Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 6
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DECATLIR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930. L£CATUR HERALD 2-0735 put your fur- ape so thai it good job thii New Process Enables R-101 Pictures to Arrive Here 36 Hours After Wreck Work SEYFER SON h Mil In Kt of tbr tl-101 (Haunter nunr | trlclty. a Frnnc*. nH«"'' etl Monrtuy tn'Miliwd Tho JSvonlnK Hnwilil. only Kfl luniru'volvCB, tlie nwtllus pick tip electric litter tl» Kl ftr ' Oli'lii(ll(i exploded, [curvent nml transfer it to a machine Alwve Uto cylinder are (Vs t)i« cylinder re- litter CM Ufi'iil'i. which onrvlnil tltn |i!u-jtlmt punches holM In t»po The ar- In irnocn, :lUJv«ly ilw plcutrw. yd Loom lie With Heavy ion§. Fine for om. Formerly iw $79,50. md Stool lifjj ^n Mohnir and $139.00-Desk Ihed Butt Wit). [$45.00-- Now .amps of Floor Lamp* tes. Formerly S9.50 -- Now ill keep your r atmotphera cold month*. ncl finish in * 'that will moan re of furniture Be prepared er. Install one Cables .49 With Lower tits. Formerly tl Tables hcd Tops -hut Combine$19.75-- I -Smokers Vice Type* -- hogany a n d Ishe*-- Now at ee. Sec'tary ' for the Horn* brroerry $59.50 range merit of tho holes In determined liv the ll«hi nn) ilurk shidos In the picture on the tin. ' The tape with its pattern of holtis t tin' t'lctui'i'Ji tl»im-|lH turned over to tho Western Union of mllpi" mvfty fmin ll«! *tconu «ffle« In London. There the tape la j )],(, ([((ifint^r lit liitnlly wor« llmnh-ul In \i « lil«h-»)wfid tfonsnilltinw I (ult dny'n idiif n f i w r Mir ciilaa-'nuiclilnn which reproriueea .the pat- tcooh* 1 ocetiri' 1 '! I" " 'rH'il* '· tll e torn o( 11 Dies In New York on ftn KIWHW Thlii [trowBit L -.tli'-i- -iiil(i .f tti|»- Tlio pattvfn lit the wttlillnt: mwl l«ln-!oi'ally h ectbleKt-ainnd, MliotnHriiih», \ |! r i nK | nK tho picture out o( 'th« tit tin 1 flitrilHiw pi'ijctrtti. the piui- j u t r t p of tiipi 1 In New Yovk*tB rough" I s * *iipl»it on ( i l l y n rvvarisnl of the first process, ox- of Hn I'tntwl wltli |ihotwi'(iphlolci!iJt. Hint a namllo of light Is cm- lwl^ ' l ''"' ih" 1 ' 1 lrl t l|(lL ' l!l1 rt " it'iilnywl Itistcnd of ntetfll tioetllcs. -y |lu(l ' r 'hnr(«i) w i l l ' ''lie- , The «trt|' uf tn Po In Now Yo(k la ;ut Into a machine that carries the ;ape jraptdly paat the needle of light, the tape moves along, the light shines through It on a revolving cylinder faced with photographic film. The picture is transferred to the film by tho light beam, which la heavy or dark 'according to tho arrttnge- tncnt of thi! holes In tho seeding tape. " Since Jthe arrangement of holes la governed by the light , and dark ahiwJes In the original photograph. the t« product) on In New York la n duplicate. Photographs for · .reproduction In newspapers are taken from the film on thfe revolving cylinder In New York. The Pacific Atlantic Photo aorvlcw furnished Tlte Humid with the Bortlune p roc CHS photography of tho H-101 wreck. VACANCY IN LOCAL POSTOFF1CE TO BE FILLED BY TRANSFER CLAY CITY --Mrs. ROHM who hnB Iteen In the Olnny aitnltur' Uim the UiKt week, tram* homo Sun- duy much Improved. Ouncollatton . of tine oxaralnntlon tot 1 rural carrier In thtt Decatur fKrtt office, dashed th« hopon of 115 m«n seeking employment, 'alt of whom had applied t: th» civil service board for privilege nf taking the exnmlna- tlon, Decatur postal officials have locftlved notice that the vacancy In Decatur will b« filled by transfer, "AppUcattonB for the examination fur this position will not bo accepted by tho United States Civil Service Com mission until further notlce,"ac- cording to tins terms of tho cancellation. Thomas E, Dlllehunl, Deea- tni' aecrotafy (or tho Com mission was uimble to give any Information na to, wno would fill the position here or from what office they would be li'anei(erred. It waj expected that the applications for examination would «te*e(l 300 by Oct.-10, whon the UBM limit for application* clomd. All of the 176 application* a!**a4y ^ received «cr« from Decatur or from th* rural area acrved by the Decatwr nostofflce. None from- outsldo thla area WM considered. Because of the terma of the cancellation It wan believed that there might be some possibility that th* position or a similar one would be opened sit a later date. P E O N I E S S for 91.1HI Rml, WblW or Ptuk STR06HER BROS. N, Main Phone You CAN'T help admiring the charia of natural beauty, any more thao you can help enjoying the natural mildness of a Camel Cigarette, Camel's mildness starts in the sun-drenched fields where the tobaccos grow. Only the choicest of the golden Turkish and mellow Domestic leaves are selected for Camels. Through every step of their cure awl manufacture the delicate, sun-ripe fragrance of these tobaccos is scientifically preserved, And so Camels come to you mild and delightful-not flat and flavorless. Swing with the crowd to Camels, Learn the happy difference between true mildness and insipid flatness. Smoke' without fear of throat-discomfort or after-taste--just for pleasure! / sr -'1 REMEMBER WE ALWAYS UNDERSELL GOME HERE FIRST AND BUY IT FOU usu THE DEMTUR MY WWW Oft, / · · · Wo*W» SUk Stripe UNONS S9c ni Ik etrlp« union HUltl, With built-up shoulder and cuff knee, sl«« 34 to tt. --Pint Floor Uttlili Womcn't FUwalatu GOWNS 79c Women'* flan* nelette night gowBfl, f u l l cut, in protiy i i r l p e pattern*, ntec* 19 ana IT. -Vint Ftwr W«IIM»'I F Jl SftlkHMe Full fMhlOMd ·ilk how, wttk PtraoA f i r n t In »rl Mtw ·DJMlM, ak i« 10. No School Sale! Bring In The Children Thursday We Prove Our Leadership As School Outfitter CAMELS **ASY TO LISTEN TO"--CAMEL PLEASURE HOUH «v*otnf» on N. B, C, tje»w»rk, WJZ *nA Cumuli your tdcul rudio tim* tab I*. BOYS' 4-P1ECE School Suits Kntckent (111! nr HIV Klll"li.|l xv.',l^tl ntlxtlll'^ lllt.l UUrll mill Wlltl full VflHi, it n I tk ·» urn I InliKt". 81 w« l« tt Boys' Blouses hhlrli nf 19 11 KM i M. V«t ni-ti' Boy** Sbe*plined Le«Uicrett« Coats $0-95 . IllJ'iit coola nltl) lMiivorlr.M cflllnr In titlwrt Hij'l*n: iln' Hi It yi»- Girl.' 3-Pwce Dresses Wtm\ Jtiroty intj hjrui WLHUI- 11ful new wlmi-r Girl*' Slipover Sweaters K«wy w n o I *. rt over itiyfo -" HI Boyi' Lumberjacks pin 1*1 l M t o r ID uml Itrji Bar*' Woolm Special SAowtn; anrf 5a(* Girls* Coats Olilncliilltts! Novi'Hv pattern*! Thick nap w o o l o n mixlurcd! And they krn lur IrimmiKl, too! All lined *nd Interlined, In «!**« 7 la H yearn. Blft vlui nt HM, --Second Moor Tots'Coats Heavy nil moot chin- fhhjwi, with h*rel 14 iikHtnbl rari nnJ · liu fiann«i*t(* Him!; mill- tnr/'H) 1 ]* Slew t 10 « *nd Unions Union Mutt* hoy* nnd (rt In white #r r dam; ftun w*Uit wt^lo ffna hnlt riunl filicu I LJ 13 and Cub' Hosiery 8p*rt hw* or riiain C1l',1. full to it. 'firi"' 1 !"' ". Glrb'Flrad Skirts Won) Ml p f i l i l . 'hliti fur tlrlu t M 14 juiurn, wllU ho^l«« tMl, ftM t,hTM» tkVrU *t ·tiily (Sc, A Splendid Offering of New Fall Dresses 3tj*l« tor ntr*«t, butlnen or apart* wear. Real economy can be started right here. Chooea your drcMti 'right her* from U»e bett that the market afford*. Only $6.0G. ' Cbmninc Stylat BolerM Eniembloi .. Crenei Circular SklrU "*·"' Flares Chiffon* 8SiWf ptaif °' d " rtu Neve) Steevet 'Caaton* 8I»* tut the Mlia and larger women .,, U to S0{ 38 t» 5! and Mi to Ml. Bee then dntte* tamoo row at f,M and be convinced of ihttr value. 9eeoiMI Tleor · Paris Nanftt* Htamft *r»wit CrtnlWI ' ·nil DivdaMd of .vtlvirt, tin _ .lt a»n French Jolt*, in itylea that are mn «f UM ordinary at HM. A m e r i c a ' s f i o n c c r L n d t r s e l h n e Store EWSPAFERl iTSPAPERr

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