Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 9, 1949 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 9, 1949
Page 12
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Wicks Tell of Recent Trip Over Pan American Highway Lions to Offer Minstrel Show Clear Lake — A letter from the Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Wick and family to the Clear Lake Globe- Gazette via Swan Lake Christian Endeavor was received recently. I credit line on the Metna-Goldwyn- MOV: REVIEWS By CARL WRIGHT "Songs by Cole Porter," the Garner —. Bernard Engstler, chairman of the Garner Lions minstrel committee, announces the appointment of committees to assist with this year's presentation of the annual show. He has named C. D. Elling, R. J. Fritsch and Paul Henderson on the publicity committee; Vern Butz, R. E. Smith, Lyle Hullinger and Merle Yana- cek on the property committee; County Supt. Charles S. Whitney, C. H. Schissel, Dr. Thomas McMahon and Ferd Grell on the ticket committee and C. L. Strate, A. E. Rasmussen, F. J. Schoun and Carl Bohn on the seating and arrangement committee. Present plans are to stage the annual minstrel on Feb. 22 and 23. An original script will be written. 19 South Dakotans Tour Eagle Grove Fertilizer Plant Eagle Grove — The Consumers Co-operative association of Eagle Grove entertained 19 farmer members of the Farmers Co-operative Oil company of Parkston, S. Dak., this week. Following a dinner a tour of the local fertilizer plant was held. The group continued its tour by chartered bus to Webster City and on to Coffeeville, Kans., where they will inspect a CCA refinery located there and a paint factory in Kansas City also operated by the Consumers Co-operative association. Merle Blue was in charge of the local tour. The Rev. Mr. Wick is a missionary to Guatemala, Central America, and wrote from Apartado 5, Que- zaltenango, Guatemala. A car was needed so friends, the Lazears, who were in Central America last April, sent word after reaching home that a new Chevrolet could be bought in Cheyenne, Wyo. The Rev. and Mrs. Wick and children went to Wyoming June 19 for a vacation and to get their new car. The story of their trip follows: "Some of you may be contemplating a trip to Quatemala via the Pan American highway. Would that we could say that this 'dream' highway was completed. The past which is finished is wonderful, but the experience through the uncompleted section is quite a 'nightmare 1 when travelling with two small children. Make 3,300 Mile Trip "We left Minneapolis, Minn., Sunday afternoon, July 18, to begin our 3,300 mile trip. Between Minneapolis and Denton, Texas, we saw several friends and relatives. "The highway through the desert section of Mexico was good Mayer production of "The Pirate," showing currently at the Cecil theater, is caption enough to make the audience sit up and take notice. This celebrated composer, recently the subject of a motion picture based on his own life, doesn't often lend his talents to Hollywood. Mostly Cole Porter writes songs for the stage. A native of Peru, Ind., and a graduate of Yale university, he has been a part of Broadway most of THEATERS AT A GLANCE CECIL—"The Pirate" now showing. PALACE—"Old Los Angeles" and "Man- Eater of Kumaon" now showing. STRAND—"Montana Mike" nnfl "Tracy vs. Cueball" close Friday. "B. F.'s Daughter" and "Cheyenne Takes Over" open Saturday. STATE—"Bill and Coo" and "West of Sonora" now showing. LAKE—"Treasure of Sierra Madre" and "Letter From an Unknown Woman" now showing. h i s professional life, always gravitating back to the musical comedy stage. Dan Cupid Goes Easy at Garner Garner—Dan Cupid was a little less active in Hancock county during 1948 than in 1947 according to a report released this week by Hancock County Clerk of the Courts Ruth Hughes. She reports that her office issued 123 marriage licenses in 1948 as compared to 134 in 1947. Divorces also slumped a little in 1948 with 8 couples filing for divorce in 1948 as compared to 10 in 1947. Find Half of Nation's Farmers Take Part in Conservation Project Washington, (U.R>—Nearly hall of the nation's farmers took part in the government's agricultural conservation program in 1948, the agriculture department reported Monday. The department said preliminary reports show some 2,500,000 farmers participated in the program. Two-thirds of U. S. crop land was affected. except for five miles. The danger was avoiding the cattle which roam wild on the road. Our first night in Mexico was spent in Los Valles in a beautiful comfortable tourist cabin. "The drive to Mexico City is beautiful. There is plenty of mountain driving, but the road is paved and excellent as we compare it with Guatemala roads. The many curves are a bit rugged. "It was a great joy to see the Rossers again after 2 years. We were their guests in Mexico City for part of 2 days, during which time we had the privilege of meeting other missionaries of the Mexico mission. Gorgeous Scenery "More gorgeous mountain scenery was enjoyed between Mexico City and Oaxaca, including 2 snow capped peaks which glistened in the morning sunlight. Jack Kling was in Oaxaca enroute to Guatemala with a jeep for Marjorie Wood, our new Mam nurse. "We rejoiced at the prospect of having company for the rest of the journey especially on the railroad trip, when both cars had to be put on the train. Jack relieved us of some of our baggage; however between Oaxaca and Tehuantepec he was sideswiped by a truck and our duffel bag was torn to shreds and many of the things When M-G-M decided to create a musical out of the S. N. Behrman play, "The Pirate," which Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne made famous on the stage, Porter could not resist writing the music. The music for "The Pirate," he declared has given him more satisfaction than any he has ever composed, for he had Judy Garland and Gene Kelly to sing and dance the tunes—all the inspiration he needed, * * * Three generations of tigers, knowing no food other than human flesh, took from one small district in northern India one human life every week for 10 years. This is the story told in "The Man- Eater of Kumaon," showing currently at the Palace theater, with Sabu and Joanne Page in the leading roles. "Old Los Angeles," the co-feature, is set in the days of the gold rush and stars Catherine McLeod and William Elliott. * * * M-G-M's all-star romance, "B. F's Daughter," adapted from J. P. Marquand's best-seller, opens at the Strand theater Saturday, starring Barabara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, and Charles Coburn. It's Washington Outlook: Says Repeal of Oleo Tax Sure to Pass By HARRY LANDO (Special to Globe-Gazette) Washington, D. C.,—On the 1st day of the 81st session of congress Rep. L. Mendel Rivers (D-S. Car.) threw into the hopper another bill aimed at repealing all federal taxes on oleomargarine of any color. His very similar bill passed the house during the 80th congress despite the united opposition of Iowa's 8 congressmen but never came to a vote in the senate. Now Rivers expresses the belief that his repealer will pass both chambers within 3 months, and most authorities are inclined to agree with him about the final result if not about the time necessary to attain it. Despite the substitution of Gross for Gwynne, Iowa's delegation still remains unanimously opposed. Glue Too Good Gross last Monday spent a quiet day getting sworn in and wondering what to do with a giant map of New York City glued to his office wall. A less fortunate republican from the huge metropolitan center had apparently occupied the office during the last session. Gross is sorry that the previous occupant failed to return but sorrier that such a permanent type of glue was used. Gross remains 100 per cent sold on the idea of 100 per cent of parity price supports, one of his campaign planks, but is apt to be extremely lonesome in that respect. He is also very definitely on the dairy side of the oleo-butter fight, explaining that this is no time to take any props out from under the farmer. He also contends that, with dairy cow numbers constantly dropping, we should be encouraging the dairy neither keep on in the same paths nor change into a carbon copy of the democratic party. It is held by many that Taft can ">ever lead the republican party into channels which would satisfy midwestern farmers and bring back into the fold such states as Iowa. Looking to 1950 There is no pessimism among these individuals, however. They feel that Taft may be honored but his leadership disregarded if he persists in his peculiar type of blindness. On the other hand they are pleased that the insurgents met defeat and feel that this very licking may aid republican chances in 1950. Chief drawback was that only 2 alternatives were presented: Taft or the rebels. Many would have preferred a new and fresher figure, preferably from the middle Iowa Falls Plant to Be Enlarged Iowa Falls — Workmen started pouring concrete Tuesday for the solvent process plants, which are ne%v additions to the Ralston Purina plant in Iowa Falls. Concrete pouring will continue 24 hours a day for about 2 weeks. The Blaw-Knox Construction company of Pittsburgh, Pa., is in charge of the work. Two buildings to be about 100 feet high are under construction. One will be made of concrete and brick, and the other of steel and brick. About 80 men are employee on the project. The construction will continue through the winter and spring. of necessity must be Intelligently solved by the parent, the church, and the school. Garner — Mrs. Floyd Sherman, Mrs. Gregg Arnold of Brookings, S. Dak., Mrs. Jerry Zeller of Mason City, and Mrs. Barry Haskins of Mason City visited recently with relatives and friends in Garner. fanners rather than discouraging them. As to 100 per cent supports, the National Farmers' Union has come west. But they feel that under the circumstances Taft was the best choice. They went along with him on that theory but reserve the right not to be led by their duly elected leader. In the house there was a clear test in the move to restrict the rules committee. Surprisingly, in the final administration victory it developed that there was a greater split inrepublican than in democratic ranks. This may be significant and it might mean that the republican-southern democrat coalition might not develop to the extent counted on to hamstring the administration program. Congressmen Puzzled Republicans are generally still at a loss to explain their unexpected defeat, regardless of the many and confusing public statements. Most puzzled of all, perhaps, are the 8 Iowa congressmen. All of these preliminary moves must be viewed against that background of confusion. It may.take several months for the party to catch its breath. Until that time no definite pattern will be discernible. When the republicans do catch their breath they will probably decide on the course already hinted at in the senate. That is to swing away from Ttft-Martin conservatism, but to avoid new dealism. Jan. 7, _. IMt 5. Mat»n City OIob«-Q«i«tU, MM«B City. I Marriage Not What It Once Was, Says Expert Baffle Grove—Doctor Reuben Hill, associate professor of sociology at Iowa State college, conducted conferences in the high school and junior college Wednesday and met with the Professional Faculty club at a dinner meeting preceding the evening forum of the adult education classes at which he was speaker. Doctor Hill spoke on "Marriage Isn't What It Used to Be." "Paramount change," he said, "is that the family has transcended from one of production in the home to one primarily of consumption." This transition has brought about many new problems which Church Plans Dinner Kensett—Women of Elk Creek church will serve a dinner to the public Sunday starting immediately after the morning service. The committee in charge is Mrs. Norman Norland, Mrs. Eldryn Brunsvold, Mrs. Lawrence Brunsvold Mrs. Morris Anderson, Mrs. Ernest Brunsvold and Mrs. Norman Brunsvold. Inside were badly damaged and some ruined. "At Tehuantepec the only bridge across the rain swollen river was the railroad bridge. The most treacherous part was to get the car through the slippery mud and across the tracks in order to straddle them without going just a few inches too far and plunging into the river. It was a terrifying experience. Right or Wrong 1 Road "Between Tehuantepec and Izte- pec are 2 roads, one is the right one and the other wrong. We learned afterward that we wenl over the wrong route—and what a road it was! We had to go many more miles through mud and rivers, conditions which make any new car look old. "We were so disappointed that Watch For Our Storewide Sale BlancharcTs Only $4950 with SUFER-STRENGTH glvo flrmer-than-urUBJ .11 „. "Controlled Com- • Built to support as well as fort" advantages to persons requiring an extra-firm mattress. Matiresi and matching box iprtngs. "Sprinj Air" Mattresi GUARANTEED FOR 15 YEARS Tyler-Ryan Furniture Company tnd St. S. t, **•"• »»• we could not secure a flat car at Iztepec so that Stan could accompany the car, but we had to be content with a sealed boxcar, while all of us went on a passenger train to Tapachula to wait for the car. "We were thankful that accomo- dations at Tapachula were good, as the 18 hour wait for the car turned out to be 4 endless days. Bribes and more bribes is the story of goins through southern Mexico. Service Via Handcar "After many trips to the railroad station we found that the cars were coming in .on the Sunday afternoon train. The boxcars had been pirt off the train 2 hours out of Tapachula and not until Jack Kling went out on a handcar did we get any action about having them pulled in. "About 11:15 the cars were unloaded and we made a dash for the border before the fumigation offices closed for the noon hour. We found the men had gone to lunch early so we could not begin the 4- hour fumigation until 2. About 3, things were arranged in the locker and we went to the offices to arrange papers, passports, and duties. We returned at 6 to remove our things and start on the last lap of our journey, but the custodian said they were not ready as no fumigating material was on hand as all had been used in the morning. Extreme Courtesy I "When asked why we had not been told at 2 in the afternoon, he answered 'we did not want to molest you, sirs.' That is Latin American courtesy to the ultimate degree, but not altogether appreciated by Americans. The final solution was for Stan to take the official to Malacatan for the acid and to start the process at 6:30 instead of 3. "After a night in a hotel in Mal- acatan, we started for Quezaltan- ango about 5 the next morning, desperately attempting to reach San Marcos early, for it was reported at the border that a bridge near San Marcos was to be taken out for repairs early that day, after which no one would be able to r>ass for 3 days. "We arrived at the bridge early enough to see the workmen about to remove it. We were able to reach Quezaltenango and home shortly after 9 a. m." Faithfully yours In cur Lord, Betty, Stanley, Jimmy and Jane Wick. The use of cocaine leaves !s forbidden to -women in South Arr.cvicn. the story of a girl with too much money and too little love. "Lash" La Rue, the whip-slinging cowboy, and "Fuzzy" St. John, comedy sidekick, are .teamed in the co- feature, "Cheyenne Takes Over." * * * The full length Trucoior feature, Keny Murray's, "Bill and Coo," heads a 6 unit show at the State theater. The parts in this unusual screen offering are portrayed by 273 birds, one guinea pig, a baby alligator, two horned toads,, and an assortment of monkeys, chipmunks and kittens. "West of Sonora" is the co-feature, with several cartoons for good measure. * * # Humphrey Bogart's role is that of a trouble-making American in search of gold in Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains in the Warner Bros.' production of "Treaure of Sierra Madre," showing currently at the Lake theater. Teamed with him are Walter Huston, Tim Holt and Bruce Bennett. The co-feature, "Letter From an Unknown out for them, but only on family type farms. Off to Slow Start The 81st congress started off with something less than a bang. Senator Taft remains head of his party in the senate, despite a revolt led by so-called liberal republicans. Many midwestern personalities felt the republicans would have been in a better position to recover from November's blow if neither faction had triumphed. There is a great, deal of sentiment in the republican party to the effect that the party should DANCE Riverside Barn 725 North Kentucky Sat., Jan. 8 MUSIC BY HRUBE'S HUSKERS ACCORDION BAND FOR BOOTH RESERVATIONS or PRIVATE DANCES Phone 510Z-J VETERANS This is Your Club Enjoy It * FREE DANCE .... TOMORROW NITE Saturday, Jan. 8 Music by MACK'S ORCHESTRA * We Accept 1949 American Legion Dues. VETERANS' CLUB "It's the Talk of the Town" 1308 N. Federal Ph. 770 Fellows . . . For admittance you must have your card showing that you belong to one of the Veterans' organizations. IT'S ENJOYABLE Woman" st^rs Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan. The Soda Grill DANCE RUDD, IOWA Sat., Jan. 8 MUSIC BY RAY ALTO'S COWBOYS IOWA S WONDER BALLROOM! The Beautiful SURF NORTH SHORE CLEAR LAKE FRtE PARKING & CHEO'INC FRIDAY, JAN. 7 MALEK'S BAND SATURDAY, JAN. 8 DELL CLAYTON SUNDAY, JAN. 9 WAYNE KARR ow! END MON. Jungle Thrills vs. Western Thrills! ELLIOTT DEVINE CATHERINE McLEQO Remember! The Ritz Club WILL SERVE REGULAR inner SUNDAY, JAN. 9 MENU WALLEYED PIKE FILLET OR SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN Whipped Potatoes — Gravy Cranberry Salad Home Baked Beans or Creamed Corn Rolls — Beverage RITZ CLU End Friday — "Montana Mike" — "Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball" ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS THE NEW ___ EVERYTHING NEW . . . BUT NAME AND PRICES! Mat. Only 30c THE SATURDAY PHONE 2 PORK GILLES CLEAR LAKE WHEN IN MASON CITY EAT WHERE FOOD IS KING We Serve Beer GENERAL ELECTRIC AIR-CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT. The Covered Wagon We Cater to Parties "Fireproof" NOW SHOWING BILL COO "Durango Kid" Smiley Burnette in "WEST OF SONORA" • Superman • 2 Cartoons • Laugh Riot Comedy The Most Honored Picture Of All Time STARTS SUNDAY Regular Admission , T(M AcWcmy Awartf Pletor* lMwr •» Wta« Atttomy Awmrltl t 'THE BEST YEARS tr OF OUR LIVES' DANCE American Legion Club 317 North Federal "WHERE THE FINEST FOODS ARE SERVED" FRIDAY, JANUARY 7 Music by EARL HUNT and His 7-Piece Band Large Dance Floor — Come And Enjoy Yourself No Admission Charge Dancing From 9:30 P. M. to 12:30 A. M. NOW! THRU SAT. HERE'S STEEL SPRINGED OUTDOOR ACTION! Humphrey Matinee Saturday at Z T. M. BOG ART of Me Walter HUSTON • Tim HOLT CO-HIT LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN with JOAN FONTAINE — LOUIS JOURDAN ADDED — COLOR CARTOON _ SUNDAY AND MONDAY — R M | Lift History «f tfce ThrfflMig, Ttwwmfl Swtiiwtft! RANDOLPH MWE MBttT SCOTT-JEFFREYS-RYAN RETURN of the •M, GtOKGE -6AMY" HAYIS COMEDY HIT! SO THIS IS NEW YORK With Radio's Joking Jester HENRY MORGAN Rudy Vallee — Hugh Herbert — Leo Gorcey CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1 P. M. CECIL FRI. - SAT. ONLY With WALTER SLEZAK • GLADYS COOPER I Sons* by COLE PORTER REGINALD OWEN STARTS SUNDAY LOOK WHAT'S COMING — "EASTER PARADE 7 RITA HAYWORTH WITH NEW MODERN PULSING MUSIC!

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