Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 18, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY, JAKUAKY 18, 1888. BARGAINS! Eveninsr Gazette. TUB aewsntanda. GAZKTTI! can be had st-»ll'the Price Two CBNTS. WEDNESDAY. JAN. 18, 1WW. Cloaks, Shawls, SOCIETIES AND TO-XIWHT. Upper dam meeting In Council Booms. Geographical Sociable at Fourth St, M. E. church. Leap year party in Masonic Temple. West End Whist Club at Mr. E.G. Church's. BRRVITIKM. Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, t f Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, Leggins, Hosiery, %» »»», »,* * » Gloves, Mitten ».*> »% •% *** »*» *.* Corsets, Bustles, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CISH To reduce stock before invoicing. OALL AND SEE. —Hogs unchanged, —Dam meeting at the Council Rooms to-night. —Be ready to go early to the dam meeting tonight. —Miss Clara Keefer, of Morrison, still continues quite ill. —Chronological: To-day is the anniversary of the secession of Georgia, in 1801. —The Prophetstown high school is visiting the Second Ward high school today. —The Whlteslde County Medical Association Is in session at Morrison this afternoon. —Every business man in the city should attend the meeting at the Council rooms tonight. —Teachers Institute at Prairieville on Saturday. Rev. Dr. Robinson lectures in the evening on an educational topic. —The young people had a well attended and much enjoyed dance in the Maaonio Temple hall last night, under the Instruction of Mr. Sweet, of Aurora. -The—Fulton—Journal-predlets-the raising of the remainder of that dam money and adds that it looks very much as though Sterling is getting ready for a boom. —Sleighing Is capital; never was It better than now, and In this kind of weather It can be enjoyed to Its fullest. It is nhly at seasons like that of Sunday and Monday of this week that riding long distances in sleighs proves a burden. —The old settlers of Sterling township who have not had their photographs takeii for the special group, will please do so at once and leave same with Mr. Sol Seoly. It is desired to have all in the group and much delay mar cause some omissions. —At four o'clock this morning, near Union Grove, a truck, fell out from a car of a freight train, bringing the body of the car upon the track and crushing It, besides emptying its contents, a load of corn, upon the track. This caused some brief delay In this 83 well as other trains, passenger as well as freight. —Mr..J. D. Uesler, general superintendent, Mr. Charles Upham, superintendent . f Illinois divisions, Mr. Geo. Alexander, superintendent of Chicago divisions, Mr. W. B. Throop, gener- aKroad master, all of the C. B. & Q., were at Sterling on a special train this morning, and after remaining an hour or so passed on to Rock Island. —Among the number of people frozen to death in Dakota was Thomas G. Gllklnson. The Chicago Times says that he had gone four miles with the wind and that he had expired within two hundred yards of a farm house. His death'occurred Friday night. Mr. Gllklnson will be remembered by a number of our citizens as a harness maker, bis shop being In 1882 on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets, in the old Gait drag store. Mr. Gllkln- son went out to Huron, Dakota, In '82, and resided there or in its neighborhood until his death, which occurred In the sad manner as stated above. —Sterling Knights Templar had a One drill In their capacious hall, last night. The.members have elegant and costly uniforms, whose beauty at once elicits warm encomiums. The order here Is in most flourishing condition, meeting fortnightly in the roomy and valuable Temple now owned by the Masonic fraternity of Sterling. The commandery's jurisdiction takes In all Whiteside county, and part of Carroll; so that among Its members are gentle-, men from Fulton, Brie, Prophetstown, Morrison, Milledgeville and other neighboring points. —Some sixty of the congregation, the friends of Rev. T. W. Grafton and wife made a donation visit upon them last night, bearing gifts of comestibles The pastor and his wife are vrry popular with the members of their charge. The donation of last night was the result of a joke which ran around among the flock that the pastor and wife might be hungry, a atory that is^ stoutly contradicted by their healthy appearance and by the generosity of the prople towards them. But good will and kind feeling took up tbe suggestion of letting the joke assume a practical turn, and Mr. and Mrs. Grafton will not have to visit the grocer for some time to come. —We came up with a party two or three days ago, who is well up in Q matters, and he gave as to understand that there is no question in the world but that that enterprising road 'will put Sterling on the main time between Rock Island and Chicago, and that with the opening' of spring the work of putting the road bed in thorough condition will be begun. Indeed, he said that material for culverts and bridges was already being deposited at the several points where needed in order that there may be no delay in beginning the work promptly and prosecuting it to a succour ul and speedy issue This may be regarded a« reliable, for the reason that the gentleman who gave us the information is one who it lu a position to know and btlng a uoa- resldeut ttu uo interest lu booming sh» town. — Thfl post-ofTiro got Franklin's birthday. Whether they did'nt find that out until this morning, or whether they found it out nt "'}, we don't know; we do know they bad a display of fire works in the ofllce. And the novel feature about it was the fact that lu order to add to the Interest and excitement or the occasion, the roman candles (for that Is what they were) were put in the stove. These little boomers were lying on an unused shelf and looked like, so the story goes, old mnps, or chromes, or something of that kind. They got down to business speedily, and our informant says as lively as Henry Werle moves in his rounds of letter carrying on a cold morning, that Is nothing to the celerity of his steps at about the second explosion. Frank and Ed. manifested in their countenances livelier Interest than they even felt, In earlier days, in a circus, or a torchlight political procession. It didn't last long, but brevity was made up In Intensity. That stove did nobly; it yielded none of its pipe, or its doors, but for about flve seconds, which seemed) seven hours, It appeared to those looking on as though dynamltards were after that useful appanage, and that it and the roof mightsuccumb. The Interest of this record is somewhat enhanced by the fact that it is supposed to be a dead secret from "those newspaper fellows who just tell anything they know." —The killing of Mrs. Tombow on Saturday night is one of those peculiar accidents that one hears of not once in a life-time, and yet probably not a day passes but as peculiar accidents are barely missed. Those escaping scarcely think of their very narrow escape. An old but very true averment Is thus: "Men count all men mortal but themselves." It was not for them to die; cno of Superintendent Baylisa, of At Broadway M. E. church. Subject id Ward school, and we un- tonight, "Our young people." Come that some boys tried ineffect- one, come all, and hear Miss Moreland, —r,ot>ic ollice of Superintendent the Second derstand aully to dispose of some of the said missing books to some local dealers. It is likely that the property will be recovered, as suspicion points pretty strongly to the juvenile offenders who are boys. —Animals of Whlteslde: rat, mouse- Held, white weasel, gray measel, mink, muakrat, ground hog, raccoon, prairie wolf, gray wolf, gray 8quirr»l. fox squirrel,, black squirrel, skunk, chipmunk, grey gopher, striped gopher, lynx, or wild cat, rabbit, mole, otter, deer, mouse, common. WhatN the matter with this bit of 23 variaties of wild animals In this county '{ I think none of them are extinct In the county unless it be possibly the deer and otter. And none of them are domestic animals, as I do not include the pet mouse that roosts so confidingly on the editorial toe. The red squirrel and the fox have been claimed, and the opossum, too, have been seen here, but I have never seen them. T. H. MACK. Pastor, MR. STUFF. commencing at 7 p. m. REV. A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once. -They act promptly, cure costiveness and bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up the whole system. Strlckler & Boorse. if To Trade. A well Improved farm In Whlteslde Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, It Is desirable. M F. B.HTTBBARD. -FOR— —AT- The "C. H. S." is the finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 87 for a 5 cent smoke can't be beat First class dealers. C. H. Seloff, manufacturer. tf nernicB~they~had~naTeaH!8cape at all- There will be a dance in Gap Grove Hall Thursday evening, Jan 28. A cordial invitation to all. 80* James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant. Meals at all hours; oysters in every style. Prices very reasonable. Under Keefer's drug store, corner 3rd and Locust streets. tf Choice Bargain*. A few of the choice bargains In the hands of F. B. Hubbard; 20 acres near Sterling with good two story house, stable, &c., for rent cheap. Also 2% acres bordering on the city with comfortable building to trade for Kansas or Nebraska lands. Good chances for vegltable gardens. 80 And yet, how often might each one of us in his life time have said, "And I even I have escaped by the skin of my teeth" from some horrible death. Why sleighs and cutters have been pasaing along that street by day and by night for more than fifty years and people have passed one another so close that they felt one another's breaths; and still they escaped because they did not chance to come together. Even the Impudent Cagliostro when seeking to impress the great of Europe with his seeming Immortality, durst not claim immunity from accidents which may come in any form at any time and in any place. Dumas, in |hls Memoirs of a Physician (of which Cagliostro is the hero) enlarges upon this fact of accidental death and makes Balsamo declares he takes every precaution against it; still, though, he admits he can't hope to guard against every-kind of danger. —Hon. Benjamin Shaw replied today to a telephone despatch from this office that although the Tribune and the Journal both of Chicago) had published dispatches frpni Springfield to the effect that the governor had called an election for Judge Eustace's successor, that he was in receipt of private and authentic information from Springfield that the Governor has as yet not ordered the election. The GAZETTE got its information from the Chicago Journal, which is usually very reliable as to Springfield matters; Indeed, it never before knew it to make a mistake in its State capital news. We suppose the error grew out of the fact that the Governor did order an election for a county judge in Fayette county, on Monday and for the 7th of February, and that the Chicago correspondents at Springfield knowing of Eustace's death and not of a vacancy in Fayette county, hearing an election had been ordered took it for granted that it was Judge Eustace's successor who was to be chosen and so .telegraphed it It is but fair to say that a majority of Whiteside lawyers, as we have learned since yesterday, favor a postponement until June and all for the same reason. The GAZETTE still favors an immediate call, because the law says so, and hence It is right. It does not believe it tii be right to put off an election for so Important an office as judge, merely because the so- doing will defeat some present candidate. Fair play is.a jewel In politics as in business, and we believe that a postponement will not benefit Whiteside in any sense, —We wish to say that the GAZETTE has to' do too much free advertising. It has a job department and when extra matter comes in for the paper, it has to call hands from the job department at expense. It very cheerfully publishes anything of a public nature, as observe the great amount it has published on the upper dam, and so it is ready to publish anything and everything calculated to benefit Seeding and its people. It gives all the local news and will do so whatever the tax upon its printers; but not a day passes that it is not called upon to publish matter of a private nature and that benefits only the parties who wish it inserted. As we said before, we don't take matter to "fill in." Writers ara employed on the GAZETTE to fill Its columns and when they can't do it, then other parties will be employed to do It Now we gladly receive every possible item of news; but it is taxing the paper beyond what is right to ask that private individuals be "puffed" in their private enterprises. The printer must live in some fashion and he can only live by being paid for his work. Men will come to our office daily and beg for gratuitous advertising who would blush to ask a grocer to give them pro-, visions. The principle la. the same. If we must, as ws do, take printers from the job department to set up other matter for private puffs, it IB money out of our pocket The city and Its interests we cheerfully, gladly and with energy give all needed space to without thought of rtscoruptsuse; but an article to help a private Individual In hii biul- S«e tc* n*w B*M ought to b* judd for. 0*. tl Any one who Is affected with Tetter, Salt lVh¥unf~of"~any"~Uchlflg"or smarting skin disease should try Chamberlain's Eye and Skiri Ointment They will certainly never regret it. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction if sold by Strlckler & Booms, tf Satire. SIR KNIGHT:—You are commanded to be present for drill at drill hall tonight; also a full line of uniforms will be there and parties to take measure for same. J. W, R, Stambaugh, A test: F. A. NEWELL, Ilec. Com. Sterling, Ilia., Jan. 18,1888. , Piano and Organ Tuning And repairing of the above is my business. Persons having Instruments out of order may.leave orders at Werntz Co's. Music store. 83» W. E. Fox. — A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf Dr. I. Rader, of Fulton, Kan., says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times I have .prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not believe It has an equal In the market.'. It is a certain cure for coughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform or any injurious substance. 50 cents per .bottle. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf WILD WAV PEOPLE'S COLUMN. Insert three lines In this col-^a uinn one time (or 10 cents, or for 40 cents a week. Hach additional line will be fi cents a single Insertion, or IB cenu a week. ARE SATING, Fuller's Book Store, Will always FJad ft,* Chol««*t Brand* nt CI04RS AND TOBACCO: JNO. P. LAWEIE'S. PASTE FOR KR\T. R ESIDENCE of E.TVTKasori~ahd~lhersT»re room under Karwell Hull. Apply to J. A. McUune. U D WKLLINO house, corner fith Ave. and 4th St. Apply to Mrs. M. H. Krolder. W TAONT sleeo out of doors when you can get a JLf comfortable house for trom six to seren dollars per mouth, ol f. B. Hubbard. O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. It. Bell & Bon. M . FOB MAJUE. WILL sell atauctlon on mv farm, Wednesday ,Kebru.iry i;_ horses, cattle, hogs, farm I machl mry, corn, oats and hay. O. G. Keefer. M A CHAfvCEtomake money. J, A. Bartlett oners one or both of his billiard parlors f»r sole at a bargain. tf A choice farm In Iowa with 100 acres under cultlvatl»n, house, stable, orchard, two wells, grove of timber on It, granary, corn cribs and small fruits &c., to sell very cheap. This is a rare chance with small capital. 80 Two small houses for rent desirably located for business in the city. One two story house with two lota, fruit, barn, coal houses and very cheap. If you want to buy or rent come when property is left for sale or rent. F. B. Uubbard, opposite Mannerchoer Hall, Sterling Illinois. 80 A Chance to Hpeenlate. I offer for lO.days a few choice lots in First ward, Sterling, 111., at a price that will give you a chance to make some money. Come and see me at once. tf GEO. W. ClIAMAEHLIN. The Boston Store has special bargains to offer to customers. . 86 They are trying in Germany to find a substitute for India rubber. No one who has used Dr. Biglow's ..Positive Cure desires a substitude, as it is eminently successsul in coughs, colds and all throat and lung diseases. For sale by O. A. Oliver. A Biff Time Expected. The meeting at the Council Rooms to-night will be an Important one Jo those interested in the New Dam. Estimates will be given showing the amount of power we shall have to dispose of and its comparative value to manufacturers. I OFFEH for sTile my entire stock of goods, with Its good will, on reHsonahle terms. C. A. Bhei-ts. successor to Martin St Klnule. tf Sterling, Ills., Dec. 17,1887. IT IN YOUR HAT, SIbTER. THAT Farms, City Property Personal Property an wA*«-tte f * oo<r8 '^ &$i ns «EO. W. BOOM S, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, rfflce open evenlDgi. per and Hit by the Op"i-n Wrate and let us Talk Bnsinesa. G OO1) llKht bob-sled >-nd a democrat waron. Enquire at this office it A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Kogers. SUjrllng. Ilia. Address, U WANTED. I IMMEDIATELY, at the Wallace House, a girt to wort & A YOUNO Nurse girl, at 902 West Third street. tf If your overshoes or rubbers wear ihln at the heel, get a pair of plates put on at P. J. Unkel's. . tf Pay Your Taxe*. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf ' Collector. Wednesday Club. All members are requested to be on hand promptly tonight at 7:30 sharp to arrange for the opera. Mr. Baker will ha present and will begin work at once. c " 86 Always ahead, the Boston Store. Its prices lower than anybody's. 85 The young men are especially invited to attend the Geographical Social at 4th St. Church tonight, Jan. 18. Leap Year. 85 Where, IMd You Pay f At Reynolds hard ware store; If you want to get steel traps, 87 First avenne, south of Davis & Webei's III. _ mwf-tf CltUena' Heeling Wednesday There will be a citizens' meeting Wednesday aight, Jan. 18,1888, at the Council Rooms to hear the reports of committees and arrange for the completion of the subscription to build the new dam. This meeting will be of Interest and importance and those who come lat« will probably have trouble finding seats. Everybody Invited. What V For the next thirty days I will iell Heating Stoves very cheap, for spot ciun. H. E, Reynold*. No, 87, 1st av- •nue, Sterling, 111*. mwf-tf ad of N. Carpoatei & POINTER FOB SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTLERY, CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Khuu'i Merchant Taitorlmg establishment. Lewis D Oar Htoelc 1« too large and mn*t be reduced at once. Warranty with each Instrument. 15.00 to 810.00 per Mouth. CUT BATEH CONTINVKD. CO., Gait House Bleek. WBI6HT& WILLIAMS. PLUMBERS. GAS & STEAM FITTERS. Jobbing uid Hep&lrlnft- Promptly Attended to. Dealers In Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, of all tlud. Hose, racking, titeam and Water Guages, Valves, Klulkn! Bewer Pipe, So. Estimate! made on Plumbing, titeam &Qas Job« Mr. B, F. WILLIAMS. Formerly with Win. McCune & Co.. attend* to wood and Iron pump wiling and repairing, Mr. E. M. WRIGHT, Formerly with the Sterling Water Co., Kim hi* aMeoUou U) all plumbing, steam *"•* OL'K PALACE Is <un>pl«t« with tha latcat dealgtu la Hanging Stand and Bracket Lamp*. ttunK-n, ITalmswS! &>. rrkf » to suit the uutea. Call Mxl le* «tir LJUli ijliiit Lamp afiat &ui>*» rtn.'i-l. Vaiv*. AU work w»j-r«al*J. Yea? ontam mJWiud, M. Mai* M***» Ml***, Notwithstanding Their • t (Rousing Holiday Trade • Have Still A Fair Assortment or CLOAKS CHUFFS STAPLE FAJfCY GOOfiS At their Usual •A» ' Reasonable (Prices. SELLS THE \ BEST CIGARS i '; -"-FOR THE— < LEAST MONEY All Grades of AT LOWEST RATES. Come one, come This rock shall flea From its firm base As soon as we. THE URLY BIRD KATGHE8 THE W3BM. INDEPENDENT GROCER, THE! [LEE}[IVE GROCERY 1» tha moat Independent Grocery House In Bter- • ling. We make our prices and sell GOODS SO LOW overcharging. A child can <BUY GOO<Db A JS, e JS5¥L?«VT3! ! .^ '2 W M » «"*•" """on. TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advances. The BEK ' m VK customers get the brneflt of the tow prices before the adrance. A luce stock of Gilt Edge At 45 and SO Cents per Gallon. 'Bock C«ndj> Drips, pure white, at 75 Ceitw P*r0a!lou. ™e-.*~ EOCENE OIL Non explosive; the best oil sold In this nsArlft "*" low price as Inferior oils are aoldc-l>««-ner>I R°"2 IT «£•'»*<» fnd buy low lest oUs &r«i rua tha ri»k of being burned up.. Eemt-uii&r y«o buy the . •'• .re Futonta and all Winter SVhm make* tetter ana whiter ' bread; keeps moist longer !h»n Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article In FennsylTaula Buckwheat Hour II sold last MMOU; * pounds sold BO far tbta W' »n. This flour has no equal in this umrkrt: Umade by the luteit process; paumt hulled; no btack speck*. A due stock of Canned and Qried Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds. The Genuine Down East MAPLE SUGAR! Yea <aiKS*T* tea to ftftoen «a*s on tew wowbjRM bay a, to* mss m VK, R, L, KIMBRO,

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