The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Page 4
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TOEBMMMPORT FACTO Thfs lady says her home /s not a 'house' ByRABSCOROVKSMS fttm't Jell Mrs, IMtn Bolter abwit rumor; she ctwW writ* a bunk on it. Sw's **«Hhy, attractive and liws (n « plush hwtw with itMUkulously landscape grounds surrounding it on Highway 3S3 w« of Lake Jackson. ftit circumstances have also cmtcd a somewhat bitter, cbillusioncd and exaspcrnttd w\iman who has kept sttent fer over thrw years white rumor, lik* a fanned fire, has flamed up around her, "Hickory, passion by word of mouth and heard in some faun or fashion by many in the area. Is that the palatial home is not a residence at all. but a house of prostitution As Mr*. Boiler explains it. she chose to endure the minor tftoHly. thinking it would subside Berates* erf «n-* also woJated herself from the community, cscep* for a few- ckw* friendships she has formed since moving lo the area in I9KS and inio the home she bought in Sie now admits the withdrawal frum society and not Retting into the mainstream of social and civic everts probably hurt her and gave more thrust to the rumor Mrs. Boiler is speaking ow publicly no* for two reasons. First, she wants to pu« a stop to what she terms "a night- mane. . .a vicious attack on my home and name , .a rianor that is so widespread that when t go into a local store pwple drawawny like I have leprosy." I< also has forced h*r into having her phone number unlisted Her wcwnd reason for speaking out is that sh* had dream. now damaged and battered, of putting her resources to wtrk and using her large home for chant able causes and social entertaining "I really enjoy people, but I got so disgusted with all thb rumor that I jusi literally dosed my home. It's i*«i a tragedy-." she sahl. "I guess I decided finally to say something publicly. thinking that trujh would overcome untruth The rumor "i* lake. b« si ill it continues, and tt has caused m« much humiliation," Mrs Bolter said. Although her house is large by average standards, she says the idea that her Itwme was a houw ol ill repute spread even m<*f when she decided 10 build a wing additkn The addition has never be«i compj«ed Her tnital tit ~——• - VB^PB W«BV««MI UM Our Loy-o-woy ,,„ 'Summer Ptoywwir and Swimwcar Jtat-L - MT - MX-T S*c Our Maternity Wear Tops P»nh Swim wear Un«eri« Host GHt Certificate in eonMructing it was to use it for hoMing parties and as a place where large civic group* ctxikl hold meetings «r fuml-raisiog project* "After the rumor kept up. plus havti* problem* g«itin* the construction compiled. I jmt |« it go and never finished it," she said All the while. Mrs Boiler said men cwiiinu* to drive up, ring the Hour bell, pull ow money .Alltd wallets ami *atk "to get a (!irt " Incidents oJ men coming to her ilwor re-oet-ur every itt month* or so "Kwn though it has happened «o much. I'm still always shocked each time it occur*. Now | aiuwvr the dow with a pistol b^md mr \ a *k the mm «» \ht pwrcto )<** who .win them and then ask for identif K-athm 1 don'l like it. Uit I have had to hold a gun on ih«i< while vailing the sheriffs o«ice or r,(iarby law en/orcwncrti aiuhttrtlf*. " Mrs IMter WKl Only A few w**ks ago. Mm Bollrr MM in J»' TOW on faa*» imvlving two voting men who aikgttlt) odnte tu her honir Making *umm Sh# ptrssrtl coinplamu et ikwrtkrly tunduc t i»jgatreM them Uw plrd guilty ami wa.» ftn«! law The i><h*r. who tesM a )ur> irtal thai included w^m«n ]«•«•». *IHW with «MI to- ntxrent \rr\hct "StifiM' women oo that jury cam* up to me 4««w arxb and told me that they hadhrurd thai «isf> al*,44 my hunt* awl Ihat they r*all> Jnln't belwvw it, but >«y k.n«w how it gixrs 1 gwr« they were afraKltoiJOfKl up fur m« *t!h M INC naiKV n>mg around my head/ Mr-t B<>il« The ruitwr (h»t Mrs. Buikr Ur^iri ipr<ng(«j! up *orne thrw ) stan«3 on She one-»!ory wing the nvaiji hou»*. Mrs Ivlk-t "S(«»ieo«* surted th* ttanor . additxxi. *hm alt tl really b 4 W by V) Urgv rutwn *Hh kitchen factttttn that 1 h*d ftcpol !•.< h,4v«i^ bvwiU IIM» cfmjns. twtxvunk partiw cr r\ns putt tw at ow*tin«». U wwiW Md abm« ICO fxupjr antj 1 *4/ifrU »h* .,$»*.•* tu p« many o< my pi»»<!«a>n atid (urpt*«t<i |>.t exirt nuntd ii>wn hrrr from Sfw north." .ihc M»t Vinnitig ihc addjttotj. all itat n »s;«.tst«> ts a« un}a>«ftttj larse rwm. t»w u^tU to sturif turmturv. vrasetl jiKt a »jfwty of rtrttl'tcwl ffcwvr irrj!!«rmrt)t AA for ih«- main hwwr t!.wr«. il a 4 fur Nnfruum U«r of i«htch arr uprtlairs l)niy ,x» « majj**i*mi S"«! ru.-im. Aixtfhrr wn'l d«vofa!«j yrt Tiw shift) » wjlh Oirutma.* tkcoralwna, a jet «p «"*m( rsjffca irunin; N^rU. jraj the fourth (UM ws'.h (jartajto> aaut kx tn-jt't. on her Uvurtlr ht*6y. hum* «a« a "tt* Uub" to ih* i»rth tnd oi it wa» * .t>b«lrajo» is or »>: »n»f!jn. (Ait i f J S *vtiM!T«ll ';«•« «)*(:<» tjn-uvsw' ! .'fir-i.^fi.' (*:» ; j->,( ni,'!,j'j f,,t .jK-irlt in '.h.'iyw ptlJowj.. »he piian to fljre m Eh* w* •»»!«. tfcc hivpn tu get uwi*T cot»«rvji:«u.-in ift»io in UJK- I»K "I'll liie !o hjvv u cnmpf«-f(?cf b> tprtfiiK «> itu* tht rwjm could fc* u.«d fnr lororthlag Ulf an antr twfiujn w<v*t w<-nf wi ^J.i Jjvmii. IXy. >ou know, wfw-r* r»rr>«<M tirtsies to owBumrs u< b) g»w tt4>"»," »h* usj "I i!»i4i't imoisl 10 com* h*fr 4M ^j Bethai* I'm nm V;.i*i;.;-V JW-i.-f «s l ^niv; • .S-;:;J Si SW '.> it-- J..;>t fvrf »>(.» »ij." ;:•:« | ,.^ 1 . : . •*fc,j"*-»<--f -;*,<• -vr-<:i> Mr: £>i:i:'.rr .it -i>'v ?•,:.». .,,, PARTICIPATING MERCHANTS DAYS ."j(! JscnptV >n w»T«: 'MJJ ar '-'i.-i:-^ st:tr.*i?u;"ti ! >r '.*.tc ,'A.i;r--.'"* Vlr'S el»!i.!*cr Jl-it^^ t !-.«.•( rU ^..^f *h;>: ^.-on^ u? r;;:ni:ii 'Aifx- jw j.s j <^^,T«t» .;*!- ••:.:• if-r i. i,i-.-, ; ;:> i ,.«...-,«•;••. ,,r s j,v :.j--i4;r: <I-T...-.JC '.i ,.•..- fir A :*,«i>«)i-> ,\j.; tM*4«*J-^:i 61 W.-'t S,! (•«.-£ Jifditr .;; !;iwjfi'..Jt *'tri» fUiJ t t".;):,-. {.jr'Jlfn rl'J-'j tfl* '-MK.f '.fl^ JflO'jri; >.;• fft.f jtf i',ii!Jil.l'r J'V-.l ',-:- ,£•«( hrrv rfl;/ F.:,,ti-rr t J!«-l;j:lv *,>») !i i-c,J ^! f f f.-,xtoFT . •:• J( ».*„.» ~:,f Jr«f.J|;, T ' :,-- :,;,; ., !..,.,.,.„ ..^ ,. .,_,.„. ,..,,.,.„,, tff: ');»<!.,-!• -M,..; r»-.r *1-ri"«t!i:«r #,- ;,»,.) -n-. ,.,.'); - :K1 . : ,' ..-.,, ,, r , : ,,>,.,;,« f.illlJt '4.18s Jl.l < 11 arf.l'lsf v^.rl'If 1 :!• .,; ,11; .1^.! ; J !%M . .• -,,. : . v JI'.J it: « £,!:;,;*<! ,;n <-«. f,, » „. - it; f,,j - f, K ',,,,j ; -,«,,-;,,,. • . ,r. i( ..., , t'l-11 .1- ,l>,r!.«.|f V.lft <%« <.;;.l'{ T ,f St.:,", .. Jt j' . .-,-i.U.t .»,. TUESDAY A WEDNESDAY Your Brazosport Merchants Know everyone loves a BARGAIN! So the 1st Tuesday & Wednesday of each month is Brazosport Bargain Days Should operators leave post ? >'nKT SMfTlt. Co tf* th«ir at* IS fart i *a»i pr«: Itc rarumi MUSIC %** HUIT MUSIC «t mm mm MUMS 41" FIRESTONE SAVE 20% ON SFOBISNtAft MO ORtSSES SELMANS 2 MYS TUESDAY AND WIONESMy ONLY VUML IB 75% u>>< **^ DAY TMU WTOMU Hfi. mam mat u H rua Skorri's 01 HU S* Rack ma JEMA'S SHOT MAZOSPORT SARGAJN MYS! MTHIK6 CAfS 30%- 2 BIG DAYS CARPET REMNANTS 50* & »1 AM/TM STEKO rm friNU inua TIM rum M Look & usttii SHOP BASCBAU GLOVES 20% sratmuE IRC. Off waun Mill MATCH 11% i.W% •f I* —-.XU. BfockniRi ASSORTtO UNCIRIi Ail SWIMSUITS Stft JAIIBW Atecfjj n*» il ii :'Ulllnil-|(l.i.|,!' I • MAIOVCW1 t >*JTI ' SCULPTURED FINGERNAILS For information call UnAo at E*oury Shop 297-2211 • I ( HHI ! 1 1'l I i-|1 ' .1 J'.l W-fll H'J'l Wl'J'. oi Friedrich SHOP BRAZOSPORT FIRST MOOflN STRATO- LOUNGER *99 on M iti fOITIIt OR 01 CMMUtt HIM CNMB — UMC NDtl — (MhttSb* r«4iw» *Ui be Ui« rvrr><ilirrr tt»t« BRAZDSPORT Itc «.»»l '. yt *v-4a*.ioo,» niNi> in j! in Kb 8 ft* »»• ;}* Ift* isffl';.*^ r,( m t Room Air Conditioners cm savo you dollars on your eloctric Mill TODAY ^ fat ear lud«44i>.Wb*4 mnu to >«« u « «w*«<urr? fl M1LKHT OOMirS I»M><M»*( FREON •"IT 66* KHITES Kwtn Air (uoditt«i»f» k»«r a bw« »»a MM rttwtxiua («r tixtgy tenter tallon, bigh clticlnxt. and U,r a*mr KrU*kh ami t»t>»4 il rtjodi for t* (»JnlnK mere at* owner* Uiwi r«rr (Blurt, cfnMHDji ol vpcraileft pr««td«4 bj (lUi line of Fritrfrfc* Kwwi Al» 1'oMilUwrrit Mill CM.) JOB ijaJfkrr *M) tbMprr!!! KrkdrUb MU* nwf* LOOK TO FltlCDItlCMwM §1 KKB raHfli *|L« * ««, W «»'« »•*'« WILL SHOW MOV WHAT TO LOOM KW...AMJ .MOST IMPOHTANT WHY. WE WKU'OMK YOUR INqUIHY. WEDNESDAY IHURRY ONLY 2 DAYS edrich it's put together better! r««f»rt III 41111 Ulif ft? lOf !

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