The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE^ HUTCHINSON^NEWS I'ubllnhad lsnliy V.» Thn News Company, W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. E6TABU3HBO 1B72. Hntorod at the P OA lor fire In Ilutchln- kon, Kannaf*. for lr« nsii.tsiiion through U IQ mnllfl na necond-claw* matter. T/i LEPHONE NO. S. Private I ranch Rxchiuipr:; when operator uiiBwcru, give iiOfviou or di -paiUncut Wanted. TF.RM3 OF 6UBSC^IPT10r4l Py muli, oiif? ye*r By mall, nix months .. By mail, three m^nilia By mail, ime month THE HUTCHINSON IS"EWS. By cunior In Hulehlnson, per trftek .10 \St-'kly News, oim year ,"Q MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MEMDER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMDER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated 1 ° ir tixcluBlvely entitled to (ho unn for republication of all newp cic-dlted to It or not otherwise ei-ert- Itftd in this pap*r, add also tile local Down pnl):l.ilKd herein. All rights of republication of special dispatches herein Are also reserved. world, except for the Grand Canal of China, which WMMntllt ft thousand years ago. !t la provided with doctrinal equipment nnrf |5 llgbled at night by electricity, Itud Is provided with docks and elevators find tor- mlnnls EO that freight shipments aro handled expeditiously and economically. Out here In tha West wo probably never think much of the, Eric Cmial • ";'{.'oo ' na 11 ' ac- tor in transportation, hut it 'sol ( ' 1 ' rtn!ll, 5' ,a . R n<J ' B Setting greater all 101 Iho time. The Sidllnyer Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. f Abe Martin -J Telephone 31. NO. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. THE OUTLAWS. * In piisous pestilintlal the con- * vi> Is work away; for punishment's! * esanijal, tie- I':ir famed statutes * s,'y, (he f'oiicbii'Wt .and the shunt- * er. Ilio swindler and the looter * find law a drastic tutor, witldn * 11 1itt prison may. The convicts in * tledr c^tge.* like tired h> S * Mure, or walk in f'ltlli' rug'-s "f * silently they Hwtar; whi-u th<\v * obey tl'i.* orders of si -ntiiu Is and * • wie'deiis Ibey ibink they've reach. * ed the bordi r.s o: tlnalicyei, des- * ' piilr. Sone- people seal mental • say prison:- 1 are a eriaie; It isn't * ' w i.e or ye'l'ile to make the boys • ' servo lime; w 'n .'U ...filcers have * 1 !;e<-d tliciu we oiiiiiit to try to hud * ' Ui'-m lo noirow paths and. :e •.'. * ' then) on piecipls 11,0 ,1 t'lihl ime. * to The barge canal was not finished until Just before the World War. Its commercial opportunities aro now being developed. There aro arguments buck ami forth as to whether the proposed St. Lawrence C<tnal would ha better than the Erie Canal. Until .1 had read recently of the facts about the Erie Cahal, I had suposod it was a small and little used memory of an old time. Hut I find It to bo pronounced by a number of engineers, to bo superior to any proposed rouln on the St. Lawrence. They say It will bo shorter, easier to use, and as it \s entirely in the Vntted States, would bo tailijeot to our rcfmiatious of elian;:es, and that the transfer of freight from the bar^'e to ship would not be us expensive ns'too s!ow- navigation of an ocean ve^id for the long distance tvhioh the ship! would nerensltate. This Is an argument conremins: which we aro uoing to hear u good deal in the next few years, us the advocates of the ship c.anrtl In Canada are ur^lns'that tho MuiK-d States pay alt least half the cos; of that project. • . • Those who havs been In Europe and who aro familiar with European con dltions, realize the actual etticiency | of canals. It is Possible to go to j nearly any part of France, without gef- i t;r.^ nut of the boat. Bi : 7 barges nnd ilt^e lu:;s talte the productF: and man. Wo d>m't know who grabbed up th' pen Gov. Smith signed th' dry repeal bill with, but wo bat thar's n lot o' politicians that would llko t' havo his nerve. Next t' a fcileral InvBstlgatlon, liter hain't anything that comes t' nothln 1 a leasurely an' surely aa a na- titjn-widc search. which so many men get. There Is no Justification for that. It Is Just offeVetl to set the women folks thinking and to make them, more tolerant. It Is not ottered tor men their throotn, too. Artucklo etoad) with haad bowed. At last ho turned and walked toward tho Btago. H« almost stumbled orer BoniethlnR. A llttlo while-drossed girt it was—with yollcrsv bobbed hair and wistful fnco. No ono had over, told hor that ;Fatty' Arbuckle •was anything but a hero. Bo sho walked unsteadily toward him and put out her dimpled hands. In thorn she held eomo red flowers ami sho lifted her chin a little to look up at the biff, klud face that was turned to lcok at her." Wo can understand air.' Roscoo "Fatty's" emotion. Ho was thinking about hla de-ar wife. Wo can under, Btaind tho lumps that formed in tho throats of the people In his audience. Hero was a humble, democratic citizen—one of the great common people —who had been ruined by the selfish "Interests." But we'll bo blamed If we can understand blie cheering, ltos- coe "Fatty" isn't g-otng to give any more parties. He has done his entertaining. Tho rulu being that when tho people cheer they hclleve^the. hero Is going to "sot up" the cigars. We da not wish to knock Grove Park Inn, which says in Its prospectus that "Positively no dogs of any size, vulue, color or ugliness will be allowed" and that "tinewts who attempt to smuggle them In in vanity boxes or suitcases will be asked to vncate their rooms";,but It does seem to us that a resort hotel without dogs would be a stupid place. Tho idea being that, if there aro no dogs to play with, one would, perforce, be compelled to listen to the fol*k*s"to show""thoi"r" \vuli~ns oi easy 1 ™ ni ^><iou of the guests. "SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 use fur neiMiuUilgenc© la tho habit | of irritability. <s> <i' <?• <r <?' r i> -?> <i> 'V • <?> SECOND HAND THOUGHTS. <$> - . At . i'•! 11 ~ ilr.i'.v the curli;i «-'n - in*. I*-/ (li 'Mi -iLir; iiif.auw ;ii!c ; fcri.-iiJ - \vi* r .'.'t -'.l v.oi join in iii'-n : if at'-.. 1 Kiw jtbirli!;:;, trit k HI .[crittitii.;. •M-U-.UV' i:t» Uliilini;, wit)' lmh>H CMS ^ ( r. If w«.' ;ivo. hmifsi. i • r 11 1 * 1 r ^, " | P o: "[ *.»n tlu* oooan nut of whirh gues >n-.-<l lit shtisii and l"ak»-. w..: * , eonunprco to other couzH.ri» j a. •<l h.--t iJHuk tin? l»itt.»r!i tluil n i:: j.-il ::iiist l:\k>-', it wo JU«- <•> By J .R <v in the Philadelphia Public I.t-dger. vf,' • '4 s - 's. 'i- <» -i' -l & 'i <?' -t' •?> <?* • "If certuin t^onridontial informiition wf-i'u iuado public," writes Hartley & Co., dcaiors In lnvo^tmont securities, "Uio prliM? oT Uic -s'J shares would jump f ^eveiti 1 hundred f»er cent. Then you # ! t'n'. place qf K:I 1 O, and otten to the fnclures rrnm the point of origin to' «*onl-.l not. buy to such great advantage. ' Therefore?, we mw*t not divulge the nainv of the stock at this time. Keif- reswfitatives of the uompany aro now in Xc^w York comph'ttug deta.ila of u iiansiirtimi whereby stockholdory will and w nu :!i us Li;*, mi 1 urnk''\ to tht'fiiten r .ilV Wi­ lli' .•it \V'.' 1\' tho i ar*:'.i Unit • ;i in Wll the .]• i)!" r >.-u i- or tin- i.-1 *:' in. it wt- cb- ub.-tt. .-.nd toll.)v.- in .tin, if \v»* ant vmuhii intT ,i\ men, \v;-.':!y hat: : i.,r aii :it er' Litiiss thi* Lho n t:ht v.ijn, WALT M.VSON. ' i Germanv also has a (IIII:L I av«tr m. I * • in this era of high mil and the * | ilciit d'-::'.rability tint v, a.f.vs Khull nut * ! mine d .i >wn and lb::t viwv produets * ! ^liall in.Ji. be loo clir-nii, il is usKeinial f | i!i:i.t the c-.'-t of prmUn-tion, distribu- * 1 tien, nnd traur-pon::ii',:n, c .hi.iuld be les, i rt^ut .d by every uu-f lianical * j ihut fan hi: applied * . ,., ,., , , , JV . ... , ! pnifitn with Hadh-y .Cu, oiv a. fifty* :n: ? -n hUc-li.ood m cauabi m the Mid- ; miy h ^ ]f u a!>pri3t:laLoa llj0 , a . r , i U i ?s:i. but to Borne extent we will j coutf W e"U split ua the same b 'asla. rt.ceive a return of .MM) per cent." Live and let. live, would be WT mot to, if we had one. In iippreelation of the kimlrn'SJi of Hiidb-y & Co., in put ling us "hep" to tho... golronda, we make them this- vropoaition: I-et them e^irry for u» a thousand shares devi-e | of tliia mysterious Mock. It' it appreei- There \s nri ' id ! 0 P (1 r. t-ont, we'll divide our You don't have to he a genius. You wan become a great big man by simply heiug erflcient.-~Atelji.son Glube. Can you finis* this plcture7 Complete tho drawing by tracing from Figure one to two and so on to the end. Then use your crayons or watoreolprH and aoe how nicely you. e*t color it. St Paul Methodist Church. Sunday bchoo], ( j :45 ; wor^iiip 11; Sermon Subject, "Tho Twentieth Century L\s.odu^.'' Wu worth League 7:UU; preachittg. 4>:0i>. Sermon subject "The next Sunday evening on "Twice-Born Geutletnen." Music for the uveuing will he a comet solo, "The Holy City," 'With orchestral uevompunimeiiit Vy Kdw-artl Harper. "Melody ot Peace" Supreme Klement or True Greatness." j by the Sunday school orchestra -with Special nm^ic \,y tho choir at each J. II. Hinsliaw, Director. THE WATER ROUTE. Th.'* UKI* of wati-rwajri for low evsl J iran.-5porta!li'ii is very j^m-ru! in ?un\e count; but has not been r'.mtoinary Cnit<Hl SLate«. Now the:e lai P{lES over & tW ^8 ^hlch we i h. noflt by the cons-tnictlon of these j wat.-rways on part of th»^ rx>ute which jour shipments must take, going and ! coming. It Is very human that wc should in iho tall; of a thlp canal cumecting the Great Lalo-s and the St. I^iwreiu-e Itiver, and then u i>roJect to canuliie tlie upper pari of that stream so that ocean goiu^ ve.syeh-i may hall tin: St. l.-awrcm-e route into Lake Lrie and then to the western ports on tlie Great Lakes. Thin canal project would be ioeated in Canada, but the jilan ht fur the I'nlted States t<j join with our nei .Lhbor on U JU nor'Ji in building the v. aterwai ?. It in a !;Jg L-rbeme but not iwj.o .HaJ- hl-e. It Id not n*'ar as largo a proposition as wan the diguing of the Kriu Canal from Uuffalo on Lake Lrie to Troy on the HmisL^i a hundred yvii;.-i ag". ha on account of the vision of better things which aro promised. The Krie Canal is already built and Is now at work. In the next few years the new barKO will produce results upon which we can establish fnets and not depend upon estimate;'. «r i i -inearns, W. Y. MO KG AN. However, Hartley & Co., can do much beitHr. If they're as cl«ver aa we b;ditrve them to be, they will assume the eixko itf.suy of stoul; antl take all the profits. That's what we slumhl do; it's what any smart business man wuuld do. p <*' «' tV_<»- •;• -v *f> y <«. ... iHE 1 R P .ITABLE MAN'S WIFE. By Kuth Cauieron, "You Bay," writes J. H. A., "that Gerrnany's note leaves you unperturbed. And the cuiumn'i-;. note that Germany's note leaves the column unperturbed in all likelihood leaves Germany un;H:rturbet.l. Bo, everything is all square, is it not?'' We. are not so sure the mateh is all nqnaro. We have had teverul laughs ter\ ice. The orchestra will -i>Iay at nitiht. l.'oth sermons bv Uie pahiior. Samuel W. Keller. United Presbyterian Church. •Elm and Sixth, XV. C. Davidson, pus- tor. Communion services and reception of new members at 1.1. Hiblc school at 9:45. Trustee* mn'! at 6 First Evangelical Church, Tenth and j>r.ferson. M. J. Steinmetz, pastor, "II Kteveu;h west. Sunday school meeting at 13:45 with O I UHH- es for all. Sermon at 11 si. ui. Sab- jeci "The Challenge of the Age." d'un- for League meeting at GllQ. Intermediate and Senior's meeting at V Meetings for young people and | I»- «>• Worship at S. Theme of ser- Dollars in appearance —a few cents in cost T HE hall table, the kitchen floor, the porch furniture, the radiators, the kiddy's.favor­ ite chair—so many things around the house need the freshness and beauty that paint or varnish brings. Tell us, what they are. We have just the tiu Pont paint or varnish product that will do the job best at least expense. BOSSEMEYER & RYDE • Paints and Wall Paper "The Better Kind" Phone 46 308 N. Main compMm imn or ' I da Pant Parnla and Vami »hmM w th« finmatfor cveiy pvrpote* Needs." tlood music and good fellowship. • Congregational Church. Bleven'h and Walnut. Sunday school under direction O. M. Davis at 9:45. Church, service- at eleven o'- cloc. Subject of sermon, "Righteousness ExattetU a Nation." Dr. Stephen Uutcher. minister. No evening services .during July and August. -1'. ' •)*.! . -T- RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA FE. Westbound Trains. . Arrivo* children at 7. Prcnchlna at S. Meet in? of office;:' and U-.icbors of the Itlbie 'school Monday evening at tlie church. Church of the Brethren. . Corner lOlght.h and Ford Streets. Suuday school l j:45 a*, m. A patriotic protrniin -will be ^iven at 11 a. m. by the irtimiay .school. C. W. nieetinx,'- at 7 p. in., ovenlne worship at a p. rn. Prayer meeting Wt-dnesttay evening In charge of John Studebaker, Come worship with us." B. il. Wenjjer, pastor. uion. "Tha H.vord of the Lord and of Oideon," l-'rayer mooting Wtduen- duy night at s p. m. Church of the Nazarene. 211 Must Fourth street.'' Sunday school 9:15 a. m. Preaching by tho new pastor, Rev. Frank Hugh at 11 a. m.aud b p. in. Vouni; peoples'.,Society 7 p. m. Midweek prayer meett- iug Wednesday H \>. m. East Hutchinson Evangelical r Mission. Tfi'.rd end Chemical Streets. 100 a. tn. Sundsy sehool; It a. in. Preaching service by Hro. U. I : '. Wllkeraon, First Church of Chrlst,..Sclentlst. Services are held in e/mirch edifice,! subject. "WulkitiK With Clod." 7:30 corner of Main nnd Fourteenth Sts..! m - H - Ij - C. E. 8: CD p. rn. preaching Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clocK.! """'Ice by Hro. Nichols, Subject, Subject: ''('hrii'.ian Science." Sunday "Christian Brotherhood. Prayer meot- it Gerniiiiiy's expense. It is ;l matter j school nt held at S:30 a. m. The AVwi-' ln S Wednesday 7:30 p. m. at the ,>f grave doubt whether the column nesday eveninfr testimonial service Is I church, led by Mrs. Millard. A cor- of err j lias ever performed a similar service : for Germany. -V ^ •r' i 5' f v <v Yesterday I tr.atlo soma remarks on the inllable man and the unliappincss ho causes in his family. For today 1 promised to say soiuo- Aiu! that Erie Canal has been a lart:e fac:or in the transportation l.'UHluess, larger even than inert o: u.i Imagine. Kovv no vvouid bnvu modern engineering and niod'.-ru i-h.c!rlcal cttiulpmei.t and nioderu dr^.-dyes anil dieclu^ miielunen. A )iundr<'d j'eiirs tho engineers had Jlttiu e.vperj •aco witli which to stun, and the v.ur!'. of tlie c.uitr.icier Hat doue with pick and u.\o and *pade. The urU'ina! canal was three hundred thirty-five miles long. It was built by the iitato of Sow York and cost seven million dollars, a very larKe sum In those day., it paid for itself lit a few year:) by the. charging j ity ot lolls for tlu A, R. W. Goes Gadding Again. Sir—About twenty milev west of Zanesvllie, O., on the National Road, Is .lacktown. The motorist who slows up for the cro.-.?iroads at that place is wise, for it Is, to my way of thinking, , the mo,! dangerous "four corners" thing about tho wife of an irritable | j vom oco eial of this wonderful road husband. | to the other. The motorist who stops If the feminine readers are expect-j for.ft half hour in the town, or, better int- another dose of sympathy such «. f. 11 "' ff? f " iffI,t a . 1 Ulfi cle:in ' c ° o1 1 fre -e tie,m vesterd'uy, 1 am afraid , ]n \ lv ^ , they will be disappointed. Jacl,t:,w.i is a "hiek tovy.i of he. This tlmo I am going to svmpathize pur^t type. The unusual kb-k in the -to a degroe-with the hnsband. (>"»"•'? »>rew. however, Is tho ceaseless For I think sotno women trtake too! , hrub of l^ 83 '?? .motorcars fon> every much fuss over tho ocoa-slonal nerv- otu outbursts ot an overworked, nervously ovtmirlvcp husband. Modern business llto puts n tro- mendoiis strain- on tho individual. Thai seated on the long bench by the hotel. fenr ot not boing able to keep In comfort, thoso who look to hhn so confidently for comfort, tha constant hamuli:;? terror that tho Iran behind him is Running for his job, the fear of not being abla to lay nuldo for old nge, tho dread of Illness and Incaptic- ill are daytlmo nightmares that Slate in tho Union. Tho mixture Is dramatic. Remembering your interest in the ball: of tho great common people, 1, listened .In on the group He had s'«mc blackberry .wine and some blueberry wine"—"I telfyou this corn whisky will ruin our country'"— "Seven out ot ten homes In Newark have a stock of home-made wine." And so it went for art hour. Then a carload of young men and women went by on the crossroad at who used the canal, j sUilk forever In tho hark of many a! t»\\ speed. "There goes another load , n|v !o „,. f ,.„t j man's brain and often crowd thelrji° ; ' Thorn Creek. I tell you there's deep and the eunal boats were not vol*, huge. There were no railroads, and the lucio Ouail, uud that waj tho name which was soon given to the Ions diich, was the chief artery of commerce between .Nov,' York and thu "West for at least t.vtmty or thirty years. Then the canai was enlarged f.nd continued its service both as a carrier of freight and passengers and a3 a comyel'.tor to tho railroads, forcing them to hold down their transportation charges. « # « When Colonel Roosevelt was governor of N'e-.v York, he appointed a coni- inis.sieii to eoa'dder the best plan for the coti.'ilj-uetlon of a larger waterway, and acting on the ropoi 'l of that coiu- m!s.-:''jn, tho pcoeio of tho statu of .N'e.v Y'ork voted fur the couslructlon of a large barge canal, ami now ba:-f'.e.i with a cauacUy of twenty-eight hundred tons wo used on tho route. Toils wuro abolished long ago and tin, canal Is now tras for tho uae of uny transportation company which do- Blrr-u to operate, This cunai Is tho largest in the People mined recent haiip--n,ings of tho countryside) •thereabouts, that would make a big city police spludlc read like a bcdt&ne Etory. There had been a hard rain down the road a piec.B and a newcomer ffavo the latest news about It. Titon the party broke up and went to bod. Arid thuCs what ono group of the American people talked about <Si Saturday evening, Jnno 23, 1923. A. R. W. i man 's brain ami often crowd their j i'° : ' T!lH ™ Cr "'' y - vvav iut.o the. iom'rom. | be.' " mart 1 , yen; More men over 40 commit suicide! Thorn Creek—" than women. And their reason is gen- 1 T "™ ' or «• half hour there were un- erally business troubles or the fcarl folded tales of crlmo and Immorality, of ihenL Sometimes tho outbursta of Irritability comes from an almost Intolerable stale of raUi 'd caused by tliooe fears. Wlien this Is truo, B wife surely should bo willln;: to think of the nus- bynd as sick rather tha-i shining, antl. Instead of resenting such an outburst and milting a quarrel of it, should \ ne : It over as quietly as possibb-. Tho wife who.will do tills earns hi r husband's gratitude. (And BOiuetimes she go 's lt.l Then thern are times when n man j Wu should show a lack of fidelity to lushes out at his wlfo when he has; tho unimportant did we fail to reprint soma grounds for his 1rrtta.bllity.lut lead a part of Variety's story con- Whr-n sho is spending money tuiwtso-i centing the return of itoscoo "Fatty" ly. when she isn't enrrying her fair! Arbuckle, which ovent occurred in share of tho partnenililp, le earolosa Chicago on a. rtoont date. It is Inter- about mn'' lit£ the homo es comfort-! eating In the connection that the nolo ns possible, and tho food nour- 1 newupaper:! estlir,i.fed the number of luhlntr. 1 know & woman who nayn | morons present at 8000. her husband Is always finding fanlt. lint there is no question that she is always supplying fault* for him to find. I think h3 might make his manner of pointing out defects a Httls jilcnsnnfer. }lo wouht doubtless ffat more out of It If ho did. Novertholesa ono orm sympaUilzo, with him. aa well as vflth. Uw, This in <h» nxao** e!do of «. It isn't stvaa to JmptiftoatJon otthw liahlt of nncontrolled •irritability Into Of the episode, Variety says: "Men called lilm 'Roixioo' that never sow him anywhere but In tho films ho left lit saduosB. Arbuckle said not a word. His two bbj flats clenched and unclenched. Where tho lights caught thorn, totu'a rolled down his cheeks. 'I oait,' be gasped 1 "I oau't say anything/ TJtere wer« mtnutea and minutes of tha oaeormg, py that tlins people Trere Ohoklnff & little ift at S o'clock. The public it tordial'ly invited. Tb.e public reading rooat maintained by this church is In Itoam 620 IlorabauphWiley Rldg.. and Is open every week day from 11a. in. to 5 p. in. The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. 618 JE. 3rd St. Sunday School 10: Ui a. m. Sacrament services 11:30 a. in. Tearher's Training class 0:30 p. m. Preaching service 7:30 p. m. Midweek prayer service at home of Sr. Carl, 10 mi. west on Sylvia road. Woman's Dvp't. meets Tihura, 2:30 •p. in. at the home of Sr. Mhor, lrt K. F St. Choir practice at homo of It. J, Wildey, 1305 N. Monroe, on Thursday evening. K(>!lg!o Fri. eve. at church. 11, J. Wildey, pastor. Pilgrim Holiness Church. Corner east Bth St. and Palter avenue. Sunday school 9:4!i u. m. preaching service 11 a. in. evening worship beginning at 7:30 p. in. Cottage pray- er-nteotlng Tuesday evening at the. home of Mr. and 'Mrs. Millard, 1630 Bast 4th St., 7:15. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at the church, 7:46. Everyone is welcome to attend these services. Rev. II. L. Solter, pastor. The Church of God "The llttlo chapel with tho big wel- •como." Chapel Fourth and Poplar. dial invitation extended to all. First Christian Church. Harvey tinker Smith, minister. 9:30 program of patriotism in__song and emblem. Flag honors. Graded classes in Iteligious 'Education." 11:00 Sewnnn, "America, tho Church and Christian Patriotism." 7:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor. S:o0 Sermon, "Young Llfo and Our Country's No. S—Tin- Navnjo . <-~('alir. Mmlt.-il C—Chlc-tiso Kx. . 8—Santa Fn ••»•• 10—Tlif- Hcunl ... lug of Liberty." Mrs. .Muslaiu is our ] ra'a. '.' roloist. A. cordial welcome awaits -I'liyscnrt'-r 62 l.ora: . 60-11. & S. l'ass. First Universaiist Church. Sunday school til ittl.T'a. in. mum- Ing worship at 11 ti. in. Patriotic, sermon by the pastor. Topic, '•The Hli>? all. No. l—Tho KeOMt S-Callf. I.tmllei! , C- -Colo. Kxpruns 7 -J-'arKO flxprrss 0—Tlie Nuviiju . .. 11—Cub). Fust Moll 6i>—Local Pas.s. . . 61 -Iaic-dl I'nas. tex, 6V— l 'UK'-piiKi r *9 --H. S. fin, (S,..dM Eastbound Trains. Ainv'* Pnpart* - :il.'. pm 'i:3,'> pro J :&0 8:60 pm 11:39 am 11:10 am 11:-."' pm 11 :::n pm ^ am '.i-.^f, am U ::t;'- am K:t0 ain Departs fe-fS -,inl . pm 3..'I5 pm ,":3f pm ii: Je pm 5 ,:,\l pm 4:1^ pfn 4CJU pm 4:4 J iim 4:.'>'l am U:^:, are .1:011 am 4:-to pm 4;:,u vim .) lelll aru S :J O am il:liO am y :0tj am . . 1 -: :•:, mn 1:05 pm . .111:111 pm 10:20 tira .. 3:te pm es. aun. . . 2:20 pm Evangelical Lutheran Church cf Our Redeemer (Missouri Synod). John C. Kal.-oi:, Pastor. C-hurch and parsonage, '1116 North Elm street. Sunday school promptly at 11:00 a. m. Morning worship at It a. m. Kvenlng Ulblo Study hour at 8:00 p. m. Subject: "Thu Fall of .Man." Everybody welcome. Irwin Memorial Presbyterian Church. Corner Fifth and Severance. W. Steole, minister. Sunday school 9:45 a. ni. quarterly communhm service at 11 a. m. All members espeelully tirged to be present. Junior C. Ji 4 p. m. Senior O. K. 7 p. m. Public worship S p m. Theme, "Patriotism." Pntyer meeting Wednesday 8 p. m. Ladles Cirelo Thursday 2 p. m. "After the Ball" Dawson City: At midnight, In Daw- eon City, Y'ukon Territory, as the celebration of Empire, .Day was at Its ROCK ISLAND. CasCbound. No. -Arrive LfAvo 4—Golden Stnto I.tir.. 11:0') am naioam 212 —Lot al Tans X::',0 am \:bi> am 2—Tliu Callfuriiian ..H):o5pnl 10:1.5 pro **' 80—Local freight 12UE pra Wesiuound. No. Arrive Leave l~Tbe Cnlirornlan ., 6:lltnn\ 6:16 ant S—Coltleli State t^lm.. 3:40 pm 3:10 pm HI—l .tM -al I'iisfl 6:20 pm 6:30 pm 81— Loea - . Freight 1:40 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound. 433— r *aKsanff «r 413 — r 'aSHi -Iifrer , 4'15-- !,<-,t :a] l-'roi ^ht 411— Passenger Eastbounu. 412 —Passenger 414—I 'u-StM'iui^r 434 —I'itBS.aiK-r ISu-- Local Frfight Departs . . Fe ! 7 am • . 0:34 pm • . 1:15 pm . .11:00 pm Df parts .. 5-4 1 am .. 10:43 am .. 3:50 pm ..10:00 am ArtK *.NSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. t.ncn- 1 ,, Local .. Limited height, tidings were brought to tha I L'«'iil dance hulls and gambling places of • iiJai ~' - - .. . . .. Limited* Local .. Limited Local Local Ldcal the discovery of a silver !e»lge at Happy Creek, forty miles south of the Yukon. Immediately tho rush began and soon the waterways leading to Happy Creek -were filled with row-' boats, canoes and launches carrying eager prospectors. i Depart .. 6:30 am .. 7:45 am .. 3:15 am . .10:15 am . .12:00 n'u .. 1:05 pm .. 2:15 pm . . 3:15 pm .. 4:15 pm .. 5:15 pm .. 8:25 pm .11:40 pm I-ocal .,. Wal .. Limited I J O C.II! .. Limited Local .. Limited laica! .. Limited Local .. Local .. Local Arrive S:35 am 10:05 am 11:15 am 12:3iTpm l';0O pm 3:25 pin- 4:12 r> m 5:35 pm 6:12 pm 8:15 pro 10:35 pm . 1:40 am All liaiUB are Dally Trains unit"" arii ; iic.ueh trains between Hutchinson ana Wichita, and all train., make direct connection at \ an Arudalu for Newton, Kan. PLANES DROP DESTRUCTION ON BOLL WEEVIL The aravy air eervleo is doing much to aid in tlie, fight on the dreaded boil weevil, which annually destroys millions in cotton crops throughout tho south. Airplanes equipped with, spc- lal apparatus for discharging a poison-l ous dust fly at a low level over tho cotton fields. The duet, specially prepared, is poisonous "to the ioll weevil hut in no way harms the cotton plant Itself. Settling low ov«r tho ground, tho dust exterminates tho tveaTil. Tho process Is being perfected by the army planes near Tallulah, La. The planes aro equipped with air suction hoppers which dlschargo the . . .... . .. r , pest eradicating powder. The fine Blblo school «:« a. tn. Missionary i Bpray -settles over the cotton plants rally day. The pastor will speak at „„,„,.,, _ , ~ ,„ ,. - - ' and onto the ground. ,• Ono plane ia able to spray a groat acreage daily. the forenoon and evening services. Morning theme, "Law and Grace." Young People's Assembly, 6:30 i>. ni. Mid-week prayer and praise service •Wednesday 8 p. m. Cottage meeting Friday 8 p. rn. with Mr. and Mrs. Hogan, at the Koloka dairy. Elder C. S. ilcAllster. The Calvary United Brethren Church. BOO Ave. A west, 0. p. Garloek. minister. Blblo school !):4;6 a. m. Classen for all a.?e«. Sermon 1] a. in. subject, "Humanity tiod'a Quarry." . Junior 2:30 p. in.; Intermediate 7 v .tu.; Senior C. B, 7 p. m.; Alumni 0. E. 7 p. m. preaching 8 p. m. choir practice Tuesday 8 p. in. Prayer uioeting- 8 j>, JU, Ladles Aid Thursday 2 p."nr. First Methodist Church. Cornor of First and Walnut, 'Rev, Jl, L. George, pas'tor. Sunday BC A OO I at 9:30. Morning eenrlce at 11:00, Preaching R e T ' A - B- Henry. Buh- joct, "Harvest Home." fcuet, "l^ai Kindly Light," J>y Wlsa Berntce Pat- ford and Mr.'W. M. KlrkhuU. worth and High Sahoot J ^asroQ^ 7:00. Evening aervlM ut fclwii The southern planters believe tho new system will do much to reduce toe boll *eovll evil. iW. ri9*t»P of riiMiJ. ttlfowliis annaralus for spraying polsonou* duht evti .uituii lit kin. iwUw ui^i «*>

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