The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1975
Page 1
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Holiday cruise will take medicines to clinic II* HIM. DAWR0N D«n Meredith (caches aailinfj Af»a, hi* wife, is a doctor On an upcoming cruine aboard M«»rwflth's ,S«rfni«> Ui*ed icfKMjfler. they'll get n cluinc? to exun.w their r#»pwtive skills The id<*it fi« the cruise arfwe when the i'Wiptc *«» vlng dinner with Meredith's irrngtime friwid. Jirad sometime for donation (o the clink-, She Is a lung *f>wiaH*l and Internist on (he staff of several Houston Duncan, «i» architect, ws»* tailing th« Meredith* about the r*-«irt he owns on the island of L'tite, in th* Hay Island* trff 11* roa»t of HumiufM lie iiit-nuonttt lite poorly suppli**] clSnie <m the- Ulawl. . and Hr Mwdilb Mitt sh«' would Ilk* !« anther «.ampl« from supplier* and I* to them to Ulita From h*?r suggestion (?r<fw the piaiw for (h<» miise l« Uliln (be Mcrwlilhs will undertake. l>»parlwrie i* net for fk* 12, with return to Stirfokk* tentatively jtchtduled for Jan, I? Kecettt claws «n the Moon Shadow have bwn ewMlt«:t«J with students from Uaylor Medical School in Houston. Meredith twsuw a certificate (o his sailing students up<m completion of thHr courte which indicates they »r<? capable «/ sailing a *m«ll bos! -without prwfeswonal help ,Mw»l of UK? student* in Meredith'* *8iltii« school. w bich Iw call* Atjvpntur«n Unlimited, art- college-Age, )w ««yi the majority fiml mit flhwit his cln.wwt by word-of- moMth, he feeto, although he (km both national ami local advertteffifj Theclassa* will start up again when Meredith returns in January from the cratae to Utila. That erui». in addition t» it* humanitarian and recreational (upsets, may retail in a new business venture for Meredjilh. He rwmiy wi!f<»«j<J fhe Moon Shadow with a KJ/JW- l«uwi fn-eu-r While in MomduraK, he fjfrris t« invefttigste the possibility of Importing Jot/ster and red snapper to thin country T«t otbit*r pwpj«? will t« making the rtp, nvwt (rf them with the \<flf, March frf Dimes drive- m Dan and Af*a Meredith am also pariidpan!f, in (jirit campaign. The croi«c, which will take place on a shared-expense hasls, will nerve as an ocean sailing workshop for fhe unexperienced members of the crew, Meredith soys Instructing novice sailors I* not a new undertaking for him. Formerly an aerospace engineer for NASA, Meredith started teaching nailing classes seven years a«o. For four years, he taught those classes and lived aboard the 58-foot schooner Carlbbee which was docked at the Bridge Harbor Marina, His current boat ~ the one on which fhe cruiw to Utila will be made ~ i.i the ftVfoot Moon Shadow, It was buill by a family in C'lulc, Meredith says, and took three years 'Please turn loP. 17, Col. 7) BRAZQSPORT c acts Lake Jockson Clute Freeport ( rwnty. ff t DEADLINES SET FOR ADS, NEWS FOR HOLIDAY I.)ay Escapees caught K*rtj> erf Ihti, ad- and news 'A'!!! wt art 3pm Jor !h«- 'A>dnr»d«y for she fYnJAy paprr. a;xi i for !1 r •* fi , i» ;'; rf 7 S m T"hmv<!av 'or iporli { r>'^*Ti ' Tf;«- i:l»fk!iifj!xj ad' ' tfrtiiiojt deadltne is ] lAy Jwr the '". ami S ' I pro Wi-ii -viji) |cr she - : LOOP loses 9th member of company in <"--rf «?;•.:.•,• who !».•;.'•: !>•<•••, '•sir'-. iV« !«Ti:.«;.fi -*f-r> p m f- t"id»y '.MU<-T? Miff our.fl «.-vl old barn iia> af- UJH-d a( 8 an area kep! ! ;;i;d*?r Mr.* Jx*ri Uk p rn Vi« west*- . ^ad i f <• had ,<',h;n£ton had *:- !i!.i»uge «bay', 4 i;i«--vda\ -Ahwi Use u-.-ir.p! ix^an and relMs*rf by lib* "jr.-. j<~ts uivCr Mrv Ti.M.' Mnwlixjunds jv,-rke<J up t)i«r Uajl oii the ri'-tr t*ank arv! 'Acre drawjnjj !w<!.' A'lw shsir cap!uri-, !h«^ iscapccji, in s!a!em*ntt of officers. exprttss-wJ iidniiration 'or Si r s W a s h i n g t o n s staintKa and foru;ud« Shv had suffered a broken ur.Wt nhen the trto ran <s prison <«rm Sruck Kilo hi-r auto on County «/>;td Vjfl which runs from HjHh'Aay 36 t*hisij tht jjfwtfl farm tu Brazona. In an in'.crvtc-w -Alih The P&cii &be wkid lha! with th*aido<a*!,c*; and one of the weapee* holouii; on to she ha* wjlked a 6'*!tnn",ir.}j .icros* sne .UK! then xwam mam* the the Brazos River with them l<jvi-rv..i«- Country ("sub wn with aid of a floating log. The »-M.-tf*'-e* rfU-JM-d charged before Justice of the Feace f< C. Thomas at Hutt- Friday night -A'ith felony f-icape and a^.gr;i%a't-d kidnapping Charged are Randy IXiniop. 22, serving five year* for burglary from Potter f.'o'jM,. : Jam«s KSder Bij> i»c>., 26, serving W year 1 * for robbery from Montgomery ;>r,d Dallas Counties, ar.d Kddie Alabama Ke&simg, 21. serving *u years for t'Urglary from Harris Cou-niy. Approximately luu TDC officers and Brazoria C/ainty iaw c-riforcemerst officers with two hei;coij'-.'rs and several packs of prison unit bloc>dJiCi'L;£<'j* had searched ihre* (ughti ..Tid two days for the escapees in tfre heavily wooded areas along the Braws River. In statemenls given '</ Braioria Countv Sheriff's investigators Friday night the recaptured prisoners said they had remained clos-e r.o the arej v.hsre they released Mrs Washington. There is s«veraJ thoasand acres of woodland and thick underbrush in the area bordered by Highway 132 The t's-cflpees said they Had hci.eved officers 'Aouitj afcandftn the .search of that area sometime Thirrsday. They said they haii gufte up to the eO^t- >>f the highway to look for a vehicle several times but always saw patroi cars in the area The three spent Wednesday night, when a fast moving norther dropped temperatures do-*~n into the thirties, in trees to elude the tracking dugs. They were barefooted and without shirts after Please turn to P 16. Col 8; • I'hoto H« IU( K (»T'Tt) SKY and * Sea I I •vsrSJicAU ! i Annexation hearing Monday in Angleton M r i:; t.i f f % .-" u j M .1 n a < tJS cr-rnp»itiy Co i-.f ( i-hio Oil oul Clute council approves phone, electric rate hikes I rain. 33 jj»t c«tt i j TtDKS ijtg.te {<:*!»> ^: ; [ ,''.* .1 ff, am! f .'* p sis ; Hi'*.! ;•- H;#!:i Mi* 1 . ; .11 * 4» A fl! iHVd 9 C*i ' p m . !..<•* % 4! i « ,j in • .inrt ! i +* A m ' I*T <ft • II) |ti't|i «t 4 * ; '•Mlptt-' T»»J, -*(.» ^-t«.«t«4 Kl;-w!uic*l f'sr x public hr,»r >r. it at ', ];.' ) m *uch In she the i-itv. the f.>H.T*int areas jr»- ur;>Jrr con- A y.j^ctf tfart '*o! of th<* illy. !«>r4«Ti!vg A iJ5 acfr STAC! wsiili ,>.' er.dcr**;!! Koad and pjwfrr, Airhn<- and aiTcA a!rr,i<j ttw nurlJirrr *)'if i'f JJif/drrKKi Huad. t- \!r.*>d:ri(j rasl ffoin iti iri!tT«itx:!!(Vi -Aith Hi|(hska> ys& lit it^ Highuay M vn trj-t<vli'C A 6! arrr "ilnpfahi ot !iif Although ninr com [winii** h*\«»ilropp(-d wil of !!u- tiriginal 15 member c on % o r 1 1 u in , l.oo }' j>rrvsd*.R! Willum U KMci hopej U> file a >}>ii(..itirtn with :ht U.ITK A special M-s,si<c. of the < it> C-.nincil r'rtdsv sit-* npproval of the kiflj; ->-Highi rate mcrras-es Bell Co and Houston and Power ("<» nliiiancf adopting ,-r the !ch-phon«' \ is identical with that pas.s«l earlier in the •* t-ek by bfXh Freeport and Lake Jackson City Councils It gives Southwestern lk'11 what amounts to 62 [x-r cent of its original Area Manager Paul hjv* r,ow Mil! take the •Sa5 ; f'rw^ay, lrt>fn the fuiurr North !j«(.»p to tho one <W to ihc approximate!) v>(7i the Ht*v j «Y«"" ^«*.-.rt«,»« i I f "•*•' I'' >'l «•><«• ; I j rvn, u*,, i,,, »».>»-, /,M^.rl , SEEN and HEARD W. O I'tCKKY of 1J, eligllfle to comjjctc with fhv other tup sailors in the HP Yacht Club's Ing event Saturday the Commodore's Cup competition tiut (iHrft'itinj hb right* iiut> to another loyalty He •hos« (o follow tin 1 H'Wuxl f- "& u» Austin , .iMHY IIKTH Him- NKTr of KP. back in Jennie Seul> Hoopilul in Galveslon, this time in Koom 329 and expecting tu l» there u few wwk». punster J O I' K l|AVU)t>i>\, jouUim in the praise of JIM NABUtUi' tjic' Artii CoUJicii Policy Committee's work with one of his inimitable remarks He labeled the cominiuw it'jwrt, given at y's annual , as th«j "con- of tl'.c b*yt Good A £Ht* ai re tr;t> ! north of !)><• cit). riti-r.iiirijj I.J30 lti<\ I'jther »i<i<'of Highway ffiis. MHilh (rum HiTi(Vt'rs«>ii Koad lo She Anjjlrtun llcighls Su)xiivt<uon. and an arrJi txw- y 2»» to UIP North Lxtp A 1'.' acre trail adjacent !o the city's vwih t»r<irr. bt'tvkrvn liighua) 3S8 and tfn> old <lul«- Koad, and ixwih of Ct-mi'lcry l^vad All intcn-slcd in dmdiials are imitwl lo attend the hearing I.<HI|' is hoping !o t.f the fir.n! coni|xiny to iwild a d»vpnat«r 01! ieriranal off the I' S iv.a>t. Head said M.K)P is faciiiji com pctitn'tn from the Texa.i- tast-d Srad<vk, which Mill ha* memt.ier& that ha\e dritpjxxi (Hil of the loop projcci S.i-adi»ck officials h,<ve s~»id they vtuuld !ry to make application to Uie I' S Department of Transportation in November or earls Two officials slate appearance at court and I'.vivuti Km irt' -hn; Taylor, district manager of thi- (.»<ivf rnor's Office i.f Traffic Saft-ty. irun Stewart, u! the Texas cr.'.al i.'oalition. 'Ail\ apf»Mr tH-fore I'om inixVKKU»r!. ('nun at 9 a rn Moniiay, .u ageinLi iur mcvtirtj; Taylor sul! probably discuss the duties and organisation of the office of iVin \V Hesner. who was appointed County traffic saffty coordinator, last ircimg to the the regular Ta>lor is in charge of a U 1 - county program for >'tiordination of traffic safi-t) measures Mrs Steuart was cue of a group instrumental in getting Ci'mmissioners Court to authorize the creation in 197 -i 01 a county i Please turn to P 17. Col 5 > package before his company's officials for their approval At the Freeport Council meeting last Monday. Shaw commented that he would do his. best to s<"ll the increases adopted by Freeport and Lake Jackson to his company if the "third city" also adopted the ordinance. Not urUike the action taken in Kreeporl the previous Mi-.iday, Chile's city faUit-i- ..dopted the HLiP rau increase ordinance on i split vote However, where '.t was Ma>ur Tctx-y I, Uav^nport who c.tst tht ',1'ssi'nting %ote in the ca^e of Fn-eport. Cousicilrnan W A Ktt.iJ pustii the only opposition in CluU: Heed gave no reason (or his action Though identical in the rate schedule, the ordinances accepted by the two cities differed slightly in context. Freeport chose to accept ;he letter from area manager Julian Taylor as a firrr agreement that any lower ra;«»s I'iven to Houston would apply also to that city The "letter included the pronu'e of refunded differences plus a six per cent rate of interest. This was spelled out in the ordinance adopted t>> t! t Clute Council Further, the ordinance .s'.atvs specifically that any new rates finally made effective in the Houston area wiil be made available within the city of Clute. t.'lute then will have the opportunity <-f coaiirrning the same ra'.e ordinance. Retrieve inmates' petition alleges TDC rules violations A petition by u inmates of Retrieve Prison Fann was filed Friday in District Court for a writ of mandamus which would compel Warden Edward II. Turner and his assistant to comply with rules and regulations promulgated by the Tesas Department of Corrections and certain state statutes. Rotation of the civil docket places (lie suit in the H9th District Court of Judge Paul E Ferguson The petition was prepared and filed by inmate Lawrence C Pope for himself and on behalf of l'J other inmates signed the [X'tition The petition alleges the petitioners are ''wrongfully and unlawfully deprived of proper, lawful and authorized care mandated by state law." In a letter to The Facts, Pope told of sending the petition on Nov 11 for filing and said, "Article blwia, Texas Civil Statutes, provides that TUT must give inmates opportunity and encouragement in reforming themselves." Pope said in the tetter, "We question whether we can gain respect for law and ordt'i whtti we daily see TUC officials knowingly and willfully refusing to obey TDC rules and regulations and state sialute* " The petition alleges a number of specific TIK 1 rules have been violated The first mentioned is a rule requiring the posting of all rules and regulations on bulletin boards The petition alleges punish- inent has been permitted for violation!) of un- publisheti rules Specifically it notes amendments to TDC inmates rules approved July 14 were not posted until after Get l, although received on Aug 25 Another area is alleged violation of rules on censorship, alleging censors reject incoming mail without notifying the inmate addressee The petition claims this deprives the inmate of Uie right to make a timely appeal to some higher authority. It also alleges letters to mm ales from members of the Board of Corrections and other officials are opened and they refuse to mail out indigent mail. Another area in which the petition alleges rules are Druken concerns ad- ministrative segregation and solitary confinement, claiming offenders are not taken before the supervising officer on duty for infractions of rules which deprives him of an opportunity of pleading his case The petition alleges the inmate and often the officer in charge are not informed of the charge until the inmate appears before the Disciplinary Committee. Another complaint in this area was "being held in administrative segregation or isolation (Please luni to P 16, Col, 8) 'HOBO DANCE' PROVIDING SHOES FOR NEEDY KIDS A 'hobo vl-tnc..' -iixuisored by ih.> Kssenct- C!u?. ot Brjiikspoit, ..:'-. u.-.t\l ihii year to -jrovide shoes for Uu'ctuiihea »t needy families in theiirra. The daiu-f wu. •«- hciii at the KIM jnd Loop Restaurant un highway 332 Thursday. Nov 27 The owners Mr and .Kirs Allen Hasberry h^vt- du;iated the IL-C -a !hi- restaurant for the beiietit Music ,vi'' be provided by Uie .South'A-M Sound Factor;' Hawk Shaw Spongers of the daiK-e said admission ti. 'he dance Wiill be a nt\v pair oi sinxes, valuetl at $ j or more, per person In lieu of .>hc«s, the adinu->-ion is $3 per per. • The sport* )i> n-L* asking those tlv; donate new slioe^ Ui ;,i>n p.-jvuk- '> sales receipt -n iuc- event ^hix^s ha 1 , t i o t»; , vtj-aH^eu for other --^es. Needy lamilies can (save their children put un the club's hst for shoes, but mu>t do so be fore the Nov. 25 deadline The club needs to KIWH i«u- child $ uamv. age and shoe size The mformalicm can be mailed ta the K&unve <Tub, p. o. Bux •»«;. lake Jackson, or call Mrv Diane Lacy at J65-28S3, w Mrs Juariita Darnels at 233-7346 Attire for the dance will be strictly "hobo" style: Old things and hand-me-downs The sponsoring .wiianiiaHn.. js a chartered, non-profit •' L

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