Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 5
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:--— )P OUR Tamptco. \ Ssckett, of Sterling, 4&s in co last Wednesday. Dic^ drops f'4£$und occasionally to see how "faispi- v4t!ftftft *re prospering. J , : ' | t B, Wftrner;of Prophetstowh, was ', *&aki8ff bands with friends in ? Tatnpi-, ?.' ^ BY RBOULAR CORRESPONDENTS. • igS19^S^5i?t^.B5S®S3SiBiiSiS3!ff^ifJSisSS^^S!S i aSSSS8' A"card from Sykes Wilson says Jrt his timber lots the BQOW drifts are twenty feet deep, 6ear Mitchells S. D. George Cross has been obeying the law and adding much to the appearance of bis north farm by having the hedge cut. Tfeahks. We will now know raore nbont the traf elintjlpubllc. Miss Mabel Blank Would like to have he person who took her overshoes rom the Talbott school house last Frl- lay, return them and get the pair left, as she prefers to weat her own shoes. Howard Franklin and wife moved nto the house with Q.W.LivlngBtone's resterday, Feb. 24. Bast Science Kldge. Cold Weather and rough roads, .but most of us would rather have cold weather than the kind of weather we had last week",, _- - ~ -- The central examination will be held at the West Science Ridge school house, on Friday, Feb. 26. Thosa+or this school who will take the" examination ire Amanda Landis, Nora Lust, Mabel' Snavely and Bert Baer. , ' Joans »Basr traded several of his ponies to a Dixon gentleman for a number of young cattle. He has put ,hem on Lev! Snavely's farm where le will keep them the rest of this winter. ,.''.,;•'.'••.• '•'.-.':'.• •. '•• .." ..; John Nuhemaker, of Nebraska, is a f uest of Samuel Nunemaker this week. 3e has hired out to Fred Royer for he coming summer." . Most of the farmers of this vicinity Attended • the sale on Henry ' Frey'e place, last Thursday, Johnny and Anna Fisk gave thelf Miss Minnie Rlstow teturard last Jionday from her week's stay • on the ' fltfto with her sister, Mrs. JuliaJBrace* Mr. and Mta. F, H. Richardson visited Jn Sterling last Monday. **; Did you see the strong man and give felma dime? .?;. B. D. Greenman went up to .^Walnut l«dS Saturday for his new teeth, ^Bert flftya he has "chawed soup" long -«iioagh, Mrs, Mary Sanders Brlggs, of Clin- 1 Ion, la;, who has been Tlsitlng with her f>ttr0n.ts for the past two weeks, re^ torned home last Saturday evening. J. W. White and two sons', of ; Rock- Falls, were in Tampico last Saturday. 8 Mr, and Mrs. Jessie VanBlbb&r, who have been spending, the winter In West yivginla, returned to their home in Vtttnptea last Wednesday. • Mrs. Swan Gibson, Of Prophetstowh, •' spent a few days here last week with her parents in Bureau county, . ' - 1 Misa Neva'Jones is attendingto the affairs in the millinery store', during the absence of Miss Riptow, . ,'• James MoBride, of Tiskllwa, and JonhSapp, of Princeton, were In Tampico a few days last week. • !i .Mr. and Mrs. Will Lutyens,<jf Gales• burg, came to Tampico last Monday to visjt Mr. Lutyen's parents, but return- iJT.V their children having the measles.. . Miss Minnie Ristow and Miss Slatar left oh the Friday evening train for "Sterling to spend Sunday. , Bessie Thompson and Mrs. Charles Welch were visitors in Prophetstown last Friday, >The Masonic Lodge 'have'' moved ;their effects into the rooms over Mr. Raynor's store and well hold their future meetings'at that place. ' Mr. E. E, Pratt is reported sick with , typhoid f eyer. • Dr. A. C. Smith was down to see \Mrs. Allen Hunter, of Yorktown, who la now siok at her father's, Robert , Hunte'r, in Tampico. v >. The Bible repository, whlcli, has for , a number of years been, in the Max•' jfleld & Powell store, is now in Mrs. 'Ristow'a millinery store. *. / - r " ~rMTs7A~gner DallyrwtnrbBa toeetf sick torTthe past.'th'ree weeke,"i8~rppc&ted better. , J. J. Bleitz is able to be arourjd with—- 1 ~--~ Kjj.tnf y mr\* sn %-,. Miss'Blanche is visiting in Tampico with heri sister, Mrs, L. J. Kendell, ' v;t' H ; . ' L. J. Kendell was In Chicago last 'week on business. 1 Mrs. George Selglinger, of Newton, Kas., arrived on the train .Saturday evening. , : ' -.-!)' ; '., J. C. Aldrich for many yearB> ; resi- 'dent of Tampico Township, dfla'djat 10 o'clock Sunday night of pneumonia, , after an illness of one week. iT.hJ8 funeral will be held at ~10 p'clook 'a. m. ' Tuesday, the twenty f tnlrd r at the Baptist church.' * ,.' 1 , •' Mrs^ C. F, Ristow, of Sterling,, ar rived in T&mpico Monday morning for A shore visit. ' Feb. 22, ,_ , " .Jordan. f • Because of the warm weather last .week the roads areffo bad that, only 'those who are obliged to travo) are ,g,way f rom home.. $ • Mrs. (»rout gave a very good lecture at the Town Hall on Wednesday (evening; Owing to the short time for ad vertising, many dldnotk09W'of it;qon taguehtly the attendance wasjnot,- very Jsrge. • « ; The sick people of the town, eo far ; 88 we know, are improving. ,| " ' Sanford Deyo is said ^o be in poor ^ealth, Jlis son-in-law,' Mr< Yeung, -baa moved Into theqld Tance house, Bear James Thompson's. • ' There are many absent f roin" the vaf • iooa schools, on account of \ measles chicken pox aud Ja grippe, \ _ 'ync's Vernon Saoford is; ab^e to eit up. -it James TalbotV'esre rejoicing-upon the arrival of their first son, ' - - Miss"Lottie-Miller ; visited in : Jordan tue latter part of lastjwe* ..Ibe Central Bxaminatio^ will be hsld at' Jordan Center on Friday ol The Talbott school will mu two $nd the Compton four, ' . Miss Cora B»rbw, who taugbt the Stone school last year, is att,e»din^ the State Normal school tbia winter, £fra, Xae Hess Inyita^ her .ridghbors . |tt to> a quilting last Wectaesdtt^, fas Jordan W. C. T, U. e4l oot 8l fd to Washington to attuad tbja£inuug •^**M0ft Q% f rejident MeKi^Sj&y, bui j »t tB,> *B,. '* An Che tj&y. as « el 11£ coats tx> atteud the ite' this school on Tueiday. Their parents, will move to Iowa next week'. John Snavely spent' Saturday and Sunday with his 'parents. / The literary society of the: school lave a special program on 'Friday af- :ernoon, In honor of George -Washington's birthday, which occurred on Monday. 1 • • :. "•:.. •• : - ; .. • . Abraham Burkhart purchased. several horses at Spears' sale in Coloma oh Tuesday. ,. • ••„• •' '• Moving time is soon at hand. There are four or five families in this district who will move on the first of March. • v ;' : ';• •• Malvern..-' •••'; ..-.--.' • . Nearly all of the men and boys attended William Heide's John Horning hauled lumber for a hew house today. He expects to move •T. C. Trtyirtr vn-t th* jft«>pt of re'a- vesanxl friends in MHIedgarille last week. - .. • Mary Meinera has the measles for pastime. Miss Maty smd Oscar Mftbtriry Son- dayed at J.'C.Taylot'g. Mra. J. H. Hewitt, who has been visiting with relatives and friends In this vicinity for the past thtfte weeks, returned to her home in New Hamp- on, Ia,» Friday evening, • E, M. Olmstea'd .came down from ailledgeville Wednesday to attend the eale at Henry Kraft's. Miss Katherine HackettSundayed at James Broderick's, Jr. J. E. Taylor was in Morrison Friday, on business, > The Spring Creek Band will give a dance in Shannon's Hall, Coleta, Friday night, Feb. 26. . . \ Henry Kraft's sale was well attended and articles brought a fair price. Misses Bertha and Eunice St. John, Katherine i XHackett/f ;Ermha : Mabwy and Sylvia Taylor and Messrs Judson Dowd and Edaon Taylor attended the debate at the Woodlawn,Hall in Mai-' vern Tuesday night. K. E. Bills, of Mllledgeville, Was in our town last week on business. J. C. Taylor received the sad news of the death of his aunt, Mrs. Charles Taylor; of Wolcott, New York, last week. •• -• • -. '. -.• :,•';.. • •: D. J .'Fielding disposed of one of his milk routes to Walte Lewis last week. Fred Stern and Detrioh Kanaken returned from Chicago Friday. Charlie Peugh wa'B the guest of his cousin, Herman, last Wednesday. Charlie and Floyd Fraser are laid up with the measles. 'V. .The dance at Henry Conrady's was. well attended. Miss^El&ie-G Mrs. J. F, Benthel Friday afternoon.. J. 0, Taylor announces himself as a candidate for the ofllice of Constable for the town of Genesee and solipts the aid of voters., " ! Royal Pittman came out from Sterling .to attend the saje at H. Kraft's, Wednesday. ; Anyone wishing to enjoy a pleasant evening should not.f ail to attend the literary exercises held in the Woodman Hall in. Malverh> Tuesday nights. Mlcheal Shfihaii wishes to announce that he ia a candidate for the bfllce of Commissioner of Highways. .Mike has served this town in that capacity . for the last twelve years honestly and faithfully, therefore it is to the welfare of the community at large that a man of experience be elected to that office..' Into it this week. The news has reached us that Frank Maxwell, of Delhi, is dead. ; He visited /and when he .went home he corn- plained of feeling unweTT His de'aTE" Is a shock to all., - ! Myrtle Horning,/at .the Scribner borne, was surprised last Flrday evening after school by about a dozen of her friends. 'Games were played, refreshments were served and everybody bad a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Gerry spent last Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McCuen. • John Price, of Franklin Grove, is here visiting his brother and two sisters. • '".'•_' .,-'•...''; .' .'... .;•-., ; '_ Mesdames Ackerman and Scrlbner took dinner with; Mrs. Samuel James. Meadames Spang and Winck were guests of Mrs, Dan Murray last Wednesday,. •-••':• .;• .'.'" - -. ' .:, ; - : ; ••-,, --•'•••'. '• Mr,and Mra. Dan Murray, went to Coleta last Thursday to see their granddaughter, Iva Conway, who is qultelH. She is'better today. and'MrB, T. A. Scribner were happily surprised Friday night, by about thirty of the neighbors, old and young.' A-jolly time was enjoyed, elegant refreshments were served and Mr, and Mrs. Scribner were voted the best of entertainers, though the former did have to be routed out of bed to re ceive bis guests/ The occasion will long be remembered.' ;> Tb'erp'is to be a eurprise dinner xin Mr, aad Mrs. Wess Wink thi!} 'week, Thursday. ' All come aad don't forget the Juncb, = . ' -; • :.-••' ^ '-.'•" Mr? and Mrs. Howe started to Cole ta last Sunday, but on account of the mud, were compelled to turn around and come back. Feb. 22. South Genesee. •• Cleland Henrltt, Of New Hampton, Ift. \ was the jfueat of his uncles, JDrao Dowd and J, C, T&ylot last week," Will Taylor and,Dave Getty, .of Mai vern, were the guests of J, C. Taylor and family Saturday evening, Ai Heed aad wife spent Sunday with the letter's mother and family. Oecar Ma-berry spent Saturday wth his friend Burt Hanson. Miss Louise Maberry is laid up with the measles, Her many friends hope for her speedy recovery. The young folks' party held »t Orson Uowd's Wednesday night was well at tended. It was H sort of & surprise on the old folks but ueveftlieleea all had a jolly ticae. Those preseat ware; weather WAD chilly a The weather is extremely cold and the roads are in'an awful condition. JJeveral scholars are absent ^ from schoordn ac'cQunTof'srcknessV "" 'Miss Hanhpi J urKen . spent a few days last,k with her mother. George Garnes went to Dlxon last Monday, where he will work the com- ingsummer.! * : V- .• ' Mrs. Isaac Shultz went to Franklin Grove last Thursday to spend a few days with her daughter, Mrs.' F. E. Wilkinson. . : . There will be several changes in this vicinity this spring. Frank Molten was calllng^on friends ID Golt this week.' , ' ' Frank Hall while working in the elevator last Thursday, fell from the cupola ^o the loading bins, a distance .of about twenty feet, He was picked up in an unconscious condition. Dr. Carolus was called and after;an exam- nation, reported him not seriously injured, •'• .'V'. ; ;'..;:;• •;•;. ",-. •.,The .central examination of the s.chools of Hopkins Township will be bald in the Gait school bouse next Friday. There will be a program In the evening. • . Feb. 23. ' Miss Susie Burghardt visited her sla- ter in Clinton last week returning home Friday evening. . _'.'...; • Misa Myrtle Eaton, of Fulton, was the guest of Miss .Ruth Parker over Sunday, •'. Mrs, A» Stqwell visited In Fultoh Thursday. ' • Mra. Williams spent Sunday In Morrison. ••'-. . : ' . ( *'.: ••'. ,-' - '', Charles Startzman is visiting his brothej Thomas and family this week, Felix Kremer spent .Saturday in Fulton, " ; . ' ' -".'•. • _ :^Harry:Matoh;lef t Gardenplain _Mpn« day eveniog for Washington State, Where he has secured a good position.. Hia many friends regret his departure but all join In wishing him Buccess. Will Siaymaker and his. brother, Curry, visited the school Friday and returned borne Saturday. While here they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs, Marcy. : Supervisor R, R, Murphy returned from Hot Spviuga, Ark., Friday even ing. He went down about live weeks ago for the beuetit of We health. Little Lisle Startzpaan is on the sick list tbie week, M. ii, Stewart viaited the Cbeda? sebooSs Fri- hns hnay fho p»«t wppk fi 1 different schools of Oardeepiain. They are doing gootl work fend are certainly deserving of roach praise, They ate Vlessrs John Sharer, Thurston Adams arid Mrs. W. V, Parker. Miss Anna Austin, teacher of Stare Street schpol, has closed heir school on account of sickness. The Magic Lantern show at the hall was not very well patronized Thursday evening, Brading Sweet planned a very pretty ' jarty at tha home of Miss Etnma Sweet Friday evening. About thirty- five of his young friends were .present. The evening was spent in various fames and of course refreshments were served which were of no small importance to the writer, Brading knows ust how to entertain., .-1 Samuel Sweet and friend, of Albany, attended the. party Friday night, Felix Kremer brought his school down to the Corners Friday afternoon to attend the exercIaeHija't ;our ^school, About thirty, patrons were present. ' Montfnorency, . Central examination Friday. . Royal Neighbor basket social Friday evening. All are invited. Quarterly meeting on Sunday at 2:30 m, Presiding Elder Clark will preach the sermon and administer the eacrament. , Mary, the six-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs, Will Fraricks, was taken quite ill while at school last Friday, with heart trouble. The teacher, Miss Mann, sent her home in a buggy, She is reported much better. Douglas Murray is erecting a email neat house on his east farm, He has rented it to the Nelson brothers for the coming year, .Is :visiting in Iowa, and assisting his son'In a series or revival meetings. • Mr. and Mrs. William McGarrah were the victims of a genuine surprise pa'rty at their home on Tuesday evening.' Mr. McGarrah is President of the Epworth League and those present were most of them Leaguers. A merry evening was spent and upon departure all wished Mr. and Mrs. McGarrah prosperity and happiness in their new hdme to which they move on Thursday. Mrs. Mary Glassburn entertained a number of her intimate lady friends at dinner «last Thursday. A delightful day was spent in "good old-fashioned visiting," and at noon the ladles didn't forget to do justice to the excellent dinner which Mrs. Glassburn served. The following were present: Grandma Haisted, Mesdames C. M. Hewitt, J. M, Heaton, S. W. Halsted, William Mur- A l*»ra;*» pu'ty of yo-imj red at the home of Mr. and Mrs, SHas L*ngdon last Friday etetjisg to brateMark Lftngdon's birthday.... The yooog people say the evening was en- oyed very ranch by them, as the eotsr- taloera are hard to beat. Dancing was a feature of the evening, Curtis Merrille left Tuesday morn- ng for Chicago, where he will spend a few days, D Prophetstown celebrated the twenty- second in various way* ,Thew was an entertainment in theG. A. R. Hall and a dance in Sholes' Hall. Both were well attended. , jThe Y. W. C. T. U. Intend to hold a bazaar the central part of next month. Any one wishing to help this society may do BO by donating any articles, which will be received by its members very gladly. It is their intention to start a public reading room in this 3lace if 8100 Can be raised as a sum to >egin with. The'-bazaar is lo help raise money for IL -This is a step that ought to have been made long ago and we hope our "Y" may succeed in their effort, as there is nothing needed any more in our city than a public reading room, E,S, Bently is visiting relatives in Sterling for a few days. * Cyrus Emery left Wednesday evening for a, visit in Mollne and other joints. ' ; X-' E. J. Weaver, of Morrison, has his Furniture store open now in the Dow building. ' George Turner ia now one of our citizens. He will live with Sherman Warner until his residence is complete, Miss Florence McNeil took the train fcr Chicago Thursday morning to make friends in the city a visit. Mrs. Albert Barradell, of Templeton, Iflrr ray, Owen Wickens, Albert Ferris, John Murray, Lucy Murray. ., Although the roads were in a bad condition last Friday evening,4hehos-. pitable home of Mr. aud Mrs. Theodore Frank was filled with patrons of the W. C. T. U. oyster supper. A short program was given, not as much as had been expected, for sbmo who were expected to take part were 'not present and some were not prepared. The failure of a full program was not miaaed very much, "for everyone present seemed to have come tot the purpose of having a good time in. his or her own way, and they had it. ( A mer ry time was had and everyone 'seemed to have all the tun they wanted. The oysters> cakes and other eatables were delicious and. no grumbling about the number of oysters, as these W. C. T. U. ladies are 'always generous. The receipts were about $11.00. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Titus will entertain a number of young people at their pleasant home in township, on Friday evening. • ' ; . A party of young people from Hah jaaman, held a very pleasant ; dance in M. W. A. Hall last Friday evening. It is said to be the quietest, nicest dancing party given in the hall this winter. A. L. Titus and wife will spend next Sunday, with C. C. Titus and family iu Harmon. The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frank has been suffering with a severe cold for several days. Feb. 23. ; ",'-. • : X*f ophotstown. Curtis Merrill is spending a few daya at home. He came home to attend the wedding of his brother, George Mrs. Nellie Meltzer, of Walnut, is making her parents and friends of this place & pleasant visit. Weyna Aldrich was a caller iu our town, Mrs. Welch arrived Friday evening to be the guest of her sons, Will and George, for a few days. The Globe Phonograph Concert Company gave an eutsrtuinment in Sholes' Hall Friday evening. The Christian Endeavor gave a dime social at the home of Miss Lou Bald win Friday evening, Although there was several -other toiogs on the program for the evening, about forty vyere present and a good time was enjoyed. Our store windows have been brightened up some by adding ue w gigoa to them. The work is very peat and warranted not (0 WftBll Off. " gave, * sooiai st A. M. Grimes went to Erie Wednesday evening, where* he was called to see about some singing engagements. Miss. Lizzie Wolf, of Walnut, is spending the week with her friends, the Misses Nettie • Carley and May Greene. _„. Hermon Bdllen has bought the lots opposite J. D. Turk's and K. F. Solbert's of Cyrus Emery. Miss Lucetta Crook is visiting friends and relatives in Sterling. George Gould Is again spending a week at Morrison. R.I. Dickinson moved into his new residence, lately purchased of A; C. Randal), last week. Mr. Dickinson has added some improvements to the glace and he has now a very fine residence*. . \, Feb. 23; West Science Ridge. Cold weather this morning seems to be the order of the day. All hard at work for the Central Examination Friday.- ------------ —-'-_•. _^1. :_: Monday. ; , '•:'.' " Miss'Margarete Hax spent Thursday evening visiting in Sterling and took in the Boehm-Hooyer wedding. F. LeFevre, of Penrose, had quite a runaway while: attending the Graft sale. The horses made things lively for a time. No damage. •*.' Mr. and Mrs. Havens visited* with Mr. and Mrs. Harting Sunday. John Morton is no longer "ye .jolly milkman," having sold out his interest to JohnjQilbert. . _ . •__/_;. •_-_• Frank Hoover made a business trip to Mllledgeville today, returning with a fine lot of cattle, some < twenty in number. . Miss Mamie Reisner says the dis tance from her home in Sterling to West Science Ridge is not shortening any, 'even with the Jcold. She walks out to school each morning. • Miss Ida Kauff man is spending - a few days with friends In Malvern. '.. Mrs. A. Fisk is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nathan Bush. THe Central Examination in Sterling township will be held at West Science Ridge school, beginning at 8:30 a. in. A short program has been prepared for the evening at 7:30 sharp v Mr, Fergu son will give a short address. Pearl Schrader has lately purchased a new buggy. Now girls look out. E. Powell, a member of the Visiting Committee, gave our school a pleasant call Monday. That's right. Parents inspect the work done by the children in school. Don't take your neighbor's word for it, but show that you take an interest in the place, where the children spend half of their child life, •. '• • ',..-... Feb. '23, AN OLD SETTLER BURIED, The Funeral ot<T, O. AldricU Take* Vlace ' at Tampico . The funeral of the late J, C. Aldrich, of Tam plco, took pifkoe Tuesday and was largely attended. Mr, Aldrich was seventy-seven years of age nnd was one of the first settlers in Tprnpico, At oue^ time he was Supervisor from tb»t town, and for a number of years he was a eiicceisatul business rnun »t that place. His home wa« just outside tbe town. Mr. Aldrtch was widely fcaow all overitbe couoty. He was eminent iy re#pe«ted by old »od ywa| sad his 4e*t3a is the cause of «' greit deal grief. • a,s w«ft lister f<?v We It. POtri/TBT—-Sprlnj; oh!eic«l»k,««**4*w < .. OHIOAUO MAHKKTH. ' FnrniBhed by Hostrswsar & Co, Grain Broker*, of Chicago; br*ti<3fe office, rear First National Bank, 3t«t- ing, Illinois. IlarrlsonSTeleplione, 16. Long Distance Bell Telephone, 89. umauut, OPEN. HIGH. Mrw. OM) a WHSAT. slay .... July .... Feb-.,.. Corn. Tuly .... Fob .... Oftta. May .... July.... Feb .... Mesa prk May .... July.... Feb .... Lard. May .... July .... Feb .... 75-75 24% ' 7.97 8.12 4.00 4.10 8.05 8.17 4.10 4,17 25% 7.92 8,03 4.00 4.10 74J 71} 18a 8.05 8.17 4.07 4.10 12 O'CLOCK—OASH MARKET. Wheat. No.2Red.84@86^ " 2 Spring, 70@74. "3 « 74@75. " 2 Hard W., 80@82. ". 3 «' " 72@78, 41 INorthern Spring,76. .Corn. tfo. 2 White, "2 — . " 2 Yellow, " . 8— ~ " 3 Yellow, Oats. " 2 White, 19@20. " 3-—15@17. " 8 White, 16@18. HOQ AMD CATTLE Feb, 24, '97. UNION STOCK YABPB- Hogs 35,000. ' . . Cattle'16,000. , Sheep 14,000, Hogs left over 2,000;, * '' . , Kansas City hogs to-day, 13,000. Kansas City cattle to-day, 5,500. Omaha Omaha cattle to-day, 2,300. \ .. '•;•;-'.•;• OPBNIN8. ' - ' '' ' Hogs opened shade lower. Mixed, 3.40@3.60; good heavy; ff.40 3 I 5T>5-fOUghi-8 ; 20(5!8.80r-lightr-M50- 3.62. ', > Cattle steady. ^ Sheep steady. , ' OLO8IN8. Hogs closed strong, Light, 83.50@3.70; mixed, 3.45@8.05; heavy, ®3.30@g3.C2. Cattle slow.» Sheep steady. Lambs steady. Excursion Rates to WfUthlngtdn. For the benefit of those desiring to, ' witness the inauguration of thejoext' PresIdent~"o"rtheT"U'nifed 'States, the " Baltimore & Ohio R. R. will sell excursion tickets at one fare for the round' trip from all points on its lines in Ohio Indiana and Illinois. Tickets will be sold March 1,2 and 3, valid for return until March 8. Similar tickets, via. B. & O. R. R., will be sold by all the rail* roads throughout the ; West. In addi- ' tion to being the shortest and most direct line to Washington, the B. & O. passes through a region of greater scenic magnificence and historic inter-' '" est than any in all America, Passcn- • gera also have the option of travelling via. Akron and Pittsburg or via. Bellaire and Graf ton, either going or returning. iiThe through trains of the JJ, . & O, are vesUbuled throughout, equipped with N Pullman sleepers and the dining car service is unsurpassed. la formation in detail will be cheerfally far- - nished upon'application by L. S, Allen, Assistant Geatral Passenger Agent, B • , & O, R. R., Grand Central Station,CW- ' cage. . ' . • • .?.'" Stop-over Privilege, M A ten day stop over at Wa^ittgt«n» , D, C., is now granted on a,ll through tickets between the East and West,, via Baltimore & Ohio Hi R. StQp-JOVfjst will also be granted pn the. retutu journey made on round trip tickets, within the final limit of 'eueb, tickets, but not exceeding ten days, , Passengers will deposits their tickets wifcli thft ; . Ticket Agent at B, &M, H,! in Washington, who will retain until the journey la to when they will tja m&de good |afr tiuuous passage to •»«-"~~**-"»* ***• tension or toeat will 4oahtisss )» ^ by tha travelling publics

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