Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 28, 1993 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1993
Page 10
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10 —MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1993 -THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- MONDAY EVENING MONDAY EVENING 3:00 P.M. GD Merrie Melodies g (so) Geraldo Jane Whitney I Donahue g (se) Highway to Heaven g AacNeil/Lehror Newshour g ! Magnum, P.I. [Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g I Rockford Files g 1 Mother Nature j Up Close I Littles ) Jane Pratt ) Yogi Bear j Incredible Hulk £05) Jefferson* g js Bunny A Pals ! Press Your Luck ) Saved by the Bell g i Fraggle Rock g 3:15 PTM. (HBO) Movie +Vi "Captain America" (SHOW) (:25) Return to the Great Escape 3:30 P.M. ^J Cjo) Tom and Jerry Kids g GD Tale Spin g CDJSC) Wildlife Chronicles (ESPN) Max Out (FAM) Super Mario Bros. ( NICK ) Looney Tunes (T§s)(:35) Andy Griffith (TNT) Captain Planet and the aneteers g (USA) Scrabble CWON) Saved by the Bell g l Adventures in Wonderland g 4:00 P.M. (40) Tiny Toon Adventures g Taury Povich g ) Golden Girls g ) Oprah Winfrey g ) Designing Women g CD Barney & Friends g CJD In the Heat of the Night g (It) Matlock g TO Darkwing Duck g (Jo) Joan Rivers O&T) In Search Of... CAMC) Movie *** "Remember the Night" (1:34) false) Profiles of Nature (ESPN) Sportscenter (FAM) Popeye (Tirej Movie ** "The Game of Love" I Underdog 3 Night Gallery (T§s)t:05) Beverly Hillbillies g (TNT) Jetsons CUBA) $25,000 Pyramid j Paradise Beach CDISN) Care Bears g l Movie **'/? The Playboys" (1150) (SHOW) Movie *** "Ju Dou" (1:38) 4:30 P.M. ) (To) Batman g I Inside Edition g ) Golden Girls g ) Sesame Street g ) Goof Troop g — Water Skiing (FAM) Inspector Gadget (NICK) Muppet Babies (SCIFJ) Alfred Hitchcock Presents (:35) Sanford and Son I Bugs Bunny & Pals I $100,000 Pyramid I Designing Women g ) Quack Attack g 5:00 P.M. I Out of This World yr.MJ >»1!,V,:5™ CD Pewle 1 s ; Cpurt g,,, dD Charlie's Angels (1:30) 6:00 I 6:30 r7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 9:OO 9:30 10:00110:30111:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS TJT News C. Affair Shade Dad News News IS" Hard Cpy. Entertain. Murphy Shade Love-War Northern Exposure Dad News Jeopardyl Fortune Day One News News Wonder Full H'se. •ar MacNeil/Lehrer Business Served Day One Fame in 20th H. Patrol |Emer. Call Magnum, P.I. National Geo. w 21 Jump Street All Family UT Cheers Cosby Full H'se. Roseanne CD Married... Boss? News News Cheers • Cosby Night Ct. Entertain. Roseanne Star Trek Gen. Major League Baseball: Giants at Dodgers Cheers Fresh Pr. Blossom Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. [Golden G News [News Cheers Fresh Pr. [Blossom |Movie: "Girls of Sumrner" (1988) Movie: "Girts of Summer" (1988) Murphy lLove-WaF Northern Exposure News [Hard Cpy. News News Bullets 'The Last POW: Bobby Garwood The Last POW: Bobby Garwood Rough Guide Twilight Zone Movie: "Agnes of God" (1986) Movie: Lifepod (1993), Adam Storke Movie: "Body Heat" (1981) Movie: "Chernobyl: The Final Warninj Viewpoints WKRP Wonder News Rush L. Cheers Newhart Wonder H. Patrol [Married. Arsenic Hall Tonight News News News Ch. Rose Untouch. News A&E DISC Mysterious Bee ESPN FAM Life Goes On LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNT USA WGN Sherlock Holmes Lovejoy Mysteries Alaska: Great At the Improv Natural World Wolper Pres. Major League Baseball: Teams TBA Confd Waltons Su- You Do Shop- Craz Gemini Man V_ Unsolved Mysteries Looney Bullwinkle Invaders Young Riders [Sportsctr. Mysterious Bee Alaska: Great Lovejoy Baseball [Drag Racing Father Dowling 700 Club Movie: "An Early Frost" (1985) Gallery Get Smart Van Dyke Dragnet [Lucy Hitchcock Movie: "Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part III" Confd Battlestar Galactica [Glory'Day Women's Hormones M. Moore M. Moore Gemini Man Movie Cont'd G.I. Joe Movie Ghost- News Movie: "J.W. Coop" (1971), Cristina Ferrare National Geographic Explorer Nature Reporters Scare- 30 Hitchcock Invaders Quantum Leap [Murder, She Wrote |WWF: Monday Raw [Movie: "Lolly Madonna XXX' Profes- (1973) Major League Baseball: Cubs at Padres Tenth In. Silk Stalkings Movie: |Eden Class of '44" (1973) <D CD (D <D (3) (g) KTVU R* OAKLAND 1* MM WC NMCA KKM MB (ANFMNCftCO 41 KFtX CM tANFftANCHCO 41 mn CM CumU KOO AK tANFMNOKO 45 KFWU AK CTBBAOO KOED Ptt tANriUNMeo « KCSO UN MOOftTO 17 KOfY NO SANntANCMM 47 mcu Mb SANJOW •• tr KtXL FVK . tACWMCMra HBHR NO IANFRANCIKC? (1 KFTY NO »ANTAB08A II AMERICAN MOVIE CUttlCS 96 CONSUMER NEW* AND RU8NES8 CHANNR 13 CABLE NOW NETWORK 1» GOVERNMENT CHA»«. 11 QE) 1XEDWCOVERY CHANNEL 12 OS) THBDWNEYCHANNB. 40 QBD EHTEBTAmgNT « tPOHf» PmUHAMIMa NETWOHK 7 for Fl Bragg tMtrrijKlnovlnwn only {H) TtCFAM.VCHANNB.ICBN) gg) HOMBOXOFncE gp HBAOLMNEWt OB> HOMS8HOfTHWNEWOt»< JH) UFETMC fB2> MURCTUVWON 4£g) MCXaoOGON •B — , '<BD wrae rt> ATIANTA <JJ) THELEABN»«CHANNa (TTO THENASHVlUNEWOm OH) nflNSB NETWORK TREVWON (BSD THE WEATHER CHANNB. Q&) UMV8ION (SPANISH) OS) U8ANETWOBK <ym vioEOHrreoNE (OS) WON WO CHICAOO COMMtmYBUU.FnNBOAHO t) M II n M tr M t "• I 14 ';> .' ie •17 - /s II 30 34 » 37 M 19 PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO MAX "Witching-Ben" Pinocchio Wimbledon Tennis Cont'd Tennis Movie: ' Hang 'Em High" (1968) Avonlea Movie: "Juice" (1992) ^^^•^^••^^^^•i^BM^M^^^M^^^^^^ I Movie: "The Lady Eve" (1941) J. Lennon "Big Girls Don't Cry" Movie: "Batman Returns" (1992) 'There's Nothing Out There" "Un SHOW~ Movie: "DollHouse" Confd |"Look Who's Talking Too" |Movie: "Thunderheait" (1992) 'Hos- (D (D - for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. I a second noneymoon. do) Roseanne Sisterly feuding abounds at the Conner household. (S) (44-) star Trek: The Next Generation When Dr. Crusher leaps into another dimension of reality, Enterprise crew members mysteriously disappear. (S) g (so) News (Tap Lovejoy Mysteries A mysterious woman, a firefly cage and a murder spell trouble for Lovejoy. (AMC) Movie *** "Murder, He Says" (T945, Comedy) Fred MacMurray, Marjorie Main. A public-opinion analyst stumbles upon a rural family and becomes involved in murder. (1:31) roTsc) Alaska: The Groat Land Sparsely populated Alaska is a land of climatic extremes, 5,000 glaciers and high mountains. (R) (?AM) Wattons Grandpa is as trapped bycircumstances as the young mountain animal Ben captures. (TJFE) Unsolved Mysteries (NICK) Looney Tunes (SCIFIJ Invaders (WTOOS) Movie *** "J.W. Coop" (W1) Cliff Robertson, Geraldine Page. After 10 years in prison, a rodeo-circuit rider decides to become the overall champ in just one year. (2:25) (tigA) Quantum Leap Unable to find the cause of the malfunction that cost the real pilot his life, Sam figures out a way to change things and give Hank a second chance. (S) (Part 2 of 2) g (WGN) Major League Baseball "Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres" From San Diego/Jack Murphy Stadium. (Live) 7:30 P.M. Major League Baseball "San (36. (40) Star Trek: The Next Generation g (44) Growing Pains dD M*A*S*H (A&E) David L. Wolper Presents foisc) Natural World (FAM) Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop g CNJCK) Hey Dude (SCIFI) Battlestar Galactica (TBS) (:05) Movie ** "Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part III - The Legend Continues" (4:00) (TNT) Movie ** "The White Buffalo" (2:05) § My Two Dads g Movie **'/2 "Midway' Kids Incorporated g Wimbledon Tennis g 5:30 P.M. CD Hogan Family g (T) NBC Nightly News g CD CBS Evening News g (T) ABC World News Tonight g (D News CD Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? g (36) Paradise Beach CHj Growing Pains CM) Cheers g (AMC) Movie ** "Never a Dull Moment" (1:29) j Major League Baseball l Zorro g '} Salute Your Shorts I Just the Ten of Us ) Mickey Mouse Club g 3 (:35) Movie ** 1 /z "A Doll's House" (1:35) 6:00 P.M. (T) Married... With Children g (D CD CD News g World News Tonight g ! MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g (20) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol ) 21 Jump Street g I Cheers g I Full House g l Star Trek: The Next Generation g I Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (mscp Mysterious Bee (FAM) Life Goes On g I Supermarket Sweep SICK) What Would You Do? (sci FI I Gemini Man ) G.I. Joe I Movie **'/? "The Witching of 3en Wagner" (1:40) fMAx) Movie **'/z "Hang 'Em High" (1:54) 6:30 P.M. CD Who's the Boss? g CD Entertainment Tonight g CD Current Affair g CD News ! Emergency Call g I Cosby Show g i Roseanne g I Shop 'Til You Drop ) Wild & Crazy Kids CUSA) Real Ghostbusters (WON") News g 7:00 P.M. (T) Cheers Sam enlists Carla and Norm to help him race Robin's yacht in the Boston Regatta, g (T) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Disaster . strikes when a reluctant Will joins Uncle Phil and Carlton on a wilderness camping trip. (R) (S) g (D Evening Shade Taylor's plans for the spring dance are ruined when his girlfriend elopes with the school hunk. (R) (S) g (T) Jeopardyl g CD Wonder Years Kevin is terrified at the thought of making his first telephone call to a girl. (S) g (9) Nightly Business Report (ioj Magnum, P.I. Adm. Hawkes enlists Magnum's help to find out who is leaking classified Navy information. (38) All in the Family Mike and Gloria try. an old recipe for a stale marriage -- • for TIA only. outlaw. (S) (Hart i ot i!) g CUFE) Movie *** "An Early Frost" (T9S5) Aidan Quinn, Gena Rowlands. The Emmy-winning account of the varied reactions by a family to the announcement that their eldest son has AIDS. (2:00) (TilcK) Get Smart KAOS programs a robot to kill CONTROL'S robot, Hymie. (SCIFI) Night Gallery A businessman receives letters tying him to the mysterious death of a go-go dancer. (TjsAl Murder, She Wrote Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton becomes suspicious when a shady former associate produces a manuscript attributed to Mark Twain, g r&TiN) Avonlea When Sarah finds a gold Spanish coin on the beach, Ezekial Crane tells about buried treasure on the island. (R) (S) g (HBO) Movie ** 1 /z "Juice" (1992, Drama) Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur. Paranoia grips three ghetto youths after their gun-happy accomplice in a bungled robbery turns his anger toward them. (S)'R' (1:36) (MAX) Movie ** "Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even" (1992, Comedy-Drama) Hillary Wolf, David Strathairn. Dysfunctional family members sort out their differences while searching for their runaway daughter. (S) 'PG' g (1:42) 8:30 P.M. ) Love & War Jack tries to impress Wally with an elaborate Valentine's Day dinner. (R) (S) g Movie *** "Hands Across the (MAX) Movie ** "There's Nothing Out There" (1990, Comedy) Craig Peck, Wendy Bednarz. An alien invader stalks vacationing teens , in upstate New ' GQ GD News g Viewpoints ) WKRP in Cincinnati ) Wonder Years g I News ! Rush Limbaugh tuv j Cheers g CASE} Sherlock Holmes Mysteries ) Movie *** "No Time for Love" (msc~) Alaska: The Great Land (FAM) 700 Club ) Women's Hormones: Myth vs. Reality CjcjjJMary Tyler Moore g (SCIFI) Gemini Man (uJATSIIk Stalkings g (woiD Movie ** "Class of '44" (2:00) 10:30 P.M. T) Hard Copy g Bob Newhart Wonder Years g Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Arsenio Hall g Headline News Glory Days Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers" From Dodger Stadium. (Live) ©'Blosiorn Sin persuades!''Slbssom to giverhen some., last-minute driving tips; $usfc,.a,ft,er ; errand, returns, as a married man. (R) (S) g CD Major Dad When two old friends from college arrive, Polly has trouble accepting now much they have changed. (R) (S) g CD Wheel of Fortune g (T) Full House A love letter meant for D.J. falls into the wrong hands, g © Are You Being Served? The employees find an alternate use for the television security system. CM) Designing Women The women are forced to consider the ethics involved in a most lucrative assignment. (S) g (45) Cheers Frasier vows never to cross Cheers' threshold again; Woody can't turn off a cable shopping channel. (so) Golden Girls While choking, Sophia has an out-of-body experience; Blanche protests the demolition of the family's plantation. (S) g (Nicio Bullwinkle ffti?) (:40) Pinocchlo: The Making of a Masterpiece Host Robby Benson presents a behind-the-scenes look at the classic movie. (R) g rRao) Wimbledon Tennis Highlights Andrea Joyce provides a wrap-up of the day's matches, g (JHoW) Movie ** "Look Who's Talking Too" (1990, Comedy) John Travolta, Kirstie Alley. A wisecracking toddler deals with toilet training, bickering parents and a new baby sister in this sequel to the 1989 hit. (S) 'PG-13' g (l3l) 8:00 P.M. (T) Movie *Vi "Girls of Summer" (T988) Justine Bateman, Liam Neeson. A teen-age orphan foregoes college to turn her efforts toward a potentially successful rock 'n' roll band. (S) g (2:00) (T) Murphy Brown When the "F.Y.I." staff is presented with a prestigious award, a clash of egos disrupts the ceremony. (R) (S) g CD CD Day One g (T) Fame in the 20th Century From 1933-1940, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler used Hollywood-style techniques in their rise to power. (S) (Part 3 of 8) (20) National Geographic on Assignment Breeding behavior of sea lions; history of jitterbug dancing; annual gathering of magicians in Colon, Mich. CM) Movie *** "Agnes of God" (1985) Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft. Searching for a rational explanation to a newborn infant's death at a convent, a psychiatrist is shaken by a young nun's faith and mysticism. (2:00) SD Movie "Lifepod" (1993) Ron Silver, Robert Loggia. Premiere. A group of stranded space travelers attempts to unmask the saboteur in their midst. (S) g(2:00) GD Movie ***V 2 "Body Heat" (1981) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner. The steamy affair between a lawyer and a married woman unfolds Into a crime of passion. (2:00) CM) Movie **Vz "Chernobyl: The Final Warning" (1991) Jon Voight, Jason Robards. Based on the true story of the devastating Soviet nuclear accident and the team of U.S. doctors who traveled to Moscow to treat its victims. (2:00) fwf) Evening at the Improv Host: Sarah Purceil. Comics: Hiram Kasten; Billiam Coronel; Glenn Super; Carrie Snow. (R) (ofs^) Natural World A young beaver must build its own home and defend its territory against predators. (R) (FAM") Young Riders The riders prepare fora gunfignt when Teaspoon's would- be daughter is kidnapped and held ransom for the release of a condemned i nnns j iwiw»i«* " ™ " • •«•" «*•«•• • **•• • Table" (1935, Comedy) Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray. An opportunistic manicurist in Manhattan goes gold-digging for a husband. (1:20] CESPN) Sportscenter (NICK) Dick Van Dyke Rob's sense of , humor backfires when he decides td ' : bage'a'television skit' on Laura'shabits ' (scTFD'Alfred' Hitchcock Presents An architect (Mary Catherine Stewart) responds rashly when she believes her sister is looking for a reaction to one of her skits. (S) 8:45 P.M. (DJSN) (:50) Making Their Mark Profiles of active, vibrant senior citizens, including a New York doctor, a summer camp director and a jazz musician. (R) g 9:00 P.M. (D Northern Exposure The citizens of Cicely rally to support Chris when he is arrested for parole violation and faces extradition to his home state of West Virginia. (R) (S) g (3 CD Movie "The Last POW?: The Bobby Garwood Story" (1993) Ralph Maccnio, Martin Sheen. Premiere. Based on the story of an American Marine accused of collaborating with the Vietnamese after 14 years as a POW. (S) g (2:00) (T) Rough Guide Karaoke TV parlors in Teipei and sex centers in Taiwan's barbershops; a theme park for professional natives and mall fishing. @) Twilight Zone A writer receives some assistance from William Shakespeare. fAlE) David L. Wolper Presents "Cortez and Mohtezuma: The Conquest of an Empire" A re-creation of the epic battle between conquistador Cortez and Aztec ruler Montezuma in the 1500s. (R) fpTsc) Mysterious Bee The industrious bee lives in a highly organized colony, with the worker "bee committing suicide when it has outlived its usefulness. (R) fgjpF) Baseball Tonight (FAMlFather Dowling Mysteries Father Dowling discovers that a young woman he meets on an airplane is being held hostage by her family. (S) g —T) Dragnet Friday and Gannon find thafthelr case against three burglars is In jeopardy over technicalities. (sci FI 1 Battlestar Galactica To save the fleet from starvation, Adama finds himself trapped in a compromising courtship with an old flame. CTBS) (:05) National Geographic Explorer A state-run school for acrobats in China; the Rattlesnake Roundup In Sweetwater, Texas; competing expeditions; "Flying Foxes." fijsgWWF; Monday Night Raw CBlN) Movie **** "The Lady Eve" (T9lt) Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda. When the naturalist son of a wealthy tycoon comes out of the jungle, he falls in love with the daughter of a card shark. (2:00) J Movie *** "Thunderheart" W 2T Drama) Val Kilmer, Sam w ..apard. A young FBI agent of Sioux ancestry is sent to investigate a murder on a politically volatile Indian reservation. (S)'R'g (1:59) 9:30 P.M. (ESPN) Drag Racing "IHRA Spring Nationals" From Bristol, Tenn. (R) (NICK) Lucy Show Lucy loses Mr. Mooney's dog and discovers Wayne Newton. (W) Movie ** "Lolk' Madonna XXX" (T973) Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan. A feud erupts when the Gutshalls and the Feathers, modern-day Tennessee moonshiners, lay claim to the same parcel of land. (2:15) CWBN") (:40) Tenth Inning (Time Approximate) With host Steve Stone. (HBO) Movie **'/z "Batman Returns" (T9~92, Adventure) Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer. Gotham City's Caped Crusader faces double jeopardy when Catwoman joins forces with the maniacal Penguin. (S) 'PG-13' g (2:06) ) Mary Tyler Moore g TUESDAY MORNING 6:00 A.M. do) Headline News (D CD NSW* Q , —CWorld News This Morning g (T) To Lifel Yoga With Priscilla Patriot 1 Captairj fJ and the Video TTFTl [44) KenriefrT'Copeland CA»D Movie ** "Five Branded Women" (2:00) Movie *** "Road to Utopia" JO) foTsc) World Away ESPN) Body by Jake i Today With Marilyn 'Mr. Wizard's World SCIFI) Lost in Space "TBS) (:05) Little House on the Prairie Adventure Quest Premium Dollar Today Mousercise Henry's Cat g 6:15 A.M. CD A.M. Weather ^ 6:30 A.M. CD Headline News CD News g (D News (T) Sit and Be Fit (Jo) Camp Candy g CM) CLIFE) Paid Program fiT) Adventures of T-Rex _, Bodyshaping I James Robison 3 Lassie i Jonny Quest • First Business I Three Stooges Music Box i American Heroes & Legends g 6:45 A.M. (T) ABC World News This Morning g ^ 7:00 A.M. CD Mornings on Two (T) Today g CD This Morning g : (T) CD Good Morning America g CD Sesame Street g CjD Woody Woodpecker ^1700 Club ^J Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g (4?) DuckTales g HM) Robert Tilton i Pasquale's Kitchen Express j Sportscenter i Augle Doggia & Friends ) Paid Program ^Yogi Bear (sci FI i Voyage to the Bottom of the >ea l (:05) Little House on the Prairie \ Charlie's Angels l Real Ghostbusters Perry Mason ) Adventures of the Gummi Bears i Mr. Bean g l Movie* "Ladybugs"(1:30) (20) Jetsons MO) Beetlejuice g ^T) stunt Dawgs -) This Is Your Life '• ) Great Chefs: The Nsw Garde J Sportscenter ) Flintstone Kids lit Figures < j Looney Tunes ) G.I. Joe ) Adventures In Wonderland g I Baby-sitters Club g CD Mister Rogers g (20) Flintstones ) Paid Program ) Alvin and the Chipmunks g ) Teenage Mutant NlnJa Turtlas g ) This Morning's Business ~) Fugitive ~) Movie **V: "Black Beauty" (ojsc) Low Cholesterol Gourmatt chic (ESPN) Fitness Pros fFAM) Inspector Gadget ) Your Baby and Child ) Double Panlel TFT) Dark Shadows (TBS) (:05) Little House on the Prairie (TNT) Charlie's Angels' ," (USA) Scoobv Poo (WGN) Joan Rivers j Fraggle Rock g .,:•./, (HBO) Babar '.'-'v CSHOW) Movie *** "Far artd Away" (2:20) :•'•:' 8:30 A.M. I Sesame Street g 1 Leave It to Beaver (le) QD Paid Program (44) James Bond Jr. g (so) Headline News (ESPN) Getting Fit :• (FAM) Popeye ) What Every Baby Knows (_NICKJ Cutaway ; (sciFi) Dark Shadows (USA) Real Ghostbusters •' ) Welcome to Pooh Corner g I Pinocchio g I Movie *** "Apache"' (1:31) 9:00 A.M. I Family Feud ' ' 4) Live - Regis & Kathie Lee IjCDVickil .;..,. < T) sally Jessy Raphael Ip New Leave It to Beaver 1 If) (so) Paid Program Wi I Love Lucy IT) Widget Aft) Ellery Queen 'DISC) Easy Does It ESPN) Bodies in Motion FAM) Waltons LIFE) Thirtysomething • Eureeka's Castle SCIFI) Movie **Vi "The Monolith onsters" (2:00) . TBS) (:05) CHiPs TNT) Movie ** 1 /a "The Honkers" (2:15 USA) Denver, the Last Dinosaur g WON) Geraldo DIJN) Under the Umbrella Tree "HBO) Movie **'/z "Mr. & Mrs. Bridge" 5:07) ' 9:30 A.M. (?) Whoopi Goldberg GO Barney & Friends g (20) Okavango . (36) (To) Paid Program GD Who's the Boss? g ; , . ^ SO Brady Bunch *";•».• (DISCI Homeworks ( ESPN ) Bodyshaping ( USA ) Dinosaucers CDISN) Dumbo's Circus g 10:00 A.M. ) Joan Rivers , ) John & Leeza From Hollywood ! Price Is Right CT) CD Home (NICK) Anytime Tales Js)(:35) Flintstones Adventures of the Little ) Movie *** "New York, New :(2:44) 1^:45 P.M. (MAD Movie **** "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum ) Richard Bey I Paid Program' , ap Rockford Files' g (AMC) Movie ** "The Rage of Paris 1 ,' (1:1T (oisc) Pasquale's Kitchen Express (ESPN) Baseball ' CPAM") 700 Club CUFE) Movie ** "Emma: Queen of the DUth Seas" (2:00) (T§S) (:05) Movie ** "Tentacles" (2:00) ) American Gladiators ) News g (DISN) Mouse Tracks g ) Crazy About the Movies'g 10:30 A.M. CD Square One Television g' C3P 227c ? . (1) Headline News (pise) Great Chefs of New Orleans CDISN) Jump. Rattle and Roll / -..„...\ >i_..i« j.^1 "gig Qiris Don't i««»l 14 ,*iO\ ) Movie 2ry...~They Get Even' T (1:42) 11:00 A.M. ) Divorce Court i Classic Concentration i Young and the Restless g ) Loving g l Paradise Beach ! Where in the World Is Carmen fendiego? g (20) Cagney & Lacey i Leave It to Beaver i Montel Williams (503 Paid Program CA&E) Movie *** "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" (2:00) (ptsc I Low Cholesterol Gourmet CFAJJD Flashback . . ' . • (NICK) Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephan (SCIFI) Doctor Who (USA) Movie **V4 "Sorry, Wrong Number" (2:OP) (WON) Joan Rivers (OISN) Adventures of the Gymmi Beat I Movie ***, "Say Anything.:." 11:15 A.M. (TNT) Movie ** "Gun Brothers" (1:45) 11:30 A.M. Op People's Court g m CD News g Loving g Club Connect 30) Leave It to Beaver 3) Paid Program ~ Movie **'/z "The Geisha Boy" (olscl Graham CFAMT Cross-Wits . . CappallH Company (msFD LLjnch Box Movte *** "Voyager" (1:57) 12-00 P,M. )CpNtws'g: : , .; (7) Jinny Jones ; : Afl Mw phiidron g _h»riie Rose ) Perry, Mason ) Family Feud ) Andy Griffith ) Movie *** "Wait Until Dark" 00) ) Who's the Boss? g ~) Easy Does It ) Trivial Pursuit: The Interactive ame ) Moonlighting Fred Pannsr's Place (SCIFI) Land of the Giants (:05) Tom & Jerry's Funhousa (WGN) Designing Woman g ) Watt Dlsnev Presents . ^12:30 P.M. f' People's Court BokTand the Beautiful g ) Paid Program Andy.GrJffith g Trivial Pursuit: 1:00 P.M. (T) Jerry Springer GO Another World g ) As the World Turns O (T) One Life to Live g Hid America g ) (ID Streets of San Francisco ) Movie ** "Uncommon Valor" 00 "I Movie * "Playing for Keeps" (2:OC (Mil Fugitive CoTsc) World Away CESPN) NBA Finals Films ) $100,000 Name That Tune (LIFE) Supermarket Sweep (NICK) Muppet Babies (SCIFI) Lost in Space CTBS) (:05) Jetsons (TNT) Movie **Vz "The Bastard" (2:00 (USA) Talkabout (WON) Hulk Hogan (DJJN) Movie *** "Old Yeller" (1:30) 1:30 P.M. GO Frugal Gourmet ' • (AMC~) This Is Your Life (ESPN) World Roller Hockey League ) Let's Make a Deal (TiFE) Shop 'Til You Drop (NICK) World of David the Gnome CfBsT(:35) Brady Bunch (USA) Sale of the Century (WGN) Flintstones (H§Q) Movie *** "Innerspace 1 (1:59) 2:00 P.M. (T) Beetlejuice g Q) Days of Our Lives g , ~) Guiding Light (T) CD General Hospital ; Co) Are You Being Served? • ' ••-, )Cannon ' / (40) Paid Program I Perfect Strangers g •.. ^ ) O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (AMC) Movie **'/2 "Arrivederci, Baby" I roTsc) Beyond 2000 > (FAM) Zorro g ' ' ) Anything but Love I Dennis the Menace (sciFi'l Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ) (:05) Saved by the Bell g ' , oker'sWjId and the Vidaro J •"^^'pnr—-r^ CD insp'eTOorSi&dget g } CD Wild America g (to) Popeye •. : (44) Dennis the Menace (ESPN) Up Close (FAM) My Three Sons ) Tracey Ullman, (Nick") Flipper . ; fTBsT(:35) Saved by the Bell g (W) New Tic Tac Dough ) Charles in Charge g (DISN) Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo CMAX) Movie *** 1 /2 "The Ghost and MrsTMuir" (1:44) 3:00 P.M. S) Merrie Melodies g ^) Geraldo Jane Whitney I Donahue g ) CD Highway to Heaven g ) MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g (20) Magnum, P.I. (44) Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g ) Rockford Files g (DISC) Mother Nature • (ESPN) NBA Today (FAM) Littles ) Jane Pratt (NICK) Yogi Bear (SOFT) Incredible Hulk (:05) Jeffersons g ~ tigs Bunny & Pals. ) Press Your Luck • ) Saved by the Bell g I Fraggle Rock g , 3:30 PTM. Ho) Tom and Jerry Kids g Tale Spin g (DISC) Wildlife Chronicles -•; (isW) Max Out (FAM) Super Mario Brothers 3 J Looney Tunes 1 (:35) Andy Griffith (TNT) Captain Planet and the 'laneteere g ; CUSA) Scrabble I Saved by the Ball g , CDJSN) Adventures in Wonderland Q I Movie ** 1 /z "Diving In" (1:32) l Movie ** 1 /z "Disaster in Time" 4:00 P.M. «) Tiny Toon Adventures g / Saury Povich g ; ' * ) Golden Girts g ) Oprah Winfrey g ' CD Designing Woman g (D Barney & Friends g 1 In the Heat of the Night g . ' • J C^3 Darkwing Duck g Joan Rivers i l In Search 0'- l Movie ***V2 "Th« Gr«at Man" (tjigj Profiles of Nature ESPNJ Sportscenter I Popeye ; I Movie ** ."Fatal Judgment" i Underdog 3 flight Gallery (:05) Beverly Hillbillies g (TNT) Jetsons v •,•'"•• fulA) $25,000 Pyramid I Paradise Beach (DISN 3 Movie *** "The Frogmen 1 ' 1 4:30 P.M. (40) Batman g Inside Edition g ) Golden Girts g GO Sesame Street g > (5) Goof Troop g ; V V l Professional Athlete*XJolf vague i Inspector Gadget . NICK) Muppet Babies m) Alfred Hitchcock Prasarits 35) Major L«aaue Baseball' ugs Bunny & Pals

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