The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 2, 1966 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1966
Page 8
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Wednesday, March 2, 1966 MR. ABERNATHY •y Frank Ridgcwoy and Rabton (Bud)Jones 3- I'A X HAVEYOO FIREDH FCOSSiE.' VtJUR CSCRETARIAL WORK IS THE SLOPPIEST; MOST INCOMPETENT TV&EVER SEEN' SOMEHOW I DONY THiKlKSHE TAKES MY THREATS TOO SeRIOUSC/. CHIEF By Joe Dawley I've GOT HIM NOW/ J 1 CAN TASTE THE BUFFALO , NUBBIN By Jim Burner & George CrandaH LITTLE HENRY By Carl Anderson I HAVE HENRY'S BHTTHC^V PRESENT FOR NEXT. TUESDAY ' MAKE SURE \tXJ HIDE fT IN A PLACE WHERE HE WILL NEVER THINK OF LOOKIN& J SETTLE BAILEY By Mort Walker DONT CALL ME MOTHER.' STOP DB3PPINC3 AShiES AROUNlD HOW MANY TW.=S ARE you TO CUST THAT FLCO2. YOU GOWMA DUST THAT OH, I DOKtT KNOW—HOW GUI'S IM TVOS BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswell II / BALLS O'FIRE!! flUNT LOWEEZY'S CHOPPIN'WOOD I'LL RUN OUT VONDER AN' WAKE HER UP, UNK SNUFiV WAIT A SPELL, JUGHAID MAYBE SHE LL FETCH IN A ARMUOAD OF KINDL1N WOOD IN HER SLEEP!! By Mort Walker and Dik Browne HI AND LOiS I'M NOT "•' POSITIVE SAY SOMEONE > NICKED THE SIDE OF OUR NEW BUFFET? VOU DON'T k>JOW WHO DID IT? BUT I'M PRETTY SURE DITTO DID IT By Paul Norm BRICK BRADFORD I SHOUUP Be WITH >OLJ.... WORM A &EAB0.-BUT THIS \S THE RR5T TIME W£ PBUT CLEAN IN ASOUT THPEE TJMS- TOP DftifTS //v ffKCS /i :5 THE PA3&VGE&S MAfte TW£ i^fr- MUCH-H£EP£C> RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond THAT soes FOP YOUR V06, TOO... Tonight On Television WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6:30 O Virginian O Sports World OJ Lost In Space © Batman 7:00 O Today's Health © Patty Duke 7:30 O Arts USA ID Beverly Hillbillies © Blue Light 8:00 @ Bob Hope Theater O GRETA Report Q) Green Acres © Big Valley 8:30 O China — The Awakened Giant <D Dick Van Dyke 9:00 O I Spy fD Danny Kay* © Long Hot Summer 10:00^ News CD News fQ News 10:30 O Johnny Carson HI Movie ffl Far Awav Places 11:00 <B Theatre 13 12:00 e Merv Griffin 12:55 |B Conaway Comments THURSDAY MORNING March 3 6:10 O Sign On 6:15 Q Accounting 6:25QJ Sign On 6:28 © Sign On 6:30 OJ Sunrise Semester CD Cadet Don 7:00 O Today Q| Weather. Surfing, Fishing © Morning News 7:23 O Weather 7:30 O Today OT Morning Show © Cadet Doa 8:25 iO News 8:30 & Today UJ Captain Kangaroo © Kitty's Corner 9:00 O Eye Guess O! I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanae 9:25 O News 9:30 O Concentration O McCoys © Girl Talk 10:00 O Morning Star QJ Andy of Mayberry © Super Market Sweepstakes 10:30 & Paradise Bay CO Dick Van Dyke © Dating Game 11:00 ® Jeopardy QJ Love of Life © Donna Reed 11:25 |D News 11:30 O Let's Play Post Office QJ Search For Tomorrow © Father Knows Best 11:45 QJ Guilding Light 11:55 ,<G NBC News THURSDAT AFTERNOON 12:00 Q Midday with Ginny Pace (H News © Ben Casey 12:30 O Let's Make a Deal QJ As The World Turns 12:55 O News 1:00 O The Days of Our Lives QJ Password © Nurses 1:30 O Doctors QJ House Party © A Time For Us 1:55 © News With the Woman's Touch 2:00 & Another World CD To Tell The Truth © General Hospital 2:25 QJ News 2:30 0 You Don't Say QJ Edge of Night © Young Marrieds 3:00 O Match Game QJ Secret Storm © Never Too Young 3:25 •& News 3:30 O Marijane's MagiCastle QJ Early Show © Where The Action Is 4:00 ® Cheyenne © Kitirik 5:00 O Chris Chandler QJ Wells Fargo © Huckleberry Hound 5:30 <G Huntley-Brinkley QJ CBS News KWBA KWBA 1380 MONDAY THRU FRIDAY MORNING 6:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Music) 6:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:36 Wink Lewis Show (Country Music) 7:00 Headline — Tom Evans Weather 7:30 Mutual News 7:35 Texas Local News 7:45 Heaven and Hom e Hour 8:00 The Morning Chapel Hour 8:30 Amazing Grace 9:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Masic) Features: Headlines-Tom Evans Weather on the hour Mutual News — on the half hour Opportunity Knocks-10:45 Report from Wall Street 11:35 Back to the Bible 12:00-12:30 NIGHT 1:00 Joe Ladd Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines-Tom Ev- vans Weather on trie hour Mutual News on the half hour Opportunity Knocks 3:45-3:47 Bill Stem Sports 5:05-:14 6:00 Fulton Lewis Jr. 6:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:35 Don Ard Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines & Weather-on the hour Mutual News-on the half hour Opportunity Kn.ocks-7:45-:47 Look For Free Movie Tickets Classified BAYTOWN CLEAN MRS. LILLY LOCKHART receives a litter bag from Service Station Dealer Billy Crow in the current clean-up campaign in Baytown. Humble stations have joined the campaign by giving away litter bags to motorists. A purchase is not necessary to receive a litter bag:. The Chamber of Commerce Qean-Cp Committee, which is coordinating the community-wide beauttfication effort, says the biggest obstacle in beautifying Baytown is the litter thrown from cars. COURT EXPANDS LEGAL DEFINITION OF INSANITY NEW YORK (AP) — Since >aniel M'Naghten set out more than a hundred years ago to kill the British prune minister—and ;ot the wrong man—courts have ield that the test of insanity was he ability to distinguish right •rom wrong. But Monday the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals threw out the M'Naghten Rule on the grounds that it doesn't go far enough. The court ruled that a person is not responsible for criminal conduct if — even though he knows an act to be wrong — he cannot control his behavior. The decision, which applies only to federal courts in the 2nd Circuit of New York, Connecticut and Vermont, implements a 362 proposal of the American Law Institute. Among the 26 persons who drafted the proposal was Dr. Vtanfred S. Guttmacher, chief medical officer of the Supreme Jench of Baltimore. "I'm over- oyed with it," he said. "The M'- Naghten Rule was a bad rule. It .vas made in 1843 and I think it ias outlived its usefulness." The rule had a "fatal defect" that placed "tight shackles" upon expert psychiatric testimony, said one of the judges, Irving R^ Kaufman. He said the result "is that instead of being treated at appropriate mental institutions for sufficiently long period to faring about a cure or sufficient mprovement so that the accused may return with relative safety to himself and the community, he is ordinarily sen- tenced to a prison term as if criminally responsible and then released as a potential recidivist with a society at his mercy." From his summer home in Allentown, Pa., Dr. Frederic Wertham, a New York psychiatrist, said: "The scrapping of the M'- Naghten Rule is a great mistake. It's against the interests of the public, it endangers the lives of the people, and it's absolutely no improvement." The court's decision overturned the conviction of Charles Freeman, who had been sentenced to five years for a narcotics violation. District Judge Chaz-les H. Tenney had found Freeman competent to stand trial under the M'Naghten Rule, but the Appeals Court said he should apply the new finding at a trial. Dizzy Dean May Be Out Of Baseball WIGGINS. Miss, (APJ—It appears that fee colorful, sometimes ungiamaiatical vniee c£ zxy Dean wffl snot be heard this summer on national television with play- by-play accounts of baseball games interspersed with reminiscing and witticisms. Dean is quite unhappy about what he calls "a nice way of telling me I was fired." 'Til do everything possible to get back on the air/- said Dean Monday night Dean said the New York advertising agency for Falstaff Brewing Co.. one of the sponsors of the Baseball Game of the Week telecasts, "asked for me to retire." Dean and Pee Wee Reese did the play-by-play and color commentary for CBS-TV for several years on the weekend television games. Now NBC has the exclusive right to televise the Game of me Week as well a s the World Series and the All-Star game (after paying $30.9 million for a three-year contract). Dean says Falstaff will continue as one of the sponsors but that he had apparently been frozen out. Ole Diz said he "vigorously refused" when the advertising agency suggested that he announce his retirement. NBC announced the signing last week of Curt Gowdy, a veteran commentator, to handle the play-by-play on the Game of the Week. Dean, now 35. was a pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals before World War H in. the era when the Cards were dubbed the Gashouse Gang. Larry Hudman and his wife, Margaret. «r« shown wtih Bobby Odom, sales representative for Buck Turner Chevrolet, as they take delivery of their new Chevrolet Irnpala Super Sport. Larry is employed in the service department of Buck Turner Chevrolet. Margaret works for Penneys. They live at 605 North Circle, Baytown. Come in and choose the mode! you want from our vast selection . . . get" Buck Turner's No. I Deal and drive out in the newest of the new . . . Chevrolet for "66. YOUR PERSONAL SALESMAN IN EVERY PAPER... When you use Sun Classified Ads Time and money often must be budgeted. If you are buying or selling, offering or looking for services, it is a big job to call on thousands of people in a matter of hours. But this service can be performed for you quickly and with little expense when you use Sun Want Ads. Your personal message is before thousands of readers of The Sun. With only a few words you present a brief but complete proposal that interests many readers. Avoid mistakes. 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