The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1914
Page 8
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Page Eight T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, June 30, 1914. Long List Announced for Shelbyville's Fourth. Shelbyville. J u n e 30.--A long list of special "merchants' premiums, for the Fourth of J u l y celebration in Shulby- ville are announced, and w h i l e it will not exactly be "the day they R i v e babies away w i t h a half a pound of | tea." some of the contests w i l l be about as u n i q u e as the p i e m i i i m m e n - tioned in this l i t t l e skit. For, prizes will be given for the f a m i l y d r i v - ing farthest in an a u t o m o b i l p ; to the largest f a m i l y ; to the man h a v i n g the I largest head; to the heaviest woman; to the young lady having the largest number of young sisters in a c e r t a i n store: to the oldest w o m a n : to tin- oldest man an Shelby r o u n t y ; to the tallest man; to the p r e t t i e s t baby boy u n d e r twelve m o n t h s ; to the baldest m a n ; to the heaviest boy u n d e r ten vars, to the y o u n g man with the 'Tr-dilr-M" h a l l ; to the oldest couple c o m i n g the civalest distance; to the youngest married couple; to the shortest m a r r i e d m a n ; to the oldest married couple: to t l i - prettiest couple registering: :o t h e farmer with the bushiest beard; to the man or woman briiicnne in t h e Ki-cati'-t n u m - ber of egRs: to the roiipk' r e p o r t i n g t h e longest period of married life; to the person g u e s s i n g n r a r r o t t h f n u m b e r of beans in a jar: to t h e c o u p l e whose wedding a n n h e r ' a r y is on or n e a r e s t the Fourth of J u l y . o i h c ouni;i'st baby, to the person nearest f i f t y yoari old July 4; to the porson d r i v i n g thp heaviest horse on .Inly 4: to t h e une guessing nearest the n u m b e r in an envelope. Claimants of thrse prizes are required to register in the stores by which they are offered. At 4 o'clock in the a f t e r n o o n il same of ball will be played b e t w e e n a team from Lo vincl'm and one piclc'-d f r o m the Bn**lbyvillo c h u r c h ]o ;t ^u'. Tl.o local team is b e i n g selected by Harry Woodwoith, a m r m b e r of the Presbyterian team, and the game promises to be hotly contested. AI'STIN WILL FILED. The last will and testament of the Iat« William R. A u s t i n , who died at his home on North Morgan s t r e e t , this cltv. on the 2Sth of May, has been f i l e d and admitted to probate. The entire estate, of w h a t e v e r k i n d and character, i n c l u d i n g both pers-on- alty and real estate, goes to his wife, Mary Austin, d u r i n g l-.'r natural life, and after her death the residue, of any, shall go to the testator's son. Clinton Bradford Austin of Douglas, Ariz. TO VISIT .IRELAND. The Rev. Father John M. Heslin, pastor of the CarholK- church in this city, with his sister, Miss Beatrice Hes- iln, l e f t Monday a f t e r n o o n for New York, from whence th»v will sail for Ireland to visit t h e i r parents. They ro to Drllminbawn, Carngallen, County Ltetrim, and will be a b s e n t about three months. Father Heslin has not i isitcrt his home since first leaving it f i v e years ago, immediately after being admitted to the priesthood. His parents are aged, each of them being o \ e r eighty years old. During the absence of Father H^sliri. the Shelbyville parish will be und.-r ·"^fa^crfpefvisian of priests from Pana and Mattoon, who will serve the church on alternate Sundays. AT RIFLE PRACTICE. Members of the Sullivan company or the Illinois National guard came to Shelbyville Sunday for practice on the rifle rangre at Camp Carlin, just east of the city. The boys were under cTnmind of Lieutenant McCIure, and spent the entire day here, returning home on the late train at night. NEW SUIT FILED. A new suit filed for the November term of the Shelby county c i r c u i t court , is that of .1. S. Wilkinson vs J. I, Waters; confession. ', weekly concert Thw^day evening:. There was a splendid crowd out to hear them. Members of the band are Miss Leah Sipe, clarionet; D. Yeaw, clarionet; J. H. Browning, cornet; Bert Collins, cornet; Walt Burger, cornet; Oscar Collins, horn; Elmer Robinson, horn; Alva Meece, horn; Z. B. Merritt, trombone; Ray Chambers, trombone; Guy Collins, trombone; Fred Rose, baritone; Frank Kisher, bass; Sharles Sipe, snare d r u m ; A. J. Charlton, bass drum. Mrs. 2. B. Merritt and son. Carl, are guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Marshall, In Urbana. Mrs. Will Day went to Tuscola Saturday evening to visit her daughter, Mrs. Don Jlammett. Mrs. F,. R. Parsons and son, Edward, r e t u r n e d home Friday noon from a visit w i t h the former's mother in Eldorado Springs, Mo. Dr. and Mrs. J. H. A b r a m s attended the wedding of t h e i r niece in Decatur last week. NIANTIC. Mrs M j r y Brock \ \ a s g i \ p n a pleasant sur- p i i s t nt her homo here Tuesday attcrnoon l.y t \ \ L M i t y im inlHTs of the* M e t h o d i s t Aid so- o u * t \ . The a f i a i r was jn honnr o£ her aeven- n I . M I T t l i b a t i i L l a j . Mrs Brnck -\\JB pre- M-nn il v, I t h ii w a t e r set and many other I;M !ul ai tic r-t. M i " 3* O M i n s n n of C^rro Gonlo, trav- t l i n i ; ajit nt for the- Franco-American My- iiu'i t "o . c r i o u i r honif" from Phlcago, spent M . \ L t a l iKij,h last week u n l i her friend, Miss ,l"npio c ' o r t i f t t in t h i s place. T!u- Mnthcr.s' c l u b w i l l ptvp nn entertdin- n i i nt ,nnl sri \ e K * crrani and cnke on t h e hiu n at t h e Mtitluulist c h u r c h J-atuiday e\on- i n i r . J n l v 11 The Youncr T'eoplc's f ' h r i s t t a n Kndcavor of ilit r i u i a t i a n churoli ln-ld us annual pic- nir i n « ' A H a l l ' s grow Prulay. \ t , c ^ ( . . ..1^1,1 pear! M r E l r o a student In v of Chirapo \\n» (h,- pn^st of Mrs. 1* O H a w k S a t u r d n v and Kii"\ and s-'»ns hen Miss J i ' i i i n o Moonpy onlortmnod Mrs. Peter Moon- v and son Prank and M i s . G a r t l i n g s and f a m i l y of Deoaiur \\'tdnesday. D t l a n c y m t h i s place F r i d a y night. Mi"-* n ' f r a b f t h rcnnor was home from Normal frcncmt Sat»irdfi\- and Sunday to visit hfM- p n ' p n t s . Mr and Mrp Edxvard Connor o.ii-i V.nmU. in i M n nlnrf 1 . a t u r d a y . i ' p h I » iintla , Connatrhnn of Decatur, v!si t h IIT uncle. J here »ir- ^ C M I I of Tlnonong, was tnc u u e s t ' o f her friend, Mrs. Edward C ^ORr^'l-rltchett of Decatur, spent Satur\ v i ( h nia parents Mr, and Mrs in this place v n »entlemon. Pennsylvania Punch-Bowl--Miss Goa- pip--What's this I hear about the doc- tnr's being no gentleman? Miss Matter of Fact--Yes, that's true. MIR; Oopslp--Tr-n me about it. "What 'lid he- Miss Matter of Fact--It's a lady doctor. ,, ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM ATWOODi i Atwood, J u n e 30.--Mr. and Mrs. TV. Corey, of Sullivan, spent Sunday w i t h Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Lane. lilss Helen Kaiser left Sunday to «rpend her vacatir,'. v l t h relatives in Chicago. Miss Grac- White, who is compositor nt the Tuscola J o u r n a l , spent Sunday .With her parpn's hore Miss Marie Robinson returned home Baturday night f r o m a visit with friends In Jit. Piilaskl ana Villa Grove. Mre. X T ernon Edmnn c on was t h r o w n t from a bug-gy last we^k and seriously j injured. j T. "W. Samuels, of Champaign, visited ' ,W. .T. FH^kinepr a n d f a m i l y Sunday. j his store is a store of high quality. Mlas Helen Davis l e f t last week for IMS AnSeieF, Cal., to v l s l r her f a t h e r thfs snmmpr. FAREWETL, REf'RPTION. A farewell reception wa«t erlven at the Methodist church last Wednesday even- ingf for J. E. Collins n n d f a m i l y and Mtac Ella Stevenson who are to Ipavt- Wednesday morning for a t r i p wept. The? will go to Chicago in Mr. Collins' machine and take the train there for Osceola, la., to visit with Mr. Collins' brother, Frank. They will take the northern route to C a l i f o r n i a , stopping tn Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Seattle, and Portland, winding; up at Long Beach. They expect to spend about six weeks on the way. FIRST CONCERT. The Atwoofl band gave Its first The sac-.e discrimination is exercised in the selection of little trinkets that is given to watches, precious stones, pearls, and silver. Thin dlBerlmlnntlon Is oirr prtde--· your protection. Little trinkets In rolled gold--bangles, chains, stick pins, hat plnB, i a l r ornaments, collar pins--little prices, of oourge. E. E. BARBER JEWELER 1015 N. Water St. WE HAVE MADE OUR CHOICE Every man entering business faces the question of whether he shall "get the money" or "build a business." Usually there is a vast difference. When we opened this store we decided to BUILD, because we wanted a permanent success. Building a business, as we see it, means building your own personalities into it--putting_ every ounce of energy, experience and good will into giving real value for every cent taken in over the counter. We ask your business on this sound basis, and promise to make every effort to deserve it. 109 EAST NORTH ST. v DECATUR. ILLS. j KMNIBCfll To Nominate Candidates for County Offices. Tuscola, June 30.--The Progressive party of Douglas county held a meeting- at the K n i g h t s o£ Pythias hall in t h i s city on Monday a f t e r n o o n and evening". At 6 o'clock there was a banquet at the Beach house where all Progressives were made welcome, and the evening session was held at 8. Metllll McCurmick, n a t i o n a l cominitteeman from Illinois, was to have been the p r i n c i p a l speaker of the day, but on account of heingr called to Ovster Bay for a c o n f e r e n c e w i t h Colonel Ttoosevelt, had requested Dean F r a n k l i n of Mc- Cnmb to fil! his e n g a g e m e n t here. Mr. F r a n k l i n was engaged in an I m p o r t a n t law s u i t w h i c h lie was u n a b l e to f l n - i«h or to get away from and could not be present. C. A. Cadmus of C h a m p a i g n was s u b s t i t u t e d as the p r i n c i p a l speaker n n d t h e r e were .speeches by J u d g e Hawbaker of .Monticello, Dr. (' M.' Bumstcad, also of Monticello, Dr. Wood of Maroa, Judse Dolson of Tuscola and others. The Progressives of the c o u n t y were well represented, t h e r e beinK" a b o u t -00 p r e s e n t a t t h e a f t e r n o o n meeting from all p a r t s o£ the county. It was the plan to nominate candidates for c o u n - t y o f f i c e s a t t h e n i g h t m c e t i n a . THIL.D DIES. E a i l y in the p r e s e n t m o n t h . J. D. F e r g u s o n , n i g h t o p c i a t o r at the C. K. I. station, was called to Joppa, 111., to attend the f u n e r a l of his f a t h e r , and took his f a m i l y , consisting; of his wi£e and two small c h i l d r e n , with him. Soon a f t e r going there both his c h i l d r e n w e r e taken -seriously sick and a l i t t l e bov has died and the c o n d i t i o n of the other child is not hopeful. Dr. Harry Jones of Indianapolis Is a guest at the home of his b r o t h e r , C. C. Jones, in Tuscola. Ralph Sturgeon. R o b e r t Logan and O. It E n g l a n d made a b u s i n e s s trip to central I n d i a n a Monday. Horace BierfeMt and son, Lloyd, were Monday visitors jn Danville. Captain C. R. Lewis was l o o k i n g after dredging work near I n d l a n o l a the f i r s t of the week. Alden C. SnyJer, who has been clerk- i n g in the Weaver grocery store, left here Monday a f t e r n o o n for St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. W i l l Weaver and son. Eugene, of Chicago, who were week end guests at the h o m e of his brother, Bay Weaver, in this city, returned to Chicago Monday afternoon. Miss Belle M c K i n n e y , who visited with old f r i e n d s here over Sunday, ret u r n e d to St. Louis on M o n d a y a f t e r noon. MARRIAGE LICENSE. Lee F. Harshbarger, Murdock, twenty-seven; Mildred Hayes, Murdock, twenty-three. NEWMAN WOMAN'S STOVE EXPLODES Mr*. Grace Burr Bnrn«d About Face and Arm*. Newman, June 30.--Mrs. Grace Barr was the victim of a rather serious accident, Saturday. "While attempting to light her gasoline stove, H exploded, burning her about the face and arms. She Is getting along nicely at the present time. Rev. J. L. Settles, pastor of the Methodist c h u r c h , together with five of his boys, Wilson Rutherford, Maurice You us, Richard Shepherd, Charles "Bursett and Forest McCoun, departed 'for Quiver Lake, near Havana, Monday morning to enjoy a week's outing with plenty of fishing and boating. Mrs. Nina Sherman, of Kansas City, Is the guest of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Wagner. Miss Hortense Morrow has -returned f r o m the James Millikin university to spend vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Gilliland visited relatives liere. They were on their way home from Syracuse, Ind., where they have been residing for the past three months. On t h t i r return they stopped off at Newman where they visited relatives. Mr. CJilliland departed for their home in Chanute, Kan., Saturday hut Mrs. G i l l i l a n d will visit old friends for about two weeks. Mrs. Gilliland was f o r m e r l y Anna AVoodworth of this city. Miss Ada Brock, who has been teaching a mission school fn W i l m i n g t o n . X. C., has returned home to spend vacation. Guy Nicholson and Courtney Evans have r e t u r n e d home from Iowa, where they have been a t t e n d i n g Drake university. J. ir. Bridge has been on the sick list the past week. Mrs. Practer, from near Decatur, visited her daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Tres- senrlter, last week. Miss M a m i p Darnall has been on the sirk list the past week. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Dawson,. oC Iowa, ;ire guests of r e l a t i v e s here. Mr. and Mrs. J. O Crist, of I n d i a n - apolis, are v i s i t i n g relatives. Miss Leta Ayres, who has been living in Indianapolis, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ayers. Mrs. Vance, of Tuscola, was a business caller in Newman, Friday. Measera. Saunders and Borchers, o£ A Bottl* of Malt Whiskey 13 the nearest doctor in case of an emergency. Take no chances. Keep a bottle near at hand, always. Sold by most druggists, grocers and dealers in sealed bottles only, at $1.00 a bottle. Medical booklet and doctor's a d v i c e free. "Got Duffy'i and knp wtlL" The Cufljf M»lt Whiskey Co.. Rochester. M. Y. Barbey Cooper Wholesale. Retail. Tomorrow Only There will be a Lady at our store to give away a dust pan, a remarkable back saver Plenty of Raspberries by the Case Mai! Order Price List Jos. Eck Bro., 120 N. Sixth St., Springfield, III. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF MAIL ORDERS BOTTLED IN BOND GOODS Spring Brook, 4 full quarts $3.20 Sangamo Club, 4 full quarts $3.80 Old Elk, 4 full quarts $4.25 SUNNY BROOK, 4 full quarts $4.25 Sam Thompson, 4 full quarts, Pennsylvania Rye $4.50 "** STRAIGHT WHISKEY IN BULK Sam Thompson, pure Pennsylvania rye, 6 Summers old $4.00 Melhvood, 4 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.50 Nelson, 5 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.60 Mellwood, 6 years old $3.50 SUNNY BROOK, 4 years old $-3.50 Old Grand Dad, 6 years old $3.50 Old Elk, 6 years old $4.00 Qjd Crow, 8 years old $5.00 ^fPSrfaftents for the Crown Brewing Co., Cincinnati Bottled Beer. 10 dozen small bottles, packed in barrel $8.50 Rebate of $2.25 for 10 dozen empties returned. Express Prepaid on all Whiskey orders for $3.00 or more. Joseph Eck Brother 120 N. Sixth St. ' Springfield, 111. Established 1875. Orders shipped same day received. Chrlsman, visited Newman friends Saturday evening and Sunday. Mrs. Turbeyvllle, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Richards, returned home Monday. Rev. Robert A. Sickles preached two excellent sermons Sunday, the subject of the evening sermon being "The Great Question o£ the Governor." Rev. Mr. Sickles is an able minister and has accepted the third call to remain as pastor of the Newman Christian church, he having been here two years. At the Presbyterian church in the evening, instead of the regular services, the time was given over to the Christian Endeavorers, who attended the C. B. convention held at Mattoon, who gave a report of the program of lectures and entertainments given. Mrs. Allen was over from Dana, Ind., Friday. Mrs. Lee is reported somewhat better Monday. Miss Flo McQueen was a Newman visitor Saturday. H Evprsole was a Tuscola visitor Friday. Robert A. Sickles transacted business in Champaign Friday. Ora Bartlow, accompanied by his sister, Miss Florence, were Tuscola callers, S a t u r d a y , Mr. Bartlow going to secure a marriage license. He is soon to m a r r y Miss Ethe! Decker of Wln- fle'.d. Kan. Mrs. Ernest Scotten and children of Greencastle, Ind.. are visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Scotten and C. Root. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Woodworth and Mr. and Mrs. James G i l l i l a n d and babe visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodworth at Chrisman last week. Rev. B. F. Lawrence Is visiting old friends here. WOMAN WEAK AND NERVOUS Finds Health in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Creston, Iowa. -- " I suffered with female troubles from the time I came into womanhood until I had taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I would have pains if I o v e r w o r k e d or l i f t e d a n y t h i n g heavy, and I would be so weak and nervous and in so much misery that I would be prostrated. A friend told me what your medicine bad dona for her and I tried it It made me strong and healthy and our home is now happy with a baby boy. I am very glad that I took Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and do all I can to recommend it."--Mrs.A. B. BOSCAMP, 504 E. Howard Street, Creston, Iowa. Tons of Roots and Herbs are used annually in the manufacture of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which is known from ocean to ocean as the s t a n d a r d remedy for female ills. For forty years this famous root and herb medicine has been pre-eminently successful in controlling the diseases of women. Merit alone could have stood this test of time. If yon have the slightest doubt that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you, write to LydiaE.Pinkham MedlcineCo. (confidential) Lynn,Moss.,f or advice. Your letter Tvill be opened, read and answered by a woman, and held in strict confidence. Don't Blame Your Laundress If your c l o t h e s aren't washed as clean as you'd like them. Tell her to wash your clothes the better Peosta way and Give Her Beach's POSTA r Soap Play Tennis! One of the finest out-door exercises for Summer. We feature the famous Wright and Ditson' line of tennis goods. Merchandise bearing this trade mark will be replaced if found unsatisfactory. Let us assist you in laying out your court. Haines Essick 217 N. WATER ST. Both Phones 1256. Women's and Misses' Outer Garments. For Wednesday and Thjirs- day Until Noon THE FOLLOWING SPECIALS 15 dozen white lawn and lingerie waists. Low necks and short sleeves ,lace and embroidered trimmed, all sizes; $1.00 value, special IB, 310ST1V 5DC Odd lots in house dresses and wash skirts, rnosl^h small sizes, some slightly soiled; dresses in percale and lawn, low necks and short sleeves. Special for Wednesday A small lot of all-wool skirts and a few silk waists, regularly sold at from $3.00 to $5.00. Special for Wednesday , Pure silk petticoats, all colors, plain or pleated flounces. All the wanted Spring colorings. Special July Clearance for Wednesday Washable dresses in gingham, percale, tissie gingham and white lingerie. Dresses formerly sold up to $5.00. Special for Wednesday Choice of about 50 cloth coats in ladies' andmisses' sizes, garments that sold up to $25.00. One of a kind models. Special for Wednesday About 50 pure silk dresses consisting of pussr willow taffetas, silk crepes and crepe de chines. The newest models and sold earlier in the season up to $25.00 LADIES THINK of the convenience and comfoit of an electric iron these hot days^-no heat from the stove, no changing irons, You can iron 60 minuteis out of each hour with an electric' iron, We have General Electric,/West/ inghouse and Hot Point irons, ,tff f Decatur Railway Light Co. 114 East William. Bell Phone 1. - 4 -K v Auto 1167. iWSPAPERI

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