The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 22, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1971
Page 7
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tf IE HI«,\/OSI'OltT FACTS, Pnepott, ftttt, MotkUy, November 2J, IWI, f if« ?'?%> & ' >>-», &*> Z^r)' -/-%' .*£ f ««V 'j^W ', /.H/-4 WJA\ ?jrf &]. SI LUCY LINDA TURKEY *« /•«*» 1 ™ ^B^WwB^i^ •LUCY. LIMOA TURKEY IS.L3S/ AND iJPl L3. U.S.O.A. GRADE A 10 L9S. AND UP LB. for »op. ~^r "/'.i '«*/? •**} "V." < ; ^ - -ft ~!% FARMER BROWN U.S.D.A. GRADE A CHICKEN "° 7 HENS Lb. Avg. LB. nr* vi. »•» 39 surr U.S.O.A. GPAOE A U Lfii. *'<0 UP 1.8. 59 (I U.VO.A. r.RAOE A !0a)5A * Dup U.S. CHOICE TENDER A CE BEEF STEAK SO C'JT SHOULDER TURKEY TURKEY TOMS II fJ$, AMD UP HENS 10 UHS, AMD UP Butterball Turkeys IOPf«OST Deep Basted Turkey fA**I*CJI fl*»0*» U.i.D.A. CPAOt A h , . »» VI | , p •V • •% D * I, I i r IL u»- «| ^^ Turkey Roasters tTOtL8 ' v « 59' V»tri «OhtLf.St Ham & Turkey Roast • 2 49 RJklM BLAC». «*»» Pork Sausage 39 PO»*L BAMJUCT Pork Chops " 79 MlCf.ORr Slab Bacon 49 Slab Bacon 59 HEUMOrr CRtrtPRf.0 TxiCr iLCCEO Sliced Bacon * 69' * Beer Broccoli Spears Jilt tM * Paper Napkins t oncer " Aluminum Foil AHCtl MAU *• Shredded Coconut u o; >>*«•, vs, 99 ( Dessert Topping » OOP CIVS !*<*<?»» 5 ; 1 Sluffed Olives •"'32' Sugar (&QO TlVB 4-dl-. s 1 Cranberry Sauce 4 T0I> I »OU Pt'WfWK * •62 Mince Meat Pies •" Chuck Roast 89 tiEUHOf f i«Ah'. HAi r 0" Hi'Ot ' ". LBS ANC Smoked Ham 69 U.J. CMOlcf. ?{K0CI> A-:',tD S'ftr Choppettes * 99 __ ^•• . _ TtHOEf AOE!) Bl Ef 55 Ground Chuck ^ 89 U.S. CMOICE Tf HDtS AOtO Bttf 57 Ranch Style Steak * I 29 \T Stew Meat"'''" 1 ""'"' « 98 { U.S. CHOICE TthDEB AGED BEET " S 1 Chuck Roast "-79 C U.S. CHOICE TEHOER AGED BEEF 45 ( Swiss Steak * swcji ^-89' MIRAaE WHIP SALAD DRESSING TOP FRISH PRODUCE California CELERY LARGE STALK 2Sc COL DEN *IPE Bananas ROVE 8EAUTY OR Jonathan Apples BAKERY TREATS •m^^fcfc^P PKC. '• i I KUH Fruit Cake .,. NQNi BCTTfR AT ANY PRKI! LB. TMAKK1C1VIHG THR£[ »' LAtfHS Special Cake ^1 49 QME TEN INCH Layer Cake ^ 1 59 BUTTER KHIJP OR Potato Rolls 39 HEARTH BUTTER CREAM r ct >« Louisiana Yams mi tn aciiK Parsley FRESH GREEN ONIONS- SltALLSAUAO Tomatoes FRESH Whole Cranberries Navel Oranges ALL PURPOSE ** gusset Potatoes Russet Potatoes TANOELO OR JUICY ORANGES U8. L8. LB. HIM II PINT •$ BASKETS • -39' -25' 8 c iiV 65' 15^98' c EA. DEAR ABBY Ex-nun can't shake 'stigma' By Abigail Van Buren It im h cuim Trttaw-N. f. Mm Vn*,, l« I DEAR ABBY: I am a 33-year-old ex-nun. I have been out of the convent /or two years and am now In my fourth Job. I do office work and am well trained for it, but here Is my problem: When I am a*ked about mytdl, I have always told the truth, and as Mm as It Is learned that ( am « former nun, t am viewed with curiosity, suspicion and in some caws, contempt. The fact that 1 was a mm fascinate* people (especially mcnj, and wherever I go, f am questioned about it. I would like to forget It, but once someone knows, 1 am sunk. I like this new Job and want to stay. So far I haven't mentioned my background, f don't want to lie, but I don't want to pour out my life's story too soon because the truth" might prejudice people right off the bat. Can you advise me? EX-NUN; DEAR EX-NUN: Yoor problem Is your excessive crra over what people will tWok a boot yon when Ibfj lean j the troth. Don't try lo »«cond fattt them. If they're "faiet-^' oalfd" with the fact that you were a nan, K> what? Hut's! 1 U>cir problem. Don't make it yours. DEAR ABBY: More than 25 years ago, I rescued two" battered, unwanted babies from a 20-year-old mother and a '•• cruel 22-year-old stepfather. The young mother tried to force her mother to take them, but her mother had a large family and re/used to lake on such an added burden. [The boys were two and three at the time.] Finally the young mother put them out, and told them never to come back into that wretched littk apartment over someone's garage. When darkness fell, a neighbor told me that these children were huddled on her back steps, like abandoned puppies, dirty, hungry and asleep. 1 took the boys and asked their mother to let me keep them and she agreed gladly -*ith no more emotion than one would show giving away some unwanted kittens. She promised to make the break clean and to never contact them In any way The town was so bitter toward her and her husband, they teft town. The older boy has been a trial and heartbreak to us. I took him to psychiatrists, and psychologists. They all told me that his personality was damaged by his early mistreatment He was hysterically nervous, a chronk bed-wetter, prone to steal, and a victim of screaming nightmares. He spent ten months in a juvenile ward in a state psychiatric iaststution. which didn't seem to help him. The younger boy did better, spending four years in the Air Force. He married a nice little girl (I'll call Anna] and they moved in with us. While my husband and I were on vacation a few months ago. their natural mother came to town and locked the boys up. Anna became very friendly »tth her, and now for the shocker: Anna and her husband have just become parents of a baby girl, whom they named for that woman! I was stunned, crushed and amazed. We have signed notes for them, given them money, and treated them as our own children. Please ask a psychiatrist, why. why. WHY? NUMB DEAR NUMB: latetuire psychological stu<C« are n«- risiarv to drttnnloe what motivates people to behave as thry do. On the face of it. it's hard to believe that tab >oung cooplf didn't know bow you woold react, whkh leads lo Lbr natural conclusion. Thry didn't care. H> XSAK'UTKU PRESS Some quotable quotes from women during the week. "I (irmly believe that mc-n and women should have the chaivce of equality to serve God as well as the people " J\SK inV.XNC, HSIE.V Vl'KN. cine of two women who will become the first of (heir s*'\ so be priests in the Angolican Church "Every time the phone rings 1 fear it's bad news Nine times uul of ten it's been bad news Then there are the letters. There is always >omcone who wants to soe more of the family killed."— I'HINCK.SS l.KK H.\U- sister of l.INK ONASSLS, in an interview with the London Daily Mail "We're getting bloodier and more violent all the time, and we want to reverse all that. We think this is the only way to get back quality of life in America "-.Mrs. UKOKGE HOM.NKV. wife of (he seereiar> of Housing and I'rtan Development, in an effort to promote voluntary ai-iion programs across ihe nation. "1 cannot live without Greece - Uidy .AMALIA Kl-KMlNU in London, vowing a "vigorous political campaign" against the military- regime that deported her from her native country. "You come into an age bracket where you don't play leads anymore—I think the men are belter in this respect. So you play the mother, the aunt, the woman next door." -Actress RUTH HUSSEY, back on the entertainment scene, explaining her 11 years of retirement. is good for women u ill turn out to be good for the country " Rep. BELLA AB- 7.1'G of New York, speaking at a women's conference on politics How's Your Hearing? UIU'ACO. ILL. — A free mtVr of special interest to ihuse \^ho hear but do not iimiiTstanii words has been >mnouncwi by Ueltone. A non- oporuting model of the s/nallcst Hcltone aid ever made w ill be given absolutely inx- to anyone answering this ROBBIT MITCHUM GOING HC^ BEACON THEATRE *»© Try it to see how it is worn in UK- privacy of your own home \ui)iinH cost or obligation of any kind. It's yours to keep, free. It weighs less than a third of an ounce, and it's all at ear level, in one unit. No wires lead from body to head. These models are free, so we suggest you write for yours now Again, we repeat, there is no cost, and certainly no obligation- Write to Oept. u<ft Helton? Electronics Corp., 4201 W Victoria, Chicago, 11). GUMtj. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS SALES-SERVICING-RENTALS |* HYDROSTATIC TESTING *IUHH) SYSTEMS ttiUAT SYSTEMS UrCEKTlKlCATlONS BRAZOSPORT PAPER 4 233-H wtm

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