The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Page 2
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VIEWPOINT Nixon flunking human relations New Trend? an figure with a penchant and fj*~** for >*•«»»«» probing says this of |J«**«« MWB against th* backdrop of Wawrgate: "H« has and the prtstdency to Justify > " , tne statement can have "waning only If It is understood what this '""L" *** * • wd """y ° a > er Nl *on "wctan - consider to he Mr. Nison's Irtncipal weaknesses. They can be summed up easily under the heading of inability in human relations." Thto now b ground pretty well covered in the many hard examinations made of «he PraMtnt's conduct either in or in (fucsl of public office. What the ouoled Republican was getting ol is this: Mr. Nteon long ago perceived his own NmitaUons in dealing dose-range with iwopte. In his campaigns for ofn«, and !<artk«larly for the White House, he sought to minima* any possible political <>ad penonal damage from these evident shortcoming* by devices aimed at tTOtroBtng the "campaign environment" m which he moved. Thu meant carefully contrived public •ippraraaces, minimum direct exposure to the preas through conferences and interviews, avoidance of the traumatic (for him) business of confronting either ordinary voting foflt or political leaden to uopredsctahfe one-on-one situstiom, But a president, thrown almost in*vitabfr into all kinds of problems he can't tone*, requires a rich variety of (•sman contacts to fuel his imagination •ad reinforce whatever creative impulses he may bring to the job DON OAKLEY Thta difficult leap Mr. NUon has not made. In the While House fortress which automatically fosters a certain isolation for all presidents, he has moved as he did in his campaign - to control his whole "environment" But In this case, that of course means managing the entirety of government. and Its approach to problems «hich in this ate are inescapably immense, in a manner which supports the President's great lack In the human field. So he has contrived to run the presidency as the carefully closeted solitaire player, shuffling the key cards whose symbols spell major foreign and domestic problems. And, to reinforce his chosen devices of control, he has surrounded himseU with aides who would keep him secure In his weaknesses — rather than try to help him compensate for them by wide- ranging. understand^* contacts with th* "human stuff" in politics, in ihb Ifownroenl, and in those abroad A president, as any maa, deserve* wsoe sympathy as be pays the cost of hw frailties. Speaking to his own special context of lime and circumstance President Woodrow Wilson one* wid- "Whrn they shoot at you, they can only take your natural life; when they swwr at you. they can wound your living heart. " Richard Nixon, in the grip of his TMK HHAZOWOKT Comment and Opinion * , Tt ia« Tvrwlay, J»i*e), »*«gel ANDERSON Waterbug cover-up* to protect plumbers By J At fc If If* <h Sl\aa help**} lu ttntt iyp (iw Mte^U wutsuut of bit HtixxHtlttatm «(*J iji BUSIN£SS -—y~»j^n itHjr U<W* «B,SWM1V UWU limited to simple self •protect*** Wounded in his "tmng heart," he has »oo>rtim« struck back in vengeful b<««w**. The irony: That reply has nwde his heart« «U1 bigger target. Small investors turning to banks More than meets eye in gas crisis Suppose they cried "Wolf!" and nobody came? It happened in the fable and it could happen for real if environmentalists and •then whose business it is to alert us to the future tfWt team to temper their j alarums with common j For instance, says Stewart L. Udall. the current shortage of ] ga*oliae ls a national -nightmare." ••Rationing has already begun," says the farmer secretary of the Interior, who now runs bis own ewvrioamenlal consulting firm in Bethesda. Md. 'The whole cutrate segment of the gasoline industry a being farced out of hsriniii. It may became a thing of tar past before this year is out." While there have been and are gasoline and othe fuel pinches in parts of the country and may be worse ones to come, Che latter statement will be news to feausands of independent stations who have been pumping the same volume throughout the "crisis" and at the same prices, deapite irrraponsibie predictions ay some people that gasolioe will soon cost a dollar a gallon. August is the month when the real gasoline crunch will be felt, says Udall. who then proceeds to give the very kind of advice that could precipitate that crunch and other kinds as well: "My advice is for people U> take their vacations before August and plan to stay rioter to home." Having had that last fling, Americans, he 11 prill are going to have to change Iheir life-style drastkaBy from here on •ut. particularly with respect to automobile*. ft may well be that America's honeymoon with the internal combustion mgioe is (tearing t u tad. Pwrotean simply has too many valuable uses for to much of it to b* burned up fai ta roortng people around. Neither do ** want to go cotnpJelely into hock with the Arabs, who seem to be sitting on most ol the «wW'» oU. But it a mtrrtsttng that those who art most alarmed about the fasoiiae O»rU«v to the IVtfeare the same ones »b» »«rr»o3 in the tMQs that *« were about to be asphyxiated by awtomobik exhausts with one result that today's kn«-poUuUcn but gis-gunling cars have contributtd no Bttk bit to Udafl's present "mghiuwre." Scare talk is a good way to get pwspte'i attention; it ts the worst possible way to encourage them to make rational decisions Another danger ts thai when they discover that the situation u not rally *» bad as they were led to believe, they may conclude that there ts nothing to br concerned about at aU Listening B, Unrrac* Mallvy Emyifft fartau who are Jually prcurf of Ihew chitdrcn is evaduig the isawt at cur own responsibilities "HK SAID BLESSED RATIIEK ARE THUSK WIW UKAH THE WORX) Or' COD AND KKKI' fT'"~Lu«e 11:3 IRS V > It is strange how prw* we are to alinUiie the Lord's doicys to other causes and to identify Him as anyone nrepi Who tie really is "IT WAS SAID BY SOMK THAT JOHN HAD BEEN RAISED FROM TMK DEAD, BV SOME THAT ELLJAH HAD APPEARED, AND BV OTHERS THAT ONE OF THE OLD PROPHETS HAD KISEN " - Luke »:7* cvsitswr *t the mutual Now th4t U» tauli i la t&c fitt tan* tfcxiaton will t« op la *p*c 1st pf lisa! (Sir >*fe>iitAett4 »-IM tint wtmit :« (« JIUHJ tt tuJl it <fcm after t ta wot* o< llw brggml ardrr f«e ifcr 4 u«uU Is* on for Mlf or fra<«MH-jt »• VI* H*tia**.i \juty 1$ NEW YOKK ..Al't A.» W*ll »nu.U m-»*stcr -»J» •fwww) to then tWr (our or fiv« toto the bn-sKfc ConujicrvTjJ barat*. tot : been »bfc to female A nUKfc-fcuyustf ^ , jllhou^h ocrxt ol UK prominroi afxs b*<a>i»ie'saZ <3xe broker*, wnxr ba«k.t »r* nponete« the *trvs«:r A Thtj month JJ* (>^.w ifjRtajtUo of N*-* York and UK Secwrtty Paolic >M(w«af l>»« AtHtftea oiltrtd to dctiuet 13) or 4« tnwch *» I3«» from ctxxttftf 4<-cocin<j m wroVr to bu> The money oVdycUd wt4J fcr U» purirhit* of *oy ). with the rueUodMrr ban* of thr amount cutlonvrr M-ktrO the TV HAL BOVLFS PEOPLE Man shaves off 27 feet of whiskers mm WORLD vt) W> k, WA. v. ' Mr. .VEW YORK (Af f Th»n«4i a roferawrt might nrvrr no-* if I*- didn't open htj mail While performing his moat onerout morning fhorr, the jurriigc nun Uuv** off ?J (wt ai *bukrr» in hit bfetlme If >ou ar* chrotucdUy unpaiwnt, you pay a prtcr. "H« vkho sows hurry reaps t." »TO(C Kob«rt Stnrenson it romo lo' »w|ix«tiiig govtrnrnmu. it tso'tUie uutul npenau; tfs the upktrp Out emu W every doiitr you now pa> in federal iflcwn* Usis. J7 ccnl* go«s limpi) (o pay the uitrrtsl on the naUondl drfct. Yuu ifr wrong tt w*» Uv* Sj^ui (e*d«r who Cu»>.»r and ten m*c m U» futtfe of the lilllr fiijCltkwn at If7* Sttsmg tlufl *ctirtJ}j w*t ^ mcdtcuw rtW4i who M» MtMn UIM( hM«ofu Hors* itujnr ««Jit lor (h« The grti'* tog ihn*Uf» of fttialtar and «l may fortr » rrn*»l o< one ci Anwrka'i mosi popuUr form* «rf ir*mpc«uiwn m the pu»l •- the troltev car PAUt HARVEV NEWS WhiJe iU/T«<f jfi Convent/ons casing US towns for meefs «<4ij tn » Ihr United .Suira Sjn Fr»MUco. .Sew Orlcaiu. I'hiUdripitM. Bocton. HlUburgh and Newark. N J ftabubty nu merv l/un SOI) troilvy c«r» rrnutn in thu V1I> IM up * dom flow' WORLD ALMANAC PACTS QuoUbfe raXjMr* "The first thusg to karn in intcrrourK with others U iKmintctfrrencv with thctr own peculiar way* of being happy, provided thaw ways do not assume to wlrr fere by vroittK* with outs " - • William Jamn You wtU h**t good luck the rrat o( the day if the first Urtlrrfly you M* ts a while one You'll bring rain, thunder and lightening if yuu kill a beetle If you steal a Uve, the btes won't thrive tfcjt Ktfly mtliwo 4 our total Ul attend a ronvtntion Mmcwhcrv M the USA thu year an excuse for detng unconvmtiorul No4 aoj more T«i Uws clipped UM *tag» of the h«U-r»it«rs Now cipcri* cotivttw iwortnatMo and ideas Wives and children imwis Out e« Uw lor -dtfwuae t» fnwnU) to ,<k»r<rptitMM»iy «ift sny ntwb.1 trsmttt (0 ««) to compares |«ur crttn« f»t» with (fcst *tl Uw otter ciU« m iut vohtttUMow t»cn*^(k» fttt Will (fek«atM- Umlba be »*fc in Yourtowft's k«cf>lm' From jtmrnnwnl w«4llwr Mandarin, the language of China, u lh« mwt cwn- monJy spoken of UK worid'i Umguages with «fi million speake/f. English it the second most spoken language numbering 333 mil lion »jx.-«ki-f» worldwide. The World Almanac iwttt Uther leading longut* are Hutniitn. 2G0 uMlliua, Hindi aad Spanish, 192 nitUk/u; Ctrmwi, 12U million; Ar a . We, U» r, tf^lJ ftflrtj roUlioo. »»ta THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS things to M« Md do ConvenUara «re now punned with space »|c countdown prtmioo. «nd is • highly t» jreirr pwiod M cenirc«Uon<mi nv«y be to w«*r « had * cUndwUtw pee* at U* fUm on 2,o» Anwk«n elites and h*«f disravend th«* r»ud "hifewf I s*k«d Low «( a* Aro«rk*n . . *ny that Us! convwilkw whkh should haw hr«u«h( so much m«wy to Yourtwn > most omvcouoas *nd th* most importaol «w««nuoai - iaclud* Atiauu CUcace li-ll*.. IM» Aegck*. UUttU Bcai^r^* Orkans, S*n Ditto. a«d Sao Frsnrtscw H« e»ptalAcd U>t MO woiMrs Four years in advance, «»„•, t . ll« wiU dodi you/ bud tievaun with a «fe Can thty h*ndl. o«»k load* at hour,? E VWI tTS an fc member rrporu lhal you batt ch« ucclkul U4*U, meetiM rwwn and «hlbtt spa W; fin, MUM good cotertaintneat oad tood transfwrlation, crta« t» undw- twU«r control in Yourtown than to many other ctUce Yeurtown si bright, daaa and K<W«MMV*, and that you art pcoptv *»wa or «y«o b* • wrpriat rstlt by some

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