Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 9
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Harvesters Top Palo Duro, Clinch Crown • ' • *!-••••• r - " ' : -: . . . ' I Mirk lu vaudirt purely, pay. It was in late November when Clifton McNeely wryly accepted the kiss of death. His District 3-AAAA coaching stablemates had tagged Pampa Pressed Throughout In Thrilling 67-59 Victory n.v ftftto onions Bally News sport* Editor AMARILLO — Pampa o v \\ t- It was a tension-packed coMest from beginning, to end. So fur ious was the pace that the Harvesters could not afford to ease up even came Us stiffest opposition of the:when they grabbed a. 13 . point year here Friday night to down [lead with five minutes remaining Palo Duro, 67-59, and-clinch the'in tbj game. Difltrict 3-4A championeWp. The Harvesters now have a fnur- game lead over Amarillo, and Besides being tension • packed, the game was also a rough one. There was little if any actual bad Plain view with only two games | sportsmanship, but both teams remaining on the schedule. Ama-jwent alt out on defense and t':iere rillo, the only team which hail a:was an unusual amount of nolld mathematical chance before Fri-jbody contact for a basketball his Pampa cage outfit as the conference favorite, a brand!day night, lost to Piainview. 41-40.Igame. players from both tennis that outranks the fleur-de-lance:in sheer fatality, Which isi The scrappy Palo Duro Dons be-]often guarded a little too closiely, came the only team this yeaf to;in their zeal to stop the oprosl- "- 1 - "-- ' go ail 1 ranking quite some. , , k But Clifton's protests were mild and smothered under ™* Kteh bis cornpone drawl. Never a man to become overly excited pl d p a cloger outside of a gymnasium, McNeely had only one big worry! three quar(ers and Mont ra .,J and . tuC k exchange ofbasket* there at the outset of the season and it was a_capital letter | llcd in tne last quarter to make | neither side took a lead of more WOe known simply in Sports Circles as .... DEFENSE. jthe score closer, hut in both these;than three points through the lirst anybody, any 51st Year SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1959 'Our defense has won for us in the past, it won the state games Pampa had moments vhen title game with Port Arthur (48-47) last March in Austin,"!it could miax. the Harvester mentor remarked during the season. He cited j 1 in f thi s ^game, there was no re- for example that, "Texas A&M coach Bob Rogers told me """ "" " u ~~'~ last year we had the best defensive club of any high school team he'd ever seen." After snatching his 3rd district title in as many seasons With Palo Duro playing the role of patsy, 67-59, you can bet that old bottom bob that McNeely won't let his charges forget they still need defensive improvements. He'll be.rub- bing defense into their hides like oil of mustard before an expected regional showdown of unbeatens with Odessa. The Harvesters flanks may be scarred from the spur of McNeely in future practice sessions, but. those flanks are planked right on the 3-AAAA throne this shiny Sunday. And that's a soft, comforting seat. ,-:. A Novice Promoter . Looking at bowling shoes in Le- out of local fans last week, and vine's the other day, Morris added he's always considered Silver, who handles advance Pampa a real good sports city. ^^X'V£LTeT« y *—»•.« — «"«'" '» remarked how unusual it was learn of Qeigel's getting k> pro- for a wreatler to be promoting mote the fights here. It's a the matches. known fact within the Inner The new Pampa promoter Is sports circles that Amarillo's gravel-voiced Bob Geigel, who Doc Sarpolls has a tight-fisted himself used to draw raves and reign over most of this section's boos at the local arena, depend- grunt-and-groaners, not that two quarters. Palo Duro led 77-15 at the end of the first quarter, but Pampa came back to tie it up -,»ec onds deep In the second period, on a jump shot by Coyle Wtnborn. The exchange of baskets continued until the score was tied at. SO- 30 with only seconds left in the first half. Then Coyle Winborn dunked a field goal to give fMm- pa a 32-30 halftlme lead. Wlnborn, hitting from all angles throughout the game, led Harvester scoring for the fifth time In the last six games, with 21 points. Mack Layne netted 18 points, and Bob Qindorf meshed 13. Pampa Pulls Away The nip-and-tuck exchange continued for the first four minutes of the third quarter, but then the Harvesters began gradually pull- Ing away. Winborn sank a jump shot and two crip shots and Layne dunked a one-handed jump shot under the basket, while Palo Duro was scoring only two points. Pampa led 47-40 at the end of the third quarter. The scoring pace stepped up in the fourth quarter, as Pampa scored 20 points and Palo Duro 19. The Parnpa lead rocked between five and 13 points In the final period. Palo Duro could get no closer than eight points in the last three minutes, but the Dons kept pressure on the Harvesters until the final gun. Harvester Coach Clifton McNeely, for the first time this year, went out on the floor in the fourth quarter to question a referees call. Despite the old saying that a referee or umpire never changes his mind, McNeely was successful. A foul, first called against Craig Winborn, then switched to Coyle Wlnborn, was changed back to Craig Winborn after McNeely protested. Game Statistics The Harvesters" had the edge on .he game, j RiflU tournament held Saturday at ! Nowlm"319 Kay" Baizer'soY'" and'' grabbi " e ' 42 rebollnds to pal ° Indoor Rifle and P i a t o l! Jimmy Anderson 267. Miss Bal-i Duro ' s 32 ' However - the D ° n " izer was high girl in the tourna-' were aided by a number ot bad Seven teams were entered In ment. . j Harvester passes, so the Dons fir 9 Childress Captures Rifle Tournament Childress American L e g I o n'u; finished second with a 1239 score ' . number one team won the Junior as Gary Balzer fired 345 Richard' 1 backboards during the game NICE TRY, CHARLIE — Harvester guard Charles Minor almost, but not quite, putjumps John Hover of Amarillo after a tie ball in Friday's game at Ama- rillo against Palo Duro. The Dons controlled the tip. Hover is 6-3. while Minor is 5-11. rn7''upon l 'whlch"sld"e7rthrf R "nc"e there's anything wrong there, ! the tournament, sponsored for the| For the third place Gray Coun-; ^th^flr,! 0 ,,luTl^D™, " r . . /„.. r->— i...,., i,. l,| n uinKlu ,-.f 'sixth qfr.-l o-ht von r- Hv Pn m n n t.. jri i _ . . . . ! Jn lnn Iirsl nitll, me UOns you nil The towering grappler for Doc treats his stable of .sixth straight year by Pampa'ty 4-H number one team, which dropped by the office a couple neck-twisters like royalty itself, i Rifle and Pistol Club. Each team had a 1208 total, James Veale •• ••• We've more than a hunch our iconsisted of four shooters. | shot 324. Dale Veale 311. Gene! pal Mr. Geigel is working with j The Childress team had a score Tkiwell 310, and John Osborn 263. i a sweet sanction from Mr. Snr- jot 1380 out of a possible 1600. The For the fourth place Childress I polls, who Is known to be a fair .three high Childress shooters fin-'team number two team, Truit straight shooter. [Ished 1-2-3 for individual honors,JBall fired 315, Mike Tennell shot Geigel, who appears with jas Sammy Bushon scored 365,-308, Hugh Davenport, 305, and Dory Funk on the latter's wrest- j Harold Walkup 364, and Gary Has- Billy Coyne 227. sel 355. The fourth man, Ray Hamilton, shot 298. times last week to talk wrestling and we put a desk between us &nd the big guy and then ventured what every outsider really wants to know: "Who decides just who wins which matches?" « Without batting one of his muscled-up eye-lids, Geigel sol- hit; outside jump shots ; 12 of 30 , off, how-! ever, in the second half, netting i only 11 of 40. • Palo Duro, with a well-balanced attack, had four men in double fig-j ures — Steve Carter with 14, Ron- Trice Ready For PHS Tee-Off Time ler's Sunday morning television ' emnly spoke with dead -pan show, exclaimed his blonde bud face, "Man, that'* a silly quea- dy has all but perfected his "In gtant moonshine" pills. Line forms to the right, tion. The beat man always wins. I thought everybody knew that." Big Bob reported a good turn- Lshed fifth, the Boy Scout Troop and no shoving now. The Bucks Have Company And can you blame the guy? The Perryton Junior Rifle Club j 113 "red" team sixth, and the ;-•-••- — Troop 113 "blue" team seventh. H.lrric F141 lit Those firing over 200 for those Is Cancelled DALLAS (UPI) —Texas heavy weight champion Roy Harris', 1 teams were Glen Henderson, 218, and Phyllis Newman, 239, 4-H number two; Richard Welker, 250, and Dickie Spence, 207, T r o o p Harvesters (67) 113 "red". j Winborn, Cy. jnie Covington and Bill Kiser with The number two 4-H team fin- llt an d Kenneth Day with 10. The Harvesters' shooting percentage was over .600 In each' quarter, a.s they hit 26 of 42 field goal attempts during the game, i No Doubt Now Why does everybody keep call Ing White Deer the only unde- After winning state and being j scheduled Monday night fight with! Others participating in the meet Layne feated schoolboy football eleven named the. Panhandle Coach of ,Cuban Julio Mederos has been- were Mike Carter and John Olndorf for 1958. Last week my grey- The Year, it would appear fool- ; called off because of a virus con- Schmidt, Troop 113 "red": Steven'Minor headed pal, Putt Powell, pointed hardy not to try and better your- jdltion that Harris contracted. (Rogers, Dale Sprinkle, I^rry Mac. Winborn, Cr. out the magazine "Texas Coach" self when you're on top. -had a yarn on the state's "only undefeated team." The Bucks were superb in winning the Class A marbles, -but Terrell In AA finished with a 13-0-1 record, bowing to A A champ Stamford by penetrations, 3-2, not score In the semifinals, an 8-8 tie affair. Speaking of White Deer, the Bucks may b« without their jet Naturally, we're like the rest of the close Buck fans, w h o would hate to see Otis leave this area, but jeepers life is short and a young man must strike while the Iron is hot and all that kinda jnr.r.. Speaking of the fine publication, "Texas Coach," this month's issue had a large action Promoter Ralph Smith said Fri-'Millan, and Richard Klotz, that Harris' manager, Lou "blue", Nelson Rockwell and! Totals IViscusi, informed him that the* Alive Coombs, 4-H number two. i ;Cut 'n Shoot fighter's doctor would: The top team received the Ad- Pal" Burn ;not let him go on with the bout, idington trophy, and the number Covington 'The doctor said he was too weak.! two anil Uireo teams were given Kiser j Smith said he would cancel the ribbons. The Sportsman's Store Day icard. rathr-r than try to make a trophy went to the high Individ- Bray 'substitution. iual, and the Pampa Hardware tro- Carter ! Mederos had been in training iphy was awarded to the second Hover here. ,high Individual. The high girl'Wills (.19) Smith said he believed there, was awarded a ribbon. Totals fR 9 8 6 0 3 0 3« f? 5 4 4 0 7 S 1 34 : ft 3-5 2-4 1-1 6-8 3-3 o-n ft 1-4 3-5 2-3 0-0 n-i 0-0 5-5 11-18 pf 4 1 2 3 4 0 H p( 8 2 1 1 0 & ] 15 tp 21 18 13 6 9 0 «7 t|> 11 n 10' 0 14 6, 7 59 age Moses come next fall. The picture of Pampa's 48-47 stale | was ij t jj e c hanf-e of a rematch j Operating the match were Tonyi Grapevine whUpers Otis Holli- finals win over Port Arthur on i between the two heavyweights be- 1 Welker, John Ayera, W. F. Huff, Scorn by quarter*: day is seeking a job with a high- the cover. The same picture ran ;,. ause ne understood that Mederos Lester Newman, and other Pampaj HnrvpHtcrs 15 n 15 20 -. fn er classification school for bet- earlier in the Texas Sports Guide j had other commitments. iRifle and Pistol Club members, i Palo Duro 17 1310 19 — 69 ter wage* and more security, yearly publication. On The Boo-Boo Boys Hollar guy Steve Gergeni, the little dynamo, who officiates so many of the Havester basketball games and the gent who received a deep forehead gash against • Lubbock here, Is a junior high physical education instructor in Amarillo, Steve had eight atitch- es put In his skull after catch- Ing an elbow on Feb. 6 here and had them removed by the same doc between halves of Wednesday night's Kiwanli sponsored West Tex&s State and Phillips 66ers game. Gergeni who aays he makes a few thousand jmt officiating athletic events every year (he works Southwest Conference and Missouri Valley games) reportedly tells of Informing his principal that he can't allow h i t school work to interfere with his officiating. How could anybody blame the guyj On the popular subject of official*. P»nipa High track and line coach Dwain Lyon was elected president of the Pampa Chapter of Southwest Basketball Officials Association during that organization's last regular season meeting. He replaces Harold (Andy) Anderson. Bill Garrett was elected vice president and Bill Ledbetter was re-elected secretary-treasurer. It was the veteran official Ledbetter who recently said, "I've seen a lot of good basketball teams in my time, but never one with the overall team balance Clifton McNeely has this year." Ledbetter, of course, was a schoolboy coach at Canton, Texas, in 1937. He works at Skellytown today. Another Skellytown worker, Bubba Hill, is a former Texas schoolboy coach, his early '30 Cisco teams once feared fur and wide. Under Hill tiny Cisco once whipped Abilene, but lost the game later on an ineligible player or some other such meager thing! (Second In a scrip* outlining th« prospects of spring nports at Pnmpu High School. Today's Installment deals with golf.) By RICK PE/DIKT55 Dally \P\VS .Managing Kdltor His shortly-cropped hair grey; thaiched, Weldon Trice is the picture of wealth. | Better known lo his legions of? friends na Bird Dog, it's not the' .spending- kind of lucre that lias Mr. Trice walking the Harvester's, campm with a brisk spring in his steps. | If you were an aspiring young coach, no matter the sport, and yon had right lettermen on a ten • man squad, two of those with n pair of monograms at that.; wouldn't yon rise every morning with a fpcllng you could lick the world, even without your Whoaties, and cream? : That's the way it is with Bird Dog Trice and his Harvester g«lf; team which he hopes will do some] cut-rate par-shattering in exhibition and District 3-AAAA link, matches this spring. "Our overall strength and depth is much better than last year, because we only lost one player by graduation last May," Bird Dog i commented during a recent inter- iview. "but we'll still have to do a Hot of stroke chopping from our jscorecards to make a triumphant showing in district play. We'll be working at it." The lone loss from last season's golf crew was a mighty big one and at the moment it appears (Se« TRICE, Page, 10) PA.MPA HIGH GOLF SCHEDULE March 13-H — Fort Worth Re<-. reatlonal Golf Meet. March 20-21 — Odessa Relays Golf Me«M. Map.-h '28 — nKtrirt 3-AAAA flrvt round meet at I.uhhock, (18 holes). April 4 — District S-AAAA sec- nd round meet at Amarillo Ross Roijrrs Course. April in-ll — Atniirllln K«'ln.y* Golf M<x-t (Ufl ImloH). April 18 — District S-AAAA third round meet at Tampa. April 2S — Ri-Elonal Golf Meet at Odessa for district's qualifier)*. Mny 2 •— R«*<l Raider Relay Golf Moet for staff mei>( qualifiers. May 8-« — Texas Schoolboy Mt'et nt Au*tlii for regional'* qtml- ifiers. CAMPBELL TAKES LEAD IN TUCSON OPEN MEET TUCSON, Ariz- (UPI) Joe Campbell of Knoxville, Tenn., took 4. firm three • stroke lead after U holet of Ui« J15.QOO Tucson Open Golf Tournament Saturday with a five under par 63. That gave the turiy Campbell * three - round total of 194. P G 4 field *ecrtl*ry Jim Ga, quin tald Campbell'» t»lly i« the lowest for thr«e round* in the last three year* of P G 4 competition in Hit country. , Tb4 r#c.ord of 189 was set in the :96i Texa» Open. 4rt W*ll Jr., th» circuit'* cur Bicuney leader from Manor, PH., took sjj.j.ul place | with a three • under par 67. j Julius Boros of Mid Pines, N. C., co • leader Friday with Camp-i bell at the halfway mark, shot" |par 70 golf Saturday un the W : Us layout. It was good enough for j third place at 199. ! Three golfers were tied a.t 200.; JThey were Gene Littler <:4 San iDieg'j, Walt Burkemo of Franklin' i Hills, Wich , and Henry vvuiiams ;Jr. of Fleetwood, Pa. William* ihad a W, Burkemo a 8" and 14t- tier a 68 Saturday. ; Campbell had *ix birdies, in-. ! eluding «. one on the par • five l*ttt hole. BIRD DOG THICK ' • ... has 8 h'Uermf'n Shockers Lose Fourth Gam© AMUtlU.O D'-IM) their f.-itirth d. •',/•-,[ ,,f '\ •> ?-;..ton Here Fr'.-lv. :-,~ ,".;• as '•••'. c ,-)>!•! from behind v. :th a !;tst i.'.if :-!;v. The Showers, v,\-.n nov-. i -^ o ' n 19-4 murk for !.!:•• yo'jr, '•-• i :;il! at the end of the :ii a <ii:-i- > : - at i 31-28 at hfil.'!:rn,j. H'- A--, t h •> Bees tied tiie Peore n-i! ;<! t! • <•• end of the third quaMer :\-:,i pulled away to win it in the 1 'i s t period Despite the h>.-,.s. hit in doublt- fisrii! IS. and Alit-n Wis Palo Duro B (57) Reid Hall Saur.ders Ingram Johnson Stafford Wells i 1 - 1 .-.||'.:-<P: 1'::! <';>•(•< I I '';; h';' -fV-i !• '-.('t-H in. Nesluge Sxroud Wise Barter Terrell f« H |>/ t;i J i I 2 3 6 -I 6 4 U 1.' I L' 1 5 r. i': ^ 12 ! "-I 1 2 -1 1-1 1 9 6 '.)-I 5 12 ?i a ia ic 57 o :i-:s 3 3 111 3 9 'A 4-7 J 10 6 H-l 'J IS 6 :i :> f )5 l(i -iW-'iO 13 555 Si-ore t» Quuri*Ts: Pal.. I>uro It II i:< » l« U JU -- 51 STATE Cm'TEKPEKS — The Pampa High School volleyball team, coached by Miss Barbara Dougherty, is a strong contender for th* state championship. The Pampa squad linish- ed second last year in the state meet, and .most of last year's players are back. The girls play their first match, a practice }iame against Phif- ljp,s, here Thursday. From left, they are Jean- nie? Hopkins. Irma Esliek, Marilyn File, Sherry Thygerson, Phyllis Burcss,' Kaye Layne, _......„, ,..^. Zoy Corronis, Gerry Robins, and Joy Yander- ,-u Anita' by nt-aiiy a iengtij Satup Horse Sets Mark ARCAOIA. Calir M.T1 > Bru»h, the wnly ht.ty in tli<? ; s*t 8 new \vi.irid '» leiurc) jttiile ttruj m\ eishth as sh? tuifc-'J the »M. !(.Ht Sajj fr< in liiilncUl* at burg.

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