The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1939
Page 7
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1939. SCOUTS ENJOY CAMPING TRIP Troop 12 Members Return From Week Spent * Along Potomac. The scouts of Troop 12, St. Johns Episcopal Church, returned yesterday from a week of camping on the Potomac river above Williamsport. Scoutcraft, advancement, swimming, and boating' were featured and much progress was made along these lines. Wilson P. Sp-erow, scout commissioner, acted as chairman of the Court of Honor at the final campfire Saturday night. The highest award made was that of star rank presented to Sam Goetz. Ted Hull received first class and second class awards were given to Charles Deibert, Bill Fuss, Don Myers, Bob Cousens, John Scott, Don Wibberly and Don . ; chelberger. Tenderfoot badges were awarded to Alex Hamilton and John Eisminger. The Moose patrol, Bob Bruce patrol leader, was designated as the out- NOSTRILS RED? [Relieve summer head cold misery — put just • "2 drops" in each nos- itril. Quick-acting-. Try PENETRO NOSE ' DROPS standing patrol along the line of camp projects. An active scout program kept the boys busy most of the time. A hike to the waterworks and an inspection of the plant was the outstanding out-of-camp activity. The exploration of a cave, a treasure hnt, a stunt night, and several campfires completed the program. Visitors to the camp included Dr. Walter Byron Stehl; Robert Shir- clif, district commissioner, and Harold E. Wibberley, former scoutmaster. The staff included George Ehmig, Harold Wibberley, Clarence Valentine, Joe Byron, Bob Moore, Bill Howard, Bill Altende-rfer, Sam Goetz and Ralph Bowers. The camp chef was Frank Welsh. Scouts who attended were Edward Poffiroy, Allen Ruth, Charles Deibert, Ted Hull, Bill Madison, Bob Kerfoot, Don Myers, Dick Myers, Bill Fuss, John Eisminger, Alex Hanv.lton, Bcb Cousens, Don Eichelberger, Tom Williamson, Don Wibberley, John Scott, Bob Bruce and Lewis Sailor. hi charge of the arrangements for the camp were Jordan Beane, scoutmaster, and John Hamilton, assistant. Versatile Pattern For Home Frocks Flatters Young or Mature Figures NAMED TO BOARD MON.TUES.^WEO. W.J.E.J. 6.15PM ANNAPOLIS, Md., Aug. 7.—Malcolm Wright and Nicholas J. De- jinski, both of Baltimore, were iamed to the Board of Examiners of tationary Engineers by GOT. Her- >ert R- O'Conor. Wright is superintendent of electrical-mechanical construction and repairs of the Baltimore Transit Company, and Debinski is an engineer with the HofCberger Ice and Fuel Company. 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All orders for the- Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion. Dept, Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth. Street, New York City. Elgin Praises Safety Plans Motor Commissioner Is Named Judge Of Exhibit Scheduled Sept. 16. W. Lee Elgin, Commissioner 'of Motor Vehicles, is a judge in the "Wheels of Progress" safety slogan contest which will be held Saturday, September 16 in connection with the cavalcade o£ highway transportation and safety in the Baltimore Stadium. The slogan contest Is for the purpose to further popularize- and emphasize the vital importance of safety on our highways. "With the development of high- speed automobiles and various other forms of modern transportation, the death toll from highway accidents has become increasingly alarming." *'r. Elgin said. "The Highway Safety Committee is one of the organizations in the country whose prime endeavor is Remodeling Sale Now in progress! — Tho Original — Miller's Furniture Store SI South Potomac Street to promote safety on the roadways of our cities and states," continued Mr. Englin. "In order to carry out their aim, they, along with other similar organizations, have attempted to impart to the general public rules for ttj protection of life and limb on the highways. It is their hope that every man, wom- and and child in this country will become increasingly safety conscious and in this way ward off countless avoidable accidents." Safety features at "Wheels of Progress" will include demonstrations by school children of their work with the Baltimore Safety Council; drills by the Fire Department and the State Police, and a state championship contest to determine the most outstanding truck driver in Maryland. The state champion automatically "becomes eligible to compete for the national title of "World's Champion Truck .Driver" at the annual convention of the American Trucking Associations. Following a colorful parade through streets of Baltimore, there will be two performances of "Wheels of Progress," on September 1G; one at 3:00 p. m. and another at S:30 p. m. The spectacle will include every form of transportation from ox-drawn carts, covered wagons, "one-hoss" shays, stage coaches, and the like, to streamline automobiles and huge motor trucks and busses of the present. They 're New CORKHILL Tenderized FRANKFURTS prepared by an exclusive Process The finest Franks you've ever eaten They break at the touch of a fork Delicious Flavor and Goodness Yet they Cost No More! Ask your Dealer for CORKHILL . . . Tenderized . . . FRANKFURTS SEVEN WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Why Blame Girls? "Dear Betty Brainerd: "Why is it. that young girls of 16 or 17 think they know all the an swers to marriage? In my judg ment I do not think they knew what the word love stands for. "Five yearn ago I could have married R, the only girl I ever loved, but I realized we were too young to get married then. At least, I realized what a responsibility married life was and I cared too •much for R to wreck her life. So I left R to take a job some 300 miles away. "A year after I left the town where- R lives she married. Then I started going with E. We dated regularly for two years. I cared a great deal for E but not as mucn as I did for R. Well, E wanted to get married and begged me to marry her—so remembering and regretting my past experience with R I married E. "No sooner were we marrield than E wanted to be single again. 1 thought I knew her pretty well before we were married but I did not know her at all until I married her. I realized I had made a big mistake and wanted to get rid of her. She was untruthful, drank and always wanted to go out with some other man. I had never known she was like that and I now know i can't live with, her—she would wreck the life of .any man. "I was man enough to give E a second chance and a chance to change but she is still the same. Nothing means more to me than a good name and self-respect. All this has only proed to me that R was the only girl I ever cared for and as soon as I can get rid of E I intend to marry R if she wil have me. R is single now. What would you do if you were I? "J.J.D." * * * Dear "J.J.D.": Why do you blame girls of 16 or 17 for thinking they know all about marriage? Of course they do not know what the word lov e stands for but neither do boys of that age! And by your own letter you have convicted yourself of being one of those males who think they "know all the answers," and "wha.t love stands for,"-whereas you know absolutely nothing yourself. "How old are you at the present time? From your tendency to blame others for your own mistakes and your desire to leap out of your present marriage and leap into another with a girl you knew well five years ago i judge you are young. Certainly you are lacking in mature judgment. Just let me bring a few facts to your mind—S did not love you or she would not have married another. Upon learning of R's marriage you started dating E. And knowing you did not care as much for her as you had for R you married her. Why? Had you remembered R sincerely enough you would not ha e had to go through a meaningless marriage with E or any other girl. The fact that E wanted to be single after her marriage substantiates my opinion of your having been the instigator of marriage. Don't tell me any girl's entreaties to get a boy to marry her ever accomplished a marriage. Such wanton lack of pride drives the boy away from her—unless he is feeble-minded! Do you want me to believe that a girl you knew well for two years suddenly became "untruthful" and started "drinking" and suddenly developed an interest in "other men" to the extent of wanting to be with them in preference to the man she had "begged" to marry her? If these three statements of yours are true then you and you alone are responsible for this quick change in your wife. If you knew her traits before you married then again, you and you alone are to blame for marrying such a girl. And what is this guff about your being "man enough" to give your wife a second chance to change? Did you leave her? If so, when? When you found out R was as you Top Off the Lunch with This "Special Extra" Slivers of dainty, crunchy crispness—potato stick appetizers. Ready to serve from the can with soups, salads, meats or beverages. Inexpensive, too. HURFF The Treat Fresh Corn and SWEET CREAM BUTTER You'll say you never knew fresh corn could taste so good. Delicious sweet cream Louella improves the flavor of fresh vegetables and other foods be- cnuse of its creamy freshness and purity. The melting test is one of the most critical for better quality. Any "off" or rancid flavors are immediately apparent when butter is melted. Make this test yourself with Louella, notice how all the flavor and creamery sweetness is retained. Louella is produced in the Dairyland of America from fresh, pure, sweet cream. Close supervision, from dairy to you, protects Louella quality and assures a full supply of Vitamin A. Winner of over five hundred prizes for quality. Try a pound on our money-back guarantee. Louella Is Best By Every Test cme. MARKETS Louella Butter is Sold Exclusively at Acme Markets and American Store* put it, "single." And did your wife | know of this all consuming love of yours for the girl of your dreams of five years ago If so, would not that in some measure, acount for her loss of affection for you—accepting that was true? j Not having seen or communicated ! with R for five years yet you now can't wait to rid yourself of your wife and enter in a sacred marriage vow with a girl whom you know very slightly at the present time and who who herself has undergone changes. Perhaps she, too, is untruthful, drinks and prefers other men to you. Certainly she showed that she preferred another man to you four years ago when she married. If I were you I would try to earn some of this "self-respect" of which you know nothing. I would make an earnest effort to make a success of my marriage and not go mooning about over a nebulous love you thought you had five years ago. BETTY BRAINERD. FLYING BOAT ARRIVES Port Washington, N. Y., Au£. 7 (#>).—The British flying bo»t Caribou, inaugurating British trans-Atlantic air mail service, arrived here last night after a last-lei flight from Boucherville, Que The plane took off Saturday front Southampton, England. Major crimes in the Unted State! are committed at the rats of one every twenty-two seconds. Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications are treated confidentially. Betty ' Brainerd, 680 Madison Ave., New York City. a famous name for famous sugars Veternik, Yugoslavia, is a village established by the Yugoslav government for blind World War veterans. ranklin Cane Sugar (or every emu MARKETS HagersiowrTs Modern Food Shopping Center 118-120 WEST FRANKLIN ST. Parking Space Adjoining the Market King Midas Fine or Wide 'Egg Noodles Large Calif. Prunes Del Maiz Corn Crushed Preserves "'S^XJ? 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