The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 2, 1966 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1966
Page 6
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Wednesday, March 2, 1966 Wedn«.d«y. March 2. 1966 - JOHX THOMPSON placed second in the junior hlgfc biological science competition &t the annual Baytown Science Fair trith his project. "Oceanic Suburbia, 2500 A-D." {Baytown Sun Photo by Charles Micke!) Scott To Become A Space Mechanic ORLANDO. Fla. (AP)—When astronaut David R. Scott leaves the Gemini 8 capsule for a stroli in space in mid-March, he will use a power tool that may qualify him as the first space mechanic. Scott, an Air Force major, will work with the device for only about 10 minutes of his planned 2% hour excursion. But the nuts and bolts experiment will help develop tool kits for future astronauts. Details of the experiment were disclosed today at a conference on space maintenance and extravehicular activity — space walks. Scott and civilian Neil A. Armstrong are to ride Gemini 8 up for a three-day trip on March 15. During the first day. they are to chase and link up with an orbiting Agena satellite. Scott is to take his record space walk on the second day. Shortly after- leaving the cap-i sule more than 100 miles above' the earth, Scott — at the end of! a 25-foot tether - • will work his way along the side of the space-j craft with the help of handrails. He will open a compartment, in which is stored the power tool, with a regular hand •wrench and a metal plate fastened with four bolts. The power tool superficially resembles the but like Scott, will be weightless in space. It is 10^. inches long and 9 inches high and is powered by batteries. A man using a normal wrench in weightless space would spin like a top because of the reverse action created from force exerted in twisting on a bolt. The power tool, designed by the Martin Co. for the Air Force Aeropropulsion Laboratory, has 99.5 per cent less reactive force than a comparable power wrench used on earth. This has been done through an arrangement of bearings, rings and gears, plus a counter-rotating barrel. The result is thai the reaction is transferred back to the bolt being tightened rather than to the astronaut. Before open! ng the compartment. Scott will use a hook-like device to attach his right knee :o a spacecraft hand rail. Then will use the power tool to loosen the four bolts in the metal plate. He will turn the plate over and tighten the bolts, one of which is instrumented to record! the amount of force used. He will repeat the exercise, using the regular wrench. Then he will do it again after releasing his knee from the fastened position. Without the " knee^ anchored. electrically operated devices j Scott should spin slightly while that mechanics use to remove using the regular tool. If so, he lugs when changing an automobile tire. But inside it has the complexity of a James Bond device. It weighs about eight pounds will stop before he becomes disoriented. To record his actions, Scott will mount a movie camera on the side of the spacecraft. Americans Dislike War But Pleased By Prosperity WASHINGTON {AP )_ Lt., criticism from individuals Gen. Lewis B. Hershey. Selec-j"Y O u can't blame people for tive Service director, said today 1 being uncomfortable when Americans don't like and don't somebody's going to put an obli- understand the "distant dim" Cation on them — that's human war in Viet Nam but "they like j nature." he said, the prosperity" it generates. j H e criticized, without men- Hershey, who in nearly a tioning names, the current de- quarter century as head of the bate over Viet Nam policy. "It's Selective Service System has, unfortunate anytime to" leave directed the military draft of 03'the impression" with other: na- million young men, said the tions that ther e is weakness," general public doesn't under- he said. "Whenever there is! stand the war in Viet Nam be- confusion, the one looking at it cause: "If s distant, it's dim tends to believe it indicates i and it deals with people they're some weakness Whenever you not familiar with." ;i ack unityj you Iack stre ngth," In an interview, Hershey. 72.'he said. criticized the tolerant attitude! l n calling for unity, he said it, he said has developed toward 'is vital "to keep our youth be-' those who deliberately break; Sieving in our country " the law. said Americans may bej "The youth always have the leading too soft a life, again' responsibility of defending it advocated universal military;How ca n they defend it if they training and said he has no don't believe "in it?" plans to retire. I A S for those who argue "you Hershey said the Viet Nam ought to pick the law s you want situation is similar in some re- to obey," Hershey said "I think spects to the Korean war. "The j t is a very dangerous' thing to public just never understood it do. I think Vou ought to obey all like they did World War H," he o f them " ' said. "I think we've got some of j What "about young men who the same problems now." j ourn ^ slr ^^^ C3rds? He isn't peeved by criticism! He describes these demon- of the draft, although he hastens! strators as "misguided adoles-j to defend tfi e system. (cents" and says, "They should! Only Tuesday, after 30 Repub-1 De spanked. Maybe they should j lican House members called for'be inducted." j an immediate investigation of *n speaking of the "soft life,"j the draft, Hershey pledged his Hershey said, "We're somewhat j cooperation and said, "I have the victim of a life that has been i always understood that one of; eas * er than that of five or six] the functions of the Congress is'K enera tions ago. I don't knowj to look into how well the laws h° w many generations we could j they pass are being carried live through this and still hang] out." Jon," He was philosophical about! Hershey is confident, how; ever, Americans would respond Waifs Bared Of Six Nudes STANFORD, Calif. (AP) Six paintings of nudes have , been removed from where they hardly would be expected in the first place — the business offices of Stanford University. The paintings, works of Miss Ann Raymond of nearby Menlo Park, were installed last December. They came down mis week after complaints by some administration officials and em- Jl " , . . _ .. named deputy director of the The Stanford Daily, campus syste m and became director a newspaper, termed the semoval l v p ar i a tp r "narrowminded." Sighed a turn for the worse. "I think they've got some hardihood leftj in them," he said. Hershey's own military training began 55 years ago when he enlisted in the Indiana National Guard as a teen-age private. He served during the Mexican border incident of 1916 and. in France during World War I. His Army career appeared at an end when he was retired after removal of Ms right eye, injured while playing polo. But in 1936-40, he was an executive officer of an Army-Navy Committee setting up a Selective Service System. In 1940, he was the artist. "1 really wasn't surprised, Tnis is the oldest fight in the world, you know." year later. He could have retired in 1963, when he was 70, but said at that time he guessed he would stay on the job until he was fired His attitude hasn't changed. DMA: TMK COM: o N w DOCS rx-ACMiEvx: WESTERN PINTO BEANS Lb. BAG SPECIALS FOR MARCH 3-4.5 IMPERIAL PURE CANE Lbs. With 3.00 or More Purchase Excluding Cigarettes Campbell's AH Meat Soups 6 37c Miracle Whip Oleo .... Lb. 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Bag California Naval ^ ^_ Tomatoe Cello Kac D«>. iwg v^niorma r.«v« Anjou Pears, 25c Basket 3 ,,69c Carrots 2 , 29c Oranges 79c 5 LB. BAG RUBY 5 RED GRAPEFRUIT - 59 TEXAS ORANGES 5° - 10 - 10 53 C Yellow ONIONS RUTABAGA WAXED TURNIP COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS—A computerized system for compiling vital statistics of some 35 million trees to provide an accurate forest inventory has been developed by Kimberly-Clark Corp. Using the system, forest analysts like George E. Pope t above t can survey up to 350 trees a day. More than 50 million tons of paper and paperboard will be consumed in the tf. S. this year, but the pulp and paper industry points out it grows more \vood than it uses. Louis Lemon Of Crosby Is Congress Candidate Louis Leman of Crosby is the Republican candidate for con- ;ressman from the Eighth District, the seat of the Late Rep. Albert Thomas of Houston. Mrs. Albert Thomas is running or her husband's seat and, if elected, would fill out the congressman's unexpired term, which would have expired in January of 3967. A special election has been called for March 26 to fill the vacancy caused by Thomas' death. State Rep. Bob Eckhardt and Larry McKaskle of Houston are Democratic candidates for Thomas' congressional seat in the May 7 Democratic Primary. This will be for a regular term. The Democratic nominee will run in the November election. A mechanical engineer em - ployed by Southwest Oil Field Products, Inc., in Houston. Leman said he is taking a. leave of absence from his company. He was Republican Precinct 251 chairman and a delegate to the state Republican Convention. "I intend to present current critical issues during my campaign and also offer my solutions to them," the candidate said. { Leman attended Houston schools, graduating from the St. Thomas High School and then the University of Texas. A primary target in his platform is the U.S. action in Viet Nam. His six - point statement on the subject includes suggestions such as the halting of aombing targets in South Viet Nam and the concentration of bombings on Nort Viet Nam supply targets only. It also includes: Recognition of the 1953 Constitution of South Viet Nam; refusal to negotiate on the basis of the 1954 Geneva agreement; and the return of the response bility for the war effort to the South Vietnamese as rapidly as possible with gradual withdrawal of American troops. He said, "If President Johnson fails to seek successful avenues to peace, the Congress should urge an immediate .military conclusion to the war based on closing the Port of Hanoi to the shipping of England, Russia, Greece. France, and other nations. We should avoid the temptation of a war for prosperity. We should place more responsibility for the war effort in the hands of the U.S. Military in South Viet Nam. We can accept no substitute for victory." Cancer Victims To Trade Flesh In Attempt At Life BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) —! Robert F. Allen and the "right man" planned to meet this week for a rare operation which might sav e both from dying of cancer. Allen, 28, a Tucson, Ariz,, businessman, and an unidentified 65-year-old man from Philadelphia, are strangers to each other, but they have in common a rare type of bone cancer, osteogenic sarcoma. Both also have the same blood type, O-positive, the key to the operation to be performed by doctors at Rosweli Park Memo- irial Institute. Doctors gave Allen, father of work, but I am willing to give it a try," he said, "Any chance is better than no chance. I am very optimistic. I can't be anything else/' he said, adding "I am very happy and grateful all the people who have responded to this.'* Pre-School Deaf Being Sought By School District The Special Education Department of the Baytown school sys- three and a former University j tem is ^.- {o locate all jofUHnois football player, two to i school dea{ chi!drcn who may six months to live. They saidj enter special education classes they held one hope, that a man in September of 0,^ vear . with the same type cf cancer and identical blood type might be found. Carl Mays, special education director, said parents should register theij- children with the The Philadelphia man, picked i spec j a i education department it after 100 offers were screened. cated at Horace Mann Junior agreed Moncay to come to Buf- High school, as soon as possi- falo for the operation, which j^ie involves transplanting cancer j " _ schoolers elicible ! tissue from each man into the . ™ P" are ^d^n feed -, i *.i_- i. I lOt CISSSCS 2ic UlilUX ct* <±gC%A others thigh. | three an(J under sis on Sept> x A similar operation was pcr-j of iggg. Mays said the purpose formed two years ago with ap-j of y^ pronram for the pre parent success, but on a patient j schoolers is to help them de- with a different type of cancer, ygjop sufficient communication malignant melanoma. to enter first grade. Dr. Sigmond H. Nadler, asso- He explained that these ciate chief cancer research sur-j classes are for children whose geon at Rosweli Park. New)hearing is a handicap to them jYork State's cancer research j after all correction such as hear- and treatment center, said the i ing aids is used. This hearing treatinent is still experimental inon - function can result in de- and there is no assurance that it j i ay i n the development of will work. Nadler and Dr. George speech, he said. He added that the school sys- Moore also of Rosweli Park, tern set up these classes be- performed the earlier operation.; fore June for the coming year Within W ot 14 days after the j and therefore must know who transplant each patient's body [will be in the classes by that reacted against th e foreign can- time if at all possible. cer tissue, "indicating the de-| velopment of some form of cancer resistance," Nadler said. The resistance is carried by white blood cells, which combat the original cancer tissue after each patient's blood is transfused to the other. Allen said in Tucson that he planned to leave Wednesday for Buffalo. "I don't know if it will Keep Up With Sports In The Sun

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