Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 3
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•!!^N5*^A^5%Asfe~^t^B3^-dS^-1^fcT^Sr^6^^^ NOTES FHGfVS THE SCHOOL. . T. A* Woman. -W.A..5M. i Hade!. ... HOT*— A, O. Stanley. -W. 0. HoHwook. ner«-DT.K. Uttow. i» A. Logenrsll, . _. 3. Winters. S OoHWtor-B. & — , , A. 8. TStoa, JteOOBd Wwd. W. B. CnrHs, B, Oooflfsll. B, L. At- **W«WttIT». WHITE Piofessional' Men, Attorney*. H. 8IEELDON, ai $T*»ra all of th« Corf e*|xra<S*nt. "Visitors for the week were: No, lj Mrs, Mary 8ton«, istMl Mr*. Andrew Bardlet; N&S, Mm Charles Hubberd, Jesn Atkins, Marlon l<eitcb, O^E, Goodrich, and Robert McNeil; Ho,' 8, T EDUCATIONAL LINES ALONG TEMPERANCE QUESTION. RrigM JRdltor «f thp IVnich TOWMT Frosn Ro^Scfora Talks to » Qaatf Btoosie on Now Jrte«» Alonff the Old Qno»tl*» tor the W.C.T. O. The Methodist ehnrch contained a good crowd of men and women Friday night to hear Mrs. Carrie Groat, of Mrs, Flanders; Ho.' B, Mrs. Wetzell, ?2? kft *?'.*** the temperance tatie. «-s--i»«s m** Llke-ttw Old Story, It is ever new, especially to the mothers anil fathers who eed their boys gettingr in the way of drink. Mrs. Grout is a woman in the Money Loaned on Eeal EsUte. FIEST BIG NIGHT JHJBUC READING ROOMS WERE 7 PILLED SATURDAY EVENING. Boom* Filled With Vooplo Who Us- i tened to«n Hoarn Program of I'luo iKi- *rc1«e«—The Men Surprised by the Meth. c<13»t Choir Who Came »o<l Sang. £; The first big night in the life of the abllc Readlpg Rooms occurred Satur• evening. It was something of an apromptu affair but nevertheless roved a delightful one. The drawing tfoom was filled with a hundred men the other rooms had to be opened ! ,to hold the crowd. " ' ' oMiock the men were called to by S. T. Shirley, a member of the Jm oommittee,who continued master ceremonies, , • She flrat number waa an instrumen- 1 piece by ISdBon Tumblesoit. This sa encored and he responded with Bother equally good.' The organ is i brought up for use at a nominal rental by.Aldrich, the^musid. of "Sterling: "TSIrr'TutflblesoBf ;8angabaaa solo. -He is a fine ager and another one had to be sung the people quieted. 'The first was an Echo Glee, the second waa dersj Na. 8, Mr. Atkins; No. 8, pupils from So, 9, (that room having been dismissed Wednesday p. m, cm account of the teacher's illness.); High School, Mrs. Qoodell and Mr. Atkins. The in- dlcatfonsjare that the number of visits' for thejyear will exceed that of last year.-The invitation to come is a standing one. Everybody welcome any time. Pupils reported ill arei No. L Francis MfrNlt, JLeo ..Mcjflqlre;- No. 2, Mil- jard Can^beli-Hor^, ; :Floyd-XeFeverY No. 4, Bessie tirosse; No. 5, Minnie Coe, Sidney Wright, Thomas Stephenson, Floyd Fry: No, 9, Mamie'Fry. ' Eeturned to school; • No. I, Iva SmithjjNo. 2, George Baesett; No. 0, faul Grove; No. 8, John WaBhburn; High School, Mary Peebles. •' Removed from the district: Glenn Hogeboom, to Thomas, ill.; Katie Flannely, to Chicago; John Brotheridge; Stella Graves has temporarily discontinued from No. 9.' Mildred Shlerry is a new pupil in No. 1. This room was treated to homemade taffy by the teacher. No. 2 ended a nice program with bananas and pop-corn. No. 3 B class baa completed second reader. Next Friday this room will give a special program. Visitors ID. Stone followed with one of his altable recitations^ Of course he id to come back and render another, .. * ^ 4 ' &&. < f >**" , ;Ij,- 1<. Emmons, Jr. came next with a and came back with an- 0r upon an -encore. This was fol- by Henaon Long with a eelec- lon from Dombey & Son;' that part rbioh tells of the birth of the eon and he .death of the mother, Hermon' is Jiarly adapted in voice and manor the rendering of Dickens and Rftbaa it to perfection. His encore r light, airy recitation. av. Fred Stone was then called i and gave a very comic recitation, t upon an encore gave apiece any• but funny. It was a temper- and was sad but too true in attment. Mr.' Long was induced to > (he secoGd time and he sn- \t selection from hie favorite au-' '' Lt this point the choir of the Meth|i$| chur<?h dropped in and upon a cheering sang a few oelec- a eacred line. H, L. Sheldon then called for and gave a short alitag how the rooms came to be Bev. Gardner came in late, || upon being called for, gave a short The audience then repaired to m room, where Robert gave a -short exhibition on the ag bag. rday waa a big day for the read- for it waa crowded all day. were about 175 different ones lent during the day and evening. "\ hundred and Bixty-spven reglater- seir names. Nothing ever seemed s so kindly by the people aa this i of the reading room, and it is : old either. this room will commence the largo arithmetic Monday. No- 0 Will have a program next Monday, Washington's birtfjday. No..7 A C!HSS will begin percentage Monday! No. 8 B class has finished "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and will commence study of Cooper. Pupils promoted from No. 7 began percentage last Monday.: No. 8 has prepared a Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow, Loyell program for the 22nd. N.o.D-also has a program. for next Monday. Class in Geology interested in the study of rocks. The chemistry class is fully agreed that ammonium sulphide, as an odoriferous compound, is hard to beat. -They themselves beat '•^-a retreat whenever it is used in laboratory work. '" : : .;..-••• A union program was given -by the High School LFriday-p.m.-which in- cludeg'the loliowing numbers; ~~~ Plan6Duet;.^:.NelfleLyon7Gertlrnde McCarty Washlngton'a Llfo.,..;..,........MaeEggleston Ma»dolln'8olo. ,W. H, Woodworth Illncoln's LUe..,..................George Goodell Oompnfison^ot Washington Bnd"JE2ncolh..... ;•••--.. ....Ida Corynlle Piano Solo.,.....................EthelPuretlne Selections from Lincoln's Speeches.......;..' '..';.....*......,'...,.......;:'...;.'Herbert Bean Quartette, Marguerite. •ClarkBon, Kflle Mingle, John Kadel.ciydeKadeL - MISS MARy WRIGHT'S LECTURE prime of life, a good speaker, and she held her audience very good until the last word was spoken. She Is also a very vivacious person outside of the platform. Since she has assumed the editorship of the Watch Tower it has shown great change for the better. She Is thoroughly a newspaper woman. She ha? been one of the editors of the Lev^ er~fortf ; numb6r«I yearaFShe Is -a very enthuBiastic worker in the W. C. T. U. in which cause she is devoting most of her life. Until she resigned to take charge of the Watch Tower she was Vice President of the Illinois State W. 0. T. U. She said that work .in the temperance line had changed since Gough was on the platform, the people have given up moral suasion; there is room for a better kind of work. : We have ehed tears for it but that is past, something practical is needed, * This is a great age for reforms and we have much to be thankful for. 'Because saloons have always existed is no reason they should continue. No class suffers without all suffer more or less, for ex< ample: All .ready made clothing for jJlOor^ that la in homes of ''the poorTmd T Bqual- id, and frequently in the rooms where there are malignant diseases, for such diseases start in the slums. The Alton railroad is very strict about its em- ployes entering saloons, yet I saw last summer one of its porters going .up and down the car peddling beer and whiskey. -How inconsistent. . Saloons make unprMuctlveipeople. The poorhouses are full of imbeciles, created by drunken parents, and imbecile women continue the number each year by more Imbecile children in these * poor houses. Drunkenness , is not hereditary, says Dr. Keeley, but a disease. Like_any other diseased person can they be the parents of healthy children ? Not only imbeciles are the result, but many are void of vitality, weak of body or mind. They can't help it, they were born that way. it Is no weaker when unheard of diseases are springing up every year, I tell you we are feeling drunkenness all .-n rit T r•»(«>,«. <;;,.» «, f} n » Fttfp »•>')• nrw !>f . !%pwfiTfh League ftiv<? : social Tuesday night in the Methodist ehnrch, * The League room was filled to overflowing. The following pretty program was rendered: Solo, Mrs. Nettie Cole. This waa a very pretty - song and 009 which enabled her to show to a good advantage her sweet voice. Recitation by jalla Eggieston, She la ft good speaker and received many cheer* and praises. - -- - - — The duet by Misses Leitch and Clark- eon was very sweetly rendered. Thin was followed by a recitation from Mies Marian- Leitch. She shows much ability in that direction. The solo by Edson Tumbleaon was greatly et>j6yed and he was forced to respond. He sang for an encore "Old Madrid," This was followed by the apple pie part o'f the program. Prizes Were offered for the best poem written in six minutes, using the name of some ap- P* e ^L^LYJ-"?!::-^hejjonfista'iits'' were giveTTelich a nameroTah" apple,7 The Judges selected were: Rev. Gardener, Sid Welch and G. W. Walters. Dr. J. L. Morrill received first prise which was a whole apple pie, while Mayor Leitch received the booby prize which consisted of "no apple pie." A great deal of sport wac elicited from that part of the evening's program. By that time the appetites of the audience were wetted up for apple pie. Six numbers of a kind were written on slips and dlstrubted among the people. Over.twenty sets were given out, making over one hundred and twenty present. The sets of six then hunted up each other and sat down, this took a good while, for it was no easy task for j each one to find and get together the other five. Pies of apple were then cjiLtyiiLiy^rffi A social hour was then spent by the great throng. The whnlf " BR a great success. CONCERNING COUNTY PAUPERS C»mMriltte«ti IJood Work Cor/iVMTI^F or MINE S COMMITTEES, the a» With rtca —First Usy of the Botmj roasa MftSy fjr««, «ot nil Uay-14 Stiu-t» off Welt. * The first day of having a free reading room in Rock Falls found it to be a good thing. The room was fairly well filled from early morning. W. B. .EaimpDBi who has charge of the rooms for the present Bays that there were from six to fifteen in the rooms all of the time. This is encouraging and the rooms are ample enough for a great many more. The rooms are open to every one, Come and read and use the gamee. Some of the latest are found here. The whole public are Interested in the rooms and many have expressed their desire to become members and to give liberally to its support. This is ngomt spirit and it will be the vDieaus Wednes'iri'y nt 4 o'clock the committee of fnue uitt in the rooms for a temporary organization. D. O. Coe was elected Chairman arid L. L. Emmons, Jr., Secretary. J, M. Bickford au- nouuced the total indebtedness of the old Athletic Club to be 838.65. A motion prevailed that the Chair appoint three committees: Rooms, Devotional and Finance Committees. The following were appointed as such committees: 'Committee on Rooms, A. J, McNeil, VV. B. Emmons, William Jam- ison.y.T. Shirley, and A. J. Gettle. Committee on Devotlonals: Rev. F. H. Gardner, Lester Wetzell and D. 0. Coe. ;••'... . Committee on Finance: J. M. Sick- ford, L. L. Emmons, Jr., and A. J. Me- last im- She Talk* la the Cougreeathinal Church • i • • . • • on Turkish Cuitoiug. \ -, Miss Mary Wright, a returned missionary from Turkey, not only address- A JUNE WIDDING. i Swdtu June and »*vUl Buxard H*rrl«d home of the bride's parents a, laet Tuesday, occurred the of Mine Sad ie J une to David The couple will live on a farm 9?oejf are at preeeut visiting Mra. A. E. Babcock and Mr. ;$iobft?d Side*, of'thia city, ' being a bs-other of the two relatiyea s city, *« Mfr Christian Endeaver' : at 0:30o'clock Sun-" day evening, but occupied th^ pulpit upstairs at the regular preaching services. She is »here in the interest of missions for that country, where she has been. She told of to.e..Turkish atrocities going on at the present time. The Armenians..who are being assas- inated, are not so much in the State of Armenia as {they are in the settlements of Armenians in Turkey and Asia, She illustrated that part of her lecture concerning the drees of the Turkish ladles by having asked M|ss Jennie Farkhurst to the platform where she placed on her the dress* costume of them. The white mantle thrown about and the covering of the bead, being resplendent with jeweled-bangles, made a pretty costume. The face was not exposed with the exception of the eyes. The bright black eyes of the subject made it seem real that a Turk* iah lady was before the audience, Mies Wright talked to the ladies alone this afternoon fo the church and to the cblU dreft after school hours.She will not talk m the church this evening, aa was announced from the pulpit la the morn- Ing. ...-•• In WJute«i' Court. Monday afternoon the court room of His iloaor E. 0. Win|»« was the scene of a 'lively law suit. William Roland brought suit against one Hansen of Ohio Station, lor the e urn of ^25 as» watchman's eervices for the care of the large eleyatpr ici this city, which belongs to HaiisejQ, And the services rendered were for the tot five xnoeths when it was vacant, lloland was assisted by Attorney ; Uermaa Long, while Mr, Hanlen brought along with him lawyer Palmer, of his cHy. Mr. LoogiunofeyetA full ftedgwi lawyer, as he has not been admitted to the practice of t&& circuit CQurte, not hav- fog passed tH stale examiuatloae at Ouaf», bat liS iias tried seyemi emm befoie iwtfe' fight^^to^contlnue^thls" work. : ;.-' ;: ' '.'.'•' ••'':• . • . ••.''' : • A large number of insane people are the result of drunken parents.- There are many blind people 'created by drunken parents. The records of the [Reform schools show that the boys are not so much to blame. They were made that way. Our. magnificent benevolent institutions are but plague spots on our nation for. we gather up the. mortal filth and hide them and brag of our benevolence because they ,are...Q.iit..ofjJgh.^ fact and settle this great question sooner or later and the only, way is for you men to .settle it at the ballot box. -One business helps another, ^like the buying of a new dress, a hat, veil, ribbon, laces, cuffs and.collar, will soon be needed. A new carpet in a room qopn brings in the room new wall paper, curtains and such, such is the manufacture 'Of goods, but in tha-ea- loon .business, drinks only lead to drinks and drinks are the only thing in the end, to say -nothing about the famjly, .who suffer either'for shame or food and clothes, It Is cash to the saloons and ''get trusted" at the grocery. The money question is very big, but the saloon question is larger. The great volume of all our money passes over the saloon bars once every fifteen months. ' -.-.' Drankfenness makes nine tenths of our tramps and nearly all of the vice and crime of our land. I hope the day will come when th£ father has as much Influence as. the mother has. Then when the boy does as father does be w|il not go wrong, What mother says and what father does are two different things now. The man who votaa for a saloon ought to be made to furnish boys" for them. License regulations never kept out drunkenness. '-..'' Don't wait for someone else tq do it; it is grit, pot great opportunities that accomplishes, and it is the man who tries, who gets the chances, The meeting closed, with a benediction from Pev. Gardner. * Snperviipr W. V. llatoheller Talk* oti Thcl '• Coat. ** Concerning the State meeting of Su pervlsors and tlie report made by Su pervlsor Hendricks, who attended, Su pervlsor H. F, Batcheller says there are some, statistics published which should be rectified, as it places the county in a poor light. He asks space in behalf of the county. Jersey county was taken as an ex ample of cheapness as to the cost o: the poor ; farm Inmates per capita, and rates it at ninety cents, while this county the cost is stated at 82,23, Mr Batcheller, as Chairman of the poor farm r Bays4he-Jer8ey—county—sum-is the weekly board bill and possibly clothes of the inmates, while our amount includes all of the expenses of the farm—Superintendent's and Ma irons-salary^-hired-help,-coal,—lights and in fact every item of expense In curred, while the board bill -is only eighty-five cents per week, making the cost less than that of the Jersey county poor houee^with only ten townships MR. AND MRS PARKS SURPRISED Friends Visit Them on Their First Wed- AjmiverHiiry. Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Parks were thoroughly surprised Friday night by sixteen of_thelr Rock Falls friends. •- Little did they-think^when they- left town in the early evening, for their Uomt) la Nelson, that they would be so cosely:fo)lowed. They "were -preparr Ing for bed when the door opened aqd In walked the people, while Lucius and his wife just stood a till and looked. They were soon acquainted with the fact that the evening was the first anniversary of their wedding. A good time was spent until a late hour. Refreshments were brought along, There were present: Messrs, and Meidames— ' . Howard Arey Charles Brown B, II. McNeil Kao Tatton 0. A. Boss Alia Parks Matte Parks Joe Bose ' Eme Smith ' Olive Ashling Messrs r LyleGolder Howard, the young eon of Mr. and Mrs. F, H.Geyer, received last Sst«r- day m Indian. doiWosade by the natives of tbe Caeyenae iimseryatlon, It is a curiously tuad* %me of buckakin, beadi and autof, TbedoU and other ladisa MtfiM wsss «MM. Wm fey ^to«. a A, OosWSa, tBdli» nintt ef tftwt M^ A MtDPAY WEDDING. John SoUwank uud Maude FeclHl Married . Wednesday Noon. The marriago of John Schwank and Mlas Maude Pecbtl. occurred Wednesday noon in (Sterling. They repaired at once to the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mre, Joseph, Pechtl, in west Coloma, where u grand dinner awaited-.them.:: Only .the families -of the contracting parties were present at this wedding' dinner. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mre. Chris Schwank, of Hume, The newly wedded pair wiliest once commence keeping house on the west J. P. Ruesel farm, which baa been occupied for the past few years by the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs, Pecbtl" bsve rented the Dr. J. L. Merrill, farm three miles east of Rock Falls, where they will move soon. Au Kveii Fred Burus received word Monday he ;wu» a brother to a fiae girl bom Sunday «?ar JJa*rmon, at the home of fait oarenw, M«T.' wad, Mrs, Haruiau Bjpojaz, Fred aaytto h'&s )o*t traek af ||$ uutafer, fea$ tig taiasts' tio» if IM TheTinahce Committee was -Instructed to solicit &500 as expenses for the balance of lh« year. The Rouni Committee waa Itibtructed to pro- care au organ for temporary use, uud tbey have ttie entire charge of the room until relieved, and the suggesting as to what la necessary for the rooms as reading matter, and the gymnasium. • Itwasaiso voted to be under the workings of the bfo constitution of the Athletic Club until anew one. IB prepared by the new organization. The committee expressed themselves as having received many comments favoring what has been done -in the way of making new reading rooms for the public use. The heartiest support should and will be given this free Institution for the young men of the town, Whether used by the old people or not this should not deter all classes of peo- whicb has the interest 1 of the young men at heart. * , HOW HE' WENT SKATING, Bat Be Wu» Found Oat •Wife. by I!l« Good A good story has just come to light concerning a manager of a certain factory in this city. He is a great lover of skating, but his duties kept him pretty busy, eo his chances for that graceful movement were not as frequent as he would wish. So one Sun- ; day he concluded the skating'was just good enough to try his hand and feet at it. So he evaded his wife when she askedrhim-tolgd-lo" church -with her, You know he did not feei' just well enough and it was better for him to stay at home and the many other ways that husbands have of evading their wives. You know how it Is yourself. No sooner bad she gone than he recuperated very quickly from his indisposition, and in company with his son,' skipped down across lots'to the river light where a smooth spot of ice was en. Their skates were soon fastened on and he made a grand splurge and tie "splurged" right on to probably the only thin ice on the river and he went in up to his arm pits. He was helped out and he struck home looking like a ipe^ dog and nearly frozen before he could get a dry suit of clothes on. He was dressed all but bis stocking, and to save his neck he could not find a mated pair in the house end he was forced to put one white and one black stocking on. He waa mum when bis wife came home but before the day was over the two colored socks gave him away and of course, woman like, demanded an investigation and it all came out and now he declares, with a solemn oath, never to goikating again on Sunday. • *' - : An Odd Spirit Level. After the Prohibition law ^ook'effect n South Dakota a few years • ago, all kiqds of ways were originated, to get around the law legally or otherwise. !. U. Taylor has in his possession one f the many methods employed. A man in the city in which he was living at the time patented a carpenters' jombination of the pocket, eauslfitiBg if a spirit level, measure, pencil holder ,nd various other things, Tbia be old for a quarter of a dollar. Hw an enormous sale, and it was a o see how many people would buy hem. But Jit all came out in good Ime. His spirit level was spirit fade«4 or tlie bottle ia the level belst just two oqd drinks of whisky, Qco of (tos 4lo3«* Mr. r £®ylw t^ugfet a OTCT Sunday with K. <}, H u TPRP«« family, Hre, SHsa Acfcert, of H&mnfl, fed her brother, F, f», Kowbrwk, Satarday, D. W. VanDrew continue* to prove. He was able to walk to bam Sunday. . Ml8B Mary Wright, the Turkish lite* ulonary, is a guest of MM. J0i*pK Hines during hsr stay here. ' Douglass Mam^ IB hauling lumber out to build a tenant house OB bis farm in South Montmorency. Fred Llndsley, of Chicago, estns oufc Saturday night for a few days' visit with his parents and brothers. Frank Aikman, of EJdora, ta.jis'here on a visit to his wife and children for a week. Mr. Aiken is a potter. Rev. Fred D. Stone is here fof a few daysVvialt from h' ; & studies at thfe Gar- - rettTaFbiiCBl Institute m EvanBton. " ~ Mrs. Grout, of Hockford, was entertained Thursday by Mrs, W. U Em- >• motiB at her home on Dixon .avenue. George Brown, who has been visitlngr relatives in Rock Falls, Sterling and Mendota, returned to her home la Jefferson, la. '••'..'The little; daughter jborn Monday to Mr. and Mrs. _ Bert Scott, of Montmorency, has been named Martha .Washington Scott. -'• Mrs. Mark Bassett and family expect soon to move into the house, along the river bank, which will soda be vacated by Ira Detra and family. Dr. J. L. Morrill expects to make considerable alterations to his tenant house, on his farm east of. town. He will _build,..'aH_,Bd r djtton besides _tarn -. aroui'd Jin some way the present house' and add to it. . Marm al Hull says he hut, In urd and! *r*>n Bc.veral phobo birl.s lust week» Tliis is u sum harbinger of spring. Blackbirds are also seeu here. Robins 'may be fooled, but not so with blackbirds and phebes. • The roads were so very rougblTuesday morning that Ross Emmitt.whodrives his father's milk wagon, says the' roughness churned a five pound roll of butter in one of his milk cans. Fishy, but' perhaps true. , '.-,'.' Frank Heckman has just sold another car load of fat cat|leto local dealers. He will fill up his .yards with other feeding cattle as fast aa he eellsi. There are a good many fat cattle about ready • to sell around that station.. The Daughters of the Globe Garrison -purohasettairelegant piano~for Its nse~ in their room'which is the K, G. Hall.* The instrument was carried up in the room last Thursday. Like' the boy t with the new sled they will neither, T5dTfo Wot lend. '-; -^=======-==^^=r^= Grant Schofield and bride, of Storm- Lake, fa., who have been spending a part of. their honeymoon with the groom's brother, Hull, and family of this city, left Saturday afternoon for DeKalb, Chicago and other cities, before returning to their home in Iowa.. Joe Jacobs, who went to his Fatherland last fall, writes his' friends to rent him a place for two, for when he comes. back he will be accompanied by a frau of his own. • Joe Is a brother to Frank. Jaeob» r who livds on the Buelt road' iiirr Montmorency. George Ely, Superintendent'of the- county poor farm, took dinner with his sister, Mrs. Charles Rawson, Mon-' day npoo. He reports his family as being all afillcted with the grip for the past few weeks. His wife Is still sick abed and he himself waa eick for two-weeks. • Grant Scofleld went, to Clinton, Ia, r Thursday to £6y6 the saw mills of that glace. He purchased a great quantity of lumber of one of the-mills to be shipped west to his farm near Storm Lake, la., where he will, erect a large barn the coming summer. He was acr companied to Clinton by his brother, * Hull. -.'. ... ;' ThomaaJM. Smith,who is well knowa in this olty whicb be still claims as his home, ha$ just been promoted in WB work. He has until lately been City Freight Solicitor, of Chicago, but now , ha has been promoted to tr.e potltion of Traveling Freight. Solicitor wita Ohio as his territory. He is couceoted with the Great Western railroad. There are « gieat many who are not. aware of the wlditj of the laid whiph has been condemtei tor the"HeoatpIn J canal. This is a trifle over twenty rods, * Thus it will be seen that in going straightway through the half mile farm of Robert MoNeil there was a il|Ue over twenty acres eondemae^ makes the price per acre 82SO of $&00 as was reported, Word has beea it^^ived by the 4*»f s that George Kmg, of W»Bkegw, lost fate wife. 3ii{> died & qhwt ego, Maoy of the older res town will if member him, He is & of Mre. jUeatwii J^KJ. *£k&. hit wife «r@ expeet$4 horns aext montit imm i

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