The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 16
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TAGE SIXTEEN. THfc HUTCHINSON NEWS. Ladies' Golf Oxfords Soft Brown Calf with Crepe solo ot ^6.95 Special, 1 lot of patent-kid ;ind satin pumps up to $7.50 value at 33.98 Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 North Main IT'S WONDERFUL HOW IT WORKS The Way Disease Is Being Cured by Modern Treatment Methods Would Have Been a Miracle a Few Years Ago. Hundreds of Former Invalids Testify to Their Quick Recovery Under the Treatment Work cf Dr. Hunter & Associates. BUILD BIG RESERVOIR IN SOUTHERN IDAHO It is to Be Used to Store * Va*t Amount of Water For Future Usee. •jninir iiisi':i!:o rrqu'riv ?fvji^itiinc c tli.'in ;t siinln ;uul a prt'^criivtinn rmvd. MfMfii'inos :im zvv.W In v v,ay a;nl muM always 1 M- IIH.' O )\>- 'li-i- i.r iW-f j^<'. Shirt* lljf days f i J pj»oiTat'.'S lllt'Ufrlllt'i* li.ivo fi?r- I\ l'!-'>v''\ i'lv-i'- worth as an al<! i; • r"sl i>-ati(»i! <if fuMilth. In :i<'Uto :;-:)••• lii t <>'.;-.> \< n.":'il'wi but nioli- ••• and i .'.-Hvl nursing, ••f in fl;r»'i';>' disp.'U 1 " ii ! ri i 'j io.l n p s !>•• Jn ifjt'ii cat by <Kili';- nii'th- .Vi'rvf (''••ntrrs- must Iw. urmi.^fi, ^ st' th" i-imilut Son bal- an<! ;;U.ltUi/,t*(l, tlit- Rlati'.lrf of •IT H IUII cijiiail/iHl, tin- 1't.Hjy i f-M.niat IhtrotHi.-M dUfl r*>a<l June- 22nd, 1023. *Mrsl )>uMlffl»ff«l June 2Sth. 1923. Resolution. "\\*lif>rca R n pi>t! t IfJii tinned by rPrtMent Wwnors move than r>m>-bi\lf t\±) of the ff!ft frmutni; or iilmUiiiK upon Fifth Street West in lb" City or Hut'-hineon. Kiuifws. from th»» Wfist ]ln« uf Main Strict 1 O tho KaM tin^ of Motirw Street. Hf.MuK that fiitd -strict for nnl*l (JHtunce )>c 1 '-UK !it tn prude, ro -ourhed nii'l re- giHT'-wl with MlHiuiiirrt rurb and with thi-.'-. f.iot I'oiu -rt -1 ^ (riiltiT niift pnvM six fpi't wi*l« t-n til** Nor Hi und Sour.!; sUlcs of tl -.i- nrospiit raving to putli-f.s with threti Inch vortfcul fltu'r (>i M< n.sphaJt filli"! mi four inch i oiiiTnle I -MHI-, \:US i'»;cn oritur pil RV't"t.'ii«t upon 11 if Journal of the ' Vy of Huf.'iitn.son, Kiinsns. uhl.-h natel ' pet tl lull tiiiK li'.-pn a-tt^U'd liv Th* CNiinintKHt'iin-r of .Slc-Ms of tin' >'\'-y of i HulcMnp'.ii. Knii^n. to ho sufficient In form und in thfi .»!t£n;i.tur«-.'i of r*>r*M'• lit "wnt.r? un til altovo iiascribed «ti eel; now. thvvL f*>;-'\ , Bf>. It H«iHo!\-'il l>y the Hoard of C'»m- tnlsfstoiif rs of Hie I'lty of Hutchinson, Kanr-JiH. tiuit wo dm* in thti following tril- pi ovi-nienrri m-ci-fsiirv, t<">-\vit: Tluu l-'lfth Str*-ot from Main Si;i-(-t t«_. Monro.- Str-***L t.<> br<Mii;tit to prini-, rp-v.'urhctl und v*'- MuU'H'i'il with st.ittii;n'>i i-urb and witli threti foot ,-oni'rt-ti' piUwr :uid j<:> ve<t pix fOi»t wid.? i>jj thn Xorltj it nil Sou in >:)'Jes nf the la-t'srHf 1M\'U1R to ^UlteVM with tonic iix.-ti vi-i". Irul fll.trr l>rii-k. asphalt flM ^ii on f.>ur ini-b riuKJTsto, A;.i''-'V*'l .Uitif* li'ill), 1923. IVAl .rKit l\ JO;VK9. Mayor. )-:. l.VMAN. W. I.. HKiAVN. I! J. HASIOHP. - ].< tlXT.X 1'. l-'FJUM'SCN'. ' 'rjtTimtS.Sh/n <•!'». Att.^f Kl> MKTZ, C!i.y CU rk. (SKAI.) 2S-Ct ••(1 . raiil Mi' th. •an-: •t .ill t ••'.'itirri • nun- - tin' \v<»mb* Kay ninl \ and !i<it ,"s in JJtr-tl j ".'if !f;HH fij'o \\' Hl'Moril Hit' it tl in nil 1 ut:«-itsti>n <>r . it inu" lu t.n! fo of b;nl In lilll ••its \.TV llttl nioiit.')- or <-f£ort to or int-i hods of (rt>; j»ot soniC'wJioro v. lirlhiv alotio [h- o T:P*M!S. U rf- s now :il tho hand tM 'uilist in i';ironi<' rfi of Kb^-trothfra- jiRht therapy, the uilravnous tn i at- a-nt * .M-iiMit itlra'ly •d naiko tho nirt 1 ;tori-i Ion nt h«>a ! Ah y i'xr'jitni^ :»oaio to la:-t - '-.t.:>v ; WllirJj • i- tr'"'.it:iifi;t hy tho •! hods may now bo It •xtn; ; e to; r and rt '-in i and inoj o .ilioT ::o/-uro tii itmeht ar •it U yonr anvoii'. iin in ; . iuioju.-v I roallv hoaltli. iif 1H' I'lctti uby t. ih' Uunrlrr-iifj ly fill tr«'ai;n'Mit. In rtomo, i ri'iiiiy r*u-jifirkni>o'. So. Hntrhiri.-ioiT, Kit. "I think all }<niU>i<>y. of t ho work and il! n firm nt' rhrniiii' di^o;i l>r. Hunter A:- A ^Hoelat was romplotidy wr<sM,r ult.- • will fc',h'.d- •r riobi^i of - for thmii. h;iVC bl:on i,. Juno. Hi, '2". ; should know a I luti-h hirion S'- ^iio."ialiats. My hoalth d wiion 1 consul tod Ihoiii. I Ivad boi'-n ^nffurinff tcom bad spoils with my lu-art and liver. I would £et s<i w^ak and tllxzy oft on J would huvo to quit work and tako to rny hod. V did not sen how I rouhl last nnich loni:<-r. I'ndor tl'io 1 1 oat innnt of Dr. Hunter & A KSUI' I- a.ten i f-h'iwctf an immediate and rapid tm prWejnoiit, and after a. f.liort courno E cuii limv wiy that \ i'+>ol ju.-.t l'ino In i-v,-ry way. 'i'jjo spoils of weakness and dlz'/int-sH are now all ^ono, my h..-art ai.'tioh i« normal, and ] can do all my work every day without tho si if.-hi t'M sU'n of any id' my old dts- ab!!;tien. Vou will likr> tlit-so tiP'^'ia! l-t» their skill, their earnest m.-ps. titeif itit'ihoAii of tri\tlu\Pht. 1 would have saved years of suffering tf 1 hud ltean.1 of them before," MILS. 1). .!. rilll-iW, 1 'robably you are eural>le by tho Uiethods of Dr. Hunter & Associate*. 1 'osslbly not. A ion and ex- n ml fiat ion will (.H J un>iuU rate* IV h et.her <n* not. And this sorvloo Is free at thoir troat.rnent institute whleh wvu- j.ios thu entire toeond floor at. M So. -Main atreet. You. are invited to call PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 284 N. Main Phone 2659 Gas for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal American Failo, li!chi\ June 29.— This llttlo agricultural community tias consented to plana for Its rwiiuonal to i a new- tOTrnslte ns tho result ot nego- llntlona by representatives of the Cnlted State-a .government. i% 8 ores- ttnt Htte, according i<o plans, vrtli bo Inundated together with 83,000 acres xurrouiidliiv It, lo make way for tlie construction of the gigantic American Palis reservoir. Authorization of -plans to build tho reservoir, which Trill bo the largest In tho llnKed States 'tind tho fourth largest In tho- world, with a capacity ot l ,f,O0,OO() Rore-fuet of water, was fftvon at a recent .special election In the American Falls Irrigation district. |"Tho district embraces approximately 500,000 acres. Tho tost ot the project la estimated at *12,O00,000. The Immensity of the proposed reservoir may be realised by tho statement that It will be among tho world's wonders as a means of water storage. Thorn will bo only three comparable reservoirs, one on tho IOuphratos, one on tho Nile, and tho one created by uho Gatnn dam at Panama, which Is not an Irrigation project. A Vast Floor. The floor of the reservoir will contain 83,000 acres when tho project Is extended vo tho lull capacity of 3,000,- OOO acres. All preliminaries have been ba3ed on tho maximum roser- voir. Tim estimated cost of $l2,000,000-1n- chules all preliminaries, including foundation moving tho town of American I'alia tho railroad etc. The height of the dam for tho AmorloanJ Falls itownslte unit will bo 75 feot Addltion of 20 to 25 feet will double the capacity, or make 'the reservoir 3.000,000 acre-foot, at tho relatively small co."t, according to c-tflclals, of between J .1,000.000 and $-1,000,000. The lioneflts of the"project will ox- tend to all South Idaho, and a general stimulation ..of business In all lines, notably agriculture, will result, officials *ay. With an am;>M water supply to moe*l aH shortages, values will be stabilized and a remarkable development Is predicted. DOCTORS URGE MOTHERS TO NURSE THEIR BABIES FRIDAY, TUNE 29, 1923 PY - TIME T A~TTT~S MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY^ Mr. Bear .Is Very Thoughtful—of Himself I Mr, ^3ear wa*_xgri, glum, after the coon scurried away, "We aren't going to have a toast, after all," he walled. "I never saw such luck." "It seeaus to me, Kphralm— " Bald hl» wife— "it uoame to me you ought to bo very thankful. Instead of your being caught In a trap, as you thought you wero, you're • safe and sound and all ready to enjoy a feast—It wo. had one." Mr. Bear sniffed at this. "That's all very-well," he retorted, "put I'm hungry." "So are we all," said Mrs. Bear. "Let us hunt for a boo-tree! I'm sure tho children would enjoy tho Bport." Both Cutty and Sllkle greeted their mother's- plan with squeals of delight. Somehow tho thought of honey mado Mr. Boar feol bettor. He had left homo, with Cuffy, that day, on that very orrnnd—tho finding of a beo-treo. But hla accident had put his Idea quite out of his mind. "Very well!" he to '.d his family. "Wc-'ll hunt for u hoe-trea. But wo' 1 may not find one. You must remember, children, that houey doesn't grow on trees." That was his way ot saying that honey was scarce and hard to find. But his remark puzzled Cuffy and Sllkle. "I thought that was just where honey did grow!" Cuffy exclaimed. Mr. Bear didrit troublo himself to answor. He started off down tho mountain, leaving Mrs. Bear to explain his ppeoch to .tho children as they followed him. Finding honey proved to bo no slm- plo matter. To the youngsters' surprise, their father and mother dtdu't wander about looking at th« trees. Instead, they watched for beos.. And wlion at last they spied one, they not-. Iced very carefully"which way that bee flow and followed the flight of the houey-maker as long as thoy could. 1 Thoy had to flud a good many beos, and walk a long, long way, before thoy finally came to an Old hollow treo where thoso bees wore storing their! honey. Then Cuffy and Sllkle danced up and down. Thoy could hardly wait for their father to climb tho troa. And then something was Bald that -2J *a,r •xta.s-t cct down • made the children set up a great wall. "Take the cubs homo," Mr, .Bear ordered his wife gruffly. "I can't hear tho thought of any of you being stung." "Don't you mean, Bphraim, that you can't hear Urn thought of any of us eating too much of the honey?" Mrs. V&Ar Inquired with a sm'Sle, which aho took no pains to hid.*},, She knew that next to pork, thore'was nothing her husband liked-so much as honey. Mr. Bear now began to look quite worried. - - - Owpyrlght 1923, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New York. (Tomorrow—A 'Delicious Treat. Mr. Bear Clets More - than Is 'Hood for Him.) ' FIFTY YEARS IN THE N.Y; POSTAL SERVICE PART* AND BCnVlCB RUB £i ELL H. KILLER, Mir. POPLAR. 3> Everyone Is busy with harvest. Tho i wheat, is reported very good uud the iv'Mit dry weather has ripened it | rapidly. Hev. -and Mrs. (i-alther look dinner at Chester Coleman's Tuesday, They atno railed at Ralph Dixon's and Jeane McMillan's. La die-a' Aid will mwt Wednesday, July 11, at the home of Mrs. W. Dixon in Hutchinson. Mlsa Zonit H. Synuis of Hutchinson veiled llrac Itodtrsori this ueek, II. I.. Sponsler returned trom a short trip to ("iiiifonitu week. Tho president honored our eomniiin- Ity Jiust Saturday by a visit. Several ^pT Uie children in the. nidKiihorbood woro in ihfi pbturea taken of President and Mrs. Harding and their pa rty. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sponslor called at W. J- Sponster's Tuodilay evening. Yellow is tho most recognized color both day and liiRht.. San Frnnciscn, Juno 29.—Aniinala caro for their young today the same they did cetiturl&s URO. Only the genus Homo has ROHO astray, Dr. M. L. Turner of Des Moines, Towa, told the specialists in iiJser»»es ot infants und children at the unnuai cession, of the American. Medical association, here today. These words precedr-d tin lui- passhiiied plea for breast feeding as tho best method for tho good of the raee, and Dr. Turner urged physicians to adopt tho information gathered from observation of animals to in- ducti mothers to nurse their babies. Some Facts. Dr. Walter F. Winholtund Professor K .0. Jordan, or the University of Chicago, told how bub let) oatch cold. TliL'lr fac'« were based ou a study of f,"0 with and 500 without colds, and it was shown that the occurrence of colds in Infants Is usually accompanied by a hlrfh proportion of colds fn the other members of the family. This fact c&usos the doctors to holiovo that ooids aro -causod by a widely disseminated •iufiM -tious Bithstajieo of low infectlvity, and that the Incubation period, or the timo required for this Infecting subsiiuieea to cause a cold, is very short. Edward M. Morgan Became Carrier While Old Dutch Church Was Still in Use. POISON IN STOMACH OF A DEAD RABBI Investigation to Be Made to Try To Ascertain Reason For Its Use. New York, Juno 29.—Fifty years of service in the V\ S. postal service have Just been completed by Edward M. Morgan, postmaster ot Now York city. reaogui'/.cd as tho most difficult postal Job in the service. Morgai 1 w a ^ sworn In as a letter carrier fifty years| ago in the "Old Dutch ohuroh", New- York, which was then used as the postofflco. It was I used as a prison | by tho British l.i the Revolutlona-ry war and by New York city as a postofflce from 1S45 through tho Civil war, up to 1S75. Morgan remained a letter carrier only flvo years. lu 187-3 he was trans- The effects of colds In babies aro ferred to clerical rank, and in the fol- morn serious than in grown persons; lowing year, after winning a eompeti- parllcularly because they tend to de- tlvo examination he became a chief range the digestlun and other fuuc- c ierk in a branch station. He rose lions of the body, tho physicians said. ' to tm suiierintesdanoy of some of the — | largest stations in the city and in 1&S9 Want to Come Back. | became superlntendeat of city deToronto: The M'.-nnonite farmers liverv, resiKinslble for the distribution who migrated from tho Canadian ot matl through t3ie entire city, provinces to Mexico now want to re- ; r a 1897 no waa maue assistant post- J»..H.WORffAM ^S&vQ your IT^&SW self hours of discomfort you w;uit f -r your .sl'ia ti. ,uV.l« . - to ,S !t ,p lln- ;im! !. ut- r .i '.'""I to hi'al 111;- rsij'-li-n. I'MilO,', Ml.l'^".- it W.'.r.V ])< Si.ltjf IL; c.':ili :uT .i -. ; .Mj' itild dan ^t r, .u>, \hc Ml !i .i !h i'Ciltll? inJ ;10 <iif'iitK ol -INi 11. OINTM ICNT ohen over- it- tin- iii uMi- pioi-nptly. pven il it ia i-ir ,!i,<j J.Hi" cl,iljfl .s-?tcd. Bathing all.-, iid part hrH witli K !:.S1.\(;I. M' ha^.ti -1,5, t!)r ticm-fu' rt'iailts. I. ut p. i: the C ONSTIPATION A CAIISP of HJflnjr Ills, ilnrra- ful to (.ldni'ly peopio. Always relief In taking CHAMBERLAIN'S TABLETS Ea»y~plcasent— effectiv*—-only 250 turn to Canada. Tho fi.OOO families liouplit vaat traots of Mexican land, generally paying one-third In cash. In one i-HKtou where they purchased GO,- OQD acres, only an Inch and a half of rain has fallen since March, 1!)22. In attempting to drill a wull the workers frot down 212 feet through solid rock and had not struck water. However, they still have $2,400,000 on deposit In Kl Paso, Texaa, banks, and II they can get hack to Canada 10 begin again where thoy loft off they will bo satisfied. Claim Privileges, PUflUe of Locusts. | T^ondon: T. P. "Tay Pay" O'ConManila: Locusts flew over Manila nor, father of tho House ot Commons, for sin hours continuously on May 24, is oho of the few members who wear darkening the city at times. Sugar their hats in the House and use the planters fear they will destroy the »nuft provided by tho sergoant-at- clutis lli the fields. nT'u'tS. master and ten years later was appointed postmaster by President Ttoosovolt, who had followed his custom of seeking efficiency iu choosing the man for the office. Morgan was reappointed by President Taft. After a vacation under tile Democratic administration he was returned to office by "President Harding on July 1, 1921. Only one other postmaster of Now York has had the distinction of being appointed by threo presidents. San Francisco, June 29.—An autopsy di»cl'.«ure of the presence of poison in the stomach ot the late Eabbi Martin A. Meyer, who was found dead last Wednesday, was tho starting point today of a rteld investigation in- j to the manner of the Jewish rabbi's j death. ' | The coroner's office, as soon as tho ' autopsy report was made last flight, asked the city detective bureau to assign an officer to aid in its inquiry. Rabbi Meyer, who was nationally known in Jewish clrc.los, was "head of tho Temple Emanuel, ono of San FVauci&co's leading Jewish congregations. His death at first was attributed to heart, disease. The autopsy surgeon reported that while tho heart was slightly enlarged, the condition seemingly was not sufficient to havo caused dearth. Coroner Leland said he did not suspect anything in the nature of a suicide or foul play, but that the fact poison had been-found in tho stomach necessitated a most rigid luvestlga- T<ho analysis had not progressed (ion. sufficiently today for physicians to de- tormine (ho amount of poison in the rabbi's system. Replica of Fort. Calgary, Sask.: A replica of an old- time Hudson's Bay fort., such as was once the nucleus of the weatern posts of tho great company, and which still exist in the Far North, will be erected at the Calgary Exhibition grounds, July 9 to 14, as.ajiart of tho Stampede' feature. Special arrangements will be made to provide a commodious camping ground for vho old-timers who will attend with the old-fashioned chuck wagons and cowboy equipment. Women on Committee. Washington—Appointmont ot a woman for- each state as sui ansoclato member of the Republican national committee was asked by Chairman Aihmis. School boys of yesterday put turn- etl-up pins on their teachers' chairs. Tho boys of today take their teachers out for Joy ride:'. Atchison Glcb-j. •••• .Bathing Suits jar. the Whole Family New Smart Straws $ 2.50 New shipments are arriving. Early stocks were cleaned put by early selling 1 . Now you can replace yjoilr first straw by a second edition from the Star's stock at a saving in price. The highest priced Star straw is easily within the reach of every man. The lowest priced straw is a big value for the money. N U S S B A U M * S TEETH The Roofless Plate Restores the original contour and expression of the face— Gives your food its. Natural Taste Eat corn off the cob on a Twenty Year Guarantee B. W, Crabb, D. D. S. UNION DENTISTS j18;/ 2 N. Main -HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Open Evcningj by Appointment Phone 1069 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week THE GUMPS —MOTHER, PIN-A ROSE ON ME CM- "rum VMS NOO CtMt "WAYS A "TMj &HX> "TVE HOME R10WE.H ., CAR Mttt? \ KSOUlNDU A.«€ K Bfe-HWKrreX. UO.V fx G0Cto CtVVrt*.- VU, SO it 1 * Too » M > "tvvt^e N ^t Hot CVTH- \ x » VWECtOt XXXRUHfj OT SOM TO SO &OOX> Av>t> 'cr\K«twftv,t- w wen •^CW ^0 MSJCH' •Vf'S So r ww Sou ux>m> Kt nvxtcx c*»e Mew t>\w*t HHO\« uweiwec 'soo wt^s, %VJN\rA€» N^fcft OR k XNlUCAB - NDU «0S ^ "TA9 Ort tMtKH COUH^,R.%ErAMSt THE 61R.VS n*t^.«.M0«J-NdU C0M6 HOM5, CtAJtWJ) WI1H "tKi-?. UWE ^ f fcVZ.fcWWKlH<» PV«S K-t \ STOW SHOW „- — .. 10 GVt A, t >MvMc 0\i t OX. surr CONtWMiNCa &S00- \H trWN%t^ IN tHE <a«M^ "WIS M ««t% ftH.SOOS tM TW£ ^A.'^s , reR>( ^ROMtWfctO*"

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