Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 8
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THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS , FEBRUARY 15, 1959 Mat Year WALTER ROGERS SAYS: Eighty-Sixth Congress Will •.','• Be Operative In Short Order Bishop Garriga 'Mr. South Texas' tfttsf IB th« &tthli$ df CtvHslt fthrf titu&r SisWijj- ttf Sleng an Jung So, .IfiSl tJft Sent* so, 1938. h« WAS appointed vicftf ef the itrflfetsa nrvd 'assist*' itt it*, ftdffiln&ttftUttSh. itlve MHh ConRfe** Begin* lo'Move;'from the, federal government, oh 1 c diocese of Corpus Cfhristi i '' through their eleetr.d represenla-i *>e honored Saturday, Feb. 21. in j Tliis session of Congress will bejiives." (Laredo ns "Mr. South Texas'' at fully organized and -operating| ^' f Economic Reoort was tied the president's lunch of the 1969 \ much quicker than«any session for a long time. There are 91 new Members. This required a tremendous amount of work in making shifts in committee assignments 'and getting the committees fully manned. Many of Ihe older Members wanted to change commiltees and many of the new Members Economic Report into the Budget Report. The Pres 1 tJPt ffcX.48 fcXtRA i pus ChristI, three hospital*, 16 „ ... ^ ltul , ,„ tB , 0i ^ niuill . LAREDO, Tex. (UPt)- Bishop schools, eight rectories, eight con- ; ai "spellm'an Appolnted'hlm^vicaf. Mariano S. Garriga of. the Caih-!^" 15 a ™ two homes for the aged delegate for the armed forces, ef- ,„-..* v*, n . bunt in the Corpus r_ ect jve with the beginning of ll ? c ,l se ; . 'World War if, and Catholic mill* Catholic facilities are in ta fy personnel in Texas and Louto « churches and chap-j lslana W6ws undei > hi9 iplrtlu4 | " n Washington's Birthday celebra- ident said that if we would doj"on what he said to do, insofar as the! The celebration committee re n- budget was concerned, our «con ; | aamjjj becaus, of his conribu ; ! o chapain of 19 "*« 6 « °< «« Corpus Chflsti dio- omy would remain strong andj ions In rejig ion , ^ucatlon . was bot . n t p oM p t j fe „ ; Satf An'- When Bishop Ledvtna resigned, took over lhe full admin* healthy. I do not agree with the!™*, understanding between Peo.; President that more taxes arejpl" of all faiths and his leader- : neded. T am firmly convinced that "hip against communism " ™< &n March 15, 1949. sharp reductions in many govern- had their own ideas as to the com-j mcntal expenditures would -pro- j standing;" throughout his diocese mitlee on which they wanted toj vide the nicans for a balanced)several months ago to promote serve. Nevertheless, the commit-: t, uc i get The question Is whether or} lne understanding which he says tee having charge of making com- nol we wi] , be succesSlU | In cut . is urgently needed between Calh- down the federal expenditut'- olics an <l persons of other faiths. Garriga is the spiritual leader I miltee assignments, both on Democratic side as well as the| Republican side of the aisle, mov-i ed with great speed and d'd a splendid job. Most of the committees have had organizational meetings and set up their subcommil- e " x p lai " ned '" the :" position of the Ar-intensely Catholic area in .the' ment of the ngCLlll.31 V,U1IIIIIUI1ICJJ1. i. I».^..U «ltf_ u * promoted "Operation Under-! 1 " *°"^ w *f *' , F • ' After his return from > was president of In he gave up thg south side parish of St. Cecilia in San An-1 tonio. Me became a domestic prelate i President Frondizi was expected of n^ 1 ' 6 lhan 500,000 Catholics. by many to be seeking foreign aid* Seventy eight per cent of the N ,, , , However, his visit to this country population of his diocese is said | ——iJ^I^J^J^... 1 "^ and his speech were welcomed. Me to be Catholic, making it the most AH Types of Motiograniing Ijtcludiiig 'Comtiiercia! Call or see Crossland 2105 N\ Bank* MO 9-919S tees. I was assigned lo the committees on which I have sewed for several years. These are the Committee on Interstate and For- gentine Republic in no uncertain i cou ntry. terms and left no doubt that the good people of that Republic want >Callve Texan He formerly was Coadjutor .to be able to stand on theit? own Bishop and pastor of St. Peter's eign Commerce and the Commit- j feet and malnlajn lhclr O wn''econ- in Laredo. Since leaving Laredo tee on Interior and Insular Affairs. i orny . as a f ,. ec independent and! to lalte over nls bishopric In Cor- I will serve on the Subcommitteei fr , c ' ndl p OOp le.'l say, more pow- ' on Transportation and Communi-i ei . cations of the Interstate Commit-j tee. This Subcommittee has juris Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service HEt DELIVERY 1122Aleoek MO 4-1469 diction of all interstate surface transportation, such as railroads, busses, trucks, airlines, etc., and jurisdiction of all interstate com- Visitors Visitors last week included Mr. Harold Dunn and Mrs. A. E. (Ollie) Herrmann of AmariUo; and Mr. George Cree, Jr., and Mr. VALENTINE CHEER City Commissioner Ed Myatt just had time for a quick cup of coffee and cookie at the First National Bank Saturday as the bank trie$ a Valentine's Day promotion to show that "bankers are not cold and indifferent." Myatt's helpful friends are Tellers Peggy Cudney (center) and Ruth McBride. First National's Jerry Simms, head of the promotion, said he hopes people realize "We aren't so bad after all." (Daily News Photo) Senate Racket Hearings, [ton's Comic Opera Gene Green of Pampa, who were .munitions such as television, ra- in Washington on business. Paul idio, telephone, and telegraph Onj MgrUn of Amaril , a sludenl at i the Interior Committee I will be Calhollc University here in Wash- i Chairman of the Subcommittee on|, ngloili algo (lropped by the office> HALTER KOOKRS Jlember of ConRfess' 18th District of Texas Irrigation and Reclamation. This i Subcommittee has jurisdiction of irrigation projects and all mat'.ers under the \eclamation laws. It in- .in- cludes multi-purpose projects such as dams providing water for irrigation, water for human consumption, the generation of electrical energy, recreation, fish and wildlife, etc. It also includes water rights compacts between the states. Jurisdiction is also exercised over the saline water program. This Is a program of research to develop methods of removing the salt content of sea water or olher saline water deposits, so that the water can be utilised for industrial purposes and also human consumption. Although splendid p 'ogress has been made on this program in the past, the cost features of removing the salt have not The Lighter Side By KfVVNK Kl.KA/ETl United Press Intprnationiil i answer" advised McClellan. "Thei The abbreviation was just as'been reduced to the point wl ere ' ' ' well, it turned out, considering this operation is economically ,'ea- j committee certainly is entitled to i some show of respect. 1 ' WASHINGTON (UPIl - There 1 "Recline?" puzzled Zlto. "Well, 13 something about the Senate I recline to answer. . ." "De-cline!" McClellan roared. "I can't said it," managed Zito, regretfully, after a few tries. i "You'll haffa excuse me, I don't Rackets Committee spires witnesses to which in turn ahy. Some can't even seem to recall what kind of business they're in Chairman John L. McClellan! mean I don't wanna said it. I (D-Ark.), a patient man, is rec- can<t safd Jt right." onc'iled to this. He docs think though that a man smart enough •Well," directed McClellan wearily, "whatever he says, let show he means de the number of times he felt con-:Sible. Wo do hope to make much greater headway the next few strained to use it. He wouldn't talk about the committee's claim that he had been boss of Springfield's juke boxes, dice games, and slot machines, and an experienced hand in the whisky business. He also felt it would be unbecoming to acknowledge association with a long list of persons the Rackets Committee is inter- years. Once this problem is soiv ed, it could turn out to be one of the greatest contributions of mankind to ever-lasting peace. Highlights This Ftir The session so far has been highlighted by four items. First was the State of the Union Message by President Eisenhower; second was the Budget Message; third Karamanlis Negotiating With Turks Personality Spotlight United Press International COXSTANTINK KARAMANLIS (ircek Prime Minister Greek Prime Minister Constantino Karamanlis, whose negotiations with his Turkish counterpart appear to have led to a solution lo the thorny Cyprus issue, has helped solve a problem he once hoped to avoid. The handsome 6-footer, whose profile and build have been compared with statues left by his ancient forbears, made it clear when he formd a new cabinet last October he did not intend to raise the Cyprus issue. Now, at least partly because of his ability as an international nei was the Economic Report of the. jgotiator, he has helped solve the President, and fourth was the ap- problem. Ipearance of the President of the •Argentine Republic, His Excellcn- The 51-year-old premier, Macedonian - born son of . ested in. to take tho Fifth Amendment; the record show he means de- ought to know approximately how dine.' 1 to pronounce it. j Robert F. Kennedy, committee But here was Frank Zito. about. counsel, "took over the question- | CQCnerS whom the committee was voicing! \ ns " although he was not sure how ( , y assorted dark suspicions, pleading |zito could "understand what we! LEFORS (Spl) — A group of lFl . OIK]ijlj ack i reast . d a joint ses.-iion! politician since 1933. the Fifth in one form or another'are saying." j£ racle * ch °rt teachers, accompa- j Qf thg Cong| . esSt ! A n avowed friend of the West and an almost total innocence of Konnedv got Z jt 0 to confirm he "'f 1 bv p " np 'P al B » b Peterson,! Ta | (in? up tnese hignljgh[s in the: and enemy of Communism, he tho American lanfru.-i.7c. '..._ , „„,, ,,,<,. n,i. „„.,„» i^t! relumed haiuraay from Joplm, I ordel . named for ( ii scusa i ont ] P f a | first became premier in 1955. He Arturo Frondizi. President • farmer, hns boen a tobacco a successful The wispy-haired Zito, a retired , ace n&ar PaIermOi ' Sicily, on jul:e box man from Springfield, j Feb „,_ 1893 . that hft came to III., haM been cited by the corn- (the ug Jn ' 1910i UlRl ne once m.ttee for numerous blark marks. i worked ln t . oa , n)ines in A i ab ama including alleged control of "prac-; and Illinoig tie-ally every racket" in the Whepe else had hfi wo ,. ked? Springfield area. "I refuse, to answer." Zito be pm, because "I may incriminate. ™ to to "I refuse to answer. . ." Attorney Makes note ,. T , old you to say decline." In .Joplin they studied a type/ 1 ' of school reading pi-ogram i which has received nationwide attention. 1 begin with the President's State ofj c l ll 't Ine Job last March, climax- new 'the Union Message. I treated this '»" disputes over his proposed newsletter and will election law. But he was back The teachers are Mines. Dale could disagree, except as to a few Prescott. Joe Clarke and " " McCarley. not repeat except to say that jtj[°rming a new cabinet 12 weeks was a niessage with which no one ' H. L. later. By weathering a series of domestic political crises, Karaman- REFORM, La. (UP!) — Warren McClellan ordered. "Write it yOUNG PHEACHKR .... . . , idown. You can write, can't you?" •You better say you decline to j ,. A ]iule bu/ , zito concede d, dubiously. His lawyer, who had sat in ob- vioug pain at his right, took a Senate note pad and wrote for! Zito in big block letters: "I de-' isolated items. The same cannot be said of t!ie; lia llas earned a reputation as Budget Message. It was the oj.en- one of tne rnost experienced and Watches- Clocks Repaired • All Work Guaranteed • 40 Years' Experience • Day and Night Service • Get Better Work for Le» ROY HARPER 800 X. .MO 8-9^75 jing gun in the annual battle of able statesmen in the Mediter- the budget. The President had i ranean, a role bolstered by his C. Vaughn.'13, has become a n' 51 ^ publicly that he expected to censed preacher. Warren, a sev-!'l ubmit a ^ lanccd bud ^ lo ( [ he was licensed by th» ! Cong:ress - Thls '" something lhat Baptist Cliurch. background as a practicing lawyer. Karamanlis did not support the the Congress would receive with, c >'l"'" s "partnership" plan pro- great happiness; therefore we|l losed b - v British Prime Minister were looking forward to its pics- [Harold Macmillan last June. It icntation. But. alas, when it did' proposed . setting up of separate _.._ ... _.„ cline to answer on the ground] 10 » IMT l - s> . , , that it may tend to incrimi-i LONDON (UPIi—British Educa- .come we found that there W ere! lesislatl "' e ' i for Greek an(1 Turk- nate me.' jtion Minister Geoffrey Lloyd will .'some qualifications and condi-i isn ''^'dents on the island for Zito did better. But he did;visit the United States and Cana- lions which had not been inade| sftve " - vears whlle tne islanf1 itself shorten it up some, and what us- ; da from Feb. 15 to March 2, the public before. The situation wasi remamed un(ier British interna- ually came out was, "I decline, Education Ministry announced to-i very ably summed up bv the Hori-1 tional ( ' ont1 ' 0 '... .... . " *.. *^ rpu« r°* *. n «i. . may criminate myself." i day. SURPLUS STOCK SALI ^ of 2 yr. old, Evcrblooming 1 ROSE BUSHES ^ 10only s 1.98 beautiful, hearly, field-grown roses! 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Rutherford," Congre,;-1 e Oreek P' emiel ' e complained man from Odessa, who represents j lhe r '!? n only "P ut asicle for seven the 16th District of Texas. Mr. [years" a real solution to the is- Rutherford stated in his newslet-! land ' s P'-° b!er « s - He favored, in ter, from which I quote: stead, a temporary solution "on Mil* 1 F'M (Ml HOM **** De I urn §acl9»in| Q fh»(k, Q tatn, f - __ - fet — ! wilj b* NAME JQWN "TO BE SURE:, We can take in! lhe basi8 of self government un$77 billion and have a balanced' der Bmish sovereignty," postpon- budget IF ' n £ a se 'tlement of the main is- in 'if 'the nation's economic > le ;,' until a more trend takes a shai-p upturn in or-1 ,^ m der to increase individual and corporate tax payments. (But the upturn must be sharper than most respected economists now figure it will be i. (2) If the Congress grants the President's request to increase the federal gasoline lax for the second time in three years. 13) If the Congress again grants! the President's request to raise i the price of first-class postage stamps (from 4 to 5 cents) for the second consecutive year. Hi If some sort of "General Service" tax. mentioned by the President, but at this date not I He romes lo Wheeler from Wax- spelled out, is enacted by t h e; ahai-hie where he has paMoied fur I the past four yearn Demands from Cypriote-Turkish and Oreek—for an end to terrorist activities apparently have convinced Karamanlis that the "appropriate time" is now. Church Has New Pastor - Rev. Al Montgomery ha,8 assumed hi» duties as Lhe new pastor of the Wheeler Assembly of God Church. <5) If all government agenHes guard against expanding existing program*, and this lm-luiles the Defense Department which is never aunt where its next crisis in coming from - but is almost certain to find one somewhere on ihis troubled globe. (8) If the people will ask less - not more in the way of federal projects, nervice* and programs Q monty IPS! »YSHI$. I * Hi- is a former assistant pastor of the Assembly of God fSiurch >n Ptrnyton, and attended (lie Soulh- vve.ftem BiWt- Institute uf \Ya\a- Kev. ami Xfrs. Montgomery have (hree daughters, Angie, four; Paruala, two; nui Irene. * i x month*. Oai»ifi*d STEWART WEDDING SERVICE Invitation, TJmwk Vou Nutes, JSriiie JJooJk*, iUmtatious $8.(MI jwr 100 aud up b.> Apwuintmeot O»ly MO 4,4396 Sears Winter Sale Catalog Ends March 2! Hurry! ^ '. 9 Lowest Price Ever! Big 15-cu.-ft. COLDSPOT FREEZER $10 DOWN ON EASY TERMS Was Over 1-4 ton capacity! 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