Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 5
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I 2-0735 put your fur, so that it job Aii Metal Work n !ty SEYFCR SON h Miijn Street lyd Loom lite With Heavy biont. Fin* for Jom. Formerly w $79.50. md Stool \tn Mohair and fly $139,00-Desk S.50 thed Butt Wai. ($45.00--Now .amps Floor Lam pi es. Formerly 29.50 -- Now lators ters sa v\l\ keep your br «tmo*pher« cold months. ncl finish in a (fthat will m«ati of furniture Be prepared let. Install one fables .49 With Lower Formerly M-49. tl Tables |hcd ^ nut Combtna- My $19.75-- :-Smokers 'rice btnet Type*TM hoicany a n d she*--Now at ce. Sectary for the Horn* ttrmerly $S9.SO 'SP.APE.Rf DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 1930. LcCATUR HERALD Process Enables R-101 Pictures to Arrive Here 36 Hours After Wreck of ihc n-lOJ U*ntiicr neat[trlelty. Move the cylinder are hrl» f'nuKo. iipiinuveil Mondtiy In Uioliwcl needles. B the cylinder re- 'ho Ev«Hrts Hwnlrt. o'lly Jlft hours ] volvw, tho nwdles ploh «P elsetrlo (l«r the Blunt t'lrllstM* exploded, | current and transfer It to a much In 6 Mdrttbi. whieh win-ltx! tb« |ilu-[that punches holoB In tapo. The ar- |M»M tn ItH TllP-'l «\ ·IHlVlllnj! l-dlll'lU ··'·»----"-* ~* '»·- --'-- '- -"-* l--· 1 well ft» 'hone ftf lUf prerorilnK ftft- . (wonentwl Mw plctttton · ox- ot the holes IB determined lv i lit. ilwhl mid (iufh ghldoa In tho picture on the tin. The tnpo with its pattern ot holes publication »' 'In' jilcluriw ihou-'lu turnttl over to the Western Union jvli of miff* nwdy from tlio ncotiivftffleo In London. -There the tape Is it ih« rtlMftxlnr in htmlly nwo lhnn'iiii tn to ti hlnh-sinod tranwmtllinK lull dfiy'i" ''i'"' " rt(l1 " '' 1P ctitMit: machine which reproduces .the pat- ocntiwil I" " ti'lbute t.a the t«rn of holes In New York on an- Hiirlliinf iiiow** Thin |i'oco«i' 'ittt"r irl|i «f tiijM' Tlio pattvfn lit-, jn p(i»wll)l(' tlic (uitjllnt; Bint Itiln-! crwlly in cnble^rauietl, IWphtnH »' ptiotcfii'iiphM. ] [Jrlni,'lns r the plctura out of 'the In th' 1 DfH'ilnrw 1 pi'tietw*. Hit phn-' ntrl|) of tup* In Now York*is rousli- IJIMT'H pl'sHi 1 "^ ^ w^li'il «n » ; l y ft revoi'Mnl (if thn first procotts, ex of (In c«tl*(l wl'li phoroKinphlo-cepi Ihat n noeillo of light Is «m- Thc ntwi In iiliicciJ on B'plo.vwl Uiatcnd o£ niclwl ncodles, (·hiir(i«l w i t h Ho«-· The sli'lp i[ tnpo In Now Yt)|k Is ut Into a machine that otjrrles the :npe .vapidly post the needle of light, AH tho tup« moves along, the'llfht shines through it on a revolving cy- jnder laced with photographic film. The picture IB transferred to tht film by thi Iteht beam, which IB heavy or dork'according to the arrangement of tho holes In tho speeding tape. · Since the arrangement of boles la governed by the light ,and dark shades In the original photograph, tlio reproduction In New York U o duplicate. Photographs for · reproduction ID nowspB.perB are taken from the film on th* revolving cylinder In New York. The Pacific Atlantic Photo service furnished The Herald with tlio Bnrilune process photographs of tho li-101 wreck. VACANCY IN LOCAL POSTOFHCE TO BE BY TRANSFER CLAY CITY --Mrs. ROSH Kelley, \v\\o htm been In tho Olnuy s !un) tli» Inst weeJt, COHIE homo Sun- (!ny much Improved, Cancellation of the examination for rural carrier In th« Decatur no«t- offlce, dashed the hopes of 17D men seeking employment,, all ol whom had applied to the civil service board tot privilege of taking the examination. Docatur postal olftclats have teceivcd notice that the vacancy In Decatur will be filled hy transfer. "Applications for the examination for this position will not bo accepted by the United States Civil Service Commission until further notlce/'ac- eo I'd Ing tn the terms ot tho cancellation, Them us E, Dlllehunt, Dcca- tttr secrotary for the Commission was unable to give ahy Information 'as to. who would fill the poslllor tore or from what office they would be tranaferrett. It WUB expected that the »ppllc* t!on» for examlnatliKt would exoMd 200 by Oct. 10, -when the Unw limit for application* oloced, All Ot ttw 116 applications a]"-ady «c«c«lvtd were from Decatur or from th« rural urett served by the Decatur poatofflce. None from outside tbli area, wan oonildered. Because of the torwe of the cancellation it was believed that tbw* might be some possibility that lh» position or a alnillar one would b* opened at a later date. P E O N I E S S lor Rnd, White or PlDk STROCHER RROS, S47 N. M«ln Phone You Q\N'T help admiring the charm of natural beauty, any more than you can help enjoying the natural mildness of a Camel Cigarette. Camel's mildness starts in the sun-drenched fields where the tobaccos grow. Only the choicest of the golden Turkish and mellow Domestic leaves are selected for Camels. Through every step of their ewe ami manufacture the delicate, sun-ripe fragrance of these tobaccos is scientifically preserved. And so Camels come to you mild and delightful-not flat and flavorless. Swing with the crowd to Camels, Learn the happy difference between true mildness and insipid flatness, Smoke without fear of throat-discomfort or after-taste--just for pleasure! i * CAMELS *BA3Y TO LISTEN TO "-CAMEL PLEASURE HOUR Wednesday wining eti N. B. C. network, WJZ nnd *t*««lilcd dm Ion i, Cuntult your Itical radio lim* till*. REMEMBER WE ALWAYS UNDERSELL ALWAYS DOME HERE FIRST AMD WY IT Flfr LESSI THE DEOATUR DRY 8IOOS 00, /· Women'* S* Stripe UNONS 59c First qutJIty nilk alrlpe union suit*, with built-up shoulder And cuff kno«, oi*«» 30 to 44. --Vint Floor Womtn'* GOWNS 79c Woincn'i (ten- nelette night K«wn», f u l l cut, in prttty 1 1 r 1 p · p»l- and IT. --Vint Blow WWMB'I Silk Hose 7K tuMoftet . -A f i r * I 9iwlilfc In all MW fan ·Met *! to » No School Sale! Bring In The Children Thursday We Prove Our Leadership As School Outfitters BOYS' 4-PIECE School Suits Boys' Blouses llglil nl)lfl» ot umilrii*. Hit"* * tfl 1! ',·'!"* Imilil, l'*P m'M'inI OP 69c Boys' Caps 59c 'il))il to in 111 ''II . 1,1 f|l huyn of 4 14 Boy*' She«pKn*d Leatb«rette Coats $C-95 i. ii* rh-irou* »nnTM i-d va^fH Ti'ltn hmvtrlstM "ftllnf In l«lt«fl wylfflt! jlti-'J C tn tK )T«. 6 GirU' 3'PUee Dresses llonn; 2 Girl*' Slipover Sweaters Hf»vy w n o I n a iivnnt«rn In illp- ov*r *ty}r -- In non-nit trl n t # r ihnde). filS'" H 98c Boy»' R*jv«r«Ue Lumberjacks nrv* I»nthtiri(f4 ft ^^ Mvurdil^lt lv)k|. ^L ^I^B pisI1 )lnr,I - T M 1 bund; »l*t* t X. 2 Boy.'Woolen Knickers 69c MBit fllMF Special Showing and Sal* Girls* Coats p»tWrtw! Thick im| w v o l e n mlxiurcu! And they aro fur trlmmod, too! All llnod and (nterlfncd. lit slKtit 7 to 14 yenrn, Biff vnlusi (it 11.9ft. --8tt«wnd Floor Tots'Coats II envy nil WMI cliln Hill I M, wldt l«rot *··'* Boy*' M Unions boy whit* w rtn* wii p H. n t y 49c Bon* Hosiery Bl»rt nlnli) to Id. Flow 19c GWt'PUU Skirts ta 14 yo»r», wltli ' " lot), rtrtu --«*0»lt* HlKK A Splendid Offering of New Fall Dresses 3tyl«« lor »tr««t, buiineiB or uporl* wear. n«il coonomx can be started tight h««. Choo«* your drtwi 'right her* from U» b«it that the market affordi. Only ~ Charrainf Maleriah BniemblM Circular skirts Flal'* . Mou)d«d Hlpllne* Oral Neck* Movtl Sl»*v«ti Cr*p«l Chiffon* Gerfrgette* 'Cuiton* SliK for the MtiB and larcer women , . . 14 to M: 31 to 82 and M* t» Ml. Ste tnete drew** tomot- row at W.*8 and tw convinced ot tbelr value. 9«eond Fleer SOOCopteiof Paris NdHill* or velvet, tut t«lt tna PrflBch Jalti, te that trq TOT of DM a - · · -- n»*r F j o n c c r U n d e r s e l l i n g Store EWSPAPERl ICHIVi

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