Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 33
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 33

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 33
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E-EMPLOYMENT E-' Male Help Wonted E-~EMPLOYM£NT G~M6RCHANOIS6 j G— MERCHANDISE E-l Mole Help Wanted i G-MERCHANDISE , SUNDAY, DEC. 5, 1965 35 E-3 Mole-Femote Help Wanted ! G-1 Boats, Marine Supplies G-! Booh, Marine Supplies G-6 Flowers-Planh-Seeds Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. • t t A I *Trt 11-iJ GRAMERCY, LOUISIANA exc«lletl! ,.^-. ooroticn. Those ;«^.i«-uiiK 1 -e.k"'?''}t m ' n ' Rewlrmen in Moondlno cor- retiul^ High School Dlplomo plus o minimum of S yeort ' nl mechanic. Also, Meeltent oo- Repoirmert who ho»« HW ScftoeJ r,^i r .',^."fcn>f>iiftn ii7'~^—i_^"v^"""r" *" * vtor^ resident course Ifl Indusfrfol l«oyVM«I«rY. *xperl*nc« 'n protest Instrument motrtttnonc* In AMBITIOUS PERSON full or MOT* fimt. > femw* e^wK/cW in E. • (Wi er part Let* __ ... __ «r w«k. WftH R LA L ; WAMTEO: Cat*. * em. .. Good soWrv. Silver E, Breed; coll 3 p-r ,,-,. — \V^"I"__ i_r fc. •*»"" » ' n^ii snHiWl Wl^'VIU SSKlRuI & .£fSW industry osHnstrumenl me- XffiSlS'lt* Hi?jffil ""* fof , ln»'fW"«nf Repoirr P'^S"« &.!.Mtl»««S>ofy comol«llon of 3 ywn r CELEBRITY: j Irofc ttf ' en. Pert tar HEEDS Fv« . Ca« In htovv tmJu$lr Y . Exceflent 1 E-4 Employment Agervcits Apoly In wrjon el th» P«f»<trt«| office «nd I a ton Rougi on Alrllnt Highway er located midway bt(w»«o K*« Ofl«on» cqll collect: C. L. STINNETT Personnel Manager 869-5711 lutcher, Louisiana An Eflual OoMrtunlty Employ«r E-2 Female Help Wonfe. | E-2 Female He(p Wonred Southern Bell Says, Pack up your bags for a new job and smile, smile, smile — Jobs are available In New Orleans as telephone operators. You will have— Regular employment Good pay Differential and overtime pay Regular and frequent raises Many other benefits Come on — our jobs are the greatest". Apply: Southern Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. 315 Division Street, Lake Charles or Call Mrs. McComb?, Lake Charles, 433-3921 Collect. M Employment Agencies \ E-4 Employment Agencies ; F-101 TECHNICIANS : NEEDED \ For ; Lockheed Aircraft •j Service Co. j : LAKE CHABLES FACILITY J ; Minimum of two years expert- j ence in: • • ; • Production PUuuung • '. <66-l System) • I i Hydraulic System* { 1 Structures . ; Egress System " ! Air Conditioning , .i j Comnav Aid System* ; '.. i Apply at"La. State Employment f Office, 1028 Enterprise JJlvri; i : (An eavci ocpc<1vn)ty en^ptoyerl j i ~ LA. STATE ~ \ I EMPLOYMENT ;' | : 1028 Enterprise . j ; COMSTRUCT10H ESTIMATOR - T. a i i PR&OUCTI'O^P'LAWMER"— TTo. w-i j , " »•«*. i129 5URVEYER INSTRUMENT ft*H • noyr S3.25 5.USVEYEP. PARTY CHIEF, bovr Si?S : EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR — Hen ercfrt i MAKE HIM HAPPY THIS CHRISTMAS GIVE HIM AN EVINRUDE MOTOR ALL SIZES IX STOCK PROM 3 TO 100 HP LAYAWAY OR EASY TERMS THOMPSON'S MARINE SALES 836 FRONT ST. 438-3521 G-3 Building Moteriols j G-3 Building Moterials DO YOU NEED A NEW —BATH —BEDROOM —FLOOR ; —CARPORT —OR A NEW HOME i . WE CAN ASSIST YOU \ WITH PLANNING — FINANCING : UP TO 10 YEARS ON REMODELING G-6 Flowers-Planh-Se«d» G~MERCHANDISE SALE Certified NATO SEED (til o r sjp II . Z- s_y per barrel AMERICAN RICE GROWERS WELSH, LA. G-8 Household Appliances G-l! Miscellaneous G-14 Air CondiHoning RefrigeroHon-Hwfing ct»»l. . Zint. t»,0» BTW, tort. Mi *'<* 1 AJWC m toi a«r c*i- W!«n*r, «rtnd*w urvtf. U»*J T , r*j!rr. Coll CT-3M1- H-1 Dogs-Cob- AT STUD- GfW«Io« ji.-~J 53 cf>OT*l*rvj In t*odu:t<-. P cood't 91 ;h*l S «< v oe'«. J'tS. < HjV. »«•/ PUPPIES ?OB Sate: .. of tnwll pvcct**.. tM. f»-SftS. I \»Ff OOO, hilly . Was bouortt In Arkonws throwon Moj- ' »KCRE<5STEREO~B«os<f: 4 mcnmold. " ~" b»«dTir». va. MI-MI) mot*. Oiomplen OftW 5:30. HOTPO1NT REFRIGERATOR. 573. , ALL WHEEL GOODS: Trlcyclea, WJ3- ' Cereal Elsctric retrtoerotor, MO, W > oris. *id#e cars, etc, discounted M per < Ger. ? roi evettrte jr»frt9««»or. ISO. G<KXJ ( cent. B. F. Go*«Vten, SM Ryon, «*-j REGISTERED MINIATURE ****• ' ond toy fcx terrier pypolei. Reody (Of CJirtstrnos- CJ-CW. . pftEFlNlSHED PLYWOOD iiJxl/lS Mariocany a -" rtStW Wefrscony Q.3* Winter, ; WNi*. ««*0» r i \nttrter Rr i E^ertor Fir i Inferior V-Gn»ve Treated Posts .... PERSONNEL SERVICE "The Job Center" 308 Iris CHEMIST — degree preferred, Industrial work V60 ME OR CHEM E — 1-2 yeorj experience MCQ-CTO SALESMAN — Janitorial supplies, some travel UK ptvs LOAN ADJUSTER—oa» n-ff. 1-7 veors credit experience SCO p)us SALESMAN — married, high school oroduott MOO UO ACCOUNTANT — degree or experience S4JJ uo COUNTER CLERK — soles experience required li«-KK5 OFFICE CLERK — business administration, sroduott, use office machines JJS> uo ROUTE SALESMAN — married high school gradual*, oo» Jl-37 .... SXO otus CHEMIST — beginner acceptable, degree ,. SiSQ-VKO SERVICE REP, — Marine, 2nd class FCC radio, telephone Ucense* with rodar endorsement Ml MEN'S CLOTHING SALESMAN — some retail sates exoertence S2U plus SALESMAN — wholesale paints W» ofus MECHANICAL ENGINEER — sales of healing and coollno equipment .. SS9-S7M STENO CLERK — experience required, 5 day week , J2SO LEGAL SECRETARY — able to work without supervision S35B STENO — llQhr shorthand, some bookkeeping, aae 25^0 S275-S360 EXECUTIVE SECRETARY - shorthand required 4775^00 RELOCATE WITH FEE COST PAID OPERATIONS MANAGER — Chem E or EE, 10-15 years supervisory and administrative experience In polyethelyne plant 518,000- PERSONNEL MANAGER — 4-7 yeors experience, degree, southern stott location ,, , , PERSONNEL ASSISTANT — age to 40, molor chemical company, 0-10 y«ors experience .' MANAGER OF ENGINEER SERVICE OIL TOOL MANUFACTURER J1IAX1 SR. OIL FIEi.0 PRODUCTION ENGINEER — PE, ME or EE •• month SJSJ to S1400 FiELD COHSTRyCTSON ENGINEER - Ptlrochwntcoi, er Oil Refinery wtetc $1JO uo 4CCOW4TANTS Own Service Stattoo ATTEMDANTS .... Ooen ROUTEW.EH JIOO-SI2S AUTO MECHANICS Own Numerous epwiingi for o«f ol the area i ProfesilcfKil Men. E-5 Salesman-Agent POWER TOOLS 'Blwk i Decker Drill MM fttoiel 1KD S" Ocwatt So* .. SUI.IJ Pufi TJhleJc InviWfon VM.M RUBEROLD ROOFING OS L6. SftlWflto M. H* ' ' '• - SPECIAL IIS Lb. i «S Lb, Shlnslej w. «..« 0<sdi ond Entfs LUMBER Utility Fir t*r M »O.W ixlO Witty Shtefes .. per M M«.« HEATING M WO 8TU PMrtttt Walt Fvrnoce Oov i Nite W Forced Air _ Recessed !=on Tyo« Vented Wad Heater 5143.44 5 OoJlrt House ««*.« Sosce Htoterj frcm $5«5 FLOOR COVERING 1,14 Viflfl AlfrSShM .... S<J. «. lit Armstrong Ccrttn .... M. Yd. Jf» Jlstt Whits Stttl SJn* Srt'te Hsod »•• GAS RANGE. Lore* even «rsd fcrolf. I LIONEL, .ELECTRIC Iroln, W7 med*). | _ e». Grill. 5^o«^_«<Soce._JtM. JOW7T7.; TracS «n board wtm octswortei, 1S5.! AKC ~~CV."T7~ReW;i«re«o»7~exee«ieo* O5o-': rrr ^' ' Alien. *W. SjmoA trttycle «._ Worker i ANYTHING BOUGHT, jofd,, troded «ally. j '[ ' TAPPAX GASRotveVfor sate. *35 477-,' GARAGE 'SALE. Household furnflurt, i £29<J. ! ck>th«s ond oppikwKW. Dec. Jfh and REGISTERED German . . Male ond ftwvile. Atso Siock oixf ttiver R?«fsi*r«t Sfteonerd ot sivd. "• Cony». TWO wmTon«opr»cotor reolsterid peodl* cvocies. tiro may be s**n ol 711 <•* ftih St. Reor Hows*. TV's sfersoi. et r«- > BUNK BEOS, mottresMs, MonfceH, beefs, I mcfce _ro«m Jor.J?*4< ond sh<«s. Winter (octets, wfntir erros, ; foorri wasftrs. flucfd prtt*i . - - models. Lulks'J R,efrVo*ro1!on. W» Prten Loke Rd. n i' s1 * d G-9 Household Furniture ; AN TIQGTS ' 80UOHT AND SOLO Liuislona .ond Eufocean fvrn'sMrvjS to 25 cenfs. Jeeo hres. Many other I ittmj. Opfrt every Went ll!i nirw._ 5or. <K-56JJ. U • •'••' . l»f Brood. Ph«w : : Arm BARBIE CLOTHES— Reessfloo**.!j. ; ssorts serj. bridal. V/omon s Excharvx, «WW. Swwfciyj end «ve»n«j, ttl- OiMt Serving Southwest Louisiana With Quality Materials and Low Cost to You. We can Save You 555!! Come In and Visit Our New Display Room. ^E^15^JH^'- r 'i°»'SS"^ss,s?WE; p— ANNOUNCEMENTS D-6 Public Announcements GIVE GIFT cortiffcofej from Woodv'5 Coin Shop, Buy, sell, ond trade coins. 570 Miller Avenui, Wesllake. Open 5 p.m. weekdays. ?:00 a.m. Saturday. E— EMPLOYMENT JT Mole Help Wonted ; SALESMAN ; i Needed immediately — 2 new i icar salesmen and 2 used car i | salesmen. Experience preferred i j but not necessary. Best pay plan i ! in Southwest Louisiana. Apply • i in person only to: \ : MR. R. BOUDREAUX I : SALES MANAGER j :NEAL PLYMOUTH i 914 3rd Ave. i FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE, position i Ton open In thts oreo. Aft rtqulrtrnwh ; S-tS, soles experlenct oecessory ov«c 3X ; :or pctterrw, ovtrog* of two rttgntj ptr i • »*«*c en rood. Long estobUsHsd, top ] ' wallty mcnutoct-jr«r of Iwding autemo- ; ive sn«cioltlss offers: ' 5T A R L LUMBER CO. N M«1« CtOctl. r_so(rs — w-joaliji in . .. : OPEN MOST PAYS & EVENINGS : d«ki.^f>»e OhJ deck Srwo. <2M i CHRISTMAS SPECIAL j — : ——* °^" *' ; : Museum quality. Antique furni-jG-12 TV-Mu$kol-Rodio -tare reduced. Foniial and cock-j '• I tail dress ' i at 1 CHRISTMAS SALE : WOMAN'S EXCHANGE i S !7i9 First St. ;C:M-S:W i Sring orticits you w*5h lo ss(!. STOCKER „ COW SALE 1 ' 2000 select country cattle. Some ' with calves by side. Cross breed i Angus. Brangus, and Hereford*. ' All co\vs 3 to 6 years old. 1907 S. Ruth Sulphur, La. Phone JA 7-6735 HARDWARE BIGGEST AND SEST HiectNw In new and OMd hirrdture and oooll«r«:e5. W» i buy and fell. Sterilized ond Oeltvered! <rw. Discount Furniture, t'l E. Prtsn. i 477-4103. • \ real opportunity to buy some i replacement cattle. All tested ! prior to sale according to Texas jSave up to S250 on a piano orj Anirna i Health Commission! I regulations. Sale starts prompt- i ly at 1 P.M., Saturday, Decera- 'jber 11, 1965, at Lufkin Live| stock Exchange, Lufkin, Texas, IT! TOE rLARGEST ASSORTMENT IN SOUTTTSSTIST LOUISIANA Over 25.000 Items for Your Shopping Convenience POWER TOOLS Black 4: Decker (SELECTED ANTIQUES. Hew shiofnwt. SMvttfuf rare old filings. Gift tttmt. j Loy-owoyi, 779 Uowrervct St. C6-ZTD. I FolfsALE: On- doobw porwl stytt b*d- ; $13.00. P^ooe C9-J«$3, SIMMONS LEA.THER rccllnioa c>jir. ?'xlJ' French Wilton rvg. 23)7 Sfcnton Str«t. j organ of your choice. EVEREH MUSIC COMPANY You may also use our Rental Purchase Plan CAREER OPPORTUNITY 0-7 For Women Only ; Solorlcd oasition In local offict ot notion' wide firm makino Invcstlsolions for Ir.sur- PORMALS - BARGAINS: Woermelon i ° n « or > d Personnel ourposss. Inlerestmo net over taffeta, retail SW, selling for out sido contact work: no »«flmg, collect. MS. Ulloc, retail MO, selling for S12. Sl» hooo Jltlrt, «. Whit* evening lock(it, retail SIS, priced M. All slit seven. Call 43J-W10. BEAUTIFUL BLACK heavy knit coat. Valued ot MO jelling for MS. Worn only 4 times. 43A-t900 after 6 p.m. LOVELY WEDDING gown. Size 12-K MO •O4-9M1. E—EMPLOYMENT E-l Male Help Wanted EXPERIENCED BUTCHER NEEDED: Apply in Person Only WEST LAKE Supermarket 835 McKinley Ave. fno, or outside travel. Colleoe edoctrtlon preferred, car ond moderate typing obil- ify necessary. Excellent employee bene- : Ills, promotions from within. Seod resume to P.O. Box 538S. Beaumont, Texas. 77705. CHRISTIAN MAN needed. Full or port time — lifetime security. Experience : Cam03»H linj«roncf RetJremen* oJon Weekly exofrn-e odvonce vt'.fklv trovt! olfowance , Full commmiision on on moil orders M^nt^ly commissions i Quontrty i»ni.'S« ThH is en excelllent ocoortunftV for vou "• w earn S1XXXI.CO eer «xwtti or more. If >-ov ore c top Droducor, you con earn < VMJCH more ttKm ttxjt. Write for oo- : jlicotien to A. H. Kalfln cor» ARTHUR J iFULMER. P. 0. SOX 177, MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. ' WRITE YOUR OWN 'FUTURE 2. JJI. i MEN'S CLOTHING STORE MANAGER.; j Preferably family man; most b< wfjeri- '• tabllshcd store, port of growing chain, j Write Box 32 core American Preis, giving | full particulars. )0 offt( . P<Ul <3>m " LU>fBER SPECIALS PREMIUM GRADE FIR 2x4 & 2x&— E«m. . per M S59.S5 2x4 thru 2x12— Util. per M S80.00 1x10 Fir Shiplap ......... per 51 S59.95 PRE-FIN. PLYWOOD 4x8x3/16 Mahogany . . S3.I9 Mahogany ... $3.39 Blonde ...... S3. 79 4x8x3/16 Nat. Birch . . 58.49 FIR PLYWOOD 4x'8x 1 4 A-face ....... -.S2.29 4x8xVi V-groove ...... $2,69 4x3xVi Exterior ....... S2.98 JOHNS MA-XVILLE ROOFING 235-lb. — all colors,. . _ per sq. S6.49 15 & 30-lb. felt, per roll S1.98 For further information e>ll: Herbert Lowery - TR 6-4201 H'tnHngton. Twtas Giles Lowery - TR 6-4211 low as S8 per month — when Huntington, Texas j you decide to buy, the rental is j ., snnliprl tn ruirrhate ™i>«» iPata ™ E PRETTIEST btoc* and *»Wt» »ln!o I appuea to purcnase pnce. (Kate ,eWinotn cotatti-v Parish. > vwrs aw, s??s. c> '.-.,' Drill Black i: Decker Jig-Saw 6V-2'' Skil-Saw . S8 - 99 i G-10 Machinery, Toob as sl3 - 30 EXCLUSIVE DEALER FOR WURLITZ! ER, PIANOS AWD ORGANS. S15.G9 S29.9fl FLOOR COVERLNG 12' Wide Vinyl, sq. yd. 9Sc 12' Wide Cushion Vinyl sq. yd. S2.50 Vinyl Asb. Tile (complete line) . . sq. ft. from 16c PALXT O'S House Paint, per gal. S1.93 Inside Latex (1,000 colors) S2.98 FREE DELIVERY Terms available ... up to 10 vears on remodeling. ! FARM TOOLS: Three point hoofc-vo lor ; i tractor. fij-SSjM. | i D4"cAT~'tvTfH U' onale blade hyster i i winch. Factory Cob. All In aood coo-; • dUion. «,500. Coil SJ7S. OeRldd«r, Loo- j Isiano. ! OE WALT HOME shoo. 7" oower «rw. ; «(rv"rol artact.mcnts ar«j caBinet. Used ' v »ry Bttlt- »SO. OA-iSt. ; G-H Miscellaneous EVERETT MUSIC COMPANY 4211 COMMON ST. 477-6649 an be bought with no mooey down and tit per month. HE MMJ or>d as* for Oeoroe Martheit. BEAUTIFUL GAIT ED Walking i Will s»ll er CTftsldsr trorf* far n,.. | etuorter horse. *77-0?91 e<ttr S pjn. ! LIGHT BREED henj, j* pw i Mont^efrrtry Hatchery. Country Club i Road. trt-tffH, SMttK COW: (Four alons). f\ft y»or» Morth. • Exclusive Wyrlititr deoltr for Beaumont, . Oronoe, Loke Charles ond surrounding • '• areas. B-I-G WEEKLY SALE Easy Terms Largest Selection I BOWMAN MUSIC CO. ;3433 Ryan 477-0321 1 9th ANNUAL j CHRISTMAS SALE ; NEW BALDWIN PIANOS IDEAL CHRISTMAS gjff *or boy or olrC. R«ftst»r»d Owjrtw ters« colt. Six o«l ont hoH months oW. ,BV Ash Tray. Just right o<» !a Hsfi irairtlrx;. Stssi tine tr«e» bock to Kino P-EM end Stor ; Deck P-IJia. Prtc« $5_S. Fhwvt *JW«W I between I 8-m. ond 5 BJTI. FOR SALE: -Three yeor old Shetland pony mare. Bridal, saddle. May be seen at 2S37 Hays St. or coll *»-9«7. Price SHETLAND POMY wWn cart and horn- e«. SVell broken to work ond ridt. •07-1M2 afler S tun. FOR SALE: Faur y*ar old gefdlng. Port quarter horse. Gentt» for cfilhjreri. Coll tn-llf). anytime. I—WANTED }ns Co ( 51() 7tt) REAL ESTATE SALESMAN NEEDED MAN T0 ri wor k ondolry form. Must oble-bodled, married, reliable, no dnnk- , ^ pleasing p«rsonoliry. Experience not ing, be able lo furnish reiertnce. Ex- nK:essor y ^ training . will be provided. pcriencc not necesspry, but mujt be , Wvs) hcve car ond ^ g^^ , 0 ,j e yote willinn to learn. Three room !>ous«, ; -^^ t i rne- »yrife. P.O. Bof S2~J$, Isfrouma clcclrlclly, and milk, furnished. Contact • s( 0 ii C n, Boton Rouse, Louisiana. Frank Ambler, Ros«pine, Lwlsiono. HOME ! Pnone 7963, DeR/ddcr. ^ .RELIABLE, SOBER, deoenda&lc mon wrio Is wiling lo work horo on e.v i tabllshed route to (rorn 5*00 ptr month. Aoplv 2311 12th Street biicre 12 o.m., Monday ana Tuesday only. PARTS MAN Diesel Mechanic «*B*rt- 1 .viced fruck men only, top wooes bene- tits. Excellient vjrroundmgs. Reoly P.O. Box 134, Shreveoorl, Lo. ' E-2 Femole Help Wanted SI7.CW PLUS NEW CAR AS BONUS for mon over JO in Lake, Chorlei ortc. Use cor for short mas to earned customers, nr moll L .B. Dicicerson, Pres., Soofri- weitern Petroleum Corp.. SJ4 N. Mohl" St., F* .Worth, Tex. BUILDING MATERIALS 436 E. Napoleon Sulphur 527-5287 LARGEST BUILDING MATERIAL AND HARDWARE DEALER IN SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA G-l Boots, Marine Supplies MAN OVER -t<! for short -trips surreuridtna. Lake Charles. Man AC v,ont Is worth up t» 516,SCO in year. Air moil £. F. Moore. Vice Pr«., Texas Re*in-- ery Corp., Box 711. Ft. Worth 1, Texas. : E-7 Femole Work Wanted ARISTIC-CRAFT, 70 H.P. Mercury • iroiier, TV,O oas 1011X3, i^:ij. v^c s v -> ropes. 5*iA/. <JJ-4560. | BOAT, WOTOR, ond trailer for sal* or i will troM lor plcXug. V3SO. UI-IS!9. , i 14' UYMAN Boot, Te«-M«e Breok;-«o*n trailer, water skils, and oil controls,- ; MANAGER TRAINEE EXPERIENCED OR INEXPERIENCED SALESLADIES • LITTLE FRIENDS Day Nuriery ond Kl«i deroorten. Supervised irstruct I o n s. ___ lunch, no. and play. A9«i 24. Uwj,^ Hp EV |NRUDE MOTOR. Priced to . <t xU Stiee! EVERYDAY SPECIAL Factory Shipment Wholesale to Everyafit R,\LLITE Laminated Plastic Counter Topping 40 C so S39.50 $7.50 • Radio & TV Instruction Course S12.50! , Small Saddle S34.50 ( Electric Motor S4.00 ! Day Bed w/pad S14.5U 3 Piece Poster Bedroom ONLY $18. DOWN AS LITTLE AS $15 MO. FREE BENCH & DELIVERY j Hydraulic Lift Gate for j "Pickup . S95.00, ! Diesel Boat Engine . S750.00 Your choice of finish and style! | '•' Wanted to Buy ! 55'xlO' Marlette j Trailer Home . S4.450.00 I Ply\rood Boat .. -. S24.50 j 12 HP Outboard Motor i Clock Radio within 100 mile radius Sneet Sheet FT. Hc.3ts. \VE5TERN PLAY School: Licensed, olf- Mil ot Phone _ LICENSED DAY nursery ond kinderoor- ten. Mrs. Russell Cronin. Muller's has openings now for Excellent opportunity for high school i Housewives this may be your graduate to obtain permanent cosillon i . wim notional consumer finance com- ; opportunity to earn extra ponv< Christmas money. No «xoerlenc« necassory. Our v-olnlna orogrom fully prepares vou to'; i ,.. od - vancoment ond greater responsibilities. ffi M *y^i t f*^ito*$ "to*\**l™ Salesladies for the Christ r*aulor lncreoj«, ond flberol outo ol- lowonci. Must be 2? la 30 hloh ichool oroduol« and own auto. Apply In Perionl FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 338 Pujo Street Lake Charles, La. DAY NURSERY: Svpervlsjd play, meals, nap. 3021 Deolon. AJ4-3T1?, BoWslHing, : ironing done. 3101 Deoton. G-2 Business Office Equip. RESTAURANT KITCHEN eoylprntnt: Two cos i!«D-fr>trs, one restauronl stove, usrish' dees fr»e:e. refrijerator. table, ond counter. All jtcinieis si«l. Also hove hoed with I«K> and seme dishes. Con M s«n ol Bom boo Club from 11 a.m.-? p.m. SIGLER SUPPLY CO. 1506 First St. 436-6131 LATEX PAINT . 000< . ,„. ** 0 students, and 1 Phone : BITTERS 3541. hide* ,._toke o scryBoIng l!ii« MODEL UBG Secretory Brand Tfterms- our lop S'ode let**. ual». Exp«f lenced. ] FOX copying machine. Good cofldHion. We hove mature, at this «verydoy low price. r *°' " 0rBC " 1 mas season. Good pay. Classes begin Tuesday. Apply Muller's Personnel Office ... _.. CHILD CARE. Lurch. nap, supervised ploy. Oofc Pork vicinity, Phone 43*-?l5U -..— -.-. JACK N''JILL •Day Hviiffv 9«1 Kln#er- i?arten._Two_lnstroctors. Ajei "S-o years. G-3 Building Moteriols PAINT CLEARANCE SALE Satin Enamel, ref. 8 50 i 1506 SUPPLY CO. St. 436-6137 ! FOR SALE: Smoll pnon«, G-4 Dirt-Shell RELIABLE'SITTERS ciub: women for E. Stmnler, 477-««. WILU C*RE CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER TUPPERWARE Upalerships available for pre- Clii-Lstmas rush business. Full time, $75-5100 week; part-time. $35-$50 week. Commission. Cai necessary. Call 527-7815 or per gaUocL Paint per gallon children in my home, j Interior Latex, per gallon S2.S5 t». By hpur. «i E. ! f j at Enamel reg $6 65 per gallon Sot . . $38.50 Sand Blasting Rig 544.50 Paint Pot S18.50 20 Gauae Automatic Shotgun . S49.50 Console Automatic Sewing Machine S59.50 New Faucets, Valves, and Fitting!: : -J price ; 6 Chair Dinette Set $21.50 ; New Electrical Boxes 's price • Thousauds of Booki, from lOc i Cornpn^sor Rig, ! complete S24.50. ^3 Ton Come-A-Long ^;-.° ' | jig Saw S"-50 ; ,Band Saw $34.50 i Paint, quart 50c j 19" TV $39.50! Encyclopedia Set \ i w,'Bookcase • 539.50: i TV and Radio Tubes 50c Movie Camera 514.50 •Two Mantle Gas Yard Light S19.50 , Boat Trailer S24.50 FLOOR CLEARANCE 19" PORTABLE T.V. (ONE ONLY) $99 12" PORTABLE T.V. (UNLIMITED QUANTITY) $79.95 Montgomery WARD 2911 Ryan 433-1464 REPOSSESSED One tomily entertainment center (PM Stereo, FM-AFC, AM rodlo, 73" TV in HIGHEST CASH PRICE PAID FOR i USED FURNITURE I GULF FURNITURE CO. |1102 Railroad Ave. HE 9-2434 WANTED! b»Y OaH Hreotoce wood. . No fe«t long. Coil C7-27S1, Ext. 4*. .... _ CASH ON th« spot for lurniture and ap- Dlionc«. «*-3l»7, 2MO KlrKman. A t A WAuETOBUY rwo 4's Hlgp for nrw J's «lv.p er Chi»rol«t •nghw. J-Mobile Homes-Campers TRAVEL TRAILER HEADQUARTERS HOLIDAY RAMBLER AVION NORRU HOLIDAY TRAVLER 13' 'o 3J' S«tf Sujtolnlng •,pi*t» tervlce and pont atpanmtal. Hitches Injtolwd — Accei»rle» BAN< FINANCING — INSURANCE TRI-CITY TRAILER SALES Montgomery Ward 29l 1 Ryan St. PIANO »ARGAIH5 — M«W plonos, pop- ulor brands, sood used plonos apeuf <i tne price you expect to pay eise- yihere. Plono tuning, repair!, rthn isnma, r*-slyllng. We our used plonos. Piono Soles ond Servk«, Jil3 Creole S5.95;' R |Crt POLVERiIEO top soil. *'w '<'! , 3;n and born yard fertilizer. A n y ; Reingei dtors alia o-.TWunl. J. C. Arabtt, 4/7477; Stoves 1RICH POLVERIIEO top soil, uom shill, Living Room Set \ t.ll-in »r,4. Coll Rqymo,>d G«s?oro. S14.50-S59.50 519.50 DEPENDABLE MAID winti fiy« doyj per .,-,•„._ ,-- , . ,, *ork or days. Good cook, hoi, All Purpose tuatltei per quart S495 ! OAIGLE TRUCKING: Good block top 9 .J*i, jiH <flti, fin sond- SMIL sulphur, Expanding, medium - sued con- 1 527-6017 or write P. O. Box struclion company need;. coJ- 430^ ghreveport. lege graduate civil engineers tronsportotton. -t.l^l"*^****** • I, F—EDUCATION F-l Instruction Classes SI.49 and Lavatories S- Couch Type Reducing Machine AS LITTLE AS U per montn rents o piano tor too. It >cu d«c>d< to buy. ! oil rtnt moy apply to purc«o*t pric*. Loi» Cnaries Music Company. CQ Brood Slreet. 439-2*35. KINGSTON ELECTRIC suitor, cos* and -. - for permanent positions in Lake Charles, Lafayette, and New Orleans offices. All inquiries held confidential. Send your name and address to Box 29, care of American Press and we will contact you for interview. Salary dependent upon experience. An Cquql OppsrlunlllM employer REUKF~CAP1 ALNS NEEDED Copoblt wnt«lm»n n«*d«<Jwllri experience on oil t«w«. Brownsville to Hondo. Good e«y Oi'Kj wcrfclBs csnaitloos HAms AAAR"HE SERVICE, INC. WHITLOW Space heaters, as low as S3.85 G-6 Flowers-PlonK-Seeds Ceiling Light Fixtures, as low as Ruberoid 235-lb. Roofing $6.39 ; er S p.m. S-J9.50 ^7 On* old. Vi. 'COMPLETE LINE o» nufierv stock S1.75 f*w* tre*., I e r 11 11 le r, .W^'eide - ie*O3. Rsmiiroi Nvriery. 17th. 70! OUR SALESWOMEN Earn fine weekly incomes, plus Savings; -^. nyAn Bonds Earn your Holiday ex-i VjfU I I AK pense nio^ey with Avon. Write ' , •, AVOiN -Mgr. JOV KAY, Box 5793 ! Christmas Special or Call 433-1401 EXPERIENCED WAITRESSES $10 do\™ and $10 monthly buys wonted.! an electric kuiur with lifetime ; adjustable neck and course of i lessons. Call 477-2676, week- A venu«. days, or come in at 626Vi Ryan cor lirATH ~AND~FOOD woitressci. A»- i on Saturday. 1 ply In perjon otter 6 p.m. Pop«fUa Pl<- .—, '. i<i Houie. 2601 E. Brood. , PIANO LESSONS. 11,50 p*r hoif hour. A ppcATioHS ; NOW t«ing w»«« <" ctl ° r « o1 G3lle '- 102 ° Firt per square Bathroom Pole Shelves (three shelves) Alarm Clocks, as low as Electric Can Openers Fiberglass Insulation FulJ thick per M For all your hardware . . Paint . • . Roofing Supplies Call or Come By FERGUSON ROOKING & SUPPLY 1938 Sale Road 477-4792 G-7 Fences 55.95 {FENCE FABRIC, S> roil. JUS). .1301 c., no ; gSlvontle* cloth«*Ilni poles *H o pa r. **•"" • HeovY ool.onited clatnes »!«» _!'_«• S7 95 I pair. Hercul« F»oc« C». SW ~ *" w i ?j Hundreds More Bargains! UNDER THE BRIDGE SALES WESTLAKE, LA 433-7537 ELECTRIC su'tar- Three In-put ompliller, tone and volume controls tn omplitur ond qvltor. J75. Remlna- ton Sel-AIr portoole typewriter, >3i ioih like ne» I Follow 1-10 to U.S. »7, thei. _ ' ?y pt - Arthur Road, Beoumont, Texui CASH"" In Five Minutes For Your House Trailer ROVER'S TRAILER SALES 2406 Broad HE 3-5258 we RENT ond sell Moblt* ScooFT r o vVl Trailers. tVftne's Rentoi Trollen, *SI E Prien Lake Road Lake Charles, Lo FOR SALE Of R*nt: Shosta ond Mafiilt Scout Tra,«< Trolltrt. Also peek-up co^trt and comoirs. "C" Orost. Ml \Vt»l Thon«»» SUMt. Sulpnur. I FOR LOWEST ortcei on cjwln lnk ftnces. I r ^ uaron | et< ( nvaiity ond itrvtci, call _I G-8 HousehoW Applioncej ~~~"~ ZSVG *3 mod«l Sinoiw lig ioo W "><« con- so.'e. >.o attadwneyirj n«a*d ter n«ns. &jtionho!es M»IOO an buttons. nwrv»- WORLD BOOK EricyciOfMio ord Chlld- cratl tor Chrislmoj. Contgd vocr re- prev»nioii<« or coll Nito Mortin, <77- <3J3 otter 5 c>-m. FREE GIFT ortd live mirwtei *rio»ln3 c? trx ne* Cgioniaf Slolniesj Vetl Cso«.«ore in your home. COM>LETE~ r ~LiNi~T- i ,.---. A'.M tropical fiih, p<U QAO , B:ok-N»ck and Pet C*niet, -i man. CJ-5J5S. G-l3 Sporting^Goods TAXIDERMY Deer heads, tanning, birds and fish. Call Pete Jones, Sulphur, La. _625-3902 _ \ • §EAB~ARCHERY Equlpmenl. Oun» ond ' • ! qv-cej»ri«. Bur. »eli. trode. Fosn . : ouoronteed repoln. Corian i Gun NOOK ; . ! 477-1U1. '! ATTENTION OUCiC Hunterj: II interested! ouck fclinas CcnloU Amos Mlilef, Cre- i . . ele, Lovislono, NICE TRAILER ond lot. rious?. X-3 gallon 4*aik tartk, R*oay to nuxe in. 2JW Woadord $1. All for ; V3.00Q. «'54475. TRUCK CAMPER Mitii laclu. USA. Call 4i«:.'S3. i33-537J after 3pm. lolj Kin i Srr»»l. 1W3 APACHE CAMPER, ware lire- con op,, r«o foam maltresie*. »3S3. A- 6- Juiwou, WOO Klrlonod, nvil •SWRVir'F L1ML. SfcMAICt. iridflt City, Ttxoj HELP! SWAMPED with work. Need two j _ ; ladwi to take orders ond deliver to Oi-1 ,, -._.„.„,-,„ siined Fuller Brush customers. S2-», W NEEDED per hwr. 477-}J44 i_o)l»r 7_p.m. j Meo-women 11 <*x» O.K. Secure |OM. ^. ic.oCK.TAiL WAITRESSES tor Enquire I High stortina pay. Short twurs, Ad*once- Qualldtd W Tjchnlclon, black ond white , ^Y,. i4 ^ ncw Polynesian Room openir»a! ment. Preporgtory Irtjrnlrs « Ions os re- ond colored, fop »Wle. Oood working ,• ;;; )nsA p B iy ( n person oiler i p.m, 10W ovired. Thouwn* ot Icto open. " •••' -~ ..^-. JWW... r^tff I . r- - ^ .^,'^» ,.^.^.(1^ i,n/l«v.A«otp^ FRE PLASTIC PIPF ,mv „ *.i «« 100 roll . . $2.45 . 100' roU . . $3.75 ; tf.fS monlfiiy notes or par bolonce o( M7 cosh. Oomtslic- For fttt hunt trtoi, co'i collect: 433-6347 ITS N£V,'. »!; al.T tcrniiirt. 2J CARRIER ^ea,e «re*«r, : fhe teors ett. Very oc«d condition.: «** • . Us Oiriereot. W« JJ trsf>!friss. CwsJits * ocpiloncet, (Jiifies. Duiiolng and . DUCK. iOATS: Pirewjei. KiiK poles, de-, "— '• co/s. ihells- Dhnd aullding molericis. ond All o< real savings. «r Ry an Street- Come »e« thenv Inc. . to s«iv« you- condition). Contact: Mclnnis TV Service AUTO MECHANIt with needed. Ouoronictd advance' V/AITRESS FOR morriinf i ?li > .J? 4 ''—51?°^ if " "" WIVES" snut er ..«Apply In M r- [motion .. I Writ* TODAY . unnece»*ory. FREE infor reoutremtnti. SIGLER SUPPLY •28:! 1506 First Street HOTPOINT ! coodWon. PUSHBUTTON tonsk «oir Hstpemt «rytr in crete. YOUNG .»OYS (14 yeors and over) anfl v. u rK mto »o ho»3 »u» printed mottrlpl. Ap hours ; »iy W Ryw 8e)( ' m Goosporl. Choose v«ur own Wrlto.C. _R, Rub! ? _,Deof. 0-1, P.p. Memphis, T*nne»*e. f-3 P'^otc i 6XPERT TUraRING fr tXf/irti<Kc4 teocner. Nr* matntmoHa, Enflltih. reo<HM, otner _-ju6)tct»- Ittm DOORS, AAA f LECTRICAl. caifM tnolj«rj, _co/i BARGAINS THAT will vnwly omoie you! Trenie/ioocs cnboiic.ooJ* Hvings on tre«gr>t reiev's, _ .. Out merthoodlse coniiiilno of lf: * f ° "ond COMPLETE tUILOlNQ ma»»rtol>. UM4 i doo<9, vnnooAS, vtnr reosooobl*. Also j u»ivt* |. F. . building molt'i»is. tic. W« buy joli. Lumbecmons Supply I. nu Hoyse 30* Cos> Sirttl. 4394<g. pales, FOR" SALE or m Cb*f ron< 'ARCHITECT Bonouet ic TA8LE. Pertecl condition. 5M. IJ GAUGE DOUBLE Sflrrell F«^. r»cdel ; B. »lth ntte site tor deer, recoil pod, three eo»es Jheili. P5. 8riti»h Infield | MJ »im clip ond »l* asrtflasi«s, sti REGULATION SIZE pool ioolt Coll G o o a "' REMINGTON Wmcht»l»r wmp. _ Classified Ads WQ1 Bring Fast Results RESULTS COME FROM USING CLASSIFIED Dial 439-2/ai

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