Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 31, 1935 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1935
Page 3
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OCTOBER 31, 1935 , OF HEARING ON PE- i« FOR APPOINTMENT 'ADMINISTRATOR FOR .SoF ABSENTEE * District Court of Taylor , Iowa: November term MATTER OF THE OP CARL 'AVE, Absentee VanCleave Hibbs VanCleave, Marie Van endorsed and delivered to said Augusta Hass. For further particulars see petition, and amendment when filed. A writ of attachment has been issued and by virtue thereof your undivided one sixth interest in the real estate in Taylor County, Iowa described as the northwest quarter of section one, township seventy north, range thirty two west from the fifth principal meridian has been attached. And unless you appear thereto and defem; before noon of the second day of the term of the district court of Taylor McMullin, Margaret Van; 8nd Carl VanCleave: "and each of you are here- jjled that there is now on in the office of the Clerk , County, Iowa, which will com- nistrict Court of Taylor' mence on the twenty seventh ^ . ^_I-_A« 4-i*n rinv nf TavmovTT inoc «~j i. _ Iowa, in probate, the "of"" Marie VanCleave stating that the said f VanCleave was a resident State of Iowa and has known cause absented from his usual place of and concealed his from his family for of more than the past iyears and that he has an jed one-fifth interest In following described real es- ! this state, to-wlt: Half Northeast ... j and 80 rods east and Jby 3 chains and 21 links and south in the corner of the Unrest quarter of the quarter and the I Half of the Northeast of the Southeast tier »U in Section 30, iship 68, Range 32, West ! 5th P M hi Taylor 'Iowa, jatyou and each of you a be entitled to share In the i of said absentee if he d, and asking that an ator be appointed to ster the estate of the said |VanCleave absentee. t further particulars see ion file. : are further notified to ion or before 1 o'clock P. i the 12th day of Novem- before the District |i ol Taylor County Iowa to I at the Courthouse in i Taylor County Iowa and ictions thereto on or be- 1 date or you will be held i default and an admin-* 1 lor the estate of the I Carl VanCleave, absentee Ibe appointed as prayed in [petition. Flick & Lucas porney for Petitioner > VanCleave McMullin in the Lenox Time 12-19-26-Oct. 3-10- | ORIGINAL NOTICE t District Court of Taylor 7i Iowa, Cause Number- 10 Van Houten, As Guardian Itht Estate .of Augusta Hass, apetent, Plaintiff, against .Haas, Defendant. C. HAAS, THE AFORE- i DEPENDANT: »are hereby informed that i Is filed, and on or be- 17th day of January, l»n amendment thereto filed, in the office of the follfie district court of 'County, Iowa, in which ' and amendment the ,>W. c. Van Houten, as an of the Estate of Aug- jwss, Incompetent, will 11 «om you the sum of one one hundred and one ($1,131.00) dollars Interest thereon from day of January, 1936, y Justly due from you lpal and interest on [promissory note dated Ap- I «M due on or before one later its date, drawing 1% * tarn its date, in the Wsum of five hundred • which note you execut- »delivered to Frank Haas 1 the said Frank Haas day of January, 1936 and be held in the court room in the court house in Bedford, Iowa, State of Iowa Taylor County— ,55 _THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX. IOWA your default will be entered tober 28, 1935. MAY You Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of L. R. Barnes, deceased, dated October 20, 1923 having been this day filed, opened and read, the 25th day of November, 1935, is fixed for hearing proof O f same at the Court House in Bedford, Iowa before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court, and at ten o'clock A.M., of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Bedford, Iowa, Oc- and judgment will be rendered against you thereon. H. P. JAQUA, Attorney for Plaintiff. 3-4 NOTICE of the Time and Place for Appraisement for Inheritance Tax Purposes In the District Court of the State of Iowa in and for Taylor County. In the matter of the Estate of E. E. Rhodenbaugh, Deceased. Probate No. 4040. Notice of the Time and Place of Appraisement. To Leo J. Wegman, Treasurer of the State of Iowa, and to Sarah A. Moeller, otherwise known as Mrs. Sarah Moeller; Jacob H. Rhodenbaugh, otherwise known as Jake Rhodenbaugh; Margaret C. Bremer, otherwise known as Mrs. Margaret Bremer; Mrs. Christena H. Walters, otherwise known as Mrs. Cris Walters; Gertrude Rhodenbaugh Yager, otherwise known as Mrs. Gertrude Yager; Mrs. Goldie Stephens; Glen Runyan; Margaret Wilhelm; Janet Neidig, Administratrix of the Estate of Margaret Wilhelm, otherwise known as Janet Neidy, Administratrix of the Estate of Margaret Wilhelm; and Janet Neidig, otherwise mown as Janet Neidy; Presbyterian Church, Lenox, Iowa; United Presbyterian Church, Lenox Iowa; Methodist Episcopal Church, Lenox, Iowa; Chris- iian Church, Lenox, Iowa; Alma B. Rogers; Mrs. Mabel Jenkins; E. E. Reynolds, Ben Wur- ster'and James R. Locke, Special Administrator of the Estate of E. E. Rhodenbaugh, deceased. You and each of you are hereby notified that the undersigned, the duly appointed and qualified appraisers for said county of property charged or sought to be charged with the layment of an Inheritance Tax, will at 10 o'clock A. M., on the th day of November, 1935, at he Court House in Bedford, owa, in the County of Taylor, State of Iowa, proceed to appraise the real and personal >roperty of the Estate of the aid decedent subject to an Inheritance Tax in the form and manner provided by law. You are further notified that ou may appear at said time and place and be heard as to he. appraisement of said property or any portion thereof. Therefore, take notice of this proceeding and govern your- lelves accordingly. Dated this 24th day of Octo- >er 1935 RICHARD CAMPBELL, M. A. SAWYER, W. H. PAIGE, Inheritance Tax Appraisers. 4-2 |ck Dunbar Insurance Man irance Coverage of All Kinds and farm property ttobije 'Lightning and Tor- and Health e them all—quality price. 88 WH your attorney (Seal) FRANK HERRIOTT, Clerk of District Court Published in Lenox Time Table, Oct. 31, Nov. 7 & 14, 1935. H iiiimimmmiiimiiii miiu | Our 1 [ EXCHANGES I I Say: f a iiiiiiiiiiiniiim imimmiiin MUST BE "BLOW FLIES" Hopkins (Mo.) Journal—John Henson, 62-year old farmer living northeast of Waverly, is some better after being in a serious condition from poison caused by a Texas stock fly, which flew into his nose two weeks ago, and laid eggs from which larvae hatched. The larvae hatched in four days, eating the lining of his nose and into the roof of his mouth and his throat has been raw. Several hundred of the larvae have been gotten out by sneezing and blowing his nose. Henson was plowing when he noticed a fly darting about him. He slapped at the fly and it flew into his nose where he crushed it. About four days later the larvae started hatching out and Henson became sick. A Waverly doctor has been treating him and it has been necessary to place a tube in Henson's throat and give him liquid food as his throat is too raw to swallow. The physician states that the larvae quit eating when they become full grown and drop to the ground where they form a cocoon and their life cycle is started over again. WHY NOT SELL IT TO A DENTIST? Lamoni Chronicle—A Cosmopolitan dated July 1892 was discovered by Howard Silver this week among several old papers stored in the basement. Sub- scription per year was $3 with single copies selling for 25 cents. Such items as Woodbury's soap, Pear's Soap, Blush of Roses for the complexion, Beeman's Pepsin Gum. Buckboards, Bicycles, Hires Root Beer and corsets were advertised. Most of the articles were regarding history and travel and only a few fiction numbers. Silver's Cafe and the Cosmopolitan are at least 43 years of age according to the date of the magazine. LEG NEARLY SEVERED BY SICKLE Hopkins Mo.) Journal — A sickening accident took place 6 miles east of Hopkins last Saturday, when the little 3-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bird stepped in front of the sickel of a mowing machine his father was using in harvesting cane. The child had gone to the garden with the mother who was digging potatoes and unnoticed left the garden, going to. the cane field nearby, father round was making of the field the and The first was watching the fence so as not to run into it and did not know he had run into the boy until he felt the impact of the sickle. Dr. Kirk was called, who rushed the lad to the Maryville hospital, where is was found the large bone of the right leg had been severed between the knee and the ankle. It was at first thought bst to amputate the leg, but later the doctors decided to try to save it. On account of the boy's age, Dr. Kirk thinks the bone may knit and thus save the leg. BRAINS IN A BIG WAY Clarinda Herald - Journal — What the use of brains can do for a fellow is illustrated by a recent incident in the east, the results of which we will soon be seeing in the advertising of one of the big tobacco companies. A stranger called on the president of the company, handed him a slip of paper, and said: "Here are four little words. If you want to use them, pay me $25,000. If you don't want 'em, just forget them." The president looked at the slip, and without saying a word wrote out the check for $25,000. The four little words that meant a fortune to this thinker were: "Be Happy—Go Lucky," and they will soon be seen in all the advertising of the company. FATHER'S ADVISE TO SON "My son, never speak unkindly of price-cutters. Never knock them. Because God made them the same as He makes fleas, lice bugs, wasps, snakes, skunks and other unpleasant things. In His inscrutable wisdom He made them. Why He made them only He knows. Some day He may enlighten us, but up to now I'll be d—d if I understand. —Exchange. HERE'S PROOF An Oklahoma girl for a husband and got him. The total expense for advertising, wedding outfit, etc., was $11. He died within a year, leaving her an insurance policy of $10,000. And yet some people claim that it doesn't pay to advertise. —Exchange. For the Homemaker Ideas, Sugrreetions, News for Wou:.en Readers TRY SOYB/.AN "COFFEE" Soybeans with tomato sauce. An appetizing and nutritious dish, members of experimental cookery classes at Iowa State College have disclosed. The increasing importance of the soybean as a food is indicated by the variety of products which commercial firms are making from them. Poods classes at Iowa State have tested such new products as soybean bologna, soybean cheese, several kinds of cereals made with soybeans, soybean "coffee" and "peanut" butter, and soybean flour. The flour when used in baking gives a rather heavy product as yet. and the flavor of the soybean "coffee" was a bit strange to some of the students tasting the product, but the foods tested give an indication of the wide possibilities for development of the soybean products. WEIGHTED SILKS NOT INFERIOR "Why, this silk is part rayon," the customer remarked when she saw the word "weighted" on the label of a bolt of silk. Neither she nor the saleswoman knew what the word meant. "Weighted silk" does not mean that the material is part rayon. It means that a pure silk has been treated with the salt of a metal such as tin, zinc Blankets VOU don't have to wash your blankets yourself. Just send them along with your weekly washing to us, and your blankets will come back clean and fresh and dry, without having lost any of their warmth. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 or copper. The fact that silk is weighted does not indicate an inferior quality, as many women believe. Actually, only weighted silk can be purchased on the market today. Its value depends on what percentage of metalic salt has been added. The percentage ranges from 10 to 90, 10 percent meaning 90 percent silk with 10 percent of the salt, and vice versa. Experiments conducted in the textiles chemistry laboratories at Iowa State College have shown that 50 percent weighting gives as strong and durable cloth as pure silk, with the advantage of the extra weight. The tests applied subjected the material to the same conditions as those brought about by wearing. The question for' the purchaser to ask herself, then, is not "Is this silk weighted?" but "How much weighting does it contain?" Roger Poirer broke into a reform school in Monteral and was sentenced to four months in the same place for attempted burglary. According to a recent report the Home Owners Loan Corporation has taken over 181 homes- of borrowers through foreclosure, and actions for foreclosure had been instituted against 1,167 more. The HOLC was established to protect home owners from creditors — now we shall need another alphabetical agency to protect them from the HOLC. Sylvia Fruchtman and Maxion Kahl, both 17, got a free sea trip from New York to Havana and return ae stowaways on the liner, Oriente, but were not permitted to go on deck after they were discovered. You Get a Better TRACTOR FOR LESS MONEY in the Allis-Chalmers LENOX MOTOR CO. PHONE US Phone 165 Jot for Quick \ Down0ur ^. ,. \\ Number Quality PRINTING You will find our printing service prompt and accurate. Our available type faces and stocks, and expert pressmen all combine to turn out as fine a piece of work as you could ask for. Circulars, broadsides, booklets, etc. Lenox Time-Table NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4047 In District Court November Term, 1935 tuuuuut -:Professional Cards: GEO.L. GOOD ALE OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glassesfitted GOODALE JEWELRY STORE Lenox, Iowa O. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director Lenox, Iowa Rarber-Boltinghouse Co. JAMES R. LOCKE Attorney and Counsellor at Law vSSSi & Merchants Bank Bldg Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courte- gtate and Federal Special Attention Giy«n to Battlement ol Estate* Frank Wisdom O. J. Kirketeg Wisdom &Kirketeg Special attention gtyentQ settte- --- * of estates tori. low* for Mildness for Better Taste © ISM, R6BIW S HttM foUUco Co, X<'\ ",'*<„' ' ''•*, *. '. ,,,^:»'-$V a » r %,;, .' j.ii & &&afft- • . ,i-J *!']".i

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