Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 9, 1975 · Page 16
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 16

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1975
Page 16
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P»fl« 16 Fr«»port (III.) Journal-Standard, Wednesday, July 9. 1975 WASHINGTON (UPI) - The General Accounting Office says federal government workers may have been overcompensated since 1970. Under a 1966 law, federal workers were to receive compensation equal to what is received by their counterparts in the private work force. But because the government ignored fringe benefits in comparing compensation, federal workers have received more total compensation than their counterparts, GAO said. • The GAO is Congress' investigatory arm. Since the government spends almost $1 in fringe benefits - • . • ' x Mpy Be Overpaid, Says GAQ , ' ^SXKK S th ' a "? K! lft " Th ' 6 T ploy t r?i surveyed for that comparison %««re 12 big Wat* honWbefttfiti '' ' - '? * V ' rf^. 6 ™ 1 * $3 in pay, bil ions pf dollar*, corporations, the cities of Baltimore. Dallas. Phoenix and St Bv ifi^ ttri/af* CfcX ^h, «»»i*i *^ M,», M vacations, sick leaye, retirement benefits, health 1 and life in surance and the like -for every $3 in pay, billions of dollars could be involved. The federal work force numbers 2.7 million and is paid $41 billion a year. ' i At the time the law passed,-private employers' fringe benefits exceeded federal fringe benefits, but that situation reversed around 1970, GAO said. As a result, the Civil Service Commission learned two years ago the federal government was more generous than 19 other big employers, comparable to five and less generous than only one. Valu-Trim Eagle s exclusive Valu-Trim process qives you more for your meat dollar. Excess waste and fat is trimmed away before each cut is weighed to give you more servings per pound, and a lower cost per serving. Honest Labeling When you have to guess at what ' you re buying, you're not getting the most for your money. Our Honest Labeling policy eliminates costly guessing. You know exactly what cut of meat you're buying. Pure Ground Beef No vegetable product added to our fresh ground beef. You get edible ground beef at Eagle. Ground beef that turns dut plump burgers, juicy meat-loaves. And it's ground fresh hourly to assure freshness. Guaranteed To assure your complete satisfaction, all Eagle Bonded Beef is completely guaranteed. That's the Eagle Bond! OUr way of letting you know that Bonded Beef meets our rigid standards, and that we're sure you'll enjoy it completely! * The employers surveyed for that comparison 'were 12 big 'private nun* pa y oenpnis, corporations, the cities of Baltimore. Dallas, Phoenix and St. By i0fo private beifeflte MM edua, w m , Louis i andnine;stat?su:california. Georgia. Maryland. Mich- but 311 per cent of talfifW, tffoKi igan. Mississippi, Minnesota. New York, Virginia attd \tacon- „,, „,, ta . , , , " ; u t sin. 6 „ But this gain In item-pay forms of cotntien^tfon „„_,.„, The study covered retirement, life and health inWance 7*^ lnto a *5 col *nt m*h thlVgOVernmerit piHddicalty |ur holidays and sick and annual leave programs , ' Vfey | d P rt ^ a ^ pay rj*t«S totdelferirUhe Wflat Size t^es M^re When the "comparability principle" was enacted, benefits " 6Wled to ^ alrttaln cojjtp|rwiljty. ' - • paid private sector employes were worth 24.5 per cent of ba- . Benefit expenditures, Miidh amounted to ni him™ ln 107^ sic pay, but those in the federal sector were" only 23.8 per cent- at present rates of^wWi^rffi fftffi of pay. But a survey in 1970 showed federal benefit^ exceeded the report said -' T ' eight ^1"' COPYRIGHT < 1975 By Eagle Stores All Rights Reserved. Eagle Bonded Meats give you more! If price per pound was ill you had to look for, it would be easy to judge where you get the most for your meat dollar. 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