Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD EVENING, OLIUbbK t), 1930. DECATUR HERALD VSSFASK NO Mysterious and Handsome Rider Mounts Killer and Dashes Off U I I Y T IIAS.ONI. Ill H i l l * MM Anntmuji Wof li (111 · F'iid i llfu«n In CiHitin II lit tio-callfttl heuiiiHf a bikln who hud sonxhl Nhfiliei then w i l d hei hnnduml hftd itliAtlKilv din iip[(!ftiii(l 'I tin l(nii) -j|ii'( i l l i d t h u t the tenant nutit imh 1111 nu m i i t t e i wluit liti| In tht tiinMC A n u n NII llntln thut "tif of tlid ^ l i i v O H in I ho j i t l v n t n hutl.U K'linind h n hien ogimiul t l i i tliiiiln hm Otto In m n u l i i c i l tohn Mti- nwmrt ownn nf H N i w Y t n l t n e w t p d j f i t till", to IniUin An niif^it to ltiivi lh ]lti(i sin t i (u+rt [il(k ifiii«on ft f o i i n i t ( l i M i t nthloti: and tidmlii,) or ,lnno I-tunndllH oni' o( th f)«t tenimli of (hi hoiinc «ilh lo of Annni-in * jmlo hintulii n *inv(i^( n t d l Don flghtw ttlf i an lod who ndvlii F the nnw trnuiit lo l i n v v J t t l d e n Hoiitfi Ko-itilUil h i u n m it brkl" who hnd nought - . i i r i r i t I h e i f i for tho ni((ht w l l h hn hiH- («w month* hi t I ' K i i u i i i i VUun the nprtst had «i( l i i f o i c iilrii Otc l«o nn- i r j i t n « d t h u t tlnv vtcin t l t i to thi rloin nl)D\t Miikt } o i i i M l t tit home Ml«-r W e n w i t h ftiiiibtfiil hotpltulltv All I I m t f n Hint you won't )P i i ' i i l i d i n v o u i o f f l c f u l rnpiirllv Th( mitt lud ti t u n not tin ntilomntii iff I It l i n n I'lil » i l c t ( i n k i d n i i i l v lin Ytm jro t n i l u p mlts and tlun t ti ti I H I K 1 of n i t t h i n ' I p i o m h p to ihuot tit I hi' H i s t 'ountl of a foot ' t l i i l i i Anct [ ullut Hhooti to kill ' ! i ll i wilt for thp gttcoivl itinnri ' «lic n i K t x i i i ' i h l H K no o t t l l n u i y rntin limit wr n ( niliuikcri upon Yum hiill-i n i l j i i t t'u Hwm tluough UK ihliic V O I I I P nimlriK fit imd hit I h n u t o i i - jir-tson A jfhott la so pot u« von k n o w ' ^-lii t u o v i d towittd the rlooi cloii lv l i l l o r t M l hv AWiv II you Wfint ftitvlhlnj' Llutu H the bill pull It i l n i s in tin uiijn t hull And oh hi tin win iluniltl you fepl jmi huve to short dun I point thtit nmnon of j u i l i i up In tin ah t vii 'the deputy l i f t by *lnh Ti )v i» Itunid th« hoii«f hud hii'l hN ( l l n n i i ami wn'i eJ1fihll»hBl In thn moil com- fotliibla chilli In Ihii HvlriK ioom when Mtsv Wont rntttiMl lit mi m«l dlt|»o«ftl to e n f o t . i l n I K I w i t h (on- fldonrei eonrpinlnjt thf* Inionipf h I K I of n r t f t l n Hnlpi f t n u t l o c o f f U l F i l i hut *hf flffl tn thn H n n t h u u v ol tin b t u k k l t h f n At 10 o c l m k Abtn fl-cii! n \ i I f coffQB nnd acimn iimdwl; hi i foi i h d i ^hi'tt Ml-ii enltl i ] ( i p sho win t n k i n p I l l u i l l e t with thp woid )t tttn iglnif, i f n t t x ilpht hnins now ·4nri hfi M llfli hnd rlbicd fit nny I n p i i i o t l n h l f . instil of t i m u TUp hnb It of t|cpp hurt untie f r o m (h?m nnt . i \ f n w i t h lhi fomfoitnlile 'tlidl nn n\i\f hndtwl mfin wni In l l i i tiiom I x l o w u nmn t h r u on piupnip to do thu kcrplni. imiitif fru I n t no nmonnt 1 of coi\ In* i iiilii wi o It bnck Smltlcnlt AwtikulMsl Jn 11 ihp ciimh I nod weight of slooplossness and (iuiUness hud giown ttlmost too heavy to ba boina the tlied body leloxed Eyelnahcs qulvctcd (hooped, qulvoicd ftgnln settled into place Foi five mlnutoa 10, 20 sleep guvs temporary relief to the exhausted bruin But before UK sloop had become deep enough to do any good a violent oontoitlon nf the muscles almost lifted tiet fioro rh« brd ivnd theic shp wns awnlto once moio--awuAcu und tiembling Hinl qornclhlng movttl hi tl« toom' Hail a hunt) touched her lace' She duns ho bctUlothca tiom hot nnt) n u t tip Jn net man,h tt» matches anil u inncllf a tumbloi of \vatet pot i t t t l f l![l(d ovot and wet hot to Ihc skin Rut no one sccmpd to hpa: the i n * I f et ulie mado openlns buicau lraw- us In aoaifh of anolhti nlftht dut-j And Ihln wtf doubly tUnnm when omi titnn to icniPinbet the man In I hi i onm below ShUcilnt; nhc blew out tht tnndlo md plfuctl It on the stand bpUt thi, two wtntlow! w h P t e it would be within tench of hci hand AH s hirnpd In citiwl buck Into bpd llw tloud banlt whtpti had niouRht thi tlnikiipss slid nwftv and the south pastutc lay itvealed On thp knell ncni the giaviynid willows itood D i n f t i l n head uj) tall iwltehlnpt fiently back and (oillt--i snio sign aomethlnK moia than oinl n a i j hod octtiiied to atouse his Um pel Mha West begun to ftak hpisul whut UIP stallion wai dolnR thetc out of hla box stall, lice and (cot loose Mini Apur«ncht! ]ruwilti HPI untwci v-H» not lonn In torn InK F i o m the sltle door of the i r d batn cinctfiul a man-ft tnll bioud ^limildPlpd follow us physltaUy po lont as tno ho^sc ho so obvlon_sl_y EYES RIGHT? A. A. NE1SLER nt rlini A meant to mastei Otto's night i M o i ' Snntching a pair of Hold glues03 liom the diawei of the nlffht uland the gill took gonl look at the np- ptoiuhlnpr figure The glasses lovenletl that, the mrtn was voung, that he wa-i dicssed in ktiald tiouson ant) a t o i n f! on no I ahlit and thut, ho WUH band some Though how iho knew thla last It would have been difficult to say- the top of a daik i m l y hea.0 boltip; nl! that "us available loi InapocUnn Ovi i his tight turn a bildlo am h its one would nai 1 fol a l i n n tiround the pink- nil oi ri HID on hi I n f f n l j fit onlv ft)) n Ulv-bmltf nog The dfiiiRhtci of Cvnw Wesl tiioil to be angry and only suocferlcd In firowlrfj bipnllilr-tq Ho heail lonp ed now as ihe WHtchpd thp coo) 1111 hesltattiiff wa^ in which lhf it]mij,fj hoto down upon Ilip inglng Duituln I h l man wns fumlliai with hinicn He would knmv how to hnndlp tiu hud discounted all thnm vtainlng puffs and At a dlulftncc ot some U^ht 01 ten paces from tho knoll the in in ? topped, and with cvciy tippraiantc of of young plum UCEH Ilitvliif,' found one to his IlklriK he pioceid^il to cut himself a switch Itipplng off (he, leaves with the point of ti long wicked -look In it knlfo The tioisi- meanwhile one cvc nvinit' «f rvciy Ihlng that was Rolntf on iniitf h«l a bit of rlqnei The man kept j d v a n t l n B hh htintli talaeil nbovf hN hittxl th( hihlli 1 neltl out susfiiMllvMy h - t w f . n them What the Klllei Ihouffhf wtw not r I K f l f i i l t lo imnelnp lie laid unmll nao dos to hlfi hon^l and ruilod a vicious Up / ^UiuiKcr Mulns Iiin Spilntr A n n n s i i Witti faith \n Ihc m w comeiS a h l l l l v oo/id awv A honot I h i i c i t i l n t y lhal Olto been luimpled iindt'i hoofi inl t h it _-jjii- wtr) alwut to occ httt fate !#-en acted hwc before hci eyes btoUKhl hei IN h i r knees in tiont of thi- it)M» window Slopt' aho ctlnl Bill (.veil b n U the ciy been hcaid. it was too late The atianget had all cud y made hit; HpiJnt,' for a plac* on tht baio, blotli buck What followed In the nixl few HLL- ondfl \vus to kaleidoscopic to dtsoilbe In dclnll A wlillliilR |)kli)ic of a man und b iiHt-of jiaundlng houfi; and tlyinK muni -of a plum net owltch -- of that one |inlc eye of (hi. Klllci a flush In i; in thi moon UK hi 'Ihc home hml ictiied on hlx anJ wuw pawing tin ah to fling himself )]ii(,hunl(l in a sukidnl attempt In be ild Of his [Ictcslabli buiden tut aciom the nose bimihh caitli u g i l n Cunningly chauttlt),, his Diacitln b jjin a mks of litjps ( n t h on« mllujf on foiu stiff IDM 'lo the ]U-,t I c i L j ) WI14 Ucicild a f l l l i l l i ' fjom which both hutw and rld«r nmctgid li//lly wondcllnff whul the next nmyi) woulil be Fl WJIB at t h i n inonii-jit thai tnr wolrhti In the window hmd n HOD ml in Ihc ioom below -the ncmpe of a elmii ax though Mimionc hart risen hmiimlly, fallowed lmm»dlnte ly by Die nqueiilt o f a henvy Irend ovet th« two IOOKC Ijonnlx ncltr (he n replace Too often had Annnnnn /jteppeit on those bomclK heioelf not lo icco(,'nl?c their lolniou* ptiilnlit Wlthmtl doulx (he /inlollK deputy liflil rum-til n hinl ol whi! viut RO« mi pBRf 7) A well-timid ihht Iitm 10 Curtains Laundered -NFU MKTHOII- Custom Curtain Cleanen Radiantfire Gas Grates Perfect for Chilly Mornings! Adjustable Heat That Can Be Turned On or Off in a Jiffy! Many Styles--all of them Clean, Healthful, Economical! There's n o t h i n g for home heating that compares with the Radiant-fire I No bother, no ashes, no odor. Turn it on or off, high or low, as desuod. It stwrjt in fuel costs and prevents many colds nnd other sickness. Prevents home over-heating, too, but takes fvwny the chill of early winter mornings. Prices are very moderate and opeiating cost is but n few cents an hour, , Period Models -- Jo Match Your Furniture By harmonizing -with your home furnishings scheme, these period models add new character and beauty to your fireplace. No logs or coaKto be carried; no fire to be built and kept going: no aches -- just steady, concentrated heat that's as easy to regulate as your baking oven, Radiantfire is the last word in heating comfort and conevnience. A Mofol for Every Home at Moderate Price*/ SMALL DOWN PAYMENT EASY TERMS Make y our Detection now. Delivery and attachment in your home on b* made promptly, for your immediate convenience. 124 South Water Street A n Illinote _ Power and Light Corporation Phone 4121 Call 2*0735 and we'll put your fur. naw in ihape 10 that it will do » food job Aii winter, ( Sheet MeUl Work XXW. ( K M I J K V W. F. SEYFER SON tit North Mdn October is aMonfh ofSuperVahw at Lentil's Vow is the time to Buy Furniture Odd Vanities $19:21 Walnut, Walnut and Maple Green and Beige -- Formerly $39.50 to $59.50 -- Now $19.75. _ Chest and Vanity Two wonderful odd Pieces. Finest of Rockford Make. Each Piece formerly $98.50 -- now $49.50. Breakfast Sets 19i 2411 Extension and Drop-Leaf Style. Durable Lacquard Oak. Formerly $29. EO and $3950 -- Now $19.95 and $24.75, Gas Stoves Grey and White Porcelain Ranges. Some with heat control. Formerly $69,50 to $79.50. Now $49.50. Atwater Kent Radio WITH TUBES Beautiful Walnut Cabmelt and Keil Table Model*. Formerly Priced at High a* $179,00. 3 PC. 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