The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1914
Page 9
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Evening, Jane 30, 1914. T H E D E C A T T J R R E V I E W Page Nine flake Foinal Pos»eMion on M« iday Night Pana, Jnn 10.--Fnni Lodge Xo. nrij itoyal Order t Moose, took chnrgc for- th«r*. Tbo occupy tho Hewn room* f»wn«d by I' torn h u n g t ninl prop" onlfr. Th C f i i t l y n r r l v ery thing: I- jv. option ' The c l u b lr.!l.»« purl SOU nil d l r e r t t The lo- ynnms vrhen i ·rn:: The a n r Club was 1: *»veit of Pa went out I rlaffea. It new club rooms Monday held thctr firm mpcttns h housa and lodge room" p story over thr'o Imsl- Pana on Txsrust street, crt Johns. Special decora- elr»prrl«i, laid the e v e r y t h i n g In s h i p shape rnlture. which o n l y re- hn» been plac-M and ov- nice c o n d i t i o n for the 'a membership. f' rooms. I n c l u d i n g a puoi u n d b i l l i a r d rnom, ante room*. f"\. llio l a r u p I K« rotim whlt-h w i l l sent The f u r n i t u r e u»:v ifrv! »ml m -i*t* n r e around ;li«i ln1i?e room on form*. Thp are I n mid K l v e a b e a u t i f u l glow. II f o r m a l l y delicate t h e i r time I n t l i - n-ar f u t u r e i-nlrs w i l l bo her. I pi 'nlc- of t h e Tuesday at the Slbley f a r m n o r t h - Tuewilay. The. members heir a u t o m o M K f i and car- hcen the custom for v ..... Toeiday. ta»tead of Monday J nl«ht ·· Kinouneea. About fifty members of the K. of P. lodge of will go to Tower HIII. HOSBMOND TO OBSERVE FOURTH. Rosemond It prepwine to observe the Fourth of July hext Saturday with prominent speakers and good music. Two bands will play during the day and dinner will b* served In the park. Children's Day exercises were held at the First Presbyterian church Sunday. A fine program was rendered. Rev. P. P. Carson ha« returned from a thrre weeks 1 vacation, during which time he visited at Yellow Stone Park, a sister residing; near by. Chester Allen was brought home yesterday f r o m Chicago, where he was operated upon several weeks aeo for appendicitis. He Is much Improved and Is on the road to recovery. James Neal, who has been working on the Palladium as linotype operator, has resigned his position and will leave I'iina for the northern part of the state \vhere he has accepted a position. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kay departed Monday for Decatur, where they will make their f u t u r e home. ASSUMPTION PARTY ON WAY TO EUROPE Going Away Pnrtlrn Given for Mrs. Corxfne. A s s u m p t i o n , June 30--Mr. and Mrs, A. II. Corrine and Dr. and Mrs. A. P. r.oukry l e f t M o n d a y m o r n i n g for New York anil f r o m there they will sail on FrUlnv for Europe. They will visit Kranr-'p. Switzerland, flermany, Bel- Klum, Hollanil. I t a l y anil m a n y other points of interest before their return. year* of i h j T u r r i l a y rlnh to hold Its Annual pier* at the Slbloy form. \vno.\d DATK: AXNOI-.NCED. Tt w u j sllrd unofficially enti-rclay Hint Pnna jds«, Knlghls of P y t h i a s . wouM tnttlito «. loJco of K. of P » at ·T'lWfr Hill in Monday w r i t i n g . The 6MP was WIJIK. Tho I n M l t n t l r ' i i w i l l In- of her niece. Jlrs. L*sue v-orzuie wtjoi. of Sown. The guests were given Blips of paper and each one wrote something while absi-nt. There were about ::3 Kuests present and a luncheon of milk a h r r b e t . angel and devil food cakes was served. Punch was also served during the afternoon. The picture of the group was taken and will be presented to Mrs. Conine. She received many articles which will be useful to her upon her journey. ANOTHER PARTY. Mrs. Leon Cazalet entertained a party of friends at her home Friday evening with a slumber party In honor of nor sister, Mrs. A. H. Corzlne, who left Monday for Europe. The time was pleasantly spent In music and social chat and punch and waters were served. The party enjoyed some rest and all remained for breakfast. The event was much enloyed. PERSONALS. Charles Pratt of Danville is visiting bis daughter, Mrs. Daisy Patter. Robert Johnson of Wesleyan college Is enjoying his vacation with his par ents. Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Johnson. Miss Maud Beeman of Rockford Is visiting it the home of her grand mother, Mrs. E. Howard. Miss Katherine Debrun of Decatur spent Friday visiting at the homes of her brothers John and Joseph Debrun. Born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bantner a son, second child. Miss Emma Leach -spent to Owajieca Friday to visit over Sunday with her mother. Miss Margaret Snyder of is visiting Mrs. Jay Cushlng. Lewis Kuhle and Charles Hiserman made a business trip to Chicago Saturday. A large crowd attended the band concert and dance given Thursday evening. Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Crow will r e t u r n home from New York city today. The doctor has been taking port graduate work and will be in his office July 1 They have been absent since. June 1. Mrs. Herman Hartwig and daughter of Blue Mound are visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs Hobert Damery. Mrs. Sarah Osborne, Mr. and Mrs Waldo r.emy of Indianapolis are visit- Ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Osborne. Thomas Cartmel was a business visitor In Shelbyvllle this week. James Jackson visited In Pana Wed nePday. ___^__ EXTEND CALL TO MISSOURI PASTOR Hev. F. H. Seaman Pr««che« to Mt. Pn- ln»ki mthernn.t I.a«t Sunday. Mt. Pulaskl, June 30.--The congregation of the St. John's Lutheran church has extended a call to Rev. F. H. Seaman, of Rockport, Mo. Rev. Seaman preached a trial sermon here last Sunday. The Twentieth Century club will be entertained Thursday afternoon by the Misses Bertha and Anna Schafer at their home, on Belmont street. Guy Scroggin has gone to Racine, Wls., to accept a position with the W. E. Richardson Publishing company. The Misses Anna and MajKUerlte Roth will entertain the D. T. C. club at their home, corner Spring and Jefferson streets,- on Thursday, July 1. Miss Helen Shrader spent last week at the country home of her umue, Joseph Miller, near Latham. Miss Jeanette Ralston has gone to Bsthervllle, Iowa, to visit her sister, Mrs. James Ralney, and family. Mrs. W. W. Snyder entartaineil the Afternoon Whist club this afternoon. The merry-go-round, billed as one of the attractions on the Fourth ot J u l y , arrived here Monday. Mrs. Mllo Elmore departed for warmer City last week for a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. E. A. Dawty. Fred Plagg was a Springfield visitor last week. ^ ILLIOPOLIS GIRL IS VALEDICTORIAN SanKamon Connty Eighth Grade Gradn- ntlon Eiercl»eli Held Today, llliopolis. June 30--The flfteentth annual eighth grade graduating exercises of Sangamon county country and village schools were held today in the state arsenal at Springfield. The valedictorian was Alitra Irvin of Cantrall school, llliopolis township. Other graduates from Illiopolia are Marian Briegs, Hubert Elliott, George Ewlng, Nell Garvey, James Hatfleld, LaRue Hunter. Arl Johnson, Olive Marsh, Bennie Pickle. Prank Martin. Lolo Stayton, Wilmer Ward, Jean«tte Sutlerlani Hon. Francis O. Blair. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, will render the clas» address. CISCO. Floya Wyckoff of Decatur, l» visiting hli nndparents, Mr. and MM. BratSen · aunt, Mrs. Minlck. Mra O A. Rlnehart and children went to their new home at West Branch, la., Tue.- da p.' Braden went to Keansy Monday to TUlt 'Mr br °aSd r 'Mrs: J. B. Rlnehirt are entertaining the latter-« il.ter. Mrs. Anna Rut- ~3dge of Michigan. _ John Remmers shelled corn Thursday. Alice Graves of Argents, vtllted her grandparents. Mr. «.nd MM. Gr«.re. tts first of Mrl ee cia.uile King ana .on of HOTphiJ, Tenn., cime Wednesday to her .liter. ^Th.^tr.efffnlfrontofjh.^ln, "John Bearrton and family Tirttsd In W.I- C Hl?v%y Crlnmrer Kid hi. .utomobll. to Mr. Martin of Montlcello. LA PLACE. rae.u'of°Mrs."Fole l y''«"mother, JIr». Luclnda CH»r»nc« P«clt W *nd' wife of ne»r Cerro Iordo, were Ciller. n«re Sunday evening. Mrs W. W. S«ltz of near Burrowsvllle, visited her rt.ter. Mr«. Mary Overstate Wed- "jfr Toney shipped «., car load of live Mock to Indianapoll. Thursday. He went with It «,nd will b* *°n« about two wee*», MTM. P M W. Taylor «ad daughter, Miss Helen of'Hammond, were with Mrs. Mary Oventake several day. last weeg. S«rmiel Hls«r, wife and daughter. Miss Ethel, of Cerro Oordo. were visitors here Fr B a F. e K.'iS|-and wife and Forest Tone, »nd family were Montlcello visitors Sat- w A fjarber and wife of Decatur, ruest« of Frank Urban and family over Sun- Wllllam Robinson and wife were Decatur V "B t0 E' S.°?l d er y .nd family of D.catur, were guests 'of relative, hire Sunday. * Mis. Ethol Hanley of the CASTOR IA For Infanta and Children. Hit Kind Yon Have Always Bought MCtDOIl handiMt box. BIack.T«a and White THE F. F. D ALLEY CO. LTD. Buffalo. N.T. Hamlttoa,Ont. SHiEPOllSHES Especially at Night. At Times Got No Sleep At Alt. CuticuraSoao and Ointment Cured. 400 South Hermitage An.: CMctgo; 111. -- " I was ttaeked with » breaking out on the inside ot my arms, it wasasmallraah or pimples audit Itched and burned, especially ot night, so that before 1 knew it 1 bad made myself sore. I had to wear the finest tind of cotton underwear, no woolen nt all. because the least thing irritated tt and made it much worse. The rash itched and smarted until at times 1 got no sleep at all. "I bad this trouble and took treatments for about one year, but they only gave mo relict while Mkinn them. Then I began using Cuttcura Soap and Ointment and 1 got relief right away. 1 made a good strong lather of Cutlcnra Soap and washed myselt every night and morning, drying myselt with » good soft towel, and then applied the Cutlcura'Ointment lu three months t was a wen mau again." (Signed) H. W Foley, Nov. 6,1912. TO REMOVE DANDRUFF Prevent dry, thin and falling halt, allay Itching and irritation, and promote the growth and beauty ot the hair, frecmenc shampoos with Cuticura Soap, assisted by occasional dressings with Cuticura Oimv mcnt, afford a most effective and economical treatment A single set is often sumcteat. Cuticura Soap (25c.) and Cuticura Ointment (50c.)are sold by druggists and dealers everywhere. Liberal sample of each malted ftee, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address Host- card -Cuticura, Dcpt. T, Boston." JWMcu who shavo and shampoo wllfc Co- Ucura Soap will flnd it best Jor skill and scalp. s?i 4 ^fe ^ ; ..4v, «rt] ^*^± :A*»«»^!! *:W p ,. :^rt-. 's '··,·'.;''" , - ! » * ' ' * ' i" ', ?ll? '" r 'f^i '"T 1 -AL tur! «Jf"WU4 ~.^: h 4 . - / « ·^J^f'-'Sv i'' ^haafe^ *** x **. i* 1 "'** * *. T *^ n Z. ..... .. T..J \'lcw U,t. . o,,«l,rfu, Claimed lands in cultivation. On th. top of the levee is a fine road, and in the foreground is the drainage and transportation canal connect** direct to New Orleans and other markets. Sd or un E EMPIRE th of New Orleans there are FIVE MILLION a ores of Rich, Marshy Land; MUCH of it clean, open Prairie, Over half a million acres are now reclaimed er way, These are the Fairest and Richest Meadows on Earth, far excelling the Corn Belt and even the famous Delta of the Nile, ·e Winter is like a May morning, instead of consuming all that Summer yields, jvjmumel lauds in Holland 17 feet below sea lev el sell for $2,000.per acre, ThW lands PTC well above the Gulf of Mexico, and with the fine, mild climate, are much to be preferred over any farm lands on bartn, We can prove to you that this is the best opportunity in land in the world today. Funk Bros, of McLean County have sold large tracts of their corn belt land and now are reclaiming 8.000 acres of land near these tracts. The Lord Scully estate, owners of 30,000 acres in Logan County, are preparing to reclaim 20,000 acres near the land shown in the above picture. _ ^ 4 TL 7- I flfP-P 1 FflOS A. 1 CS.H" VHU c.\i i!t. in,.!·. f a r m i n g on this land in ten years than in t h i r t y yi I rs in tlu- ru rth. Tnkinc i- n-ntor lnnl in tho fnnnl shown in picture above, von can mi -li !"«·*' Orlw.ns in two honrs. With (l.rcc .'rfvps i jear. ynu ran easily pay for from 20 to -JO acrvH «·!' this land in THREE YEARS and live well in the inonntiTiie. Get Readf To Go With Us July 7th. Ifcro is a dianeo to hir BLACK LAND in small tracts near the second seaport in this country. The PPRICE of this land, READY FOR THE PLOW, is $135.00 PER ACRE. The owners reclaimed it with their own money, so there are no drainage bonds to pay. You can pay part cash with usual terms on balance. Conditions as to health on these Delta lands are more favorable than in Illinois. The bracing Gulf Breeze banishes malaria. Cooler in Summer than in Decatur. The rainfall (from 65 to 70 inches) is well distributed throughout the year. Total Round Trip Will Cost You About $60 Tenant Farmers Should Investigate This Land. ·reductive and fertile, in a state where climate far surpasses that of lUinoiB; or if you realize the investment features of this proposition, Bell phone 1100, and we will help you plan this trip. Go with us and see for yourself. Act now. THE P. B. Sullivan, Mana$r. 431 Citizens Bank Bldg., Decatur, UL Bell Phone 1100. iNEWSPA'FERr lEWSFAPERr

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