Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1970 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1970
Page 16
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B-8 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1970 Ball fears Germany's toward Russia WASHINGTON (AP) — fdttner Undersecretary of ftftte George W. Ball says he fears West Germany's new liberal policy toward the Soviet Union might lead to "diplomatic adventures" between the two nations, thus Imperiling the Western Alliance. Ball, who is in touch with foreign policy leaders in and out of the Nixon administration, expre ssed general confidence -in Chancellor Willy Brandt, but questioned Bonn's future course when Brandt is no longer In power. In spite of overall support of Brandt's ability, Ball criticized the West German leader for failing to get "serious concessions" from Moscow in recent negotiations on a nonagression treaty. He also called for a slowdown in Brandt's whole drive to work out other agreements with Moscow. Ball, undersecretary of state in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and a long-time champion of Western European union and alliance with the United States, made clear in an Associated Press interview he is worried about a potential West Germany swing away from the Atlantic alliance toward Moscow. The Nixon administration' publicly approves Brandt's policy. But Ball spelled out 'Deep-freeze babies 9 advent forecast by noted scientist reservations and fears held pirvately by some influential government men. These officials insist they are hot implacably opposed to Brandt's policy but want it carried out very cautiously without giving the Soviet Union undue advantage. Brandt has pinned final ratification of the nonaggression pact —the foundation piece of his new policy—to , a Soviet-Western agreement on Berlin. There appear to be some I MID-AMERICA THEATRES fears in Washington that Brandt may find ft difficult to hold to his price of ratification in his eagerness to accomplish his Russian policy. Here are questions and answers from the Sell interview: Q. Are you an opponent of Chancellor Brandt's efforts to conclude a nonaggression treaty with Hussia? FRANK CAREY AP Science Writer CHICAGO (AP) - The future birth of "deep-freeze babies"— conceived from eggs and sperm preserved, for years in the frozen state — is forecast by a noted American geneticist. Dr. Bentley Glass, retiring president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said Monday the technique would allow young couples lo delay the birth of their children without risking the higher probability of genetic defects normally associated with advancing age. He said the youhg couple could have their genetically healthy reproductive cells stored in a scientific deepfreeze for years, then combined in a laboratory incubator to produce a fertilized egg for implantation and growth within the mother's womb. Glass, academic vice president of the State University of New York, Stony Brook, said this is one of various science-fiction- like possibilities for the future growing out of "startling progress", being made by a group of researchers at Cambridge University, England. He was referring to the work of Dr. R. G. Edwards and collaborators who have succeeded in fertilizing human female eggs with fresh sperm outside the womb, and developing them to the stage at which they would normally become implanted in the wall of a woman's womb. The British scientists have not* yet implanted such an embryo into a woman. And 'they have safd that when they do, it would only be to allow child bearing by women whose oviducts, or egg tubes, are blocked. But Glass, in his farewell address at the 137th meeting of the association, declared, "It should be obvious .that the technique can be quickly and widely extended." He listed these further Cyrus Eaton likes ruler SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) Cyrus Eaton, 87-year-old Ohio industrialist, > says Salvador Allende, Chile's new Marxist president, wants to have good relations with the United States "and all the countries of the world." possibilities from the pink or blue booties, pioneering procedure: .„ ; — .1 —"Prenatal adoption" of babies—that is, babies artificially conceived from eggs of donor women, but implanted as . embryos and brought to term in the wombs of women unable to conceive children of their own. —Allowance of the selection of especially healthy donors, both male and female. —Determination of the sex of the embryo before implantation, . so the would-be mother would know beforehand whether to knit Vietk ' |2530 STATE 468*0798 Alton Area's Finest I 1 SMORGASBORD i I SERVED DAILY 11 a.m.-9, p.m. 104 W. 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