The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
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THE NEWS MINM THE News pinrr TO CENTRAL AND WESTERN K ANSAS TL HE JVOL. XXXVIII. NEWS THE NIW8 HAS TNI LARGEST CIRCULATION OF THE PAPERS IN CENTRAL KANSAS TWENTY-SIX PAGES. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 LAST EDITION. 4 O'CLOCK NO. 273. -HARDING INTO YELLOWSTONE President and Party to Spend Two Days in Great Park. CHILDREN FOR MOTHERS In Talk at Helena He Said Too Much of Care of' Children Given to the School*. (liy Tbc A/wocintril Proas) Qsrdlner Gateway, Mont., Juna SO. —Arriving In Gardiner about 7 o'clock this morning, President and Mra. Harding and their party Immediately wer,^ Into Yellow- atone National Park for a two days visit. The p.irty went Into tho park at the northern entrance ' and had breakfast Inside the play ground. Illy The AA .-ocl.itrd ' On Doard Prcslilont Harding's Special Train, Juno 30.--'President Harding loiluy turnc.l from tho trawda of rweAwn lowns ami from apeooh making 1M -twin- duya of rest and enjoyment of naturo's wor.ueru In Yellowstone Ha-Y.nnoil Park. T've presidential party will Bpomd *»,dny and Sunday In tho park, going Irto the national playground immediately upon arrival early today at Ga,r>}li>.cr, Mont., the noi-thorn en- ti «A<:t\. Moat of the two days will tw devoted to motorln* about tn« Mirk, tin murh t'he same manner aa the. thousands of other American cltiawna who nrislt the }>ark each season. Talked at Helina. - Extensive preparations are reported to have been mail.' by '.he national &>uxk mvrvlee Tor the visit oT tho president and Mrs, Harding. The special train- carrying the pres.dent and his •party left lio'emi for Gardiner shortly before lUliliilKbt last night, after mi oddrejiii by the ehi< f nxoi'utlva in the •Montana capital. He sPok<i njaon the fHK 'lul order, women and labor, dur .Iar- Ing In favor or universal drai't of Uvea and liropi'rty in event of 'another •wax; in opposition to tho present day tendency to unlit -from the mothors to tho schools tho care and guidance ot children, tor tho education of all ohUdron, regardless of wealth of parents, in the common schools and upalnst tho extreniiflts who either de­ e-troy organized labor or -would wipe private capital <atid substitute) na- tloiiallr.atlon. Concluding his prepared address, the proaidflrrt appea'led-*to th« people of Montana to support the administration proposal lor Che American ad- sJrwrKiicu to the world court. Thin trl- bunn], ho told his audience. Is a lonK step '"toward avoidance of world conflict." MRS. B1TTMAN NAMED KANSAS C0M1TTEEW0MAN HENRY "MERE BAG OF GOLD" Thu it What Charles D. Hilles Says of Ford of Detroit. "BOWING TO MAMOr This is What He Says the Election of Ford as President Would Mean to Country. She is to Share Honors With Man Committeeman From Kansas. ; Topelca, Kan.. June 30.—Tho ap- l>olntm«ot of Mrs-. Ill R. Blttman, of Independence. a« tho Kansas woman associate member 'of the republican TwtUonai couvmltten was announced here todo-y by D. W. Mulvano, national committeeman. The appointment wua made lu keeping with the recent plan adopted by tho national party organization to name a state committee, woman In eai-h slate. For a iramher of yenra Mra. Bhlma.ii has been prominent In women's activities 'In Kanmi.-i., She is a paat president soi the Third District Federa. tlon of Women's clubs and has just completed a two year term as presl dent of tho state federation. She was Montgomery county's first woman <ftuUr:ivan of the county-republican or- R^nliatlon and In 1920 she wa» a Kansas moni'ber of tho committee ot 100 •women appointed by Will li. Hays, tiaen national republican cliatmittn, to aM In the campaign. She alflo Berved as secretary ol tho American Daugu tars of tiiu Revolution fivo yoam. ENGLISH MADE GREAT SHOWING IN AIR CRAFT t (By 'Clio Aa.soclatecl Prats) Ijondon, Juuo 30.—France may en- Joy military supremacy in the air but the thoueamds of i>orson« who witnessed Una great aerinl pageant at Hendon today came -away convinced that Oroat Britain loads lu the variety of air machines -at her disposal. In addition to -the well known types Df .planes used in war service and the tany "wren" of throe horsepower, there •were Boveral "secret" airplanes, the pttrtlovriara of which wore not made public and which tho spectators viewed for tho first time. New York, June SO.—Election to tho presidency of Henry Ford, "a more bag of (told,", would be bowing down to Mammon, Charles D. Hilles, He- publican national committeeman from New York declared in a statement printed by the New York World today. "His candidacy," Mr. Hi Ilea says, "must be taken seriously because ot the obvious conviction of a vast number (if people, that a man who has created the most prosperous manufacturing euterpri&e the world has over noeu has evidenced the possession of qualities which would ennble lfim to succeed to the presidency. "Ford does not strike the Mussolini note or tho Trotzky note. He does not striko any nolo In consonance with contemporary liberalism. He is not a protestant agaiuBt majority un­ wisdom, nor is he n chronic minorl- tarinn, Ho has shown amassing ignorance of rational psychology and ot- political problems. His attitude towards public affairs iB un-American. He -boasta of his bigotry. Lack of Political Knowledge. , "Ford would make a pltiuhie spectacle as president because he has revealed a political knowledge and sense that a school boy would be ashamed of. And it Is Mr. Ford who asserted that all history is more 'bunk,' Henry Ford is said to bo thu richest man in tho-world. It is part of our Americanism to begrudge no man his wealth if he has made it honestly and in service. lint if we phut: at. the head of the nation, to speak for us before Hie world, a mere bag of gold, who knows nothing about anything except making automobiles, we shall bow hewn to Mammon Indeed, und the dwuoci iicy of Washington and l.iu- coln will degenerate into failure." Harding the Winner, Chicago, June .10.—President Harding will bo renominated without opposition and reelects without a fight, although Henry Ford will be a candidate, Senator " S-moot of Utah said here today on hiB way east; to go abroad to study -economic conditions. He also predicted pnssasb of a soldiers' houua bill by congress. Speaking of Mr. Ford, tho senator satd he docs not consider him strong in the west and that although he may know much about mechanism of an automobile, "a man Who has presidential aspirations must know something about the history of the country." President Hnrtliug's western trip is •having "a wonderful effect on the western .people," the senator continued, adding that, he did not believe Senator Borah of Idaho would be a Ifrosldentfal candidate. The president, be said, wouid be likely to veto a bonus bill which did not contain a provision for raising the money for payment, but ho thought congress would pass some bonus measure even over a voto. Ho will sail from Now York on July. 4. TO MAKE RACE FOR QUARANTINE Sixteen Steamships Waiting at Lightship for Midnight Tonight BRINGING IN THE ALIENS Many WW* Be Disappointed, for Ships Carry • Many More Than Quota Allowed. New York, June 30. —Sixteen steam. Bhips, their rails lined with 7,000 aliens who have forsaken their homo- lands, rode at anchor outside Ambrose lightship today, watting for the stroke of midnight to dash for Quarantine with admittance Into the United States of their Immigrant passengers as their goal. Heartbreaking sceues are expected, by Immigration officials as many of the Immigrants who hope to gain entry to America under the July quotas face deportation because of an excess. Are 18,000 Waiting. Fully 18,000 passengers are aboard 20 steamships that will enter this port tomorrow and Monday. Most of them are immigrants. Tho midnight raco will be timed by three official watches so that there will be no dispute about the first to reach quarantine. Many aliens now crossing tho Atlantic will have made the journey In vain. They will he sent back to Europe without charge on the same steamships. Seventy five niedlcnl inspectors were ready to begin examination ot Immigrants at Quarantine early today. Many Face Hardships. ' During the day Inspectors will ho able to handle 2,000 Immigrants. Cramped conditions .are expected at 13111s Island as there are beds for only GOO. Many immigrants will bo hold on board ships for four or five daya. Creoles face -the worst hardship. Their quota for Uie month is G13. Ships waiting for tile dash to quarantine carry 1.G24 Creeks. The Italian quota, generally heavy, will not he exhausted, however, until later hi the month. Kgypt may sond only four immigrants in July: Armenia 40; Albania 53; Spain 182 and Belgium 313. SHED TEARS WHEN MADAM SCHUIriAN-HEINK TALKED ADJUTANT GENERAL IS GIVEN THE BLAME WEATHER AND ROADS 'Pittsburg—Part cloudy, roads good. / Emporia—Part cloudy, roads good/ 6alina—Clear, roads sett to lair. Rain last night. > Arkansas City—Cloudy, heavy rain last,night, roads soft. V Topokn—Cloudy, roads good. I -Wichita,—Partly cloudy, roads, latr. t CoHeyvillo—Clear, roads good. I Ottawa—Part.ulaudy, roads good. - : Kansas City—Cloudy, ro&da *vqd. *' Mstchlaeoa -~<Jleur, toads good. And the Disabled Soldiers of the World War Made He;- Two Promises. Minneapolis, Minn., June 30.—Whilo his mother sat ut the- head of the tablo weeping with her face burled In her hands, thirty men who bore on their bodies lasting scars of their service for their country lu tho world war, last night silently drank a toast to a man who went down on a'Gor­ man U-boat lu 1918, and never came back. Ho was the sou of Madame Fines- -tluo Schumani>Helnke, in whose honor as 'Uhe most distinguished delegate" to tho convention of Disabled Veterans of tho World. -Wm- dlnnor was given. Asked Two Things. "I have two things to ask of you," Madame Schumann-Helnke saidV "Will you promtse me theso two things? . "First, that you will never believe any false stories you may hear about me, stories that I was a German spy, that I was untrue to this, uiy country, and to you. "The second promise I ask of you is that, when I am dead—ami it won't tie many more years now—you will see to it that J am buried In America, in 'my country; a.hd boys, maybe I could have, In a way, the burial ot a soldier. Not any fuss. Have thorn play ''taps' over my grave as 1 have sung it to you. Will you promlao?" Every one of the thirty veterans silently stood up as she .finished, raised his right Irand and "gavo hor his solemn pledge. Illinois Official Declared to Have Been Derelict in Duty in Herrin Riots. (By 'Hie Associated PIXTSU) Springfield, ill., June 30.-—Adjutant Gonerai Carlos E. Black of the Illinois National Guard is declared "derelict in duly and primarily *to blame" for not sfnding troops to Williamson county at the time of the -Herrin riots, in tho report of the legislative investigating committee which is to make Its report to the legislature this afternoon. Condemnation is meted out to nearly every one who "had aTfalrs" beside laying chieif blanto on the adjutant gtmeral, the committee declares that Co!. Sain Hunter, personnel officer at Herxln, was "absolutely incompetent, unreliable and unworthy to perform, the duties assigned to him. • Called "Irresponsible." Former Bherlft Melvin 'Phaxton of WlVHaninnn county and bis deputies, Shaffer and H. L. Storm, are declared "Irresponsible and. incompetent to hold any office of trust in the state. In WU Mam son county or any other county." State's Attorney De'los Ditty of Williamson county la one of tho tew persons connected with the rlota who Is not censured. H_te attempts to brln* ,the.~gullty to Justice aro commondwl by the committee. Members of the senate are bitterly condemned Tor failure -to pass tho bill continuing .tho Herrin committee In existence until imissing witnesses could bo apprehended. It has passed the house. IS IT FOUL PLAYf Old This Cause Mysterious Disappearance of » Taxi Driver. .Junction City, Kan., Juno 30.— Fearing tiiat lie has mat with foul pldy, relatives today requested Sheriff A. I* Mlttev to Institute a search tor William Hart, aged 23, Uixl driver. Hart wea last fcesu Wednesday at midnight when ho left lite station lu answer to a myaterlowa telephone-c»U: IIo v,as drtvlac a tourlrujC oar. TOTAL OF 17,000 BONUS CLAIMS WERE APPROVED SEEMS LIKE HE'S GETTING A LOT TAMER BIG DAMAGE BY WINDAND HAIL Pawnee and Ford Counties are in Storm's Path. MUCH WHEAT FLATTENED NINE BELGIAN SOLDIERS DEAD Lost Their Lives When a Time Bomb Exploded in Passenger Train, (By The Assochtted Press) Duessoldprf, June 30.—Nine Belgian soldiers ivwe'kllled today by the explosion of a 1 time bomb lu a passenger car of a train carrying Belgian soldiers on leave back to Belgium from the Ruhr. Between 25 and 30 soldiers aro wounded. Tho sxploston is regarded in military circles as the German Teply to the stiffening ot tho occupation regulations in tho Belgian irnno since tho killing of two Belgian soldiers at Marl several days ago, and is thought to have been carried out by the same organization that arranged the explosion that killed two Germans in the waiting room of tho Welsbaden railway station. Men on Leave. The train, which was carrying 300 men on leave, had Just left Dulsbnrg, shortly before 2 o'clock. The bomb exploded as the train was crossing the Ilhine. It demolished Hie car, killing or badly wounding every man in it, and mortally Injuring the senti- nal who was guarding tho brklge. 'Soveral of the wounded are not ex- peoted to livo. It waa announced that penalties will be.applied by the authorities of occupation tor the outrages In a Suit Case. Inveatigatkii tends to show the bomb was placed in the car at" Duis- bttrg, either In the lavatory or In a suit case which wao mixed with the soldiers' baggage. The nature of the explosion seems to Indicate that the bomb was ot the. ainn kind as that whioli a well dTesaed German now ia knowu to havo brought to Wiesbaden before tho explosiou there, this leading to tho belief that two outrages wore arranged by the same organization. Today's oMalr is regarded as the most serious which bas occurred in the Ruhr, and the Belgians are expected to apply rigorous penalties, probably beginning with Duisburg. MANILA IS IN S Gl Governor-General's, Palace Had n. Foot and a Half of Water. (By The A.ssoei;i.tod Pn-w) Manila, Juno 30.—Munilu, gripped by a typhoon which bc^an raging last night, wiis flooded today, many wero under wmer. At the samo time this dispatch was filed the water vvus deep in niany thoroughfaros, und there was a foot and a half of water In the Manila palace, tho residence of the governor- general. The rainfall in 24 hours was 02 millimeters. Horses were being used for transportation through the streets. Governor General IJOOU- ard Wood who has been visiting tho provinces was expected back today, but was held by tho terrific storm. (By The As*oc!a.ted Press) Topelca, Kan., June 30. —A total of 17 ,000 bonus claims have been approved and forwarded to State Auditor N. A. Turner, Bonus Director Carl R. White announced today. The auditor announced that more than 7,000 checks havo beon WTitton and made ready for mailing immediately after funds from the sale of the 125,000,00* in bonus bonds are made, available. Bonus officials today reiterated their previous statements' that paymonts will begin the last of July or the first week in August. The director and audnor Bald they expected to have 25 ,000 claims approved and 12,004 checks ready for niaiilnfr by the time the bonds are ready for delivery, around July 20, Trom the printers at Chicago to tho National City Company of New York, the purchasers. Arguments wil! be heard Monday by the state supreme court in the bonus cases now pending and It to con*ldor- ed quite probable that the court will rush its decision. The suite Involve tho queation of whether regular army mon and those who aM ended tho first and second officers' iralnlug camp Shall participate and whether Jimo 30, 1919, (the final date ot reckoning hocus naytOMats set by the stats bonus ooinmbtslon. is lecaL MELLON SAYS NO LET UP ON UQUOR CASES Ijondon, June 30. —Andrew W. Mellon, American secretary ot the treasury, who arrived in England last evening on the Majestic, told newspaper men today that his government had no Intention ot relaxing its attitude regarding the confiscation of liquor on board incoming liners. He saw no solution of the problem until con gross met, ho added. IMMIGRATION QUOTAS - SOON TO BE FILLED New York, Jims 30.— The July immigration quotas ot tiro continents, Asia and Africa, and of five countries, Albania, Greece, Palestine, Turkey and Syria will ba more than Hllod tomorrow when the lnvnigrouts abroad sixteen ships are landod at Ellis Island, Deputy Coimnleslone'r oi Immigration Uhl announced today. Beware ot the experts! .Most of the criminals theao days are^ experts. —-Atfdiiaoo Cllnli* RELIEF WORKERS ARE GETTING OUT OF RUSSIA (Hy The Aflaoctatrd Pi-e.w) Moscow, June 3u.—American "evacuation" ot Ttuasla began yesterday witii t'he depaTturt> of the first large group of American relief administration, workers for America. Thioae who have left included Donald llonshaw and Edward Sabine of New Orleans and Hus- aell Fees, Frontenae, Kan. Tho most egotistical statement: Yes. wo have bulldod a line city here."—Atchison Globe. LADY ASTOR TUGGED AT HIS COATTAILS Then She Petulantly andPlny- fully "Punched" Him With Her Fist. WEATHER REPORT. Temperature Pait 24 Hours, National Building. 4 r. M. . 0 P. M 73 a p. at -o 10 P. M 67 12 Midnight 02 " A. M 60 < A. M. 3 A. M. . H A. M. . 10 A. M.. 12 Noon. p. jr. Maximum,' 78. WEATHER FORECAST. Kr»r,aa.r,'/ fair toulslil and Sunday, preceded by unsettled in oast portion; not much change In temperature. H27IC,SHAVL W£ GOLF, \ "TO CHWCVA F\R1>T, (By The Ai-.-OfUi -t .rrt I'r^-) London, .June 30, Lady A^ur, l.u:;* ,?hiK at tho IMKU tiiila of tih--Fr'Mlt'rk 'U CJeow. Uiuibnry In a \.'tin i >:fort to indues: him to :.t <ij» MX 'ji^'nj; so lliut fHo iind h«r "iqitor bill 'fninht h:\ *v. tU« vltjHt -Oi WAV, stMlt Ultt \:OUrif5 of 1 I 'umrncms Into iu .rtl3 of linifc'htor la at, evi-TilnS In which tho grarn BI: UIII>M' was obliged to join. Sir iT^UM 'ick, who in a sworn opponi -MU of Uov bill und who ltnidt-ntatly look* '.villi <iU- fuvor UJKHI tUe adn .iasikiu of WUIIHU to ,>.,rllament, was wedl WMrmed UP to thu dohii-to on tho nifricultmal croillts bill and paid no atumiion to h<>r plu&dlngn. Iju.dy Antor finally liv;vd ut hla coat titUfl IryliiK to fore* him to bit down, while t'he housu lau^M-d heartily. A Resentful Punch. At last Hunbury Ktoppori. Th'svo wore fivo minutes h *ft for cousii'i.'r.i- tlon ot tho Ihnior bill and Sir Frederick Immediately be^an moving ruiicud- tnontfl to it. Uttering WOHUM N ; [ :N . patlouce and ftXttlmuMloii:! of disniay, Unr ladyship mado a iloHi >*}rat.c. nnd fntil« at to nipt to ftiovn clo.-iiir-*. Th\>i only served to tucreaso Lhn niorriir .'-tit which burst forth unow wht»n the itni" llmil expired Willi Haubury still t;tll;- I«* Thrill l.udy Jiislor aivjgo irorn Vn -r S(*at, shCK)k her fist at the eminy :::ii| liaKtenliu, toward him. fruv" hl.ui a resentful uuu^h, half In. fun and half \n putulanco. while tho" m^mbt-rfi shouted with mirth, Thu bill, hmviivx-r, was not 1 O:J 1, aa the goverunioiit had pronihwd to pi'Mut faeilltied for its ovenlual pttHsajje. CUT WIRES AN Y BLEW A FORMER BANK SAFE Farmers With Insurance ThinW They Will Be Better Off For Loss However. Sv>eaxvtll<\ Juno so,.. A High wind* strong enough to blow four freight f.\r» of a moving train off ihe track Ktruok. hero ladt niKht b-*:w t «o:i TO:30 nnd 11 o'clock on (he S.u;'..i Fo rall- ro:^l hotwe-on h^re and \Vn>:",it, vauiunl mui'h con site rti a! km ^no:^ t:?e pf^oplo of thin community. O;; • f.w wa.i load•.>(( v.'lt.h aiitoui(iliii".-4, on.-' w\ih mcr- vhatid!>»^ anil two w*-re -mpty. All Hnr *3 of co :uiniiunM.thm b^two«;n liero a.:;d PodRi? was eut >>)T. 40 (.".U'trratih iKdes heiuv; ? u^vi^^l off by tin- wind. \Vh«;»t fields are a total UJ:-S in the wako »•'!" ' V V,-,- sionn and out- biiildniKti osi tUo l\irni:i wero Mown do\\n. NIJ losf* of I'-i'e >>r ea.sua)lit*a among iho stock lia : ,- lvc;i reported. Less Severe nt DotJjc. Tho stortn \v::s not .is ; u'vero at Dodgo City as ticre and iho wri .'cltlhK eniik' way called tint from Uo.l&e *'ity to clear tho tiac.k of Uiu ffit-^it wvookaRo. No. L2 wa,a on Ihe Mh^r nidi 1 of (.he wrocl: ntui «as he,id uf ol^ht hour;*. Heavy Hall In Pawnee. UvrniHl, .iniuj ::n. -ritu:ie, ; county expfM 'lejio-.'d Hit* h-.-.i vie*- f nail cUor;n \\\\\\ vo -Jtovdny afierno -n in :h»« history of th.- ; I'liimty. A s: reteh four mll«« v/rio i'luuiin^ ihe '.••>[, sh o; ;he e^mniy from;.)i to . I ;O!J);I \-.\.[ ihe wheat - •omplftfly doHtrn.^e,',. K. !•:. Kristjll l:ad a si -cliou <»f iaud In W'.I.'-K which In a total IO.H :-* O:I wlii./.h lir- carried no !:i -sii ranee. Hail lay on the ^",;ur.d thre • :o four inche.s lifter live t.i.j'orn !>-i-i.-ied o\ er. 'L'tum^tnd .H of iivvis D ;' wheat lay :'.at. en the- gnje.nd und i.h-.s fiirm- i.:; carrying Insurance are reporting \\ii-\v io :5MC :i. < J 11 r - y 1 r, l a!nn! had l'> :«»/.«iOo reportwl up u. HI e'ci ^i 'l;. It \i ;--;i'i'l that per r. nt of Die fi^Jds li.itl- "d OUt we;-(i lu-iiirr.) .i;i-i til. it t.llt) numoy they will IT-,•')•,,» fr .im :he N t'-aiice rompniii ''H will ex, -M-d tie* a:rouiit thf\v would have ;;, I!N MI after i;eliin.r the Hglit vie.'.d *uul PUVMH; fho hiith harvesting co-ii:.*.. Th-> hail s:rue (t . u Htr -ite'u of land .>!i.-;e ^nod '.'.h'at pre vaihid. Halt and Haln. Sallna, Kaiw., iil. Telcplieno messasfps tliia mornlim rt )i'ori"d; re- veri> halt Htorrnf n^nr I JUI -i'o?*,-.-e ; uid ymvh oS tiny*. Katnfall ^n ,i wry heavy at lliijfi last ni>'hL, lnu liy);ier thntvi^h this ^T 'tion. Aooordiiiff to l>l York, I oral Uuck T.-i!and t>dt*}*;rai?h op-'raior ya-Sd Uio Htorm apparently did not hit tho \l<»:'«. Island linn at all. No tu-ip-miptioa wati roportod of -vtrn fi -'rvie^ tin lay. GOMPES DISPLEASED i WITH HARDING SPEECH But Bank Was Closed, the Safe Elsiply' «uid VV«S Not Evett Locked. (By Tin-!j Pr-ssl Topelca, Kaau., June 30,—After cutting all the telephone wires int J Grove, 13 miles northw««t of hen', eurly this morning, wouiil-bi- robbri';: carefully ma<h^ all ,'irran,'.''cr(ient.s uuil "lilcw 1- the safe of tho Orovti State Ufinh. 'flic tm-e waH em-pity for the bank had bc.-n cloaerl iiad ahatuloned elpht munlhf) ago whim It was urn- soMdated with the Fidelity Stat/j Savin ^H IJauii of 'i'epoka, ,inU inovi-'l to t'lln rlly. 'i'ij'' rtnf'' in th? Oravc hanlr vv.-i i in H'-iiiy. el thi'y u^'iir'l : i;'itfilb "Zimmie evun loul;<;d, ->tric,i;ils siald h+jii- It woi'kwd wllh u limo lock ai. Httiil the cjoflt had not h'*e:. since th*j irtKf Uutlon uuned U- and tumhi to TopeJ-a. Thlri if; the >>n'Mjjt-h itnall •lov.'ii ::a;il: wl:lch l:ai* br.t 'M br'k^n into ut thid '^•ctiiin in the luht two months and of- J iiia,i.i d^ola: e tJjv Hyt >te:u u.i..;d lu issuing into ihvn abandoti-iul bank at r.rovo iu tdi>iiiU;*J. witli that u*ed at OtlUT pla0t:8, Wi ite"* Ltttera. V/:.«h:r.v.ton -While Uiey are not al- Ui -A '*d to N'i... aetiM.. j>art lu poll[|e«i, lk*i Kirl 1'lorkn tit the* ^orerruneat aUiv.oa in WassMuKton aro ke*u yoU- ticdau-*. doing thoir campaitfnintT hy Labor Leader Makes Strong Plea For Continuance of tho Unions. ! Washington, June 3ft. Ktatomnntu in ad ii by Prenldont Hurdiu:; in hid l.'ibor Hpeech at lltdona yesterday ^.ere asinailed today by Katun*?! tjoipp- ord, prosldeur. of the American Fi-dor. ;a'!on of Labor, who dee.lurod that • " ii-.hor rouulre.ii uu f re than a rtp^evh to halauco against tho &K\H that hava f.onu beforo." "Wt> belii>va tho president IB sliiccro i in not wanting th4 unions ileriiruyed," j said thu. voUn'un labor leader. "No ! BiiiiH pernon 'ouhl want any such en;arftrovh-rt. But ww vimmol imhilsw ; in any tumult of applauso ovur tlif« lato profi-iiHlon of faith, li'jcausu tho 1 unions thomdolve.t have ttav:-d llio jduy and they havo done, this in splto [ of tho official hfi.i of anjno uf tho ' prontd«nt'n binding ot'IUdula and ad- viaora. For th«lr «ji.itency today thuy owa no tliankn to UHI adiiiint.-it: at'.ou." LOW PRICES OF ZINC ORE CLOSES THE MINES Joplin District to Take a Vocation of a Week or Two to Help Things. Jcrlin. Mo., ./due 30. • -.Vin-ty p «r c.«it i,( tho ruhiea or the Tri Stat -J di* t,i-;i-.i, emibra.''.tnK n\juth'-vv-t''in Mis- !;u:;r' ailUth.::w*t K.u:.-!a:i an-1 :i'ti-iliea-.'it OMshiwiia, w c 1 -;'••' 'cd I" jf.eit d.,wn tllS; il a £1 .1 ^""lahl cliifit-il lor ii \: •: ; ,'! >>! f^.-i ^c--, s . LH t!:-- r.'ijult ot It--- r:- i'a or !>'• llii'L-.'-j i-ilajit'.'r of i- '.n-riian .^.ilcir.ii i'i-:!i i-..-rj ?i .ii'aUir- i\ 11 . 1'.ii, i-UapLi-i- %'i J t'*-l !-» suapoud c, '-r .it ion.-, br/'.ac^.f o: t!i.,; iu -A' price of /.Mirer*-. Apprtixhiiat'-'i.'.'.'UO ralttcra will '.:.> throv. a ' VMI of ' '.n>' '."'.- r -UM 't, i"];_', ii* -1* ft\'r" pi'-.,"!!! yd at a meeting .)•' the ch-.yter H 1 IU'«|)IK 'ii"'- it coats i .> proiluo a t'.'P. oi' /.uic ort>. Zduo ore ini'l on thu market iaat woull ft» i'i'i a tnn. A r.ornmlH*:') of ton WUH a.'^t>olutod to work out it plain to curtail orodiio- tloti a.i\ur opi.iat'.oti.j aru ruiiuiiiod. WEATHER FOR WEEK. Waehlnuton, Juno 10. —Weather outlook for th 0 w«i( b»glnnln» Monday: Upper Mlaslsslppl lower Missouri valloys—Gc >i «rsl',<'

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