The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1914
Page 7
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Emttfc fane 30, 1914. TfiE D E C X T U R R E V I E W South' Fc 1908; Bi f- T«yl6rvHle. ·etunu of tit towmhln in ·"dry" questi* first and on! ibut whether Went Dry in itt Illegally Wet June 30--Til* loa«-!o«t election in ·oath Fork 108 when th« "w«t" and was submitted tor the time, have b»«n found, he authorities arc any better equipt d to enforce th« law In this-townshll which Included. Bulpltt than before! is a question, a* the town's clerk'lrecords would kav* to be used as evldhce In case th« o.neitlon of South For{ being "dry" territory Is disputed. Town Ci« i Walters, elected thl cpring, disc looks, tally archives of sheets show dry anfi »I 1 t, a majority of fourteen votes In fa' clerk's offlo election, CM George J*i« of them election. It ago that th* '·red the return*, poll beets and ballet* in the la office, and the tallv he vote to have been 105 of the dry. The town changed hand* in this Kclugin going out and succeeding him. Neither up the reeor* -of the not u n t i l d. year or eeord was f u s t called for by the (Ut4 attorney to be lueft under tbe anti- it w a s found that ·ffical record of tl e \otecl on tl tlte state's attorney hi 3 unrter the oil and not getting- soot itlen of the village arpl f saloon iKensen render Ion act Ineffective as fa was concemfd. Four o j and clerks in the 190 .th Fork t "unship have signatures upon the of them refused to de- tures to be thalra. the plate i attorney will tter Is not known. Law- proprietors of Bulpltt cannot be pr ecnted unler the anti- ·aloon la' :il the town clerk's records show th wrrltoiy to be "dry" and none of them items to know off-hand Just how to p ceed tcrget the records that the BulplH village [saloon licenses wUl not let or* from progeeu- officmlU pstabllBhed \k Is a "dr\" township. IONS CLOSED. is TV. ere closet Sat- by JIajor Hardin be- in the tillage was be- made. In* fa toard grant exempt the tlon, once it that South BUIFI The Bulpltt Urday evenlni ffcause the coming unwelldly, the police force being small and the village being without lights. There was but one row, that by two strangers, one giving nil name as Dan Williams and the other refusing to five his name. Both were fined J26 and. costs by justice of the peace Norman Covert Neither had a cent and both are In the county Jail. MOVE TO DECATUR. James Jamison has resigned his position as plumber at the Wlnslow hardware store and accepted a position a traveling salesman with the Shorb Fields Co. with headquarters at Decatur. Mrs. Jamison will leave In a. few days for Decatur tojreilae. _ GIVE~DINNER FOR NEWLYWEDS Mr. and Mr*. C. StoutenborousJh Enter- tala at Maron Home. Maroa, June 30--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stoutenborough entertained a few of their friends Sunday at dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hughes of Marion, O , who were recently married and are here on their wedding trip. Mr. Hughes was a former Clinton boy, the son of Mr. and Mrs. "Warren Hughes and was married and are here on their wedding trip. Mr. Hughes was a former Clinton boy, the son of Mr. and Mrs Warren Hughes, and was married June 10 Those who were present at the dinner Sunday -a ere Mr. and Mrs. Elliott James of Maroa, Mr. and Mrs. Will Cox and daughtei, Mildred, of Kenney, Mr. and Mrs Frank Hughes of Marion. O , Misses Mae and Hazel James of Clinton and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Emery of Springfield FUNERAL OF MRS. SHAW. Funeral services for Mre. W. O. Shaw v, ere conducted at the date residence Sunday afternoon by Rev E. W. Sears, pastor of the Christian .church in Palestine, 111. There was a large attendance and the funeral procession was made uc of automobiles, interment being In the Maroa cemetery. The pallbearers were J. P. Stouten borough, J H Stoutenborough, C. C. Smith, Ruloff Long, George Vernon and Joseph Moore Miss Grace Wysong sang " A Little While." with Mrs. Nellie Redmon at the piano. The floral offerings were beautiful and weie m charge of Mrs C. M. Warner, Mrs Peter Koons Mrs J. P Stoutenborough, Mrs J. H. Stoutenborough and Mrs C. D Nowlin. HORSE RUNS A WAT. While d i H l n g from his home, three miles east of town, to Maroa, Sunday morning, J. A. Barnett's horse became frightened and ran away, demolishing a new storm buggy. Mr. Barnett received several gashes, and bruises, but none is serious He is the superintendent of the Methodist Sunday school and was on his wav there when the acct- dent happened. A. couple of little Wyant girls, who were In the rig were also thrown out but escaped uninjured. BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. Mr*. Jesse Marsh was given a surprise Sunday at her home east of town n honor of her sixty-first birthday anniversary. Among those present were Hr and Mrs. McQueen from Houston, Tei. John Hay and daughter, Vina; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barker, Mr. and Mrs. William Heinz and eon, Delmar, all from Argenta and Mayor Harry Shields and family from this city. Among those who were here Sunday from out of town to attend the funeral services of Mrs. W. O. Shaw were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stoutenborough, Lyman Buchanan and family, W. W. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. William Myers, Amos Rybolt, Mrs Alice Rybolt and daughter, Edna, all from Kenney, Mr. and Mrs. David Shaw and family, Mrs. Anna Rybolt and con, Carl, Mrs. John Arthur, Mrs. Lydla Shaw and daughter, Marie, Miss Alice Haynee, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Koons, Jr., Mrs. W. M. Koons, Sr., Mrs. Padgett from Decatur. Raymond and Dale Brldgeman are here from Farmer City visiting their grandfather. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W. Armstrong and family of Decatur and Mrs Bessie Dean of Hayes, Kat.., were guests of Dr. and Mrs C. M. Wood Sunday. Mrs W. H. Kolp and daughter, Miss Florence, of Elwln, spent Sunday with A C Kolp and family. Miss Gertrude Wysong has begun teaching a class of kindergarten pupils each morning from the hours of 9 till 11.30 in the Presbyterian church, and the work is progressing nicely. Mr. and Mrs.Newell Harris of Henry, 111, are visiting J. F. Harris and family. Miss Maria Brown will go to Leroy Wednesday for a week's visit Dr. F. E. Willits, an osteopath from Wa-pella, will practice his profession in Maroa on Tueaflavs and Thursdays. Rsv. and Mrs. E. W. Sears aro here from Palestine, 111., visiting with friends. Rev. Mr. Sears was the pastor of the local Christian church a couple of years ago. Miss Naomi Bailey of Normal, 111, TV as the guest of Miss Maria Brown from Thursday till Monday Miss Viola Cottet has accepted a position as clerk In the Maroa Merchandise Company's store B. F. Capllnger has gone, to eBards- town, where he has established a-, undertaking parlor. His family tul. move there later. He has been employed bj A. A. Coulter, the local undertaker and furniture dealer, for some time, and his vacancy has been filled by Bert Delzell of Latham. Mrs. Charles Helserman of Assumption spent Saturday and Sunday with Arthur Bowden and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hobbs of Springfield visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs F. L, Hobbs, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L. L Hoaglin of La. tham passed Sunday with S. H. Nowlin and wife. John Parker, Jr., has leased the farm of his grandfather, John Longstreet, southeast of town, for the coming year. Mrs. Phlll Davis and-daughter, Harriett, passed last week In Decatur with relatives. Mrs. Ed Conway from Latham Is visiting relatives In this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Coulter expect to move nest week to the home they recently purchased on West Washington street. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Worsham expect to occupy the residence to be vacated by Arthur Coulter and wife. Owen and Wilfred Nowlin are here from Farmer City. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beckhart snd children, Ruth and Lloyd, spent Sunday in Decatur with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Coon. Mr. and Mrs. Ord Fort visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Conway near Latham Sunday. Dr C. M. Wood attended a meeting of the Progressive party in Tuscola Monday. Mrs. Frank Walker of Clinton visited Miss Alma Harris Friday. Mrs. J. N. McDonald spent last week in St Louis. Mrs. Naomi McDonald spent last week in St. Louis. Mrs. Naomi Brennlng has been quite sick. Keith and Zillah Jump arrived Sunday from Peoria to spend the summer with relatives. Mrs. Phlll Davis was in Peoria Saturday and Sunday. Miss Esther Bean has been In Lovington visiting friends. Dr. and Mrs. William Craig of Kenney spent Monday with Mrs. A. D. Wysong and daughters. Mrs. Margaret Weeks is passing a couple of weeks in Kenney with friends. Miss Helen Crum 1 returned home Bunday from BushneU, 111., w^ere she has been visiting friends for a few weeks PEAIEIE HOME. Mr and Mrs. John Oarvln and dauchter Ida. of near Tantitvllle, went Tueidar afternoon with their niece, Mrs. Churles Sh«fl- ler and family. Alfred W»tion of near Micon. spent last week with hti grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Harris The Embroidery club m«t with the Klteei Clan and Helen Balrd Saturday afternoon. lira J R. Moon, who ha» been rick the p»t few days, 1 Improving. Virgil LillJoP I» seriously 111 again. Htl father and mother are with htm. There was no preaching here Sunday ewlot to the township Sunday school convention at Banner chape! In the afternoon The hum of the threshing machine Is heard In this neighborhood again. Drink for the Start's Arrival Among those thing* whloh all women should know of, and many of than do. Is a splendid external application sold In most drug store* under the nam* ol "Mother's Friend." It Is) a penetrating Uquld and many and many a mother tells bow it so wonderfully aided them through the period of expectancy. It" ohief purpose Is to render the tendons, ligaments) and muscles so pliant that nature's expansion mar be accomplished without the Intense strain to often characteristio of the period of expectancy. "Mother's Friend" may therefore be considered a* indirectly baring a splendid influence) upon the early, disposition, of the future generation. Whatever induces to the ease) anfl eom- f«rt of the mother should leave Its! imnret; upon the nerrous system of the baby. At any rate It !* reasonable to bellsrc that since "Mother's Friend" ha* been a companion to motherhood for more thai- half a century It must be a remedy that women have learned the great value of. Ask, at any drug store for "Hauler's Friend." a penetrating, «rternal Jlnuld Bf great kelp and value. And writ* to BrsdfleW Regulator Co.. 402£»mae Bkto. Atlanta, Ga,, for thelB book Ct Useful and tlmelT Information. The thirsty one's one best beverage Delicious and " Refreshing Demand the genuine by full name-Nicknames encourage substitution. COCA-COLA_CQMPANY J _ATI.ANTA. PICTURES Any size print including 4x 5, printed on the highest grade payer. Leave your printing with us. Ha.nes . Essick 217 N. Water, ' Both Phones 1256. ^ SKIES WINES - BRANDIES ^^^m^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^* ' '·· · brder your liquors from an OLD RELIABLE FIRM that GUARANTEES you AGAINSTJVMS- BRANDED or IMITATION GOODS and ASSURES you that should there be a BOTILL IBROKEN it will be REPLACED upon receipt from the express or freight agent. : : : : Goods Shipped Anywhere | We ship goods anywhere in Illinois in a Plain, Strong Package, without a mark to icate the contents. Our Quick Delivery is a feature. We ship goods on the first train after fee receipt of the order. UALITY The best and most reliable brands of whiskies, wines and brandies on the market. We handle no imitation or misbranded goods. Every jug or bottle we sell is full measure, and we " sell you the same whiskey, wine or brandy for less'money than you can buy it for elsewhere. 'UCKY BOURBONS AND PENNSYLVANIA RYES | The following nhlskles are guaranteed *« be J"»t «s we receive tdem direct from the distiller* and the ent Bond Warehouse. We will ship these whllktasln any amount «u] in any kind of packages a« may be Olive Grove "A Good WhUt.-y" Per itilon 4 full Warts s full Iturts 12 fallVluarts $2.00 . 2.0O . 3.85 . 5.6S Springs Whiskey Be of Our Leufors. 2.50 4-7= 12 fullaui MeRwood Whisiwjr 1 6 Yean Old. Per gallon 4 full quar'j 8 full quarts 12 full quarts , Famous Swan Pure jj Shufeldt's Imperial G Gordon's Dry Gin (i Sood Apple Brandyj xxxx Apple Brantly! Extra Fine and Old J Good Peach Brandy. Eed Cross Rum, BETTER GOOD fo Than '· · 82.75 '.-. 3-00 S-75 M. V. Monarch Hand Made Sour Mn«h. Fer gallon . 93.00 4 f u l l quarts 3.Uft 8 full quarts - 5.75 12 full quarts 8.50 Monogram Pure Rye One of Peunaylvanla'a Beat. Per gallon *3.0« 4 full quarts 3.00 5 f u l l q u a r t s 5.75 12 lull q u a l t s 8.50 Guckenheimer Pure Rye The Standard for 57 Yea". P«r gallon »3 00 4 full quarts 3 '°° 5 full quarts 5-75 12 full quarts 8.50 Red Star ftone Better. Per gallon ?3.7!i 4 tlill quarts 2.75 8 f u l l quarts 5.50 12 full quarts 7.50 Ell-Em-Gee, Purest and Best 10 Yearn Old and Extra Fine QunlHj. 3'er gallon $4,75 4 f u l l quarts -4.7.-. 5 f u l l q u a l t s 8-00 in full quarts Eagle Creek Pure White Corn Whiskey. Ttr gallon 4 full quarts · full quarts i; f u l l quarts Ell-Em-Gee Bottled In Bond. EXTRA FINE KENTUCKY WHISKY. Per quart 4 f u l l quarts 8 full quarts 12 full quarts 24 full pints 48 full half-pints Mellwood Bottled-ln-Boud. Per quart . 4 full quarts 8 full quarts 12 full quarts -- BOTTLED-IN-BOND WHISKIES Old Overholt ~~ Bottled-In-Bond. * .75 3.00 S.SS 8.25 S.75 9.M 3.35 8.50 0.25 GuckenHeimer Bottled-ln-Bond. Per quart ./. 4 full quarts 8 full quarts 12 fun quarts . * .90 . . 3.60 ,. 7.0O ..10.00 Oscar Pepper Bottled-ln-Bond. Per quart 4 full quarts . 5 full quarts . 12 full quarts .* .80 . S.T.O . 6.83 .IO.OO Green River Bottle4-!n-Bond. Per bottle 4 short quai ts .. 5 short quarts · · 15 short quarts Clark's Pure Rye. Bottled-in-Bond. Per -quart 4 full quarts 5 full quarts 12 full quarts f .85 . 3.40 . B.T5 . 8.75 * .90 . 3.«0 . T.OO Per quafft ..... 4 full au«ts .. 8 full quarts . 1! full quarts .t i.oo r.eo 11.00 Canadian Clufc Bottled-ln-Bo««, Under Supervision at Cao««l» Per bottle 4 bottles 5 bottles bottles f 1.25 O.OO , «.T5 , 14.00 Old Taylor Bottled-ln-Boa4. Per quart 4 full quarts . 8 full quarts . 12 full quart* .t 1.00 . S.S.". . T.50 . 10.25 -Gins, Brandies, Rums, Etc. BOTTLED AND IN BULK , per gallon $2.40 , per gallon $3.00 ifcrted), per bottle.. .$1.00 r gallon $2.50 . r gallon $3.00 Jto 16 Brandy, per gallon $3.50 ' gallon $2.50 $2.50 per jg Ion Felton's New England Rum, per gallon $3.00 Kuemmel, per gallon $2.50 Finest California Brandy, per gallon $3.50 Apricot Brandy (Pure Apricot Cordial), gal. $2.50 Good Grain Alcohol, per gallon $2.75 ROCK AND RYE, made from Pure Rye Whiskey and Rock Candy Syrup, per gallon $2.25 -Pure Wines Direct from the most eminent growers in California, guaranteed to be absolutely pure, rich and full in body, delicate and tasty in flavor. You may pay more but can not get any better wine at any price. We ship these wines in bottles, jugs, kegs and barrels." Four different kinds--Port, Sherry, Muscatel and Angelica. Very Good Quality, per gallon, $1.25; per qt., 35c Extra Fine and Old, per gal. $2.00; per quart, 50c BLACKBERRY WINE from $1.00 to $2.00 per gal. Bear's North Carolina pure Blackberry, the finest made, per gallon $ 2 -°0 Bear's North Carolina Scuppernoag, per gal. $2.00 r LESS MONEY Any Otfc i Mail Order House LOUIS M. GOLDMAN II " VIU E ILLINOIS A FBI,!- MMB Of CHAMPAGNES, COR D1A1S, BITTERS AND BBBB. PRICES AND ORDER SHEET* ON APFMCATIOK. MORE GOODS for SAME MONEY Than the Other Mail Order Houses INEWSPAPERif NEWSPAPER!

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