The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 20
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 20

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 20
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Come See Our Complete Une of TODDLER GIRL'S DRESSES tu * PM ,(««tl»\.»NTATIOH eum THi MUOSPOrtt P*Ct» FigtftMri, TBXAS, _Mjjyv. r iwgM|i|a «_,_jt>$ Richwood okays new flood map RICHWOOD — City council has unanimously adopted a floodplaln map with elevations of 16.1 to 16.6-feot set by the Flood Insurance Administration such An unfRienoly Bunch! It's true thai Episcopalian* don't make chit-chat during <ervice*. Of before. Or immediately after. VtMtors occasionally go away saying, "What an unfriendly bunch." Next time, don't rush away >o fait. Episcopalian* don't mean to seem rude. They do mean to pay re*pect to Cod .. until they're well outside the church proper. Next time, give them a few minutes to 'warm up." Stick around and get acquainted loin them lor coffee in [he nearby parish hall . . and perhaps some oi their funny ideas wi!I e%en make If you'd like lo Itam more jboul Irw Eprwopjl Churth and its *iewj, the iwarnt Epiuopjl minnlcr would b« flattered to ditcim them with you... without "twilling your tim." \S1io krxnvst He might even male setue. One of a fetiet presented by "Thote Craty Epiftopilians" in your jrea. j St. Pint's Eptacopil Church s«.Timothy'* Episcopal CharcA I30T Wat Fifth circle Way at Oy»ter Greek Drive Freeport Lake Jackuxi ! Tel. sj-wn Tri. ai-nto S Service*: Service*: ' Sondmyt 7:» A.M. * 10:M A«M.Stmd*yi S:M A.M. & 10:M A.M Thursdayi I8:6«A~M. Tbur»di«»:MA.M. Holy D»yi 7:WP_M. The elevations had earlier been set nt a minimum of 17-feet and a maximum of 18-feet by the federal government. With adoption of the FIA elevations Richwood will now "be back Into the business of being able to grow," as Mayor Benny Howard had earlier predicted. Howard said that he had talked with Richard Krim, assistant administrator of the FIA, yesterday prior to the council meeting. Krim said the city could go ahead with adoption, Howard said. Howard said that permission to start building, similar to a variance, would now be given for home builders in the area Krim told Howard that insurance companies and loaning Institutions should be given his name should any questions arise about the new elevations. Howard said. The new flood elevations came about following an intensive study of the Richwood area called an A- 19 review, The A-19 review covered all city data since 1945, including subsidence and the 100-year floodplain. according to Howard. "The entire area adjacent to us will be benefiting from this study," Howard continued Following the motion to adopt the map by Councilman Dan Gamer, and a second to the motion by- Mayor Pro-tem Jeanne Green, council approved the map unanimously. Howard said that it would be 60 days before the new floodplain maps were issued. Howard said he would be finalizing work on Richwood's flood elevations on Dec. 10 when he is in Washington, D.C., on Houston-Galveston Area Council business. FIREMEN AND POLICE cluster around the wreckage of the car driven by the fatally injured William U'roy Austin when it collided with a Missouri-Pacific locomotive at the Hostage... i Continued froni Page 1! pulled on me," she told a Facts reporter, "but this WHS the only time they were mean to me." She spoke of the relief she Ml when the knife was dropped or thrown dawn as they left the scene of the collision One convict, described by Mrs Washington as the smallest of the three men, put his arm around her waul to assist her in walking Another found n stick for her to use as a cane, she ndtkni Questioned as to how their crossing of the Drains River wa« accnrnpli»hed, Mrs Washington told of being ordered to jump into the water first Perhaps half the distance was covered swimming on her back. she said Somewhere around midstream, one of the escaped prisoners caught ii log which they us«d to fliwt the rrmiiimng distance As the convicts and their h«t3ge moved through the bnuth twtween the river and Riverside Country (Tub, the baying of prison farm bloodhound* could be heard "The do^i sounded cl'»*," Mrs Washington recalled, "and they lc{i rnc, saying they had to get up a trt*." "Well." *h* continued, "1 dimbed .1 tret 1 , too ..\nd whwi 1 came down the first time," .shi? went mi. "I heard vimtrthir.g that sent me back up that !rrr prt-tt> quick." And though it is rcdMnably certain the incident wasn't amusing at tht> tune, th* young woman laughed as iht- told of BFAC bylaws... Gulf Blvd. crossing In Freeport. The accident occured at ll:SO p.m, Thursday The car had been pushed about 60-feet down the tracks by the locomotive. getting hung on her second trip up the In* Hut when finally she did reach the ground again, sh« saw the flashing lights of the law enforcement cars "I was afraid they wouldn't h«ar me hollering," explained Mr*. Washington "Am! when they did." she add*d, "I just went to pieces " When asked how her identity as th«f hostage became known, sh* answered that her purs* had been Ml behind in the wrecked car Sheriff's Deputies look it to her residence where it *aj» identifta) by her husband. Jerry D Washington Be/or* jumping into the tUaxos River, she removed a jJtirt that *h* v*a» wearing o\er a shell ami dropped tt on th* bank "My hatband »4id when the law enforcement officers found that shirt," »h* recalled, "he wa* certain I had drowned " Asked if »he had ever imagined htrxHf In *uch a situation, th* young wwrnan answered that iht had mX "Hut I'm scared to death of everything." she said, "«c*l I u*cd to never drive that road twcauw I wa.t frightened of tt." Howvver, Hottnto W&iiungton convinced hmvlt that «n«? was ")u»t being »»lly" awl began driving that r«u!e to awl frwin Kr«port "Hui I'll r.-ever do it again," «h* wid emphatically Thursday "There *w« «x>ugh prayer* «wtd U*t night -• it ha.i to h*!p " iContinued from Page I of Trustees shall consist of 2-t persons selected at- large and six each Jo bt> s«-itxtw) by each of th* four groups occupying the I .'enter Although the bylaws carry rwtnrUoa* on term* of office, i! '*a* ajfrevt! ti> su.tpend thi» for the coming jear wnce several pcrs«irv» *t«j have been closi'ly concernerf *lth the building program are tinue thrtMujh the com con firm Co and Ih* U» Davu. SSovall ami H I. Bryant St SWINGS ASSOCIATION OFFICES LOCATED HOUSTON FRIENDSWOOD PEARLAND HOME OFFICE - ALVIN 331-4457 WEST COLUMBIA BRANCH 117 E. BRAZOS TEL 345-5380 Drop in and meet Bob Burelsmith, Branch Manager and our office manager, Evelyn Kirk Other nominating com- cctiont for the committee included V A Thorpe, treasurer. Kveretl Stovall. s«x % retary. and Ira-** vice presiik-nts Kiaarsce, J L Wilson. Cultural I'H'Vi'lopnient, J»>rome f<ourge«ns. f'olicy, James K Crews, Ituilding, llaymwwi Cathcart. and fuWic Itelationa. finbcrta Uanshy Vice president* neltctwl by tlw> member grtwips were Little Theater, IVnny Wannall; .Mu*eum. John Kay, Art league, Lynn Hays, ami Music 'njeattr, Jane (jerdea Since the in.-* bytawa call for truAtffs lo be t'tth«:r yl large or chosen by specific groups, those serving unexpirtd term* were given drcignations by the nominiiting committee and the expiring terms filled accordingly this year to "even up" the numbers Trustees designated by the group* were: Little rheater. Mrs Wanna 11, Art League,, Lynn Hays and Barbara Dunn; Museum, Ann Douinas and John Kay; and Music Theater, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. lierdes. At-large trustees selected by the nominating committee were Mr. and Mrs Bryant, Mr and Mm. Cathcart, and Mr. and Mrs. James S. Nabors. Nabors, who had headed the Policy Operating Commute*! that drew up the agreements for usage of the building, was given special recognition from the floor for the accomplishments of his group. President Bryant also expressed appreciation for the help that has been given the BFAC by Wilson Equipment Co., The Brazouport Facts, the Dow The n«-* (JKAC **t up rnembenihlp du*s of a minimum of 15 and Bryant urgrd thel ail penuxu in the enmmuaily who might tw »ntw«t«rtl in bring a part of the Council b«r axkcti to join Bryant al«> piwntcd out that it was r»{ !o«) late for donor* to the Center building fund to have their ivamn inclunkrd on th« Honor's Wall In thr building report given by Cathcart. it wat indicatiil that there were still wrvrral ttenm needed to complete th« building In th« manner d«siir«l A complrtion in mid- May i.* hoped for, Ca (heart reported, and tiryant announced that th* n*w Cultural Development Committee ha» t>cen «jke<l to plan the opening ceremonies Courthouse windows.... for >•*• (Continued from Page n den And not get (he bldt you want." tie also contended this would attract smaller bidder* and hli experience had been that he had trouble with them. Commissioner Dixie Brown >aid, "We don't always Uke tlw low bid but take what we consider the beat bid. We comtder the man a* well M the bid." Auditor Gayle said again, "We operate on a different set 01 rulea. If we l*su« a work order of this magnitude we've got some problems." KotxTtson suggested the county might let bid* the Installation and assign the contract to Uebco or tcbco could put out the furnishing ana Installation •4 a subontract for Wdi. Hie county would then negotiate a change order for Lebco's portion of the work. "It's not to kebcoTS Advantage to do the win* daw work but It it to your advantage," Hobertson said Itobertson assured the court the wlndowt wou!4 meet hurricane ion« requirements * rtiitrm*tt Tiifi frnie: 10 urn. Siturdij, Nw. 22 PU<:«: tifies Pwt in 8/uwu PRIZES AND TURKEYS TO BE GIVEN AWAY 1 50 GRAND PRIZE ft i *M FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT BILL CUWK 798-2378 IS IT PROffiH TO CALL A PflEACHEB u REYIREMD?" trtwirrobnt IS* f»iijp»«l takihtt* ef ll«« &»•; fc«f*.£W JJuci Uwtf <j.fw«ri!i \s4ijr* «4> fc* r,jti«J ai *•><••••. H*S*t Ji»i*t Itat t<r *«! j* j-iSrtJ li*;*i J,:* HM j, ?wwf W«ij<r r-itf, isv| A*' ar » ft?*! lft*P f-iijtf-, ?cT ^»* ::f l x» tsf ;<* 4;jKw*i Kv*i»,«t fee w« n »i.ij; VJ* «" Wi'.! ,1! i. 14-' \oJ3T* !K»-J >r-IMJ »{»;*«- *! f*'t«<*P*» i-H 1 tftl.» pJ.t;M*« gfS',t:fJ~f If^lbn l.wli) If r-,«B canttw< t* «£<»! lusfti ,w ".«*«« w« >•*!.«•,« < « <fc* K/MJltt>s lUWc ,:> ««•*•». »»} !fc»! a |"jj ili ) «s«r» fr^cfl In OJK) !••) M/>rij( >/MJ 4-iJ fy-TcfTryJ it ^',1 a^-ir I km {.i-<"«ijtT,f« t >fj» is itt fo* m-rr, fes Jff-«;» » JMJw to If-n-^win tf.iM It irj » (ti'i rn la ( ^>tj .». !»•<• H:.(-»» ' 'wtf ^vJ (• Ifc* ttjy f v.'(W I i {« •* 1 j J.I 'a h* r»> i-«-.1 imwriwiri T, < >.f,i!^n:(j |. 7 c :t. J» vr «f T hrrt.Vtn tn x««v>l!» (.«,«• -» *HS *« Itl* >* *rt t» «ft« m i ht t du wtt'lo rrnicmbrr Ihti THE CHURCH OF CHRIST it U A 4 l»f i*.(il,ird »*rtl .( IrMl TW MM' S»4aji ItSkJc Mwl.y l« «. <«M?«| I' I'V( Wfdn^nij, II. (n». hlW» M»rf< * l'f»j« ! M^m MEITIiQ IT OtO UlfiLfTON US, t WILLOW RD. EVEKT ViSiTOfl M HOKORIO QUEST. .. If you bought a new mattrtss without shopping the ad» in Th« Braiotport Facts, yog lost both tim* and money. Bedding to make slwping * dr«am at prlctt you can afford it advtrtiitd routinely in The Braiotport Fact*. , The best place to buy or tell along the Gulf Coast. Is •M «IM<9«rOtT B^p m The Facts UTAKttMIO Itll IN

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