Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1941
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAHSTT& STERLTNG, ILLINOIS Sahirdav. October 18, 1941 -^_ J -, W ^.I^PW. I. ii,ii, l .i.8C.»i»Pi-^K».wi W .^i M i l .ii .,.,••.•.«—ui—a. ^^^., M ^»Ht Sport News Covering Local and National Events Sterling Defeats Princeton High in Tilt Played in Rain Sustained Drives by S.H.S. Bring 19 to 7 Victory Last Night Strrhne ramp from behind 1n rtr- fe*t thr «'ronR Prmrrton Inch trnm. IP to 7 hrforr n pood sirrrl crowd who br«vrd thr intermittent showers Friday niglit «t thr lornl dlum. It was a vrry important victory *nd keeps Strrlinc in thr running for North Central Illinois conference honors. Sterling I 1 ; the defending champion and has victories over Mendota and Princeton. Thr Blue and Gold play Htxon here next Priday night and thr following weekend RO to Dr Kalb for the conference finale. Next Friday Will be homecoming and will be flic last home game for Sterling season. Princeton won thr tos,s and chose to receive. Rumley returned kickoff 13 yards to thr Princeton 36- yard line where he was spilled Riser. A 15 yard penally for pushing put Princeton in the hole. A was blocked and Co-Capt. Nelson recovered on the Princeton 30-yard line. SterlinR failed to capitalize-on this break and Princeton regained possession of the ball on thrir own 33. Galloway threw thc Princeton ball carrier for a four yard lass. Taachdvwh March Princeton's kick went out bounds after traveling but a f< yards and Sterling again got break by taking thc ball on t Princeton 23. Sterling fumbled on the next play, and Princeton recovered on their 201-2 yard Princeton then made a sustained drive with six first downs hi a row for 791-3 yards and a touchdown. Rumley carried the ball over from the Sterling one-yard line. He plunged for the point. At this stage of the game it looked a bit dark for Sterling. There was only time for the Princeton kickoff before ' first quarter ended as the ball went out of bounds on the Sterling 40. Sterling Ties Scere Co-Capt. Woodyatt proved a consistent ground gainer as he carried the mall for Sterling and after four first downs in a row for 60 yards, Sterling scored. Woodyatt went over from the two yard line* His kick was good for the extra point and tied the score. Each team made first down Just before the half. Woodyatt tossed a lateral to Riser for 11 yards and a first down and Woodyatt made eight yards as the half ended. Early In the third period Woodyatt got away a beautiful punt that traveled 45. yards and over Princeton goal line. Princeton made • the fatal mistake of trying to-matte the necessary yardage on fourth down and failed when the Sterling line charged fast. It set the stage for * Sterling touchdown. Sterling . took the ball on the Princeton 40. Woodyatt made six *nd then eight fOi a first down. Riser made a yard. "Woodyatt carried the ball for twi first downs and with the ball on the Princeton two yard line Gallowa> went over to put Sterling out in grant. The try for point failed. S. B. S. Make* It 1» Paints Rumley passed to Pease for 1< yards and a first down as the third quarter ended. Princeton again —eleeted-to run wltii the ball on fourth down and once again lost the bal on the Sterling 38. tcrllng's puni was short. Kelly .spilled the Princeton ball carrier for 17 yard loss Young passed to Prantzcn for 18 yards. Leonard int. cepted a pass on Sterling's 45 and returned it to the Princeton 46. Woodyatt and Riser made two first downs. Princeton drew a five-yard penalty for too many times out. Woodyatt took the ball on the "rinceton nine and shook off several ladders and scored. The kick failed. t Once again it was great work on —tht part of the linesmen that_made U possible to win. Every one of the Sterling line from Co-Capt. Nelson right down the line. Zlgler. Reitzel, Leonard. Dahigren. Miller and Kelly looked good and came in for their full share of honors. The backfield took advantage of the line play to tain yardage. Rumley, a sophomore, did wane fine ball carrying for Princeton. Young made some good tains for the visitors and PranUen picked up yardage. The lineups: Inch !hi«; afifrnoon at 2. Thi-i prom)-"-, to !>" R rrni ball gum?. Savanna tin n rir.Tii record for thr **axon w nil n inch powered offrn«.r and ?-.!otirwall rtrfrnsr. Among the wins nrr Smannn 34, Ptorklon 7: Savanna [ 7. I.-.on-; 0. slid Savanna 30, Mount; fnrrni! 0. Community high has de-j frntrri p; Msr\'s of Clinton 34 to 7; Pt. .Jo-rpli of Rock Island 13 to 0: Strrltnir ~ to 0; and lost to Rock Fall-; 26 to 7. Thr officiating will br hnnrilrd by Carlson, Underwood Blltl Drtroit Lions Invade Wrlgley field Si;ndn.y for thr twenty-third meeting sjncr thrir rivalry began in 1930 xvhrn the t,»ons were then the Portsmouth. Ohio. Spartans. Bears have won 11. lost'8. find tied three. Beans ?corrd 251 points and Lions 230. V- X * StatiMics disclose that Sterling niruir 11 first downs and Princeton r ~>10. At the end' of the first half i i- r- r,1 )r V f \L 'f? "1- ,f 1 V 1C (_ 15 1C 1C 6- by IK nt m rd an ?d •n m of w a 1C >n Ve. !d w n. m l- of or or 1C at i•d IT _, is. cr :k j d a f 1. ;r d le it 1C — 1C cert g c g . it a. Princeton had made seven first downs and Sterling five. Coach E E Small took his S. H. S. cross-country team to Pekin for a run tills afternoon at 2. The runners representing Sterling will be John HunsbrrRrr, Arthur Wildman. Kenneth Galloway. Keith Wells. Bill Taylor and Bud Burkett. There is a po*5lbl)ity that Peoria Woodruff will also compete in this event. Coach Small left with the group of about 10. The football season came upon us quickly after school opened in September and it is quickly coming to e, closr. Sterling has but three more games on Its schedule, the finul home- game with Dixon next Friday night, nt De Kalb the following Priday and at Clinton, Nov. 7. After today. Community plays Corpus Chris- tic of Gslrsburjr here Sunday. Oct. 26. meets St. Thomas 'at Rockford Nov. 2. and St. Bede's of Peru comes here for the finale. Nov. 9. Polo comes to Rock Falls next Priday. The following Friday Rock Falls is at Rochelle. and Oregon closes the season at Rock Falls, Nov. 7, Manderson Miles, former Mount Carroll high school football, star, is an outstanding line candidate on the Beloit college frosh squad— He- plays a tackle position. Beloit has approximately 20 freshmen working out daily under Coach Hollie Lepley in preparation for their two-game schedule. The Gold frosh will meet the Carroll college yearlings at Beloit Oct. 30 and will travel to Naper- vllle. 111., to meet the North Central freshmen Nov. 7. Coach E. E. Small of S. H. 8. has entered his cross-country team -in the third annual Woodruff high school invitational meet at Peoria next Saturday. The course is SJ miles in length. Teams already entered include Kewanee, Galesburg, Pekin, Paris, Danville. Kankakee, Urbana, Sterling and Woodruff. Illinois Catholic High School association conference standing as of October 18, 1941: • ' W. L. Immac. C'nc'pt'n (Elmh'rst) 2 0 Cathedral (Springfield) 3 0 "St. -.inomk-s iRockfuid) 3 — t Central Catholic (E. St. Louis) 1 0 Spalding i Peoria) ' 1 0 Community (Sterling) I 0 St. Teresa (Decatur) I 0 St. Bede (Peru) I 0 Marmion (Aurora) 1 Aouin (Freeoort) ; 01 the FK It i i * i f*r ^.cjj W& ere G AOC IMB ing Brv rw bv "j bro line rie< Kvi **-y waJ X aft agt • r"*T* H v-1 Kt« OkCK Rti *->BvJ /*d»r en am\ n m * wit cell thr for gar plu goo Mt. aft< Pal Mt. **n*4 one wifl W*v Hit UUv nex reo anc ben fiel the wer Acs m B4B* but exp Ins g*r the frot dm UUW the Hoi Roc nex fore the thei past *^— w 8pe ball foui Mel ery was abl< tim plet Rock Falls Scores Each Time It Gets Possession of Ball Romps to Easy 26 to 0 Victory at Mount Morris Last Night Rock F*\\A romped to on etwr 26 to 0 victor? over Mt. Morris on the Ittter's field Friday evening. while the ruin fell most of the game. Rock Fulls wrored * touchdown every time it gained pojw*Mlon of the ball, ex- on the kickoff. when the b*ll was fumbled and Mt. Morris recov- ed. Balhud. outsUndinR player on the Mt. Morris, team, was forced to punt soon «fter the kickoff. the ball going out on the 10-yard line. Then Rock Falls marched across the field a srrie* of Une pinnies that brought the ball to the three-yard from where Hun.-iberKer carried it over for the touchdown. Kyger's attempt at the extra point was no Rood. Mt. Morris was forced to punt the Rock Palls kirkoff and Rock Falls started its march across the field. The second quarter right after the kick, and Bamhart went into the game. Spencer. Barnhart and Hunsberger made Rains ranging from four to 10 yards, W. McMurry cellent interference. furnishing ex- Barnhart went through right guard for five yards the second touchdown of the e. but Barnhart's attempt to plunge for the ex-.rn point was no The first half ended with Mt. Moms in possession of the ball, after Rock Falls had kicked. Rock Falls had made 11 Urst downs and Morris none. Third March <• Rock Fall* kicked to start the sec- half, and Mr. Morris followed with its first first-down of the game. but wert forced to pual after the series of plays. Rock Falls received the ball on the 39 yard line and then Lane. Spencer and Hunsberger started the march across the When within four yards of bw ind LEAGl E Black. 1JW Norton 137 Krupffer 133 W. Fryman 2-13 P. Freeman 139 175 189 163 1R2 202 Totals SOI 911 Wilbrrt Vault Co — Rci.*ke HO 135 Kophammrr 121 140 Shaw 171 144 Blown 117 133 Handicap 47 47 143- 507 155— 4*1 209— 505. 1MV— 53S 155>— .MW BIS—2528 124— 3S5 IBB— 513 129— 379 ]8»— 55* 47— 141 Peter Pan — MeWethv Whitney De Roo De Lancey Jones Handicap Totals 14! 130 140 103 135 147 78 IV! 10« 135 147 135— 4W? 138— 346 133— 429 150— 359 US— 40.'i 147— 441 796 752 838— 2386 Totals 80« 787 865—2458 Puckett's Service Station— Steadman Flynn Schaffer Bogott Taber Handicap Totals 175 143 132 no 89 141 165 129 152 121 130 141 131— 471 175— 447 116— 400 120- 3Tt 102— 321141— 423 810 838 7*5—2433 Man field's Clothing Store— Ktrkpatrick 173 300 ISO— 553 Ma-ske Kommer Gran row DiiRan Totals Eurrka Co.— Keefer Shultz Liikala BrtU Peterson Handicap Totals Nile Owl Cafe Abbott V. White Sears Van Patter Howard Totals Waiz Lunch— White Ma the w Pexidh Ocken Eick Totals 165 164 183 157 147 153 157 162 225— 537 154— 471 301— 531 159— 498 822 839 8)9—25*0 171 114 134 140 165 13 160 180 184 211 17« 13 175— 506 165— 459 179— 497 155— WW HI— 4*2 13— 39 737 924 828—2489 Wright* Service Station— Wright Thomson Hackett Wassenberg Eberhardl Totals 154 145 170 156 183 157 127 172 ISO IBS 13<»— 450 173— 445 178— 520 175— 491 178— 546 SOS 801 843—2452 Sullivan's Tavern— B. Shaw Hammttt Curry Keenan Pepper Handicap Totals 166 138 144 IM 146 89 166 111 176 100 149 89 211— 543 115— 364 123— 443 121— 346 158— 453 89— 267 808 TO1 817—2416 Sinclair Service— Mortenson 187 Arnold BoyunK* Hamnvtt McFalls Totals 174 177 182 185 174 193 180 170 164 1P1— 552 197— 564 176— 533 158— 510 186— 535 &05 881 908—2694 MAJOR LEAGUE Eclipse— Conrad 200 178 Swanson 175 175 R. Adams Miller Handicap 133 161 183 8 181 157 202 8 167— 545 175— 525 157— 471 130— 448 203— 588 8— 24 165 108 159 159 204 180 171 211 153 142 165— 510 229— 508 171— 541 190— 50> HI— 527 795 857 n«—2588 153 191 159 211 171 176 214 190 13ft 219 157— 485 152— 557 110^- 559 168— 518 187-- 577 884 93S 174—2696 atari of Coach forced to punt. Sterling •Nelson tigler ReitseJ Leonard Oahlgren •. Miller Kelly J. Gould •Woodyatt Galloway Pos. l£ LT LO C RG RT , RE QB LH RH Princeton Brown Train Thompson Nelson C. Prantzen Shipp Yatea Mercer Capt: Young B. PranUen Rumley •Score by quarters: Sterling Princeton 0 7 « i—19 7000—7 Touchdowns: Woodyatt, two. Galloway. Rumley. Points after touchdown. Woodyatt. Rumley. Substitutes: Sterling, W. Pried- ridtt, o. Hurubeiger, Church, Shu* •an. R. Woodyatt. Kraft, Abney, Pluck. Princeton. Monier, •Hase.'pitiBing, Hulc. Pahlberg. RefGreene: umpire. Underwood; Mosher. Trinity (.Blootnlngton) St. Mary's (Des Plainec) St. Patrick's (Kankalee) St. Joseph (Rock Island) St. Mary's (Woodstock) Notre Dame (Quincy) St. James (Springfield) 0 0 a *o o o o Rochelle Wins Fourth Game in Row; Defeats Afliboy, 6 to 0, Lisf Night Rochelle scared its fourth atraigh Rock River Valley 'conference foot ball victory at Rochelle last night defeating Amboy 6 to 0 with a touchdown in the first quarter. I was Amboy's second loss hi four league games. The Hubs drove 40 yards on four straight first downs to "score their _. _ Ing over on a 10-yard right end tun A pass from Lyle Kundy to Bens for the extra point fell incomplete Irf the third quarter Gleaner of Amboy ran 40 yards to Hochelte's 10, but the Hubs took the ball on down after * fumble, incomplete pass and Umses on two Une plays had pushed Amboy back to the Rochelle St. The visitors threatened again in the final period, gaining yards on two panes, bfit the drive ended on Rochelle's SO. * Polo Upstts Morrison In Conftrtnct Gomt ot Polo, 6 to 0, lost Night Polo high school defeated Morrison, 6 to 0. In a Rock River conference football game at Polo last night. The winners scored in the second quarter when Captain Jack Terry, fullback, went over on a line buck from the two-yard Une after a 40-yard'sustained march. Morrison won the light weight game by a 13 to 0 score. sm MOTES KM rise* Sunday at *W *• in_, sets *; S.l« p. a*. Monday :-*»**«*>: B** WP" Team Hurls 61 Atrials, hit w Record, but Loses LOS ANGELES — <AP>— Texas of El Pa&o may have set an intercollegiate record for pti— thrown in one football fame as it lost to Loyola of Lo» Angela*, 2»-f, last night. With C«pt. Owen Price doing awst of the chucking. Mines threw ft and completed 32. fourth tochdown. plete a pass. ball for a le total of 19 ft ris two. Particularly was good. ing- so much little chance to gains. Howt ting loose. Palls game Rock ference of thr Rock Pails R, McMurry I. Kostor Oratory George . I Geringer 1 Card 1 Munsbarger < Spencer W. McMurry 1 Kyt«r : Substitutions: el, Lane, Barn anna. Pelton, 1 and Boahm: 1 Smith Btouffer, and M« YORK. PA.~ over, a two-year by the late D. York Trust company. of tht Pray estate, to f ing as agent for E. J. Baker of St. Charles. 111. The price was 915,090. Totals Sugar Bowl— K. Peterson 174 MO 901 840—2601 Rollo Clark L. Peterson P. Upton Totals Honey mend— Mainline Newlon Curry Gentz Emmons Totabi 1R3 127 187 170 165 225 199 ISO 203 124— 463 185— 590 169— 495 169—506 163— 536 841 942 807—2590 161 179 173 177 179 160 170 199 161 205 178— 499 152— 501 159—531 153— 491 190— 574 869 895 832—2596 goal, two attempts tr only a yard gain went into the game was fooled, for the; u-t to carry 1 the ball r passed to Hunsber ird touchdown, and was m«de by a pass x> R. McMurry. • ade its second firs ast of the game a .he fourth quarter h George Quire's 1 Mt. Morris on the d again Ballard was Rock Palls receiVH e- Jl -yard line, an< i with laterals and another touchdown he could pass the is wet or dry, arid nsberger netted the i. He passed to R le extra point. Ev- pted by Rock Falls Mt. Morris was un- 'a pass Most of the was unable to corn- lost of the Ume Mt d a pass. Rock Palls tie "possessor of the Rock Palls made a downs and Mt Mor- •ifaag a Ptatare wtstandlng In the was the high anc lallard. Every punt was also the out- far Mt Morris, but t interference. The in turn, was charg- tat Mt. Morrix had o make any good once it looked like nt make a touch rd. on returning a seemed to be get- returned the ball M Wd line. Java another con- next Priday, when tie Rock Palls field. owed the next Pri- and the last game will -• be -Qr*§ on at iday, Nov. 1, mi a* follows: Mt Morris L.K Hudson L,T Kehjn L.O Palmer C Aufderbeck I O fttrite IT Hosenbalm tK , Kruf } B fihoemaker .H Davis 1 H Wynne PB Ballard Rock Palli, Kim- hart. Wmball. Mc- »fulb. Powell, Wlke it. Morris, Prey, Avey, DoyJe, Yagea nbom of Sycamore, De Kalb, umpire. ings $15,000 [APt— Colby Han*«W trotter owned •Ufcnt Prey and MMBblctoniah race oU Priday by the Any, administrator to Pred Eian. act- IVIUKC ot:r>iuc oiauon— Lane 189 202 175— 566 Crouch 156 1U 123— 396 Oltmann 171 161 155— 4T7 Linton 178 161 157— 4M Bressler 199 LM 212— 610 Handicap 5 3 5— 15 Totals SM 146 U6~ 2570 Sterling-PriiKeton Frosh-Soph TiH Ends In a Scoreless Tie Sterling and Princeton frosh fwph* battled to a r^^fflvf Me in the preliminary game at the 8. R. 8 stadium Priday- night Rain fell during the first half and made footing very tricky. rimctioa KICKM on ana recoverea a fumble of the kickoff on Sterling's 15 yard line. Sterling* line charged fast and threw Princeton for losses and the \isitors failed to make yard age. The ball went to Sterling Sterling was forced to punt and downed the ball on Princeton's one yard line as the quarter ended Princeton punted and Sterling made a drive to the Princeton 'five yard line where they failed to make yardage. Princeton fumbled and Sterling recovered and made another drive to the Princeton five yard line Two passes nearly clicked before Princeton took possession of the ball as the half ended. Sterling got. a break in the third quarter when Princeton was penalized for holding, placing the ball on the Princeton U yard line. Princeton punted to Sterling'* 4f yard line. In the fourth Quarter Princeton fumbled a punt but recovered oa their own 10. A bad pas* tnm center prevented the Princeton punter from getting a good hold on the ball before Sterling smeared him. There game ended with the ball in aaid- fleld. The lineups: Sterling Princeton Duhm LE Kern Nelson LT Gildnrauurtar Griffith LG Eaton Calhoun C Walker Birch K3 Skinner iiulcahey HT Gibbons Arterburn RE Pertte Mangan QB Laraon Welton Lfl HichtttU >. Humberger RH Zearlng Engle PB Lay Score by quarters: Sterling, 000 0-« Prinotton • 0 0 •— • ButeUtutac: Sterling, JUdte. P, Hunsberter, Prwman, •tcmberg. j A^^k^K^^^^ ^M % ^k^b^^M I KOWO^ oi jpons| By Buah pyHnctM, Jr. NEW YOMC-tHur fail)-Tht next tea*i that wtil haM tte Lajnecrt trophy, annual award to tht aailam gridiron kino. wiU ba Manhattan rrary s Jbum B. Frary Brown Presnell Weburg Burroughs Handicap Total* brough at hi be can't do can do." . . t scrappiest te team's black) * bowl bid. Barbara, wh $50.000 into weight tourn back for pea down yean dough cut o he's putting Charley Oi of laughs as he had Lou at Mliwauke how the mac third one nig full. After manded an koff calmly i swell lead." dea Up in Pall night, a cou each other at Maybe that i ing tabs wh houae. . . Th feuding with cauae the Ebl wouktat let work out on mar roundup getting ready the market tempt to mar White Sox o lento'a busine He's •dropped jobBtoCMOa Tfcri«ih GMftreN In (nitre VMXMkfTHf Thrae niinoii feneke tmmt and Weatera debute today pioniMp race Eastern fttate Normal, Northern UM and Southern Carbondale. Two conferi oa Up ia the niiaoii collet pace-Mttinc 1 Decatur elevei ctnight decicl •radky vai dwulana coll MMvy rain for ttl tonight, Cater game Prindpia; Lai Whaatoo at 1$8 151 204 181 146 5 16g 1M 176 176 236 5 168— 504 148— 479 155— 537 192— 549 145— 527 5— 15 855 943 81 J—Mil College Foortxill (By The Associated Press) Vulanova 14, Baylor •. ;' Georgetown tl. George Washing' ton 9. Ripoo M. Beloit 0. Grumrli 20. Parsons 8. Texas A. at I., 14, Southwest Texas State • wert iatercepted. tiawever. snd two of the** were cooverUd into LojroU ! boolu ll»Ud n as the |rea(est num- bath teamt In on* -aine. In Spam writer* couidnt nwl any-ila39 tlunsf m the r*-ord boe^* even »p- thv 31 and Wen u* afUMT* flurry. Tbtlli, Lo*oJ« .. Por Rice as the district's N. U.-Michigan Tilt Is Standout Game On Gridiron Today Bv Harold NEW YORK—• APi—Today's football thr but Mt. Carroll Loses to Galena Under Lights Friday Evening, 12 to 0 Galena np?nrd it* U. JR. Grunt ronfer»nce schedule at Gsifnn Fr;day nicht by o>fe»tinR Mount Carroll 12 to 0. GaVen* dmni? ail it.* scoring in the first half. After running buck Mount Carrolls openinR kickoff to Galen* .< Prophefsfown Romps To 56 fo 6 Victory in Game with Port Byron hish sc hool •; 5;^- foo;ball tram stngrd n trark in .'.coring touchdown', to d*fra: Thr Port B\ ron tram, ftfi to R . Friday aftrrnoon nt Pori Byrnp. Thr \irtorv is thr fifth in a row for the , mrrt which Lynn O 'Pappy) Waldorf. turns loose a whole horde of bucks I against a Wolverine line that isn't i supposed to have a weak spot. I Every one of the Evanston stadium 's 48.000 seats will be occupied for this first meeting of two Big Ten standouts, but it can't complete- i ly overshadow such other «et-to- Rpthers as Comell-Navy. Texas A. & M . Colum- Michigan State- Dixon High Defeats Belvidere, 18 to 8, in Game Friday Evening Christian— Texa.s bta-Georgia or Santa Clam. And down in the south they will ... , , bet you cant pick the winner of o'^nao*™ tr » ««h of the the Alab»ma-Tenne.v*e or North ' hr T,""*"*" ! n Dix P n FYlda - v ni ^ { w " s madp up of rescrvfi P la >'«8- Carolina-Tulane ! °. ?. elf '?. t B* lv jdere, former member j performed throughout the first quar- Dixon high school griddern scored last procTSm perhaps doe.»rrt have 40-yard hn* Bawin. Galen* fuii- quantity of rerrnt Suturdayx. back, broke awsy for a 60-v*rd run it. makr* up that dettnency in and a touchdown. The att»-miH for'p lorhp| r , nrrr of thrm and thrre arr at Ie«t * hRlf the extra point w».t mK«.ed. In R 1V r r s ronfr'rnrp tilts dwrn garner whase outcomes have the wcorid quarter after a strsch Tarrp'frr Anna'wan and Part R- r^ ca,,^d morr di«-,L«ion* than the rrmrth down the f te ld by GaJen. :^4 U, m of at rift a UrT- tssue.s in . by-year elecUon. ; B.^n .»«!„ rro^d the l.,t Mr:rr f hr 'VhamSsh.p. If Pr^pheSoU m thr tiebate.s in the'J" » touchdown and »K*in thr at- dp j ra! , E))r ?)rv , Fr j rfBV ' M , M . v , :: fraca. in'»«npt_ for th* extra pmni *^. rftrn , hr , in di5p«trd title. If they lose »nd Tampiro wins tlifir fm»l samr. thr two tcnm.s will divide the tit If honors. Prophetstown probably wouid hs\T registered another touchdown nr two had thr Rnmr not been called in the fourth period after Sommers had carried thr ball over to bring th? team's total points to 56. The conference rules provide thr Ramr be called when a team in leading by 46 point."!. With the exception of Sommer* the starting lineup of Prophetstown 1 of the North Central conference, 18 | to Inary. li Dixon ; and won the prelim- the opening kickoff ter which ended with Port Bvrtm leading, 6 to 0. When the regulars took over in the second period there was no more scoring by Port Byron. The Michigan-Northwestern meet- i ing. however, docs overshadow Mich! Big Ten tilts a-<. Iowa's meeting withi' twice-beaten Wt.v-on.Mn. Ohio State's! . . . , hopes of making it three wins at 1 *™ P u " t4 ^ •»«. f * tu "«,_ l ° ** m - ; wnHe the Prophets ran. plunged and Purdues expm<? Pittsburgh's riMt |GU1 Moor *- »*' v lo*re halfback, re-1 pRsse d to cross thc goal line for nine to Minnesota and Drake's collision; j! irntn L',,5 °*. U l*/*^ J° Dixon * touchdowns and added two point* wah IllinoU. " w - Fullb «« Jed Beck plunged Rft( . r touchdown to give them S«, over for a touchdown but hi* try i point.,. Martin dtsplaved sensatien- for the extra point was stopped and ., form ln open flc]( , nnntog. to score four touchdown*. Sommers ac- Indiana Tangle* with Nebraska Indiana, unable to get started this Belvidere led 6-0. year, goe.s against another tough- foe, I Clell Weidman of Dixon ran thix time Nebraska of the Big Six 34 yards on a lateral DMM play to and lust year's Rose Bowl victim. i Belvidere's one-yard stripe in the j Down in the Southwest conference second quarter. John Loft UK ncorittg; where they call themselves the Lone' one the next play< John Weaver's Star elevens but every* club has a j place-kick failed. half dozen heroes. Texas gallops In the third quarter Floyd Egler \ ."'* against Arkansas in a strictly league' of Dixon returned a punt 15 yards ' K affair, while Southern Methodist is to the Belvidere 30. QuUhot made the foe of Auburn and Rice drives' 17 yards on two plays before Loftus counted for two touchdowns, while , nd first game, each scored a valuable fu-st J player by his all-around good pl«v- Ing, especially shining in his . cr " against Louisiana State. scored from the three-yard line. .«.....i,« n < »u. K.H ^H. ' Climbing Just a notch higher on Hte plung* was stopped, flewrsl ^^J*??^.*^^** made touchdowns nearly every time they ob- vour map you will flnd Oklahoma i minutes later Egler tried to punt * wo Iirst *« accredited to the . A. * -M-. -enrertaintnr Detroit-unt-4 f r«B- nl» -» -Mtd-the. BaU__w«s Ueam. while Port Byron made five. ersity and Tulsa. one of the Mli- ! blocked, Behridere downing the Atthougtt elearly outclasswl, Port- *ouri valley threats, playing host to Dixon halfback in the end tone for Byron showed a fighting spirit the St. Louis university bUIikens. a safety and two point* for * iJ-g ! "gainst the topheayy • In addition to Indiana-Nebraska, ' score. beat Rice. 1 Prank that Detroit heavy He took th After the inning Chouy de- Cfea»i«g the C«ff they counted the The football Dodgers are then wear cleats to a wet field. . . The ru- Tony G»- ILL. CAP)— • Intercollegiate con- i — Battern. •outhcrn TMcherK—oMde their in the te«cue chaw- Teachers entertained , defeated last week by •chers. and Wectern The Jaspers have promiisd to pkfc today wad it up from return it to is* .. Notre Dame • to have gone HeUywMd k* the bsai traditicav .. They rate their by the asaount ef -ituBHp" the boys put into tbeir play. . .Bab Hooey ef the Ohio Mate Jaunta! figures weary pout ia Qbto Male's H-t win over SouUwrn California added a few decimal pats** to the stock's receipt* for four b«a*t gaMca. south- wt i**t Corrcttpaadents fres* »«st offer plugs for atoyier** , hrr« Wi' on as SB AU-Asnerica candidate Gu* rttwiru "J saw Job* to play college last night but a rain forced poMponemem un- R««e Poly at Lawraace at Monmouth; Northern Teachers: Huraka at Aurora; Wabash at lake P«re*r, JHmhUrat at Canhage; Wis- at ahurtleff. and he Big Six offers Oklahoma at' Qullhot scored a five-yard touch- Kansas State and one of Missouri's: down m the final Mosion after a better teams against Iowa State at' drive from midfield. Weaver's place- Ames, kick failed. Out on the Pacific coast. California mixes with Oregon while Btan- ord. its victory string exhausted, lopes to take off on another with San Francisco university as the Tic- ', tim. Other games on the sunset coast j pit Washington State against South- j •m California and UCLA against Washington in addition to unbeaten Santa Clara's party with Michigan State. The Rocky mountain area is concerned only with itself in a quartet of contests that sends Utah over to 1 Mendota Trounced in Conference Game Last HkjhtbyDeKjlb r 26-7 De Kalb high school defeated Mendota M to 7 Priday night in a North Central eonferenot foatball er stopped trj'ing until the whistle ming. Idaho to Utah State and Colorado State to Colorado. The whole of Dixie U necked with •* their Mendota. The teams re- .Undlngs In the conference. De Kalb with three wins and Mendota test with three I loxeesr Mendota scored in the first quar- attraclive contests. Vanderbllt. still ter after Mockuig a -punt and tak- rolling along, meets Georgia Tech ing the ball on De Kalb'* three- and .somewhat tarnished Alabama yard Une. Paber plunged over for ended the game. Michaels made their only touchdown In the first period against the Prophetstown substitutes. The score by quarters: . Prophetstown 0 26 18 13— 5« Port Byron 6000—4 The lineups: Port Byron Pos. Prophets Kouskl LE Roci Bull C Klner Orr RE v Praa DaUey QB Sonuners Michael LH Lawrence Jinks RH Meier Substitutions: Port Byron, Avers, Whlteslde, Griffin. Prits and Keeler. Prophetstown, Mathis. Martin. Cor» ry. Hansen and G. Wildman. Aisob Favored to Win Over Field of 6 Tod< faces blemished Tennessee, plus Colgate's invasion of Duke. Along the Atlantic seaboard the the touchdown and Edwards plunged succeesfuUy for- the extra point Mendota led, 7 to 0. program is dominated by Georgia's : De Kalb tied the score later in unbeaten Bulldogs against Coium- : the opening period when Wright bia's smartly coached Lion* and carried the ball over the Mendota Notre Dame's experiences with goal line, after a aeries of Une crumbling Carnegie Tech. It U the plays from midfield. Hrnyak plung- flnal game in a 19-year-old rivalry Jed for the extra point and the score between the Scots and the Irish. ; was tied 7-7. Yale's ambitious sophomores hope! After a scoreless second period, to give army's unknown forces their Wisdom. De Kalb sophomore back, first defeat and Pennsylvania car- tan IS yards to score. The try for rtes an unblemished record on the,pointwa* not gtmoL In the fourth Held against Princeton's Tigers. 'quarter, De Kalb scored on a 12- West Virginia wants to prove by, 1 yard pas*. Cook to Moaer. Less beating Ford ham that the 40 to 0 than a minute later, McKane inter- score Navy accumulated was all a cepted a Mendota pass and ran mistake and Boston college, still yards for the final touchdown, hunting Its first major triumph, has, Davis' place-kick was good for the Manhattan college for attempt Mo. j extra point. 3. Nearby Harvard entertains Dart-: "".';,".7.7.7..- ~- ;;, .-•— mouth and Syracuse, with its center turning his back to the foes, bring* its "Y" formation to New York university. ; Man-land entertains both Plorida and its returning alumni. Mormon Drills but One* For Pro Gome Sunday NEW YORK — (AP) — Graduation ceremonies last June and a check book last Monday provided the setting for tomorrow's stellar Blood to Injured Girl, Griddcr Mokes Game AURORA, ILL:— <AP> —Patricia Palmer, IS-year-old Rockford high school student, who was seriously injured in an automobile accident a week ago in which tw* other students were killed, developed pneu- Exceed $100,000 Mark LAUREL, MD, ~ «AP) the $700 bargain beauty, gets ha chance* today to become the 13th two-year-old in racing history to win more than $100,000. Alsab, "the poor little rich boy* is hailed ax the Juvenile champion of 1941 and is heavily favored today against six horses entered in the mile and a sixteenth test If all g% the purse will be $5,625 and a victory for Alsab would boost his earnings to $103,180 and place him ta the select circle of "hundred graad- ers." use ef the attack, the girl's father. Dr. atony B. Palmer, said has picked up his earnings the hard way, running race after race for ordinary purses, for the bar. gain-basement colt, from the wrong side of the tracks was Ineligible for such rich fixtures as the Belmont and Pimlico futurities. 7 The racing manual shows that since 1870 only 12 horses have was more than $100,000 as two-year-oldt They were His Highness, Domino., Colin, Morvich, Pompeii, Anita Peabody. High Strung. Whichone. Equipoise, Top Plight, Ladysman and Blmelech :__ __-_ _. Top Plight Is the greatest two- year-old money winner, garnering 1219,000 in 1131. Blmelech was the last one to pass the $100,000 mark, In 1«3» he earned $135,000 of which •0.040 was realised in the Belmont Pimlico futurities. pro football.attraction in> which TM that no bteod tnmwwaion was'made Harmon of Michigan and John Kim brougb. ef Texas A. * M., two ef S4t% Wtghtest football stars, will play in the same lineup. Both will make their debuU as members of the New York team ia yeaterday, aa vac planned the proepacUTe blood don- n. fullback on the American pro league against the the West Aurora high school football team, who Joined his team last night fora wtth La Salic-Peru after Columbus. O., Bulls. Kimhrawb baa -arid Dr. Palmer amid ne transfusion Ntw Stadium DtcJkottd worked with the New Yorkers of the week anil was reported ap-! preaching playing shape. i Harmon, however, drilled with the i club only one day before flying back to the midwest to keep other appointments. He will return Sunday mortnng a few hours before the game. Both were All-American players a. year ago and Harmon will start at'*•*•»• between the halves of the his usual halfback position. Kim- Wtelevan-«t. Josephs football game, brough was a fullback in collect an*** Scott W. Lucas <D-IU> a BLOOMTNOTON. ILL, — «AP> — Watleyan university's new was to be dedicated Ht. Jmwpb's at Illinois Wealeyaa, ' Stre«tor tanker Dies STREATOR. ILL-«AP«-Harry W. Lukins. 73. pmident of the Bueator National bank, died Priday. Ate dead here was L. A. WUcox. W. retired New York Central railroad conductor. P«r todoar practice, parachutiets leap from .a dummy f«seia|i mounted ni«h abov* the lioor OMmtarwejtbf cut* «pes4 ef UM football but will earn his tlJMI Bun day as a right halfback. Fights Lost Night (By The Associated Press) HOLLYWOOD—Rodolfo Ramirt*. 1401 -J, Mexico City, won by technical knockout from Jimmy Garrison, Kaiua* City, in eighth round. HIGHLAND PARK. N. J.—Preddie Archer, 11$. Newark, *"Hffkrt cut Geant* Harper, 136. New York, in fourth. TRENTON. N J - Lsrr> LaM, m. outpoiBtod Vine* Pimoiaalla, m. Brooklyn. (St graduate ef the claw of 1915. was scheduled to officiate at the dedi- calioa Police Assn. Reelects Blut af ad the Uc*men's tiv* BUL — <AP> — RoUo Priday assum- •f the Illinois Po- and' Protec- Ua« for another term. Biuat aad all other atttotn were ntectad Thuraday at the organi- sation* OMveatwn. Others re-«k«t- •4ww» slajr Barnaart. Rock Island. «** riee iriaK t; Ctoorft H*a«. vtat prmmiiit *AH DIEOO-PWrolancfa*,. Ill ... City, owtjpptntad Meniy •»• taf ill, Las jftumlex (!•). O. E. Prep Footboll (By The Associated Pre&s) Pgin If. East Aurora 9. East Moline •, Moline 0. Centralia 18, East Peons 6. Notre Dame (Qulncy) 27, Kia- caid'f. East St. Louis 38, Central Catholic (East St. Louis) 0. Thornton (Harvey) 33. itanhafr^ 0. , Champaign 34. Blootnlngtan 13. Preeport i. Bloom (Chkan Heights) 0. Decatur M, Urbana 6. Mattoon •, Danville 0. Peoria Central 7, Springfield f. PciUhans (Springfield) o, Cuotos Macomb 30. Rushville 0. Rock Island 14, Galesburg o. Kewanee 35. Monmouth 0. Pekin 14, Streator «. LewUtown 13. Canton a. Havana 11, Bushnell 0. Maeomft at, Mushviik 0. Kureka 7, Pajrmington 0. ChiUicothe M. Bradford 12 Washington 27, Welher*fleid <Kt. wanee) 0. f, Enunersoa West Rockford (Gary, led) • Joiiet 24, East Rockford 0 La ftalle-Peru lg, West Aurora Laix>r L«ader Dies MlLWAUstM - (AP)-John J Handky. sacretary of the Wiwtwuia •Ute Pad*faU<m of Labor, died «i htf ***** Ptidajf laUowlp« a lon» ui-

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