The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 17, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1859
Page 4
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ot warlnttelastandadTance* th» price* went np^to froai 8 tolte ojtwlreat aidSCi on flour, and tnm»acUoMjUK)>Ti^w}ft > g»od deaJ of spirit. Tte«ale*'Mtar*i»we l JaiTetorepert,/oot'oi). in Bonr 12jBM tblt; In wheat «fc9» bu*. Most of the tnuacotton* were on Bpecnlatlon, from one dealer to for market, freight*—nnchangeo. The *dux>ne£ J: i. Grow -take* wheat to Onrego*4CXe. •The schooner W. H Craig got* to Buffalo with wheat *tSc. The scbeoner Cont««t Is.loadlng wlih <Ht* on .owners Buffalo. Ploor-advancedasasOcwIthmor* activity. Bale* 141 bid* oountry brand* spring at 7,00, (sale made early In the day.) Vhefollowlngweremndeon change. 300 bbls Horlcon Mills f, o. b, T.80; «00 do <rtr» an- pwflo* WI*eoabs T aOUa,Ci0.b., T.70-, 100 do Empire MlllSjBeaver Dam, f.o.t)., 7,76; 915 do Beaver Dam, I. o. bv.7,80; 1,000 do Eugar Elver, t. o. b, 3,00; 100 do Watartown whit* winter,«^»; 100 do *p*Hng country, 7,60; 48 do Berlin City extra, 7,86, 200 do Fanners Hills, Watertown, 7,60. Wheat-advanced lOc. Sates i.OOOtu^No. 1 1. o. b 1,3B; 4,600 do Mo. 1 do 1,38, . »«*e aales were made early Jo the morning, before the meeting on change. Tbe following war* made on change: £,000 bus No. 1 l,ot; GOO do extra 1,68; SiO dodo 1,60; BO do white winter for milling. 1,T2X; 1,800 do extra'1,60; 100 do do 1.6B; 800 do No. 2,1,85; ITS flo extra 1JK; 1,600 do extra No. 1,1,61. The last five sales for milling pnrpo- se*. 11,000 bus No. 1 f. o. b., 1,45. Since t^ meeting at the Chamber of Commerce we hear of -the following sales of flour : 660 bbls Portage City at 7,001. o, b; 290 bbls Beaver Dam at 7,75. Of wheat 600 bus No. 1 at 1,45; &00 do extra at l,tt>; 800 do do No. 1 at 1,60. By* Flour—unchanged. Sale* 100 bbls &£5. Highirtnea-HSteaay. ^Bale. 120 bbU f»t 30; 26*oat aox; 60 do at fflv Oat*—lower. ,**ie« 2,437 bos at 65, delivered; 2,000 biuat.CS. Barley—ailes <00 bus choice at 80. •Corn—a small sale shelled at 65. Cattle—on fool from 2,50@S,«>, according to quality Eggs—plenty. Sales 8 bbls at fctc and 11 bbls at SX c. Seed*—Timothy 1,75; Clover 6,00@«,00. Potato*?—dull, 8*le>£00 bus common r-d at B2c, Butter—In small lots brings 17@20c. We make the following quotations : Wheat—So. 2 Spring Wheat 1,80; Bo. 1 Spring Wheat Ijaa^LjK; No^ 1 Extraj 'Spring Wheat 1,40® 1,60; Club Milling Wheat 1,46(^1,60, extra; Winter Mining Bed l,80®l,t&; Winter Milling White Wheat 1,403.1,70, extra. Oat*—66. Corn—S2&86; corn (ear) 78OBO. Hides—green «X; s»lted 7; dry 14®15; sheep pe)t« 20 Beans —62Q7&. JKsiUroad Kectelpu. BMoarn n Utowiorsa * UaetBBim May 14.—BOO bbls flour; 8.994 but wheat; 636 do oats; 343 do potatoes; 491 Ibs hides; 2,6*0 do sundries; 101 do butter; 95 bbls hlghWines; 11 do eggs. stxonrn si Mn_, WAT. * BAKABOO VALLCT E. B.— Mar f to 14.—1,854 bbls flour, 6,771 bus wheat; 11* do bark-y, 22 do corn; £2! do potatoes; 40 bbls eggs; 2,256 Ita butter; 4,278 do hides; 10,188 do sundries 2 hogs lAke Receipt*). LiEI lurORTS DDZtiro TKS MST TWUTt-rODB HOOKS.— 42X tuns mdi; 2 ca*9ts brandy; 1 box legan; 16 pkgn •nndries; 60 M lumber; UO M shingles; l^OObus wheat. LA KB EXPOKTS DDBUHQ TSK pABTmHTT-FOtr* BOUBS.— 64" bblB floar, 4 brs household goods; 800 dry hides. [By Telegraph.) New York Market. Nrw TOBX, Ma; ID. Floor—market excited and 15{&50 cents better; aales 82,000 bbls at o,75®@7,20 for superfine state; 7,453",70 for extra state; 7,85®8,OU for common to good extra western, closing tame Canadian al T.TJKJJ. 6,70 for extraa. EVE flour—quiet at4,65@5,70. Wheat—advanced 6@10c but quiet; sales 20,000 btu at 1,7W&1,90 for winter red western; 1,90(31,83 for white western. Eye—better; sales 4,300 bos at 1,03. Barley—firmer; salei 2,000 bus Canadian at SO. Com—firmer, sales 15,000 bus at 94I&95 for southern; BS^l.,00 for yellow of all kinds. Oats—firm at 5SQ&60 for state, 61f^C2)f for western and Canadian. Stocks—firmer. Mo 6's 84},, Teno 91;,, Ta ffs 00; Erie 4th mart bonds 41, 1 C bonds 80>i; P M 84; B 1 62V N T C72J£; Panama 117, C C * C 86Ji, Hudson 21!.,, Harlem preferred SC>,, C ft T 26* , M t U '• BCPFA.LO MARKET. BCTTALO, May 16 Flour—active before steamer's news, on receipt of which, market advanced 25^50 on desirable brands^ with moderate demand ; sale* 8.000 bbls at 13,75^7,00 for'extra Illinois: 7.25&7j60 do Wisconsin. Wheat—excited; 1,40 for Milwaukee club; 1,74(2.1,80 lor red Ohio. Corn—nominal; sales 8,000 bus early in tbe day at 90, afloat, now held at 92^95 Oator—firmer, with sales 22,000 bush western afloat at 5b LIVERPOOL MAEKET. Market closed steady. Flour advanced 6(&9d per cental since Friday; American 3d(^U8><L Wheat—advanced 6di^9d; Western red 8»6d(jfcU»9d; do white 10s6di&12s2d; white southern 11^14. Corn—advanced 6d. Mixed 7s4d@Ts5d; do yello* 7«5dQ,767a; white B»4d&9s. Sugar—steady. OofTee quiet. LONDON MARKET. Flour—buoyant, and prices slightly higher. Wheat—buoyant and £s higher, makinc an advance of 10c&S5 on the week. Sugar—quiet. Cofle*—firm. Barley—maintained. Consols—closed on «ewcoow-yw"» Mw *r*; .-> -;.± • •• --••. '••'•!'- £ M^^^^&M^i&:l^ TN pursuance and by virtue of a writSt fieri Wcla* X issued out of the District Oaort of the United Stales fot the District of WUconsln. in favor of the said New- eomb Cleveland, FUlntUr, against the La Oroase^* Mil*._ , ,^--._ wau*»BaJlRpad<Jonipasv,defendant,lntoeaboTeenU- -«mersow*. Mcdrath., 0 Jj «tU« tied pause, Issued for the amount ^of one hundred and ../->. ,-— .. .^r*.,,..-«».._£ twelxeftontandtwp*nti*resl'andsieventy-oiie'dollars ig and se«er4y-slx cents, reoovered by the «*ld Plalntlg *- against the laid defend^ th* 7th daf of October, A. 1). 1S6T, by ihe iudgme»t' cf the *ald. District Ooort, le*tefl toe »wenty-*e»ond day of October, A. D. IS5T, to me directed, lliave levied upon aad shall sell at .Public •ncUon, on Tuesday, th* Iflth day of D«cember nejrt, at tie VWI*d Stabt* Marsbal's Office, In the Olty of Mil- *on;Sockwen*EahiatI,Ooontniowoc; Bower *Bey- jiam.-Blpon; Pfi Ouunplain. Fonl: dn lao; A J BaM-' TTfhf Mlmnfi^llT^''?*V-4' f findt-hL|. a w'fiT I<afc*t w^'f^rT 1 kope,8extonvllle4 hoody A drlsaold.Horicon; >PP«d her anchor "above theWdge, andjarigjed It through tearlog^p tuiwb-BWlne telegraph cable of the Chlca- «o line, thereby _<^o*lng #^ood ae^,*{,»exatlon and Interference In cofimnnloatlon: Fortunately the company- to? in^lnstrWent; In thn oBce of'^the.ililVankee and Chicago Railroad office, and the operators c m repair thither and transact bnslntas In cace of any cuch Interruption attherlrer. ^ * . L: " ,> ; iv; Workmw irere engaged thl* afternoon and even ing In repairing the damagt. Muter* of vessels would very muoh oblige the public, a*.well a* the Telegraph Companies, by not dragging anchor*, yairt either th* Spring street or Menomonee bridge. Captain, don» tear np the cable—please doft't, TB«1T*«BBa.-Bhowery, breezy, pure _ the iky brigh tat If newly washed; the earth putttng on her aqmmer gsrb. Xvery drop of ra'n |ia*Jife In It; life "w the grass and tree*; the bee* and. btrds; »nrt l(fc for our hopes. There i* bread and silver In euch rain',- glewna of Joy and the wealth of gold tn Ench sunshine. "Who has not a heart to thank God, for inch weather? 1 ••••'•. • *>•'.;- : BY TELEGRAPH. •RSPOBTSD FOB THE'DAILY MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of May 16. AKRIVED^ Prop Fountalu Olty, Peck,Gollingwood, 42X tons mdz, 5 caaks brandy, 1 box segars, 16 pkgs sundries, 6 pass. Stmr Olty of Cleveland, Sqnler, Grand Baren. Prop Hunter, Dickson,/Chicago. Stmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven. Prop Ogdensburg, Bichardson, Ogdensburg. UAT IfoH. Bear Free Mason, Bonton, Green Bay, 19011 shingles. Scar Kitty Grant, Johnson, Mmkegon, 60 M lam. Bchr G. L, Gross, Grover, Chicago, 1^00 bush wheat, Prop Rocket, Bice, Buffalo. CLEARED—MAT I&TB. Prop Fountain Olty, Peck, Chicago, 1C pkgs sundries, 6 pass. Prop Hunter, Dlckson, Oollingwood. MATlCra. Prap Potomac, Glbhard, Chicago. Prop Ogdensburg, Bichardson, Ohlcag*. Btmr Olty of Cleveland^ Sqttier, Grand Baven. Htmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven. Prop Iowa, Jones, Buffalo, 647 bbls flour, 4 bxs household goods, 800 green hid**. merchandize by Lalte. .By Sttoour CU*da.nd—J). AM.R.R. Po* PtajOM n TE» Orrr.—Hassett 4 Co, M L Green, Betaman ft Wing, Wis* * Co, M A Blnclalr, Jewell, Bice ft Oo, A B Blanchard, Dntchcr, Sexton ft Oo, J ahl- man ft Oo, J Furlong t Bon, tten Oreuman, Goodrich ft Terry, G Tracy, B B Lonnback, Bradley ft Uetcalf, Bradford Bro, fred Goe«, J L Davis, Atkins, Bteel A W V L « B< l la lT, w » Bacon, H Bosworth ft Son*, MShoy- er ft Oo, J H Tesch, B J Nam ft Co, James Bonnell, B t Oady, J H Benedict, G Brenard, Dewald ft Danan- banm. Fo» PiasoHB ra I«l CODlrraT.—McKay ft'Bros H S Maoelle, Watertown; Newman ft Oo, LaOrone- Bassett ft D, Baraboo; If II Kellogg, UcOloud ft Bros, 8 K Pnt- man, T B Oampben, BtPaul; D Lesner, Eoehetter: H K Moor* ft Bon, Bclolt; J Winilow, Ft Atkinson-KUey Moreton, Portage Olty; Langlols ft Sowland. Racine; Vyman ft Bone, Kenoihs;-,M Kno*, Wanktsha; 8 W Brown, Noah Gates, Wlnonn; Oathcart ft Oo;«B»l; Pratt ftDaaiel, Watoma; PBrnst, AJrPldgit, Bheboy- gan; Mrs A Davis, OassviUe; N'ltyrlek * Oo, Traverse de* Bloux; Peter McConrt, I B Baleh, !• H Cittrell, M EHerrett, Oshkosh: Chapman*Thorn,EaaOlalr;08 A 8, JThltewater; N » Wood ft Oo, PaeUc;J Weigher ft Bro, Fond du Lac; H D Dpham, Weyawega: Btone, Demote* *<Jo, KMtXroy; H H . Iklns * Co, Boricon; Qage ft Mather, Bparta; Barah A Irwin, MonteceUo; B Volte ft Boni ttarllngton; JlOook ft Oo, Eochesier, MlnnjHorth*Carroll,HMtlngi; C^HOoorad, Jane*- vlDe; Hartrouck ft S, Madison; B W Bmlth, Tom*h; " • Gould, Bearer Dam. . By Prop. OadtnttHirfk—ybrffitrn Srantporiatien "th, T£UUi<t CroujM, Afftntt, *.*& B. B. * A. •—-Bfiynton ft Smith, A Gun-! BBelUck, BBriJbuuo,HIlM jOTPsaoiow»i«TB»Ooo«Ta«.— e DOoyJe, Avoca; 0 O Brown, tr, Won Dlnaon, Jtarston, II Jll>ow Ohtow. T Hatch, Almlra; MatheV DlHsazUge, Hartlngs, Jlton; Brmuon*I*ugl>lln,rood dn'Saej «a*an Baker, fit CMd. Later from The steamer which arrived at Genoa, Qn tie 27th, brought a proclamation to the Tuscan army, inviting H to atrait the signal of war, and to advance In* compact bod; of 12,000 men, to reinforce Piadmont. ,' ' A similar proclamation had been addressed to the troops in the Eomagna. . • . : TITBIN, Friday.—Qanerals Canroberf and Neil have arrired here, and gone to j4in the King. The disembarkation of French troops at Genoa continues. A considerable part of the division fcf the Aliia U encamped atSnsa, In Piedmont.* {he Austrfajis are concentrating itt great mataes at Piaoenza, where a proclamation las been issued by an AuBtrian Commissioner Extraordinary. Turin, Sunday erening —The follovrbig in- forcoation has been published : 20,000 Austrians occupy Giorgio, and 40.000 infantry and 65 cavalry Novara, No movement has been made towards Verodli.— The Anstrtana in large numbers have ^bitted Ptacenza, and proclaimed it in a state of siege, 'f hey appear to have concentrated their forces on the left bank of the Po. Gen. Bonap died on Saturday last at. Sosa, of an attack of appoplery. Vienna. Sunday.—The Austrians have occupied Arona, on the Lago Maggioret tfke Sar- diuians retreating on their approrch. The telegragh wires to Switzerlantl have been out by the Austrians. Tunis.—The corps d' arme which entered Piedmont, consists of 20 battalions and eight batteries of cannon. The advance posts were in the province of Norara, and a still more numerous corps d' armie was on the march there. The Anstrians who were concentrating at Pavia are marching in large bodies to Mortara. General McMahon has arrived at Genoa. Troops have qnited Genoa en route for Al- eisandria. Tunis, May 1st—There is a considerable movement of troops to Alessandria. The King has gone to take command. The Austrians are at Novara in force and also at Pavia. The French infantry and artillery continue to arrive, no decisive movement has yet been made. The London stock exchange did a large Bineas on Monday, although the transfer offices of the bank were closed for the half yearly balance. Prices were wide, although there was no resh news from the seat of war. Consols closed at 89 3-4a90 1 -4. There* were no more failures in the atock exchange en Mcdday. The particulars of the loss of the ship Pamona are published, she had 37'i passcugrra and a crew of 52 men, 17 of the former are reported saved and 3 of the latu*. The rest were drowned. Ship sank in nine fathoms of water. One Day Later from Europe. ST. JOHNS, N. F.. May 16. The steamship Arago passed Cape Race, and an abstract of her news, which WM put on xiard a fishing boat by Capt Lynen, has reached ibis post. The news has been mainly anticipated by arrivals at New York, bat being ana day later assesses one or two features of interest. The clipper ship Champion of the Seal had rrived from Milhonrne with £92,040. The advance in the rates of Interest by the lank of England was expected to be made on the 5th. Liverpool breadstufis bad been quite buoyant and had advanced considerable, hut closed quiet and steady at an advance. B. S. & Co. quote breadstuff! active. BITER Do LOUPE, May 16. The steamship Nova Scotian has passed this station on her way to Quebec. Her advices are from Liverpool the 4th inst. The panic on the London stock exchange had sublided. There had been no collision as yet between the Anstrians and Sardinian army, but one was expected at any moment. Napoleon had sent a formal declaration ol war to his staff,atinonncing hisintention to head his army. The.French were pouring into Piedmont. The Commercial intelligence is the satne as that by the Arago. Some engagements are reported, but they are not confirmed, and a battle was expected about the 5th. The French minister at Vienna, and the Austrian minister at Paris, had both quitted their posts. Napoleon was expected to leave on the 6th. Napoleon sent to the corps legislatiffon the 34, a strong warlike manifesto, hi which he says Austria h«s virtually declared war against France, and nothing remains for France but to take up the sword in defence of Italy. He disclaims all idea of conquest, proposes nothing bat the purest sympathy for Italy and he is about to place himself at the head of the army and leave tie Empress and his son to the patriotic care of'the French people. The English Parlimentary elections were progressing The panic en Change in London bad Subsided. Buiinesi was doll, hot consols had advanced. On the Paris Bourse the three per cents declined to 60a75c. LKAVESWOETH, May 16. . The people of Bouthern Nebraska are earn' estly agitating the annexation of BO much o: {hat .territory as lies aouth of Platte river to Kansas, thus secure admission to the Union at the next session of Congress. : •, •, ,. L; BAMIMOBB, May 16r President Buchanan, accompanied by Hon. Howell Oobh, visited Baltimore this morning to examine the site of the new U. 8. Court House. He was received at Bamum's Hole by a few friends, an« visited the localities proposed..,. ..-.., ... . ...... ....... / The President looks remarkably woll, and manifested much activity. •• watakee, a* 10 o'clock In the forenoon «f *ald day, the followlnff property, io wit: T*e La Orosse ft Milwaukee Railroad and all4twlnl«ro*t of the LaCrosse ft Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all the franchises, rights and privilege* thereunto belonging and appertaining, tnolndlhg road** roadway*, right* of way and real es tate of every descrlptton, road bed*, tracks, ties, rails, staUbn houses and bonding* and ground*, sheJsand grounds, engine house* and groundj,shop* and grounds, water house* and ground*, cars and appurtenances, locomotive engine* anti aponrtenances, more particularly described In th* following Khedule (marked A.) Also, all that portion of the LaOrone and Milwaukee Railroad, known ** the Watertowa DlvWon of said •tellcoad, and aH the intere*t of the «ald LaOroweand Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all tr* franchises, rights and privileges Hereunto apperuin- -ing, Including road*), road way*, rights »f way and real estate of every *e*crlntion, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, stamen hcnaei and buildings and grounds, shops and grounds, water houses and ground*, engine liouses and ground*, car* and.aprmrtenances, locomotive* and appurtenances; al*o, about forty-five thousand bars of Railroad iron, more particularly described in the lol- owlng schedule (marked B.J Also, low 9, :0 and 11, in block 8, and lot* 1, S, 3, ID ilock, 47^n the Fifth Ward of the-Clty of MUwankee.— Lot* 1 aifc 4, in block 1M; lot* 1, S, 4,5,6,7,8,8,10, 11, i£, 18,14, in block 185; % of block 157, except lot 8 and 10 of the bayou adjoining snli block; H of lots 8,9 abd K, aU of lot* 12, li and 14; X of lot* 16 and 17 and K X at 16, In block US, In the fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee. (Schcoule A., referred to above.) One passenrer ile- pot, one (tore house, two frciglit depot*, grain platform and ahed, blsckflfclthston, three tank houses, mashlne •bop, stationary engine htuse, paint shop, lumber beuse, o*p*>ersmith shop, Iron house, blacksmith shota., turntable, circular engine houae, car shop, all In the Olty ef Milwaukee; tank house, on section twelve"of said Railroad; one ditto on section £2; passenger and freight oe- pot, at Riotfleld; one turn table and passenger and freight depot. at8ch)<*a»enrervUle: entine house, tank house and passenger and >'relgbt depot at llartfonl; passenger and freight Aepoi ii Rubicon; passenger anil freight depot and task ho ue at Woodland; ditto at Iron Ridge; t«rn table, jsa-jgnger and freight depot, engine house and tan? douse at-Horlcon; passenger and freight depot at Junction* ditto' at Bailing IWirle; turn tabfe, engine, tank hous* an ft passenger and freight depot at eaverDam; paeoenger and freight depot and tank boti.o at Fox Lake: passenger and freight depot at Cambn..; passenger auu freight depot, turn table, tank house ind engine house at Midland; passenger and freight depot, turn table, engine housj and tank house atPo- ige City, together with the grounds upon which snob .ouses and buildings are situated and which are appm tenant ftheretts. T«-«Dty- t>ne locomotive engine*, ten (u-s* class passenger tars, two ciecond class dltttg* foui .aggage corf, lf>4 hous i, 30 gravel cam and 17 freight cars, MO platform hand cart, (Schedule B., referred to *bove.> One engine bouse in the Olty of Slilwajlkec; .ae xtatloo house a< the Junction; one ditto and w>.> shed at Pin-aukee, qne station house at Uartland; <•: e ditto at Pine Lake station; one water uouse,.onev. > .»d sueu, and on» BtaUou bouse at Ocoaomowoc; one ~ atloa house, frame nhed, machine Bhop, ear shop, bliuksmlih shop, tvo water houses, engine bouse and woml shed at Watertown; Kta- tiou house and water bous< at Lowell; Bt*tton house, engine and water house at Culumbua, lO(Cetlier irtth the groands upon wblch such hi-usea and buildings arc situated aud which are appurtrtm ut tliereto. Seven loco motive engines, 67 box cars, 3» rack cars, 10 hand cart, our passenger cars A two btt£;-ige cars, 20 dump cars A about 42,612 bars of lUilraj..! iroff, which I sliall, sell of the same day^t two o'clock. (> t>u,near Uie La Crosae Rall- load Depot,on blocks 441 anil 4 L^n the city of Milwaukee, and about 42S bars ol R«a:i irue, which I shall sell at (our o'clock P. M., the s^mf day, at I>ousman A Co 'a dock in the City of Uihrau»<«:, and about 2.01)0 bars of Railroad Iron which I iVill sell on the 17 Ui day ol December, lt&7, at three u'c^ock P. M., on the vest bank of the \Vlsconsln ftiver, ! iBaukCounty, OD Uie line of the La CroBB« aad Mllway; ~ ~ perty enumerated In the ft. sold subject to an execution l and prevfbtuly Uvlcd thefft-f berlaln. Marslial's Oflioe, Milwaol • . ee Rallrotd. Tte pro- jolD? schedule II. vill be aed uul ol Lite safe! Court .. in favor of Belah Cham UNITED 81-AXES KIAKSIIAL'H Mary Ann Adams, 'administra- trix of Frederick W. Adams, deceased, David P.-Hull, Marlon Alton Hull, IdwtaJPalsaer, Trueiee, Michael Ooughlin, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, Onarl««8.01ark, BobertH-Bell, The fanner* ft MflUra Henry L. Palmer,' . fierman SchwarJinr Mid nut Oreallch, Aislgnees of trie People** Sank of Haertel, Greialeaf ft-Catnpany,, Tyler, iln theO.B.nutrlct Court for the Djtrlct of fflsconsln In Equity. . October 27,1851. M. J. TUuMAS, Oct3l-clouw6» U. H. M»r» f^T" The above sale 1& her. l/> adjourned ui Muutljif , the 4th daj of January, ISAb, »t 10 o'clock A. y., al Ui«D. 8. Marshal's Office, Mil«^ikcc, except U>e »«lea ol Railroad Iron mentloisfid Ifl b^iieOule B., srhK-h »re atl- jounted respectively to &JUJ.iy f January 4, 1966, &t ^ o'clock P. u., and 4 o'clock P. tt.,and Wednesday, JaDu- ary 6, IS&d, at a u'ciock p. K ., »l the resjirctivr |.larr» mentioned above. Maratial's Office. MJl»»ul«-' , December It, lubj. M.J.T1IOM4S, U. 8. M* The above sale Is herrbv further adjaururd t« Uondaf , the l&th (iay of February, 1U5H, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the D. 8. Marshal'* UIBce, Mllwautes, e.cepi the Bales of Railroad Iron meoUoueil la Schedule IS . which are adjourned respectively to U»D(lay, Ft-bruarj 16, 18SS, at 3 o'clock r. •., and 4 o'clock p. u^iml Wednesday, > din-uarj 17, l^S, at 8 o'clock r u , at the respective places mentioned abovr. Maml<«J's Olbcc, Milwaukee, January 4, 1<VS. jaa6.1*im M. J. TUOMA.-i, L .V Mar.hil. f^" Tlii- iboy* smle 18 hereby further artjournrd to bimday, ih- IStli day of April, 1569, at U o'clock l. M., at the U. S Marshal's Of&ee, Milwaukee, rio-pl the bjUes of &«Jf o»d Iron mentioned lit Hchedalr b, hlcb are adjourned retipactlvelj to Thursday, April , Ibia, at 2 o'clock r. *, in. I 4 o'clock r. » , and Saturday, April 17, ISiS, at M o'clock r. •., at tl.e re- tpective places mentU'Qed above. Ma-rtkal'i Office, Ml,waakee, Feb. 11. 1S&S. wtt M. t. THOMAS, C. J. VarRial. The above sale 1» hereby further a<(j° Q rned to TnefidaytUie 16th day of June, 1S5S, a* M o'cio.-t A. M , at the U. 8. Marohai't Office, Milwaukee, ei< epl the srAa of Eailroadlron mentioned in sx.i...dule 1)^., wrt^cli arr adjourned respectlrely to Tuesday, June 15th, 1SSS, al Si o'clock, p.m. and 4 o'clock., p. m., aa4 Thursday, Jane IT, 1S5S, at 8 o'clock P. K., al tbe respective plaret meaHoned aboTe. Uanhal's Office, isUlwaukee, April IS, ISiS' aprlC-dlawtt H. J. THOSlA.S, L f. ilamhal. *^jjs~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned tu Wednesday, the 14th day of July, <1S3S, at ft o'clock A., u., at the U. fi. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, excr[i ihe sales of Railroad Iron mentioned ici icotedule U. which are kdJoumeJ respectively to Wednesday, July 14, 1*3, at i o'clock P. »_, and Fridaj, July 16, I at 3 o'clock p. H., at Uie respective placai mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, June li, labS. jel&-lawtt M. J.TBOMAH, U. S. Marshal. f3*jr- 13ie above sale If bereby further a.1juarnt^i ti Wednesday, the lit* day of August, ISM. at II o'clocl A. »., at the United States Marshal's Office, Milwaukr exceut the sales of railroad iron mentioned In Kchedul ti., wuch are adjourned respectively to Wednesday August 11, ISM, at 2 o'clock p. *., and Friday, Au^u 13, Ib53, at U o'clock p. *l. r at the respective ptaeea tue tioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, July 14, ISM. jy!6 M. .. TUOMA&, U. ti. Maj-ihal. fS^ Tbe above sale Is hereby further adjourned tc Wednesday, the lAth day of -September, ISM, al 1 o'clock A. M., at the U. B. Marshal's Office, Miiw%uk« except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In acheduli B., which are adjourned respectively u Wednesday September 1&. 18U, at 8 o'clock r. »., and Friday, September 17, 1W*, at 8 o'clock P. M.» at the respective places men! . ued above. Marshal 1 ! .(fice, MIlyauksK, August 11, 1S58. angli-lawlt M. J. TBOMA8, D. S. Manhal. ~ The *jbove sale 1* heretfy further adjoni ned to LEG Al* ADVERTISEMENTS UTATE OF WIW50N8IH,; fj »-: 1 Circuit Ooort,*l^aukee County, f! I«wU Blate," ^ " "> ^'^--;.'----. ,..f ^ aicsln«t > William W. Keith J Judgment Boreclwtire. at the respective Wednesday, the 29th dajr of September, IBM, at 11 o'cloc* i. »u, at i->e D. 8. Marshal 1 * OOlcc, MUvaoke* eJtcept the sale* 01 Jlallroad Iron mentioned In schedule H., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday September 29, 1863, at 8 o'clock p. *., and Friday, Octo her 1,1858, at 8 o'clock p. «., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Officq, Milnskee, Sept. 16, IBM. sepa6-iawtt M. J. TdOUAS, U. S. Marias^ ff~ The above sale Is hereby fkrther sidjounred to Monday, the sixth, day of December, 1868, at 11 o'clock i. »., at the 0. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, evcepl the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule 1)., which are adjourned respectlrely to Monday, December 6, 1S&8. at 9 o'clock; r. «., and Wednesday, December 8, 1858, at 8 o'clock p. au, at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's office, Mil waukee, Sept. 29, 1S5S. septSO-oawG* M. J. TUOMA8, D. 8. Manhal tJg The above sale Is hereby farther sjdjuuroed to Wednesday, the 13th day of January, 1869. at 11 o'clock *. «., at the U. S. Marshal's OrBc*, Milwaukee, except tbe sales of Eallroad Iron m«Dllwie4 In tbe schedule t. which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, January 12, 1859, at S o'cloclr r. «., and Friday, Jaanary 14, IBM, at S o'clock r. ft., at the respective- places men- Iqced above. Marshal's OBee, Milwmkee, Doc. 4, ISM. decl-oacu M. J. TitOIKkS, U.S s/Jr* Tne above sale 'Is har?hy further adjourned t» Monday, the Uth day of February 185t, al 11 o'clock A. »^ at the U. 8. Marshal'* (Ifflce\ Milwaukee, cktept the sales of Ballroad Iron meutlpntd In the schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Mon*ay, Febru ary 14.18M, at 2 o'clock, p. »»., and TVednMiJajr, FeV ruary U, 13S9, at 8 o'clock p. m places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, MllwaaVe- ,' Jan. £2, ISiS. janl3-oaaru M. J. THOMAS, o. S. Marshal. faf The above sale ls hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the 24th day of February, :I8S», at 10 o'clock A. K., at the JO 5. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad l»on mentioned In schcdnfe B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, February 24th, 1S59, at 2 o'aiofk (. *>., *md Saturday, February 26th, 1859, at 3 o'coock r. ".. at the reipeetfve place* mentioned, above. ; Uanhall Office, Hllvsjokee, Fcb.U. 1S59. febia-oawtt , M.J. THOMAS 0.8. Marshal. *9~ The sAere sale la hereby fcrther adjourned to Wednesday, the 23d day of March, 1869, at 10 o'clock tn the forenoon, at tht a. 0. Marshal's ofl»««, Milwaukee, except the sale* of Railroad iron mentioned In schedoU B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 28, 18S9, *)t 2 o'clock >. u., and trlday, March 25, 1899, at 8 o'etock f. «., at tte respective places mentioned kbove. Mamhal'B Offlce, HUiraokee, Feb.24, IX*. feb2&-lawit M. J.THOatafi, O. B. . *aj~ThoaboVes»le I* hereby further adjourota to Saturday, ;he 2d day of Apru, O859, at 1» o'clock A. «., M the United States Jkarahal'J Office; Mllwaukse, at- cipt the sale* of Kail road Iroa mentioned In scbedule' •^ which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April 8, 1KO, at S o'clock ». ai n and Monday, April 4, 1889, 8 o'clock, p. •., at«k e twpaciive; niace* mc«lene4 above. ' Harshal's-Offlc*, MUirai*«,' March 48, 185». ' '• «kar24-laWU , M. J.TdO<AB,D. S. Marshal. fST The atove sale Is hereby farther adjonrned Id Saturday, tbe 7th day of JUay, 18M>, at 10 o'clock t. m. MtheOnitedJftsjteillBrstel'* O«ee. JfUw*)ttk*e, ei cept the sales of Ballroad Ircrj mEfrtloned in »eheu»le B.,*/hlchare adjoornsij re>i)oct*vely to Salnrdar, May T, 18S*,at Jo'clcnk ». *J.,,.»,5<1. 41 today, . May*, 186»V 0 o'clock *.-»./ »t the reipecUre .place* mentioned above. ''. ". ••••:' •••^^•'^•^' : - ••-••'.••(+••;-:••--• , Marshal 1 * Office, Mllwaakfe/ApKliVilflsa. -;, apr8-l»jrtt M.J. TMOilAB, 0. 8. M»r*hal, , f^" The above sale Is hereby further sjdjoaraeil to Monday, the 6th day of Jane. 18M», M 10 o'doclt J. M., U ttt6 United State* Barshsl's .Office, i Mllwttwee, except the salei of Bkllroad iron mentioned in schedule 3., Nrhlcti are adjonrned rctpeotlvely to Monday, June 6.18M, at 2 o'clock ».= •., and .Wednesday, Jane 8, JJJB»,««o > cIookr«)i.,:at the r.inecMteptkee* mentioned *boir«; : :"' : ll: ?-'V:v--?^:<. •:•-••/(--;-: -.;:¥,-.-:.....,In the *ale of thefranchls** and othet corporate pro- perty.toe penon who shall , satisfy the execallon, with thereon, and shall a^ree to rte^ I K vlrtdeof anditirsBantto a : Jo««mentrendered 1«> said Oonrt,ln,the above eitltlfl actkin, da»*< Tebruary 81,180WI shall expose*or ssjle an* «ell a Public Aoctlon, M'the- PisWOfflcei In'tte-OIty o Milwaukee, on Saatavslar, «*.«!»!»» — . . jHti*'ta5>; atlabenonr of S:P: K.,ioF that day the following deiertbed. nwrtgaged IpremUe*. or *c ouch thereof •• ntay b* neceisOry toiral** theamonn of isald judzmentj Interest and cost*, together with er pen»es afsale.towlt: '• ' • "The equal audlvWe* om*-half of kit Mo. OM, In block NonJn'ly-fiTe, *nd the ectjal t»nillvUr»J one-half of lotblx, In Mock Ho. one hundred and eleven, a4( In th* If a th Ward, of the City of Milwaukee. In 'the State of Wisconsin. • Dated BberilT 's Office,, Milwaukee, »l>ril 9,1S4». Pi'tt-s'ltl-y*' j * J 'sh'.r, Ml». C».. w'ls. 877] BTATS 0 f «' ISCONSIS, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f Andrew Mitchell, j j John Cooper" »'nd [ 'oreclosara and 8stU. Marion Cooj^r. j I N virtue of and pursoant to a Judgment renderei In the above entitled action, dated April 30,1SW, shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, a the Post-Office, in the City of Milwaukee, o Saturday, •bo aotfc day of AHfr« 1S59, at the hour of 3 p. n.., of that day, the fouowin described mortgaged premises, or so mnch thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of aaldjndgmen Interest and crs's, together with expenses of sale, th, to wit: "All that piece jor parcel of land situate in the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, knorn and described as the treat half of Ui* north west quarter of section Llg], town six f6J, range twenty-vine 121], containing ninety- two acres, according to the I'olted States survey, executing one half acre leased b; John and Marlon Obwcr or one of thefn to Fekool District No. ill Fo], In the Town of Greenfield, Milwaukm Oannty.', Dated Sheriff's Office,Milwaukee, May 14,1859. DPHAV ft (fa-iBA*, I A. J. tASGWOBTHT, Pl'ffi Ati'ys. ( gh'rf. Mil. Co., WIs. -Al.».. I tT I 8781 STATE OP WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Mil»*uk.-. Cnn JohnKerl.r, 1 •galust : l Thomas Qutwald, Joseph* GsgwaJd, ; Adam Orth, Toepfer Wenz«l. I N Lrtue of and pursuant to a ju>l:rurnt ren lereJ t Slid Coerl, In On-above entitle,! >i:tif>n, Jrtnl D. rember 31,1S5S, I shall expose fur Mir *«•! sell at Pub lie Auction at the Pcsl-OBice on the ui.rnrr ol vVt«r.«c s n aut] Milwaukee. Htree's, In the <-itr ''I .\4ilw««ki.< on Siilurjfssy, Ilie 2(ltfti duv of AiasTil^l IB50, at Die hour of ! r. u uf thai .lay, thr fo! lowing descrlt e<l njortRAged premises or so tuned thereof as «najr be ittCeasarjr to raise Ui« amount of sab jnugxuent. Interest aad coals, tog.lher with tlct! expense r>f sale, the folloArin^ rVal estate to wit : "AH that piece or pir.-el of lanil slluale In the County of Milwaukee anil a ate ofdtale of Wu reosln, known and ili-scrlbed as the south rast (}.iart<-T of th« north east 'part r of lection thllty-six l^OJj town eiifht [S], ran^e tventr- one [21], .-ooiainin^ f^ity a.-rtu or 'ess " Dated Shifirs Offlce, M i«l,ik».-. May H, IVfl. L'pHist i OaiU»u, | A.J LAMjWliHTllV, PI'ITs Att'y» t Hi'tT Mil Co , Win. 589] * 11»: HI *••»•••» N n.;:. ;\f»»r STATE OF WISCOK.aiN, I Otrcult Court, MLlwtukre O.,ut,ty. [ Robert alenzlet* and ) Robert W. McOldlai.. | hurvi Ing partner" i,[ I Ja.lirmeQt ai -t u ttr Me the fir n ol MeDElt-a 1 « ) i-han i~* l^er Due* Co., | apltnsL Clcmeos Kuuuchulte. j I N virtue of aud pursuant bo a judgment, renderetl 1 said Court, in the abov« entttieil action, ilatro 1 Vrb ruary '.,, 1.1J9, 1 >),all clp"st for i«l< and sell al Ful»tic Auction at tfce I'ost-Uftice, on the eoroer of sin and Milwaukee »uecU, ID tt>« City of Milwaukee on Mainrtlar, •*»<• 1'ttfc dts) •( .tiar 1S59, »l the hoar of i r. «t. - t<> Chapter 12u Rrrise.l Klatutes, ••Akechanica aDii o*he:a," ail ttie ..( ihi' %ln)TC nanicll ilefetulafil . i..|.^rlj on the 5tt day of Kebi, " ^ cenUiin building attustc two [2U|, in bl6ck utie l,mi-ii ISaj.iu I. *'. *'ee<'< S.IL.J. west otaarler of nvcLi>.ri ti i • ', the City of Milwaukee.' 41 th* f>aj*l .lefendaet in Htint 13i, on the 5th'day of F-i-r. OatfrJ HhenfT'a Odice, Mii l KlKrttfet, LTNDK A UILI.IK, | * of b>>sl enlilli:ll n r itMil , l>llr 11 'in I u. ; nt. , . K.y, • b < it No. Pi'Bs AttS-3. aprl - lawCw fj*»~ Th. ab,.K- >»:. fhe 11 th ,iay - f J'ii" . ofd», . |-a!-.l ^br-r IT.. tllHi lna>i:. \ rtliTH », \ Al r<-. M»i 14. |5». . I AMitt uRTIIV. Sh'ff. Mil. Co , »u , Mllliltll »"•» M M.H. .-TATEOJ'.WlM.'ONsIN, l The l M.-t,,- of that d»ri I ">» ^ tojlswlng described mortgaged 'uremltes.or so mnch thereof as laay be decenary to tug the uioantinia t« the pl*l»tllf, fo* prlnelpal, Ini Uract and coit*, totetber wlti eipence* *f file; to wit I of l»od tawwij »odd«- ; Dan.el II. .tlarrrt Vliet, Jasper Vhrt »i..l John B. Smith , B Y rtrrur < f an eievui 011 .«.ue-l fT..ui «sid C-.u^t the abort- fntUle.l a< 11..n. Wu me J.rrt t< i! au.l a«l: erru agallisl ihr f>.*r»oiial an.l ic»l |.ro(.ertj i»f t above named tlefejtiaoti, 1 liuve *ene>l an.l [ r > e.l i the following real tstatr, h >t«f aiij brin^ )u tl.r >, Cuuilt) »l aBu .Stale i.f tt .».•.. sin, to wit : •'Situate In Ui« north east qusrtcr of »erti..[i 1*. towj 7, range 2"-, be^llilnnff at the si^iUl ea«t corner of saM (jaarter section, Bl^dK the rajt line of said i|Uarter section no>rtj lu a j.olnt G^i4 chalW« south if the ni.rtli eait i-oro- r ..I saij quarter svctlob. Keiu^ fie soBtli ra*t comer of land conveyed by s^lil Kictarii* to one ChrlsUjpLer Hclo«|if; thence wlt>i luul'i cine of said land Convened to H^htoepf'Wcat to * point JOT feel eajit of middle of Uretn ll.y roail; thence soutli low f««»i thence wnl 8(xl feet to middle bf Qreen U«y road, thence alon? the middle of said roa.1 south to the suullr-lioe of paid quartet ^ectloR. thenre «€3t alonic said yoath II. e of said o/'s-rt-r section lo beirtnninfr, containing about &4 acres, lw:ing on the e«*t •ideof the Qr«n Hay roail Also tl*e fo(lf)wlnK real estate situte in the said north eadt quarter of srctloo 17, town ', ranfe 2^, beginning al north east corner f.f eald quarter seclioe; thence west with north line of said .|«arter section '^5.^4 chains to middle of Green Ray road; thetire south along middle cf Baltl road 4:S€ chsnm to norUi west corner of land convejed by Daniel II Blchards to (hrlstO|h Schlaepf; thence went alonf: north tine of said laOd »«i en«t lint- of said quarter section £> 24 chains; th«mce uorlh 4 8C chains lo beginning, bclu* about 12 acres, anit all the rtffhi, title anti interest of the said defendant or tithe* of tu4m in and lo th« said premises and appurteiisncrs us the tentii day of OctJ- bet, l»47,or sld(W acquired thereto." >Vhlch satd property as aforesaid, 1 sftall expose for sah! and sell at Public Auction, at ttve Post-Oftjre, In tbeCityof Mlrwaokee, on M*alitr<J(t,w t tbe I 4 III 4*ajr Of MAW, lbS9, at Uiu hour of 2 p. M., of lhaf day, to satisfy t alfl exerutiot, together with expenses o sale. Uated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 29, \S!i9. hxOHES, LtUDli A Sait-LH, I A. J LANOWURTIIV, Pl'ffs Att*y». I Sh'ff. Hil.Co., H'ls., The above sale Is hereby postponed Ui Saturday, the 16th day of May, 1859, at lite same place and time of day. Dated Sheriff'- Office, Milwaukee, May 14, IS59. A J LANbWORTHV, BtylS • tth'ff. MII. Co., Wis. CIEOfJIT COUBT, I County of Milwaukee, f Peter J. Holallne, Plalntil, against Dlab H. Josfln, Paulina ft. JosUn, f uromons for Relief. (Oout. not served.) James P. Grevefl, Oeorge W. Bishop Rn<l William P. ¥osmg, Defend'ta. State of Wisconsin^ to the above named defendants, Ellab M, Jwlin and Paulina B. Joslln: Y OU are hereby summoned and requires to answer tb* complaint In this »ctl»n, wlilcX wfl b« Bled In the offlse ;of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, and to serve a copy of your answer to- the satd complaint on the subscriber*, at their office. In the City of Milwaukee, »it»in nioety days arjer the service of this summons oa you, exel*atve of the day of such service; sad If you fall to answer the! said complaint wJthlu the time aforesaid, Hie plaintiff in this action will Apply to. the Court for {he relief demanded In the complaint. Dated April 12. MM. : UPHAM A OtUHAM, ; Plaintiffs Attorney*. The above mentioned compkunt was Died April 12, 1859, In the »Wce df the Clerk of said Court, at Milwaukee, Wlsconla. Dated April 21, 1859. i UPHAM ft GRAHAM, apr22-law8w PtalntJTs Attorneys. ciBccif oodar, t Mllwauk«e Count*, f . '. «. George Clark, Plaintiff, -X:*'' • " I ' against Charles J. Kershaw, Jesse H. Leavcnworth, Merrlck . Murphy, John T. Perkms John Planklnton, John Ogden, Lindsay: Ward, Lyman P. Swift, James B. Rogers, fcec*Iver of the Otrmaol* Bank ol Q «o. Pap- eaalok ft Co., lharle* B. Oortl*. John G. Meyer, William John *oe, Charles Kneho, Oeorge B. Miner, Cyrus D. Davi*, J*tae« Harshaw, Defendants. The State «f WUconsjB, to Uw above ntmed defendant! Y 'DBarehtrebyjianimonetl and required to answ»r the complaint in thl* action, which i* died In tkc offlce of the Clerk of said Court, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint, on tte subscribers at their office, Ho*. 1 «nd 4, Albany BUIUIng, MHwan- kte, .WlesOMia, within twenty days I after the stroke hereof, exclusive; of tht day of inch service; and If yon fall to answer; tb* laid; complaint within the time aloreaald, tin plaintiff In this action 1 will »pply - to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. Wttnts* the Honorable AKTHUK HoAE-, . i TH0R, Jodga of the Circuit Court for Mid ; Conner ef Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, till* thirtieth day. of March j in theiyearon* IhAMaBd eight hundred and Bftyralne, • j Pl'tlft'«Att'ys. Milwaukee, WIs. i'Hi 1863} 8TA HUEttlf F*8 SALE. • (Hetru . 8TATB prWUOONBIM, . ,t I Circuit Ooort, MUirankee County, f Oeorge W-PeUkham, I ' Judg*Mol «r! s •-igttm'i-'-tf'-tttW^s*-'^-* ''-' for»clo8«re - ' • ....... I H virtue of aod pnrioant to A ladgment rendered In »ald Ooart, In the abote enllUcd action, I shall ex- posefor*aleand*ai at Public Auction, at the Court lotuei-In thefllty oflDlw*nkee, : dn«!«tts*,rd»i f HERRY ilECTORAJL, JPOB THK, RAPID CQBX OF Colds, Coughs, and [: Hoaraenesfl. . BusmiLD, MASH, 20th Deo, 1816. DsiJ.C. Ana; I do not hesitate to say tki bss* retnwfy I ban- ever (bond for OougW, Boar**n*Bij, Inflnenaa, and tbe conep*Bfcat»ymp»o»asofaOo]d,Uyoar CH*«ar PCCTOKU. It* covjtsat <ue ID my practice ajrt ay family for tbs> ls»t Ma years ha* shown It to possB«« superior ttrtnei for th« treatmaBt of the**" complaints. KHEN KNIOfiT, H. D. A.&MORTUET.K*c>,ofOnaa,ll. r_ write*: "Ibav. asedfyow PtOtant myself and In my nunily svar ilnca yon Invented It, and baliev* R th* best medldn* for la pmpow erar pot oat. With a bad ooU I should sooner pay twraty-fiv* doUars for a bottle than do without It, or tak* any otkar runedy." Croup, Whoopinc Cnafh. Inflaeaia. i SnnamiD, IsW, F«b- T, 1*6*. BunaaAm: I will *h*srfally certify yonr -ftctoml ta th» bsstl renMd* w* DOOM* for th* can of whooping cough, eroap. sod tb* ones* -llTmsn* of children. Wo of row; (nstamity In tb* Booth appreciate your sklD, snii sosamead your BiedldB* to oar psopto. i ERAM OONKLLN, M. D. AI108 L««, Baa, Monnajl, IL, wrItas,Sd Jan, laM : " I had a lidiou Influonsa, which couflned me in doon six voeks ; took numy gasdldne* without raUcf; finally trj*d:yoar natural by tb* advie* of ow «Urtynsa»u Tb* flrat dos» relieved th» nroussi ID my throat and longs ; las* than OB* half the botal* mso> n« eomplitely w«U Totir: CMdldBO) an th* cas»|ws* M «t«2 *• th* but w. <an buy, and we cwteem yen, Uoetar aad your mnedlea. •s tft* poor man'* Mrad.* *\atk.*a« or Phthirtc, and Broaekltii. Wm MiBcsjssjaa, Pi-, r*b. t, Me. Bat: Toar Cfitrry Ae<*nd Is perfbrnilns; marr»llra:« nan*; In this section. It hi* raltond wrcnl from alan.. inc sympfoSs* of niniriniptlrm. and I* now earlag a man wno ban labored under an aJfcqtJon of tb* longs for th^ Us* forty years. HBNBT L. PAUTJJ, Mercbani A. A. RAMaBT, M. D- Amok, Movao* Co., lo». write*, Sept. «, 1866: "DalMfrnj practlecof many y«r»' I bat* (bald nothing (qua! to yowr Ouny Ptdtaral for CJrlng ease and raltaf to eonnmatlv* patlmu. or mrlng s*xb a* ar* eBTabU. 1 * *T* sarfM add voluA** of •wtstea**, bat tb* not eon- vlnetog proof of tb* vMa***r this nsaady Is fnM) la H* upon trial. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL. DE. HOOPLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AND DR. IIOOF.L4\U'S B4LS41II4 CORUIiL. The </r?dl tffintlurd 'Hrdtrinsi of' th? yr-wnf ayf, have ttfquired thftr <jr>-itt p»[iul<innj nu-j through ysfiri ofj tn'at l'nl>uuntifl ^ifnf't- tlOtl i.1 ri'iti/frri/ '•»/ 'tt'-rn in •/,'/ r«i*r» . /"•/ ' '>,• pfOftlf fnti'f fir'inoii'H'fil :h' r m T^rMy Liver Complaint, Djnpepsla, Jaondice, Debility of the Nervous System. Diseases i>r thr Kidneys. anti lift 'll"-W< ,lr,*.,>.] '>...-, , ,/, t,, ,./ r .r.-. t tirrr 'tr w<iimi*i* "t ''"• ifunn^-fi muj .infilif Gri/ttnx, >irr •p'.'>iu'i/ ,luj ftrrrii ins'i'li/ -nr'd >./ ihr (iER\i.\\ r,iTTn;< Th' Balsamic Cordial .-• /. v/.r«,/ t <•' ' •' / • ••: .'tr I- ' j".'. WITH"! I' f V j L .y v Coaimcmption. 4 Probably no on* renwdy ha* rv«r *««a knows whtaft rand w many and rath dwfimiu O*M* a* thl*. ROB* na human ai4 can rMch; but «T«O to tho** tb« CT«-r> Kataral afcrd* reltaf and eomftrl Asroa Houn, Raw Toaa Cm. March a, ISM. Docroa Ana, LOWILL: I (s*l It • dun and a plctunra %> Infcrns you what <wnr Cfarrf Plvtarml ha» don* for my wtfa. i£hs> bad b*en five BaoBth* bibonnf under th« dan- firoui swmptosn* of Consumption, from which no aid «« ooo!dpraeur>nrah«rBruehnll«t &• was steadily Ml- taR. until Dr. Btronf, of tfclr dry, whae w* ha»» wme. tst •dirloe, recommended a trial of your madieui*. W* ble«i his Undue**, •> we do yoor skill; for ah« has rMo<«r«) from that day. 8h« I* not y*t a* strong as ah* u««J it, b*, but hi km from her eougtu and calls honelf w«li. Tours with gratitnd* and eennL ORLANDO SHELBY, at guuTTujj CbonratfCiECS, do not despair till Jon hate tried Atia'i OHZUT PicroaAL. It I* mad* by one ef tb* b«et m.«llr«l chemists In tbe world, and Ita eune all around us beep* the high merit* of Its virtues. — PMiadeijttaa Ltdqrr Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T ltB setaoee* of Chemistry and Medicine har« bMo taxed their utmost to produce this beat, most |<rf~-t parfadve which U known to maa. Innumerable proofa ar« shown thai thea* Pnu have virtoee which mrpaa ID •xeellaoe* tb* ordinary medicine*, am) that thoy win u precedsorasdly upon the **tees* of aD men. They areaaf*. and ploaamnt to tak*, but powerful to cur*- Th«!r prEie- traUng prapertlMKhnnlate th* vital activities of the boiy, rensDve th* obstmctiou* of Ita organs, purify the btoj.1, and expel disease. They purg-eout thetbul humors wLJrh bre«d end grow dtst«aiper^atxmiilate ahi^irJ*h or di*or dersjd organs mto their natural aetl«i, and laipart healthy tu*e wtth etreai^h U tb* whole sy*tem. Hut ooly J,i they cure th* every-daj ccmplalnt* of ever; body, bnl atao fbrsatilabfo and da&|*roo* dbkea*M that have baffled Ike belt of human" skill. Whrle they frodnce poworlhl eflVcta, tbsry are at the ssune time, In dlmlalibM doe**, th« •aeWt aod beet physic that cam be mploved for ckllJn*n B«tn| soxar-cc«ted, they are pleeMaat to taJte; a«4 b«tox purely vegetabi*. ar* free fr«ni any rtak of harm Cnrm have been made which sarpmm belief srere they net sut> itantiate^ by me-u of such excited poaldoo and character •* to fcr^u the Stsvplcion of nntrutki. klany «[utueDt dnfsrymrn and phfddana h*v« lent ttrair aamee Ui enrttfy lo it* public the reliability ef my remedSee, while others •are *adt me the assunace uf their ooBTlrtloa tnel my Preparattoua) contribute hnmeneBly U tbe relief r.f my Congh. Cold, or Hoarseness. Bronchitis. In fluonza. Croup. Pneumonia, Incipiau'. Consumprioa, .;..,/ ', ;• ; ..-",-• . • '' •.,•.•,, ., • Confirmed Consumption. rurr rlir ni,,,i ..,, T , Diarrhoea . f'i»a l 1,1.1. i\ rm. 1!.. \ f.\ • * n-,,.,,/.,-,,.-, , ,. ...., ' . \; J ( f K- is .t i ... \ / r« i . ./-•//./,,„. /'„ , .„../ ,,r. .,-/ I.,, ./'„...,..•• l-r '..,'•:. Til' .t,./n.i'i,r- .- t \l I >.*-.•. OF THE AGE 111 J . . I I N V I (t O K A To K ' , .. , Tba Agent below nsned to pl*A.**d to farntah ffr*U*i sij Amarlcui Alman**!. mTstnlBtny •Hrr^i^ni fhr Th*lr QJM kail cvrtiBcaU* of their corea, of th* foUowtztff oomptaiDU — Cottlwrm, BUlc*o» Cbrnptalnta, Rboomatinn. Ih-^i.... l|aartb*arn, Ilemdache arlaln*; from a foul nbnnaeh, N»o •««, In(flg»'*itk»a, Morbid Inaction of the Bowel* »a<\ !'*JD *vr>ai&( tber«froro, tlataiency, Ltm of Appetlta. ajl iWcr Mm and Cntaneon* Dlseaaea which rvquira an 9<r*wuant a>rJi( -in*. £crofe)a or KJng*t Bvli Tb**y also, by pqrlfy tD(t th*» bio**,.! ao4 atlmulat.lxt.f Ibc tyrtem, cure mmny (vimplalatj wnldi It woold not b* tfnppr*eil lh«y roiilJ r<«c.i. »o<-b aa Deafbeea. Partial Bltodni^n, Ntynrmiicl.. »nd Nvrrooi Irritability, Deran^BBiffnta of the U»«r and KM o«-y«. Uont and ether klntlrad oomplalnta atlatDK fjom • lov ttat4 uf the fcody or o*b*trwrtloa of Ita fnn^ioni l>o not t* pot off by nnprlocrlpted dsvaUn with Bum* <th«r pttl thry mak* roor* profit on AA far A r en's fii-Ls, »a J Cake notblag *l»a. No oihar they .ran tf*» fou ronipartw with thli In Id tntrinelr valni at L-nrati •<• ^.w->r-t Tt*0 itrk want tb« b*>«t at-l th«>r* »• fir rti^m, «o<l they sshonM FmT9 lL by t>r. J. C. »lytical Ch»«iit, Loveil. Ma« »8 On. rn Box. rm ROLES r « J I BOLD BT JOHN tUCE, MllwaukK. J. H. RKKD * CO^ Chicago, in.l A^-^t* evt y Uwc Ih Lhe United BUt<-«. mM j ruw.lAw DR. M'LANE'S. CFLFBH.A'l }-n VERMIFUGE LIVERJPILLS. \\/"E beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two ot the most popu lar remedies now In.tore the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them a.' universal Cure alls, luit simply fot what their name purports, viz.: THE VERM IFI•<,!•:, For expellirrg Worms From the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various AmmaJs subject to Worms. THE LIVKR PILLS. For the cure of Li v E R Co M P L A i VTS all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAP-ACHE, cVc. In cases of FF.VF.R AND AGUF, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled. and never known to fail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity las induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, . PITTSBURGH, PA. :o dispose of tlieir Drug business, n whic;h they have been successfully engaged for tlte last Twenty Years/and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc their nianufacture. And being de- terminfed that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated, Vermifuge and Liver Pillj shall cbntinue to Occupy the-high >ositb)i they now hold among the jreat i-emedies of the day, they iryillcpiitinue to spare neither time fioA^xtaense in procuring the Best ind ifurest material, and com-' xjundjthem in the most thorough maririeif. Address all orders to -.; 11EMHG BROS. Pittsburgh, PH. PwS ia jJSfi * nd Ph VslciaM orderlnc; from othen ^^^^tT^Lr^^,^^ N 1. \\ 1 1C ( M \ T :K- llu:r», IV , i:* H -...: i. .- » oir.- J .< • Jrin .,. » ,. • - r , I- ::rm:'.r!f • •> u •. »,. I > : . - . .-.iN. BuII^i.-. N Y 'Jill. ••. r.." •• \l . .U-rtS. IU^ ItAin I A M o.- r .-c l s > r i if. c i \ \ f NT ; • • N S .,-lur:.». >u.,.v- , .. .n. . ., ,|. •.)• . . » -H'.rrv t - .:.lll lir t ,*ra. :-.'.! u 1 ^!'.^rtl .l*)t».. tll..ll 1... ••) '..•:•- . Wet, U3r.l ir.jrij.Mlit , * LI. III.-.!). i:.."l V.i I'Nu >IK> 1'AKl |'«iti:. ' ' < i x ' j i'r \M.i^ A .^> IN tAic :-.^H«.r- i I -:,.y a.. ~ '.v , ic.1 » in. il nip tu' .1 i | :;,, . nr- • •.. ii».v- .I .<• •».*.-. : ' i • ' | L.. t I^Bt l,> :f e il.-'*t . u. ;. lit ^', . » . :l.. • n.y ust-ful ::»sli UU..-M .v-r ;i v ;.-i r A CL KK V% AKliAN VK1' Dr ASItji A doN fiavc .irv-.t*-.! ,',r rlusivcly to this peculiar ci.iss it :i..ii rrli^fthcy !.J»vr coll- CHUr-fUl ) 1'. •••• r'.^l th'-lr l^lli.w crimtur^j, is fuily t^»i,rt..| a»-knowle.l(f«il by ''on vaJt-sct-ii' ii.ti.i-i: >laily arrtviu^ >n tuwti frum Ail |..n .1 .' - thtr express purj'une u[ijy i.»f ouusatAl..' cacrtinDa ti*v? !>^ e ii crowut-.l wi'.fi ;; ~ u. vantages, yci [rum whj»l th-y t>av- -\;^ >)Qinuif mt.. 'Jir causes »[ tlm^^ o'--< \froni their tim*t ^lm;>l^ cn;i.)iti'.n •... -f . .laniivrmia aiul iaveter*t^,j th. y :i«v.- taineil the pussiblllty .if tr eir |>r. \ , i, t. , 1D<1 likifWi»^ invariably i.iuii'l l.',.i: . .- ftfl.l mali(rnant forms nf .lwt.».se ••• ui.l 411.1 W iraced to one of thr fullow-n^ •\u.*. iipgl«ct, i.r the 111 utTecli ofunakiliru! treaunwnt ; thrrefnrf. DR. Ajyort A -•*"* ? m Jlscovortng, in th.* <fK-<;:ioQ al '.'i^i safe, effectual anil cautious course, m.i blnation of remedies »hlch bear :in ---nii ter, w well as those whose preuiatur- .-r i [ilicatlon mi«ht b- prrxiU4-tivr .f I'H.! .• the of private tnillvutuals. In «li. JJi i< H!> 1 l HA iiijit-i nr mass ot" humiu misery by it>i- »|| P \ i:. preventiou uf those xnevuua ulllioti n reality the secret fuea ,1 life, ami *'i >i extensively -mrr-tutu! u^«, - ;»;! Ut.u.l r I jterference in lh«lr exUfrmmation. '.'OCNTRY INVAL1U.-. Pert ns in any tart of the world m»v ti treated by forwarding a eor'rect Jet.tii frith aremtttancr for .\ledn-iues, *c Address Dr. AMOS * SON, corner lla •trrel, BnfTiilo, N. V. SHKKII-K'x xtl | . >••> STATK OIT W1SCONSLN. ( Circuit l.'.iurt, ^Milwaukee County, l SulDuy Shepmrd, Cbrlslian Henry M«?yer, toil Mar^ar.-!, l\.i * i.- MII 8. Brown, Dart'- O. Power, Kdwar.1 HVH... With P. Merrill, Nelson Webner, Clmriei « li.. I' Detmer yischback, B. Rotlilia «n,l A. « Or «•«. AilmlDlstrators of the estate ol John t'. L^Ri y. cease.!, Ormand T. Crane, Churlrs f. B.Mlr, AJui.i, trstor of the i state al Charles Q. Schre'ner. .I...-. ed, James W. Areiell and He. man O. 0. ttemper I N Tlrtueofand pursuant to a juilui'n«*nt render,..i said Ooart la the above emtlltMta«ni'»u^llal>*«l Petiru-i ry 8, 1SS9, I shall eip««e for sale and «ell at Publ!.- \,, f lion, at the Post-Office, in the City of Milwaukee, ir Naturday. the Dili «!»» of July. l<-59 at thetiour of 2 P.M., of that day, the 'ullowmi,' I" scribed mortgaged prriuis. s or so much iheri'.if as r be necessary li» raise th.- amount of sa.d .udrfiu. nt. Urest aad costs, toother with the exiivn^d "f 4 ii. It: "Lot number sixteen (18) and the east half ,r it Dumber Bflcen(15), In block forty-tlv* (4A), .n the Second Waul of the City o( Mil«auk,-f, i, r ing on Tamarack street, between Kifili <n.i Sixth sireeU, all la the County ,>r Miiw ,.k. and Stale of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's OSler Hllwanki>e, A|iril <, 1<wi A. J. LAN WURTHY. »pr8-8m-lln2w Sheriff Milwaukee i.'o , Wl .11 tl «KK» 1' .-T 111 M IRKKT " r 11 I MASKKT - r l: i M \ •< K 006] SHElalFF'K SAI.K (\«w« 8TATB OF WISCONSIN, I Olrcnlt Court. Milwaukee County. ( James 8. Brown, Joshua Ulthan-ay an.l Th.i,:i»s I. o< den, against A. Patterson Smith snd Alfred Edwardn. foreclosure. I N virtue of anil pursuant la a judgment rendered n salil Court, In the above entitled union, .1 ted March IT, 18M, I shall expose for sale .ind <ell nt I'utvic Auction, at the Post Office, In the city uf M!l«auk.e. OD Saturday, tbe 2d- day of July. is.'.'J, it the hourof 2 1. 11. of that day, the following described n>orlg*,gtd premises, or so much thereof » rimy be necessary to raise tbe amount of said judgment, interest •nd costs, logetJier with the expenses of sale, to wit: "Block number tventjr-elffM- (2S), of addition, to the Eighth Ward, of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, and State of WUtjooslo. Dated Sheriff's OCce, Milwaukee, April Ut, US9. ATIOB. OQDIS. i A. J. LAND WORTH*, WIT* Att'y. f Ktertir MIL tV, Wls;. **»l-8mlln»» • ,1--* - UK. 1 . V < %1»UT.|.I,, V ir.mTlv .1 l'..r..n: ' . '.V J?=f"i.w.iMi. ..f V-\-i HI MirlKIt '!'»•-• nr-ri rccelv^il l.y l?r. 0 ir ihiti '.!•••< i*tt -u ve.-fe-. n my K whom bavo l^'-n bltml fn-- m.-.-i* . LI..l ,- ir* -i-iv 'i t<i theJr light r»-*ti.rr«l (n^ijTiiU iiy ..H.«-.rr< -lit,I ./ t/fi.->^! >>per<titan*, whiM- 'Ml\.-t-, »l," ''i.'.- !j«-fi -nil r-r^ Li-uoi- <iU«&fMK hiVr-i-ffD '.iT'l. u:.' 'uiv.l 'ty ml.I mil *r n lie treat- m.Tit. Flu* I»eat |iro«.j is 1,1 h.,' V Dr. '' '« ,,r ,, - ..., *.r-s apprt-- ctnt/-tl l->, th:tt tie w l.lily r.H-eiviu^ nt-n j.-Ulrtini from ail parfa of the iMuntry, nut ilUmio^in/, »•* jurtjj, m» eany recflvet) OMP*. *Vo fee is ri-qu.Ti;ti fur «n -fv.!!!!!!! kit. ti or opinion No CHXBUII for services thai uro n,,t <..C.:^A/U., m wtlj be atatetl when the patient la r^ci;iv.;U. Dr. i'auv«il r * TrtatiMtm £A4 Jar am/ £y* to be bad 'jraHj an *?- ^idatloa M abcro.

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