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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, May 18, 1859
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EE NEWS. MORNINGf, MAY 18, 1859. ID, THE MEWS. <fc 1.ATHKQP. K. 8B»»reriti*-..,i. ..........i.josrra LiTH«or. i.. net EPi . «Q, DuUy Puper, published every morning, except Monday. Tfl-Wenkly r»per; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. v> eckly Psper, every Tuesday morning. TEEMS OF DA1XT PAtER. flajly Paper lor .one year, payable In advance fT.OO TERMBOF TR1-WEEKIY PAPKE. Tri-Weekly Paper for one year, payableln advance. ; . i TK«M8 OF THB WEEKLY PAPER. ' Weekly Pajier lor one year, payauleJn advance.. .$1,00 IIATES OF ADVERTISING IN DAILY Ten lines, or leas, of Nonpareil make a square. .-r-Epr iirb;W, r 'three WB hare viefted theMnnioipaS Court, into which the Polfoe Ccttrt hag . Inquire, I day.. . ...fl,00 * • • ~ - 1,60 2,00 8,80 S days .... 8,00 8,60 4,00 s,oo 1 'do. 2 days... 1 do. 8 days . I do. 4<dart .. i j_ t*.,_. do. -do. do. do. 1 w«>k . 1 square, I month.. .t 6,00 SmoaUu.. 10,00 Smooths.. 18,00 4 months.. 16,00 6 months.. 16,00 9 months... 80/10 do. do. do. do. do. do. 3 year. 80,110 Round*- &. JLangUon, AD VI KtTlSIN« AGENTS, 1 55 Rstudolph Street, are auOiorited to rt- r-eive Advertlsemente for. thltantl all On Leading Paper* of tht AVrtAiMit, c»?rf art ttte. ONLY and KX- OLUSIVILV avthorienl Affenl* in Vie KarOiwmt far a majority of tlifm. mal .4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. M. M. POMEROT, BD1TOE. meteorological Kocor«U tot May, 1S89 ke])t by C. II. GARDINER A CO., Druggists, ]».Spring THCEMOMrTEP.. 8 t. It. ' t,T. V. 80°a POLICE UNIFORM*—Our city police Trill be out in a neat blue uniform in a few days. ' Laugrishe is playing to good houses at 8t Joseph, M<i. Morphy is. to have » public reception in Philadelphia. and been more than favorably impressed with the clear, aM<?, tesinew-1?ke manner in wulch His Honor. Erastus Foote, Esq. .fills the bench. Business is got along with in one-half, the tine it is in many like courts we have seen, find no matter how intricate the case, Judge Footo-oan gee his way through at a glance.— He administers juttict with law, and is a terror to evil doera. Prompt, i ignifled, and • courteous, he preserves in the court room perfect order, and wins compliments by the seort from those who 1 are outsiders — not chosen either plaintiff or defendant. To make go judge, especially of a police court, requires a judge of human nature an well us » judge of law, and His Honor is jnst the man for this most important position. There i* a readiness,, clearness of perception, disposition to administer juttict in his decisions we much admire^ and our citizens will I* interexted if they will stop in his court room some morning at at 9 o'clock, and see how readily and systematically offenders art- punished auddia- posed of. CHABITABLE, VEST — Two sewing girls entered a cotnplainl j u a Nen York Police Court Againet A charitable association for defrauding them out ol their wages. They each purchased « sewing machine, with the understanding that one dollar a week wns to I... deducted from their wages in payment tl, '", '-',1 LIT; Jfollie MII««i£e«'BaMy'Jteirt;'' '"' ~ ODB weik siwce, I peceir*d through Hm post oftoe, a letter from A. Welli.ogtpu Hut, a tra copy of which I herewith stfndyon, and whici togtithe* with tUerewarks Ima.rmake t; Ihopfe yon will do me the justice to publish. Her ia the copy of Mr Halt's' letter'. Hon. 16 EXCBAKOB MeW York, May 8, 1859; r'i Hc&raw:— •-••'• < •••. • I)I?A» gi*:— 1 learu lh»t a lager beer brew ery of one Shrocck, a German, is about to be foroolosed and sold, -can you oblige me and as certain what I can get it for by paying off th mortgaga, Some $3,090 so i he«r, I want ti know its capacity djaily in gallons; what stati of reptirs and appurtapoes for brewing. aa< what ezteiit of cellarage is built in rod*, au< vsliat it imtild take in capital to drtiie if; ferhaps if your rxpllas are satisfactory, i may get friends to bujr it and i go up am manage it, aud live aiuopg yon. Your earlj answrr will oblim;. Vour's faithfully, A. WELLIMGTOM HART. Late Eiiil^ir Milwv.'; **• f>iiily American. To this !<>tt«r, inftrkcd private, ma you HOI-, 1 replied in the uonfidentiul spirit which it aeom- ini to elicit, aaid sjftfed, Oankly, m(J objections to glviug*taie information desired, in a letter, which, 1 «Hi very ranch surprised to see pub ished In your Sunday jnorning paper, hradnl 7V. the of the fact : and twenty-flve cents a week for room rent („ j " '"' "« : _ f »""»-' u K "lrong, not .o'.ay unfriend- the association's building, the balance of tbeir earnings to 1* paid to thtni at the end of each week They say now they are cheated out of both money and work The magistrate sympathized with them in spite of the explanations of the "manager" of the association e general war in the East is not to be fought by Generals alone. At least, that in our private opinion. WALLAOK —Mr. & Mrs. Wallaok, of New York, are now playing in Van Liew's theatre, St. Paul. ^ By the depreciation of a quarter of a penny on the pound, the U suffers a fogs of &3.000,0011. S cotton crop Thomas Meagher had Ins skull fractured In New York the other day by part of a wall falling from a building he was passing. DECLIHKD.— The Manitowoo Herald kindly invites us to sentence onrself to Sing Sing for life. We are no musician, friend Fitch We notice ripe strawberries in market. They look well, but not half as tempting as tbe ruby lips of some of our city girls ^IJISAMTY.— The Ozaukee Advertiser says that three insane women are confined in the Jail at that pla-je, giving the Sheriff much trouble. UELUMOUBLY HEFBESHINU.—At Mortini & Fowler's gem of a Dru« store, first door west of the Post-Office, oau be gal just the nicest article in the bevura«e. line, a white man, or any one else, ever tasted. Their soda fountain i»all 0 K , and their syrups of the best quality. If we had n(g been weaned several years since, strange as it may appear, we should ea chew the sustenance kind ^nature provides for juvenile infants, and take to Morton & Fowler's soda water We have noticed scores of ladies and gentlemen in there enjoying a cool draught, and as it ia fashionable, aa nvll as pleasant, expect to see hundreds in<,rv i wrote the Stale 1'rlnim 42omKi&s!on«r, asking him to give me — for the benefit of a yoii'U' friend her*—-»on)» particular* aliaut a lager rieer brewery. The reply is lhi\ Ir4ter ! Now such a specimen- of so highly moral and intellectual a Slate ofloar OR friend MetJraW is, i»so rare, that I teconnneniJ, aft*r death, Ue I* etnbalmed for the esaoi|i!e a»d aiioii ration of all office seekers, or (f (jov. Randall lias TUB OFFICE TO SPARK, now that be is alive, that lie forthwith remove iiiui to thr Lunatic Yours truly, A W. H OOOD BrjsiN«s«.—A Russian bearer of im pdrtant dispitohes, laMy sold bis ji^okage to the Austrian Government for half a million of dollars. rury, of the Green Lake Democrat, says the two eagles be is training for tbe editorial convention, are notbing but "half eagles. >; HIT THEM AGAIN.-—One of onr exchanges, the Burlington Gazette, says if any farmer wants fifty sheep, Ue can get them at that office. That looks like a hint to loafers ' Hood has a sale this morning at 10 o'clock of a general assortment, of groceries, Yankee notions, spring, summer and winter clothing, &c., to close out an assignee's slock EUREKA.—Win. McAboy, lately appointed to the Land Office, at Superior, hails from Bay&eld, Superior He was appointed through the influence of Senator Rice, of Minnesota AN APOLOOV.—Yesterday mornine, speaking of the new style of slreet spoken of by the Free Dmtoeral , w« compared II to " a bed so made up that two parties in it would roll to- gelhe.r in the middle " The Free Democrat asks us whiuh we bad ralher do—-'roll lo- gather in the middle, or roll off the outsi ,'e? Its all according to who we had for a sleeping partner if it was Ibe edilor of the fret D<-,,,. ocral, aud Ihe bed was not over eight or nine miles from the floor, we'd rather tall off- if it was somebody else . When 1 penned the lette* wliiuh Mr. Hart has cansprf to be pnbRshed accompanied «ith the above observations, 1 really supposed I was urinin; a pn,,at t lette» «o a ; rivate yen//'»iaii , who, of course, lifittg a gentleman, would consider it a private, confidential matter and keeft ii so, as bis letter of enquiry gav* me reason to suppose he Would 1 have been mistaken! Mr. Hart, it appears, is nw a gentleman, fjr a person of that description woolfi neltW publish a private letter under such cifaurnstaoces, the history ol Ihe BlIBLISOTOK ITEMS — The Irairttt. uor tell a falsehood in affair Mr. Hart laas done beth He says. " 1 wrote Ih? Stale Prison Ootorots- sioner. asking him la git- me- for the ben*fit of a yoang friend fcere — (where"?) snme {.»r liculsrs " &,• X,-,».»t will!* wrti by Mr. Hart's letter, ihal he did <n,t asl, the particu- started at Burlington, says the posi-onV, lars ''for a \ ,it»ug lii-n.l U^ru, ' Inn for himself, and h.- m»-s ,»n t., [in-un-,- ili.-u if mv r.-- Trowbridge has been discontinued . plies woul.i I.- i-,v,o»iiM.-, he would el&iiUn Spring crops look well in that vicinity. I Waupun with t,i< ),r-s-nc»- among us ! V-r. Messrs Wirtnmet and Midd!eton wer.- ,-u-. | uiit mi ' no * l " »v . Ui»: the letter, wU.c-fc I s Mowbil>4* :CoDBT - i Tuesday, May 17.— John Prattl drank, ple»d gnilty; 6n*d ' -••• • Wra. Morse, drunk, plead guilty; fined $1 Execution tit Frank Ktjyiiolde, drunk and disorderly plead not ga:Uy. Pined $3 aud costrt or 15 days inprlgduinent iu jail. Execution to is ' sue. ty. sue. E«ogU, drunk ; plead not guil- FiueitCl.OO auti ooatd. Execution to is- CLOSING OI'T S4I.T. GBOOERIRS, CLOTHING AND VAXKEE NOTI 'N3. A T Wood's Auction Room-, No. 4 Ppilng d , ,,n Wednesday morning, May 18th, at 10 o'clock, l mil sell' at auction, lo clrie an sj*l?niEeQl, a general m rortment of QrocerlevTe*s Spring, gunimri »n.l W : o 1 r Cli.thmg, Yankee Notions, 4c. Vs P.nlllvif Terroj caah J> Uoob, Auctioneer. u vrrs MI tl 'S Vtl ! In thr [.'tilled Stain Di- Inrt Court I>islr1rt J I D Kqu 11 y . Lyrurgufl E Igerlon, vs. Wjiithrop-C. Lord an. Q.-or(,e Lord. I N pursuance and ky rlrtus of a decri-r made b / th.- Ifestnct Court o the L'u t d fitat t for the Distrk t at Wi.corsln, nn the ahthdaj nf Mar. IIM. in lue Bb ve entitled raps?, I anal) sell at AU..-I i.n, at '.tin office of lh« United Italo Mar hal In the City of Milwaukee, la th a, on K.UUy, the hfWnuli '»> of July, 1859, at three o'clock In iho afternoon, the ollowtay Jfjc.lljcJ property, to wl: "Out lot number twenty-oa« 191], In Um - Edward Rogers, resisting officer , plead guilty. Fi«b<i glUltt* or thirty ,Ja\j iu jail. 0. Weeks, (alias J ' asdaell .aud battory; complaint made l>y Mary Lex. Warrant BQedr l Jujtlua WtlU, assault and l,a»tery; plead guilty, Fitted 8' and costs Carl Mait-r, asaanll aud battery; plead not guilty. Findr! $5 'ati«l costs or .1U dav-i in ill the cane of lite State of Wisconsin vs E. (J. Uowo, charged wills au assault and battery on Frederick;Sibleius'.elI. Tli« court adjudged itiat couipliaint was malicious, &u., and (bat oomplairtaul pay rusts, iu . amounting lo $7 87. John fjigaa, drunk and iliaorjarlv, plead guilty and fined $•! M nr go to jail t,ir five days. ' ; • Williuni Elseiilirandt, violating city uaiic^, plead nut guilty. Case i-otiUuii^d to May '24 Fred i,i<fke, lir.-ffuy, preliminary Mxmuina- ion i-esultediu committing tbe defendant to «4l, in default of f.'iOO bail, for tml at the June term. •KTTF.B of AOKNOWLKDOMIBT.— The ful oaviof letter »» lake tlie liberty »l making mblio ulllioUL'li mtt-nilrii as a private one.— The writers were among tLe excursionists fruru <et-r»it, anil Ihe tirlicta referred lo were those ireu them ui PAJI.S ovr-r the La l.'rosge road ac.l raturn Tliej wrnt ,u,wn tbe Mississippi aud lieiu-o relurin-d U,e ticki-te /or mie w»j-.- ["lie reinain«le|- ,i( ||»B |^tti-r ^xplaiu< Hs-ll NEW HALL / illLWAUKKB, May Ifi, 185y ) H U. WILSON, Esq., Oer, I W,*terii Ag^nt «T i» & Jkl lUilwajr Co.,— l>earSif Bef.,r° WH eavr, we deslfr for ourselves and party, to <-x- rt-58 to yon ^UT ft-knowledgiufiin.i lor vour iudtieu and attention lu many wayj, and as- »urrt you of our regard an4 cstwrn. With an gent so accominodatiui;, and a road §o «v|| •rana^iad, we ar^ certain tljat Ih.- Uvtmit i i rilUf r.iln., M .. ,-h-dir- r filwauke^ Kaflway will Income a farorite route I A W»r.| ,'r t t,, ,.,." y *,,f Mi'*tl u iire that with travelers and tourists To tlie Sup-rln- •'•••• undents and Conductors of Ihe La Cms** &. lilwaukee, awl Milwaukee i Missi-sippi .ailraads, our acknowledgments arc also sp^- ially due fur t>if nourt^j.y with wlnr-ls wp were realed on lli*ir roads, bnd We shall lake KII rlj opportunity (o coinvy to th-m formally ur thanks. Very r>-.sper<tfully~ B. F !l WitUerili W N. Parent i S. Onant. b K. Harrtauch Porter KiUn-j- J W Tillman, E. T Throop, ijeo A. Wi]r-o\ 0»ortc W. Sauis.iu J I) I'alm.-i Horace S. KoUita \\ in Ii Wilkiu, Al^x II NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ClTT tV>KMROt.LIR'9 Opnc» Cootract LViinrtTOect, Mil., May 17, H£9. S EALED propoials will tw re-..clvwl at this dince t.l Saturday, «ay 2Ith, 1SS9, it 11 ran THI Bisim • r THE ilfSWS SOCIETY OK 'i'HK KIKTH VVAim. ! -ox- ln(f street r nil ff the 1,'lty <,t lliln iiik A. ,. ( [ or repiiir- on 9ll» Rfret 1 !, In the 9th Wara as the ."tn-i-f Unmni'Uloner^ AMUSEMENTS t. i: A .N I * C\ <T. S U A V, J f N K —\t— STA MM \S S, I N 5 M , HALF, » K l.'lI i tJJHlUINKK,Cu.t. l ClTT CnUiTHul t-ieil'H OfFfcii '.•a. t IVparlmejit, Mil., >Uy IT, Isi'J f-ropo, vis will he raceiv-.l it 111,^ iltir i^ lil Mouday, M, y 23d, 10 ». x .r I. i ,» - - loir n* unfln-ahed |...rtlons of -.ork .„ II' •,,. Hi" P. urtlv W ?r .| of th* Ulty «r MI -..,11.,-, (,-••...-. - 1MB abore Society »il! live i. SPLPNDIB .-UPPEH, «d grad.. the ,M ewa l,- . ' iral^i" on Wednesday, June 8th, for the l«neot of th- S.. matt u pay. d, ihe la , <• h ivln . A (rood band of Mm-c_ls engaged, and the Com Bo .rd 4f Cbunell. Distribution of 7() M ! L W A U K AiBANY ££ CADETS HAi.L, uillt-e ol Arrangements ir|:|"try their ulmo-t In secure Hoard .>r .u-lernun (heir guests a fo'-d enUrtainmeot. uiivl;~.:4i Ticket for nne person. _ $1.00. ' Tickets for gentleman and lady 1.60 mayl8 TH (l COM MITTEB 14 *'• I-'M OAiiaiMKit.c., Vj rridny^the'i th tiny ..f M.i/, av^riue, from'Walnut -I , t-> i ,. t-entr, of Mid .irci-t. ,„ th- t r ^l -l.nw ^'uiL.-rs .•.inatrm-fe-l mayK-.^t ;,• |..{j (j ^ (JAB '1N-H i. .Ltrul .Vpartment. M-i/ IT, U:,* ^VALlEh pr^puiiH w,!l I..- received at linn fiili n hi Friday, W»y JuOi, i r u , '. .r fur.-.l-li.i-.!.. • •lean. ,uir<- gratel, inih.- >m'hi<» I I -h, Milwaukee, i <il ,„., ,,],.,. i., i..,, *, rr , iu i ooonn may ' ir ci iiiayK-dti K. I.'H. ...4RI»(>K-t. C o,,lr n ibe County of Wan pace* and 8t te of WUconiln also a lufflcient quantity nf Water Power to lie tlkeu ill of Ihe IViupi. » Kivrr. il Hie ilam er.cled »i-i „ ., «ald Rlvrr, in th^ Tillaire »l tVaui-acra, lo ,,ro, f l ll,r- c ear." Mara'iaJ's Uflire, Mil w .lokee. May IT, Iv.y miylt-lairG r M j niovlArL' r< \Ui.l. ,i NOTJtJK. U NUEK and b, v.rtue of a i hailel n...rtir» <e br rl-./ dats Decemo-r-';, lai.-., r termed to m- by Ljiiian lulton, lo i cure Ihe payment of two lio-idr-d a i.d W9Ttr-«evrn dnltae5, and In --'eit xt 'he r i • ,f Iwi-lvt i»rcen[ per antiuin. deeming myself ln*e'-iir»- I siiail 'ffer for aale not) »hall ..-II al piihlic !«^ on ih«. premi- es No 47 Spr.njj ttree', lo the J'ounh W,r I. of ihe City f Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 13ih .lny . .f J,,,, nflt t Id o'clock In t ^e forenoon, t'.r the j aid sum and Interest, fie folluwiog | o Olt tal.l hy .. ortirlae lo wll A t »i. ns; nlr.»-ln-i and on • ha'f f-e e«|i, sltnat-'l fin pir ^ .f ' .M h-?.4lh Ward of the C:ly ofMl»Mi<-- IVn no*n as <7. .**prm/ itreel. |.,ir-the- a Hid lol Hale.| M. *a u k, - . May 1 ii I*.,} (ifn A Win I'il MCA & .-7ARK Alt ro*y M ClTT C'lMI-TH^I I. : Conlr.,1 lirpanment, M IwKukee. Ma ^KAI KIl propo^alu »dl h.- r-i-i-.v- I al thii ,iti.-- fj Siiturdaj U»y J|, 1(1 ,. > .for /• aveiiin th.. .1 e.l portlona of Uaieua air fee .11 Man u n. ton'. Addn the Ninth Ward of th« city uf Milwaukee, tr.x or Waupacc I, I teenth atre - - — s and [, onlrr-il 'ikio« the *i : hy Ih- I K I.'H H.IRIII ^^ ' •I • s r I F flh r I neal f . .'11 HAIU'.M- prr v »i, t nrj i, l hy rhi- I will [., •d ii Monday, Slaj- ^.; I a. i; o'.lock * 'cani.-w an 1 rep»lr-.r./ newer m4'h UK • I •-'id -I t,, 'he M Iwaukee K v-r mayl-JOi K I.'H. o ARDIN KK. i_ NOTICK. ( ITT C..J»KTS..LLiH Its ua f!9 gaged on Sunday last in hauling a DH! of flsh from the rirer, when Mr Uiddleton got lifyond his depth and wa« drowrfed. Mr. Winnm«t narrowly escaped with big life. KXTENSIVI NEWSPAPER ADVKBT/SISG — We counted in the St. Louis Republ,r,m of th,- wr fi-- liastilv ' tion i it L« ~r«ad. willi - In print, a, duTtr it all, every lioe, word afi.i letl. i i have nothing to recali, apologize for, or modify. I only wish to nonatk that I npv«r ill. tended to make pul.lic display of DH not lorn IN THE C. S. DISTRICT COEBT.— Judge Miller made a decree in the U. S. District Court yesterday, giring the Racine & Miss R. R. into the hands of the 1st mortage bondholders. NEW SXHSATIOK.—The local of the Chicago Herald says he took n. batli the other morning. If the sensation was not too queer, we'd advise him to try a few more, and thereby improve hie personal appearance. Major Kearney, of New 7ork, who took a prominent part in the war with Mexico, has, it is rumored, entered the staff of one of the French Generals of Division as a volunteer. All iu«n have thair peculiarities.— Pomeroy's last ism is tha room mate isnn. — Afplelmi Orescfit. Samirel,we comes down without yonr shoot, ing again I ATTE&PTED Sncn>E —The South Wertem Local says that Frauti Dieppe, a worthy Gorman liriug thure, attempted to out hie throat willj a razor, whil* laboring nodnr a temporary fit of in.-... ii , D»mnojii.sTT is MADISON —The Argus says mer/lake bouts, go out on one of the lakes about l^ajison, and hrtok from 75 to 100 fish in e short time. That Madison ig a great place for stealing! MISTAKE.—Some one has sent us a letter from Oshkosb, which we can make nothing of. There ia a balance of $2,210 78, but we can't say in whose favor it is. The documents must have been inveigled Into the wrong envelopes. MISTAKEN.—The Oxford Expreit says Dick Gore-maided a Chicago lady, and thinks be should not have gone to Illinois after a sucker The JSrprus it wrong, as Dick got liU Stone in Ozankee, lint has not yet had time to get a sucker. FOOLISH TABS.—We have noticed in one or two late papers that St Pan! is under water, on account of the rise in the Mississippi. Any one .ever iri that city knows better, a» St. Paul is from twenty to eighty feet above the river. • • EXOHAUDSS.—We are exchanging with Ber- eral oormtry papers who hare not favored OB with the publication of our prospectus,, «te. Will such a/j hare Dot given place to such advertisement, ba good enough to do so, or call attention to ibe Jfewt editorially ? TEE CHICAGO Posi-Dmcr—The Chicago Herald waxes very wroth At a statement In the Jfetet a few days since, tbat a mtn Iwre bid some money he was sending east, vJa. Chicago, a sad farewell. If the shoe pinohea,please - adjust it to your foot, and limp it«ut. As to 'the«(her cast!, the lady has.returned, liul the money baa, aa yet, not been heard ftoin ; eci that knocks the Herald 1 ! theory all out of shape. Illinois banks throw out Wisconsin feel tickled if tneCh1o»go ?«sU>%* mould fotJoW •nit, instead of tramping. - , ^ _i \ ' ,,.„:.» &, '"*•'•" II - «J"l j;'*je" 14th inst., no less than tn, hundred a«d from two lines to two and three quarU-r columns. We Wlieve the Refmilu-an \t th« Urg^st newspaper published in the United Stales, and has a better advertising "patronage than any two New York papers. ..f moral'lt .'tti'l Uuly, a-i Id. nut i-miM.I.-i .;.„ j ; ~, . , . • i them nf ain import.-inre I, tbf «-t>rltl i only three different advertisemraU.varfiiiK n lencth . , , / (. it-u S i.ii j 9Utpd my VJ1 . W3 lo Mr | (arl 1U ^ UMlt i,. at , oh Bf mr r«fu9ai to comply wtth »liat he miirlit (Mn- &ide? a comroon act of courtesy. Kor thnir Iwiug paraded before the puUio. Mr. Hart is responsihle. ^¥hal were his motives 1 will not pretend to say. neither will 1 notice liis ungenerous all union to offiee-^eeltera It uiav be possible I am fitted for the iu«o(ie asjluui— I am nol acquainted there—hut that h\i standard of honor is sufficiently elevated to take rank with the < i onv!ott> In ttai institution, I have emlreme doubts—1 maj Le nii*talie,u.— Une thing, I do not understand about this business. Mr. Hart's; letter to me was dated New York, May 3d. II came to me un the 9th. My reply wag nailed here on the 10th, and on the 16ttt it was poiilished in your paper. It went to New Vorb and hack as soon a« /in came from New York here. EDW. Sf. MACGRAW FREE I'ASS ro EDITOR* —The Serretary of the Editorial Association, Mr Hyer wishe* the editors of the State to write to him at Madison immediately, stating the different Railroads they wish to pass over to "reach Milwaukee to attend the Editorial Convention on the 16th of Jane, that be may supply them with free passes, which the different railroads will generously furnish for the occasion. LOOKS Lime LAZINESS.—The Green Bay Advocate wants the Milwaukee papers to tell which way the wind blows every day. If the Col. will look at some straws, or lambs' tails, he can tell for himself which way it blows — If straws or lambs' narratives are not to \v had, the plumes in his "soger's olo'e" will answer jnst as well. Di8TiHom»HED AEEIVAL.—John F. Potter, M. 0. (Muscular Cuss) arrived here yesterday, and when we saw him was under escort of CoL Steever, P. M From which we infer that his partiality for wigs is as great as ever. We sbonld not think he would hanker after them as much as he did before he got a black eye for meddling with Col. Barksdale's celebrated yrig. N«w PAP«E.—We find on our table the first number of the Burlington 6>are«e,a very neatly gotten op and ably edited seven column paper. H W. Phelps editor and publisher IB poll tics it is independont. It pays good attention to local news, has considerable snap to it, and should, as it doubtless will, receive a paying support from the village where published. COMPLIMEHTAET.—W« feel highly complimented to see in our exchanges so many art! • clea of a nonsensical nature, copied from the local column of the tfeva without credit, and inserted often times as original. As the credit bueinese hurts the country press, we have nothing to say. HACTENCS: HITHUTO.—Mr. Richmond has in press and , will publish immediately, the whole controversy, SO FAR, beginning with the challenge, Feb. 1st, to Beeober. Sabscrip • tions at Herman's bookstore; price not under one dime, And not over two, according to pages and quality. DCPOT QUICK ROBBED—The depot office at Randolph on the I» Crtsse road/ was broken into and robbed of $158 In meny and $20 in tickets, «ayg tberBeaver Dam Demoprat^on Wednesday evening last, while the agent, Mr L-f. Converse, was at «npper between 7 and 9 o'clock. No clue to the thieves. The following resolution Was-adopted by a democratic meeting in Galveston, Texas, on the 2d inst.: Retolved, That our delegates to the Conven r t!on to aisemble at Houston be instructed to vote against tbe adoption of any and all plat, forme, which in any way would tend -to tlie re-opening of the African slave trade. * ' bsntJife Hoi EAKLT '—th» 'editor of tbe Oxford Jfxprtu, in Mwqnette county, makes •a an excwe/or • lack of «ditoml,.that «i« 4l too hot to write niueh." If Prank begins to lay ** M 1 'early u this T» account ,of hot --* *--*-- -- *- in Asdog^J— , ; Dof Wiy we'll read Ow DMy C-jrreapdnJence if tbe News. SPABTA, M4ty 16ih . To the Editor of the Ifewi • In the Sparta Herald of the 12th iust , I noticed an article headed, "The Wise Men of Gotham " who, on tbe 7th arrived in our village per train, witb their load of traps ami flx- inge, for a trouting excursion. A litllo modes' ty may not be out of place in trout fishing, but I think the pusilanlmity with which the erudite editor of the Herald attacked these gentleman, was not only out of place, but deleterious to our future welfare A person would Infer from the said article, that Ihe mholr party from your city broke the Sabbath through fishing on that day; but that ia false. A part of 4 thecompany went, and the balance remained behind. If these gentlemen had all been black republican demagogues, and had"invited the hy- pochondrical editor to have participated In the luxury of "old rye and champaign," nothing would have I eeo s«id concerning "wholesale fishing and Sabbath breaking." The article referred to, is entirely contrary to the general sentiments of the Inhabitants of this village, and the most sensible portion of the people, think It not only injurious to the puUte, but * gross insult to tfce party Identified. The notice was not prompted by any Individual influence, but Was the natural production of the helot of the Htrald, whom in said article, made no mention of a certain republican mammy who aooompanied " the balano*," oft'the Sabbat hashing excursions. Vourg, &o., DENUDE. ElCITIMKNT IH Til* G»AIH Notwithstanding the -fact that' the war news was pretty well anticipated by grain operators 111 tm»4Biark«t, yesterday rnorrring when the European steamers news was telegraphed, the cxoitement prevailed, and all kinds of brgadBtnfljJ and prorlsions advanced rapidly. No. Ired winter wheat— the favorite article for speonlatlon — whicfc suult on Sstaiday last to tl 60 per bntfiel, rose yesterday morning to $1 73. Mead pork soli at the close of tbe week at $19 50. In the afternoon however, the excitement subsided, and tbe market went back 8 to 4 cents. .About 100,000 bushels of wheat changed hands la the course of the day. Tribmt, 11th intt , ,of Green Say, wbenffrat elected, was passing where a boy was vainly endeavoring, trith his thumb In its month to 1 make ayoongcalf *dri»k from a milk pali— •oatHr 1 * iintogOBist in the then recent can»aa« Alubcatne up In tlms to witness tlje lad's hie.'. feot»Matwmft8 ); .'"5'U te)l you,boy," said tbe taper, "bow »» wato tlnrt calf drink !— Yen jairt qjeet him, Sberif *f Oconto ooiM* uy name ain't vSf { J, "< THE N'Eii Si ATI. i',iME\riuN -y.iii.- a i^i-ussion Ims I-.-D k -oin^ ,.n .iriion^ ,unt- ,.| IT -Ir-UHHTHtic . lit Ulp'.ir.iM-* ill II. '--',- KI In tin- lltue that llie n-Jt -til,- , fin v-uu..n l--r nominating 8t-1Ie offi^er-i, i*li<iiild lie I . |-t Sime p. iu [or Iiaviuf it .arlv. au-l noin- ;»[.U •• wish Ui Hn;inri;> .iefine our p,.sii. v i. uu .u Mii» imuortaut v|U*-»li.ui, l-y ?:ITUII; thai •re in fs\-.»r "f havini; :i v.-rv ••,,,,',, • e-nli.iTJ calV.l j.lst 11 •' . '.,:',' H. t|,,. ' oiate r.-atral conituiti.-- ui.n deem l--t \\, will barely remark that we l.ave R.-.-H I linns nf ilixlii^cq.11 kin.1 .if i ,-ai ,, .,.|. ., !),„ meal in tlii< .liHru.<.-ii(,.l winilil suv i.. tl.n-^ W hu ad i .., all- u lal^ OOll Vention . that It will I..- impos-oU,- to K|.-<-I .I^l.-eiit* « in nur i,,xt .l.ui.i • •ratio tiatktiiial . OIM i.'iil'ion » lin w,li L -n thriiHlitu; liimjLn, — tuiwever rnUfh Mi--. • •str>-m und r^iranl ,[,,. pr.--.etit \ .iinir,' —even thoouli -AH! M ,1,- ,-,inv..|iii..i, -.i,,,.,!,) !•<• held verv liit^, ,.r i-rv-ailv \ ,-t wV di. not )iy any rueam d —ir.- ihat a l»ou«la> .,r Uu i-uanau imue .ihmiId U-made in our ^Ut,-Hi,>t- l-r" \>r rttate nomiiiatiuun u- .vi f^li. |..-t uv u f,,r 1,1 : ,y pared, aJi to b« dun . eon.-s l>e hy- K 'ories and throw II.- I..H,.. tellllOfl to the Jogi to larg« a it no mftre ihart ru*U t.i Hrnd I'.mrxTnt Kill when ih plainly vi s il^ l,iu, .•! ' ITtlK f..l!«,>. nit I 01 thr C«! > - .1 ( r.ti *.»-, . ! I't ar< tnd bted to W.-llai Faiy.i iiverlau,! i-xprHss fur Caliinrnia pap\r-i •2'2nil ult. This company »r- ruiHne time th«.n the BU-amera J" S IIUHKHKL K H. KR.'C .KK, ii - LIB,, C, I. Moll t Dated tar ( LOUISVILLE, May it; Thos. H. Holt lias bvsn nominated lo Con- Kress by Iho democracy of Ihe 2d district — Holt, in accepting, maintain»d the right of the j South to take her property int.. the territories, ! under the Ure«i Scott derision, hut d.-clar-d ' against the inUrfereijce ol l'ongres« -ilh,-r lo N •, establish, prohibit or protect slavery S ', Arrival of the Overland Mall. ' ST tons', May Iti ' • The overland mail, with dates to the 2'J|. I arriveil to-day. j Business hr&k. Moury (ih-uir Oold.lust arrived freely. Market unchanged Wheat harvest promiHes al>ni>dantly. Sleniatera Burnrd. ST. Louis, May J5 Tbe Hteamers UooouRaliela and Edintmrfrh, moored on lliu Illinois shore,opposite this city, were burned to Ihe walers edge al 3 o'clock Ibis ( morning The loss is estimated at $38 000 — i insured for 820,000 in Pittshurp offices. Tb«ro | was no freight en either boat. WIU.IAHSPORT, IV, May 17. The Old Hcbool Presbyterian f'hurcb was destroyed by fire last night, togeth. r with an i adjoining ham and several dwelling-). Los* 8'20,dfHi. fartially insured. Sr Lotus, May 17. A letter dated Ft. Kianiey, May 8, say a that the Pikes P,-«k emigrants ar» returning In droves. 900 wagons had passed the Fort in it week The emigrants were in an extremely destitute condition, and were selling their horses, wagons and ontBt for almost nothing. The St. Joseph Gazette publishes R report of gerlons diffioulties between the inhabitants of Aurora and Denver city, resulting in the burning of both towns. Local rivalry is said to IM the principal cause. The report needs confirmation. U i 16 I I ID N - 1.' ni 1-. ••• Id .00 It',.0,1 4 •»."» Htij mi 1'U.OU (10,00 :<> iia U6,4i' J4(l.f9 •JK.Sl) N ^ 440,1(1 4U.IUI •-'« .IKI 'tl-l.-O W.-'u 11 1.2(1 •If, NI l»7.6n 137.61) KI7,G(; CD Oil i alkrr'i P./ini •\h 4. i ,3 ..10 I < }^ S - ^..urtn iVir.l, (nun fin:- -.r..-«. Th- « .1 -^iiia l.. l.^ ,-u Led ;n i ,. » v- i, i -.- ir I n g t.. ifi ^-t I in i if' 1 7l) 51) I! I -" .'•il *• 'li 1 . 6l I 1101. ti.1 44U..10 Bnard .( i .lun .-iTATK OK \Sljt .t O-'iilt, Milwaukee C- .l.ira, July 2'i.l I".'.-. AI.I.TII, in. Jal, ir.u., K I. 'It I, \ KI'[N L i. l.NSIN nty i r*yl-.i- I hub') I Smitu, T' i' Barm alul <t~<>rge W P-<-al>. 4 urt, in th»- ^nlitl. I y 4 t, 1 1.' * 1 5 »4 6 S4 24S,io E 2i)of W ll'Uol N 1 II and E 2U, Vi 120, 1 !• ^ 11 10 niayl3 11 11 14 n \\ L'rf UARBIN R, fompt 14(1 (HI M 0.) : '-.; 2ll 14, IX) 4* Ju II ni Irii.-Mi U 'HI 810,50 •-'04,40 •?2,l*l 4(Vl)'l ill.OO 40.1X1 •oiler. A.i.-t on, %i thie Puit-Ortl'-*, n ih^ L" : v > M:^ Satllriln^. Ihe £d dwy ol J 11 I ) . ... I'-al .lay. l.'i*.- !.I||,IM u^ inort^i^nl preludes .ir t" much tht-re. f *j :n i-i-s»:»ry t.> r »:se [he snioant .( * i, I j i ' _' n^r. ' . 4 [i<l .-iHt?, 1 1. ^eth^r * Hi th* -T pfr-. i '! ' i •-. ••J^it numbtfrt i|J[.in ti:-. k -iiinh^v-.i-i seven (^' j, .n tl.- F..ur-h W ir I .f .t\<- . Mitwa.r*e^, ai • t, • v;..mi( > ,,i M ..i^.^ r s of W,«.- main." l)au».l .*hrrur N inn.--, Mil**aft...-. ^i.rii i , UK .i»?l A t).|n«^, t \ .) I. \ \i. \V , ^ Pl'lli Atl'yv , -i,,r.,| \l i , ! -3ni-l ;r.'2 - tf 4 % I i L A i E S T S T 0 UUuUO j i M n:n si A rt.s .n % Mary Ann A.lani.i, idmim-itri | tnx "f FredTi.-k « (.Ui,.-.. i 1 1 woains i wuitns i i K3T~ A irreat tninr learned treatises hare been written, explaining th( origin of, and classifying the >rortn« generated ID the hlimsn system. Scarcely any topic of medical science ball ellected more scute observation and profonded retearch; and yet physicians are very much divided In opinion bo tbe i nhject. It must be admitted, however, that, after all, s mode of expelling these worms, and purifying the body from their presence, Is of more value thai the wisest disquisitions as to the origin.' Tbe expelling agsnt has U length been found— Dr. JTLane't nrmifvge, preparvd by Fleming Br i. It the much sought :afte»«peclflc, and has already itfprr eeded all olherwonn medicines, Its efficacy being unl, versally aatnorleiiged by nedlcal practitioners, g ff~ Purrliaigrj will be careful to ask for D£. U'LANE-S ceUEB|&ATK9 VfBMlPDGg, manufactured I'j FUCMiKG XB03. of Plttibun*, Pa. atl ottter Venotfogts In eomparUao are worthless). Ur. M'Lane's genuine Vermlfogi, also his celebrated LlTer Pills, cm now be had at ul respectable drag stores. Nmt genuine without Vie tiyitaturt of ~ PLEMINQ BROa. UT AND HOOFL.AND. WHICH Ii tbe^reatcitr While the .one b» explored the a'moat iDic America, and ad ible- mountain regtana of South largely to oar geographical knowl- , edge, the other hak gifen hU attention to tho mitigation of human iuuirlng, and In hla lBy«ntlon.of Ihe fy nioui Geno«o'Bltte»«, tuown 1* the eonntrjr at "Botf- lanin fitters," IJL* covltTrt* ** toralaablebaoa up. OB manUM. tlvei' Complaint an* «•• Bcblllty a*a apetdily and perogasntly;cored by -•- ' For; ta»e by drngKim «•« **en lo a»75etntstiErfcjrttl«. | CTTT COUPTROIXEM'^ OFFICK, | Cotitrart bepaj-tment, .MIL-, May U, Ii59 { r |Mifc followini: lots and p\ru • f iota on alley throuah A block, In, lu lhe-^7ti W»rd, of Milwaukee, wdl lie benefited to tne smount iet opposite each lot Uy paring sild! alley xiih cobblt: none. W. A Des«r| North 40 ft South 20 ft Nortli 20 n Soul. 40 It »X a* Nssrt an rr . n . ucj i tn tvf, VECTOR 8JUCLT*, Street Comtnltsiuocr Dlock Htoc MOO Lot 1 i! miy1S-d8t 4 4 & 5 C y lu 11 tl 13 10 lo ro Iu 7U JO Tu ro TO TO JO III 7t) TO 17,00 i,50 S.30 17.00 Ui.M 12.M Ic-SO SJO a.oo 23.00 •a, oo JS.OO 12,50 1>&0 «s,oo T HBf the B. L'H. OARDINtlR, Oomptroller. NOTICE. Cm Co>mou.i *'a Or»ic«, ( Ooatract DsparttatDt, Mil., M«jr 17,1859. f J HE following Ii * ichednta of. loSs In block 163, to •the Vint Ward of the city of Milwaukee, ihowing the imouot which each lot In »ld block, will be beoe- flted by pivlng th« alley In laid block. l JOHN LOCK WOOD, i FBED. HEINKUANN, Street Oommlasloners. Benefit*. i 123.00 38.00 23,00 MOO OT.OO 88,00 !S,00 ' . 23,00 23,00 Block. 163 153 158 1C8 IU US 168 U8 IBS tst i 153 US Lot. 2 3 4 D ,8 •J 10 11-, 12 28,00 t. L'U. CABDISEB, Oomptraller. • !f KW Boudeii'cra be »ccommod»ted 'with b'oird p»u«at nomt, »t 058 Oanr iireet, between 4)n«U» «B* BMdlfi itrtttt. ii. -»t- } - Au .f the I Divid P Hull, Marion Alton Hull. fdim Kilmer, Iru- \Ii\-hael Conifhlln. J.nlum II itfi.iva. . Byroo W. CUrk, Ch.yl.-3 S Clark, I I., . Robert b. B-ll, \'. Tlin Farmers * Mlll*r» llauk. |..f «".. ll^nry L. Pulmi-r, | 1 , Herman ^chwarllan ikiid j'j.^t (ireulich, Asi.ignet.-d rVople'l BinK of Hn Qreenleaf i ComoAn^. E.lward l*. Tyler, Jab.z H. Foster, Horace II. Huna, Js-^p^r E. Qoodr oh, and j Aodrles Oumez aud ^ \ . WIllLim J. Abraois. 1 I N pursuance and by virlu* ,.I « decree u. ..I..- '. T ;| 1K District Court of the (Tinted States for th« niMr ,-t of Wlseon-iln. on the eighth day of April, l.-*ay, in tn.. aiiore entitled CAuae.I ihnll iell at PnMi^ Auction it -r .United States Uarshal's otRce In the L»y ul >l l-.»»u«—. ori \Vtdn»-*daT, -he : enth fl.iy of AUHIIMI, l-l.*9. u M.r-- o'clock lo the afternoon, th,- fol'iiwlni; l^>i.-i I. •) i.- . perty. to wit : "Lot mimliel'[u] and trie west [illy [/-u] it- ' >< • '.-i numbered ?even [tj and eight [H], in block t*t-nty tlv-- ['2oJ, In aherman'n Addition to Ihe -IxihU-ird ' i .u City of Mllwaakee " Ma shul's OflicK, Milwaukee, U»y T, I?AI> SI. J. THOMAS. C *. U»,,l,.l 'BUTTON'S! \.tliM I , \ i | ^ PAPER W A R E"R 0 U S c ; JS;.jil'..j ,j, ill. U imarr I > V ..'. H O K .prile 1 .1 •» \ .'•, , - • • »!..'.- ^om-t. N.-^'Mil 1 M •!••• . ,r... -• -^ A. 0. MAT, Compl'u Sollclrnr d'ROUIT UODaT, I M il»a ' lee County. f illiHm P. LyQde, Epbrslm Mariner and John J Orton, executor* aud Ida Jane Lewis, executrix | of t v e last will »nd teats | meat of | Allison Lrffls, ilereased, Martha Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha n. LewU, Elizabeth Louis*. Lewis, William J LewU. The Globe Bl-k, Hiram Varnlm and Juhn-J. Orton. may* l t,-_'wj i . (Oom. State of Wisconsin, to all the defendants abov^ imoiu.l V *)U arehe'ri.-l.y .-'u.nmoned and required l.. answer Ihecomplaiut wi un« nctinn, which WIM Hied m (hi: .iffice of tha Cl rk of Uu> Circuit Court, Cuuuty of Milwaukee, on the Ulh day of M-»y, i- o.. H5'>, and to serve' a copy of your answer to the said '.-onipiaint; i,n the subscribers at their office, Noa. « <nd 9 Albany Building -jlbcaukee, within nlttaty Jayi iui,r the lerr.lce pf this sumoons on you, .tukulvi. of tlw day oX_5^ch service; and If yon full tu answer the iiud com- pJ»lntwltHl» the tlm» afomskl, tb« plHlntnl ID this action will apply U> the Court for [he relief iumanded In tb* complaint. Dated May 12, 1S»». maylT-lawtJw nalntlff 'a Attorney*. init IcL-rnnn- th^ |iurp"^e ti the 'Icrt-.Ti, I • f ,r t.lld mprxi I |,nn .1 ..( ir it »ii-l nn.-I l lflr--t IVar-l, ..( Ir.. rllie.l .-. to L( ,. ,«-,( .,.. .1 north iveft .-oin lln.' pnr. ti-i • . (ei-t to i oo.ot •ciuth r,r in,. .,. »mit.h all -ail Lrt t(i tht- j-lnri? ftt I'ru i|ltart.- I.-tit of l%Qd .&n ili- Uy order of Iho i.'i.tDiiio *n l>y tlie i umyll KiJBKItr B I.YNOO, t.' KSs H) KKN'l. W B have >e»-i:ll tlrict ind Kr lire Uoudeo lo r on very r-ii-oualile term-* \Ve haveaNo fur I a v-jst nuanlity i>f real estate, ,o wstlnu of Hou i ot - , Improved »nd unimproved Parx;), .*i-hool La *c. We mv- ^0 >,-r-.-» Ulo City, ,>-ith Hoiii..-, IKrn c., for the -*oj,ill r 3^^-jSirartu^afi^^* 1 " majl |60 and t Q -34 Eaat Witsr

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