The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1914
Page 10
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T H E D E C A T U f t R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, June 3t 1914. Cost t' Want Ads in The Daily Review Re p»r Hat Tor tint Insertion. JIVic ir line (nr ouch «uls«ni«»t fonnecntive Insertion. Minimum chuff* 'M crati. B HUM I Um«s ........... . ...... 2«o t lines 3 tlnv«« .................. ITOe 4 Hum 3 limu ....... . .......... 40c 5 Itno* t HmM .................. «e I ll»l T tlm«s .......... . ....... 60c 4 lln» T llmr« ................ .. Wtc t llnu III tlmil .................. 11.20 I HUM »! llmss ......... , ........ I. HO 4 lln«K tiO 11m«».. ................ ».«" No adv*rtUam«Bt acoffpud f«r l»sn « h n n t w o lint's. Count six ordlmiry w . . r ! n In » H t h linn. !H*'-»ntlnunnc« of lv«rttslnff mult ».i in * f H l n B It » t t l nit tn* set . I t « - t -'V (ihtn« Thin protect! 7»uf l n t * - r « s a* well *· our*. !i Y i i Can't Bring or Sriid Your Want Ad FOR KENT-HOUSES. FOJi RENT--Mrxtern 0 room house, 001 "W. Macon; modern 7 room house, 1385 N Clinton.] (W("H 7S87 FOH RENT--Furnished for-«ummer, 4 room rottaK«, UOS W. Wood, flO per month; i m r t l y modern. Apply Mr. Kennedy* Bell 1*77, care M u t u a l Protective League, 7383 Phono Auto Com t i '"in ii|t*rA1or». K i o t o I K I) * im t ' l » r v* i li » i f . - K . t t l i m i tuni r In n u t - r i i . i t l n . * h t iilv* y o u u o m i u r t f Info: i .tt .11 A m i , If v"i w l d l i , th'-y w i l l i i » n i p f V f i u 'n w o r d i n g vtuii- w a n t ·fl ti m«k« It most »frcttv». emaiT.ndrtt* you If y c n r oim« !· In th« I f ' f i ' h o n n d!rr(*tor Every Home lias Uso for Keview Want Ads 'OR RENT--Two «ood modern h»u»4«, Oakland avenue. IA C. Wai tens, 188 E, PraJrie 'Irflot. 7384 FOR RENT--New six room modern flaU; ground f l o o r ; larce sloeptnc porch; close In. C. McDonald. 33.1 8. Water. 7366 FOR HENT--Strictly modern 6 room cottage, no children. Inquire 861 E. Center. Auto 41KMJ 7381 FOR RENT--Fine large residence In excellent condition, suitable for first class hoarding house. References. 4B8 North Franklin 7303 FOR UENT--Seven rooms and bath; modern. I»tt K North. 7383 FOR RUNT--Modern house at SS5 W. Packard a t r f p t Inquire at 455 N. Water. 7355 LOST AND FOUND. mormnc, * nockr.r pin Lib ·pal r»w»r! if r«H.-n-i1 t o ("fin S Wi*1Jli-i». Wfi M M M k i n H, IB 7..;ii: lXriT--Cani«o brooch, coral color. po*U»ly 4*4) W W u l o ami tranf'iT hount- Tint u r n to OS W Main Hell 1«7y H n w a r d 71'fJ 1/O8T-- A child'* German atlvar vnnit.7 purnr* FlttilMr p l ^ n a w i n i . 1N-1I 41**ft «· 7;ift W I'm 1 urtl H»witnl T.'.ii. l k«y rlu« wilJi IS or Irt key an U l l n o U Cenfrivl bras» IX8T-- l'ot,k"tbortk ror-;*lnlriji tm-it f l v o dol- U r and *U on« 1aUar M l t a . alno on dollar In rtl»*r. Tail M^M 132A. reward 7W4 I,Ot*T--Whtu Fr«n-h »pltr pciiHSle R e t u r n t» 4 H « n n R e l n l m r t . T M l N AUtln Rtwnrd ' LOST-- K n t f h U Twmplnr charm, 0*1 bl ribbon. n«tw^«r P a r l o r miirh*f «nfl Mock W M n r n r i;r*.v-»r ' u i 1'nrlnr M f t r SITUATIONS WANTED. W A M I ' D -- M y mMil.o ngeil l»-ly, position as hnui*k««per or car* of an I n v i i l l d . K M c i . v pf»opi« prwlfired Ilt-st of r r ' i ' r e n c c f i H 1347. 741 W . I ' r u t r t f 7 WANTE1-- I V r n m n f f n t poBltlon br young tnun; nduoatfd. good w o r k e r ; varied ex- pvriitnran, (r»l f ttrim:** C,i\t me an In- i«rrt^w. F r*X K t - v i p t v WANTED--By ooior*.i rin, to do iighi H o u n n t v o r k « n d m i r n l n r . 173 W Decatur. HELP WANTED. XVANTFD--. r-v»ph«*rrr picker* A u t o 1 on 7 J I l B X M r i K K . B mllei n o r t h on R l n o m - !»Kton roHi! 7".::3 i O O V F R N M E N T JOHS open to man nnl w n m n i JW to SIN" m o n t h Writ* fnr l l ' t , r a n k l t n l n t « l t J u t o , lrp't, tlW), Rorhest^r, N 72.*.r, \ V A N T I t r » -- M n n or womnn to »fH onr fin t"n« .unl r t i f f c e i . b n k l n « ponder. *txtrnfi ·i'il erU'o* H f " t n ' f c r unrl p r y m l u m B "Write u* tit . . t n i U M M i c l'i a ' · " . 711 Lilian Avc.. S! Urn,, \T.. 72%fi HELP WANTEB-MALE. WANTKT*--First rlnB» mf»« cotter: perma- n e n t position: mum he sotur and i c l l n b l e ·uut n t . l M i n jrlve Al r^f.T(n-»'B, Bfn Hclmrt, t.ini-oin. 111. 7;'»S .VAN rfcJD--Man or !a3T BoMaltor for piano houHf On« who 10 w « i i acquainted In Dr- fs,tur, nuint h« · h n - « f ' · r . strAlght tmlory. ·"·-H Wm!n»*it«1nv ftrt"rni»on Hobart M. C*Mp Co., 431* N*. Wnt«r St. , I ^ r n t u r . I l l 7'i."7 WANTKr-- Hlnh-cliuw ftor.X and bond anies- m*n to Mill Htoi'k In local going concern, Oonrt pay nnrt «"*ry t i r l p to the r i t t h t m r n , Olv* flxp«rl«n''* In d e t n l l You -~nn nifike monry on t h i n proposition F :t«"C. Hf-view R A I L R O A D flrrrm'n. hrfikcmpn. *120. Kx- perl^nce nnnrr*»ita!irT tend age, post age. Railway, F-irtft Rt'Vl«n*. WANTED--Men to l*«rn barber trade. Pre- par* In few weeki. Karn w h i l e you l e a r n . T J!P "I MI. J"bi w n l t i t i i f Big rtfmHnil for fWf hurher* «t »iirprl»liic waif*-? W r i t e to- itar Moler Barhwr C' 1,'hiraso. I I I . 7172 WANTED--We art a b o u t to a p p o i n t reai- d«me rtt«r!at ae-nf^ In t h i n locality C o n t r a c t (llT«ct w i t h the r - o i n p n n y ror U f « In^urnnce. If you want a Rnu«i prop.iBlrion. ad4rom w l t l i refttfOC"* PMlartii plifn r.iro I n n u r n n r e Com- pmitr. PhlUirtplphta. P« 717r. HELP WAKTED-FEMALE WANTED--Wnlng room girl at Myer's hotel, Jjfl p. MJtin 74A1 WANTED -- E»p«rl*nofl saleswomen for rflfldy-to-wtiir d r p ' . Also iwcperfenrM fOTMMar*-. Address W. T.««w!i A Co., Cham- put*!.. III. 724" WANTETV--Exporter]red trimmer at once and for fall. HllchcnckV 714'J MISCELLANEOUS WAHTS. WANTBP--\vn*hlnr and d**. R f l l MS7 WANTED--All kind* ef cart»nt«r work; r o n f l n s n n t odd Job* of sll kinds. E r * W A N T K P -- W o r k by the day. Washing, r_pr""»makinK w o r k ; t»l*ln or H"!' M27 TS13 W A N T K P - A H Kind* of Bewtnp. Call Miss Or!«n»n fl '· n m. P*ll 4*ll. 7.111 WJIN'TKP- i . x f i j r h r w l y to know that O»o W Davidson, t ' u - rl«nt*«r plnno and sewlncr m s r h l n f ^ n « m n v n l to 21."V N M a i n (·trnnft floor 7271 WANTRD-- Boarrtlnc hnra«n At 215 W. Wood R*nirnnnli!ft r h n i K . - p Ucfit of rare and fned. t*Mv«*rp(i »rd cnl!*i1 for. C l i n t B r n m l ^ v . Ri»ll W7. A n ' o irf7 . 72fiS WANTKTV-ntrtn fnr p a i n t l n t : and k a l e o m f n - !nic. The llofinl of Hrluratlon will recplvi 1 M!M fnr tlit p» In t i n e nnrl k n l c n m l n l n i ; of \arlous schnnl h'Mi^es up to and I n c l u d i n g l?ily flth. IPH K»y« end sD"-lftntlnns will tii» 'found at thf upTirnii n f r i r * of the H l p b Schon). whi ro / u r i l n - r In f o r m a t Inn may br o h t a l n . f i 71fi£ W A N T E D -- Ymir p n l n t l n K . paper hanplnjr and "d^roratlnc. first i-inm work puaran- eeed Conrtnn Trnn . rir-l! ?r.R.» g;U E. Conrtit. WANTBTV--AI1 fftrm«r* to know they can h»v» rte»d stock removed fr*»e of charB». Notlfr WDltHTn ITfro. ftM N Mnnroa. Bell nhnn» r-7*: Aiitn. ,-!n2-| 6182 WANTED TO RENT. WANTE1"--To -rent 5 or B room thoronghlv modern co*.t«ne; «J1 nn nne floor; (n pnort locution; t« take pnsnenlon About Aug let. RMt of r*fwneMf. tvill nlgn long Ifnse. Ad- WANTED TO BTTY o huy two or (Tire-* rpcoTid haml (···«*: first rtaci: suitable for drv ·tor*. Cftil A a to 1410. 71 fK Wanted to Buv. HI pay tb« highest canto prices for need ''oven, ngt and refrigerators, or will take n -»ld fnrolturtj a* first payment on new. Home Out Titters, BT01 FOUR ROOMS, 115.00 North Side $10.00 Northeast. III'no N o r t h Slite. S12.f0 Northeast. IVRm N o r t h Hide. $.'» « East Side. FIVE ROOMS. I2TIOO North Side. J^tCKi Waat Side. j l * * i « WfBt Slrt«. Wi00 North Side. £.IHO S(.inti(!aet. $:ir oo Enut side $tr0o Webt Sld« JllfXXl West Side « I T : . [ N o r t h w n s t f'lS.OO Wert Side Si'ViM) N o r t h Side fij'X ROOMS. J21 .lO Southeast. V2) OO Northeast. 41-^00 N o r t h w t i a t t.T; OJ "Wast Side. f'W» fK» Wfst Sldo. j;»MKl West Side j)'j r,r Uit Pill*- $40.«) West Side 11.'. "O Wc*t Stile. JU.'i 00 West Sldft. ji::i(M» p o u f h w e R t t22.(M Close in. SF.VEN ROOMS · i i n n Northennt J25OO CloB* in. t^»on N o r t h Side. $-10 00 West Side fWOO Wwit Sld#. $2,". On Went Side' rjsint N n r t h w f D t $22.Wi West SIdP f 1.1. no Wfst Sid*. f.'tooo Close In $5000 Close In frtO 00 Northeast, S1M.(X) N n r t h e f i s t *-'."i )* North fildf. K ' O R T ROOMS. jaooo West Side SHI' TiO West. (27 141 West 8idv West j;i;if-(i Wnit side North ·CT.'in S n m h e a m SIT. 00 Cinsp In. jrnKHt N o r t h . $37 Ofl Wect. ?ir. ro uvm J23 (Ht North f2orni Woitt snnoo West *sait( Weiil $22,50 Clone In. S2MNt rioso In SW (Ml Sonthweit. j.Tinn W M a f n I I S O O Northeast 22W Xorth*a«t Kiirnlflhed houses and furnished apnrt- meiit* on the went and n n r t h side f r o m $1800 to f 4 7 B O Wp h a v f Bfime that are vprv de- · Iralil.. at $22 fiO and 125 H. WhP* n i l or t h o R h o v e houses are well w o r t h all tht* mo«**y asked for them, we ron- *Mpr th** f o l l o w i n g except i o n a l l y good h i M i H f l d f i i r t h e n i n n e y : ILM.1 W I t c c n t u r St., with barn !1SH .1-1 W. D U I s l o n St , fl room, modem. JlS ffl 74)'i K f ' o n t u r . ft rooms, modern $2000 7uii W I V c n t i i r , S rooms, modern S~" 0" 11-"i7 N (""llnton, 8 ronms, m o d e r n . . . .$22 Ml U.Mt W IVeatur. 8 rooms, modrrn... .$22,Mi 1L"i!» N [,'Mnton. S rooms, m o d e r n I I S O O 1 l*/i C n i i u c » H i l l av.. S rooms, modern. $20 04 if Mi N \\ater. S room*, morlorn -i:\ S. R r n a d w a y , R roruns, m o d e r n . . . ,J220' 1 i M W. M iron. 8 rooms, mod urn $30 00 1'11't N M a i n . 0 rnnms. modern jr^ri.f 17«C. N rollepf. 9 room*, mo.lprn 520.00 TiU N Morgan K rooms, near depot. .$15.00 T h f r i - lire from f i f t e e n to twenty-five r h a n s r n on our list ex pry dav, and the best, w j i v to Ret e x n r t l v tlie k i n d of house you i l p u l r * is to place your application with us AB Tur in advance an posolble. BO t h a t we i y k**»p vou advised. We have about flf- t o p n hnusos now for rent t h a t are still oc- c n p f o d and are t h n most desirable we have fnr rent. Onp on Powrrs Lane will be va- '·ant J u l y 10th and rents for $23.50; there ·UP a n u m b e r of others on West Main, W. N'nrth, N V n l n and other prominent streets, hod b e t t e r place your application with Btoaa'ft Think You Can't Haye If Youa IRcadl Every Day Tfeiis Im A Harry, Yma Geft It Camu Eel SEfl LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING--(Com.) FOR RENT--Nlc«Iy furnished modern rooms for light houi* keeping. 1208 W. Macon. 720S FOR HENT--Three nicely furnished down- ·tairs rooms for light housekeeping; modern convenience*. Bell 2866. 1229 W. Macon.* 7180 FOR RUNT--Suite of 2 eipeolalljr nice rooms furnished for light housekeeping; modern. Adults only. Bell 5149. 71S5 m now. Meridith Rent Co. FOR RENT---room modern house; N. Col\"K*. Knqiiide 1106 K. Edward. Bell phone 3-W, 7320 FOR RENT--o'-room partly modern house; en* pto\«* furnished, at 1053 N. Clinton. Call 105!) N. C l i n t o n 72ST FOP. RENT--ff-room modern cotaje. Apply "70 Johns' «.TP. 7296 FOR RENT---8-room modern house, 1287 W. npcatur. C. W. Pleettr. Bell 8416. 72S8 FOR RENT--ft-room houw, newly papered- 110 per month, at 021 W. Olive. Enquire first door PiW, 7305 FOR RENT--Six room partly modern house. In fio«d condition. Apply 1412 E North. Jn«. SwnntJi. "251 FOR RENT--A STRICTLY MODERN FIVE ROOM COTTAGE IN FIRST CLASS COND I T I O N , PAVKD. STREET CAH, FULL LOT. .".(7 E DtVISlOK. "WE M A K E ALL CIMS^K* OF I,OANS. P E G R A M COMPANY, 7221 415 CITIZENS BANK BLDG. FOR KENT--On B fl room house catt end,»10, nnd II room home at 252 "W. WHllamy_In- qu trp Johnson Dlmock, T187 FOR RENT--Seven room house, 'B03 Morgan; w n t e r , RIB. toilet, electric llRhte, cement l i n F « m f n t A l l e n Jone*, 113 Old r h o n a 7156 FOR R K X T OR SALE--New modern 5 room r-ottaRp. Ml E. Lawrence; one block from car l i n e 604!) FOR SENT--FLATS. FOR TIENT-- Thnronf-hly modern 5 room flat to parti*** without r-hlldren. Bell phone 047 rlnif S. 7H5S FOR RENT--Raven room f l a t ; modern, with city heat and electric H^ht, vacuum cleaner and J a n i t o r service. Apply Drs. Broirn Jack, 184-ISfl ^' Prairie. 6529 FOR KENT-ROOMS. FOR RENT--Xice large front room with al- COT«; oppOflU R«vl»w Bldf. Bell 4759. 7882 FOR RENT--Irge pleftaant front room, fur- n t f t h e d or iinfumish«fl; modfttn. M W. FOR RKN'T--I-Arg* front room on second floor; strictly modern. 446 N. Church. 7.107 FOR KENT--Furnished room; modem, closp in; 442 N Church. Bell 1350. 7400 FOR RENT--Nicely furnished modern rooms, private family, 3tl4 W. Wood. B«TI Jhonr FOR RENT--Nice room In modern home and small f a m i l y ; gentleman preferred Old p h o n e 247,'t. 7347 FOR RENT--Airy front room; outside en- trancp. unfurnished. 825 N. Monroe. 73*0 FOR RENT--Furnished room; xery cool All modern conveniences. 8.12 TV. William. 7343 FOR KENT--Furnished room; modern: private family. Close In. Bell 8050. 110 North Edward. 7,150 FOF. RENT-- Neatly furnished room In private family; modern; reference. Call Bell .V77. MR N. .Tsckson. 7343 FOR RENT--Furnished suite, strictly modern, for gentleman; in private horn*. Bell 4.W. 601 Cor. Macon and College. 7341 FOR RENT--Furnished or unfurnished room Jn modern flat. 132 W. Prairie, upper flat. 7380 FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms fc)t sleeping: ground floor. 970 B. William. 73»» FOR HENT--Nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping; two blocks from Water street. Three from depot. 527 N. Jackson. 7121 FOE BINT. FOR RENT--Store room. 735 N. Wnter, $20 per month. Apply Max Allans. 7370 FOR RENT--Stores ll« to *19 per month, nearly opposite roof garden on Eldorado; clouo to Water St. 73CIG BUSINESS OPPOBTITNITIES. A CLASSY LITTLE RESTAURANT Well located, well established, in Decatur. For sale or exchange, and a bargain either way. Decatur Real Estate Exchange, 317-318 Citizens' Bank Bldg. Both Phones. TSM FOR RENT--Furnished rooms: modern home. 10IIIS N. College. Bell 471SI. T321 FOR RENT--Pleasant sleeping room: modern; Rontlemen only. 414 W. Wood. 7319 Fort RENT--I^rire furnished room: al- rovft nnfi closet; modern small family. 733 X Edward. Tlpll 4W7. 7301 FOR RENT--Coolest furnished room In city private, modern, close. Bell 1129. 7164 FOH RENT--Furnished rooms Modern, private entrance, tvio W. Main. Bell 2417, 683S LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR HENT--Two room, for light hcmfte- keeplnff. 845 E. Orchard, 7373 FOB KENT--Two or three funiiBh«d rooms for light houBekeeolns. modern, doss to dpot. 53T R King. Bell 2318. 7358 FOR RENT -- Two furnished rooms, light housekeeping; front and back entrance: no children. 1411 N. Morgan. 7357 FOR RENT--Suite of furnished rooms Cor light housekeeping; cheap rent 706 JC Broadway, Belt phone 849. * 7345 FOR RENT--One largo ftimlBhed room for light housekeeping; modern. 844 N "Water street. 7S40 INFAVSPAPER FOR RENT--3 room furnished cottage for light housekeeping Auto S33T. 781 MOVING PICTURE SHOW FOR SALE 13G4--This show Is located In city of 60.000 in n o r t h e r n Illinois, In brick b u i l d i n g . 21x90; ,:-arch front; consists of m i r r o r screen, 2 Edison machines, double dissolving etereopti- con; 300 Beats, electric t fans, raised f l o o r ; piano; motor rewind, * very thing 1 in first class condition; 2 year lease at $135 per month. Price 51,500. Doing fine business. 7373 C. A. BURKS. 323-324-325 Citizens Bank Building. GOOD OPENING--For young man M-lth $1.000, fn well established business In Decatur: guaranteed salary. C. A.. Burks, S23- 324-32,1 Citizens Bank Bldg "328 LIVE STOCK. l.A.% U--CO A I'liN L L.U.* FOR SAL.E--Good, Kansas wheat, alfalfa and atock lands, $10.00 to $40.00 per acre. J. P Worthlngton, 702 Commerce building, Kan- aaa City, Mo 6913 FOR aALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 17( aero farm with, good houee, nearly new; two barns; 75 acres under p l o w ; price |50 per acre; will consider small stock of hardware In trade. For further particulars write A. J. Oleaon, Montfort, WIs. 6808 FOR SALE--IOWA LANDS; 86 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND AROUND FENTON, IOWA, AND BANCROFT, IOWA PHILIP WEISBROD, FENTON. IOWA. 8637 FOR SALE--120 acres Improved land, 8 miles northeast of Windsor; bargain if taken soon. T. R. Thompson, 301 South Buckeye, lola, Kan. 6902 CITY PROPERTY. FOR SALE}--Four room house with s;as; gooi well and lawn. 1647 E. Eldorado. Inquir M9 East Avenue. 737 FOR SA1/E--(i-room modern house, corner t,eafland and IlH-ioli. Auto 15514. 7259 FOR SALE--New S-room cottage, good location; cheap, on installment plan. Be! 1480. 7298 FOR SALE--$2,500 for 6 room, modern home, n o r t h part. B6ll 2903. 682; FOB SALE--Good T room modern house; Good location. Bargain. 103S N. Church, 6251 TO EXCHANGE. ILL. FARM FOR MODERN RESIDENCE 1493 -- Farm of 45 acre?, located In "Jefferson County, 3% miles from county seat, 1 mile from school, »*, m i l e from church Loam sol! with clay subsoil; gently rolling, open drainage, 2 Etorv 8 room house In good condition; 2 good b a r n s and sheds, m i l k house t i l t h concrete floor. Prlr-e JR.OOO. subject to ?1.000. W i l l consider pood modern residence C. A. BURKS. 888-824-32.'. C i t i z e n s Bank B u i l d i n g WANTED -- To exchange miscellaneous stamps tor Tinned Trading Stamps. F-394, Review. FOR EXCHANGE--Equity In small property (or automobile or lot 1 *; city property for f a r m ; hardware store for D e c a t u r property Good f a r m for city property. Many other exchanges to offer. "What have you? 7351 Evans Boggess, .·14 M l l l l k l n Bldg Bell p h o n e 144 FOR SALB--Shetland outfit; pony J years years old; f o r t y Inches high; rubber tire 2- aeated runabout. T M. Hutchison, Clarence, IH. 7385 FOR SALE--Horse, harness and spring- wag-on Call 1070 N. Broadway. Bell 4920. 7379 FOR SALE--Nlca black driving horte coming 5 ear« old. Will sell cheap If taken at once. S2G S. Colfax. 7368 FOR SALE--A biff work horie, weight 1200; also good mower and wagon, 606 W. Macon, Bell 2086 7354. BIG MONET IN RAISING HOGS.--Land nnd sowi to begin with; easy terms; about plan. Tozw, 117 E. Main. Phone. Axito 3217. 7ROft FOR SALS?--Seran am,, : thoatii. 10TB North Dunham. 72S5 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOR SALB--Gae range, good as new. nsefl two months, ha* big oven; cost 135, will taks $20. Edison Home Graphophona large size, good as new, coat $35, cheep for $10; have thirty or forty records and case, horn large size; also one thousand roll* of wall paner, some of it la cheap paper, but most of It expensive). All goes for lo a roll. Here ar» some exceptional bargains Cat! N. W Ayers, 1781 E. North. If not homa on North St., call at the corner of North and Third Automatic BHtt. "3S9 FOR 8ALJ3--Aluminum flrclen oook«r; lawn mower and several other articles. Bell 3300 TSSS Real Bargains. If you are looking for real bargainu IB new or slightly used furniture, we have them. Call and b« convinced that we can eav» you money. Satisfaction guaranteed. D. C. Holt Furniture Co., Bell 2778, E. Main St. 6617 Auto 1337 STORAGE FURNITURE FOR BADE. 12 Bissell'B carpet aweenerft 50c each rno glass fruit jars 2c each l!r. Iron beds $100 each ?5 bed springs 50c each 25 settees * Sl.OO each 12 ga« ranges S4/f each £3 dressers ¥3.00 each 12 sideboards 1500 each Meridith Storage Co., 320-300 B. Cerro O«rdo St. 7289 Bargains. Folding beds, W tip; centsr tables, 23c up; vaseline ranges, 12.00 and up; bedsteads, 50o and up; bed springs. EOc and up; 12 inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too nu- merbus to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop* at itore. Albert C. Blickei. 742 E. Eldorado St., Auto 1591. 6365 The Exchange. Furniture Will paj most for sllshtly nKfl Ptuuw. Pnr- nlture, Carp«U, Rugs, Stoves and Kefrij- oratora; or will exchange new tor old. Meridith Furniture Co. Sell phones: 400-418. Auto: 1048. S20-S50 Cerro GoriJo St 1758 Furniture Z buy. sell or exchange new or stlchtlr nssd furnltare. stoves, rags. etc. M. A. Peabody 131-8 K. North St, 4T41 ·ztr FARM LAHDS. I JR SALE--Farmer svefl $12,000, bought farm C days before the bank failed, bargains fn farms that are farms, will raise good cropi of corn, oats, alfalfa, potatoes, clover, etc. Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana farms and ranches. Meet me face to faco, I will help you plant dimei where you will harvest dollar*. Write when you can come, I will arrange to meet you. Stata wh«re yra wish to Invest or locate, I will make you money. "W. B. Tattoo, Fairmont. Neb. 7201 FOR SALE--Farm bargain In Oswago county on account of sickness. General purpose farm, 100 acres Dairy, fruit, poultry, very pleasantly situated, new two villages, rail- roade and lake; good buildings, plenty wood and water; for $2.800; $1,500 cash down, rest on eaiy terms. Write Mr» C. E. Sargent, R. D 1. Cleveland, N. T. T132 FOR BALE--Fine Tazoo-SIlSKlsalppI delta plantation, $20,00 to (60.00 per acre Known far and wide as the most fertile soil on earth. This land will probably go to $300 per acre after federal government takes over levee eyjtem, which It Is preparing to do. Sura speculations or good homes. Fertile upland atock and grain farms. J10 per acre up. Correspondence from reeoonslble parties solicited. No trades considered. S, P, Stub- blerield. Yazoo City, Miasslsslppt. 7131 FOH SALE--In the corn, wheat, oats and bine grass reglonn of Indiana, where values are increasing rapidly and land investments can best be made. Farms from 40 acres up to 1,000 acrei. Liberal terms Write WEWTSON, BROS., 7183 _ - _ _ _ Knox, Indian*. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR TRADE. 1480--This 2 etory, 0 room f r a m e resldencf Is located In north part of city, on paved street, w i t h walks, water, sewer, gaa. A t t i c ana full basement; large f r o n t and hack porches; strictly modern w i t h gas and electric lights, m a n t e l and grate; laundry, cistern; barn and garage Price 84750. cublect to $2700. Will consider small farm. 7371 C. A. BURKS. aW-BM-325 Citizens Bunk Bulldlnf. For Trade. Could nee good house and lot In eschanee for one of the best restaurants In Decatiir, r u n n i n g f u l l bta-st and d o i n g f i n e business, Tan show you books Cor past sis months. It's a money maker; owner groing away. What have you to trade. Could use vacant lot*. See me for further Information. Briieck, 127 E. Prairie. fS3S WANTED--To trade for a smail store or business. Adflraes - F-776, ReTlew. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--Indian Twin Tandem attachment, condition fine, 42T W. Marietta Bt. . OR SALE OR TRADE--ftO-hora* power road racer; aleo Cadillac touring ear Al condition. Lock Box 100. '207 FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton car; quiet, ·mooth running:; fine condition; a bargain of th« season. F-140, Review. TOR BALE--Indian mntorcycle, 1914 model, 7 B p.. 2 speed. 501 S. Main. 712T MUSICAL GOODS. FOR SALS--Klmhatf make piano, che*p for quick sale Good condition Good reason for selling. 716 E W h i t m e r Bell phone 2063 TS31 FOR SAL.E--Square grand piano sounding board, perfect cabinet work. Perfect keys, out of tune: one string broken. Price flS, Call at 407 E. Main Immediately. 73CO FOR SALE--Fine piano or trad* for racant l o t ; also Quick Maftl coal range and gas range Call 1440 N*, C h u r c h . T325 FOR SAIE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--Second hand electric, f a n ; will sell cheap If taken at once. Direct current 840 N, Main 7361 FOR SALE--Complete advertising scholarship in International Correspondence jtchool. Address F-S5h, RevUw. FOR SALE--110 pair ladle I shoes; aJsn few rubbers and alaskas; nearly all fall atock, ·uitable for medium clRfia trade; no narrow widths. These are good shoes and not trash We are going out of the shoe business and ovir b u i l d i n g will be remodeled next week, so we offer the lot and fixtures at We on the dollar. If you are In the business thes* goods will make money for you. The Mulllkln Cash Stores, Champaign. HI. 7S49 FOR SALE--15 foundation Btonw, Inches thick. Call Old 1703. 7286 BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing:. 127 South Water street. Decatur, III. Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped In ffold on books, pockctbooks and memorandum books, toilet cases. e!c. POULTRY. BIRDS AND PETS. FOR SALE--Antrora kittens. Anto BSTS 156S N. Church. 701 FOR BALE--Canary fllrd. 1118 West Wood direct. 73W Honejr t« Loao--(C«otluned). --YOU CAN BORIIOW ANT AMOUNT-None too large. None too email. We lend money on Furniture, Piano*. Horieo. Carriage!, Good* In Storage. Cattle. Grain. Growing Crop*, etc. Euler term* than other bTokers Also we buy NOTE Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY. ··- tabllihed 1883. A. T. SUMMERS SON. 110 forth Water at. Next to Mllllkln National Bank. LITTLE BY LITTLE you can repay a loan--or all at one*. Car«~ fully explained before you tike the money. Pay only Cor the time you me 1L Wa lend (10 and up on the squarest terms Imaginable --private, too. ' 752 Fidelity Loan Company 319 Citizens Bank Bldg. Bell STO: Auto 6883. PROFESSIONAL Drs. Alsip Rowdybush, Dentists, Stine Bldg., over Hilligoss Drug Co. KM Entrance either Main or Merchant St. Bell Phone S177. Hours a to E p. m. Dr. Hugh A. Vaughan Dentist. «tt WAIT BLDd. - Auto. W01. ·4984 No Drnga No Ostaop«tb7. lc« hours 9 to " " · Sunday*. 10 a Office hours 9 to 12. 1 to «, 7 to 8. " ' " m. to 13 m. MONEY TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. $10 and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 209 Citizens Bank Bldg. Phone: Auto. 1118; Bell, 32TO. MONEY TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowest rate of 4nterest; no commission. 19M Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizen* National Bank. SPECIAL NOTICES. TO ALL BUSINESS MEN and doctors also, I will not be responsible for debts made by ray wife. Mrs. Sylvia W h i t t a k e r Husband, J S. Whittaker. 7377 HAIR DRESSING, switches, puffs, curls, wigs, bang-s made to order; scalp treatment a ipeclalty, 137 N. Water 2nd floor. 7123 REAL ESTAT1. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR SALE. 1494--This 2 story S room residence li !o- catd In west part, on lot 50x160, with attic and full basement, front and side porches. on paved street. Strictly modern; gas and electric lights; mantel and grate; cistern. Painted this year. Newly papered and painted and In A-l condition. Price $4500. 7373 C. A. BURKS. "823-324-325 Citizens Bank Building DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR SALB, 1490--This residence Is located In north p a r t of city, on paved street, with walks, water, server, gaw, located on cornet lot, 72x138' 2 story. S room frame house, with basement, mantel and grate; furnace, elect r f o lights cistern, well. On car line. Price $4500. subject to 5800. Not far out. 7372 C. A. BURKS. 32J-324-S25 Citizens Bank Bundin«. PEGRAM COMPANY. 415 Cltlrons Bank Bld All classes of loans. 0*01 Terms to suit borrower, class house for rent. First- Choice Lot on West North Street. for Hie at a bargain If sold at orte«. Also 7 room modern house, slate roof, for imJe at a bargain If sold at once. 520 S. Crea St. R. S. Bohon, 184 E. Pralrte. WOT A 12% Investment. 1800 to MOO down buya a ale* I room MW cottage on car line; newly painted; full baae- ment; corner lot; electricity; food fralL Price 11250. Come and fee this. Renta for m.W per month. M86 E. F. Drobiseh Son., Bell 4(12. Auto 1OT7. 159 E. Main North Water St. BeTMI room houte and store bulldtne; house all modern, but bath; located at 941 and 943 North Water street. If you are look- Ing for a house and to go Into bualnete see me. TVI11 rent for $50 per month. Price $6.600. 7089 J. M. Pickle 42T Citizens Bank Bldg. Auto 1577. Bell IMS. Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level, black, well tiled Macon Co. land, or wilt trade on 80 and pay dlC- ~erence. Lot and will furnish monev to build house. 0 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or will trade- 30 acres raady to plat In lot*. Frank Godwin. 118 Merchant St. ' T»07 For Sale. New 5 room modern btingalow, est eWe, S2400* good fl room house, full lot, waat side, $100 cash, balance by month; 6 room modern north part, 32SW); 8 acres w«H Improve*! to trade for «c*ttir re»!denee property. 7202 0. t .Millburn, Phone« 148S. 401 Wall Bldg. $300 Cash, lajiflB monthly payments, bnyi « ft-room modern house on E. tseafland, near Water St. PHe«, »2,10G. $1900 takes a larg« IM on K, Edward St It Is A bargain. W. F. Pickle, B, Halo. Bell phone 237a. Ante, 1736. 6«91 FOR SALE--Three pure brefl Collie pup» out of working sires and dam working; black ana white. Inquire Wilson born. 240 W. Wood. 6313 MONEY TO IOAN. IP TOU hare a lot J. A, Adams win fnr- nish money to eulld you a house. 811 N. Water. Bell 4980. Il!» Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans mAe without Selay. Call or write. «T95 J. E. Patterson, 401 Mllllkln Bldr. Decatur, in. FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any amount, 6 and 8% Interest. D. D, Hill. Attorney. 31S- 314 Mllllkln Bldg., Decatur, 8347 Money to Loan . $ ( t OB belt nosilble plan. Virst the $ t I t lowest cost. »econd the payments » I S S are arranged to suit the borrower t I t I and can be made either weekly or t I t I monthly. And last, but not least, t I $ I everything confidential. When yon J I ( come '* us for a loan, you can S I S I have the money arlthln an hour or C f I t two. Any amount from 110.00 up: $ I $ I i'ou pay only for the actual time I t I yon keep the money. Call and t I $ t see uu when needing a lean, Boom* t I 1 S T and 8, Conklln Bldg. Half clock t I t I north of Transfer Kouee, 144 North I J · t Main street. Bell Dbone 2041; Auto, t I « i 1595. Si! I $ Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. t t s i t t i s t s i t e t t i t i t i t i s i t I f (ill Mil M M ' l l M H t t M FOR SALE. New B room cottage, N, Church; 4 food 6-rocm cottages N. Main; ona acre, T-roora hout*. I SCO; 8 room modern, W. Deeatur, $3,100. MoaflT to loan. Seven room houM, ITOO. A. C. ALLEN, 11* S. Water. MM PSOFESSIOHAL Automatic Eyeglass Holders, Cha4n guards, hooks, hair plna and ,ar loop* Finger piece mountings, expert eye examinations. Ijensea of all kinds. Kose clip to fit any nose. Frame* to fit the features. Are a few of the eye helps offered by Dr. Mary Nesbitt Mtlincln' Building. BELL, 3937. ADDRESS 190 W. MAIN ST. a fl? Io Bath Parlors. OPEN OVERT DAT AND BVENIKSS. SUNDAYS. 8 TO IS A. M. Expert, ed Lady «oi Pripf Gentleman Attendants JT11WJ DECATUR, IIJU Ml Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADT ATTENDANT. Anto phone, 2230; Bell pbone, 580. Rooms, 214-15 Moratt-Corbett building. Cor N. Water and E. North. Decatur. 111. 8301 PUBLIC SALES. ^SPECIAL Seventeen dollars i per Chop feed, scratch Bed^ hominy chop, Straw.J bates for, ?1.00 at , f ^39 W. Grep. ^ : ' Bell UT; Anto id. TOM STEAMSHIP TIJKETS t ON ALL LINfs Travelers' Cheques, betters ot Credit, Foreign loney Exchange. 508 North Wa*r. THE EXCHANGI BANE LEGAL NOTICiS. Thursday, July 2nd, at 2 o'clock- p. m. at A. H. Drysdale's garage, corner W. Main and N. Church Sts., Decatur, III. Matherson 5- passenger, 6-cylinder, 50 horsepower. E. M. F. 5-passenger, 4- cylinder, 30 horsepower. These cars are newly painted and in good condition. 2 Rambler trucks, 22 horsepower, suitable for delivery. Will demonstrate forenoon of sale day, July 2nd. Terms--Cash or bankable note. Your opportunity to b u y j high-class car at your own price. Shaw Son. Jno. R, Bradshaw, Auct. 7304 NOTICE TO CONTRAQOR8. Bids for the remodeling ot t^ioller roan and the Installation of a ne*|oller la th« Macon County Court House, D-»tur. Ill, will be received until 12 o'clock nod July 3. 1914 Plans and specifications ca be obtained Itects 0 ° 1 ' iC ' S °' Brook ' * B " nn »'l- Arch.. Proposal] are to be addresil to John P. Strausbaugh. Decatur. Ill,, r Brooks Si Bramhall. ADMIXISTKATRIX'S NOTKt--Estate ot Frank Gronkowski, deceased, The undersigned having bm appointed, \ d m l n l s t r a t r l x oC the estate o Prank Gronkowski, deceased, late of the ounty of Ma* -*on and State of Illinois, heiby gives no-. t!cf t h a t ?he w i l t appear bejtt the County '^olirt of ^lacon County, at th Court Houso in Decatur at the September ten on the first M o n d a y In September next, t which tlms a l l persons having claims agjnst Mid es-' t a t e are notified and requead to attend for the purpose of having the Rrae adjusted. All persons Indebted to saldistate are re* quested to make immediate nyment to th« undersigned. Dated this twenty-sixth dasef June. 1914j BERTHA GRNKOWSKI. Albert G. Webber. ImlnlBtratrix, Attorney. SPECIAL NOTICES. 710 M. Monro, SL Poundmaster and Scavenger Will rsmove dead itock mn/where In CITI OR COUNTY, FREE Or CHAROB. 0*11 Bell chom 2834. Auto Off, 834] To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Nsttlnf 7% In tmonntt from 1250 to 12,000. Security (our tlmn lh» amount of loan Prloclpml and Intereit payabU her*. H3NRT D. 8PBNCBR. 220 G. Main, Decatiir. tlltaoU MOT EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE -- Bate of Charle* WJlachewBkl. deceai«d. Tito undersigned having ten appointed Executrix of the last will amTestament at Charles WIlBchewekl. deceas^ late of th« County of Macon and State o f l l f n o f « . hereby ?lve« notice that she will apjar before th« Coi.nt Court of Ma.con Canty, at th« Court House In Decatur, at he September term, on the first Monday In Member next. at which t i m e fill persons tavlng- clalnm against said estate are notlfieiand requested to attend for the purpose f having tha same adlufited. All persons Indebted to saloastate are re~ quested to make Immediate lyment to th« undersigned. , , Dated t h i s twenty-sixth da of June. 1014j AUGCSTE WllCHBWSKI. Albert O Webber. Executriij Attorney. ADMINISTKATRIX'S NOT!»J-- Estate at Simon P. Nlckey, deceased V Thft undersierned having len appointed Administratrix of the estat of Simon P. Xlcker. deceased, late of le County of Macon and State of Illlnol hereby gK-« notice that she will appear «or« the County Court of Macon County at the Court House In Decatur, at the fptember term. on the first Monday In Sepjnber next, at which time all peraons havinclalma against said estate are notified and squealed to attend for the parpoae of havlt the tame ad« "AU peraons Indebted to a»' eatate are r»« queated to make lmm«dt*.t«'»yment to tn« Attert O. Weblwr. Attorney. GET IT AT BELL'S. We buy only the VERY BEST QUALITY o rubber goods made. There are a few folks who war a poor quality^ but most folks are looking for TH3 BEST. We have it at OUT PRICES. Call and exaiine the best line of rubber goods in the city. WEAREVER, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.50, 2 qt., cut price $2.00 Regular $2.75, 3 qt., cut price $2.25 CHALLENGE, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.60 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 CHALLENGE Fountain Syringe. Regular $1.00, 2 qt, cut price 90c Regular $1.25, 3 qt, cut price $1.00 All the popular Laundry Soaps^ 4c jjer bar. Quick Free Delivery. ( Both Phones. Use your phone or your neighbor's phone. WEAREVER Ho Water Bottles. Regular $2.00, 2 qbcut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt cut price $1.60 WEAREVER Bmntain Syrir Regular $2.00, 2 k., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3qt, cut pri / $1.' price $1.60 RUBBER GL07ES. A fresh stock of the/CHALLENGE line. ( / Regular 75c qiality cut to 80c / Cor. N. Main and North. Opposite The Review. You can always do letter at Bell's. 7283 200 acres well improved, with per acre. Improved 240 acres in Hamilpn of incumbrance. 2 good west side properties, sale on payments--small payment DECATUR REAL ESlATE 317-18 CitizensflBank Auto phone 1003; Old phone 3662 110 miles of Decatur. $175.09 Co., 111. Valley land, clear 3ne 5-room, one 7-room. For own. EXCHANGE. Bid*.

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