The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 18, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1859
Page 3
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T«E BUSINESS DIRECTORY JThe following List of BnslneM Bouse* and Manufac- torlng EstabllBhrneotB are 'araonK the best and most Trrominratm their respective lines oT business. apr2S . J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT &, SUPERINTENDENT, OFTC1E-N0.10 TODIJG'SWBW BLOCK. \ Plans and Specifications for all tjndi ofDolldlngt furnished at short notlceand on the most liberal terms. JelS ' Waiikesha County 3»lilk. I AM prepared to fornlsb. the oltocns of Milwaukee <UU J rwith p rR]E coujfTIt* MILK rom the well known Dairy of M. BARBER, Esq., Msi fair price and In quantities from a pint to a puncheon. ThosewiaUing to oe supplied, can leave their order* with Meora. Hnnn * Crosby,, opposite the_W«l- ker Boose. J- *• ABBOTT, Yankee Mlllonan. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAVT. ALEX. SCOTT, L,EAI>Elt. 18 NOW BEADY TO FDRNISH ANY ...u, of Irutrumenta, from one to i twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, Excursions, Ac., Ac., at reasonable ratce. Apply or address Oapt. Aua. Soorror at Hempeted's Music Store, 178, East Water si, augll _^__ MUKKAY, PKIOB & OO-, Seaman's Mammoth Bonce Furnishing Block, HURON STREET, KiBcriCTCEiuB or, ABD DABXXRS a 8TOVE8, TIN, i GALVANIZED IKON ROOFJNQ, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, ic. fST~ Orders thankfully received and promptly at ten- ed to. my88 ISAAC K1NOSL.KY, A STKAin PIPC riTTKIl, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, WBOLEEALt AID B K T A I L O«Al.«»l* UA8 AND STEAM PIPES, GAB, STEAM AND WATER COCKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, GUAGE OOCK6, Ac., . Always on hand, a larire assortment of «; A s F J x x r « E s Work done in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice fcnd lowest prices. jef-dly N. L. OKISWOI^L) & OO., EKTAll. DKALXBS !• LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN u OHILDREN'8 BOOTS, SIIOICS AI\U UAITIiKS, M A S O Jf' STREET, O |i |) o s I 1 c llit- U H I k r r Houne. 1 . W K 1 N B K K N N K K , HAl!tirACTtTHE£ AHL) UKAIXB Ik ICOO'I'S,, MIOF.S AMI UAITERN ii.0. -IA SPUING STREET, I>«htl« Asueriran H n u » e o i» mylV "^BooT AT NO. -IS EAST JOH.N Bhoee »hoe Store, IVATKit S t UEET, PH.KLAN, < nlways on U&nd good custom m&de BooU and n of Ladle* 1 aod G«at.emeD k B BooU &Dd Bhoefi ma dt to order In the latest style and warranted tofrivc BatiHf action . n,prSS JOHN UK;K, w ii o r i; s A i. E i)Klt;«. JST, NO. s:-. EAST WATKR STREET, Ua& just received * full supply o Celebrated Unioa works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured nl Cleveland, New York. Transpc-'«! entirely by vessel, it conies in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates 1 have permanent arrangement* to ftetl this brand of Glass hereafter. my2S JOHN RICE AKMSTKONCi i UONNJiLKY P A I > T E K S. «i K A I !>' E U S , AA'H .syOA WXIT£RS, M., bctu'ecn Itlain A Water. (7~ Particular attention paid t» Kalsomlnelnp C«ii- ines. _ my18 Harper Brother*., (EtttabUtJ^d in 1S4S.) UODBE 81GK.8HIP, OARRlAGt AND ORNAMKN'l'Al 1'o.lnUJra, Glazier* A. l'ii|>cr-Huti/f trfc IMITATORB OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 30 O N E I I> A STREET, A fEVf DOORS EAST OF THE MABKE1 ffOUSf. General Land and Insurance Agents IVOTAKIES, AC., OFFICE coritei of Keed and Orrjron streets, MeyroseV Block, Fifth Ward. *~U ill attehd to the buying and sell in? of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings ID responsible Compa nies. Attend to th* Collection of Accounts. Making jul of Deed*, Mortgages. Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accifunu placed in our band will be prumptl.v p^id over. A. O. ^OMS ....... iJ-eS. .K.maBT WHITIHIAD. Henry: v WIedeck€ii &€?«»., BOOKBItSDEKS. fflnaers' Stock, Printing Ink and fl»t always on hand In large quantities. Amv» Bnmnw tathej»B»te*»_«tjrl*. So. 219 EAST WATIB ST., KNKLAHD'S BLOCK, aprt MILWAUKEE. BOOK8 it: AS4>f liEU BY " GEORGE WOOX>, Olt, MODERN PILGRIMS, &C. Tbe Ministry of Life, by the Author of Miniate ring Children. ' Mela Gray, by M. J. Mclntosb. DOra Deajie and Maggie Milter. TbeJttlia, Prince of the House of David—new edition. LJvingiton's Africa—12 mo. edition. For sale by [feb!9j E. TKRKY A OO. A NEW SUPPLY. •\JATDEK and the Spiritual, by Dr. Bushnell. 0.1 The Land and the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Power of Prayer, by B. J. Prime. ilemolr of Stoddard. Bitter Sweet, by Holland. for f ale by £. TEEKY A CO., feb20 167 East Water street. •JUSTICE UOOKKTS. M ANUFAOTCRED expressly for Uiat purj>oie, out otfirst qnalUv paper. K. TEKKV A OO., ]<•« 1(17 ICiul w*ter «>. A NKW BOOK by John 8. Abbott.; . The Empire of Austria. .Life of Douglas Jerold. The M.n-.f try of Life. Meta Gray. Downings Fruits and Fruit Tree*. Hi-vined tditloa. The House, a Manual of House Architecture. For sale by E. TEKKY, marts 167 East \Vau-r ttn-ci WISCOiN'SIN ATK DIRK t; TORI — ANIV- C3.- J±. S25 E T FOR 1858-59. '1UO »>OI.I,AKN. THIS WORK CONTAINS THfc ^AM1C AND A1>DRESS OF EVEKT PKRSON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N his own account In the State of Wisconsin, from the Wholeiiale Merchant and Jobber to the amah dealer. Representing bntli the Mercantile, MMnufuc- turing. Mechanical and Prcfefiaionaf briu>ches of buttt* ness alphabetically arranged nud CLASSIFIED IM>F.K THKIlt APFBOPKiATX Informattoi. relative io Banks, (sbowing their capital, date of organization, circulation, kind ami value of securities deposited,) Railroads and otl.t-r tncor'Ktratcd companies. AgricuJmral and Manufactoriop Btatistic« of the Btate; a Sketch of th<- State by C -under 1 ; a Historical Sketch of the 8tate, and a full a.nd ecmprchen? ve A}>- •pendli Advertieemen B of the ItBdmp business houses conspicuously displaced on unted p4(res, interleaved through the body of the work. The Book is of fall octavo size, haadBOtnely prtDitd, containing about six hundred pttftes. The advantages the Business community must derive fro id )u penerat circulation, BJ a book of reference, throughout tbe Btaxe, ann the principal t as tern OititB. afford lap ab It does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, resources, statistics, wealth, in fact, a perfect mirror of l.i hnsi- nes&, Is of inestimable value, fcod canHOi br ton general lyappreciated. f3r The Book Will be tanl b_y mall, free of ^xistape, on receipt of TWO 130LL.AKS. Lav aod Library Binding, 12,60. Address STRICKLAND A Oil., mart! Booksellers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin SIXTH voi.rnr. WISCONSIN For sale ai feblt INSURANCE COMPANIES. iK B WlixilNa;*toit*pr Mttchtoitae loured T iiT not-tail lmin«ttatelj>nd-gerthettV Insured In the following "First pass,"*<old **tab|ttbea .wad prompt psjlnfrCpmjanici:jJ. 4' I * ? -»'- fc'?""' " : '&&&& INs'USAJic.fe "COMTPANY. ,f- :: : .>-.-•: "f OfHartfora.'Connectlcut, •••• ! i N o b B JP.O. & A, £ s jp; ijs i so».. Cadi Capital «ndBtirnljU,.>7.^...^.»|l;S«Ti».1> 08 II A- ilTFOpI* INSIIH AKCE COJSJI'AH V, [•; ,.-^_ ... Of Hartford, Connecticut, .. ._,_ • ' i-N^O O'E P OB A T'BD ; TN -1 8^1 0-v C«iflh Capital and Surplus, .: .- •. .y . : . ;. . . . .»7M,«K» 00 H*-^' . ;. Of Mesr^o'rkClty," ' .",!• L'asli C.pllal BSd BurpUo, ...... .. ....»1,077,9»0 40 110 UiAUU INSURANCE COMPANY, • . I .-. Oi _He» T«rk. - -<• 1NCORPORATEDNIN.1SM; 0».h Cspit&l anil' Burpiiu.. .-.-....- ./.»8S8,9M 33 I'lIf^NlX IKSIIKANCB COJKPAN V, j ', ••• 01 H»rtfOf'4rC6nnecUcut, Cash OM>HM and Surplus,. ............. $«8,084 04 LAMAK PIKE INSURANCE CO., Of New Sort, 0 «. Capital »Dd Surplus^ ..... .• ...... f 2S9.0W 33 1MCSOLU IE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, Cash Capital and Surplus ........ ..... .*24«,889 6» CITY FIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, •.Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital And Surplus,. ....... ...... ..$308^131 46 1 solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits 8Bd retponsiklUiy, and refer to tbeirprompl and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, a» a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. W. flEtrBY HOLUAKD, Agent. JOBS HOLLAKD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. Mi*sutij, Snrreyor. Wisconsin sts., Milwaukee. septA . U tiitcd Slates ;ti . A. F. tan. Co. -^.CAPITAL ,»100.0«0 OU S»««9 00 Office, andcr WUjbeII'» Bank, corner of Bart Wates and ' Mlchlffan «tr««s, j MIL w.i DKTne.. ____ . ........ Tfjscojfsrv. J A. lldfensttin, E. Bandertua, Moses Roei-land., B. B. DarRetl, f muiid Hate, U. 1). Dousmar., H I Palmer, Krlffln Townsend, Bulomon Adler. J. A. UELFKK8T1IN, O. B. nOlJgMAN. Vlcf President, W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B.C. W«st,Becreta*y. S. 8. DiOOETT, Treasurer. H. L. P^lJisa, Attornci. m»r10 M1LW AUKKK O. OFFICE : In llllcbell Building, CAPITAL, - - *2CMI,IHMI <_a«h Paid in, $IOO,OOO. I: 1 K KCTu R? H L PAUink, 0. P. DAVIS, W. A. Pamrisa, R. TOWMHKKP, A. S. OOIOVKB, H. KMl^BbA<1HT, J. it. KaLLooij. J. Ilnvnian, Joaarn f. Hiu, J.S.UAKHIH J. 11. Coaocs, JAS. MCRUA,, OUAB. QBIBDKJta, I'. OouSTOOX, GKO. DVKH. E. TOWN8KNU, President. A. L. WALRdTH.Bccrftarv H I.. PAUUEH, Attorney. 'Ire r.od Marine Risks taken at current rat«s. DETROIT & MILWAUKEt R, ft ' (Now opened to take Michigan.'/ • t AID Swift Z0t*>/T4** v '"* first'Clou JSteamtrst "City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AND AM'Ek MONDAY, April U, 1859, Passenger Tralnjfwlll run as follows: GOING WEST: | Night : Hall. Mixed. A,ccom. Express. I P. at. P ». a. M. i. 11. 0:iO 4.-SO 10:20 A.M. a. y. p. u. r. M. 7:0u 1:80 4:45 8,<00 fcSO 6:88 7:80 10:5o 7:40 F. H. a. M. 12:10 9:86 ... 12:1S A. H. 8:05 i-JZO . .. 2:85 4:40 8.50 8:60 A. H- P. X. F. M. 2:1) )2:16 Sup. Bridge, dep. [ •Detroit, depart.. j Ventonrllle, arrive •Oswtfo, arrive.. Bt. J'hra, arrive. 1 Grand Bapl''s, an!, •uranil Haven, art. Milwaukee, arrive; ' —-t— »aef-eshmecls. . RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N Kaciiie OPEN TO DAVIS, dO MULES. <14 Milit from Frteport.) ON AND AIT EK MONDAY* .DE.CJ. 6, 186ti, Trains will run as folloVs, vu :i OUUitir WEST. Leave Racine for Daris—freight £ Ace., 5 A. M Leave Kaclne for lieloil— Passenger, -I r. M. • GOING KAtft. Leare Btlolt'for Baclne-rPaaaeoKcr, !:JO A. n. Leave Davis for l.aclne—I'leJgbt * Ace., »:80 A. *. Passengers bj taking the JAM. tralu o« the lake Bliorc Uallruad at Milwaukee, connect at lUclue with train, to Dnvu; arriving at Stag-.leaven ilavts lor freeport ou airivai of iruiu. 9:3feA. ». train from Davis connects at Kaclne wilb afternoon trains pnitbe l^ka tihoru Kailroad fcorth and South. &f freight lomartleu with uiapatcjt. dee* ' liUlU.UT UAUliUi, superintendent PitUburgii, i'ort Wayne «St Chicago ucw ind direct Uuute now Ofen tu New York., A boston, ftttsbargh, FhtlAUeiptUn. llalLuuorc a,o<) V> ajthiugtcib clly, UlcTelatid, bonkirk. Uuilvilo, Ni^ara Jfalls, and aU eastern ctUeJ. Cincinnati, CuluiDtnu, L*:*y- UJD, hprmgfleW, Urbaou, itnicaviiie, it-jiUetiViile, Newark. anU ULet-liii^', auti all ujUrriur to was uf Uhjo, I'cnQ- lylVAOJa, Virgin. a. Utvytanti, New Jt-rs-rj, *«. * one <.ruuU (.'iil>ioi.< u 1C. H. Line KKTW.UUI CfliCAiiO A JiU TLTC tiffT. Una ti.mtt wtlJ be j-ar i-or'. U';*>n Ullraukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, «rr. Bt. Johns, arrive... Owosao,arrive. ... Fentoovllle, arrive •Detroit, arrive... 8ns. Bridge, arrive 7:00 Mall S:UO 4:00 6.-20 7:8« ^ F. M. 12:16 F. U. 9:55 Ulie.l. 11:20 F. M. 2:16 6.IW A. M. 4:00 Nightfl Eipr'a u. 11:00 p. u. 8:4,1 10:30 A. •. 1:00 •Refreshments — Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. iloal will leave Milwaukee on Haturdais at S p •. — for Saturday Nliftit's Express passengers west, but 4 A. •. tra n wUi B -V leav« on Sundays. Travlns lear* termini dally, Sundays excepted. T11K TELKARAPH LIME Ii NOW open for FDBLIO Bu- SlXCtifi. CONNW-'TIONS. AT UETUOIT-OKRAT WKBTKRN RAILWAY for all points E*«t— MICHIGAN CENTRAL and MICUIGAN BOCTUEH.S RAILROADS, and CLCTE- LAND Lloo of Btt<amers. A'l- UUA^U MAVEN— With " HU8OH " Steamer for CHlCiAGO, ic , *c. A'l' WILWAIKEE— W til the Vll'SISaiPPl, LA CRO8SK, CUICAGO, WATERTOWN and HORI- UUN RAILROAVB, for all important points West and Northwest, and un atiRS'Sstppi Kiver, auil with Steamers for Ports on Lake* Michigan. Passenger* for 6re*t Western Railway R° on the Jiali- way FBRRT BTKAiiBa, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaviog Dock at ki'U l v , l:Uj p M , and 7:30 p. n. MOUf TRAINS ou the U.W.R have SLEEPING CARB attached. PARCELS left at an; of the TICKET OrTIOK* »r- forwarded by PAftBKBaaN TailKd AT VKKT Monkft- ATR RATKU. The Company's Time-Tablet can be had at any of Ihr Stations. W. K. II IB, Oenl ?->p'i. WBITW/III t CnaB^n, Ticket Asi-nt, '£X> East Water it VVn. (is .HAH, Kreipht Apenl at Comuany's Dork H.O. WlLwis, tjen*ral We«tern Aeeut U. t M. K. Odlci-si April, 1M*« apr-S ., Hat. A Baraboo VuiU) IBgT* TliOSe Uc^lnug iu gu Ucutar ati'i enquire lor TickcrL r. voiding Um anooyiincc ol rt-checking then Baggage. TRAIAS LKA VK J)£1'OT UA VAX BlltKJ .s 7 UAJLi, A£ tttLtVHA; 3.00 r. ^i,— NigJu fc.i[>it3«, daily, c^tur iayi excreted. C:l*d *. «. — Muruiug Mall and Kxjiress, uauy, tfandnya CXCcpleu W.ii. but one chAJige of cars to Pttint>urv;b CSKUK1JIU ttAOUAOK THAOC'iO Tu Pitlaturyh, PLiladei^ma, Baiim.ure au>l New York ooQQecttng dlructly with irtuna ou Uu great Penuttytva nta Central Jlailroad* to all eastern CJLICH- AUOj-riC Ulcvelaml A UoKimbiu Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk Bntlalo, Hia^ara ITalla VIA New York Central itnd Nr. Vofk £ tirle iiftUroada io N^w York and BosUic. Persona going east wilt and Uaa ruute by rar uiv mu». •desirable, both from the adv-uiLagB m point of distance variety and beauty of the country through which th. rOiavda pas> ? aa well ab tbe le»J frequent changes ol cm- and the anaoyauc* of re-checking t-aj^age r^quiml i>y other route*. Va>cilitie> for the traneportatiuo of rrpi^ht and LPV. htuck by thu route are misur^ajacd li&iea na low it any *>Uier route-, aiid fi'.tli T.okcta for s Wc»l, ai*d al . lie n. ip*j i.ckc-t >u. oO ft-Ar , Mrt waukt- JNO J. lii Agcot, P , by A. IJ. A^f ti 1859. 1%. K 1859. Sl-MMKK AKKANOKMK.NT. f.lHl , |,.HI,l. fraiaa I n^y reliable and .'lUiiTll- W.1MT, * LL KutTKTo rua LA.IT, SJCTH QU t(ie omy LillC UiAJtin^ S /tckfd ilirouifft \-> prtiici j Du an,l •({ > V, A1MM I. e*>rn«r uf !•!• H):;iO 4. . * P*-. lii P FURNITURE NO YES, PLERZHEIM & GO., B EING about to dissolve their Uo-PartnersnIp irrsngem.-nt«, thur »holn ,i,,ck « .rtVr-i .1 ' ••• • re«erre. The best and largest stock ofr FURNITURE! EVER OFFKSED IN THIS CITY 4T GREAT SACRIFICES, l FOR THH NEXT SIXTY DAYS THE STOCK I« IIF.VV, AND Jlt'VT BF *«J 218 and 220 East Water Street, U I r \V \ | K f I-;, \* is* 01 »|«8-d2mo l»It. II. \\. til I»IIF. \ V I T( l!l,\AU\ SI in. K.o.-x, 1>PCLKVKLAM> re* pect fully nf'-rtn.f r,« mxfnn of viijw>tiiKr-.. u.j.1,, »ral*fd in Uu. [).».-H, A f .1 i-»*«,ij»f •* :.. t n*i * mult -,-f I rf-.-.-r*. .-.L DRY GOODS, &C SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! tirnea prolVadlnn:.;!}- In the cour We feet JDS title, l in ^ayinjr h rl*>r wi the general run of V e trr John C Bn.iihead. Wai. J .in Murray. Pryer A C«. ;H*-r *»t. i 7-« Judge Wilson, " BUhop. KHI, D«ct. H" M U. L. Ua-wu KiTlalan.1. N. A Jamr The Latest Noveltaes (1-. r I L' .1. ."- Wui. ttm. try .-t Kl FS AM), IMS. B,L % MJ ANIJ Chicago Line of Screw Steamers. TKI*\% 1 K.K I VHK tne i>p«-ci -ir>-r)»ti d ami A L LINK i K , A i. Ka.l I «• II A 1C ITS K AM* T 1H K undersized Is prepared U> take Marine R-»k» and Xire Ranks on i roduce in store, in the N,.rt> Western Insurance Co.. of Oswego, New Vork, at as low rules Ob by other reliable Companies. The reflation ol this well-known, long established Company etitiiles i tto public confidence. i HORATIO HILL, Acent, nov3 at i.fflce or II. * J. t. ilill STRICKLAND* CO, 184 East Water street. TEA* A*l> COFFEES, W H O J- K H A 1 , K & HK r l' A I 1, — AT— Robert fciuruej'n tiKElT MESXr.»l,\ TEA STOHE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per Ib lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground or. Lh« prerciaee by the most improved methods. Java 19c. Rio loc. Bt. Domingo 12)$. Remember the number 174 East Water si., Seaman A W'in^i Old Store. JySl B ATElUTHORiTY, WISCONSIN GENEKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY CHABTEIt OAK FUSE INS. € «».. Hartford, Conn CASH ASSETS . ..JS41.056 »3 IVOBTH .V14i:iil(A\ FIKE IMS. <«>., Uanlanl, Coou. CASH AF."ETS »SM,8tli (* liAH.KOAU- O N r.n-1 -ift«r Murui ,i> , A pr il 4ih, aod antil furtJit r Ut>- llCt- & I'tusflcUtfiT Trau. * ill leave MiltrnuKirv frpm \ Harilan-l , , Ki.<itCi>i ; ' 1 S > a in. ! Pi !; I (III' .'IDC Lake, Ocoiii'O ambuB at 4. 'A) p. m. , Harilan-l or, U&it-rUjwn, l^n rlno^ iti )Iilwaukr>f El Mil«-iukct- by Ui- MiiwftukerA ChiCftK" K.. R., U* A M ! R. K., ar.J Mil A >U« S K. R., of bj lirtnl, ran pr-.-'etrd 1C' the abort' ,..*.<re3 Gotmectiofii are tna'lc at fl alert.xrrj w.ih nap-t-s ', ' Lam Mills, JeOcnfun, Wai«rrl..o, Hancb«-tvin«, J*u!. I'r*.- ne, CottaK* 1 GTOVC H,D<| M»ili*ou. Alao at l'r. mrar>U!« for Lodl, Mt-nuiJiC, At*e^n t Pall Kivr , L.» .!'# C..rurf3, Himdcn, huvri.le, I>ekora,York, Arln,jrt.>n, hr.»t«i an.) f^r all fioinu U. U,c We»t and NirtUi West PiastDgrrs arrivm^r 5. liir Ju ration from it>r at»>vr piact-B mnkf roDUtcinit.s ' thr Mil*raukt:r A M;e*is- sippi H. R., lor Janr^n-illr, Madtsf-u ab 1 Hrtinr ilu Chieo ind at Milwaukee, tvilh t" tt.t i*"nif<, W •*»! Mid North. aj.rS 8. S. MKftRlLl., ^uprrlnLt-r.JrM -t -.1 '.* ml i T M..OIHT. M, I up* * r, J! .» i.j<- . *pr:' lii 10'J ) Rates ol Frt-i-jh-. Reduc.d Agam by \ri» ^ orl. A. i-.rn- ICai!ro:td - .1 .N t> - \orllicrn Transportation (,<).'«. CLOTH 1 M: U ' ST11. runt, >1 *»uk • x KS s r,.-.i Ir .:i, ." N TK l A _ - i MMK.K A KKA NOKM J «; Mer Si:UNCECKEL, A BIJUNOTrO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Real Eitate and Money Erokert, NOTARIES PDBL1C, MI1,WA0K:EK, WISCONSIN. Orrios Office. -No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- mart! L). CORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW". BAB removed to .Office, No. 6. Btate Bank Building, corner ol fcasl Water and Michigan street., Milwaukee. PIKK'S J' A NEW MAP, showlnp ihe Route to the Oc 10 U, gloni in Kansai.jujjl received by STRICKLAND a Co., feblt 124 East Water itriM-t BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! W E are prepared In our Biodjry to Bind M&(rax.Dea, Penodscala or anything else in tbe form of a Book^ In Deal and durable styles, ai low rates. .toft) tiTRlCKi-AND A CO i -^ tereo»copic V ie H *. i W E have rfcired a flnelni of 8tcre*copic Vitwi ! embmciop views of .iiterrfiilDg )ocalitt«-s ID RTSSIAf SVl l'rZEK.LA?%im SPAI>, j K G Y P T , NUBIA, I GREECE ITCTBKEY, fKKLA.\J', «f- , 4C', Also a larpre variety of new Amerh-a.n Vtrvs i New and very desirable st^U* of SUrposcop.c instru- I menta. " STRICKLAND A OO , ! BocikBtfJlerf and SiatlonrrB. ' aprl 1S4 Kast Waier -tr^t B O O It S . " ) UR stock Is tbe largest in tlit West. We (ell every Book at tbe Publisher's price. We can furnlfh to order any book which exists, either i tbe English or other languages. We receive new ooks u Isned from the Press. jan20 8TEIOKALND A 00. WFSTEHN if «HM. riME INH. TO.. Ol Pittifteld, Mass. OA iu A.s^ «.-n>: . *aui,c9-j j; CO\WAV FIRK !-*SI CASH ASSLi JWJ HAM PDF.* riMK fVKT'K ANTt: Sprlni^Aeld, Mas&. CASH ASSET* — VIA MKJHICiAN l — Altll- ; Western (Canada) Rail-way. al Central Ucp.-.t, foot^.rl.^ke I n C< >« F' I' !l I •N I ->. U1HAKD fill I. Of Pblli CASH ASSKTs tvAlN. 1 * IraT* l>ie r,re A str^t Clucag,,,a» 4:OO A. J»I.—DKKIulT At cOMJUODA'l 4a;i. rxce(,lt-.l). arclve at t P u 7:OO %. |T>. —CINCINNATI RXPRE-HI< rt»' t pled ) Arn vr « k ij l .afi till. 6? a 11 ro:i <l. OUR JJB31NG DtPAP.TMtNT I c j n DRY .,,.. | »-i«4 T8» TM >»:(»O 4. M. --I J. \^. <,rain, Auriil, OFMCK, NO.5, MART N BLOCK, CP PTAIR#, l.tlTM.N . HI' •.U). ! » • V'.-.". > , s » \ I I • K A I O. AND Y •. NX r. r. MILLINERY GOODS. IN" LalQUIDlTION i?:«O §», SCO*) P. .-MSK VUKK AMiH<»r-TON l-'.-vui. i; i . i hi u^. A. »• , S 8;-^r.»i'iti I^tro.l , i liuflait, '« Vui k | marSO-dSro CAPITALISTS W Q.1, find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bouils, Mortgages or othersecnritles for sale, may fipd it to their Interest to flit with me their applications or statements. O. 8OHLET, ylfi Opposite Walker House. J H. BTJTLan D. T. POST. La very & Boarding Stable, Foot of Mason street, (on the River.) School Book*. W E have every tichool Book in demand, and *« them at wholesMe or retail. T ftE subscribers have removed their (lock from the 'stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and tluron streets, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, m&kin? the largest and best appointed Liver; ect&blisltraeni ID the West. W>- ahall be glad to see our old frtenrls -ami customers, and feel confident that wr can fnraish tl>< r-.. v !th a* pood And stylish a turnout u any Bimllat tn the city. Thankful for past patron ..... j . io meet a continuance of the same. fjpv 1 Pr. >-ucular attention given to furnishing carriages b.i ..rswj for funerals. ml B KDTLER A POST. <jrOOL> OHANCK. HOUSE AJVO LOT FOB SALE CHE»P <«iHK undersigned will sell his Bouse and Lot, now E. occupied ft» a Tav. n by him, situated on Main St., Baclne, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the B. 4 M. R- B_ Depot The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the ntna- tton of the Lot, would answer for any branch of boat- neas, especially for Wholesale 8tor«, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who tike to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BAETH. Baclne, January !!S, 1889. JanCT-d6m 1Lumber Vessels for Sale. Bchaoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Engby, 168 tuns. The above vessels trill be sold at very low prices for satisfactory lecnrtty. Good title. TAYLOR A JEWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. JOHIS, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febSS . GENTLEMEN'S PUUNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. «. VAN COTT'B. OS e- 9C e to z 0 BUSS ELL. ired for a full and assorted stoc ' '" in Dry 4»oo«l< jan20 8TEICK1.AKD * 00. Of WALL PAPER WE KEEP A GOOD STOCK WALL, PAPKK, CURTAINS, FIBE ItOAHlMt, Which ire offer to the trade at wholesale, or to the pub- c at retail, an very low rates. ian%0 STRICKLAND * OO. THA: laiMEVVK STOCK or H> r y G.-OO ,-AT-l Mo. 1 §7 Ersl Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT -A.T O3NTOES! BY THK ASblONt-K. —8O— frreai Bargains maj be Eiprcted. aprli-dtf JOSEPH f'AHY. Asslgret. REMOVAL. STATIONKKY. O tl H STOCK F It B K A <: F s [7IVEKYTHING ever kepi In a First Clans Paper anil GJ- Stationery Establishment, which we offer at pricei hlch make H tbe Interest fur all to trjr as. janSO 8TEJCS.LAND A CO. I. O. O. F. nHEO>*d Fellows Manual, Illustrating the ilistory, L Principles and Government of the Order, wlib tlie Instructions and Duties of every Degree, Station and )ffice In Odd Fellowship, with numerous engraving! ; y Aaron B. Grosh. Tbe Odd Fellows Text Book, an elucidation of ht heory of Odd Fellowship, embracing a detail of tbe ystem In all Its branches, with Forms, Ceremonies ann ides with Music for Important occasions, and a Manual f Practice for the residence of Officers and Lodges ; by Paschal Donaldson- For sale at STRICKLAND A OO.'S., Booksellers and Stationers, 184 Bast Water st. apr2t KIT CARSON! ! I 13* 3EJ AND ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON, Tke Nester of tbe Rocky Hoontaias, From facts narrated by himself. Just received by maylO STRICKLAND A UP. NEW BOOK*! A HEW History of the Conquest of Mexico, by R. A Wilson. The Austrian anplre,lt« rise and preient power, by John S. 0. Abbott. Tborndale or Conflict of William Smith. •Wild Sports in the Far West. Forsalebr ' TEBRY • OLEkVEt, mart 1ST East Water street. O PPOSITE THE JAIL. Street Thoughts, by Dexter. The Higher Christian Life, byBoardnuo. Hew and good Book* at E. TBKBT * CO., mar» 1« But Water st. NEW BOOKS. F OTCBZ8 OF OOOHTBT LIFK, by Alice Cary.. The Methodist, or InpldenU and Characters from Life in the Baltimore Confrence, by H. Fletcher. For sale by B. TERBY 4OO,. No 16T «ast Water itreet. Rehback'» I.ead Pencil*, FORiALl BY S! PLKAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AA» STATIONERS, '167 Rut Water ttrtet, JMvxnOcee. W Bbare jut received a full supply of iheseOele- brated Pencil! from the manufaotcry of J. J Rehbach, in Regekuburg, Ba T »rla. They are otrefally aiiorteu, and eaob grade UdlsUnguHnefl'Ty* popular brand. Psrttcolar attention Is called to the "Opposi tlon Pencil." (round black jilt;) and to tbe "People's Pencil,", (round red gilt:) a'Boto the "Engineer's Pen CO," J hexagon SUt) AliofThlchlrtUbe/oundJnperi nrto«ny»aiafl>encUtotIiejn«iket. . t , Alwai> on band* complete assortment of black *nd oojored lead nenoUsxrf all the deslrafcle grade*. > oi» count anow»dlotfc« Trade proportioned to taient o orders. , , ap>SS I\C ItKAl*.i;«>l HI r AD1E8—your attention if tvotr called to the best Lj stock of BOXN£T$, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Miliraukee, to b* found at BLAN C H ARD'S, i B.L.OCK, IHAIK »T. aprZl I AND LOl'l.-M l.I.K KX rpt Saturday t Amveai Ciocinnati y.i<) A . • , L- -u.^vi-ir 4-"ii r. • Onr lr»tn ofl Sunday at fe.oO r. n. The S.OO A- M. Vud S;fO p. M. tralui cotinrrt al I'»r,. wiUi tin, Hntf&io i L»lle Huron Rallanj, fur liuOsvc and all polnU e- <t; at To-Tonto with tiraoU Trunk Ra;i way, t»j KlngaU j, Otciiensb'jrg, Montreal, ^ovb-t anu all pnttiU in ChDaJa £a»l, Nor*heTtJ Vermont, N r * Hampshire and Slalue. NEW YORK&ER'E RAILROAD! 1 N-» t ..r«. * >l r hA . -i-i ., •- I. I'KAW t" K I • Iv '1 l 11 XoTK.'K. if lll.<,.i>" t . H., M ' \i . .* It, Through tickets foi t&Jtr & ajScez In the Wczt, ac Chicago, and At the Depot, fool of Lake Urrn a. N. BJOt, Sat. B. J. SPALDTVQ. Oen Piaa. Air*t. apr a U k r r , Apr O N i.r,.1 afir-r April i»th. K.9. an.) tire, no fnfr»i>n - niiiFn r i—l t r, a,**- |-urr general office, forn^- ' <-r c ntr4Ct for m »t*r aw 'n r if.-- .Mil w»u«^i- ano 1 Mi April ytfi. v'.t* i rd Uelroit A: Mil. r-^stCLf kee Kailwh>, c fUE Steamer Cleveland vUl lake ^_ her place in Une of ihe Detroit A Milwaukee K&ilway, OD Monday, the 14th March. Pasf npert •Ifhlnsr tlrroupH ttcke.A catr be §up(J**d on and »ftrr Monday DeXl, ai>234 EHII Water utrtrct, gr al the officr on the doc« of thr l>et-r«nl A Miivauke KaiUay Co.— Due m> lc« of th* of departor* vili W )fi v '' n Th ' 8 will make the «boricst, cheapest and <)uickt-»t route io ail points Kast. marb SUMMEK ARRANGEMENT. TliUtauiaCc <V PK KM 1 1) ill n HF DOCBLE TH READ 8EW1NG"MAOBIN>'8. That look tbe flRST .'ItKMIU.M «V DIPLOMA, 'or Family use, al tbe Wisconsin Btate fair, October 8, are for sale at the Sewing iflachine Emporium YOUNG'S 13LOCK. ootlS Id A AC A. H/V1VCK * CO. SALE UNITED STATE* The Farmers Loan 4 Trust Com ^ pany, I vs. Tbe Milwaukee 4 Superior Railroad Company, ' I In the D. 8. Dl»- Clty of Milwaukee, Vtrict Court for tbe John Stewart. ( District of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, l In tqoity. Habm and I Gottfried Woetscb. j I N pnnaaace and by vlrtae of a decree made by the District Court of the United States, for tbe District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of Marcb, 186*. In th* above entlilrd cause, I shall sell at Pnbllo Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August. 1859, at 8 o'clock In tbe afternoon, from Ihe steps of the Custom ttoase. In the City of Milwaukee, a!4 and singular, tbe mortgaged premises mentioneA In the bill of complaint In Bald came, and described as: "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real a->d personal property asxt real estate ol tire sal- defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at Is to say, all of tbe first dlvitlon of Ike Railroad of laid Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Mllw ukee, to the City Of Green Bay In said State oT Wisconsin, a dls- •Vice of one hundred and tv«nty mile*, including the right «f way. and tsad occupied byatld first division of jsaid toad, (subject to the right, tiUe or claim, which the saU defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and, ITootecb. or eBhn of them, may bare bid at tbe time of making said decree, to land upon which said' Railroad Company n»» located l$iway,a»d fo» which no eompeniatlon has been made to them,) together with tfce iuperstructare and «r»cV thereon, ao4all ntliand other mite'rtaU used thereon, bridges, viaducts, cnl- t»,f«iice«, equipment*, necesaaty d»pot grounds and bidding! theteon,' bdoucing to the said HailraaA Com- t any, and all rojlln* ftock, engine*, ttndeie, cars, tools, mafertali, m«ehlnpry. flxfurw, and »U oftpr per- ion*! Ptopeny appertaining to jaid flr*.<llTlslon«t uid road, and all rlghu thereto, and Interests to be acquired by »a.d tfefesdant, tfce Mllwauaws and Superior Hall*o»d<JOnipanr, together with the Mine a?d ran*, -tlont appertaining to the said first division of said toad, aB tolls, rentt and IMoae to be bad or Uvled there- from, and all cerootaM and etbtr franoWsef, rlfbts and privileges of the said Railroad OomptBr in or to or concerning the same." / . i •' Harsbal'i OIBce, MUw»nke«, Wl»., Apr!) «.1B59 _ THOMAS, 0nUed Btatts Marshal. Blstrict'of WlnoonilB. Emon.TAi Drti 4 auungw.OomDl'u SollcHorj. aprat^dtt r '^ / HOU-KS tRKNTKO. liAMB,*Jl00WAi- I, renting of Souses. J o» lothe bavinf HousTsto Burning flaw, *nlrlU.»m*«ttB«.al. ~ RAIL ROAU. THK SHORTEST AND .HOST EXpa.DITIOC'S UO1 Ttl TO , La ^rouse, Winona, Read's Landing, Red Wing, PEE8COTT, ST, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY ol Time, JMooilny, April 4, 1 S5». 1ST TRA1M LFAVi.K 11:00 A. M., Arriving at Janesrl! e 2 30 P. M.; Madlsoo 3:35 P. U ; Prairie do Ohlen 9.-00 P. M. Connecting with th* Prairie rtu Chleo and St. jPanl Packets, which leavr Prairie du Ghltn on the arrival of the S.-OO P. M. Train. month*)- bit i L' R H A LI., it-"i'l \/i U ^ aprl6 J T. H'MlDY, MAntrT if Tr Till-: \OIMIII,K\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during Ihe prtrsml !*«-aj(OD. run thrlr well fcnnwn taod popular Line of Fir»l C'la»!« Screw liepularly, beiwet OOUfcNSBMtcm & A>P TH» I I'Prit Oa^Fc^-o, and Chicago, Milwuuti 1 orta, conneetlng at Ogd^nsburgh OGDENSBOROtl A VERMONT CENTRAL ftAlLROAD IlOUrK, BelwecD Oftdeasbnrfrh. Burllnptnn, O«T«r>l. Man- 'Chester f Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, \\ »rr. sirr anJ Boston, an<l ai Owrpo with the Sew Os*rfi*> Lme of Thirty First Class Oxoal Boau on the anlarpi^I CanaJ, between Oonnecting also at Dunkirk wnh HEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD, And fonnlnit * Trl-Weekljr Railroad Line between DtiukirJ., Milwaukee & Chicago. fy* Property forwarded by this Line will be subject to but Onq-Transhipment. Sf~ Merchandls- marked ".M. T. CO. KJt- |>I4£»,K will be forwarded from Nrir Vurk by an fscpresi FrtiffM Train over th« Site i'twi- aft Erit DETROIT &. MILWAUKEE llaihvay Meamboat Line ! . ><M.TH\\ '. rj»t u'.cr, join, r .ii » .nir.nM,.r, after iJ MAY r. f \ fl »Q.I «rl- K»nt -M i'in-i. io (t'lnil Ml, a».t Imck *t .- j.-ii i" \ .t 1 * U.- th»- T, an-i R T^r Ifi (•* tjit-ia.t v«- - fratUTt 1 -. 1)\VELLIN<T \\ .\ K l. \[i > I' e »n.l lni*rme the TRAIN LEAVES MILWAUKEE Madison 6:05 P. M., arriving st Janveivlllt 8J5 P. M 10:00 P. M. _y Far' t.. all points on the Mississippi Elver as low u any other Koute. WILLIAM JKBVIB, apie Oen'l Supertntrudenl. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL ROAD. SPKIN0 AJliRANOKMKNT. WHEAT NOBTH-WESTEItN 1I.MTKD STATKS MAIL & EXPRESS AND ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO! LA CROSSE On the «7i>*^ER MISSISSIPPI BEVER, OB and afWr ilonday. April Mth Two Through Express Trains Daily, MIL.WAIJKKK, fHOM DSP6T FOOT Of OHKSTNOT 8TKER, *B rouowi: < a ad t»:43 P, Iff. Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:8O Ai iM. AND S&8O H. M. Close cokneetloni are made at LaCroaie. Twice daSty eaicli w»r wltK thei MJB- •esota Packet Company's New jantl Splendid l,Bite<t Statea mail Line «f 8u>iimer*lo & from St. sad F mtermediatu toy •dlei in futettft n, by taking this route, .will pave 100 . ei in diJtancB and 18 hpun ttme, from Chicago or Mllwankee to La Orowc or 8t. faul, ovorapy other %Mondaya txi tfttd- tSuiwJays eieepted. api24 Manager. O ;H«,d afl^««»A.r. Apr? _«b, «*•«!>• ««:tte m. jrw * Baraboo Valley BailroM ,.4tU:« A. K^ and fafan ' ' And protnp'.ly forwarded from Dunkirk.) AfFI.'j TO J. MTU.S Aftent N. T. Oa., in Broa.lway, N«w York. J. L. W>aMia, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Crentles Slip, He" York. CHAS. B. TaPfaM, corner Cth and Ohesout St., Phlla. Hoy IT() OaiWroan, Oswego N. Y. 8. D. CALDWELL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. CHi»Dfc&L&, Oaawroan 4 Co , Olevelaad, 0. JOB* Hoerrso, Agent N. T. Co., 85 State it., Boston. A.Ucsn*»«, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 Btate St., Boston. J. P. Croscm, ARent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. (Jco. PAassa, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. L. J. niUBY, llilwaukee, WIs., office LaOrosse k U. R. R. Depot. *• ' \ Mn-aokee, Wlsconaln, l Office neac II. t M. R. R. Depot. N. B. — Shippers are requested to see one of tbe above Agent, before making contracts, as the; are prepared to offer very low ratea, and their connections with the Ogilensburgh and Oswego ronua, and especially with the New. York A Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dSm-4astwlaw . _ Old Black Star Line «f Packets. Olflce Mo. 4O Fulton ulrcel, IV. V. ON J-.'i' L)IKEOT LINK —TO— in.Esx-.a.KriD. * - -fT^fc 8TKAM TO ALL POINTS JH|lHHBaK o( 3reat Britain for 9: Tua poverfnl lion Steamships CIT? 0* BALTIMORE, rOITT Of WASHINGTON. TJTTY OF MANOUESTKB, KANGAROO, VIGO, 111 ull from New fork for Cork and thence to Uv- 8'ATUXVA V. * Pasuge from New York :. 0«bln,....^T5 ..................... Thlra Clara.... *80. Fasatge from Liverpool an*<l Cork : Qtbln,...,fS5 ........ . ....... .;;. Third Clan ..... I*). Bsf PaMengera forwarded to Havre. Antwerp, Bre- meFard Hambarg for « B In Cabin, $» Third Cl">TO PARIS tin *8 hours from UterpooO Oabm »90; ensblj* arebailtWlronjla •atertlitht esrry each an urportroeed Surgeon and for ih« immedlataatjnction of ore. apply toft. J. Curtis* Co., 17T Broad. B»», 16 Broadway, K. T. m a<n . », roy, . . . Tf.'lt.^Vlmag.r. bj Jhl» Lin. *Totd tt» risk and i at Halifax and St. John*, as th* gteam- c- t . part - ll.-Kel* made vai,.l t.) 1 IM h.. Hour* of Sal line .V I ruin-. us Mllwauki-c . l! ••' Leart; Gran.l llavt-u " 4.'' \r ivi- at (tj-an<l KA{,I,!.. Ii 'n Leav«(ir%n,1 n.i^i.N J '** L«:ari' tirao.l il.»%to. • >*' vrriv L' al ifllwamite Thtrrc i» » new tin! cum t{j£ Kallm-ay !>,>[>ot at Urarul Mav r«Ttie* ^driiiriaic to sp^od a ff'v fi or on thu Dcuch ahioh LH .)uiti- liave rvery atu*ni.ii>n. Inatttutioos, will oe ^arn^.l .-i can be hnd on application to i £ST~ Tltkeu can be nad at Sera on board Mejiroera and W K. MUIS, General ^uptTtotendont. aprSu^ilm Detroit. .1 in > i T Hals, < a|)-< and '••r-ni \ i l l : ATLANTU K E M O V A L W XO.J 188 B \ V I, FALL I 11 r NCLK Hma MM. • S.V1T KU \ " V ! EAST WATKIt .MTHV.ET, J. .V. Btmti'Ml'* Dry G'«<-<* .^tf-,, And having made such addition) KINK 'H C) K T K A 1 1 S I Ai to enab e him to say u* the uunlic with i:<uitl.l<.ni that he Is now prepare*! 1.1 furnish Lhem with ?v-ry ,ie slrable Ityle of Picture known to the com.: unny. \o.l at such Astounding Low Prices as to J«:fy ^nmn.-i tloi, for example, Dagnerrolypes tor I2| O«i. Fl'LI. SIZK PIIOTOGU APIIN for only $1,00 the Bnt ooe, ami 50c for 'In- Dupl c JIEI.AI."»EOT¥PE.S, Ai d In fact every other .ntyle of Picture, at jorr«i- ponding low prices. MIPEIIIAL PI10TUORAPIIM, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and Unisli«l >« th* highest style of the Art^ THE STEEI^OTYPF, A new and popular styte of" Picture, Colored in Oil, whlcn fat eiceta In Acouraoy, Boldne*. and i£»"ty ••' Snlsb., any other Picture ever offered u> the Pnbiu The«9 Pictures have only to be seen to b« » Jml '^; All wbc-anrteslrons of saving mooey ar« if •?«""'» solicited to call and axarnlno apccimcna »t the Old . Stacd, ONT a * I \\ Ui(l 4 \V. Ii. O -I M I 2 OS \V r a l . > N . r \t PTI..II an,I ill I'!-. 1 t- K-> f .X on-Li PS«*« »«' rilHK [ " \ 1 t- c c I ( H \ N I -» I 1 1C I' f I V. 1 Lamp i ^ s r < \ <.>• p Doctor C. H AVING located himself In Milwaukee, offers his services to the pubBc. Dr. L. has nerved In the British Army for fifteen yean, In India, Bnrmah and In the Crimea. . Surgical cases promptly attended. Office corner Huron and Van Buren st. J. JAIMNICU, a* tut for sal* by 4IS««att.y«riaillsaJ| or*. f ntlr«ly .'»(.• J o IB a t h n u 4 r i: N 1) L-.K I .\ K K NpTlng si., Up|>u»itv iiii.-n. KKKPS CON.*TANTLV i.n ban.I < <n Jf Uahogany, Ulac« Walnut ami ••!>! irelher wiUi HUs> >t»tallo Burial Oases. The'iilBce of the /ort'flt Honn* Crmtrt^ry ''. at my plac,', wlitre 1 n.ivs tliu jilali of 'ho k r r , n always to ti.vnaipntjv patron* .... (reyto lelect lots «»r itla^*?n fnr ''unal, »ud e* tmuiy place of business liny jr m^hu Oi anirs Af ill Kin H for Ml*. rTlirS plT-e rn 'JUT Hroi-*r>«i ., ai !lotl««i i VVn .i oiDna. u, M good article, in itore, for saio LAiTON * PLANKINTON.

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