Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 1
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J. HO: 8. STEELING, ILLINOIS THU1^DAY J FEBRUARY * 5, 1897 50 A'YBAB, AHB ootso i n* tt K.1 *ti1 A tn t?Si}<>-*>A •J*>*WA«^ • £. 1 tf n* mi imlted .-,....... *8:5t p. a. 7, lotrn and Dakota Ksrp, ta H2 a.«, It'etetltag Passenger(arr.)... ffi'ss p.m. «,Bell* Plains PASS. .,,... — M:23 p. m. 11,t llntoapassftflget..,......- r!2:isp. m. 131 1 ITr&!rtit....,.- ^ —.. *7;80 a. m. QOJKOKAM, $t 4i.$l$ttt!€l Kxprfcss ji....^ H ..^ H |S:00 a< to. t 9!ohJ«a*oExpre»»4"."™""! •Bil&a.m,' j. TO, Sterling PiwwoiwTOsalre).. te:5ia.«; ftu 4! Bells mine riss. ;-..»,..,.'.* tiO:»3 a. tn. M, Dea MoSnes Passenger,.:.. f 3:83 p. ol, ijLciMrton Passenger. ;S:05 p. m. V, f i&tttr Bteapt BcnriRy. tfhmday only " "y, except Monday.. w,A,r — . _^_ 81 f WlBhf...r4iJBH m. Is t make* clow eonttaotlcta at Denrock with i tot all stattous on Meadota and Clinton a«Hj*lflo Savanna and Dubuque. lo. Wroafees close connections wltli main line i» at Qalesburg, both cist and west; for City, Omaha, Detivei, etc., eto.; also for donneotJng with train No, 4 at Book AY AT to* "MI. » ",ClblS«'SOUTH. !~- i*MiaiiPBSfl.,Da'i 1X;'"^ceptSunday b:25a. m ^ jlwotwKass., Ualiyf... ...c..\....:.. ..9:37 a. m •\ ,'BlaormngtortPass.; Dally .except Sunday 4 :W p.m /"SendotAKrelglii, l>aliy,exoept Bundny .11 :<5 a. in *" • QOINCS NOttTU. btttjue ^ass., Dally, except Bunduy.'..6:43 a. m ouzh PJW9.. Dally 4:65p.m Vaa^rPitUyiexcept aunday.,...iL:ri5pjn. it,Daily,except bunday. ITUOa.m f-'tfi ''•,•'., -ii,"- , te' Surgeons. ^x^r^-v^-> h w«-^-**^^^- ;rt a. HOOVER, D. v. s. - ^OfFlCE- ^ At MfiYBRS & BSHlBMAN'S DRUG STORE. J|>.'• IJoapltaK Cor. Third Ave. and Jfltth Bt«: |f-V .Hatrtsoolel., Besldenoe, 60} Office, IB. ^T fefljlrtepce, Slxtti AT«« North ot eterlinR Uohool, m BB. Or E» WRIGHT, Vet^Hoary Surgeon and Dentist — iofflca tod Vetertnarlum at Wright & Co'tt • and Boarding Stables. '"' Cor. W. Third »*. »od B Av«., '-• ' i HTKKJUtWG, IWCJJfOIS. -WhlteaiaeHarriiionTpteplioneis. ,'hysicjan and Surgeon ''^ ,, % B*«i«lcae»— SOB'ffonrtU ATO. ^Ofltoe fionrm »-u ft. m,i' a-* p.m.j 7-8 p. ro. "' •— Merraiw and Women's r»«e»»*«. M .''B. CAROUJS, n^ D.- • of .the Liver, Stomach, Bow»U tnd Kidney* treated l'c' Office and Baild«noe,«!BFlrat Avenue, <; ^ STERLINq, ILLINOIS. PRANK ANTHONY, H. D., AND SURGEON. COR. l»t AVE. t»4 FOURTH ST. Idenoo N. W.Cor, Ave, B end pou|tl> Btreet, 1LUNOIS, /p; KEEPER. .5 URQEONS. ••••"i A.c;,SMim.M. D., HENRY - «, ^P >V8!C , ILLS, J. W. It^aey st Itw, Notary Public, ; *tid Jttatlca ol It* NMC, ia J H I ! ^ '* v - 'j*feP>r_-£^'A^fii£i?.i'_t. **" J . * T *~ *\ ., Estate and Insurance, J*F. HBSSUNO, * i • Steal EJatate, end Fire In, grurance, » one tmt B«ll»bi» Comptmlsi R«pr«*eiit«A, IW AOADKM* MUSIC BtQCTK. Boom «. S. J. WICKBNS, REAL ESTATE DEALER. rABM LOANS A HPEC1AI.1*V. bfflce Over Rosenih&re Clothlnj Store, ' -Sf, D. L. MAXWELL, DEALER IN 8TBEET, N. L. HEOKMAN, REAL ESTATE BROKER. INSUEANOE AND LOANS. Honte* For Bant.' frop«rty «nd Sold on B«Monabl* Term*. Also Notary Fubllo, ' Office, Got. 8d and Locust St., Sterling, Insurance E. M. Ebersole, Gait House Block. Music. EUGENE V. WOURTH, Teacher of Pianoforte n •. . ; •. ' •*.•-. iSt'i' U JL>XO>. .;• ; '.- AJdrich & Llewellyn's etore, No. £4 West Third Street. . Musical Instruction Given on Violin, Cornet, Piano, or any Wind or Stringed lustrum'ent. Especial attention to artistic Violin Playing:; J ' v- ,:r-':' '- J._KORN, ' f '^__ Musical Conductor Keystone Reg. ' • B$nd and Sterling Concert Orch. Residence, Cor. 3rd Ave. and 5tb Street. OR. THO5. W. 8ECKWITH, DENTAL OFFICE, -Pir«t National Bank Block,- 'Offlcw Boura—8 to H; 1 to 4. 1 . Telephona No, 2. WALTER N. HASKELL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY, East Tb>() Street, . . . . . > / , .•: ^---- v 5TERLINq, ILL,. Best of All is • Crescent, NEW BRAND OF CIGARS Mapafactuied by y : F. CbCHRAN. . Just Received at the LADIES' BAZAAR. An elegant line of Laces, Embroideries, and Linens; the new Embroidery Rings and Needles. Special Sale on MRS. L. eeeond £ IJalfc JlottSf, IN SOUTHERN SPAIN. E. BURTON HOLMES DELIGHTS A LARGE AUDIENCE. Chicago's Second Stoddnrd Conduct* n Select Kx curs I on Party t>f Sterltogr People on a Delightful Tour Through the of Indolencet MnMc nncl Poverty. E. Burton Holmes literally transported a large audience f irom the bleat and frozen plain of Northern Illinois to the etinny and romantic land In Music Tuesday night, and. for two hours guided them through the historic and romantic land, showing his largo excursion party many beautiful and world renounded eights, which he explained in choiccyelegant words and in an exceptionally comprehensive manner. The views were uncommonly One, being colored in a manner which made the scenes represented appear almost as though they were transferred directly to. the eye from the various spots in old Granada. • .The first series of pictures dealt with the mighty Rock of Gibraltar, which has for ages been fortified by man and used as a stronghold in war. After n short trip about the great .fortress and viewing its imensity from many points, the party plunged. Into the sunny land of 4ndolence,4nuaio and -poverty;— Af? ter a short railway journey -through a broken country, where there are but few evidences of cultivation, the city of Honda, one of the oldest and strongest of the Moorish strongholds, was to be seen iu the distance -crowning the top Qf a rugged mountain, As the partjtjdrew nearer, they ( were given a view /(if the gorge of tne Guadalevin crossed by a massive . and beautiful arched stone bridge, the, main arch of which is more than 300 feet high and more than 2,000 years old, yet standing as tirmiy as oh the day when the .last clink of the mason's trowel set the stone which finished the structure. After a viewing the curious old town, its inhabitants and the long far vistas of mountains and valley .which the, elevation permitted, the j>arty found tbemselyea la4alr^6¥iiJe viewing * the -Qlralda-towee-of-the^great^athedraJ, The party was fdrtutate In arriving iu the city during the annual fair which takes place in 1 April and they took' in many of the curious eights furnished ed the cassiilaa of the aristocrat and ail but ate bunoleras (Spanish doughnuts) with the peasants and finally brought up In the Plaza do Toros (The place of the Balls) where they saw a bull killed in the most approved Spanish .manner with all of the horrors of gored horeee, narrow escapes and feats of daring of the capeadoros, picadores, bandeilleras and at last saw the espada ,thrust the :long thin sword.through the neck under the shoulder blade and into the sharp horn almost grazed his side as it passed beneath his murderous arm. All was there except the shouts and rapid actibni ,-••••• After a few pictures of Cuba and the harbor at Havana the party stood be^ fore the tombs of Ferdinand and Isabella and viewed the wonderful iron scre^ of the wonders of the jirt of ironworking. They t tben descended in- to.the crypt and viewed the sarcobhagi which have held the bodies of this noted pair undisturbed for nearly four hundred years. . , The last place visited was that which has been the subject for the poet, the painter and writer for many" years, the Alhambra, The famous "Court of the Lions," the wealth of marvelous decoration, the wopderous lightness . and grace of proportion which has "surrounded the vandal hand- of the con- querer, and today stands a living testimony to the subtile art of the Moorish architect; a .race now swept away, scattered and extinct, which 'f or almost a thousand years had- grown and developed in the sunny south of Spain. Such, lectures fail little short 'of a visit to the scenes, portrayed( «s[they are "to botb v (h^~ey9rap~4-^»'''lAD;4''i^ ,ia only aplty that it js .»at possible for all tp tftke.adyaotage of aw .opportuia^ ity BO golden, to learn BO."much in a space of tiweeo.Bbort and at ran'ex- pense so inconsiderable The lecture waa alt that could be desired In every respect and Mr. Holmes and the ladies of the Owee Episcopal church deserve the thanks of all who were present. —Whc-a .Judge'BrowB, of Aurora, receives another telegram asking him to to to Geneva to pes^prw a oBrrisge ceyeraooy, he mil demand that the lee be paid iu advance, lie weut up oa a bogus! telegiaio the utha?d8y, eeat him by a, Htigawt wbo wautacl fcis ease by «ome otter FROM^HELEN^CULVER. '' Onr American Abrn»(J \VrJf r» ly From r«r)g, PARIS, France, pot. 1, 1896. To THE HOME FOLKS .IN AMEftlOA.-- Your letters received with palpitation of the heart. Also dear little Bessie Nirns' picture came in such an agreeable rush this week. Letters were neirer so gladly received as now. We have decided to take an apartment and do light housekeeping for the pres- est. We are very near the American Girls' Club* where we have friends and takCsjorae [ISloifr-rrlealss— W.ejreln"0i¥ Latin , Quarter, where students and many noted artists live. It is very jolly in the winter here. Lectures aud things of interest continually. ' . One, mode of transportation is omnibuses, which have railings, and seats on topi where you can ride and thus have a line view of the city. In the week we have been here n e have had much company. Ida Van Young and brother are with us now. Her 'boarding house was changing hands.. I am under many obligations to her for she translated all summer for me/ "• / • ' I cannot tell you of the many places of interest we haye yisjted. The city is in a great state of excitement on account of the coming of the Czar. The illuminations will be wonderful. Sol- of Europe. Hundreds. of Zouaves passed i'our apai'tn.eiit last evening. The-Czar will'also pass by (and mt-y 1 call on hs). . . ^ Ida's j brother Is one.of his subjects and wijl remain until after the great man leaves., We sea many historical and beautiful sights but I don't flod the chance to write of them as I would like to.! This .pleasure going is all worked'in, so my study is not neglected. Ida and I work so much 'together and hartl. She is very helpful. Some day,Bhe,|will come to America a.nd,you can bear her sing. This morning we sat down to' practice after breakfast, lost track-of time and when we did stop, found it was 2 o'clock, no dinner, "such is, life." We are invited to the .club fotfp ; o'ciociitea.' ' ;• .;.-.:•"-./-' ^ ;They;ifflBV^iv^-«rtaioal«att! and -want nq to qlng My Boston friends are still here and we are all going to the opera, where we will see the opera house in the world., I want to send you pictures of -the8eufine=building8-and-hope-to-tell you in my next letter where I have teen. I ,haye. v had. many enjoyable times-and thus controlled, homesick feelings, but I admit it controlled me pnce.. '.'/. .. .. :. . . .'..-'.".' .. .. •;' 7 Lust Sunday we.were able to go the English American, church. The 'first sermon In English I've heard over here. The church is'.large and beautiful. The American Counsul attend here. : The atmosphere is' p'eacefuland rest- ful''here. At.this.time we met Clar- en'ce Whltehill with the beautiful baes the ;Press Club in Chicago. He is here studying. I would like to tell o.f an organ recital but haven't the time now. Look for it in my next, ' HELEN'Cut yen. THE WOODLAWN CCUB. I'rogruui t» b» KandereU at the Next Moetlujf. The ^Voodlawn PebatIng Society will holrt a meeting irUha school house ne^t Friday t-vening. An interesting m» eU ing will bt) held. The program in aa follows: , ,. / Oration, "Hprlng"...................Harr.y WjUsen Instrumental Duet '.-..,..,............. •'•-. :,. ;. -. Misses Mollte and Suale Wet?eU HeatUne...... .Scott VVIUlams "S»fl".... .-,..,..-„John IT. Byers Soog...,..,.,,...... ...Sterling t<ojiQol Quartette The qubetion for debate is/'Resolved tti^t the United States Governojent should back the Nicarauguan Canal." The afllrmatlve will be supported by I, N. Martin, 1 Roy Evans, and Frank MorgarJdge; while I, t. Weave'rj William Wutaon and C. L. Anthony will speak for the negative. The debate promises to b&one of unusual interest. -;••—•;—•:•-:.;••.•" .-•••-•. -,; -•*•• -•• -••.• GENEROUS RUSSEUL. SAGE. Th« Milllouttlre towns HU t'opP Jlrothur 1830—Taken BIoj-tKago on Home. Jollet, jFeb, 23.—A mortgage was filed in the recorder's office, of Will county yesterday, eent by Russell Sage, the •jnililonaire iof Kew York. The amount is for $50 and ia^againat the homeataacl of Elizas Sago, an old man, wiio.wlth his wife.Uvea in the village of Chanutthsto, -The noli is due May 10,18'J", drawing eia f»r cent. JStizas Sige is the brother of n wan of many millioaf anil very poor, he lor ttte loan, giyiag s port^i jtt m tew, SS^ Wilkics ea,aa«t r&eoyer, gash was c*it acf«sa t4« , growing the A TRAGEDY AT COMO. THE RESULT OF A QUARREL OVER A TWO DOLLAR DEBT. 8. J. Wlltclns at the Point nt Death From Woondu Itinirtrdjhy Ferdinand 8tnt*ke~ MM. Wllkin* Also Id j ctred—Sttitzhe HU As the result of a quarrel between 8. J. AV'llkins and Ferdinand Stutzke, of Corno, over a debt of S2<j Wllklns now lies at the point of death from wounds inflictedby dfuzte who sttaeked -hiffi withakriife. Mrs. Wilkins, who came tp her husband's assistance was also attacked and seriously cut about the head and face, S. J. Wilklns moved to Como a year ago from Nelson and has practiced veterinary surgery. He is the. man who afforded some escitement in Como about a year ago by refusing to move from the residence of Miss Wells. It will be remembered that a warrant was hsued for his arrest at the time, but he eluded the officer who attempted to capture htm, In the chase after him Constable Manahan borrowed a horse and buggy. The horse ran away and the .buggy was badly wrecked. Wilkins was never apprehended. Two months ago Stutzke sold a hog to Wilklns, the price agreed upon be- worth 80.00 in exchange.and it Is said, has made repeated demands upon Wilkins for the balance 82.00. '•',•' Mrs. YVUklns' Story. '' Mrs. Wilkins tells the folio wing story of the affair: Stutzke came to the Wilkins home Wednesday' evening at 8 o'clock and was closeted with Wilkins in the front room of the house for sometime. Mrs. Wilkiiis h«J etarted to go up stai,rs when she beard the two men scuffling. She at once rushed into the room.. When she entered the room she saw her husband lying on the floor, the blood rushing from a gaping wound across his- throat. The stove had been overturned and the furniture tossed about, giving evidence of a desperate ecuffle. As Mrs. Wilkins :en"•••— J "—•-—i,,St;u,tzke " i -'j'-~-"-"--- form o a nd ward to push him away, Stutzke : attacked her with the knife, inflicting six .serious woflnds. ; :. Mrs. Wilklns was cut on the fore- ISeadrtwIce on the head above the right ear, three times over the' left ear and temple, and in an attempt to reach her throat, a deep gash was cut across her chin; About this time Mrs. Stutzke, who evidently had heard the noise occasioned by the disturbance, .her home being just across the street, entered the Wilkins house, and with the assistance of Mrs, Wilklns, forced Stutzke into another room. Here the enraged man picked up a lantern and struck Mrs. .Wiikina.- _______ : ____ - _____ - - - — — — . "; A Vicious 'Blow. ,- . • Mr. and Mrs. Stutzke then went home. Though seriously wounded and bleeding prof ueely.iMrs. Wilkins called the children and sent them for assistance to the church, where a revival meeting was in progress. Assistance came at Dace, A number of men surrounded the home of ; Stutzke, \Q prevent his .escape, others did what they could to rendep assistance to Mr. and Mrs. Wilkin? v ;W^)s9ther8 carae to the city to summon {medical assistance and ofli- "'''' ' Stutzke and his' .wife remained In their own: home for some time and then both went to the do. the chores,- They flqished this work and .then returned to the house. , . ^ Oflloors Arrive oa the Scene. Chief of Police ShulU and Deputy Sheriff 'Haberer hastened - at once to Qomp, Tbey wenfc to. the Stutzke home and purroijnded* it. Deputy Sheriff Haberer rapped at the door and waa answered by Mrs. Stutzke who said her husband waa not In the house. The officers searched the house, and had secured a lautern and started for the out bulldlnga*— Wheri- near ing a chicken coop, Stutzkej jumped out and started to run Across the yard, the officers giving chaee. Deputy. Sheriff Haberer would have caught the man had he nqfr become entangled in a barbed wire fence. Before the officers could get their bearings, their man had disappeared. lie r,au to she Sweet home oed borrowed a co it. At this writing (Uo'elock)noth- ia< further has been heard of him. Chlof of Police Bhultz swore out a warrant this morning, Shwiil Fuller has Lee a notified and u search ia now in progrsjKs, WtUilcn' t'»«4S4Soi» sad, thoagh con*o!oas, U unabi« talk. The physleisri think* he long »«rTive, Thoagb lfijuted*ffldt»- ly, Mrs, WSIkln Is able to be up sad about the house. Stutzke was employed yesterday ia assisting his brother Herman, who is moving to the Manaban farm. lie bad evidently expected I rouble when be called on Wilkins in the evening.though he had said nothing of his intentions, His brother Herman knew nothing of the affair until this morning, when he came to see Fred whom be expected to assist in hauling hay. • , ^ i:Jlr;:.:andTiirBr Wilklos live 5n the house directly In the rear, of the Comb post office, while Mr. and Mrs.' Stutske live directly across the street. Stutzke has hitherto born an excellent reputation. He has been/a peaceful, industrious, law-abiding citizen, and many are inclined to the opinion that he attacked Wilkins only under circumstances of extreme provocation. He is a man about thirty years of ttge, while Wilkins is thirty-five or more. Mr. and Mre. Wilkina have Ibree children. They are evidently, tute circumstances. '&•'• TO ENTER LIKE A LION. Falter Says March Will Como In With • • Mighty JKoar, St. Joseph, Mo., Feb. 20.— Prof. Fos- terViast buileflSrgave'fofeeifslFof ifie" storm wave to cross the continent from the 23i d to 27tb,. and the next will reach the Pacific const about the 27th, cross the west of ilockias country by close of 28tb; great central valleys March 1st to 3rd, Eastern States March. 4th. -. ;.-: ; - • ',' ; , .; ,- , .: Warm wave will cross the west of Rockies country about the 27th, - great central valleys March , 1st, Eastern States March 3rd, Cool wave will cross the west of Rockies country about March 2d._, Cool wave will cross the west of Bockiea country about March 4th, Eastern States 6tb. ' . Thiat . disturbance .. will also bring heavy rains'., south 'and snows -north,, and as the greater amount of precipitation occurs near the high .point' of 'the high temperature BtpTra;.; periods, ,' arid"a8l;hese periodc " tarn- toward 1 'tl^e low- tern peraturfrperiodkfthisF^tstu ance will conclude, the heavy ralna 1 arid anows for the present. '- ; .' ' .Drier weather will follow the above disturbance and many places will ex- of the nest high temperature period is reached, not ' far from March 24th, when the rains will come again. . The first week in March will average colder than usual, and the precipitation will be more than normal. From that . time onward the rise in temperature. will 'be more rapid than the seaeoo- would suggest and rainfall will be leas- than might be expected till the' culmination point is reached, hot 'f^ar from March 24th, when weather conditions^ will collapse and anther fall in temper- ' ature, accompanied by heavy rains,. will occur. ••'•.'.-.. •/• '..'.;;.i ;, Foster'* I^ocal forecijats, v , The storm waves wijl reach this meridian and the other changes will occur at and. within 100 miles of Freeport within twenty-four hours of 8 p. m. of th,e dates given below: • -February 22, cooler; February W, moderating; February 24 warmer; February 25 threatening; February 26, . changeable; February 27, cooler, WERE MARRIED IN HOPKINS George Oaken and Kate Iluriucg l?uit«d - :; - Wednesday >'lBht. -. Mr, George Onken and Miss Kate Harraes, both of Hopkins, were married at the home of the bride's parenta, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad* Harnaea, at a, o'clock Wednesday evening Tha eer- • emony was perfcrraed by the Bev. Myera in ihe presence of a isrjge nuoi' her of the frienda and relatives of the contracting 'parties.?/ At -the conela- eip'n of the ceremony, oongratalatlon$ w<jre offered and an elaborate weddiiag supper was served. The collatioo waa perfect in every detail and a credit in., deed to those" who prepared it. Mr. andMra,Oaken will begin hows*. keeping ou a farrn owned by .Mr. und Mrs. Harmes. Both of the young- pec.- pie are well known and highly thought of in their eornmurjHy. ^hey start it^fc in their wedded life with riat prospects aud with the very test 68 of their wide circle ol frlen.d«, —There is a report curr««fc |i railroad yaida at Clinton lhat Ittsyrjioldf suti Frank Ms^faedee, Clinton boys, Jxw&ifts e*ipiefe4 fight to a ' • ~ • - Reyaoids whertijjt 1 " vuUWti

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