The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1944 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1944
Page 6
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^ PAGE SEC ^ THBJ lOLX RE(^IStER. SATURDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 30^ 1944. lOLA. KANSAS In the WORLD of SPORTS [New .York. Dec. 30. (AP)—More than 360,000 football fans, nearly 100,000 more than a year ago, are expecte<l to watch the various yearend football games that put the fmishlng touches on a hectic 1944 c'iimpaigh. Sei'viRg as an appetizer for the Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Shrine, Sun and Spaghetti bowls on New Year's day is the renewal today of the Blue-Gray (or North-South) struggle at Montgomery, Ala., after a^year's.lapse. Officials anticipate a capaicty crowd of 22,500 for the game that stars two ace forward pilssers in the former Georgia star, Charlie Trippi, for the Soutii. and Indiana's Bob Hoernschemeyer for the North. Here's the Low-Down On the Bowl Games ;Miami, Fla.. Dec. 30. (AP)—, Georgia Tech may be favored to defeat TuLsa in Monday's Orange bbwl game, but when the rival coaches met at a dinner celebrating the second consecutive New Yeai-'s day meeting of the teams, this is what happened: ;"Youre going to beat the dickens cvit of u.s!" Tech's Bill Alexander told Tulsa's Henry Frnka. :Frnka never replied—he just smiled. - Miami, Fla., Dec. 30. (AP)—Disciples of that "early bird" adage will plea.'ie take note. Beginning Tue.sday. January 2. reaervijitions for tickets to the 194(! Oiange liuwl game will be accepted, The 1945 cliusslc wa.s a sellout several weeks bcfoie Gi-.irgla Tech and Tnl .Sii iiccej)tfd bids l(y play. Lexington, Ky., Dec 30. (AP) — Whlrlaway is the proud papa of a . bcJunclng bay colt. ;CalumT?t Farm, hom.e of the chestnut champo'in money-winning race l)orse of all time, today announced the arrival almost four months after hi) was Iqalt'd. Whirly's first son aptly enough has been named First Whirl. His nwther is Mary V: royally bred uaughter of High Time. Mother and son now belong to Charles F. Fisher, autome.bile body magnate and owner, of Dijiiana Farm near here. New York, Dec. 30. (AP)— Starting time and probable attendance at the various bowl football games (all central war time) : Today North vs. South at Montgomery, Ala., 2 p. m., 22,500. New Year's Day Rose Bowl at Pasadena, Calil. (Southern California vs. Tennessee); 4 p .m., 90,000. Sugar Bowl at New Orleans (Duke vs. Alabama); 2 p. m., 70,000. Orange Bowl at Miami (Tulsa vs. Georgia Tech); 1 p. m., 30.000. East vs., •West at San Pran- cLsco, 4 p.' m., SS^PO. (Dotton Bowl at Dallas (Oklahoma Aggies vs. Texas Christian); 1:15 p. m., 3.5,000. Sun Bowl at El Paso, Tex. (Univ. of Mexico vs. Southwestern. Texas); 2 p. m., 18,000. Spaghetti Bowl In Italy (Fifth army vs. 12th airforce); 6:30 a. m., 35,000. Vulcan Bowl at Birmingham, Ala. (Tuskegee vs. Tennessee Tech). Snnday, January 7 Lily Bowl at Hamilton. Bermuda (Army vs. Navy). On the Alleys Commercial Lea^e Standings. W. L. Pet. American Service ... 26 16 ' .619 Schlitz Beer . .26 16 Elks Club ... 24 18 Hart's Lunch ...22 20 .524 CJopening Jewelers . .20 22 .476 Whitehead Cabins ... ....20 22 .47ij Highland Nursery ... ....17 25 .405 Coca-Cola . .13 29 .310 Individual high 10, Whitehead, Duggan, 244; high 30. Upton, 627. Team high 10, Schhtz Beer, 965; high 30. SchUlz Beer, 2695. Open bowling Saturday, Sunday and Monday., Coca-Cola. Number 1 • (Continued From Page One) tiyy iin .ve no stomacli for fighting aiid are likely to qi|it. •What's the answer to all this? We have been misled by the homely trsiditlon. thai the German is an • tasy-goitjg, placid individual of ample girtli whose sole concerns are hiji job, his guoii-imiured Imuslrau aiid his children, and whose pleas- uie Is a pipe and seidel of beer hi a "music hall':' Well, thill's .somewhat eharacter- i.stic of part of the Germun population. Perliaps where we go wrong Ls: In forgetting that all Germans, • placid or otherwise, are particulaviy ; adaptable to regimentation, and that the mai.nspring of German militarism and barbarism is the powerful Pi-ussian race of overlords. These junkers of great wealth have ' for generations made war and lead- er.'ihip llieir sole business. • The Pru.ssian • represents to the last word in military craftsmun- .ship. He's a skillful leader. He's b'ave in battle. He's not to be tak- • eii: lightly. But that's not the whole story. It ; represents Germany up to the advent of Hitler. The Nazi fuehrer ha.s superlmpo.sed on this evil .structure something infinitely worse. He; has deprived German youth of their religion and created in them the spirit of savagery that has resulted in some of the most horrible ' atrocities the world has known. He Had much fertile soil for his seed, because the Prussian is by nature a wholly ruthless and conscienceless killer. So we have no rea.son to regard German: military skill, leadership, bravei-y. or utter brutaUty with any aegree oi compliance. There's never a m6ment when the German isn't dangerous. He will become more so as we push onto his home soil. Milne 152 165 148 463 Morrow 137 124 113 374 McClanhan .. ...118 104 113 335 Stuteville .. . 108 112 132 352 Pptterson .. . 172 182 149 50i Sub total 687 687 655 2029 Handicap 62 62 62 18o Total 749 749 717 2:il5 Copenlng Jewelers. BrLster 200 182 200 58r Pees 155 167 128 450 Crick 119 128 189 43u H. Crick 119 147 124 390 .'iverage 146 146 146 435 Total 739 770 787 2296 Double Trouble In Congress Washington, Dec. 30. (AP)—The voters last November cooked up a batch of double trouble In congress. The reading clerks discovered it just today. Staffs in house and senate compiled the usual list of names that are spelled alike or sound alike. This Is imperative In each congress to avoid errors, especially on roll calls. They found out that the 79th congress breaks all records for dupUcates. There are lOS sets of doubles—identical names. It has the bUl clerks in both branches just a little dotty. They can see from 'way back a long, tough road trying to get bill sponsors' names attached to the right states. The senate provides three Johnsons—California, Colorado and South Carolina. There are three Thomases—Idaho, Oklahoma and Utah. The house did it up brown. There are two Aliens, an Andersen, two Andersons, ana an Andresen; two Andrews; two Baldwins, two Barretts, two Bates, two Bennets, two Bradleys, two Browns, (you'd think there'd be more Browns), one Byrne and a Byrnes, two Cannons, two Cases, three Coles, a Daughton and a Doughton, two Delaneys, two Douglases, and an Engel and an Engle, two Grants, a Gwinn, Gwynne and Quinn, two Halls, a Harless and a Harness, two gi^Holmeses. six Johnsons, a KelJey IsT ^and a Kelly, a McMlllen and a McMillan, two Mansfields, two Martins, two Millers, Two Murrays, two O'Briens, two Petersons, two Prices, a Reece'and a Rees, And two Reeds, two Robertons, a Robinson and a Robslon, two Roes, one Rodgers and three Rogers, two Schwabes ihalf brothers) two Simpsons, four Smiths, a Somers, a Sumner and a Sumners, two Thomases, a VoorhLs and a 'Vorys, a Wolfeden and a Wolverton, a Woodruff and a Woodrum. Come to think of it, why feel so sorry for the reading clerks? How about us? WhyG. I.Joe Needs Shells SchUtz Beer. La.sater .. 187 170 178 535 Childress .. 189 188 193 571) .'Average . 160 160 160 480 Upton .. .. 168 178 194 540 Lenski . . 185 193 192 570 Total 889 889 917 2695 Elks CInb. Shannon .. 145 176 175 496 Kinser .. . 160 164 157 481 Cason .. 166 193 151 510 •Whltaker . 162 222 210 594 Average .. 171 171 171 513 Sub total 804 926 864 2594 Handicap . 14 14 14 42 Total 818 940 878 2636 Hart's Lunch. Barley 140 169 .148 457 Oswald .. ... 121 150 167 438 Jehner 141 176 162 479 Dreher 96 153 131 380 Average .. . 174 174 174 522 Sub total ... 672 822 782 2276 Handicap 6 6 6 18 Total 678 828 788 2294 American Service. Moore 138 167 160 465 "Cranor ........161 165 188 514 Reuther .. . 140 140 177 457 Schuster .. . 142 158 144 444 Ferguson .. 151 161 153 465 Total 732 791 822 2345 Number 2 (Continued From Page One) : Dehydrated Love Story Wins fall I Tale Award Pae of empty shell-cases in loregroimd of photo above gives graphic support to General Elsen­ hower's recent report that ammunition is.being used at an unprecedented and unforeseen rate in Europe,.with consequent serious shortages. Picture shows a U. S. tank used to blast enemy posi- ' "' tions near Vecht. Germany. ^ Or Would You Rather Be a Horse?' Whitehead Cabbis. NO CELEBRATION Grants Pass, Ore., Dec. 30. (AP) Dale Smith, owner of a roadside chicken/dinner place, walked Into a: newspaper office to place an advertisement for a New Year's eve party. -.. The editor told him it was no use. While Smith was in town shopping for suppliRs the roadhouse had burned down. Peterson .. .. 146 184 199 529 Average 141 141 141 423 •Whitehead .. 156 131 179 46Q Smith 173 136 145 454 Harding 165 174 168 507 Sub total .... 781 766 832 2379 Handicap 14 14 14 42 •: Total 795 780 846 2421 Hii;hland Nursery. Billbe 177 186 182 545 Doollttle .. .. 137 174 131 442 Herr 133 150 164 447 Pox 163 125 173 461 Duggan 138 124 204 466 : Total 748 759 854 2361 against the back of the seat so as not to seem to be scratching and that reminded hhn of the new DDT powder everyone was talking about. That wouldn't be any good for itchy woolen-s but he'd get it and murder the fUes with it after the war. He almost forgot the elections. They were pretty good while they lasted. He thought: we sure get over elections fast, don't we? Do we? A pun. He had made a pun. He'd tell his wife. She wouldn't think it was funny. He still feit sad about Wendell WiUkie. He thought: there's a man who shouldn't have died. He was a good man, one of the best. It made him a Uttle sick to remember how some people had trampled on one another in the rush to say nice things about WUlkle after his death, things that might have helped him if said while he was alive. Funny, alnt it. how people save up flowers for your grave? The next stop was his st<4p. He felt cold. He got off and went into the store around the comer from his house. "Dldja save a pack for me, Joe?" the little guy asked brightly. "Not a pack." Joe said. "We ain't had a pack in the place in two days." "That's the way It goes," the little guy said. "This time last year liquor was short. Now It's cigarettes." The little guy wished Joe a happy New Year, went out, tiutied down the street to his house and suddenly remembered: who won the world series? if you couldn't get. gas to drive home to see the old folks over the holidays, you just don't know how lucky you were. You might have had to undergo the hardships that betelC Republican Senator- elect Wayne Morse of Oregon when he motored all the way from Eugepe. Ore., to Washmgton. hauling his pet horses in a trailer van ; Frigid weather, snov; and icy mad; totaled woe that was climaxed on the stScih day. when the Ser.ator ran out of gas. But the (iariy made it, and is pictured above safely m the Capital. Left io right are Sjaice ot Life. Senator Mors«. Oteganna Bourbon •anit-.the Sen:uor's rlaughter Njancy. Proposals for post-war air routes incliide two new southern transoceanic routes to Europe and Asia. One would go from Seattle over the North Pacific to Canton, while a new North Atlantic route would link New York and Moscow. • New city type buses will featiu* many innovations, among them a ijew body designed to seat 41 passengers comfortably, an improved automatic transmission for smoother riding and greater safety, and a jievolfltlonary heating and ventilating system. CUPID'S REVERSES Chicago, Dec. 30. (AP)—In scenes that resembled the pre-Chrlstmas rush, crowds of men and women jammed four divorce com-ts yesterday seeking decrees before the New Year. Courtroom attendants again described the crowds as the largest In their memory, rivaling last week's rUsh when some 500 divorces were granted. Judge Michael Peinberg terming the scenes "tragic," said "in this holiday season families should be happiest." ELKS NEW YEAR'S DANCE INFORMAL SATURDAY DECEMBER 30 riivitation Only—See Dick Johnson, Lou Schmidt or any other member for invitation. MUSIC BY CHAS. FRANTZ AND HIS KNIGHTS OF JIVE p.50 Per Couple GET SECURITY FOR'45! Make sure that yon are adequately covered this , year with, the BIGHT kind of insnrance to fit your needs. Consult ns today! Don't delay—tomorrow may be one day too late! W.E.KERR C^n^ral Insurance Ag't. West Side Square (Continued From iPage One) days. It^held for five despite all sl.<; siuToim (^ng Nazi dlviyynsco 'Jld do. Althot^gh officially tiiey scrapped almost alone without outside help, the Sev^'nth's troops actually accu- mulatedl^one of the nJogt savage little army of soldiers - ever- seen on any front—straggling^, survivors of two sem5-slaughtered Units who had fought viciously back-.tq that .sector. They formed a .seftiircircle front, fannUig'eastward arOuhd St. Vith, which forms the hub of; a road network. Slowly the Germah power crushed ^1 around the Seventh. Finally, after the ?ifth day the Seventh-was relieved and ordered Into a "frCst period." ~ ! That iasted . only ,a , few hours. The boysr went back ifitc battle elsewhere. At the start of 1944, there were 1,450,000 rubber-tired tractors on American farms. Many of these now al'fe obiiolete and must be replaced by p^istwar coiistructlon. Japan exported 73,000,000 poimds of raw silk, in 1935, the llfework of 220,000.000,000 sUkworma. DAHCE H:;jO p. m. NEW YEAR'S NIGHT WOO|)MAN HALL Wistfer's Orchestra TOLA DANCE CLUB Si BurUngton, Wis., Dec. 30. (AP).— } iLove—albeit dehydrated—earned for ;si^Capt. Hope Harrln, of Conway, Ark., ..! today the undisputed title; of world's -l^champlon Uar of 1944, awarded by Hthe Burlington Liars Club, unques- < ftloned critic of tall tales.. Several years ago the judges made an award to a yoimg man who described how his "wife" cooked eggs, then discovered that the story- |;t.eller was a single man. Mindful of this Incident, the Judges; noted in ^passing that Captain Harrln's wrlt- \ae carried a certain feminine slant, pondered the given name "Hope" and wondered if perhaps they hadn't J)een "taken in again." They had l»een. - Investigation by the Associated .press disclosed that Capt. Harrin is Jn the Women's Army Corps— "fiervlng overseas. ^ ' Here's the champion's story, adjudged the best of 5,000 submitted In j»he club's 16th annual contest: i~ "Two years away from my girl : friend became unbearable.; I've been mess oflicer and have done much J work' with dehydrated foods in the JBTO. I wrote to my girt a petite i^tjlond, to go to a plant that pro- j.ressed fresh vegetables for overseas shipment and get herself de- ftydrated. ..'•She did. :' "Immediately her mother put her Mlndoro on^'^ 3" envelope and sent her to mc Thursday, causmg "^me damage." S ^^^'^^^r^^e.; Eight were shot down. ; ^^^^ in half an hour she was as good Number 4 (Continued From Page One) planes attacked American Installations and shipping at "1 hiid tc fciiMf I>;K*1; C; warfare came as something of a shock to some authorities here who had regarded the German army as a tough but. In general, a well-conducted fighting force. . It Is taken as further evidence of the desperation of a foe facing certain defeat. Hit Jap Ships (Mitchell bombers severely dam- is ever—and here with me." aged a 7,000-ton freighter In Un-jr ^tronsr PrOtcSt to Nazis K'or Killing of Captives gayen gulf, off the west coast of Luzon, with dU-ect hits and harassed pther shipping In the area. Liberators dropped 72 tons of bombs on San Jose ahrdrome at Panay Island Washington, Dec. 30. (APJi—The Oerman government Is going to be ... , - ,.4 field responsible .for the wanton ^nd knocked out six planes on the1 soling of dL=armed American cap- ground. \ (Six small enemy freighters were Jeft sinking off Borneo In a bombing and strafing attack by patrol planes.) vives. •''The strongest possible protest" Is o^-j the way through Swiss authorl- f.lf !S, the state department annotmced ICjst night, "with regard to the klU- ,jng by German forces of till but 15 ; An expenditure of one billion dol- ia£ a group of about 130 American lars for street and highway con- j soldiers and officers who liad been struction In the U. S. would provide annual employment for almost 200,000 men on the site of projects, plus 450,000 men engaged in manufacturhig equipment and sup- |>lyhig road-buildhig materials. ;aken prisoners by German tank corps and stripped of their equlp- fti(jnt." JV few days may be required to ^ieiiver the protest. •-Such a violation of basis rules of Panamanian Unrest Causes Troop Alert Balboa, Panama, C. Z., Dec. 30. (AP)—U. S. armed forces In the Panama Canal ZOne were under full alert today as political agitation increased throughout Panama with the resignation of the cabinet of President RIcardo Adolpho de la Guardla. Several arrests were known to have been made. Fourteen deputies who supporteu' a manifesto Thursday calling In effect for replacement of De La Guardla were In the Hotel Tivoll in Ancon, Canal Zone, awaiting transportation to the Mexican embassy, which offered asylimi. The Immediate effect of the alert ordered by Maj. Gen. Ralph O. Meyer at headquarters of the Panama Canal department was to keep U. S. personnel out of Panamanian jurisdiction. De La Guardla, meanwhile, met with political leaders to plan his next step. On June 1, 1940, there were 3,452,000 head of sheep on the farms of the Dominion of Canada. DANCEI SINGI IT'S JOYOUS! , Tti* PrefMier hImMlf—h«p and p«pl Lovtly Marilyn MaxwdMvtrva and curval With a^rand toit of f»ii*fflak*r(, nutiit-makm In 0 lamberM of joy <^d {Ival WUIIAM GAR6AN Not Pendleton • Una Horne ..dKAYKYSER AND HIS ORCHESTRA Plus **T!HE WEST SIDE KID" SUNDAYi MONDAY AND TUESDAY ENDS TODAY "THE OLD HOMESTEAD" and "SPOOK TOWN" TICKETS 'NOW ON SALE FOR GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE THEATRE PARTY lOLA Starts Sunday for 4 Days JfOU'VE WAITED TWO YEARS... mum... . u\ udd's Back- .SUNDAY NIGHT, DEC. 31 I>oors Open at 11:30 p. m. Show Starts at 12:01 a. m. ADMISSION 45c EACH (Including Tax) FREE—NOISEMAKERS AND FAVORS TO EVERYONE Here's the Show You'll See: They croon and co par break hearts build morale . . in a merry madcap musicali Get Up a Party and Come Ont and Enjoy the Fun! Special Notice BOTH THE lOLA AND UPTOWN THEATRES WILL RUN CONTimjOUSLY FROM 3 P, MONDAY JANUARY 1 "The mojt omozing star since Volentino" rcsumat his meteoric career ... in a rolw even biggWr thon The famous ports that made hini on over-night s'^nsotion Paramount presenf$ Bauloh Bond! Cocll Kollaway Directed by Irvinfl i <lchal Scr»»n Hay hf frorA fenm end (Complete Shows at 1:05, 3:05, 5:05, 7:05 and 9:05) JQLA * ENDS TONITE * Ronald .Colman and Marlene ^etrich in "KISMET" * Shown at 7:20 and 11:20 * Plus Freevue "AIR FORCE" Shown at 9:00 Only P|T TICKETS NOW FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY U P T 0 W N Starts Sunday for 3 Days KILLER TRAPPED ON MOUNTJIIN PEAK! PAyPAV... FOR THE J'^ONS OF HEAVEN! kilUt MnglM wiA « lighfinf F*r*tf ••iigH . . . (Ct T«pi la Ai. Ilaa - rW r.ol al (Continuous Shows from 1:00 p. m.) ui ^TOWN * ENDS TONITE * Gene Autry in "RED -RIVER VALLEY" * Shown at 8 :45 and 11:30 * Phis 'MAN FROM FRISCO" * Shown at 7:05 and 9:45

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