Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1970 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, December 30, 1970
Page 2
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Altofi Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1970 For Arkansas convicts Death sentences changed LtTTtfi ROCK, Ark, (AP) — Qov. Winffifop Rockefeller, saying he hoped other governors would follow Ms example, has commuted to life the sentences of all 15 men on death row in Arkansas. The prisoners were jubilant, but some state officials were sharply critical of the action. Rockefeller, 58, said his only reason for granting the commutations Tuesday was that he was unalterably opposed to the death penalty and hoped to "hasten the elimination of barbarism as a tool of American justice." Nine of the men, three whites and six blacks, were sentenced for murder. Six others, all blacks, were sentenced for rape of white women. The action came two weeks before Rockefeller is to leave office. Gov.-elect Dale Bumpers, who will succeed Rockefellr Jan. 12, commented: "I know he acted in accordance with his personal phiolsophy. I'm sure he had sufficient information to justify in his own mind the action that he took." Larry McGuire superintendent of the Tucker Prison Farm that houses death row, said the 15 men were "very elated, very happy" at the If old Congress fails 92nd Congress will act upon social security By TOM BRADY WASHINGTON (AP) There's little chance Congress will complete work on a major Social Security benefit increase before time runs out Sunday. But chance are good the new Congress will pass the measure qiickly and make the benefits retroactive to Jan. 1. Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D- Ark., chairman Of the House Ways and Means Committee, said Tuesday "it is utterly Impossible" t o reconcile differences between a Senate version Of the Social Security bill and a less liberal House proposal in the few days left to the 91st Congress, president Nixon has said he will .ask the 92nd Congress to make increases retroactive to the first of the year if the current Congress fails to act before its term expires at noon Sunday. Mills': assessment came after the Senate voted 81 to 0 for a bill to give 26 million Social Security beneficiaries added money totaling $6.5 billion. Three million welfare recipients would get an additional $1 billion. He said it Would take committee technicians at least three days to draft a Compromised reconciling "at Decline of skill BOSTON (AP) - Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Oscar Handlin says a "decline of craftsmanship" has set back tile writing of history by three decades. Handlin, professor of American history at Harvard, told the American Historical Association Tuesday that historians have "locked themselves apart from the changes that have transformed the English language since the time of Eliot, Joyce and Pound." •/ least 100 substantive changes" the Senate made in the House Social Security proposal. One thing both House and Senate agreed on was the paycheck bite; The bill raises the base income subject to Social Security tax from the current $7,800 to $9,000 yearly. Under a previous law, the percentage of deduction goes up automatically in 1971 from 4.8 per cent to 5.2. The Senate version would provide a 10 per cent increase In payments effective Jan. 1 to all beneficiaries of the three Social Security cash programs: retirement, survivor and disability. Those at the bottom, of the scale would be raised from the current $64 monthly minimum to $100, a 56 per cent increase. The House bill calls for only a 5 per cent increase, raising the : minimum to 67.50. But both versions have provisions increasing several other Social Security benefits and tightening up on medi- care and medicaid health program costs. Both would establish a new system raising benefits whenever the cost of living jumps 3 per cent. And widows would get 100 per cent of husbands' payments instead of the current 82% per cent. Each house would increase the amount of annual wages a retired person can earn without losing benefits—the Senate to $2,400 and the House to $2,000. Current yearly maximum is $1,680. On welfare, the Senate voted to give an extra $1 billion to the aged, blind and disabled on welfare by establishing a $130 monthly minimum income level. The House version established a $110 floor. The Senate would let a permanently disabled person receive benefits after a four- month waiting period Instead of the current six. The House version has no such provision. news. But state Rep. G. W. "Buddy" Turner of Pine Bluff said he had heard Rockefeller's message to the convicts and "now I'd like to have his message to the victims." State Sen. Olen Hendrix of Prescott said he was shocked, declaring, "I've aU ways felt that the people who heard the evidence and the presiding judges should know more about how to handle a sentence than a chief executive." Correction Commissioner Robert Sarver said the wholesale commutation order Was unprecedented in Arkansas. Rockefeller, announcing his decision at a news conference, said he would send a copy of his order to other state chief executives and hoped they would follow his lead. Rockefeller declared a moratorium on executions when he became governor four years ago. He had not previously commuted any death sentences because, he said, he had hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would declare the death penalty unconstitutional but the high court has yet to rule on the Medicare cost hike scheduled WASHINGTON (AP) - The aged must pay 6 per cent more for supplemental medi- care benefits next July 1 largely because of rising doctor charges, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare announced today. The current $5.30 a month premium will increase to $5.60 a month for the 19.5 million medicare subscribers. This is far less than the $1.30, or 32 per cent, increase announced last December for the current fiscal year. Most of the latest increase was attributed to the expected 6.7 per cent jump in the amount of doctors' fees covered by medicare and to an estimated 2 per cent rise in the use of physicians' Services. HEW said an estimated 15 per cent increase in the cost and utilization of such institutional services as hospital outpatient clinics will account for the remainder of the premium rise. Supplemental medicare meets parts of the elderly's nonhospital medical expenses. T h e government, which matches individual contributions, Will pay out an additional $80 million from general revenues next year because of the premium increase. question. The commutations were granted without any relevance to the records of the men or to the circumstances under which the penalty was imposed Rockefeller said. Statistics indicate blacks are condemned in Arkansas more often than members of other races. Bombs hit target SAIGON (UPI) - U.S. jet fighters on a strike against a North Vietnamese supply convoy on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos triggered the biggest secondary explosions in five years of allied bombings there, reliable military sources said today. The sources said the raid earlier this week produced well over 2,000 secondary explosions, indicating that large fuel or ammunition supplies were hit. They said it could have been the most successful bombing mission of the Indochina War. The informants said the secondary explosions were "popping off" for more than three hotlrs. The White House disclosed last week that the Communists were moving supplies down the Ho Chi Minh Trail at a rate 30 per cent higher in preparation for .a new offensive, possibly in Cambodia. The B52 and fighter-bomber strikes against the trail have been the greatest sustained effort of the war — or any other war — but reports from Laos indicated vast quantities still were getting through. U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird has taken note of the big Communist push down the trail — really a maze of dirt roads hidden from aerial view by dense jungles — and has threated to bomb supply dumps in North Vietnam if necessary to protect American lives in South Vietnam. Military sources said an American forward air controller FAC spotter plane pilot sighted .headlights moving down a section of the trail leading into Cambodia and South Vietnam and called in U.S. Air Force jets whose bombs got almost "instant secondaries." The fighter-bomber attack was part of a three-month nonstop effort to block supplies B52s have almost stopped bombing targets in South Vietnam so itliey could halt the flow of arms and permit continuation of the U.S. withdrawal plans. Confined to cells 1,000 felons 4 sit and hate* at Washington State prison Boobytrap school The dangers of a Viet Cong boobytrap are explained to a group of soldiers by Sgt. Bruce Horn at a barbed wire enclosed compound near Da Nang. This 50 gallon drum which is shredded in such a way that sharp jagged edges point out in all directions can be rigged to fall, out of a tree when triggered. (UPI Telephoto) Jews seek help WALLA WALLA, Wash. (AP) — Aft estimated 1,000 convicts, vowing they will "sit. and hate until the pigs react," remained confined to their cells at Washington state Penitentiary here today for the ninth day. Prison officials made no predictions on when they would be released. Meanwhile, prison superintendent B.J. fthay said he had ordered two prisoner leaders of the Inmates Advisory Council transferred to another "facility "because of the Strike." ' ' The deadlock began Dec. 22 when prisoners walked off their prison jobs in support of about 140 convicts who refused to shave, violating prison regulations. "1 cannot speculate on when it will end," said • Rhay. However, he said Tuesday night that he had spoken with some inmates about subjects "pertinent to this thing" and was "pleased with progress being made." Attorneys representing some of the convicts released a statement from prisoners which vowed they will "sit and hate until the pigs react— they (prison officials) will if we hang tough as a solid group of men— not animals." The statement also called for the return of inmate council president Con Cole and secretary James Rottdeau, who were transferred from the prison oft Christmas My to another facility at Shelton. Wash. "I thought it was to the best interest of the institution ,that they should be removed," fthay said Tuesday night. He said the transfer was only temporary. Earlier, in a Christmas Day memorandum to prisoners, he said the transfer occurred because "these two individuals seem to say one thing to me in council meetings yet turn around inside the walls and act directly opposite. 1 believe that if we arfr going to firm up the communication line It is absolutely necessary for everyone to be above board and open." Rhay said he planned to meet today with the remaining advisory council members. The prison holds nearly 1,400 prisoners but about 400 are in maximum security division and are not involved in the dispute. Prisoners have alleged in letters to Washington newspapers that the support for growing beards and hair merely sparked a simmering discontent over prison hospital, parole and disciplinary policies. i Rhay said the number of prisoners who waflted off thefr jobs and relumed to their cells numbered in the hundreds. Me said all the prisoners were being confined to their cells because of prison security and to avoid splitting them in two groups. Airport (Continued from Page One) who Is .required by law to place his name tag on the game device, DeSherlia said. DeSherlia set the steel trap and demonstrated to a reporter how the trap sprang shut and easily snagged the big bald eagle whose powerful legs were no match for the steel jaws of the trap. The eagle wandered into the Alton area from Marquette Park where eagles migrate In the winter to roost arid feed on dead fish in the ice floes in the Mississippi River. In a .new development today, Tresch said that the government received a report that a farmer spotted a bald eagle flying over a farm in Highland, carrying a steel trap on Dec. 24. The farm is 20 miles from the site where the eagle came down in Alton. (Continued from Page One) street from the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Police said the' demonstrators, some members of "Jews for Urban Justice," failed to leave when ordered. The protestors claimed police harassed them in. the same way Soviet police .interfere with rights of Russian Jews. The protests came on the eve of a Soviet Supreme Court appeal hearing for the 11 hijack defendants. Secretary of State William P. Rogers, who twice discussed the hijack case with Nixon over the weekend, agreed to meet this afternoon with leaders of the National Emergency Conference on Soviet Jewry. Prescriptions Filled the way your doctor orders! ZJKE PHARMACY Open 9 to. • 827 E. Airline Dr., Rosewood Heights 2S9-22«J ALTON BANKING &TRUSTCO. In observance of the New Year the Wedge TV Motor Bank will not be open after 3:00 P.M. New Years Eve, December 31st and will not be open on Saturday, January 2, 1971. TV MOTOR BANK ON FRONT STREET BETWEEN HENRY and RIDGE STS. Work Clothes that to men on the job Davis in county jail, unable to post bond mm PIASA CORNERS ALTON PLAZA WILSHUIE VILLAGE CHATEAU DE FLEUR SHOPPING CENTERS AND DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER Patterson released (Continued from Page One) weapons charge was now dismissed. Vanfossen advised the court that Patterson had jumped from the window of the police station while being quizzed If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 « .rn. phone 465-6641 be- ire 6 p.m. and your copy win be delivered. Alton Evening Telegraph Published Dally by Alton Telegraph Printing Company _ PAUL 8. COUSLEY. President, general Manager. _.., STEPHEN A OWSLEY, Editor & \Mlstam to the Publisher. RICHARD A. COUSLEY. Vice President and Classified Mgr. . HENRY H McADAMS, Secretary and Assistant General Manager. _ MEMBER OF ,«. TJ 18 ASSOCIATED PHESS (The Associated Press It exclusively entitled to the use of publication of all news dispatches credited In this piper and to the local news pub_ • llshed herein.) but added that no charge was filed against Patterson. On leaving the court Tuesday, Vanfossen said he was not sure of whether he had any jurisdiction in the bizarre set of circumstances. But he said he still has Patterson under his wing until his parole expires Feb. 21. Sources told the Telegraph that if Patterson Is returned t o prison the most he would serve would be two months. Earl Davis, accused of breaking down the front door of an East Alton house Monday to take his ex-wife to his Wood River trailer, was transferred to the Madison County. Jail at Edwardsville Tuesday after he was unable to post bond already reduced by almost half. Magistrate ' Thomas M. Welch reduced Davis' bond from a total of $175 on three charges to $100 on one charge and recognizance on the other two. Davis was charged with criminal damage to property for the damage to the front door of the Lester Moore house at 633 Monroe in East Alton. Later at the police station, Davis threatened Moore and his ex-wife, police said. That threat brought a disorderly conduct charge. A third charge of failure to have a firearms owner's identification card resulted when police found 32-caliber bullets in his pocket. Judge Welch kept the $100 bond on the firearms charge, but let Davis have recongnizance bond on the other two charges. Hi Most Exciting Headache News Infearjj Doctors'Tests In Treating Nervous Tension Headaches Now Made Public Non-Narcotic Tablet That Needs No Prescription Proves Just As Effective As The Expensive, Leading Pain-Relief Prescription Of Doctors. If you're one of the many who get tense, nervous headaches, these latest tests by doctors should be of the greatest importance. In recent medical tests doctors proved a famous tablet that needs no prescription gives the some complete headache reliff M the expensive, leading pre- icription of doctors. These doctors' tests proved, beyond g doubt, that Anacjn is just as effective Jo relieve tern MOD headaches, yet Anacin \ needs no prescription and is far more economical. With Anacin, headache pain and its nervous tension vanish in minutes, Despite its strength, Anacin is not narcotic. 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