Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 15, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1938
Page 8
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Pago 8 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 15, 1938 "BRONCO"CHARLEY MILLER "Bronco" Charley Miller, last surviving rider of the fanioifc Pony Express who carried tlie mail through the Indian-infested Wild West between Sacramento and Carson City, Nev., more than half a century ago will be the speaker at a Court of Honor of the Tri-County and Kent B O O K S You May Enjoy By Graham Watson A, usual, October is crowded with books, there are some Fve Hundred announced. Several are quite u n u s u a l and may be read by pei-sotis wlio ilo not read for the story--One in particular is so recommended, "In Hazard", by Richard Hughes. It has no love interest or any women at all and no hero, but it is a book of r-uperb artistry. His description of the storm at sea will remind those who have read Joseph Conrad of this most noted author. The ino-t important novel of the month. It is t-aid to be like :i Jam 1 Austen novel strangely realistic and title "Black Is i\ly Tnielove'.s j l i o o k he presented to u.s to help us make' ii succe.Sn out, of this year's Ilair", by Elizabeth Madox Roberta. It is a literary book and ii- written in (lie poetic stjle. There is to he l i m - ited edition (if this book at 510.00 a copy. In non-tiction are two notable books: Anne Morrow Lindbergh's " L i s t t i i To The Wind" and Commander R i c h a r d E. Byrd's "Alone". Of the two "Listen to the Wind" will be tlie most v.'ideh rend judging from her other sutces "North of the Orient.", which kad the non-fiction sales in l!)-5. It is written in the .same simple style. nc\v-, activities. Campaign SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one Thawley gave us two goals with his head. Wes, we congratulate y o u . grim. It is "All This and Heaven'Boys, if you expect to got wry far - K U «'°» * Too", by Rachel Field who you may : in the playoff, y remember wrote "Time Out of Mind". ; ] ian j. YOU sure It is the story of Henrictte Desportes, l y h , a great aunt by adoption of the au- ' thor. Henriette was a French govern- e-s and the story covers chiefly the time spent with one particular family and the horror that came of a fiercely jealous Corsican wife with a proud husband who no longer loved | you h;id better w i k need the prnelire. team in t h u cc'in- your school li\vn. Humor Oui M;nrav.iiK Campaign ha* come to :i close. The people selling the j iiibi- 1 iptions in the i cr.oul were Itai h e l Willi::, highest, and June Ilollis- anl ))laying the title role in a tale of intei national spy rings, stolen mil- i t a i y seciets and N o i t h American intrigue. Irving Merlin's ".Mt'taiider's Rugtime Itnnri" Tlmr.Mhiv . Friday Sut- iirduj, October 20. 21 22 "I'll ii'-vr loi get the night I first heard that The words were Ur, l.onise Challinch, anil Palrieia Kvisps of thought, in a l o o m f u l of con- Si'i-^e in older. i\lr.s. Hanis-lmig' 1 ; I vei i c iilion. It vva.i Sunday in Holly- iKini w i l l receive a five p u n d box of l w n ) d - - a n d ( h e uulio olfertd a pro- MmK for h n v i n j j l.nnH'ht ii, the nm-t Ig" 1111 / f rrvi ."''.i*'' 1 '"" '"'"V D " 1TSl ^ ,, ,, . ' Xamick eaui:.,t the words from acioss .im.i(.y. M i - , . K i i i n i c l i s r u W l l h SCT- ,,,,. ,,,,,,,,. - V l i y .,,,,,, stlrs ., ,,,,.,,,. 'lid. T)u total amount mael,- through for th In 1 !Uii) r :iziiie Campaign sc'iool tin':; vear i.-, .Mf.-l7. r,ry--the iwlody whispers across the irs and npiiri opens the old album icc-olleLlion. It might have been --- i the fir-t time a girl went to a p a i L y . i:iMC HKCOHDS DIXIK'S I'OST-HKLLUM STI | It might l n ' i i t h - song the fel- ows siintr a r o u n d a ··miniier e:imp; i r c . . . llie t h » mm maicli- iiiK to w ; " - . . . l h e SOUK mother loved T"M;is in the Lin Indent days follow- most to p'-iv ... dud's oiie-und-orily '.in* the W.ii- Between the Slates j s o l o . . . .V.MK^ w h i t h never die. It ha foi ni:i tlie excitini; biickj;iound o l ' l l x e n w:l "' "' Uai'ryl !·'. Xanuck that lie i!iama of the Rei (Hislniclio-i period, "The Texaits," which n i i l have its First local show- l i n g Saturday only, October 15, at the look i for his motion picture .stories on I te f i o n i |og, ;· 01' the daiK news- papi rs. .. the thing'; t h a t are iiio.-t inini-'diiite 'n the nnblie mind. Mori 1 j jj n w to ta jj e tne sl , ()ts (ult (l f c i ( ,t],_ · . Pour a cup of conceiilratod sul- her. To tlie readers Henrictte becomes a real person. One of the books most generally phuric acid on the ,-pot. Guai-anlLed! 2. Cut it out with a pair of scis- ne o te oos mos genera S0 rs. read will be "Wisdom's Gate", by t 3 ' I f t , . ,, Margaret Aver Barmy. It carries on . . , ,. . the story of "Years of Grace" the I matched, you won t have to remove author's most popular novel. Cicily, I them. |the probk-m-making daughter of Jane: ! 4. Enlarge the contents of the rag her diplomatic husband; the beauti- ,bag. bontoiiia T i u a t i e . With Joan Ben- 1 iiHjfi'tant, he says, are the thinps · i v ' t t , R a n d o l p h Scott and May Rob- 'closest to t!-e heart. And among tin- i i ; licio'iiv; a huge cast, tlie picture GM ;ong.; t h a t I-\ injj^Bi'iJin hns writ- tells of the South's K t i u g g l e to at- ten, Zanuck knew lie could find thi l a i n self-mil' and Find n new way of melodic nrl'jstoniH w i t h i n every one 1 l i f e alter the lavagei; of the war. j i e e o l i i c l i o n . "What's- your favorite l l i s l i i r j of Crime Recorded in Films 'song. Irving?" was the First question the pHidn-jer placed before the fa- tiniL- B;\jid," writer. "Alexander's Rag- tho prompt reply, ful Miss Wisconsin who comes into \viiv does Johnny Hughes iro into ' h ^ i his life are the central figures in a ,. :, , ' ., f h , ^ . . ,the most complete pictorial chronicle novel about the emotional c o n s c u e n - ' 1 ' 3 ' " U 8 hcs room the ln - st I 1 ' 1 '' 11 " 1 '" of tl, u cavalcade- of crime in this ol I"(Kv. G. Robinson, "1 Am The L-JV" Star! Moil. Tues., October 17-18 at Dcn- (oniii Theatre K i b v n ' r l Ci. Robinson's gallery of __^ film pnrlriiyals will ..dine day provide ' TM ' " observers rif the America .scene with GREAT CAST IN "MOHICANS" "I'll never foipet I he first time Emma Caru; snug it . . . " , novel about the emotional consequen ces of divorce. [the afternoon? To get to Engli.-h No month can seem to go by w i t h - , c l a s s of course, 'out its doctor novel, and October is Wayne Cawley i.s t a k i n g ,110 exception for we have two on the broncho "busting" in s t u d y peri list: "Doctor Biadley Remembers," AI , . . , . , . ,by Frances Brett Young, and "Young Mo TM**- ***_ '" m , t() 1e *' llai , n - . .Doctor Galahad", by Elizabeth Sei- I fert. Bath are competently written, i the one by a doctor nnd the other by ,a hospital worker. Speaking of doctor novels, The Citadel will be fc- ,,. , . . _ , ,, ~ ,, .. T, ,. tor novels, The Citadel will be if=- Distncte, Del-Mar-Va Council, Bo; sucd at a bargain price for a few Scouts of America, in the Ccntrcville weeks. I believe "Young Doctor Gal- Armory, on October 19, 1938. Scouts ahad" will be the most interesting will be present from Galena, Milling-! of the two. It won the First 1 DC present irom uaiena, iuiiung-i"i "»= "u. n, won mi,- «±u,uuu mot «.,, Rock Hall, Bctterton-Still Pond,! No ye! Prizc of Dodd, Meade and Co. ,, . ... Vi · i nu i *. i ar d is an exciting narrative of one Kennedyvdle, Fairlee, Chestertown,| . . .. ^ nrppr _ . . ... . ton Sudlereville, Stevensville, Queenstown, Hillsboro-Queen Anne, Ridgely, Denton, Greensboro, Federalsburg, Lienion, ureensuoro, reueraisuurg, um; UVUIUH ^uuu , uy a., u. uu\is, Cordova, Easton, St. Michaels, Tilgh- ·L nd '" rhe Start of the Road", by John young doctor, his career, his girl, and his ideals. There are two Civil War novek, one "Beulah Land", by H. L. Davis, man and Trappe. Famed Indian Fighter A famed Indian fighter and Scout Mr. Miller, now a lecturer for the New York Board of Education, was the first man to carry the news ol Lincoln's inauguration in 1801 to the west. Born in a covered wagon in northern California in 1849, he be came a Pony Express Rider at the age of 11 years. His route from Sacramento to Carson City was covered in 24 hours, using 21 horses. "Bronco Charley", as he is also known, fought in three Indian wars, took part in the Spanish-American War, and went "over there" in the World War when he was pa=t 60. He ( subtracted more than a score of years from his age when he enlisted. Now 89, Miller looks at least a quarter of a century younger. He is expected to appear here in his Pony Express habit of buckskin, wearing his hair long, a practice acquired during his active days in the west. Played with Buffalo Bill In later years he appeared with "Buffalo Bill" Cody in his show and in 1932 crossed the country on horseback delivering letters from former Mayor James Walker of New York to Governors and mayors of far western states. Mr. Miller will relate his experiences in the far west when that country was being opened for civilization and his escapades with the Indians. I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.--Psa. 16:8. lErskine. "The Mandrake Root", by Martha Ostenso is sure of good sales and rentals and will be a candidate for the list of ten bcst. Lydia, wife of Andrew, meets Eric, who sets free "primitive, instinctive urges far stronger than any man-matle bond". So Lydia, Andrew, and Eric have it out in a dramatic climax. Another book which they sny is not n . in xl on (The editor of thu de-part im-ni. i of the eavaleude of crime in this | Randolph Scott, Binnio Barnes and c o u n t r y . In I'.CJO, with A m u r i c a stag- H e n r v \\Mcoxon head one of the geiiiiR from me I m d j blow, inilicled K , t i l easts of .stars ever assembl !.y liig-.syi!ii(.a;e, ruti less r u m - r u n - 1 . ,1 , : , t;.,. H ci,-c-ji in "The La. t of the swell job," says Mickey. "I've got a |i-uperphosphato. or potash to pasture land prior to October 31, 1938. Credit toward earning the soil- building allowance also will be given for new sccdings of .specified grasses and legumes, including blucgrass, clove-rs, lesjiedexa, and winter legumes in adapted areas. In addition to applying lime, super- car and a g i l l and I'm getting just about the finest possible education a boy could have." Iticliard l)k As Itlackmail Sleuth In "mind Alibi" A bogus blind man is mistakenly made a member of a gang whom he has sworn to defeat, according to the novel plot of "Blind Alibi," Richard Dix's current RKO Radio vehicle, T h u r s d a y only, October 20, at the Ridgoly Theatre. The drama i evolves n round the efforts of an American sculptor in 1'ari.s lo obtain a packet of letters being n_ed to blackmail his married sister. Mis mission takes him (o America when the letlcis arc accidentally shipped to the United Stati-h in some a n t i q u e objects d'ait and another gang i,. commissioned by its f o i e i g n cont'eies to secure the papers on a fifty-fifty basis. OCTOMKK ;tl N A M E D F I N A L DATE TO A C ' l l l K V K SOIL- ISL'ILWNG GOAL Maryland farmers cooperating in the conservation phase of the ID.'JS Triple A program aie reminded by W. G. Finn, director of the East Central Divi ion, that they still have time- to earn full payment for achieving the soil-building goal for their farms. Octobf-r III is the closing date Vn- carrying out soil-building practices under the 1938 program. Mr. Finn points out that provision for impioving non-crop ope-n pasture land is included in the I'J.'JS soil-building goal for the farm. This allowance can be earned by applying lime, phosphate, and potash on established pastures, the soil-building payment may be earned by the application of these materials in connection with fall seeding):. Farmers may obtain further information concerning soil-building practices from their county agent. (Pol. Adv.) YOUR VOTE FOR FRED E. COVEY Democratic Candidate For Treasurer's Oice Will Be Appreciated ner.s, IJoliinson Li ought his First, and one of his greatest, gangster chsirac- to the . ere en in "'LiUle MoHcans." Reliance Pictures' filn version of the immortal James Feni i " Cooler iia.s-.ic, Friday and Sat Wntch for impiovement! Not intended as a slam.) News Flashes Total deposits this week were $9.23. Mrs. Rairigh's room had tho greatest number of depositors, whil'/ Mrs. Rairigh's and Miss Trice's rooms had largest deposits. Lnst week we were honored by a visit from our Superintendent, Mr. Willis. Would it be possible for us to gel more chinning bars for the little- boys? The ones \ve have do not seem to accommodate the boys. As there is always a scramble for them at noon time, tome-one is apt to be hurt. It would be greatly appreciated if other amusement= were added also. We of the staff of the C. H. S. news lepaitim-iu Caewii.' This era of big-time, o i g a n - l u r d a y , October 14 and 15, at the study llH-ji/.ed crime, u:-hcie-d_ in d u r i n g the la!- 'Ridguly Theatre. Also featured in im- i ' o u u n t Milts in tiiis unforgettable story of gloriou-; adventure, heart hadn't had a chance to chapter on humor in the- new b o o k ! J t L ' r ear.s of p i o h i b i L i o n and now fae- for John Q. Public has a most in- j wish to thank Mr. Crouse foi- th( PERMANENTS Duart Oil Permanent Wave 52.50 complete Ends, Including Shampoo $1.50 Eugene $3.50 Ends $2.50 Another Brand New Eugene Permanent Waving Machine Has Just Been Installed. McKenna Beauty Shop Third St. Near Main Phone 100-W DENTON, MD. ESSKAY DEALERS NOW FEATURE GRAND CHAMPION SHOW BEEF PURCHASED AT LIVESTOCK SHOW Esskay, as alwas, has paid top prices for Grand Champion Show Beef. In fact, Esskay bought the cream of the crop at the Baltimore Livestock Show-- plus two-thirds of all show cattle exhibited. Go to your Esskay dealer today and purchase a luscious roast or a tender juicy steak, and discover for yourself how flavorful and appetizing fine beef-- Esskay Beef-- can be. « - V/aterlo.) in the i elentles.i, l ' J ^ " t * V - » , , - - " - - - J -- *3«". ."V.- C l l « V l - l l l U I U. I I (· n u l l i n g opposition of the Federal stirring lomnacu and thundering "ure.Mt of Invcstigcition, then developed ii,; big-shot gamblers. The Prince.; of Prohibition, their private vauhK bulging with booty, declared a holiday and lunged recklessly into an orgy of million dollar gambling. iMurder was frequently a silent player and m o i e frequently held the t r u m p hand. Espionage Mots Seen in New "Bulldog" Film II. C. "Sapper" .McNeile. the popular mysterj author, has written a story that might appear in today',= newspaper for Parjiinounl's newest "Bulldog Drunnnoiid" action thriller. It is "Bulldog Drummond in Africa," next Wednesday only, October 19, at the-Dcntonia Theatre, with JolinHow- conflict for u nation yet unborn are Bruce Cabot, Heather Angel, Philij Heed, RoberL Barrat, Hugh Bucklei and Willard Robertson. Mickey Itooney Hasn't Worry In The World Mickey Rooney hasn't any worries Hcs probablj the only person in the United States who is in a continua dither of happiness. Which i-- as unusual as Mickey himself, one of the stars of "Love Finds Andy Hardy ' at the Ridjrely Theatre, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, October 17, 18 and .1!). Looking around, he- marvels at the furrowed foreheads, at the frenzied fever of people who should have everything they could possibly desire. He knows he has. "I've got i SHOW BEEF THK WM. .SOIU.UDEKIIEUG-T. J. KUBDLH CO. PHONE 107 Food Market DENTON SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY Combination GKer Concentrated Super Suds pkg Zlc ioc pkg ic Elkhorn Wisconsin Clieese 21C 2lbjar29c lbl?c Large Cans ^^ r flail's Baked Beans ZtOl' Maco Mine® Meat Home Killed-Center Cuts Pork Chops Homemade Scrapple Ib ioc Homemade §'ansage Ib a8c Home Killed Veal Cutlets S K Roll Butter Ib 32c READ THE AD$ Along With the News Salesmen Wanted WANTED: Reliable man for nearby Rawlcigli Route 800 consumers. 200 ea=ily sold household necessities. We teach you how; supply sales, advertising literature--all you need. Thousands earn $30 to $100 weekly. Rawleigh's Dept. MDJ-40-G., 0-l-4t) Chester, Pa. Male Help Wanted State Employment Commissioner, 22 Light St., Baltimore, Md. Notice of test, mate, Patrol Boat. Closing date, October 21, 11)38. HARRY C. JONES, Commissioner. Charter No. 2547 ReSrve Diatrict REPORT OF CONDITION OF The Denton National Bank OF DENTON IX THE STATE OF MARYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1938 Published In Respon e To Call Made By Comptroller Of the Currency, Under Section 5211, U. S. Statutes ASSETS Loans and discounts sopft-jaoji Overdrafts ~" ~ 7289 United States Government obligations7Tir7ct" fully"^uarant'Jed 207,41407 Other bonds stocks, and securities _ 441 Qni 77 Banking hou-:e r 523,000.00. Furniture and f«cture.s,Tnone ~..~~ 23,00000 Real estate owned other thnn banking house 41 Md'ni Reserve with Federal Reserve bank .__ "_" " ~~_ 127291 65 Cash, balances with other bunks, cash items in precis of'coT ' lection 235941 BO Cr-sli items not in process of collection _ ~ " ~" Wt'm Other assefa ~"~~~~J.'".'~"""_ 10134 TOTAL ASSETS $2,005,920.27 LIABILITIES For Sale Cole carbide lighting plant with 3- burne-r stove and iron, fully equipped and in peifect condition. Reason for selling: Electricity now available. MRS. A. E. TODD, R. No. 1, Hurlock, Md. (10-lS-tf) Apples For Sale STAYMEN, NERO, ROME BEAUTY, and LILY OF KENT. For eating, canning, and cider. Make pur- cha^es now. 0. A. NEWTON SON CO., Bridgeville, Del. Phone, Bridgeville 2S51 or 2561. Shrubbery For Sale Boxwood, crepe myrtle, butterfly Jush, Irish juniper, golden willow, hydrangea P. G., for.=ythia, Hatris and bleeding heart. WM. H. NUTTLE. (10-15-21) Denton, Md. .60 Deposits of other banks, including certified and casWer's'checks outstanding 9515 Deposits secured by pledge of loans andjor in" vo-tments ... $50,300.83 Deposits not secured by pledge of loans andjor investments 1,703,819,74 TOTAL DEPOSITS _Z ?1,754,180.67 Other liabilities Capital Account: Class preferred stock, 1250 shares, par $40.00 -T per share, retirable at $40.00 per share ! Common stock, 1000 shares, par $100.00 per f share ) Surplus ~_ 77,250.00 Undivided profits--net 20,489.10 Preferred stock retirement fund . 4,00000 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT $25173910 TOTAL LIABILITIES V gjOOBam MEMORANDUM: Loans and Investments Pledged To Secure Liabilities United States Government obligations, direct and fully guaranteed 60,932 82 TOTAL PLEDGED (excluding rediscounts) 60,932.82 Pledged: Against State, county, and municipal deposits 60,732.82 Against deposits of trust department 10,200.00 For Sale Cider apples at 8 cents per % basket or 10 cents per bu=liel, at cider mill. W. H. BRUBAKER, 10-16-lt) Denton, Md. For Sale Tulip bulbs all colony $1.50 par lundred. E. W. ADAMS BROS., 10-15-3t) Greenwood, Del. STORE BOUGHT OUT BY The Remaining Bankrupt Stocks Ofi Sam Bear's, Ridgely, and Cherry's Inc., Salisbury OF THESE STOCKS TO WHICH OUR REGULAR GOODS Has Been ADDED For Sale 350 bushels cleaned seed wheat, hreshcd early, before the July rains. MRS. ALDA P. WHITBY, (g-24-tf) Denton, Md. TOTAL PLEDGED 60,932.82 State of Maryland, County of Caroline, ss: I, I. Robert Fleetwood, cashier of the nbove-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the bent of my knowledge and belief. I. ROBERT FLEETWOOD, Cashier Correct--Attest: HARRY S. DAILEY, FRANK L. R. NUTTLE, J. PERCY BITTLE, Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this llth day of October, 1938. Hilda C. Fowler, Notary Public. Wood For Sale Seasoned oak and hickory wood for sale. MRS. M. H. DOWNES, f!Q-8.2t) Denton, Md. / Get Your Share Of The Many Bargains Before It Is Too Late! BEAR'S STORE, Ridgely, Md.^ Sale At ^WEST'S DEPT. STORE, Denton, Md. For Rent Residence at 802 Market street, Denton. 5 rooms and bath, all conveniences. REV. A. A. PRICE, Denton, Md. (9-10-tf) REPORT OF CONDITION OF The Peoples Bank of Denton, Md. OF DENTON IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND AT THE CLOSE OF, BUSINESS ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1938 ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, and cash itenic in process of collection ^_ $61,266.00 United States Government obligations, direct fully guaranteed 27,803.62 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 93,299.32 Corporate stocks, including $ none of Federal Reserve bank stock 20,258.06 Loans and discounts ^ : 485,493.68 Overdrafts 149.01 Banking house owned $24,760.00 furniture and fixtures ___!_. 24,750.00 Other renl estate owned, including $19,500.00 of farm land 33,617.48 TOTAL ASSETS $746,737.07 LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations: (a) Demand deposits $164,430.66 (b) Time deposits evidenced by savings' psi-a books 383,203.87 (c) Other time deposits 40,553.16 United States Government and postal savings deposits 5,000.00 State, county, and municipal deposits 20,450.00 Certified and officers' checks, letters of credit and travelers' checks sold for cash, and amounts due to Federal Reserve bank 153.00 TOTAL DEPOSITS $693,700.59 Other liabilities 2.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES EXCLUDING CAPITAL ACCOUNT (except deferred obligations shown in item 34 which are subordinated to claims of depositors nnd other creditors) $593,792.59 Capital account: (a) Capital stock and capital notes and debentures! $76,000.000 (b) Surplus J 11,500.00 (c) Undivided profits 35,506.98 (d) Reserves 30,937.50 (c) Total capital account Dwelling For Rent Attractive house, recently renovated and equipped for convenience and comfort, for rent at once. Good location on Second street, next the Brick Hotel. L. A. MOORE, (10-1-tf) Denton, Md. For Rent or Sale Farm of 81 acres near Hickman, Del., for 1038-39. For full details write MRS. H. E. WANGLER, 301 Burnet Park Dr., (10-lS-3t) Syracuse, N. Y. For Rent 60-Acre Farm, located near Willison. J. DeWEESE CARTER, 8-G-tf) Denton, Md. 152,944.48 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL , $746,737.07 On Sept. 28 the required legal reserve against deposits of this bank was $40,017.74. Assets reported above which were eligible as legal reserve amounted to $60,456.03. Deferred obligations not included among above liabilities, which are subordinated to claims of depositors and creditors $128,316.55. (b) fThis bank's capital is represented by $25,000.00 capital notes and debentures sold to Reconstruction Finance Corporation and 5000 shares of common stock, par $10.00 MEMORANDA Pledged assets (except real estate), rediscounts and securities loaned: (a) U. S. Government obligations, direct and fully guaranteed pledged to secure liabilities $22,612.89 (e) TOTAL $22,612.89 Secured and preferred liabilities: (a) Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirement of law , $20,000.00 WANTED Good yellow corn. Higher cash prices paid. 0. A. NEWTON SON CO., (7-9-tf) Phone 2551 Bridgeville, Del. (e) TOTAL $20,000.00 I, E. Theodore Orme, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that the SCHEDULES on the back of this report fully nnd correctly represent the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief- E. THEODORE ORME. Correct--Attest: H. H. NUTTLE, GEO. KIBLER, R. R, RINGGOLD, Directors- State of Maryland, City of Denton, County of Caroline. Sworn to and subscribed before me this llth dny of October, 1938. Frances Johnson, Notary Public- My commission expires May 1, 1939. .'SPAPERf

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