Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 9, 1975 · Page 12
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 12

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Wednesday, July 9, 1976 86.75-87.25 50-1.00 higher; 20-26 Ib K5.25- 85.75 1.00 higher; 26 Ib Up 82.25-82 .-75 1.00-1 50 higher:'seedless,bellies,10-12 Ib load frozen 84.50:16-18 Ibioad frozen 87.00. ' '•'-'• v JOL1ET, 111. (UPI)- Livestock: Cattle 3,600; steers 1.00-2.00 lower: heifers, 1.00 lower; high choice and prime steers 54.75-55.00: choice and prrme 53.50-54.50; choice 48.50-53.50: choice heifers in limited trade 47.0050.00: canner and cutter cows 15.0023.50. •:'.-' Hogs 1,000; steady to instances 25 higher; No 1-2 195-230 Ib 58.25-58.75: No 1-3 200-250 Ib 57.50-5«!25: No 3-4 300 Ib 54.500. Thursday estimated receipts: 25 cattle, and 1.000 hogs. Report NEW YORK (UPI) - Entertainment issues were among the pacesetters today as the stock market broke out of a recent slump to move higher in active "trading on the New York Stock Ex.. change. . • Strong earnings reports and successful enterprises had investors • buying Walt Disney, MCA Inc. and CBS in ac. live trading. Shortly before noon EDT, the Dow Jones industrial average, a 14-point loser the past two sessions, was ahead 7.28 points to 865.07. Advances led declines, 042 to 275, among the 1.597 is. sues crossing the tape. Turnover during the first two hours amounted to about 10,500,000 shares, up from the 7.910,000 traded during the same period Tuesday. The NYSE high: speed transaction ticker ran two minutes late at times. '', Disney reported third quarter earn- 'ings of ^3 cents a share, a record, up .from 42 cents a year ago. The stock gained 2% to 52 in active trading. -;. CBS climbed l»/fc to 53^ after report - -ing second quarter earnings rose to '$1.19 a share from $1.03 a year ago. Y.MCA, whose movie "Jaws" is setting .. box office records, gained 1 to 89'4. Polaroid gained 1 to 40^ following a 2% point gain Tuesday after it predicted the second quarter would be better than expected. Oil and related issues moved higher. Superior Oil climbed 314 to 221 \ and .y Ohio Standard, Getty Oil, Halliburton, ^Hughes Tool, J. Ray McDermott and f Ker/-McGee all around a point. '; "'[- IBM gained \% to 208. A summer ad;.,; journment is expected in the government's antitrust /suit against the cOm- •J; puter giant. ; ^ '; .'• Prices were higher in active trading ^ on the American Stock Exchange. Har.' land Co. led the Amex actives, off;li4 ;-'-to 25 on 40,000 shares. Champion Home 'Builders followed, up ty to 4% on 39,100 shares. Kaiser Industries was third, up CHICAGO (UPI) • on the Mercantile today: High Low Beef Cattle 46.00 41.22 39.80 39.40 39:40 Live Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Live Futures Exchange Close Prev. Hogs 44.90 40.00 38.85 38.62 38.25 39.40 38.90 Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Jiy Frozen Jiy Aug Feb Mar May Jiy 56.25 52.85 47.15 46.75 45.75 42.45 42.95 42.70 Pork Bellies 84.30 82.90 82.00 80.65 74.67 73.35 72.90 71.95 69.92 55.02 51.52 45.95 45.60 44.77 41.90 42.40 42.20 71.50 70.70 45.85 41.20 39.70 39.30 38.95 39.40 55.35 52.05 46.30 46.20 45.10 42.25 45.40 40.30 39.05 38.80 38.50 39.00 55.80 52.40 46.75 46.15 45.40 42.10 42.70 42.75 42.45 42.50 84.30 83.80 81.50 81.60 73.75 72.00 71.20 74.00 72.10 71,40 68.90 69.10 69:20 CHICAGO (UPI) - Wheat was irregularly higher, corri mixed and soybeans substantially higher at noon today on the Board of Trade. High Low Close Prev. V4 to on 31,500 shares. 11 A.M. Quotes '' Courtesy of Edward D. Jones & Co.., U N. Van Burrn Ave. Telephone 233-3118 1- •• ~ V •' '- ' ' ' '' • American Motors Corp ...Wfi ;,AT&T .50% Chrysler Corp 12^ , Colt Industries. Inc....... 31-"^ Commonwealth Edison :. 27% Commonwealth PFD.. ........18 -Crum 23% asked 24'4 ."Exxon Corp ,;........ ;• ...HSTfc : Ford Motor Co : ...;......41% General Electric Co .j General Foods Corp..................: Wheat Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Corn Sep Dec Mar May J1.Y Oats Jiy'- Sep Dec Mar May Soybeans Jli 3371/^331 332 322 347i/fc339»4 356 ,349^ 356 354 335 363 347 365 348 290 282 ( 285287 273 26214265^26614 258 248V, 254' 251 268 2553i 261-14 258V> 271 26114 266'£ 264 268 264Ui268 266 161|£ 153^ 15514 158-14, 148%'M5i<j 1471,6 14514 149^4 1461/j 14gi£ 146)4 152 148V 2 150»£ 148 149 7 150 14814 549 ,535 43 536 ' ^Holiday Inns. Honeywell Inc 37'/ s Household FinanccCorp 17*4 IBM ..207% International Harvester 27V& '3M Co.........:..... .65 Newell Companies 7»4 asked 7%' -Northwestern Steei&Wire :. .41 -FfcA ', ...20<4 Sears.........] .....73>4 .Sundstrand Corp. '. .:24»4 ^Texaco, Inc .26% U.S. Steel Corp... ..,.60% ' Westinghouse Electric Corp:!. .Woolworth Produce ••CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest gra- dabic nest-run eggs: Steady: prices unch: large 42; me- "dium 34; (quotes on small sizes discontinued). Jan Mar May Jiy 'Soybean Jiy >ug , Sep Oct Dec Jan Mar, . May Jiy Soybean' Jiy Aug Sep Oct Dec Jan Mar-. 536 544 550 541 527 532^5261,$ 549 559 565 566 Oil 24.70 2360 23.75 22.65 22.95 21.93 22.10 21.40 21.45 20.60 21.10 20.35 545 535V 2 552 543»4 559 55f% 564*£55t> 24.45 24.05 23.40 22.80 22.65 22.00 21.80 21.32 21.30 20.50 20.98 20:20 20.95 20.15 20.80 20.10 20.60 20.02 20.60 19.90 20.40 19.88 20.40 19.80 ' ' 128.00 124.10 124.50 128.20 131.0& 127,00. 128.00 130.80 132.00129.00129.8013250 133.50130:60131.30133.80 137.00 134:00 135.20 137.20 138.00 136.00 137.00 139.00 143.50139.90140.50142.30 Livestock : ; PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: ••~ Cattle 2,000; steers and heifers 1.00- v-2.00 lower; choice steers 49.00-51.50; '; gbod and choice 44.00-49.00; good 41.00.,44.00; good and choice heifers 41.00;47.50; good 33.00-41.00. '.: Hogs 2,500; 50-1.00 higher; No 1-2 200'•:-23.0 Ib 58.50-58.75, sonie 59.00; No 1-3 '^200-240 Ib 58.00-58.50; No 2-3 240-260 Ib \57.00-58.00. 260-280 Ib 55.00-57.00; No 3-4 ^2jW-300 Ib 53.00-55.00. ^ : CHICAGO (UPI) - Chicago carlot ^jnneat trade: "- Beef trade active; demand moder- "ate; choice heifer beef 1.00-1.75 higher; :good steer beef 1.50 lower; choice steer land good heifer poorly established; •'550-800 Ib choice steer beef couple '"loads 80.75; 500-700 Ib choice heifer tfip.po. , !" ':'- Porl? trade active; fresh pork loins -17-20; Ib 105.25 .1.75 higher; 20 Ib up 08.00 1.25 higher; skinned hams 17-20 Ib Area Boy Injured In Farm Mishap APPLE RIVER-Scott Sjgafus, 21/2- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sigafus of rural Apple Rjver, was injured in ah auger on the family farm Monday night. Th| lower part qf one of his legs was .amputated at Freeport Memorial Hospital. , ",:,.•• ••• • It Is a principle of American justice that < an Individual Is always presumed: Innocent until proved guilty and a report that anyone is charged with an offense cannot be'con strued as proof (hat he committed the of < tense. We relv upon official public records for the Information published In this column. Accidents S. West Ave. and W. Empire St. was the scene of an accident Tuesday afternoon when a car driven by Dennis Nample. 1109 S. Saxby Ave., stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the street and was struck in the rear by a car driven by Mary Robbins, 1317 S. Locust Ave. A car driyen,by Dixie Staas. 1611 S. Rawleigh Ave.. hit a car driven by Vcr- non Kuhlemeier, 1129 S. Galena Avo.. on South Galena Avenue west of South Float Avenue Tuesday noon. Kuhlemeier received a ticket for failure to yield the right of way when emerging from a driveway. Sharon Nowak. Stockton, is the owner of a car which was damaged by an unidentified, vehicle while it was parked in tjie Lee's Market parking lot about noon Tuesday. , A semitrailer truck owned by Freeport Iron & Metal and driven by Ralph Peterson. .Rockford, pulled telephone and power lines down at S. Adams Ave. .and E. Shawnee St. Tuesday morning. The truck is .16 feet 7 1/2 inches high and the wires were about 14 feet high. police said. •• St. James Road west of Illinois,26 was the s.cene'of an accident early Tuesday morning when a car driven by Ervin Andrews. Rockford. left. the road, 1 came back onto the road, went into the ditch and rolled over. Andrews said two cars forced him off the road Thefts Douglas Wagner, 1648 Hilltop Place, reported to police his gold "Sport" brand 10-speed bicycle was stolen from in front of the Freeporl'High,School gym Tuesday morning. The bike was neither registered nor locked, ft was valued at $70. Colin Carey. 503 W. Pleasaht St.. is the owner of a bicycle stolen from' the alley behind Woolworth Co.. 1 E! Stephenson St..'Tuesday afternoon. The yellow Coast to Coast brand bike was worth $70 and was neither registered nor locked. Break-Ins Someone broke into a garage behind the Dan Cassidy residence, 425 Prospect Terrace, by forcing the rear door. The thief then took twd Kelly- Springfield tires and two chrome rims Monday or early Tuesday: Total value of the loss was'estimated at $15fl- Thieves broke into the Bennett & Hocfer warehouse. North Henderson Road, recently and removed a four horsepower motor and two tires arid rims. Total value of the loss was estimated at $ISO. police said. Divorces ; Ljnda L. Keith. 2159 W. Galena Ave.. was granted a divorce from David .) Keith. 503 1/2 S. Benton.Ave., on grounds of,cruelty. They were married July 28. 1973, in Freeport, She was allowed to resume her maiden name of Linda L. Patrick. Bankruptcies Roger D. Schleuning, Thomson, filed a bankruptcy petitidn in Federal Court here alleging liabilities of $13,244.09 and assets of $400. He is employed by the Burlington Railroad Co. David A. Sawtelle. Rockford, filed a petition alleging liabilities of $4,197.33 and as< sets of $1,015. He is employed by Carlson Roofing. Rockford. ' '• '• . '•••'•. Job Classification Study Set On Freeport Township Employes A study of ^pb responsibilities of all Freeport Township employes to determine whether they properly fit into 'currently assigned labor grades was approved Tuesday evening by the City Councii"iown auditors committee. Township Supervisor Ethel Zeigler will compile information for review by the committee, covering descriptions of work arid salary scales for persons doing comparable work elsewhere in the community ; . , . Mrs. Zeigler said the scope of work has changed; for some persons since the job classifications were made several yearsjfagb under the Jacob plan. Upgrading of employes to higher job Heacl listration Day Monday Registration' for the 1975-76 Head Start child development program in Freeport will be conducted Monday at 'four location^ in the city. .,: The federally funded program gives preschool youngsters o'f low income families learning experiences in language, emotional, social, learning and physical development. Registration locations and times are Taylor Park School, 9 a.m. to 12 noon; First Presbyterian Education Building (Walnut Avenue. entrance), 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Third Ward Fire Station. 9 a.m: to .4 p.m.: .and Westview Community Center, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To be eligible a child must be 4 years old before Dec. 1, 1975, and the family income must meet guidelines of the Office of Child I Development. There are>a limited number of openings for the Freeport area because ^of an increase in early registrations, according to a Head Start spokesman. Th« program will bqgin in September. Parents who have registered their children for the program will be reached in August. Further information cap be obtained by calling the Head Start office, 2323141. , ,/ . ' Junior Officer Servants Cost Taxpayers, Says GAO Weather -T-NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS - vFair and cooler tonight. Partly cloudy *with chance of afternoon showers Thursday. Low tonight 55-60. High Thursday 70-75. J -'Official 7 a.m. Freeport weather readings are taken at the city's wastewater treatment plant on South Hancock Avenue for the National Weather Service.) • TEMPRATURE '^Unofficial noon temperature 81 24 hours: high 87, low 57 ago today: high 97, low 70 • Records for date: high 102, low 50 ^PRECIPITATION '-Past 24 hours 0 inch to date .95 inch for July 5.34 inches to dat 17.09 inches to f Aug. 1. 24.05 inches -^Sunrise, 5':28^.m. Sunset. 8:35 p.m. $5,1™:..; ' '.V ' '- 5lfrE)ftejjided Forecast: 4IJUiims', Partly cloudy and cool Fn- y through. Sunday. Highs 75-85. Lows IP- ,- Py STEVE GERSTEL .WASHINGTON (UPt) - Government investigators say itebsts the taxpayers $84 million a year to provide junior Nayy and Marine officers with servants to fix their pidals, do their laundry, make their beds and shine their shoes. The General Accounting Office, in a report released by Son, Willjam Prqx- mire, D-Wis., said the officers get cut- rate meals for which the average check is one-third the cost of buying and preparing the food. : Proxmire said the GAO has identified 8,416 enlisted men - 5;429 stewards aboard ship and 2,987 at shore installations -in addition to 500 servants who are assigned to generals and admirals. "The Navy and Marine Corps are the only services which use servants for lower-ranking officers," Proxmire said. ''The Army and Air Force have no similiar program." "The $84 milliop provides Navy and Marine Corps officers with, the privileges of a 'closed mess' -meaning a special cut-rate food service using tax dollars -and free maid service .on shore and ship." Proxrnire said. ' According to ttij? GAO report, stewards cook special sit-down meals, wait on tables, clean up after meals and take care of the pffjeers' personal clothing, and the ship's eommander sometimes assigns himself as niany-as six personal servants. On shore. Proxmire said, the en^ listed men do maid net-vice at the bach- elor officers quarters and prepare and serve the food at the "closed messes." "The GAO found that stewards, who are mainly Filipinos, spend most of their time cooking and cleaning." Proxmire said. classes may be in order, she believes. The pending contract with Sojourn House to initiate federal revenue sharing payments to the alcoholic treatment center was discussed. The committee authorized Mrs. Zeigler to revise the proposed contract . to the .satisfaction of the township attorney and auditors and Sojourn officials. Objections tyad been raised by, Mrs. Sally Sharelis, Sojourn's acting 5 director, on certain aspects of the contract. Towhsliip receipt of original Invoices ; before paying revenue funds to receiving agencies under the voucher feystem is a necessity except in scattered in-, stances, Mrs. Zeigler said. A petition received % the township from 15 Freeport residents objecting to giving Sojourn HOuse revenue sharing money was placed on file. Committee chairman Richjard Speicher said today there was iirisiifficient information on the petition'"td do anything." v Thc committee recommended'pur 1 chase of a calculator for the township, office from Readette Office Equipment of Rockford for $354; Bids on a copier were laid over for further study. • Payment to Stephenson County of $1,808.92 for ex'tension. and 'collection of 1973 real estate taxes was approved. v Committee members ChaVles Green, Thomas Gastel, Keith Stott and Spiecher attended the meeting/Sheila Hooper was absent. - Woman Admitted To Hospital Tuesday After Auto Accident June Rakowska, Lena, was reported in satisfactory condition this morning at Freeport Memorial Hospital after being injured in an auto accident Tuesday evening. She received scalp lacerations and abrasions when the car she. was driving collided with a car driven by her : brother, Wendell Chapin of .Elizabeth, on West Galena Avenue west of Park Boulevard. , • Police said the Chapin vehicle pulled out of a motel driveway into the path of the other car. WANT TO SELL SOMETHING? . . '. A small investment in a Family Want Ad will bring results.., Why not try one today! ; . They are small, but they work wonders . Dial 232-2171. . Stewart W. Schultz Stewart W. Schultz of Arlington Heights, brother of Mrs. Henry Swift of Freeport. diedT Friday after an extended illness. He was 59. He was born arid reared in Winona. Minn., the son of William and Estella Schultz. ..••;••• Surviving besides the sister are his widow. Elizabeth, and two sons, David and Scott, both; at home. . Funeral service was held Tuesday in Arlington Heights. Mrs. Leonard Herbig Mrs. l/eonard'(Mae) Herbig of Brainerd. Minn., a former Freeport resident . /died Tuesday in Brainerd, She was a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church when she resided here. Funeral service'will be at 1:30'p.m. Friday in Walker Mortuary. Burial will be'in City Cemetery. . Friends may. call after 4 p.m. Thursday af.ithe mortuary, :^ ••'.•.,j'(Buy|!|i. Wilsey, who formerly resided ; a¥'634' ; N^.Wadd.ell^ve.Caied Tuesday evening in" Freepori Memorial Hospital after an extended illness. He had resided at Stephenson Nursing Center for the past three years. • • He was a punch press operator at Newell Co. before retiring. Born July 22, 1891, in Stephenson , County, he was the son of Perry,and Katherine (Lutts) \yilsey. He married . ^.Ita Allan, who preceded him in death 'on Sept. 11. 1962. Surviving are a son/Donald of Durand and a grandchild. He was also preceded in death by a brother and two Two can rkJe cheaper than one. . Funer'^ seryice will be at I p.m. Friday in Burke-Tubbs Funeral Home. The Rev. Earl Hartman of Lena will officiate. Burial will be in Manny Cemetery. Friends may call from noon until time of the service j on Friday. A memorial fund has been established. Mrs. Julian L. Molter , Mrs. Julian L. (Elsie) Molter of 431 N. Apple Ave., a member of First United Methodist Church, died this morning in Freeport Memorial Hospital after an extended illness. Born" July 4,'1890, in Stephenson County, she was the daughter of Oliver K. and Laura (McCauley) Myers. She was married to Julian L. Molter on June 29, 1922, in Freeport. Surviving are her husband; a son, Norbert of Albuquerque, N. M.; and three grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two sisters and a brother. Funeral servjce will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday in Burke-Tubbs Funeral Home. The Rev. John Bruce, pastor of Red Oak United Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Oakland Cemetery. " '"" ' "' '"' " u There will be no visitation. A memorial fund has beeri established for High Twelve Club. Lawrence E. Fish SAVANNA-Lawrence E. Fish of Savanna Route. 1 died Tuesday at his home. He was employed by the Mil- ,waukee Railroad for 28 years, retiring 'in 1973. Born ; Jan. 6, 1907, in Washington Township, Carroll County, he was the son of Howard and Jessie (Corbett) Fish. He married Esther Wagner on bSept. 21, 1957, in Savanna. She is the only immediate.survivor. Funeral service will be at,10:30 a.m. Thursday in Law-Jones Funeral Home here. The Rev. Richard Johnson, pas- Double up, America. tor of First Presbyterian Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Zion Cemetery. • , . Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. Mrs. Peter Rafferty PECATONICA^ Mrs. Peter (Mildred "Millie") Rafferty of Pecatonica, a • resident of Pecatonica for 60 years, died Tuesday afternoon in River Bluff Nursing Home. Rockford, after an extended illness. She was employed by A & P Fopd Store here for 25 years before retiring; in 1959. She was a member of'.Sty Mary's Catholic Church. Born March 29, 1894! in Green Bay; Wis., she wasjhe daughter of Francis and. Appoiomia (Wulf) Andrews; She: was married to Peter Rafferty on Oct:: 16, 1912, in Geneva. • Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Hubert (Roseannej 'Nyrrian of Pecatonica; twp.> grandchildren;; a,hd seven great-grandchildren. She was preceded in deaiih by her husband, : a son, a daughter, two brothers and a sister. ; Prayer services will be at 9 a.m. FriK day at Khapp Funeral Home and at 9:30 a.m. at St. Mary's Church.,The Rev. Alfred Kruk, pastor, will officir ate. Burial will be in the church ceme| tery.' .- - ' •: ,. • .•. '"• : ' .;•;-;; Friends may call from 7 to 9; Thursday at the funeral home, where the Rosary iwill be recited at 8 p!m:;'• :' ."' V .' " . "V':',y.";\,:/ Leslie W. Albright MONROE; \Vis.-Leslie\W: Albright of Monroe Route 1 died Tuesday night in St. Clare Hospital here after a. brief 'illness. . •' ' '•'• :. '. ; ' ' \\'- : -'--^% He had farmed in ClarnoTdwns'hip for 10 years and Jefferson Township for 11 years and had done painting and carpenter work in the area. He-was-a member of Clarno United Methodist Church. Born Jan. 5, 1905, iii Stephenson County, he was the son of William and Martha (Grahzow) Albright. He,married Mildred Viola Block on Feb. 11, 1931, in rural Monroe. Surviving are his widow; two brothers, Pelmer of Monroe and Harvey of Robbins, Calif.; and four sisters, Mrs.. Leuina Wolf, Mrs. Loris (Gladys),Lev verton and Mrs. Merle (Neva)iEimrickU all of Freepprt, and Mcs. Glenn (Min; nie) Mitchell of Dakota. He was preceded in death by two brothers and a / sister. ' ..:'.••.., Funeral service will be at 1:30 Friday at Clarno United Methodist Church.; Burial will be in East Clarno Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m.: Thursday at Shriner-Neushwander Fu neral Home ; here and after noon Fri day at the church. A' memorial fun< has been established. A Public Service of This Newspaper & The Advertising Council FUNERAL DIRECTORY BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME Cor. N. Walnut and W. Galena Phone 232-0613 THURSDAY HOGG ATT, Robert G., Sr.; r 10:30 a.m. at the Funeral Home. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednes day. A memorial has been established In hi memory for the Heart Fund. FRIDAY MOLTER, Elsie V., (Mrs. Julian L.); 10:30 a.m. at the Funeral Home. No visitation. A memorial has been established in he memory for the High 12 Club. WILSEY, Guy L.; 1 p.m. at the Funeral Home. Friends may call from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Friday. A memorial has been established In his memory. SCHWARZ FUNERAL HOME 816 South Galena Avenue : Phone 232-9017 • G. T. Schwarz, W. R. Cramer : WALKER MORTUARY ' ' •' 321 West Main Street Phone 232-2136 FRIDAY IIERBIG, Mae, (Mrs. Leonard); _ 1:30 p.m. at the Mortuary. Friends may call alter 4 p.m. Thursday. DAIRY DREEM ^SOUTH — 1428 S. Galena Ave. ,-WEST — 1260.; W. Galena Ave. Hcive/ou Tried??? "BANANA SPLIT" You get 3 hills of ice cream (2 vanilla, 1 chocolate) in a boat with a split of banana on each, side, topped with chocolate, pineapple and cherry topping. It's covered with whipped cream, garnished with nuts and a cheery in the middle. Urnrnrnrnrnmrnrnrnrn! ^ Scrumptious! What's For Dinner Come To King Krispy FISH & CHIP DINNER Includes: 2 large pieces *• of fish and generous \ portion french fries * Reg. $1.75 1 39 OFFER GOOD THURSDAY ONLY KRISPY CHICKEN DINNER Includes: 3 pieces Freeport's finest chickerv foil and french fries Reg, $1.69 ihi 1 Try Our Delicious French Fried MUSHROOMS!! Wtf KING KRISPY 152 IS. West Ave, • I 233-4321 Sun. 11 A.M. t. 9 P.M. Sat. 11 A.M. to 10 P.M.

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