The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Page 1
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Tihe family daily paper of Brazorta County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS , Teiiu WHAT to read l» VM M.IM, Itt MOH* f*« !srf tt\Hft If 4*1 t« wfcKS it fej t*",** 1*« yraft «*»wnjt lj'4«i, Ww r<l < * IV*!?.**,. «**.-> TWQB promises Brazos upgrading »»» *»> t >» | 4 I t 4 1 » |f ci«*o **!** act I ttM btrf »n 4! « H •»•-• •« | * ».N! Ait #: tx- r-«nUr< ,. tib* I.U5J f«* wl (w f* KJ if • « • ClV I %: Uit ***'* *tffrj f&>JM Mi \ 3r\\f OOO $ •HHP** IK**. }ii-M* y, f '•>,• .11, j V -M -AJT.etf t**»*.|'itlJt ** tsifaflj C^ '"'' 'O •••.*• Seo * ""' " hurt) *» iU h»l il it tfa&ac. eacfc te {jhr is UK- ««fc tmr 5*« iitt U* Si**, lilt ?*«v« Ki t»j » nt>i v jf.jj-- '..iiii, j :,; *' J- •'-': i t . ^ .. ;. ,|.-'W '..I ;.; ;< t -S- I U -j •!! !?^n W<li •;," i us j -• I ;i; ; rr. !-.•» ';' ; <ii ; • :• i'i .-. : - Opinions divided on U city hall HP. >%. It-Mnr.-M ,,;,..!••'•,.:, § '.-. >--««-- -« ™,r.5r | '••' «-.'i-!-».- v>;..; ^ ¥ -V 3^i;rj,;,u j v't^ V-i ',,' I ;-^:,- C ^; ;,* S V J t la'li It <i!EM ?*- •• - 5jj t. t >, ..»,« , ,.,., i.,i,.',|,,|t» i^t;«« .,+ >g *- -«>!|i.** * w»j '•*»- t-MUl'^ltMl K «!„)'* «»)« -'mi4ii i .*., M ,i- tc.iu-iH^ H: ^ ;p<- * *„-» * *„, » • U ,^ N *. 1 ~ t,,^^ te i ^ .'4aM.. v --- H tijt)t ff ,^. 4 « . „, , ,»., ,^ ti*;<^ ^1114 *,,,* t ({ t -, l i;, ; r -i } .«, M ,HV «,,., g J .,,,, !S' *.<»«.('. t,fA,.^t» ,. 4 ,(V« *4't* l41Ml'<f4 «i t p '" Jtr^t tif li>e ( 'jij ksit rw si ft • J fc, rv*'-?|,N-ri "i*>r» t '.t.,u; ••**? tiir! ^r-smt v 1^1*:,:-•! >.',t 'i '.* ix< or.i^Jtr'i ?r»e -• t\r* U ; s^; ( ,'.:^i £jr>'V'*f il v.-.-i-ll .-.>. «• « .;,<* '7XSV •,»• M n ^ v 1 : '-n ;<i *«i *:\-?5 i,'*:'M f 'MiT'i-- l --H JT ^S'l'Tv,^ A •;^.S nv t *\>v 4V:.»» ^iiM 4 ^3" .-.i%s:n vv- *- r\<"rrT "i?s; M-.V ^-* ^ t '>»AJf f Mi f I: /: :*?- 3'_ --. % /Morogne defense denies lifetime patent claim t!or 4*51 Use f ' ftf fatti-c »tt.lI%K« t>« Wrt (jot L-,. «T,'.r/<-«J ii tf« i"i'< WAI «K> Wf'i ijre ,•-«••«-. ;;»j«J "K ^J>^I i"i»jt» rr, ti ti(r^:taj*;r U Mn !«• i Aitl *?s v% i»\\ |.H. aj£,i ** Jt 1 * -:• ? 1 -* i 4 i .3 :> ',1 r * r i i S-*.. .4' .X »| ' .;. r! , 3 it' J .',1 f #*i ldL*Sf*i«|,;i.l * ^}^'--^ ffV'fM'v-ft£ *l <p» 485 (far the? »ft». (f-w, W ii<"« t4i : i I r.^,, . »» i tjir !;i M(«r«r it<><-i,ti«i4rr t Jll \S W r«*» Ms* *!»* Are *l'f thf bar* ' ' A* <>« !» thf-ri *«AoJ l>rrt r»»4 4>ClCX*AtU (A StK H»rJk Uw of txv Mr» Cwra had la thf HftC "M"hat «at »ad tftr BH.I, TV to t* is Wald SM «rf it) H«nMton live Mtt I II MIKI'UV o< >iin>ir)< Wr* UOHIIAIV <rf u to « ifw Uticr twn utKtrt irfAiitvcuS at ThcT I , fOMIU of I J. In S»n Wiinin ttxtfiUl) IM MC ihttr d^u^htrr in U* KAT1IV in (roit) S Siw uitk alw on the : l'Vjn't Lt»l (or the «Clti«»(CT * CMMMMHt I MWMCi »» BHA10SPOKT •AViKOitLOAN UFK U rfUfill^ - Handle With Care, jKnt Chnakat Cgmpany » aafety film pccMntaUott waa the prt^raiQ (or the rtccttl Hrawnport Houry Club lunctHw Paul Ordwrd, Wl and BUI Tokr, a member of the Peering te*ta and chairman of the publicity committee wer« the xu«*U *ltb Bu»4«r Curry. KlU^fc y»v*4t %mytt «tv»fc*m»^»« prctkkxii of the KoUry Club, center Tte (Um QO u(et) At worfc or at |ilay waa «iMX U> Dow pianU throughout the United Slate* and th* wrrooadtog ctwununiiw*, Tukr Ualcrf that Utc film prMeataUoB it avatiabk; (or club* and flrfaouaUoot in thu area A! the IJawk tA te H-xJoIto " r«*m»«fr» ifl t> awl Port fuel no problem in BP area yet I'tff- .-.V H-u.jtJ/jo oill.ciiit Ifatf tr,t<! j ; j,! {Jap Port «if lU.!it<l U"l J"fi'IiifB f'«-l>t«lp«JK to «i«- «t»»t Ulrt SJfai wii! t*- *v*iL»t«»- at Ud*. rot of} U !. H V *i S KU t-rvv :titvrt\-i ui !t;r fr.wce Mftre il i ;Uc \i-lt<^*". i^JT; -Ci^AC'tT'l u*» ifiCff,<iit'> U. t A vr.iTof <vtjji («• r ujft. a fiifJ^uHA.;iJ K£fc>tc »::}, f.ilso.-.i? £uidfsi-;f t cr 5*w*««t Jflrraalwri to *l J to konp c*ryo Pofl of *.nd Ihr ... C K liuiSot* MM] the r.«1 atfthotiiv had h*en t*J-»n^£ fuei on a hit- "We netsl »«t»e«fte U- idminulcr the ra!ioc:i3g U»suifli v " he taxi "The put authority h» been lu<k> CTKw^h to fux! fceurw* ni t-jd KI far Bal ihrrif ne«b to t* KKTW long range toJulxsr, to thu 12 P«f M Prtly !• CM* me the**- blue and '.hi! art: <ur, <Ji«pUj rxn> KUUOR I'alrnsimir, M.ike . st i cx»- . ereel. htdd at* et !he e»jjs! traphiet !o I* she compeuUon thai viQ be bmaed oe'ufi and ikillfui hacdltng of their vehkka. The rcuadup and r<xSeo vdl begte next &»!orda) at i p ta is T J. Duobtr Jr. Mrmorul Part, fast all <A F¥ MM. SjxrMoc-iftg tfc< a.'!«rnoon »clt*iti«» are the take Jacijco Police Dept, JAM and the Dn/twwxl Flowa- Shop Designer hired for wafer plant Uj N VVM -. !•«!%% V KKKKT-OKT Dr H«nw . • *4ifi!j tisi irticc cwikl no* taken uttll to prmsde o'.fcrr OSKCUC»-| Co . !n» (!»»•» to t>* C'ilr l'fCB:&giq« Bjl! will lii* JXr» sn It* tx*tt fco« to erf Ui* i a bo *»»d he te hurf * fifare from oo tbt cxwi <^ tfcfauid be ready by next •tf the ntnOtuer boidi .." Of partwuUr mUrrot «« the resolution from tb« to the tiubluhment »nd t-j she n'.v aurjgtr Shi! ifc* *itfr hookap Urban renewal land sale set c«Rimittee. The pianoen HaggexUd a (ivr member (crotqi with « budget of fi25jQm with *teeh to wcrfc Tha «twld iockule the pt}-nil lor a staff (rf t»« men or ct=ctra<iural agreeiaesi for Purpctw? o^ the ccRuniUee, *c«ic<toi5 to the reactoasa. would be to promote bejudficatiofi of pobltc property ltd prrvate proc«rty from the council . however, VUj-orT L Davropcet M well ctKinciimeo jw »ctT» rf Usrf T*j:j t* i! 10 i m Kr>lay *( si^ Cit) Hi!i (4 the ceetract. CM particular :mfMn»ftc* u tfcc cwiditioa shut tfct u pctAibi'.fd (n*n Six- proporty 41 i profit until I'X the by Toes en! (he I'rfcar, The contrac! drj;n«-s i> "utitity cslj to ««• oc«ir»ct. v*c4l«l »U ixw* .». ted th< iind is Tbr the rt-»por.nbtlu> of re- wiirf Une* II abo ti oeceburv Uu; the rcde\«loper submit cooitraction piirv and (hat he hat (manctng to complete I! i& fistbw lUpultu Out OK cit) »»1! faw^ »*(«• and *r«tT Uiwa up to the property only Tb* cSr»fkip«- »iU have 'o U) Ihr ho»a en sh« projwtt) TV cn> afcw rc»*pi« ii» ri4hl a< MMtnrot la oniw to maintain the drainage io t)ut (he to vtrtun «htch provide for 4 residential He hai m month* (rum the date oi the (^niog o< the contract to submit cxxuirucuoo pUni — then two •vVifiUniwJuni'agv S- DRUG ABUSE PROGRAM SET BY CHURCHMEN LAKE JACKSON "Operation Kick ll" a given by a group prisoner* from the Unit of (he Texas Department of Correcuoos »vll be gn^en Wednesday at 7:30 p m. in the Paroh tUU of St. Mtcivio) » Cathobc Church. Members of the team, all arrested ami jailed for a variety at <±rug vwiabooa, <tUi prtaecl the t5-minuu prc«r*m with a ipeoaj awn lowanda bejpu^ youth to sUy ai* av from drug*. Everyooe ts invited to attend the program, with • special tnviuuoo uaued to ar«a youth. Aerial spraying causes fish kill Kith the Tvvat Water Quality board iMpecUng Auttm Bayou Monday rtfiarted they (ound a ' ilitufwrant (uh kiU" wuLh of t>anbury and uid they think U wa* due to UM of a very louc uxxvbctoe used Uat ««i to HJcayw^ nearby r»cc field* Urry McCann. TWQB bwtogui frwi Deer Fart. *Axl the uuccltcttle cauung the d«ath of aoproutuately t.itio (wh in the bayou "u a pretty 8**1 puiatblUty." However, be atted that U »«wU l*k« a month (or taropk* to be aoalytcd by Texat A4U University Itboratocica tte wA the U*h ktil. on (he Eayvu near C*xmt> Road a». Mteodcd four nuka below the bridge there and three miks above it Mrt'Ano uidtt«» a Urge fish k.OJ, for a body of water like AuMin Bayou TWQB offktak »ak) they were able to ucerUio thai aenal *ftt)wt <* *«< <**&* that iimuluneouily were being trrvtated Mith water from the bayou probably added to tae seventy ol the (till kill UcCana w«l the irrtgattoo water *a» cuvulaUng aad runaiAf back wto the bayou wfalte the •pntyiqg WM §0»t ao btttt aad r^ridiy and i no Moo4a> The uaecbcide, Touphene, ••» a very IMJC intectkide which t» directly to«k to fuh." lie Mtd htnfeigKH on the *ceoe took sample*, locluding pesticide taunpies of <k*d, dy iog and dtstreued <i«h to be aaalyted (or p<»ticide rcauduei. McCann wid T*QB dots have Mote enforcement c<n>ibUiU*4. but «cUcw would h*v* to came frvtm Amtio or fnxn the Te«u Water Rights C«mnu»«tt He added that became of Uw potential haurd. "Tb«j ifarmen) know better Uua thai." Cbeckiag with tn« rural resident* Uooday, TWQB official* uid laey te*rned * tiotikr fuh kit) had occurred oa Autba Bayou over two ytsm afo. aguo *heo a fanner uacd (he tame Uttectkade on a fkid bting urtgfltaj at tne tiiae. McC»aa uid th. bayou WOUUM about H pr cwt rau«b ft* aad act per fa* used uew the water Abo, be Uatedtfcit spray rng a wet Wd i» not and a Sjtm *******!

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