Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 24, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1935
Page 7
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which • over tbe , France, Tn'dcWe for modern if ! fftbe replaced. The & 'Ivevev, is HUely to Da '' ho th P old. Accounts f B S that thejo* ' lTBlI S d cent S s,™nd' nbor - nml they were But living B ECAUSE It undeclared LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA EAT FOODS sSHSSS i*.Mun onderful antacid that works ?m ThHffMk—atVOllPClnlRElSt'B—BCBU- Wise Determination ,. truest wisdom is a resolute ninatiori.—Napoleon I. Ike Days' Cough lIouvDaiger Signal ib matter how many medicines Stave tried for your cough, chest ft or bronchial irritation, you can elief now with Creomulsion. trouble may bs brewing and »cannot aSovd to take a chance h anything less than Creomul- , which goes right to the seat e trouble to aid nature to ieand heal the inflamed mem- s as the germ-laden phlegm. ned and expelled. If other remedies have , don't ba discouraged, your 1st is authorized to-guarantee inuflsion and to refund your y if you are not satisfied •with. »iS from the very first bottle. it Creomulsion right now. 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Start using '8 delicious, effective wafers today. -.oleasional samples sent free to reg- J«ed physicians or dentists if request [Hide on professional letter head. "~' ' PRODUCTS, Incorporated "1 St., Lone Island City, N. Y. was prosecuting an war, on Ethiopia, Italy was condemned as a violator of the covenant of the League of Nations and virtually 'declared to be an outluw nsnlnst w h i c h economic and (inancial sanctions arc to be app 1 i e d. That was the decision of ;">2 in c ni'b e r s of the league In a memorable meeting of Its nssC'inbly in Geneva. Three nations, Italy itself and Austria and Hungary, refused to associate themselves with the assembly's actions. The Austrian nd Hungarian representatives al- eady had announced that they would not participate in any sane- ions against Italy because of their )olitical and economic relations vlth tlie Fascist government. If any of the nations concurring n the league's 'decision wishes to declare war on Italy, it now has he legal right to do so. The- na- : ure of the penalties to lie imposed nnd the manner of procedure was ;o bo determined by a committei Deluding the members of the league council, except Italy, and all Italy's neighbor nations except Austria and Hungary. First of the sanctions announce! by the league committee was ai embargo on shipments of war ma terials to Italy, and at the same time the ban against such shipments to Ethiopia was lifted. This was followed by the adoption of six financial penalties against Italy designed to break all financial and credit relations of members of tlie league with Mussolini's government. Next, according to the plan of the big' powers which were directing all this, was to be a trade boycott for the'pum n se of crippling Italy's imports and exports. The meeting of the assembly first heard an eloquent speech on Italy's behalf by her chief delegate, I'.aron Pomrieii Alois. He charged that the league bad been unfair, that It had used "two weights and two scales" in Its work, that it had acted against Italy where it did not act against Japan in the Manchnrian crisis that it did not even consider Italy's complaints against Ktlno- ipia. "Why not Japan?" be asked. "Why not Bolivia and Paraguay »> tho Chaeo war? Why Italy?" r.cfore tho decision nation after nation registered its adherence to the league covenant. "I shall make only a brief declaration," said IM.'rrc I.-.ival ot Fi-uice "Franco will face her obligations. I ™id lliis before the council. I repeat it before the as- Bembly. Tho covenant is our international law." „ • , "Action must, now be taken, said Anthony Eden of Great r.ritnin. "I declare the readiness of His TIHIJPS- ty's government to .take full part In such action." Vladimir I'otomkin of Ilnssia announced that bis government was determine-d to fiiMHI Us oMiga ions. Switzerland also empbasi/.ed its willingness to participate "No other delegation has asked o speak," said President F.enes <H> - tiy "I Interpret the silence of all s 'indicating the concurrence of icir governments with the opinion E the members of tbe council, a in ssomlily will place this on record Austria and Hungary cannot o hemselves supply Muslim, with much in the way of raw matenal or war: but there is tl.e cliance with Gugsa on tlie throne—after the Japanese fashion in Manchuria. Troop movements indicated tho next serious fighting would be in tho southern sector, where the emperor's son-in-law, lias Destra Dom- tu, was leading an army of 100,000 by forced marches to attack the Italians in tbe flank. The latter, under Gen. lliidolfo Graxiani, were moving toward ITarrar from the Somaliland frontier. Supreme Court to Decide Two Vital Cases CONSTITUTIONALITY of two New Deal projects—the AAA processing taxes and the TVA operations in generating and selling power in competition with private power companies—is to be determined by the Supreme court of the United States, and an early ruling on both is expected. Among the court's negative rul Ings was a refusal to consider the latest habeas corpus proceedings brought in behalf of Thomas Mooney, California's most famous pris oner. Tlie court also refused to hear an attack on a law which strength cned tho political machine of the late Senator nuey P. Long of Lou isinrra. CROSS-STITCH QUILT BLOCKS By GRANDMOTHER CLARK in Liberals Are Winners in Canada Elections 3ARLIAMENTAKY elections ... • Canada resulted in tho defeat of ^•eniier Richard LJ. licnnett and the Conservatives who have been in con- rol since 1030. The next premier vill be Mackenzie King, leader of tbe Liberals who won 158 out of 2-15 seats In the house of commons. The new deal policies of the l!en- nett government were repudiated by the electors. In tho program outlined by King, In case he won, the great emphasis was laid on relieving unemployment and lowering tariffs back to 10'iO levels. A reciprocal trade agreement with the United States was one of his strong arguments. Nationalization of the I'.ank of Canada, to control credit inflation and deflation was another plank. Hamilton Fish Is Out for G. O. P. Nomination H AMILTON FISH, JR., congress man from New York, is goin to be a candidate for the Republ can Presidential nomination and wi throw his hat int the ring about tl middle of Decem her. He will entc the primaries the western, mi western and southern states. Mr. Fish has not yet formally announced this intention, but he told an interviewer the other day that If he ^ Rep. Fish were elected he would have a nonpartisan cabinet that would Include the best brains in the country gardless of political atiiliations. went so far as to give out a Bruno Hauptmann Appeals Court Upholds Sentence of Hauptmann T JNANIMOUS decision of the New ^ Jersey court of errors and peals is that Uruno Richard Hauptmann was given a fair trial on the charge of murder- Ing Col. Charles Lindbergh's baby son; that his conviction was in ac cordance with the evidence and that his death sentence was legal. Every contention raised by the defense was overruled. In Its opinion the court said: "Our conclusion is that the verdict is not only not contrary to the weight of the evi deuce 'but one to which the evidence' inescapably Ml. . . . From three different and, in the mam, unrelated sources tbe proofs point unerringly to guilt—viz.: "(1) Possession and use of the ransom nnmey. ••(I.) The handwriting of the ransom notes. "(c) Tim wood used in the construction of the ladder." Haiiptniann's aUnrneys Immediately began preparations for an ap- ,,Pi,i to the Supreme Court of the United States. Their only way is • i-d; that tribunal for a review of 'tbe New Jersey court's action. T( , pi-event the death sentence be- in" carried out while such a petition was pending in the Supreme court, it would be necessary to have •i "stay of execution" issued by tho New Jersey courts or by a justice of tlie United Slates Supreme court. U a review is denied the case will l,e closed and Hanptniann proba- l,lv will die In the electric chair late ln November or early in December. even long list of the men and women from which he would choose his cabinet members. For instance, his secretary of state will be cither Senator Borah, Senator Hiram John son, UainbvWgc Colby, John W. Da vis or Newton D. Baker. For sec retary o'f commerce he would bav cither Herbert Hoover or FranI Philips of Oklahoma. Senator Car tor Glass beads the list for Secretary of the treasury; Kdward A Hayes for secretary of war; R. I Creager of Texas for postmaste general; Judge Charles Lockwoo of Brooklyn for attorney general Al Smith for secretary of labor; Frank- 0. Low<len for secretary of agriculture; Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., for secretary of the navy and Former Vice President Charles Curtis for secretary of the interior. Cross-stitch Is about the simplest thing In handwork. Little girls make their stitches In cross-stitch. These six-inch blocks are stamped in cross- stitch designs on white muslin and little girls to grandmothers will en- oy making them Into everything 'rom small doilies to pillow tops, carfs nnd bedspreads. Easy to car- y around, working one at n time and icn assembling Into article wanted when all the squares are finished. Outfit No. 40-4 consists of (5 of hcse six-inch stamped squares nnd will bo mailed to you for 10 cents. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. A, Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Inclose stamped, addressed enve- opo for reply when writing for any nformation. World's Most Famous Babies Eat Oatmeal The Dionne Quintuplets, wards of the King, ent the same cereal that is eaten by millions of babies who don't get their names in the papers—oat meal. The Canadian government chose a staff of special experts for the care of the Quints. And these experts, their scientific knowledge endorsing the Instinctive choice of mothers the world over, have chosen oatmeal for the cerenl of the famous five. Oatmeal, eminent medical author ities agree, has an abundance of everything a child's cereal should have—body-building minerals, muscle-building protein, and the supremely Important Vitamin B for keeping fit. Food science says that Vitamin B is the best safeguard against those dangerous enemies of childhood— nervousness, constipation, nnd poor appetite due to lack of that vitamin In the diet. SEAWEED IDEAL INSULATOR Unexpected virtues hare been discovered in the lowly seaweed. VVI,.-n tightly packed It forms «n ideal -n- siilatlng material, keeping out <•" -1. noise, water, nnd even tire. Scientific tests prove that a milt of st-n weed half an inch thick Is niorp pilf"- tive than a brick wnll 12 Im-li-s thick. Tbe seaweed lias besides on'w one-fourth the weight of ordinary insulating material. jB mm m* *MM> —. i. — New Book Tolls Ha* Trappers Get EXTRA MONEY Domesticated Wolves The Moscow zoo boasts of two wolves which apparently are ns tnme and trustworthy as clogs. They were captured when they were puppies and ever since have been given kind and patient training. Their utter IncU of viclousnesa and desire to re turn to their native element seem? to Indicate the fallacy of the belief that grown wolves become dangerous even though they have hcon trained from punpyhood.—Pathfinder Maga zlne. for New^Tlpa to Troppcra book tclto liow you may slwro In S4,760.()p In awards Including FREE Plymouth automobllNjiorcavctul pelt rircparntlon...lnScara7tUN!itlonal Fur Show. Also how Scara art ns your anont. fretting you h sliest vafuo wo bollevo obta nablo for your lure. Your copy la FREE. Mull coupon below. - MiT/r<opoinfbc>foi~ "nearest toyovt: SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Chicago—Philadelphia—Momi Dallas—Kansas City— Seattle Namo "• Postofflco stttto » Rural Routo Dox No " BtrcotAddrcaa ViwV»i v Arabic in Everyday Use Housewives of the world use Arabic in everyday conversation, said Dr. Henry Farmer when lie lectured at Glasgow university, Glasgow, on "Arabian Influence on Western Civilization," recently. "Housewives, for Instance, scarcely imagine that when they talk of sugar, cotton, damask, taffeta, orange, muslin, lo/.cnge and perhaps soap and the loofa, they are using Arabic words," lie continued. "Men of learning use Arabic continu- y, probably without knowing it. In e'diciue, 'alcohol' and 'alembic' and sts of ether words are pure Arabic, nd again, when astronomers speak 'zenith 1 and 'nadir,' and mat'hcmn- cians of 'algebra' and 'cipher,' they re using Arabic words." Carter Glass Won't Help Split His Party S ENATOR CARTKIl GLASS of Virginia has had his differences with the Itoosevelt administration and is likely to have others, but he remains a loyal Democrat. Tie says l, c i S "a constitutional Democra within the DcnmcraUc party" am adds : •1 would not support any move mcnt to split the party. I rcfuse( to loin the Liberty league and hav refused to join any organizatio whose aims run counter to th hat he may PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM uovra Dandruff-Stops Hair Falling IraparU Color and ^Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair •-\OpatpruBglst8. •-;< SHAMPOO —Ideal for use li iwith Parker'sHair B»lBam.Makes the "- 1 "'iffy. 60 cents by mail or at dro- icmical Works, Patchogue, N. HELP KIDNEYS Theodore \\ith en •j receive, through those ountries, materials from fi.>rni,ms f the neutrality proclaimed l» inter (loos not prevent. Recent reports from Addis Ababa said the Italian minister, whose departure has been requested by tlie emncror. announced that llio Italian forces in the north sector had reoccupied the holy city of AUsun,. the ancient capital of the qiiecn of Sheba There was no resistance, the Ethiopians saved their sacred relics. <**--., **$ Col. Roosevelt's Ideas on Campaign Issues I N SOMK quarters Ol Itoosevclt is credited siderablo inlliii'iici MiuoMg tin- Kepirb- licans of the Kast ( ,i-n states ami ,,rtiMi In; is mentioned as a possible [•residential randi- ,l:,l ( .. Another potential candid it' strong in the \\'f>t Senator \Villiam 1 I'.or.ih (if Idaho, r(! ' cenily wrote to (joloiii-l Koosevelt ,,,-ar,o.siii!' < liat tlie K,.|',ublican campaign be based •trust-busting" isril10 ' ^ turned down the plan. He iii:it. while he was In sym- ho senator's attitude on he felt there r Glass is certain that I'res dent 'lloosevult will l>e reiioininale without serious opposition. "Thoi is no orpini/.cd opposition to h nomination in si.L-ht within tho pa tv " Glass says. "If he lives, ho wi ho rcnonunated by the Democrat party. Not to <l<> so would be a co fessi'on of failure." Big Lawyers to Defend Potato Act Violators CKCKKTAllY \VALLACK should O welcome tho announcement by the American Liberty league that Its committee of 08 noted lawyers has volunteered to defend small potato "rowers against the potato control law. Not Hint Mr. Wallace in- ten'ds to violate the act by growing unlicensed spuds, but lie has declared he is so opposed to tbe law llmt he will try in every nvoid enforcing it. Xfi*RTCT3iy tiitfr U •• •* •"••• «•' "~ •—^« — — Double Tested — Double Action Manufactured by baking powder Specialists who make nothing but baking powder_under supervision o£ expert chemists. S«B3We PS*8C<2 T®&&y &1 35 ounces for 25® You can also buy A P 1 1 IO ounce can. for 10O fU.lI IS ounce can for ISO Highest Quality—Always Dependable Col. Theodore Roosevelt i <>:;(' on a colonel to YY -N kidneys function badly •and ."you suffe, backache, diwineis, I Ull)m 9. scanty or too frequent urina- toS' 9 !?'" 9 U P " ni 9 h *» swollen feet •"• «kks, fe e | U p S |t a ' n d miserable Mussolini Now Ready to Talk Peace IA'S representatives In ssss o -n he were given considerable cessions o* Territory and certain large economic Svantages. This tentative offer was SS££a to Addis Ababa anO Sre country, and the emperor not willing to give up a yard of northern Ethi- prninent ous taxes the people's money |ov- extravagance, multltutiin and attempts to subvert monopolies are P vil for 1 am a firm believer In ^'eSablishea American^ principle wrote "that for I am a I . wnl- * *• *!' especially for poorly *«»"ng kidneys. Millions of boxe* v "y V« ar - lh« «« reeom " »•«'» year, iney are iecom« by user* the country over, your neighbor! DOANSPlUS reigned in the iast^n- There was a report tnat MUB to create a PUPP e empire from fee occupied territory have stated this in during the last the reasons that Old Lee Home Becomes National Shrine OTHATVOIU) HALL, the fine old O colonial house in Wcstn.oi-olaii.l OTintv, Virginia, which has been H . borne of the Ucs for 200 years ' IIS dedicated as a national shnn" " 1,100-ac-ro estate being Include. in the gift to Ibe public, ihc , ought and re.storod by tbe ob- P\t F lee Memorial foundation. HOOSGVOU sent a message to be read - lt the dedication exercises, and many high ollicials^ were present Greek Republic Upset y Royalist Coup /iIlEECK changed back from a re J public to a monarchy overnight a bloodless coup d'etat en- ineered by the royalists in the forces. Led by Gen. George is- the army officers de- rnauded^hat Premier Tsaldarls to nedlately proclaim restoration of he monarchy. He refused and re- sinned and a new government with Syiu as premier took hold. This former minUt e r n O L war h then h forced e| out n c isn sssss* campaign." WHV MARY. 1 TttATM H DON'T ASK HIM IF HE'D LIKE A CUPOFCOFFSe DOWN OF BIS NECK IF SHE. HAD YOUR rlEPiDACHES A INDIGESTION, NO WAV TO TREAT VOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT A CAM'TB6 MR. JENKINS i!DOW'T»3 YOU MOW HIS FATHER RlCHfiSf MftMJ CHECK, PLEASE WOULDN'T GET our OF i CURSES .' 1H(VT LICKS OP COURSE\ NOT) PAY NO MJ 10 SUCH } .' J )? VES, BUf WHVSHOULP oocToiuani? vou fo 6ive UP COFFEE SWITCH fO POSTUM? HURT ME! I KMOW VOO'R6 NOT OlSPOSltlOU IMPROVE W£tU \fa\l6 TO 66f ALOM6 CU5fOM6R5 COMPLPilNlMG.' COULD STAMP t UP A6AlNSTji SHE'S 6££M twutAR WAITRESS! . VOU? SHE'S ENGAGEP 10 MARRV VOUN6 MR. J&NKlNS WHO COMES HERE evew DAV SuolTcan^titutlon, decreed the restoration, and was named regent by the national assembly pending the return of King George II, who vas calL back from exile. Though The change of form of government tnus seemed completed, the assem- SJ directed that a plebiscite on the auestion be held November 3, and ?n London tbe Greek king's equerry said George would await tfte result | of this vote. "• THOUGHT only children I had to avoid coffee... how could it have been harming you?" "Oh, many adults, too, find that the caffein in coffee upsets their nerves, causes indigestion or pro- vents sound sleep 1" If you suspect that coffee disagrees with you . . . try Postum for 30 days. It contains no caffein. It is simply whole wheat and bran, roasted and slightly sweetened. It's easy to make, and costs less than half a cent a cup. Postum is delicious and may prove a real help. A product of General Foods. FREEI Your first week's supply of Postum— free I Mail the coupon. _ GKNERAI. Fooos, Battle Creek, Mich. pleaie semi me, without coat ot obU»aUon, a week » «upp«y of Poitum. w.».u.»-»» Namt Stieet- City— m \

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