,0«. »,«,«. VH» (M n»,t Busintss Opportunities , i HI, wrifvi w<it*t ii <""»>. « ill r ion • » AI/TIf Ut Wit W I it* »(»Mfi (My HIM l»t* iw * w*«n. KMOltWOOO - I) ». CM»*. III I>IM u (OMM««(IAl A**th« *4 . C (M»*M, IH» "" ****** ' ' *• • •"« W »H1 . <ft»|* )• CIVIC »MiA|li»t HI >»<«»» «l lit OM . M.I H 0*r !,*• ft) MAR IE MILLER REALTOR m »M SU". £•?,"*•'• .»»... <*-•„ it, „,„ I»AIO«IA - ci »«« Hll. DM* MM C»»O» U M4 jr wr»i M I M uu W IIK»TAt'IU.VT it CM IIMH> k*i fcvtt A l»*4 Homes for Sato I *.€#<:} •>**< ?**•* f**t*iM«*f 233-6351 g49-7554 »oe iit»oi He AC IT tti tiki "l'I I4>t IP l*AU. r Cl »!>«; CO1»IS tO 117 *»« <^» M. <M W<K • III W •«.»» H till H l ItaM «^l» M (A WM etooe* >u<ttHcxwi i AIKK MI 0* If'fcl It-l Uw »fr t**»t*r4 tA or Mobile Home Lots For Rent124 PROPERTY SERVICES !,,«. COME BY & SEE WHY BEST TRAILER »;> si ru\tt.ra < *i\( H c SAVE $3000 |l\SK HKIMSSKSSJllNS nit lAurot')t«.it 14 •• • Yt MH/fHUK 0»* t» ' »• it 6. *IK CMM 111 t«*tti *AT. l|« 1 • »HA f lit KUItACHI.I It I » III tfCAWOUt I tl I • BRA20SPORT REALH ll >t »<H I »,f»'.« >•••«<« j in*< &<*•*• i^&*wi llfl 4 t»*lh-'4t >()•! • *li til i«t<i II ttif> III 'W LVO U AC«ll A«|l,n •« Virgil llrnnrll — : • •• Wl Clt*N I •• I'KM f »<«< A|IOtt[> IIM »«,.«, KO'iCl 10HOD{«1 M C tof' « 111141 ni nil 1114)41 m 4111 Resort Property j | nvestment or Sate102A property OKNHOOO Km M««I IIIM IIM I JOKil »*C»HOl ASOlOAOHI -O* RfM CA<*|«4* LAfc* •»«' ll'l AKGI.CION ( H.I It b>,C4 M" <«<, I<4I«4 IIM m llp((l Fcb I« oiroti »»l Dli 111 lit ICIA U{AIIT VOUlMISh OAOt D« 4 M I^M i ni .JM ,.n«- *|AIIO« -I'.'I'J LAKH fOUCU - "I ir* w Im* Mvut II»JO«U - > tl'll HIM •« 111 *>|D 1 D 1 K4U fA CUic 1C «41lf lALkOI KtAll! >l> ALTCIATOK - M«n«m w Ni HUDBAULICAllI ACTUATtO »tl QUA I«AAC> louses for Site «•)« > (IDC I 'VI mount, ,nien>« Itlet Eictlltnl KCdl'V. !!.' H14 CIUT|-M«M Hvt M4 I **>•«•. 1 M», HIM U'f t)IUi». WE'VE PIT IT A1.L TOCiETHEM ! COMMtDICAL 1.01. »>IM 14M HIT *»< «Atn i kiMtwni lmt Mini • rt<iit(. Ml lull l CfAHtl (mtrU M««AlliM kWKtl Witt C«IHl.»| «H4 PA»U|I| wn km* i imui) A< i «»-Mrti f>i(«i i »i| w*4Mifii l wan «»< |« LI, 0 «r IAIM Im tn M (M»M I'tm v«l»t IS i TAI.BOI IHALIT. HI I«J« OOU»lt Mimuin *>M>»t lord t 7W l»i RtKk • ACKMOI tUCKEU-lM W< 14 Ml p«t,l«KV I II < w I t II I Bl INC8COI*li RilVDM «n III l«t nvtilmtnl « un.1 OOU»L« OUPllIk 4M IH< » M »4<>M* lurnulirt, f«Ui ml lii<»m« MM plui CAII •Ml Jodnwwi »IA1N Mil I » TIM C'l| '«««<« IKtn«IUI«l<lf<l tut »f All u m« C LAfryl C.I, WAnlW mvi Mffmc. i iuil livltd Hell I. H».»» tOANl COUNTHt nine •ss/ss/rsss/r///////^^^^ runs I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS own farm; likes it w//////s//W///^^^^^ COMMU.VlTV HOSPITAL KAOt.K BKM), Minn, (AC) — At a time when many youth* arc dcwrtlng their farm homes for (he big city Me, Kick MllUig li planting hit (ect (Irmly In his own hormttlead with IW) acre* and calUe Awl while »omc old-lirners with long memories ol hard work and (ailing crop* would say the (amity (arm in a tiling of the past, the husu.iig 18- FKIfJAY: Mr«. H, C, (Irene R«d) HlcJu, Lake Jacluwn BATUWDAV: Mr». D, K. (Uura Fayc) Bergen, West CoIumWa Mm, l^eofxAdo (Maria /nez) Ramos, Clute Marsh Kandall Hall, Lake Jackxon SUNDAY: Tarnml Faye Turner. Alvin Joe Marvin Willis, Lake Jackwn MM. G. M. (Margaret Gail) Brigga, Brazorfa Uoyd Brett Boothc, Freepfjrl Handy Allen Thorna*. Clute Itobcrt Glenn Hutfman, I.ake Jackson Mm. H. K. (JuneFrances* Gleatnn, Freeport Mni. B. H. (Karan Kay) Turner, Angleton Mrs W. P, (Ja>T)e) Cherry, Uke Jackson year-old ha» stepped in u> farm, located one mile west of rescue a dying farm, plunged Eagle Bend in central Mfn- lll.VM m debt and built an nettta. Kick planted 58 acres equity of t26,000 or more and ran electricity to the No wonder the Minnesota houv; and barn. Next year, he chapter of the Future Far- bought feeder cattle and men of America chose him moved onto the farm futitirne Star Farmer of 197! !rt \< A Y a , ler [hem. This tousled, windy-haired H JC )J ha, ma dt- money each ager *uuld be the first to year - "Enough to meet all I.<*i\ C«TJ"o,t£ j adfnl1 >«-'twsn't done il all on rny expense* a nd keep im- ms own proving and expanding " I-ast Hn>t«im ' "'* P-'" M 'k>- Mr and Mrv -.ear. he cleared Sl,//fl j KarlMitlag. helped w-t turn up 11'» enough to help pay off with a generous loan of S7.2f.ft the indebtedness, by cashing bond* and | ( hasn't bvnm easy He hat borrowing money in IW,. grX len up al 4 a m to do , 'I thought il was worth the ch<rf« and go to school. Then, «'«" ^'*"r*^'";'^r*.t^I ' 'nvwtmwit." explained his t^ck lo chore* lasting past : father who i.v Kagle Uend'i nightfall. . j postmaster "By the lime he He's be<*n able to scratch out Mobile Homes j graduated from high school. I hi* living"by taking about IS frt, c.1. . 0 , ; ''«urwJ h<- d know if he really ca m e to market a year, hiring IV " *" c 1" ' Canted lo itay m fanning " ^t a! , Jfnw !o neighboring HicJurd MKtag graduated farmers, handling a W-rnile n tiigh Khtxjl last ipnng m-*kpaper route Sundays, and ! Bui he made up his mind hauling cattle in a pickup for farming by December an K ag ] c B t . n( j livestock •*ber< h<e iigr/ed <vn shipper agreement to txjy Lhe (arm for IXiring the summer, his 'M He pa;,-, if;!er«! on (he (^n^t., iri d s^ter, Greta 13, '•I, ard -Ail! pay against the |,-, ( . al rjy. (.-,,-„-, wll h him. Huk. a compact l£/>-pound sit-footer, is bending the laodvcape to his will A scattering <A -*iHo"*-s and p<jp!,'irs is reinforced with tue roMt tA you.ii! Ku'iiian olive," artd hor,e>surkie lo :jre.-iV: the winter's s(mi> of JUBVRNE YOUO^RTHE OFTHEWORID* figure; tit- vnil tx- c)c,ir «! any rr,ilitar> call up Ttjit -*ill a! Kirk to lai.1- a i'*t>)<".ar toun.* a! tfx- Al<-t;itidr ia Vocational- V-JwJ a 7i n-iie ^- maktn f;\i- dajs i a (»jdd;, j;.. 1 . intu lii!- hl'x«j «<-d lo •,,'x-nd ius iwxl Himmt-rt a! >t'andfijrrr.'..s' plan-, ix.'tr at thf 'Aiih the h«lp o! Uvc Soii l'm%vrvation Service, he has car 1 , ffl ou! a tr«j»!h 10 cirr, ra;n iixj me!:mg snow frum th<- fettiJtit to arnuther corner erf thv y a rd . a nd into a crc*k A •xilule io pollutiijn control (.tu! on his gently rolling L'jnd. .«jme £5 acres ol •* hich is planted to corn oaLs and hay. Kick tias mixk-rn (er contour and Sil duurj (or a cup o.' coffee uith hmi arxi Inends in the VA FACTS i Jwi%t- a Itian oft n,) (* I i Ma;. I repay fh deduct icas from my \ A . A - ^i <s Cet a VA Korm »• itjjenrart-st \'A office . , , cwnpJrt* H. arxi mail i! to !he kitchen and you get some >ce lo uh,ch you pav vour "„ U ' k „ , , , . imurancc f-remmms ' ' »h> do*» Rick like the I tvne a certificate of talll , n « '?"" llfe M wclP dig.hilily lo attend graduate ' ' m '"Pf" 4 *' «" What is consiciered full time lor VA U-oefils" \-The VA generally will accej/t ulatest-r U«- sctxioi c<»v>id<-r<. (uli lime gradua'.e »wk. Suggesl jou chiK'k with the registrar o< she schi.«j) >oo plan lo a i tend U I understand that tip.!t.i« ioe is a lump sum pa> merit of a government life insurarwi- ftoes thi* mean that !he U-neficiary n,u«' !ake ItM- ir, j );j!..;. \ - No Ttu- U - p,i\nu-nl i> .i\.i.,j...i ;; , but (he bcneficiarv. ((•r e\am|ilf. may Like jwirl "? In everyone\ life SUMMER OF >42 \ unl«».s a j^rson s happy m uhj! h<- s doing, there's no sen**- doing il I'm my oun tx.«s.s 1 m not doing the same thing rvrr> das for 4t> hours a Vki-fk. to tht- end of m> life. It w«i!d dn\e mo crazv " LAST NITE TUES. 6:45 & 8:30 balance in montnh in stallmenti il deiired Or. he ma> take all [>a>ment,s on .1 Reading device gone KHKKI'liUT A rx-adm| machine, \alui\l al J'iXi hat btvn reported stolen from Krevport IntcrnuJiale School f'olice officers were called al 6 27 a m Friday lo the school, where they found a classroom window pane broken out, mud-covered rocks outside, and papers scattered inside the room and outside Small footprints u ere aUo in evidence Lceis of the reading machine was reported a few hours later, al 12 41 p m. today s FUNNY AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO l il il ti • r M t *&• *' w*t t s-i* «' LAKE t. J **»'.*«' i *i 41 u SURF BEACON BURT LANCASTER ROBERT RYAN LEEJ. COBB m A MICHAEL \iVNiNE ; 'LAWMAN' COtOBD, O*L ..e UnitBd Artists -r> GP XT T I'M ENDS TIES. MTt ,'M) Bl.tlOO KKA. 8:30 IUTKIJ H (or AOl'LTS BAWO IS A TUBE, H>l kt HlA. IK. JMIUCON THUTIE I V. ANGLETON Lj^'_ ___TI_9_-*(VV) n^MMMMi^mMMm^M 6:30 & 8:20 The story of a married man...with a hobby. 'i FUNNY «tU MI JIM "i- »MJ Jtn4 § t* T«iV» FUMMT. IK» Wttl TV ;•,'•!•• URUA 'Ci pn'*«nt.i The Me ofa Young Stockbroker

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