Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1941
Page 9
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8>tard»j, October 18, 1 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE STERLING, ILLINOIS Pagg Nine News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties WALNUT NEWS M*nr*ret vTafiH— Mrs W. A. Wai !»<•*• ? . DeltrtmiK rrfr»«hrr»rr.ts , afternoon, i Methodist Society Meets Thursday lernicf Black Becomes '" Four Sections Bride of Kevin Emerick In Quiet Ceremony . tin. Ocnifl tl M'..*.« ' arri oN*v:ii °" r ' fi; The B1«ek. vminster dauir.-r: Mr«. W. F. Blarfc of Wa'.: Emericlc of Harr:<h".:?. rvnr. . ?ni Of Mr. and Mr* Char!'" FrrTi-'< o Mendota was solrmiv.rrd a', a q-nr wedding Wedne.Miav ever.::';2 at :!•.' home of the brine s parent* n»a Walnut the double fine ceremotv being read by Dr w. T. street, ps^ tar of the Walnut Mrth<xii=t of immediate Ins nrU ol th" prtn-, Gr^up meeting* of th pnnrry .'or Christian Service of the Waim*. Methodist rhurrh wer» held on Trnir*dav afternoon a* follow*: iMrv I. M. White. Mr*. Olav Chr;*p rrnK r trn«nn and Mr*. Aine Crate were Informative Talks Are Given at Garden Club in Home of Mrs. G. B. Teets bride Mue with Walnut the corn Mr* O B Teets wa.* ho*te<* to to the members of unit'»he Miliertreviile Garden club Thur*e White home with Mrs. dav afternoon at her home in Mil- Haroirt Stone conriurtinz the ba«i- ; iedgeui'.e. 14 members answering ::«"*<; m tlie absence of the chairman, to mil c*:; with R recipe lor a fnitt Mr*. Laff Fordhsrn. Mrs. Storve and dessert A* the opening number on Mr*. Craig completed the devotions.' the afternoon'* proaram Elizabeth UMPK the topic* "Sacrifice." and and Eleanor Teels played a cornet •Ijo^e Thy Neighbor." The re*t of and clarinet dent which was great- trie time TV a* spent in making Red'.ly enjoyed Mr« W. L Puterbaush Cro** ia\pttr*. lirave a taik on "Fruit* from Garden Unit two mp« at the home of Mr?, and WayMde." She had a beautiful (1 H E:. Bolz with Mrs. George Milh-'display of arrangements of the many unattended jkrn. Mr.*. Clifford Hill and Mrs.|JoveJy thin*? that may be. found in ma*ust 0 f' CalTles L* r *in as amiitant host-! the out-of-doors at this season of accessories' 1 "^- Mrr Milliken used 'Prayer."|the year In her demonstration ij roses ss hfr devotional topic and she was Mrs. 'Puterbaulh us«i leaves and a graduate' of "-"isted by Mrs. Hill and Mrs Clar-iseed.*. (trasses, lichens, so-called ,- hi-h .school and 'Tier. Hatiand. The. hymn. 'Sweet'weeds from the wayside, fruits and ' *• ' -- •• • vegetables. Concerning the fruit and vegetable Livey who was assisted arrangements she called attention Mr Emerick!">' Mrs B * n Kruw. Mrs. Elmer;to combining them with flowers, or of the Black Farms !LanE;ford was In charge of the busi-!m.any kinds of foliage or evergreen If M«rrlanri branch with' nrss *° rt the devotions using the'branches which are very pleasing. rdin Harr^bTrE where :46th Psalm and the song. "Take The ! In arranging these, she said, you will be "at home alter | Name of Jesus With You." Mt*s will almost surely want a brilliant «t. 2001 state street Dorothy Man gave two short book'note such as a spray of bitter- review.*. "The Family Pulls Up' sweet. « wonderful choice to Include University of -Illinois, she is i Hour of Prayer." was used , in the Black Farms S«-d< Unit three met at the home of • - • hepn their ! by .1 wint the ^ceremonv refresh"™ ' uwl euest* Mr and Mrs Em- Et for i few" davs tnp and n «h* niart hnmr their home m the tneir nomc m me aervrt the' wedding Stakes." and "Youth On The High- »„ the harvest display: or. an. orange »•»>'«•" a small eggplant, a gourd, small Mrs. Frank Swmnson. Mrs. Cecil «, or pumpkin or the ever pres- Snider and Mrs. J. J. Johnson were en t red apple. hostesses to gnmp four at the Swan. ' The grasps by the roadside com- on homp ^^ 18 members mnd jour, bine to make lovely bouquets and guests. Mrs. Minnie Mack of Salem. 'may be used in combination with 111.. Mrs. Stevens Templeton. Mrs. ! the flowers that are still blooming Orin Johnson and Mrs. C. M. Knight ' in the gardens. jTresent. The devotions were led by "Winter Bouquets," was the sub- Mrs. Harold Hall, wh9 selected i ject of Mrs. Martha Fleming's pa- WoNtan's Auxiliary Of Christian Church Meets in Four Groups \ «." The four groups of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Christian church, u Thursday afternoon as fol- * l * u The Priendly Circle met at "Hanrst Time." as her topic, and Mrs. E. A. Gilchrist wa& in charge of the business. Delicious refreshments were served church with Mrs. Keith Burtcey I Mrs. Melv In Durham as hostess- The opening *ong, "Carn' Your with a Smile." and for de- Mrs. Dale Burkey gave the ttory of Priscilla from the book. Kit Kat Club Meets At Milliken Home Mrs. Cora Foss was hostess to Women of the Bible." Mrs. Kit Kat club on Thursday evenin* per and Informal talk. She spoke of the need of changing winter bou- quests so that even though they are beautiful to begin with, they do not need to stay the same throughout the winter months, while getting more drab daily. Autumn leaves can be used when they art wearing _. their brightest colors.' Even in the midst of snow small sprays of evergeen may be with the dried form Christensen conducted the session. Fifteen members Edith Stone- arrangement. A change of er. she said also helps to avoid that aad one guest. Mrs. were present. Merry Workers met with Mrs. Carlson, who was assisted by 8am Carlson, with 16 members three guests, Mrs. Carl May. Clarence Lange and Mrs. John , present. The opening hymn World To Johnson con-I «•*, "Jeaus is All the Hti" and Mn. J. C. Jo at the home of Mrs. George Milliken. four tables of auction bridge playing. - ., . ,_ Hizh score uriae was won bv Un finalitv of arrangements which has Elmer Wedding and second high by'|l"**n. "perhaps, the only annoying Mrs. Cecil Snider. Mrs. Raymond j fe *.i u 5*C, Dooley. Mrs. George Milliken and) Mrs. Wayne Alshouse were club _. named v fashioned Howers which may guests. Cat's paws were received' dr | ed , for *^f ter by Mrs. Oscar Baird and Mrs. I"*'* ™" Charles Lauritaen. Delicious refreshments were served. the devotions, which were $V Club Enjoys Q. fttmwed by the business meeting in of Mrs. A. M. Walrath. Nick Wolzfelt and Mrs. W. were hostesses to the Will- Woraers group at the Woltfelt with 13 members present. For Mrs. Pearl Brandenburg three articles. "Prayer." -Friendliness" and "Facing What We JMMt. ht^ine-ts was in rhgrye Mn. Lester Wat kins and a poem ma given by Mrs. Harry Magnusson • Twenty one members and four ••guest*. Mrs. Carl Johnson and tHQhter, Medora. Mrs. Floyd tltts Alice Cramer, were pres- at the meeting of the Friend- 4g*lp group at the home of Mrs. Ger- I Oanachow, whose assistant host- Mrs. Melvin Peterson. The was "He is So Preci- To Me," and the , devotions were interest- conducted by Myrtle Matson who used the Lantern in Gethsemane." J. A. Fisher was in charge- of and games were in At all meetings plans were made • fall supper and benediction ! dainty lunches closed the meet- Ntrons of Chapel School Hold Party patrons of the Chapel school for m tecial evening at the I in Thursday evening with business session in charge JonUt. president. Mrs. Magnusson. Mrs. Vernon and Hayden Hedgespeth of the following pro'^ou Are My Sun- all; recitation. •'Mama's Lit- Carolyn Hoffman; "When Pather Plays Base"The Big Silver Dollar UtUe Brown Cent." Mrs. n. Mr*. Magnusson for the grownups contest for the chil- Tha program closed with the OallMdna in -the Pines." and i Of the evening was spent Wngo. Lunch was sen'ed C. W. Dimmig and Mrs, •mndenburg. Altar ond Rosary Society Meeting Vto A Ok JrtBi' Attar and Rotary society of obureh of Walnut met on afternoon at the home of Wallu* with 13 proem, latttn was in charge of . and the group evening for Novem- Ura. Tracy GrabUl was ui af tht lesson study, the s-ub- "Jaaus Among the Doc- Evening of iridgo - - Mrs. Greta Johnson was. hostess to the S. V. club on Thursday evening three tables of auction bridge play- ge. such i lantern. breath, wild indigo, cockscomb,-and straw flowers. Then too. we have the sea holly, blackberry lilies whose black seed clusters are beautiful with silver king, cattails, and bitter sweet in both the American and imported ing. High score priae by Miss Alice Keithahn and eonaolua- linn hy Mrs. Ormond GarbiU. Club guests were: Mrs. William Monier of Aurora. Miss Prances Ross. Mra. Leonard Brown. Mrs. Wesley Broers. Miss Lorene Peach and Mrs. Francis Lowery were club guests. Delicious refreshments were served. Walnut Briefs Mrs. William Monier and daughter. Kay of Aurora came Wednesday to spend a week with her parenta. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Ross. Mr. and Mis. John Abraham are spending the weekend tn Normal with Mr: and Mrs. EUaa RoUey. Mrs. Anna Britt spent Wadna*- dsy in Dixon with Mn. Gertrude CasUe. Missionary Talks To Presbyterian Women Thursday Mrs. William Baird, ST., of the Woman* Biblical Haalnary at Pyongyang, Choaen, waa fcbe speaker at the meeting of the missionary society of the church which was held in tfce church parlors on Thuraday altaraaaw. Jta was aerved during the which followed the Lutherans to Hold Annuol Festivol The annual Harvest Home Pcati- val of the Polo Lutheran church. will be held at the church on Aunday morning Oct. It at 11 o'clock. The gifts of food brought by the bers of the congregation will be given to the Nachusa home for children. Plan Pantomime "A gift and the Way of Giving" will be the title of a which will be prevented by of the Evangelical Bunday school at the church on Sunday evening at 7 30 o'clock under the direction of the study book. 'Christ ! Mrs. Roy Ports. The public is in- Lunch mas served. I vited to be present. Hond Club Home Poonefs Jft*- Arthur Eckbt-rg and Mrs. Wafctfelt were hosutse* to _ Hand club on Thursday at UM Eckbeig home. Fif- aavw «alad recipes in I* NkU call and then the A brief business m«ct* hf Mrs. Edith Vickery 1» piavt "Fjliy' awwded •Fred McMurry who had b*wx visiting his mother, Mrs. Ltd* McMurry has returned to his home in West wood N. J. ULui J. C. Lindcmann and her nephew, Dick Sentley, accompanied by Miss Vera Bentley of Duton, and Mrs, Latter Knuth. of Starling. motored to Oalatburf Thursday and spent the day in the Fred Ltatfe- mann h«n«. George GraelUuiy b «ubiltted U» The delightful afternoon waa brought to a close when Mrs. Tteu and her daughter! aerved refreshments. The table appointments were in keeping with the Hallowe'en season. Loyal Daughters At Bowders Home Mrs. Harry Bowders and Mrs. Glenn Deets entertained the members of the Loyal Daughters clasa of the MiliedgevUle Brethren aunttay school in the Bowders home in Mffi- edgeville Thursday evening. Halloween game* were enjoyed during the evening with Mrs. Clair GatreO receiving the prise. Refreshmenti were aerved by the hostess to It momberf. Milledgeville Briefs Miss Betty Puterbaugh and Mum Dorothy Guerner of Chicago Height* are spending the weekend to the hone of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Puterbaugh. Mra. Robert Acker and daughters Ruth and La von and Mrs. Dar|.Un- hols spent Thursday in Freenart MUc Irene Livengood of Chicago is spending the weokend in the home of her father. Fred Livengood. Mrs. R. B. Polhill and aons Ray. Lee and Allan. Mrs. Maude Hawkins and daughter Jewell spent Friday in Freeport. L . Club Meets ot the CM. Kingery Homo Misc Ruby Sunderland of ledgeville ipoke on "Fiower Arranging" at the meeting of the Chad- wiek Woman's club Thuraday afternoon when members met in the home of Mrs, C. M. Kingery. Other program numbers wen an article -Something Old and New." real by Mrs. J. J. Sclunitt of Milloageville and a selection by the club auartet. Mrs. Ray Polhill and Mrs, C. W. Noll of MiUedgevUla wen guasts. Mra. H. E. £ugachwerdt served toa at the dote of the program. Block Oak Grange Holds First The Slack Oak Grange of Chadwick held its regular matltng Thurt- day evaning at which ttma 14 mam- bare were given th* first and a»c- ond dagraas by the tnitkaUos toam of th* Jorcian Ora»ge. Tfct Ihird and fourth degraas wul\;te givaa at the next maeUng, Nov." t. Ref ra»hmaBt# wen aesrvatf »t UM etaaa of the evfuuog hy UM caartar bm of the Slack Oak Ckadwkk Briefs Clara* of ilaiMMa. fi Plans for Corn Husking Contests Theodore Schafer and his aons. Ernest and Herbert Heft to right), mapped plsns for the niinoin rtate and national corn hunking contests U> be held October 31 and November 3. respectively, on the gchafer farm. In Eden township. LaSalle county, HI., two miles west of Tonics. son of Mrr Kathryn Straub of Chad»ick. submitted to an emergency operation Wednesday night in the Mendota hospital. Mrs Lloyd Schrelner and daughter Janice are spending the weekend in Chicago with their daughter and sister. MLw Charlotte Schreiner, and with relatives tn Batavia. Mis* Carol Kness is spending the weekend In Franklin Grove with her grandmother. Mrs. Selma Fruit. A. J. Adams of Wat*rtown, S. D.. arrived Thursday night to spend the winter with his daughter. Mra. Harry Carbaugb, and with relatives In Mt. Carroll. Mrs. Roy Weeks and daughter Virginia of Belvidere are guests of Mrs. Weeks' parents, Mr. and Mra. Mark Tllton. Wayne Martin of Scott Field is a guest in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mn. J. D. Martin. Mrs. H. F. Weber returned on Hallowe'en Party For Builders' Class Of Methodist Church Sixteen members of the Methodist Builders class and several guests enjoyed a Hallowe'en party Thursday evening at the home of the new president. Mrs. Alverta Rl- tenour. near "Erie. As the guests. who were instructed to wear hard times costumes, arrived they were greeted by ghosts who silently trailed them around through the yard and led them through the basement into the houae. where, they were met by a witch and seated in the living room which was gaily decorated in the Hallowe'en symbols and colors. Mrs. Ritenour then conducted a _ . short business session during which Wednesday from a several weeks' i the clasa made its pledge to th.e trip spent near Dayton. Ohio, and I church budget, Mrs. Hollis Meek*. in Chicago with her daughter, Mn. Walter Oeta and family. Thirty Present for Meeting Friday of Friendly Circle of the Methodtot Friendly Circle was held in the Junior room at the church Friday afternoon with 10 members in attendance and one visitor. Mra. Esther Jones. The new prcaident, Mrs. Adam Doll waa in charge of the meeting which with the singing af Uw claas hymn with Mrs. J. C. Adaaa at the plane. The devotional service waa conducted by Mlsa Metta Foster. This opened and closed with hyaua and Jnrliiiad the review of the "Who Oivoth AIL" and prayer by^tha iaader. During UM the pudge to ^th* church budget was made and will be reported at the next meeting of the W. & C. 8. Included among the various reports of rammlttoM was an intereatlng from Mn. Albert Miller, chairman of a committee of five who of homemade cookiaa to aevan young men In the army who are of the church or congregation and one young lady. Elisabeth Bare in a hospital at Ft. Bliss, Texas. Lattera of thanks from Mim Bare and Privates Richard Reiaenbigler of Camp Forreat, Touu, The clasa voted to provide flowers for the church pulpit duriag The circle •era given out and tba tee was given a rtatag vote of thanks for their work m arranging aad writing thorn. The tion which mcludrt a wtt* on of the Sibie aad a quix oh the geography of UM was in charge of Mm. Sdith Schal- bie. Tn* hioeh tek|m w^re aUracttw in the Millnwa'aa catan aad aym- Mra. aiatedof Mn. Ralph McSrlde. Mra. Mra. Chariaa Bail Oalli Guests ot Party Mrs. Clifford Klendworth, Mrs. Kenneth KMadwwta and Mora, Forrest Brandt attended a postnuptial for party in Daaa Friday af Mn, Alfred Riac of marriage was a recent evont. was promoted a party gttt- The honoree is a Klendworth, the fa Spaniol. Chffard Mra. At Prophetstown OES Memmwf of UM SrM chaputr of aatoiti- Bridfe Club Porty Mn. Cnaria* Faaster wa» hojtaai to nor bridge club Friday aftenaan 1H» algb man WUUMT at UM ttyat tablas of «aids WM Msa. Parry Usi- UI l^^B^dsf^MF 1 ^^^bBb ^^&A Pant CarUoe tae traveling priat. Man PfaniMn wai a gueat. a member of the class who will mvn «„, to Belvidere. waa pre- ueated a farewell gift. The business aeaakm was followed by Hal- lowe'en stunts and contests which included pinning a tail on a black cat while blindfolded and others amially amusing. Conteat winners were Miss Ruth Sidlinger. Mrs! Kenneth Oodrtng and Mrs. Hollis Meeka. The Hallowe'en motif and colors were attractively carried out at the two long tables where the refreshments aervai by the hotteat and other officers. Mrs. Larry McCormick, Mrs. Robert Jamas and Mrs. Arnold Hayen. The guests nrfffitt in m were the Rev. and Mn. Ralph Kofoed. Mrs. Raymond Kuhn. Mrs. Romell Heeren, ^In. Kverett Hus- aong and Mrs, George Kinnamon. Funeral Friday for Mrs. Henrietta Smith Funeral services for Mrs. Henrietta Smith whose death occurred Tuaa- day evening at the of grand- aon Clio F. Webb with whom ahe raatdad were held Friday afternoon at the Slaymaker funeral home in «rie with the Re^Mehrin Flscm, pastor of the «rte Christian church officiating. Music waa by electrical ed the meeting of the Rock River division of the I. Friday, went from A. at Dixon there to De Kalb in the afternoon to spend the weekend with her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parks. Joan Guthrie spent Thursday and Friday In the home of Janice Sohrbeck in East Moline and visited the school of which Janice is a pupil, She returned home vith her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Arden Rei- senbigler. who had spent Friday evening with Janice* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sohibeck. Private Roland Hamilton of Camp Forrest. Tenn.. is spending a 15-<lay furlough with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton of near Erie. Misses Ora and Winnie Burgess of near Erie attended the funeral of their friend and sister Rebekah. 'Mrs. Morris Schmidt. Jr., at Manlius. Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen and aon Dean of Fulton were Thursday afternoon visitors at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan. Later in the afternoon they were joined by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Botvid Jensen of near Erie and went to Buda to spend the evening in the home of Mr. and Mn. John A. Jensen. Mrs. Payne Thompson was a guest at the Listen Ladies program at the Fort Armstrong hotel in Rock Island Thursday afternoon. She was accompanied by her sister and daughter-in-law. Mrs. Emma Wright of Rock Island and Mrs. Roy Thompson of Moline. Mrs. O. 8. Dailey of Port Byron visited Mrs. Frank Besse and other friends Thursday afterneoBr tra lotion. Casket attendants were Clarence J. Fvekham. Hairy HedeU, Leonard Johnson. Art Baxter and Francis Oierhan all of Brie and Peter J. Coeaa of East Moline. The floral tributee were in charge of Mra. Loraine DUkm and Mrs. Robert Keag. Interment was In the Memorial park cemetery in Rock Island. Among the relatives from a distance attending the service ware Mr. and Mrs. Roatrt anyder and Mr. and Mn. John anyder of Tcrre Haute. Ind- and Mr*. Donald Haf- aa of DanviUr, JH. •irtlwJoy Porty The birthday anniversary ol Br- Barim TrimiT waa honorad toy a aatial eveninf at the home of i aoB-ia-law «nd daufhUr. Mr. and Mrs, Harry Dpdyke. Farchmi ynnrtitt tte alvarakta. Tha event waa • aurnria* ta Mr. Baooo and nice gifts. > Mrs. Baean and aon Kenneth. June Bacon and Lyle Milter and Amlla and Bobbie Dp- Pinochle Players Mrs. Laraiae DUkm entertained the Bid ami Chatter pinochle club at ther homo Friday afternoon. Mn. George Steudt was the winner of the high cards aad Mm. Frank Hahn Norman HickcoK vmi* the travauag prtsM. Mn. waa a guaaL Erie Briefs RalaUvm and friand* trow the Brie vicinity who attended the fu naral aarviom of Bdvard Baser in TlHtnday afteraoan were Mr. aad Mm Albarf Driek. Mr. and Mn. OUo aad Wallace Mr, aad Mm. Jkmn A. akarw at- Uw tuMral aT ais graod- Mn. J. H. Mana «C Propb- Prltfaf aHamaaa at Batavia, Dl. Mra. Ed Am«it 19 nut la Uta bam* ol her in-law. Mara. Will Watt, is left Saturday a*£3*. 1 daugiitw PtcrUi* «f A plan b» te&im jjamiay. flaUaa, w*» atiaad- Charles Muesse was in Galesburg Thursday on business connected with the recent holdup in which he was one of the victims. Papers were signed for the return of the stolen property and the authorities left Friday for Oklahoma City after the bandit who was apprehended and the toot Mrs. Donald Hoffman of Danville came Thursday afternoon to attend the funeral of her aunt. Mra. Henrietta Smith, Friday afternoon. She is a guest in the home of her cousin, Clio Webb, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Francis. Ruby and Lorfttr and their houaeguests. Mrs. Wesley Slocum and daughter Ruth of Mooreatown. N. J.. enjoyed a trip to the Brookfield too Thursday. Mn. Slocum is a cousin of Mr. Francis. Mr, and Mrs. L. T. filaymaker. Mia» Hettie Blaymaker and Mrs. Harold Wbaelock were busineas visitors in Dundee Thursday. Mrs. Lena Biddle of New York city spent from Wednesday until Friday afternoon in the home of her sister. Mrs. Wallace Kempcter. near Spring HilL She went from there to the home of another sister. Mrs. Otto Holland of near Sprint Hill to visit a few days. Circle Pious to Help Honor Rev. L I. Boob And Fomily on Oct. 20 Mrs. Laroy Weaoott and Mrs. Ella Bttdd ware hartatiai to the members ol the Loyalty Circle of the Tampico Methodist church Friday af tar- in the home of the farmer. Mrs. Margaret Scott had charge of the devotions, reading Luke 11:1 far the •triptureJaaian after which aba talkaa 1 on 'The Lord's Prayer." Bhe ate read an artoete on "Memorials" from the paper. The w« tint fetftfinMff AMXMtt in charge of Mn. William May. prasi t, it was plaimad to cooperate snd Mrs. James B*!l »nd .tori Jimmy "f Tff>'K Fail*. Mrs. Frsrik Pot?- i*>r unrt ris»!ieh»rr Riti snd ,«on R:-:.h- »rd of Prrs? 1 h*'. !t ?T5~n. H: l-J'srarrir »rrt B Annual Reports Made At Harmony Circle Mr. Joh mnfirmrd m'.n'-' \r3; I/:*hrr»n on" *rir\. V a •? H '!-'f :-, Mr- Mr.'. O rri rc" child and '"~ rr.TrshT of th* . i* «'.irvr. ff '\ hy thf hew JRTTT. ; F"irn r r .' .?nr.r;- .TO'-TTOT'. of t"':'a: *hrw lialf hro'h- r\ r - Frnf' sr.n Yit TT Jor.r;" r T! of Mrs M-.Idrrrt COT'.'-" " fa* hr» to the memhers of '^~ r Hfirmanv nrrle of the Tamp:™ Methortist rhurrh in hrr :ifrm' 1 oil TTr.irsrlav nfTTnoon Thr nmr.ia! reports of the .«^ret»n - o.nd tr«*f>- snrer werf rend and the new prf'i- d»nt. Mr.t L E Ch«r>m. unrw.nted thf fo!Io*;na rmnmittees Cnifnrliir. Mr.«. J M Cnnrov. Mr* H. M HIE- ley «nd Mr* Hrrbrrt Afker«on: nnd flower. Mr.v Ailen Currv. Mr.< J. H. Hellser «nd Mrs D H Sm:'h It *«.<; voterf to hold two meetinc* a mornh instead of one as «*.< the custom the p»ift year. Mrs Hrr'rwrt Ackervsn w».s the devotional Irndrr and cmnrnented on the article. ' God If. Fuehrer ." hy Leo 8tlne She read * poem. 'My Shepherd." followed by t.he Lords prayer In unison D'.ir- ln« the social hour Mrs Corlrtt served dainty refreshment*. Pvt. Dorrell Graham Honored with Parry •Wer find Mrs E. C. RaUton of Tampico entertained the membrrs of the Baptist church orchestra and their guest* Thur/wisy ervenlnR honoring Pvt Darrell Graham who Is home on furlough from Camp Forrest. Tenn. There were 24 pre-sent. Visiting, vocul »nd instrumental music and contest* were enjoyed «nd ^: - *rr. iri» Nihon o! F^'firr:: »'.R'ni erftr.rtf^.ii'irrn. R*".~. r ~ h* wa«. i»:ri-f^!>ri ir rt <•!?•;; hy hrfjifr, .ior.ii .lor. p. -on ^nn «as s kindly man and Two Part Program at Methodist Society Meeting on Friday Thrrr w rrr- 2n iBfjify (hp mertine of fhr Woman s for Chr:5i:qn Srrvirr Fridsv sftrr- noon a! th*" Prf»»hrtst<i*Tj Mrthod- uM church It ttfts nnnminced that thr Joliet-Dixrm du-trlct mrrtinj will br held tn Prinr'tyon Oc-t. 30. Mr.< Robfrt HTftid had rhnrtt.8 of the millions rv jwrt of the pro- aram and Mr.v Ly.«.;c Sohdny •«»« in rharff» of the locsl Church part of Mrs Herald read t^o 'No Blacko-jt In Algiers" and "Hwa Nan Gk»c.s On." a missionary whool. "'The Negro in the Dcfrnw Program" wa.s the subject of Mrs. 5oiida\ s program. It was \otrd to rend ti to ths Wp.sleyan Memorial hof-pUal R?- fre?hm' > nt. r - were wrved by the October QlVLMOn. Initiation Held by and stationery were all pr&M-nted Eastern StOT Chapter the awards of stumps. <-Brd.i to Darrell. u wa* a gift of money from thos* present. At a late hour Mrs. Ralston served ' refreshments. Bhe waj tuutUted by Mrs. Joe Young and Mrs. E. W. Osborne. Washington Visitor Kenneth Odmark of Washington. D. C.. irUlted Wednesday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lou of Tampico, leading on Thursday for Washlnfton. Wednesday evening a supper in his honor •* a* given in the Lou home at which time the- following guests went present: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Morse and daughter of Prophetstown, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lou and Mr. and Mrs. Ed ftobbins and family of Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Prank and family and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shere of Tampico. Friends Visit Mr. and Mrs. Ira Day and family were pleasantly surprised at their home northeast of Tampico the fore part of the week by the arrival of the following friends from McLean and Logan counties: Mr. and Mrs Frank Behls and daughter Mary Lee and aons Franklin and Lyle. of McLean, and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Lahr of Atlanta. HI. All were former neighbors of the days before the latter moved to Tampico. Tampico Briefs —Mrs. Jenny "Ml5'o~aHa~Mr. and Mrs. Voge! of Moline visited Miss TJlla Johnson Wednesday afternoon. All Masons are requested to meet at Masonic hall, Tampico. 1 p. m. Sunday, for funeral of Past Master C. K. McKenzie.—adv. Lieut and Mrs. Charles Aldrich of .Camp Forrest. Tenn.. and the former's mother. Mrs. C. W. Aldrich. were visitors In LaGrange Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Chapin were visitors in Chicago Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. Chapin. worshipful master of Yorfctown lods*. A. F. aildN^ M.. at tended toe- «atnons xrf the grand lodge while in the city. Mrs. Ruth Winans who submitted to a minor operation in Walnut recently is still confined to her home Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Elliott and family who have been visiting at the Hugh Leahy home for the past week, returned to their home in Chicago Thursday. Mrs. Helen Lamb of Mason City. la.. Mrs. Robert Angel .of Mt. Pleasant. la., and Mrs. Clyde Wheatly of Burlington, la., who were aiso guestc of Mrs. Leahy, returned to their homes Tuesday evening. They were taken as far as Mt Pleasant by Mr. and Mrs Elliott uid sons. Charles and James They were «U called here by the death of Mr. BUiott's father/Albert E. Elliott of Sterling. Mirih JataM bphts Al H«pital it CWw Oi FrUiy AHtfWMNi Martin Johnaon. 78. of Prophetstown died at 4 p. m. Friday at the Jane Lamb hospital in Clinton, la. lie had been ill the past three week* and submitted to a major operation at the bjeoital on 'October ff. Tna body was to the Dudley with the other church organlaa tkws in giving a farewell parry for Rev. and Mrs. L. •. BaaU and son Alan, who will soon move to Seneca. Tha party will be held in *h« church Monday eveoutg. Oct. at. and will be • |:M o'clock picnic auftpr fMtowad wy a program, lire. - - - - aaa 'aad Mra. WaUar g*f*r tnankMi UM rtrcie for eaiw» iwaivad during raising y wet* liliciitaarf and Ik was planned to send muNM-y uaac tan. U» the. nan-acute During ihe woal partad the tte decaraUaa* in aad at mortuary in Prophetatown and was taken to the late bom* Saturday af- Urnoan. PUneral acrvfee* will be held at 3:30 p. m. Monday at the Prophetstown Lutheran church. Rev. Milton Idindahl will oHioate. Inter - t will be in Riverside cemtwry MX. Johnson was 11. IStf, at Karls- nama. Swinten. aao of Mr. and Mn. in Praphatawvm. born on Nov John He came to this v«r* country ia llfV. locating at La aal|e later mnilag to troy Grove, where he lived aigM yaan. He farmed of&r Tametoo fin* years, than movojt to the farm, whka he purchatad east of Pvapbotaiawn. wbare ha ttvad Atoa yaao. iae reura* tram the farm ami movad to Ptcpbauiowu 39 •99- > .Ni £ PM manriaa- to Emma Krau- Troj Orov* on No- afa* ptacaiila •.!»*. v«Bber Wttiwll i» dttife m Mrs Letter Petcr.ion and Mrs. John Dorathy were initiated Into membership at a special meeting of the Prophetstown Eastern Star chnptrr Tl-jur?<J»y evening. There were, about 75 pre.M?nt, includinK a number of visitinjt members of the Erie chapter. A social hour followed the initiation ceremonies, after which refreshments were served by Mrs. Elmer Olson. Mrs. Buel Brewer. Mrs. Mabel Harm*, Mrs. Charles Roese »nd Mrs. C. B. Mummart. Hayrack Ride Lots of Fun for Club Members. The Stitch It club members of Efophetetown enjoyed a hayrack ride Thursday evening. They met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Matthews and rode to Yorktown and back to the Matthews home, where refreshments were served. The hayrack was pulled by a tractor. There were 14 in the party. Bridge Club Parry Mrs. May Brown won high prim at the meeting of the bridge club Friday afternoon at the home ot Mrs. J. C. Burroughs of Prophets-. town. There were three tables of cards. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Cora Underhill were-guests of the club, Honor New Members The new members of the Science club of Prophetstown high school were honored at a party at the high school Thursday evening. The evening w»s spent playing pinochle, after which refreshments were served. New Arrival Bom. a daughter, to Mr. and MM. Joe Hosteller. Thursday night, at their home, southwest of PropheU- town.- - •- --•- : Prophetstown Briefs Mr. and Mrs Edward Arians r*» turned Friday from Chicago where they attended the national telephone convention since Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Scott" and two sons,-Mrs. Mary Bane and 'Mrs. Dana Wildman attended the funeral of George Crawford Thursday at Minonh. Mrs. Scott and two «ons staved to visit the rest of the week at tfce home of her sister, Mrs. William Crawford of Flanagan. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cady and daughter Judith spent Thursday ui Chicago on business. MTSS Ida CourtriRht of Dlxon is Visiting this week with relatives In Prophetstown. Dr. Mabel Brown of this city, accompanied by her aunt. Dr. OUia Myers, and Mrs. Marcus Moll at Ottumwa. la. returned Thursday evening front a motor trip of a few days to Wtnonc. Minn. The lorn a ladies returned to their homes on Friday. Carroll Corn Husking Contest Monday, Oct. 27 M P RoEke. farm atfvuer. announced today that the annual Car- roil coumv corn hulking contest will be held Monday, Oct. 27. on the O. M. Bloyer 'farm, five miles southeast of Lanark Entries aic being received at the Farm Bureau office in Mt, CarrolL Wotercolor Exhibit Miss Mat tie Lietz. »*terro4ar and oil painter of Chicago, will epeak at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at France* 8hun« er colkge -An exhibit of her works, open to the public, will be e held from 3 to & p. m. in the an gallery on the campus. INSURANCE

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