The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 2, 1971 · Page 3
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 3

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1971
Page 3
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Resourceful Artists f? f Put Trash to Work PICK OF THE PUNCH NEW YORK (UPI) -A chandelier made of beer' bottles 1°*' of metal on the -street. He and a room divider constructed g£ ^ ^t ' of egg cartons are useful things . one can make from trash. s Such things value' compete of „ other ._. . fallen ' from the el, some of it -weighing five utilitarian pounds. for attention with", art objects at a new ;Te*3iibition, if you'll excuse the ..expression, of garbage. •^"-'•The- exhibit at the Hallmark r.GaUery in New Ycjrk focuses ••attention on the great trash •crisis: The nation's rubble ,• trouble grows by five pounds ; -per; day for each man, woman, ^"Beautiful things among ob-' ' je'cfe -made of trash included sculpture by Suzanne Benton of Kidgefield, Conn. '"- -Tier.- "tin man," made of discarded iron and steel ob" jedtC'has a shovel for a face, a . -"funnel-for a hat, arms of mole ..traps" and feet made of old auto "' : ' -JN5PIRES SCULPTURE John Curry, a metal worker from- Astoria, Long Island, -HT.'; had a piece of sculpture -"inspired, he said, by a metal broke through his ••windshield one day while he 'was driving under the elevated. ' it had fallen from the :.elevated. NAMES Continued from Page 1 ftbteT guests recognized the .'•President and exchanged ,. viraves with him. ' ''-WANTED: Cartoonist Al - .'-Capp~ was sought today on an " arrest warrant issued after • Ee'faileoTtq appear for a ren- '-cBtioift hearing in Boston. -""-Capp, 61, of Cambridge, • creator of the comic strip ' • -^Li'I Abner," is wanted in "• 'Wisconsin on morals charges brought by a coed at Eau Claire, Wis., State University. •Chief Justice Elijah Adlow He looked around and saw a His sculpture could be called "The El is Falling Down." That trash is a national resource was noted in the exhibit. The U.S. Bureau of Mines, for example, has figured a way to make oil. out of garbage. In Milan, Italy incinerated garbage makes the electricity that runs'the. street cars. To demonstrate practical home uses of recycled materials, the exhibit featured three simulated rooms. PAPER BED The' bedroom had a four- poster bed made of recycled paper and a lamp shade made from plastic drinking glasses. A den featured chair, table and bookshelf, all made of recycled fiberboard. And the kitchen, with wooden drawers made from wine cases and the beer bottle chandelier, also had: —A glass cutting device, used to make drinking glasses or lighting fixtures out of beer make ighting dreds of fixtures, threading the wire through the top.) —Drawers to stow material to be reused, by category: Green glass, brown glass, clear glass, plastic, aluminum cans, Cans are made into candle- hlders; bailing wire makes Continued from Page;! . into .the'hearts-/of:farmers by closing 1 ' .their markets." ' PUNCH e l»n. TOKOKTO TIL1C11AX IYNDJCAI* "I don't think .they've reached an agreement yet." DISCONTENT GROWS Continued from Page 1 conference, Elder Ezra Taft Benson of the Council of the Twelve told church members that rock festivals are "among Satan's greatest successes." "The legendary . orgies of Greece and Rome cannot'com- pare to the : monumental ob- I faith in the'gospel, and'of turning, away from the church," Tanner • said. Another general session was to be held this afternoon, _ and the priesthood session 'tonight. President Smith speaks at the conference's concluding session Sunday: . A descendant of Mormon colonizer Brigham Young, Elder DOCK STRIKE CRIMPS Slahdard-Examiner, Saturday, Oct. 2,1971 outlet- to -He said 'the 'farmers' had ^pro- duced'' a -record' Harvest this year and the shutdown' would depress^ prices. He said -the West 1 Coast-dock strike and ; earlier rail strikes alread7 had forced" corn prices down to 90 cents a bushel'in some areas. Postmaster General Winston M. .Blount urged'the use of airmail to'^overseasaddresses but said' serious effects on service-because of the strike.. " • . • Exporters in Europe, already the United States, prepared --alternative shipping routes in-the event of a long -shutdown of the East and Gulf coast ports./ British exporters said they might have to ship-heavy goods to the United States through ca- nadian seaports and overland truck routes. - ' '" . : The East Coast strike began after federal mediators were unable, to -help the union and the New York Shipping Association resolve an impasse over provision - in- the expired contract for a guaranteed annual income. The guarantee entitled eligible dock workers, in 'New work 'was; available for them,. The provision -is" an important job ."security item-for the- union. The union offered to'continue working past the midnight Thursday expiration.of the.con- tract, at least through Phase 1 of the President's wage-price freeze.'' provided shippers extended the- old'contract. The New. York shippers offered to continue the year-old- guarantee only if union.mem- bers became employes ' of specific shipping firms where--they would be under closer supervision and- could be assigned to any pier on the dock, thus, in- - ancctuj giwi^ -V»WV-A^ " v*."^**^, •«•*-*• — • •— •• hit'iiard'by lie-10 .per cent sur-l York pay for 40 hours a week charge on goods' imported in'52 weeks a. year whether or not jsii-iw -v —- QniZer JDjUHUdlU XULUig. ^JlUCl scenities found m. .these cess- g _ Dilworth young of the First -rv/irtlo- t\r •nmffC . imrnftrfllltV. ic-t « l =i _r.jt__ n j... - «„: j ..«i pools of drugs,- immorality, rebellion -and pron-phonic sound, he:said.. : '; . : "The famous Woodstock-festival -was 'a -gigantic: manifestation of a sick nation," 'Benson" said. 'As these diseased celebrations mount. into ...the hundreds, they hun- __ where' festival, a sex festival -and' a°rebellion festival?" . - LOSE FAITH 6i«», yic^u.-, <>«w".~ u —-, At'the church's Sunday. School steel cans, cloth, paper, card- conference Friday night, N. El- bcard. don Tanner, second counselor —A blackboard (to save in the First Presidency, said the influence of the Sunday Council of "the Seventy, said volunteers ..who serve as officers and teachers in local congregations should also find tune for "unobstrusive help" to the unfortunate. "You won't feel important to the organization" through selflessly helping neighbors, he said- "but the angels will- be smiling • as they record ; the hours of church service given to those whom the Lord loves and to whom, he personally directed his own effort — the poor, the downtrodden, the needy, the ill, and the discouraged." In other talks, Elder Richard L. Evans, of the Council of the Twelve, warned against rewrit ing the Ten Commandments, iueiite vi. u«; >jun^«j' *"& -"" ~v , ----- ^ i ^ ' teacher cannot be .over- and Elder Hartman Rector Jr., ted of the First Council of 'the Sev- s™ea M tienty, challenged his listeners to live ^ exempLryhVmay belapply/the pr&icipal of sacrifice theause of'his pupil .losing • to then: toes. - SHOWS TONIGHT 7:00-9:00 John Wayne Richard Boone "Big Jake" -. ' 'A CINEMA CENTER FILMS PRESENTATION tECHNCOO*» PANAVI5ION«A•NATIONAL GENEIiAL PCTUiiES KLEASE paper tubes make fork, spoon and knife holders of the vertical | kinds. ' The kitchen also had a stack of shopping baskets. But NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES "NOW SHOWING! CAPITOL Brigham j Open 1 p.m. I Sat. and Sun. 6 p.m. weekday* . "IITTLE BIG MAN" Dustin Hoffman '"MRS. POLLIFAX—SPY" Rosalind Russelt 81G SEE So BnahofliCitv Adultj $1.25 Today thrw Toes. "THE~BEGUILED" Clint Eastwood ~,'THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS" Gco. C. Scott, J. TVoadwcrd _^__ Open Week ends. TJO T Continuous 1 p.m. J.I.V A Open 6;45 p m THEATRE Weekdays. "AIRPORT" plus "MRS. PfJLUBOX SKY" Tuesday is Ladies Night vegetables and fruits .loose, it was suggested. That way you v-nicr .ju=>nur •_..!=.. ^, M .w« don't bring^ home cartons and 'ordered Capp in default Fri- unnecessary bags. The latter day 'after Capp's lawyer, j aren't needed. You tote every•' -Ralpy Mazza, presented the j thing in your shopping basket. ' court.with a letter the con- | • tents-of which were not disclosed. •~ Rendition proceedings to decide' if Capp should be ordered .to go to Wisconsin have ' been in 1she court since May. -. Capp was arraigned May 18 ' and given a continuance to ar•, range for legal representation in Wisconsin. "The college coed, who brought the charges April 1, -alleged the offenses took place . m.'Capp's hotel room. He was .p.ivthe campus to give a lec- 'tuse to students. - ROYAL GUEST: Princess iSrace of Monaco, the former, • movie actress Grace Kelly, flevv to New York from Nice, France. Friday. - She said she planned to stay in New York until Sunday, when she would go to the Dal; }as -Flower Festival. ".From Dallas, she and her . Jinsband, Prince Rainier, who • anived here Thursday, plan' ned'to go to Iran for that : . county's 2,500th birthday celebration. Box-7:00' 'Coctui Flower' 7:40 'Bob, Carol' 9:30 'The Reivers' 11:15 A FRANKOVICH PRODUCTION — —*••—1 \\atrer inGfio I RnkOf"*;*irJ 10 Beiwn iDODClv^arui C8CFUS "(*> \ X ctniifop • J/* j g ^_ 4 Ted^Aiice , GOlDfe B8M1.» ll jmdll Plc1ll(t» TECHNICOLOR BONUS FEATURE PROGRAM NO. 1 COLOR — "THE REIVERS" (R). BOX 7:00, SHOWS AT DUSK 1ST RUN TWO ACTION HITS PROGRAM NO. 2 455 23rb Street ' Phone 394-7711 pblishs daily and Sunday *t Ogojir, Utah, by The Standard Corporation, Ogden, Utah, 84401 Second Class Postage paid at Ogdcn, Utah. Subscription rates 52.75 per month anywhere in the '.tailed States. All mail lub- scriations payable in advance^ All unsolicited articles, pictures, letters, manuscripts and related nutter,the Oqdcn Standard-Examiner «re sent at .tn« owner's risk, and The Standard Corporation does not assume responsibility for their custody or return. The Oqden Standard.Examincr is a member of Associated Press, United Press International and the Audit Bureau of Circula- Wilda Gene Hatch, Pres. J. F. Breeze, Gen. Mar. See the Classified IVi WASHINGTON BLVD., 391-17O Open 7:00 p.m Show ct dusk LAYTON 96 NO. MAIN "WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A NAKED LADY" (X) plus "THE STATUE" (R) Box 6:30, show 7 p.m. Special kids shows Sat. 1 p.m Ladies' Nit« Thursday's Sunday Matinee 1 p.m. BOX 7:30, SHOW 8 P.M. KAYSVILLE THEATRE-376-5272 €23 -"Open! 7:15, shows at "'. ~- 7:30 and 9:15 'Sot-.' matinee opens 1:00 p.m. MOVIE RATINGS FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE 7ft» otJKlir* it tta riHayt It la Mvm ftnntt ttaut U* mllibility el fmft catffflt for tif*iny tr IKtir tlliUrta. G ALL KK ADMIHEi Gwinl Aujiincw ALL AiES ADNIT7HI Ptnntll Culdina Sujgatti JEJTIICTtD Uo4tr 17 nguiru Pirtfit or Adult Qurtltti NO ONE room (Agi limit nuyvtry In ctrttln irnt) _O O CO I CO Q. CD en CO _CD CD OC >^ C/5 C/3 CO J3 E LU O O These are the Daughters of Darkness ... They are waiting for you — _*• 9 WIN. SO. OF OGDEN • • ON INTERSTATE !5 ' ; PABAMOUISr POJ8ES WE5ENIS If you think these ladies are something Wait until you meet MOTHER, she's something slse! UTTKFflUSS flHD BIG HftLSY ALKE.tT i XUOOY filmdmCANAVISION* Color by MOWLA8._ A PARAMOUNT POJES Under 17 requires accompaii/In Parent or AduFt Guardian WAVE MOSSED Writ. Weeknights from 7 p.m. Weekends from 1 p.m. Box opens 7:3O first show 8 p.m. METROCOl-OF Action Co-Feature WINNER OF 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Get Carter •Joseph E. Levine presents a Nfike Nichols Film starring Jack Nicholson £> LAST SIX DAYS Arthur Garfunkel and Jack Nicholson are superlative. Unlike too many of today's films, 'Garnal Knowledge' lasts beyond the watching; it sticks to the mind-ribs and bears long retrospect. The filmto^Hl.nt^ ^ Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen, Arthur Garfunkel, Ann Margret and Jules Feiffer. Carnal Knowledge. ca CD o ED CD Q) to CO O £» —i 05 Mi M. CD 'Carnal Knowledge 1 1 have experienced only three or four movies that I was genuinely sorry to see end. I was sorry to see 'Carnal Knowledge' end!" , -Vincent Canby, N.Y. Times O CD" QL to a> a -a CO 05 o o £ (R) Phone 393-7276 SHOW TIMES: SAT. & SUN. 2:45,5:00,7:15,9:30 Watch for Billy Jack o CD f O [HI A METEO-GOtDWYN-MArtB EEIEASE f) ±sd IN METSOCOLOR • ** South Dome Theatre 4 'Clay Pigeon' 6:15, 9:45 ^ 'Get Carter' 8:00 _ ___ 4 Sot. T and North Dome Theatre Shows 8:30, Sat. and Sun. matinee 1:00, 4:45 LDRENS MATINEES 1*2:00 and IT 4:00 p.m ALL TICKETS 73e ; FREE POPCORN wnfi DRIVE-IN W\/\MM\K> THEATRE HIGHWAY 91 ON WAY TO ROY *. PH 39^-2566 "AN EXCITING AND EXOTIC ADVENTURE!" .-Juciilf! C'ilt.NQC-TV ih Century-Fax presents WALKABOUT COLOR BY DELUXE*' €J2>, [G3P| • Action Co-Feature In Color "ESCAPE FROM THE PtANET OF THE APES" PLUS CO-HIT _ "THE LOST CONTINENT' THE MO VIE HOTEUKENllOMOND Vi" Open 6:45 Shows 7-9 * • •> * f The runaway bestseller is on the screen. 4 T colllMSIHflCIURCSPltlCTls • ^ *^* 1 SeanConnerY J The Anderson'ftpes: . r?ns «i-n—~ T^ fSSM •* ORPHEUM NORTH STAR I OWRLTON H€STONTH€ MAN ^WALTER SELTZER p»a w «-sm« ANTHONY ZERBE'ROSALIND CASH nitwit JOHN WILLIAHani) JOYCE H, CORRINGTON «K»i.WAlTER SELTZER «™.. BORIS SAG1L PAKAVISIOir-TECHNICOLOR: FROM WARNER BROS. A KINNEY. LEISURE SERVICE Hg«3» Orpheum Open Sat. and Sun. 12:45 Shows 1:00, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, .10:00 Co-Feature At North Star Only • North Star • Open 7:30 "Omega" 8:00, 11:50 "Harper" 9:50 Paul Newman Lauren Bccall "HARPER". (R) NORTH STAR II OBIVE-IN ORlCHflM C(TV HI WAV Box Open 7:30 r 'Bunny" 8:00, 11:15 "Mama" 9:40 The two most notorious woman bank robbers... '''' "''' '''' ~ BLOODY MAMA REWARD BUNNY O'HARE AMERICAN INTER wtJONAL .]NCREDIBLBSAGAof."MA"BARKERI SHELLEY WINTERS .s Bloody JAMES H.NICHOLSON A SAMUEL-*. ABKOf F r ' COLOR ...f.-'.-DON DIANE': HINGLE-STROUD-VARSI- , ..AMERICAN INIMN»IKIHAl«i« • HSW. -

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