Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 15, 1938 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1938
Page 6
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Page 6 MELVIN ft JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 15, 1938 IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL s UNDAYI CHOOL [Lesson BIG TOP By ED WHEELAN By HATtOLD L. LUNDQUIST, D. D. Dean oi The Moody Bible Institute ot Chlc.nyo. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for October 16 REVERENCE FOR GOD LESSON TEXT--Exodus 20:7; Matthew 5:33-37: 12:33-37. GOLDEN TEXT--Our Father which art In heaven. Hallowed be thy name.--Matthew 8:9. Character reveals itself through the words and deeds of a man. He may try to conceal his real spiritual condition and may assume an outward appearance of piety but he need not say many words, nor meet -many of life's problems, before his true condition is revealed. Our lesson for today touches primarily on the matter of the words of men, presenting first God's command that in speaking we are to show reverence for His name, and then leading up to the expression of that reverence in abstinence from swearing and from idle talk. I. Reverence Commanded (Exod. 20:7). The forbidden thing is the taking of the name of the Lord "in vain." Our use of the word "vain" carries the meaning of "useless, without purpose or meaning." This' is part of what is in mind in this commandment, for the name of Jehovah is sacred and is to be reverenced as standing for the eternal God. It is never to be used carelessly, or for a frivolous purpose. All too often we tell jokes or stories which have no real purpose or meaning except to elicit a laugh and in them we use the name of God. We all need to exercise care at that point. The Hebrew word translated "vain" has the additional meaning of "evil" and "falsehood." Men are so bold that they may even use the name of God to support themselves in a lie. God hears and will in no wise hold them guiltless. II. Swearing Forbidden (Matt. 5: 33-37). The Sermon on the Mount (so- called), from which this portion of Scripture is taken, is difficult to interpret to the satisfaction of all. Some disregard its evident application to the kingdom and, attempting to apply it in the midst of an ungodly generation, fall into such inconsistency that they abandon the effort and regard the teaching of Hie passage as impossible idealism. Others, who rightly interpret the passage as presenting the laws and principles of life in the kingdom of God when it shall be fully set up on earth with Jesus as King, fail to make any application of those principles to the life of those who are now living hi this world--though not of it--but rather have their citizenship in heaven. This is also an unfortunate error. We who follow the Lord Jesus are not to swear by either things sacred or things that might be called secular. Perhaps He has in mind that our lives should be so true that men will not need to have any kind of an oath to be assured of our sincerity and honesty. Some believe that all oaths even in court are forbidden, while others, with due respect for the feelings of those who hold this view, regard the taking of paths in official matters as not being in mind. AU would agree that the careless and almost sacrilegious use of God's name in administering oaths would be taking His name in vain. Swearing is also entirely beyond the pale with Christian men and women. It is all too common with both men and women. A great church has organized a "Holy Name Society" to keep its members from using the name of the Lord in profanity. What a telling comment on the times in which we live! Ill Judgment Assured (Matt. 12: 33-37). Jesus had cast out a demon who had possessed a man and made him blind and dumb. The Pharisees could not deny the miracle but attributed it to the power of Beelzebub, prince 6f the demons. Jesus closed their mouths by pointing out that Satan did not work against himself, and went on to speak solemn words regarding their and our responsibility for what we say. A day of judgment Is coming, when we shall answer for the idle and wicked words which we speak. While we would not bring condemnation upon those who indulge in the innocent pleasantries of life by making too severe an application of these words, neither should we destroy their evident import by failing to apply them to our daily conversation. One need but listen to the casual small talk of men and women in public places to realize that we need to give attention to the matter of elevating not only the conversation of others but our.own as well to a nobler and more helpful level. Surely Christians should speak for the glory of God on every occasion . and in each circumstance of life The way to accomplish this worthy purpose, and the only way, is to have the heart and life filled with the good treasure of God's Word, for verily out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. What do your words and mine indicate to others regarding what is in our hearts? ra. THE NEWS THAT ALTA WAS TO BE GIVE-N' ONE- MORE CHANCE THAT NIGHT TO BE WAVE HERSELF UNDER y TWAT lG'e.ULU SURE HAD »T IN FOR "SILK" TVllS AFTERNOON ' SHE'D HAVE KULEP HlM.T GUESS. IF IT HADN'T BEN TOE. MVRA Y E W " QrE ,T WAS SO SCARED I ·NEAK'l.V SPREAD (PUICKLV AMONG THE ORCUS PERFORMERS 13 t Fr-ink Jiy M.irkcy SyndUale. Inc. / VM TfeLLIM'VA, TOHV- \ ( TMEV GOT HO BUSINESS ) \ LETTiM' ALT* GO ON S I A5AIM T'AIIGHT _ SHE \ MIGHT KILL SOMEBoDy ) ^- THIS TIME ." S .--···^ f T TINKA VOU RIGHT, ·· B BUT .ANVHOu; SHE- KILLA ME , MV FF?AND !' TONV. HE STAVA HIGH Up IN PA TRAPZE T.LL SHE FINISH DA ACT H.O. mi, Wu.U Horizontal. 1--Remainder 6--To discover 10--Highest voice In a quartet 11--Mother (coll.) 13--To accnstom 16--Aged 16--Greek letter 17--At horn* 18--To turn aside 20--Purple precious atones 22--Italian river 23--Special edition of a. newspaper 24--To pilfer 26--Harbor 26--Point of compasi 27--Hen'a perch 31--Famous racing vroundu in England 35--WarbUr 35--To unclose again 37--Fleshy 38--To snrpan 39--To wield diligently it--A small gorge clilefly In western United States) 45--Sign of the zodiac 48--To want 49--Part of "to b«" 60--To overhear secretly 51--Boy's name 62--Furrow 54--To affect with pain 6!--Chopping tool 55--Landholder of Scotland SI--Pedal dltflt J9--Shnllow vessel (arch.) S |--Jf endows 62--Observes Nawiaper union.) Vertical. 1--To put onenelf at ease 2--To finish 3--Ttiuf 4--A n u t l l k e drupe (bot. term) 6--Quality of human experience which excites pity t--Dirt 7--Preposition 8--Hard-shelled f r u i t $--To hang In folds 10--Rent 11--Poetical measure 12--Perhaps li--Hurd, black wood (poet.) SO--Haughtiness tl--Pulpy part of a pencil 27--Circumference of a wheel 28--Unity 23--To plac» 30--To attempt 81--Part of "to be" 32--ntnder 33--Unclosed S4--Telephone (abbr.) 39_Ki)ld of cloth 40--A wound 41--Swiss slnplng call 42--YounK wuman 43--Ordinary 44--Extremities of arm 46--Body of men 47--Irrltntea 48--Biblical garden 63--To knot S5--Consumed 67--Sun Bod 60--Of age (Latin abhr.) Solution w i l l npnmr In nrxt Inane. MORTGAGEES' SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONALTY Under and by virtue of the powers contained in a chattel mortgage from Howard Meeks to Josiah A. Beck, bearing date the 24th day of March, 1030, and of record in Liber T.C.H., No. 20, folio 283, one of the Chattel Record Books for Caroline County, which said chattel mortgage has been duly assigned to the undersigned mortgagees, we will offer and expose at public sale to the highest bidder on the farm in Tuckahoe Neck where the late Thomas Hayward Meeks resided, on MONDAY, OCT. 17, 1938 beginning at 2 o'clock p. m., the following described property: One sorrel mare mule, one black horse, one white Hohtoin cow, one black and white Holstein cow, one Jersey cow, one Guernsey cow, one two- horse Wagon, two sets of wagon harness, one hay rake. TERMS OF SALE Cash on day of sale. No property to be removed until terms of sale have been complied with. JULIA E. SMITH, W. DUKES MEEKS, Mortgagees. Layman J. Redden, Attorney. J. L. Stevens, Auctioneer. Administrators' Sale OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY The undersigned Administrators will sell at public sale the following live stock and farming implements !at the home of the late Thomas Hayward Mecks, in Tuckahoe Neck, on MONDAY, OCT. 17, 1938 commencing 1 at 1 o'clock p. m., rain or shine: One Osborne mower, 1 riding cultivator, 1 2-row tomato imuker, 1 Acme harrow, 2 rolls barbed wire, 1 wagon running gear, 1 No, 13 2-hoivc Oliver plow, 1 1-horse plow, 1 4-liorsc tree, 1 set wagon trees, 2 walking cultivators, 1 Thomas 8-tine 3-horao disc drill, 2 springtooth harrows, 1 wooden A drag, 1 section iron drug, G chicken coops, 1 vise, 4 steel drums, 2 16-foot ladders, 1 3-horse beam, -4 sets chain harness, 1 lot one and two horse trees, 4 sets plow harness, 1 boat pattern, 1 sorrel mule, 1 gray hors-e, 1 Guernsey cow, 1 Jersey Cow. TERMS OF SALE--Cash. JULIA E. SMITH, W. DUKES MEEKS, Administrators. J. L. Stevens, Auctioneer. I WILL SIT FOR THE PURPOSE I OF COLLECTING TAXES; on the following days and dates between the hours stated. Federalsburg, Saturday, October 1st p. m. till B p. m., Covey Williams' Store. American Comer, Thursday, Oct. 6th 1 p. m. till 5 p. m., Sartain's Store. Greensboro, Saturday, October 8tb 1 p. m. till 6:00 p. m., Fire House. Rldgely, Thursday, October 13th 1 p. m. till 6:00 p. m., Mitchell's Store. Preston, Saturday, October 15th 1 p. m. till 6 p. m., Covey's Store. NOTICE Immediately following sale ,of the above property, Julia E. Smith and Catherine Plumniur, owners, will sell the following household goods: Two over-stuffed chairs, 1 davenport, 3 flower stands, 1 writing desk, 8 chairs, 1 high chair, 1 end stand, 12 window curtains, 1 Coles air tight heater, 1 lot of pictures, 2 beds, 1 bureau, 1 mattress, 1 feather bed, 1 extension table, 35 five-eighths baskets, 3 milk cans, 1 marble top stand, 1 iron ham boiler, 3 fiat irons, 1 tea kettle, 1 long griddle, 1 buffet, 1 porch eupboard, 2 basins, G lamps, 2 lanterns, 1 gun, and other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE--Cash. THOMAS M. HARRINGTON and WILLIAM D. GOULD 3RD Solicitors ASSIGNEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE Farm Property Under and by virtue of the Power of S:ilc continued in a mortgage from C. Victoria Deen Butler and Walter O. Butler, her husband, dnted March 5, 1SJ34, and recorded among the Mortgage Records of Caroline County, Maryland, in Liber T.C.H., No. 31, folio 3, which said mortgage was duly ( -.«igin.'(l to the undersigned Assignee for the purpose of foreclosure and collection, default having occurred therein, the said undersigned Assignee will offer for sale at public auction to tho highest bidder in front of tho Court House in Denton, Caroline County, Maryland, between the houic of 2:00 and 4:00 o'clock p. m., ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE iMILL PROPERTY K N O W N AS "Fowling Creek Mill Or Mills" By virtue of the power and authority contained in a certain mortgage from C. Clnrencu Deen and Emma F. Decn, his wife, to Reconstruction Finance Corporation dated the 2nd day of Decetnbur, 1935 and recorded among thu Mortgage Records of Caroline County in Liber T.C.H. No. 32, folio :!G4, which snid moitgagu hits boon duly assigned to Wesley E. Thawloy for the purpose of collection and foreclosure (default having oc- cunctj in the covenants and conditions in naitl mortgage contained) the undersigned assignee will sell at public auction in front of the Court House door in the town of Denton, i Maryland on TUESDAY, NOV. 1, 1938 Tuesday, October 25, 193S All that farm containing 89 acres and 134 perches, more or less, situate in thu Eighth Election District of Caroline County, Maryland, on a public roiid leading from Friendship- Union Grove road to Union Grove- American Corner road six miles West of Federalsburg. BEING all and the K.imu property which wa; con vcyed to the said C. Victoria Dcci Butler by deed from W. Brcwsto Deen and Jesiie W. Decn, his wife dated October 5, 1931, and rccordei among the Land Records of sail County in Liber T.C.H., No. 92, foli 3,'!7. BEING ulso all and the sam property covered by the mortgag first herein mentioned, to which dee and mortgiigu and the reference therein contained reference is hereby made for a more particular descrip lion of this land. This farm is suitable for cultiva tion with crops raised in this county anil locality. There are 46 acres suit ablu for cultivation and the bulur.e woodland. The pvopeity is improve by a four-loom frame dwelling ani annex, barn and numerous other out buildings. Tho property will be sold subjcc t(» the legal operation and effect of a prior mortgage, the terms of whicl und the balance due whereon will b ·initDiincL'il at the time and place o sale. TERMS OF SALE SGOO.OQ cash will be required a the time and place of sale, balanc upon final ratification of sale by th Circuit Court of said county. Deei and title papers at cost of purchaser Taxes and other charges adjusted t June 30, 1938. WILLIAM D. GOULD 3RD., Assignee James Temple, Auctioneer. Advertisement Notice To Contractors IMVA Project No. 1111-2-F Notice To Creditors This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline County, have obtained from The Orphans' Court for Caroline County, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of WILLIAM E. SYLVESTER late of Caroline county, deceased. All .persons having claims against the said Thursday, OCtOber 20tQ 'deceased are warned to exhibit thu srime to the subscriber with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 8th day of April 1039, or they may otherwise, by law be excluded from all benefit of said es- 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Thompson's Hardware Store. Henderson, Saturday, October 22nd Answer To Last Week's ' Cross Word Puzzle QE3Q Q QURjQ Q QSdU QB 3SQE I3HQ aQE C3QE3 CTEE SEE E E333 EE3EJE C " BBSS 1 p. m. till 5 p. m., J. G. Mclvin's Store. This office will be closed at 12 o'clock noon on the above dates SHERMAN L. TRIBBITT, Treasurer of Caroline County. tate. AH persons owing this estate arc I required to make prompt settlement. Given under our hands this Bth dny of October, 1938. MARY S. COOPER, FRED B. SYLVESTER, Administrators. Our Business Has Been Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years Funeral Directors Subscribe for the Journal and all the county news. get NOTICE TO CREDITORS This is to give notice that the subscriber of Caroline County, has obtained from The Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, kittens testamentary on the personal estate of MARION H. DOWNES late of Caroline county, deceased. AH persons having claims against the said deceased arc warned to exhibit the same to the subscriber with the vouchers thereof legally au- tenticated, on 6r before the 8th day of April 1030, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of snid estate. All persons owing this estate arc required to make prompt settlement. Given under my hand this 4th day of October, 1938. HATTIE W. DOWNES, Executor. Doiird of Education of Caroline Coun ty, Denton, Md. Scaled bids for GENERAL CON STRUCTION, including PLUMBING HEATING AND ELECTRICAL WORK, (ADDITION TO LOCKER -MAN HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING) will be received by the Board of Edu cation at the office of the Board unti 11:30 A. M. Saturday, October 22 1938, Eastern Standard Time, anc then at said office publicly opened am read aloud. Thu Information for Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans, Spec ifictitions, and Form of Bid Bond am Performance Bond may be examinee at the snid office, and at the office of Malone Williams, Architects, Salisbury, Maryland, and copies thereof obtuinod upon payment of $10.00 foi each -:et. Any bidder upon returning such set promptly and in good condition, will be refunded his payment und any non-bidder upon so rcturninj ·such set will be refunded §5.00. The Board of Education reserves the right to waive any informulitieb in or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder must deposit with his bid security in an amount of not less thnn five per centum (5%) of the base bid in the form and subject to the conditions provided in the In formation for Bidders. Attention of bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the contract. The estimated cost of the work to be performed under this contract ; 515,000.00. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 45 days after the actual date of the opening thereof. (Signed) B. C. WILLIS, Superintendent of Schools Date October 7, 1938. ORDER NISI WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee vs. JOHN R. HOLLAND and MARY E. HOLLAND, his wife In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3494 Chy. Ordered this Gth day of October 1938, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee 30 ratified and confirmed unless cause o the contrary thereof be shown on or l)fforc the 8th day of December 1938; provided, a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed nnd published in Caroline County once in ench of four successive weeks hofore the 7th day of November 1938. The report stales the amount of stiles is $1,000.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m. the following described property, to wit: ALL of that tract, part of a tract, or puicel of land situate, lying and being in the Eighth (formerly the I Fourth) Election District of Caroline County, Maryland, known as "The Fowling Creek Mill or Mills", said property with the improvements thereon consisting of thu mill pond, mill dam, flood gates, sluiceway, mill race, the new grist mill recently erected on tho mill site, and raid mill site, which is more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING for the same at tho conci-fle wall on the west side of the flood gate in Fowling Creek Mill Dam and on the south side' of the dam nnd running thence with the mill dam north 75 degrees eaist 16 perches to the intersection of the county road leading to American Corner, thence with the west i-ide of said road north 3 degrees east 14 perches to a pine tree which stands between the Mill and the store of said C. Clarence Deen, thence running between i^aid mill and store due west 14 perches to the west .side of the westernmost branch of Fowling Creek, thence with the west ;ide of said creek in a southerly direction and following the mcanderings of i?aid creek, to the place of beginning, containing ONE (1) ACRE and SIXTY-FOUR (64) SQUARE PERCHES of land, more or less; said mill site and the mill pond and dam covering about THIRTY (.70) ACRES of land, more or less, and being a part of the property devised unto C. Clarence Deen by his father, William H. Deen, by his Last Will and Testament date December 31st, 1918, and now record ed in Liber J.II.P. No. 11, folio 253 one of the Will Record Books fo Caroline County, Maryland. IMPROVEMENTS The improvements consist of large new grist mill, fully equippet und now in 'operation, together wit! all appurtenances thereto, as abov k'scribed. This is one of the fines mills and mil! sites on the entire pen insula and offers a rare opportunity to anyone desiring to engage in thi milling business. TERMS OF SALE One-third of the purchase prici will be required in cash on day o sale; one-third in six months an balance in twelve months, or all casl ut option of the purehaser, deferm payments, if any, to bear interes from diiy of sale und to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersignet assignee. Title papers and all docu mentury stamps at expense of pur chaser. WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee James Temple, Auctioneer. MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Under and by virtue of power am authority contained in a Chatte Mortgage from J. R. Marine to Denton Production Credit Association bearing date the 21st day of August 1937, nnd duly of record in Federal Farm Credit Lien Book No. 1 folio 547, the undersigned will offer anc expose nt public isale to the highest bidder, on the farm known as the Jones' Corner Farm now owned by Jessie W. Deen at Jones' Corner in the Eighth Election District of Caroline County, on Saturday, October 15, 1938 Beginning at 10 o'clock, a. m., the following described property: 1 horse, marc, age 12 years, weight 1150 Ibs., eolor sorrel, name Lady. 1 mule, horse, age 9 yeare, weight 1000 bs., color bay. 1 mule, horse, age 9 years, weight 1300 Ibs., color grdy. 1 nule, horse, · age 10 years, wc-ight 1100 Ibs., color gray. 1 Fordson trac- or, 1 John Deere tractor plow, 1 Fohn Deere corn planter, 1 Superior drill, 1 2-horse wagon, 2 riding cultivators, 1 Ca=e riding plow, 1 hay ·ake, 1 fertilizer distributor, 6 walk- ng plows, 1 drag harrow, 3 walking cultivators, 2 mowers, Johnson and ?homas, 1 low down wagon, 1 spring ooth, 1 Oliver tractor plow, 1 Acme mrrow, 1 corn cutter, 1 roller. TERMS OF SALE Cash on day of sale. DENTON PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION, W. BREWSTER DEEN, Attorney, ames Temple, Auctioneer. '. W. Downes, Jr., Clerk. PROCLAMATION OF TIIE GOVERNOR OF M A R Y L A N D PROPOSING A M E N D M E N T S TO THE CONSTITUTION OF TIIE S7ATff per said W H E R E A S , at the January s-.sskm of the General /.ss-'rnMy of .Maryland, held in tlie ytni 1 i'. oj, an Act was passed, to v. it: C!ia;:ler 4i!J proposing an a m e n d m e n t to icrval Sec Jon 3(3 of Avticlc II 01 fit 1 Con^iiiJtiun of the State- of Maryland, titlu "Legislative Department," said section prohibiting thu General Assembly from authorizing a lottery, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; and W H E R E A S , at the January session of the Genera! Assembly of Maryland, held in try.- ye^r 1!).!7, tin Act was cd, to wit: Clui.itur 41M proposing to unic'.:il I'e'jtioii -i of Ai licit; '1, title "JudlcMi-y l)-i'3i,.nr;nt", sub-title "P:.i t III -- Circuit Courts", of the Conn itution of this State, to provide an additional judgj in the Second Circuit and to i/ixvidu for the s;il;m».sion of s:i::l a..i-:-di.ieiic to the qualified voters of til's .State for adoption or rejection; and WHKUEAS, at the January session nf the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1037, an Act was passed, la \vlt: Chapter 525 proposing an amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of Rights of tlie Constitution of the fc'tr.te of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to impose tuxes on incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the Stiile of Maryland for adoption or rejection; in vvords end figures as f olio V.E: cn.M'Ti::t w. A AN ACT to |ininiM! nil mu-adiiisnt to ru- Hcul M e l l o n .'ill ut Article A of tlie Cnn- H t i l u l l i u i ot I IIP hlulo or JInr!niul. Mile "I.i'KJsJjlUi- IK'| jr.UH'iit," talcl tuition lirolillilUiiK Hit' i k i i u r a l Assi-ml!j' irom uiiUiurlzliK,' u lollcry, ·»»'! ITovldliif for thu H i i l i i M l i slim i[ - n i l ! aiiu-nihiifiit to il-ii ([(inllllcd IOILTS of IIio Stale ol Mary- I n n U for uilniitlun or ri'j-'C-tlun. K i ^ ' c m 1. I'.L- It iTKii-tiU lj tin-' Gc-iiLTal Assuinlily it .V.iry! si:U ( t l i n u - l i r t l i i i ul all tlie i:u'ml)ira »f u:-jn of HIL- tv.ii Houses concurring. ''''· nl Krctlon 'M ut Article- 3 of thu I'liiiMitutioii of tlie h t n t c of .Maryland, t l l l u "I.- uNIaliM- lL|iurUiic-iit." pro- h i b i t i n g Hit i.u.iTii! .IbMinilily from nli- iLorizIn;; lulli /y eruulH !«·· »'nl It la licrvlijr rciitakil i: auniiliil ly tiio Icy. illy |iialllkil YOUTH of t l i - ! tali 1 , m In-Tuln priii lileil. Sec. 2. And be It f u r t h e r fiacted. That ILc ufori-i;o!iiK a i m u u n i i nt to t'iu C o n M l t u - tlon of tlit- ! mil- of Maryland fcliall, ut the Ill-It U I S I . I I I J . ' I.'1'IU-l.ll l - K t t l o i l for IilCUlUlTB of tlie ( i i i i i i a l .\-is.mlily of .Maryland, be luhinltlL-d to Hit- 1,'snl and qualified voters of t ho Stale- fur tlii-u- ntlmitluu or rejection. In i H i i t i M i i i v of the directions contained In Artn-lo 14 of thu Con.slltutlon of the Slaty (if .Maryland, and at thu nald b'unural election tlii.- \ote on the- said proposed aint.nduii.iit to lh« 1'oiis.tltiitlun hliall le by lia'Iot. n ' l i l ii|i»ii iMtli Imllot there uliall be printed Hie \vunln: "1'or Constltut ona Aiiiriiilineuf unil "AKalnbt Cuiislltulloua Anifndniei.l," us now [iroUdeil liy law. and liniiivdliilcly after said eU-cllon due re- l u r r s i.!iall I»L- made to iliu- (!o\ernor of the rote for mid nj,"ilnjt nroposed anicndnicnl, in dlr.-i-lc I hy nt'"\ I'oiirtwntli Arllr.c of thu CoiiRlltiitlon, unil f u r t h e r [tail in iircoriianeu w i t h ALijiruVL-d: May 17, J'.ia'i. «« Gold Diggers OUR WANT ADS Article 14. 1:11 «t--1037 A N ACT to nnicnJ faction "1 "f Article 4, t l t l u "Jndkl.iry IJenartmcnt", null-title "Purl 111--Circuit Courtu", of the Cons t i t u t i o n of this Slate, to iiriiviile an additional Juilao In tlio Second Clreiill niul to liroililu for I In- sitlmilMiloii of Mild niiiemlniL'iit 1" Hi'' i|iinllllcil \olera of tills Ktali- for nilupMon or rejection. Suction 1. He It cisactcd by Ilic ticm-ral Asscmlily tJ Mnryliind (thret-lirtln of nil llie nioinberu elected to each of lire lv,o 11 out CM eoiiciirrins). That the folliiwIiiR Kccllon lio anil t t i u name la hereby projiosoil aa an aniL-mlmi-nt li Section il of Artlck- 4 title "Jndkliiry li-ii:utnient", suli-llllu "I'.irt III--Circuit Courts", of tlie Constitution of Ilio Stale, und If adopted liy I lie l.-cnl unil i|iiallllcJ \ute-rs thereof us liereln iiro\ldel, It Hliall mipiTM'.'de and stand In tin place- anil stead of Section HI of snid Article 4. 21 Tor i-neli of tlie said circuits, ei- coiitlni," tlie clBlitli, the Evciinil, I lie tLlril ami tlit! sKth. llicre Hindi be a cl.j.-f Juilp- tt-id l\vn associate Jiulws. lo »e ntyli'il Judges of Ihe Circuit Court, to be belectej ur appointed aa liereln pnnlded. n n d for the Bccond elrcull, tlio llilril circuit mid the ulitli circuit, I here shall lie a chief indue nnd three- asjoclutu Judges to lie ritjled Judk'M nf Hie Circuit Court, to be elected ur appointed ns liereln |irovlili-il. All* no two of tald associate JinlKes, for any of the said circuits, uxouut llie thlr.l nnil sixth circuits shall, nt tlie lime of Ilielr t'lecllon or npiiolntmt'iit or during t.'u- ti-rin for which tht-y may h a \ c licen elected or j||iolnk'il, n-nlili- In the Knlne county. If two »r iniirti IRTSKIIS eliall lc c;indlilalc;s for aasoclute jiulk"'' In llu- tame c o u n t y In uny of thi 1 circuits, i-xcciit I lie t h i r d und slith t l i c u l t d , tlmt one uiily In nalil comity uh:ill Ins iluclnn-il ek-cled wlm lins tlie lilsh- cjt iiiiiiibi.r of votes In the circuit. In CUM- uny tv.-ii en.idlilati-M for associate Juil(,'L' In any of the circuits, cxcejit tho third and sixth circuits, reslilliii; In Ibc b^inu .'ounty linll l..^^^· un IMIIIUI nuinoor if oti-s greater than u n y ramllclatea for HSBO- elate JiiJBi! In the ell-cult. It ulioll lie thi.- tluty of the tiiiiurnor to order a new election for niiu associate JuilKv; lint tin- |er- 1011 resldlni; In any other county of the ulrctilt ami who lias Ihc litelii-rt iiiinilier nf lotca sliall lie declared elected. The- snid JndKcs skBll hold not k'Md limn ttvu IITMI nf tliu L'lrcnll Court In each of the i-oiintlea t'otuposlnt' their rcspi-ctUc e-lrculls, nt such (lines ns are- now or niny hereafter lio pre- scrllied to which jurors shall In- hum- niuiK'd; and In thnxc counties \ili»re only two Bucli terms are- Iiuld. two other nuil Intermediate terms, to which jurors sball not he- ttuinlnoried; they may alti-r »r llx the tlnie-s for holding any nr nil terms, n u t l l otherwlKe ItrfM-rllieil, unil sliall adopt mien to the end that nil liUNlnorn n»t r. - nulrlnt" the Interposition of llie j u r y ulia'l tie, as far ns practicable, disposed of at Kalil InteriiiL-dlntu terms. One judfe In oach of the nliove circuits. Incliidhij; tin- ». conil. tlio tlilrd anil s i x t h circuits, f-hall con-:tl- tute a iiuiM'tim for tin- transaction of any huslncas; anil the mlil jinlkvi or uny in' them may hold i]eciiil teruta of tlielr courts, wheiu'ier In tiijlr dlncrctloa the blislucss of Ilio suveriil cunntlea renders sucll teriiH necL-ssnry. Tlie n d i l l t l o n n l nx- sociate judiCL- for the- t h i r d circuit ckcicd In nccmdaiiex- w i t h thu terms of tlio Con- Aineiulineiit horetofore* suh- inllletl anil ailoidinl xhall (iff suliji'ct to tho gamr- c o n s l l t u t l u n n l I'mvlslons. hold htn nlHce for the sa:ne- term of jcars, recuhi- tho same compcii'-ctloii and have th. 1 snm, powers ns are- In-reln provided for thi 1 other associate judges In the t h i r d circuit. The additional mioclnte juilgj for the second circuit herein provided for sliall Lie a resident of Cecil County, shall be appointed by the- (iovcrnor n f t u r tho rxplrn- (lou of six (G) inuiitha n f l e r the edoptlon of this" aiueiiiluient nnd shall none u u t l l Ihe tlrst Ki'iu-rnl election for moiiihers or the Cniernl Ass^ndily t h a t vlmll \a held la BnlJ circuit subsvi|iieiit to tlu- adoption of this ampiiitnii'iit, nt which election Ills nucccssor shall lie elected liy Ihe iju.illlloil voters of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, QUCCJ: Anne's and Tnlbut Cnnnlles. coiiEtllutlui; the scrimd circuit. 'I'lie jiiilire so ap pointed shall 1)0 eulijcct to the- fame con- Btltutlonal lirovlslons, ree.-!vi- Itie- Jiiii compensation and hate- tin- Mtm" power-, aa arc herein pravlih-d for the other associate judges In the- Kcrond cln lilt, and llie judge* no elected Hiiall he Hiihjcvt to llie same constitutional proUElon, hidd bli office for the- s:iuic I r r m of y i a r ^ , receive the same coiiiirnsuMiin, and h.i\i- the snme powers ns are hiTt-hi pro\lilcd for the other aasoclnie Jndtros In the second circuit. The Bddltlonnl Jinlcu for tlio s i x t h clr cult hereio provided f«ir "nil i'l"rii-d liy tin qualified votcn of Frederick mid Mont- goniery Conutles at Ilio 1DSS ck-cllon lo accordnnce with the terms of the Consll- tutlonn! Anicndini-nt heretofurc snlimlllrd and adopted shall be tTurijcct tn the snmo constitutional provlBlonn, receive the Fame compensation n n d Imve the name nonprs as are herein provided for the other aRBO. clnte JudRps In Ihe s i x t h circuit aud hU successor (hall be appointed anil/or ek-ctcd In accordance with llie constitutional pro. visions relating lo Judges. Tlie Chief Judn nay be elected from either Frederick or Montgomery Counties, but whcu tlie Cblcf If. olacted. from Fredeclsk Count* ·mi- of the nfihoclato jii'lt'es Flmll he R rrsl ildit of Eiitd county anil tlie two n-mnlnliiL- associate judcos dhall ho resldenti-Sof .Montcnrncry 'onnly and when the Chief Judffi' Is elected f r o m Montgomery C n u n i j one of tlm as^oelnte judpes phall hi- a reMilent of said Mintj;nniery C o u n t y am! Uje renululmc two associate ]uilci:s rest Jents of Frederick Bounty, fn case a n j candidate or candid lies for assoclatejudin at any j n d l e l n l l,^!lon held In the Filth judicial circuit shall rfcehc siifllclcnt roleu to CIIUFH hiieh cainllilalp or caiiilldntes to be deelart-il i lecleil, hut the el-ctlon of Hiirli ( i m l l d j t e or raiullilntes w o u l d caiiKe more associate Jud^efl I h n n herein milted lo rtIde In any county of circuit, then and In that e \ e n t only tliat canilhlati- or lln^r r a n d l i U i l e K . as the cati- Mny IK-, rc«!dljifr In *iild rininty In the i»rd»-r nf th- \ o l i s ren-hcd -hall he deilarnl elided whobc e l i e l i n n \Minld |ro\lile the THTiiillti-d niitnlier r( a s(ielnl» Jnd^eB f r i i n i si'd c o u n t y nnd tli«- i-andldatv or I'and 1 dateH aa I hi- c-ase maj he, reoldlnc I" t h i oilier c o u n t y , and not similarly dlsnuall [led, u h o bhall luic- the lie it III Client nnm her of .oica In hald elecllnn xliall he lie dared elected. If, by reason of such a t i i n d l l l o n or by reason of an equal vote for tun or more cuiidldntcfl a MI (Helen r n u m b e r of a-Mielate Jiidtft s d u l y ijuallfled as to ri'«lilenee nn almve Ret out Fhould not lie pli-rreil at n n y i-leetlon In said at-ith judicial circuit, then It shall he the d u l y nf Ihe Governor lo order a new e l i c t l n n f i r such iinllllxd olllee or offices. S"f. 2. And lio It furllicr enacted. Thai the nfon-KoIni; sec'lon hereby proposeil n i rvjl iiiiieniliiient to Ihe Conslltnllon of t h i s SI:lte xliill he, at t h e next general eh'ctliMi ID lie lull] In this Kt.itP In the. j e a r lit.'.S Niiliialllcd to the le^nl and f|iinllllcd roterx thereof f u r their adoption fcr rejection In TiurMiniui! of directions fontalnid In Article I I nf tht.- Constitution of this State, and cl tin- K.ild cineral rlectlnn. the vote nn tlie hald (iropuned amcinliiK'iit bhull be by lull- lot, and upon each ballot there sliall Le printed t h e words "For the Constllullonal A n i e n d m e n l " and "Against tlie Constitutional Amendment," as noiv prescrilied ey latv, and Immediately after said election, due returns Khali he made to the Governor of the vote for and against Raid proponed a m i r i d m e n t an directed by said Article 14 of t i n - C o n s t t l n t l i i n . Ai|in\ed: May 18, 1917. CHATTEIl r,25-- 1D37 AX ACT to propose an amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of lllulitB of the Constitution of tlie Klate of Maryland. autliorlz!:iK the *ieneral Asceinbly to In |-osi luxes on Incoines, and providing for the Eiilimlstlon of said amend. nn til to the qualified voters of the Slate of M a r j l a n d for adoption or rejection, Heel Sou 1. Be It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland (three-fifths of all the members of i-acii nf the/ two Iron -.PS canctirrlni;). That the following- amendment he and the Eame Is hereby proposed to Article 13 of the Declaration of Itlghm of tlit; Constitution of the State of Maryland, the same. If adopted liy the legal and ijuall- lled \oters of tlie Stale, as liereln provided, to become Article 13 of the Declaration tit Itlirhta of tlie Constitution of the State of Maryland. Art. 13. That the levying of taxes by the poll IB Krlcvuos and opuresuUc and onj.-:it to he prahllilieil; that paupers ouBlit not to be assessed for the nupport of tin »o\ernmjnt; that the. ficneral At^enildj Rliall, by uniform rulet, provide for separate assessment of land mid claislllcntlon and hub claLSlIlcatlon of Improvements on land and personal properly, aa It may deem proper; and all taxc.i thereafter provided lo be levied by the Slate for the support or the Kcncral Slate Go\crnment. and by tin counties and by tho City of llnltluiore for tliulr respectlie purposes, shall be uniform as to land within the t a x i n g district, and u n i f o r m w i t h i n the class or tuL-elass of ImpriucnicntE on land nnd personal property which the respective t a i l n g powers may h a v e directed to be subjected to the lax levy; yet fines, dutlos or taxes 111.13 properly and J u n l l y be Imposed, or hid with n palltlcal view for the cood tuvern- mcnt and bencilt of the community. Taxes may be Imposed on Incomes, which may he classified, graduated and progressive nnd the exemption of a reasonable a m o u n t of rncome from taxation may be provided and such taxes may be In Itcu of taiea on any e]a«s or classes of real or pcrxmal properly as the General Assembly may determine. Sc. 2. And be It further enacted, That thu aforegoing anicndnicnl to the Declaration of Itluhls of the Constitution ot the Slate of Maryland sliall, nt the election to lie held In Xovcmber, 1038, Lo submitted to Hie legal and i|iiallllod voters of the State for tlielr adoption or rejectloa. In pursuance of Ihc directions contained In Article 14 of tlio Constitution of the State of Maryland, and at the tald general election the vote on the Fald proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be by ballot. upon each ballot there shall be printed the word.-): "Kor Con»tltu(lonal Amendment" nnd "Against Constitutional Amendment". J9 no«v provided by law, and Immediately a f t e r Hald election due returns blinll be ma ilo to the Governor of tbe rote for and igalnst proposed amendment, as directed liy raid Fourteenth Article of the Constitution, and f u r t h e r proceedings had In accordance with said Article 14. Approved: May 18, 3037. NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, in pursu- nnce of the direction contained in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing a full, true and correct copy of the text of said Chapter 463 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1935, and said Chapters 494 and C25 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1937, be published in at least two newspapers in each of the counties of the State where so many may be published and where not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be published in the German language, once a week for at least three months next preceding the general election to be held in the State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, ac which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form and manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rejection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS. THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NICE By the Governor. E. RAY JONE3 Secretary of State. 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUM. WHEREAS, at the January. 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 91, fixing the time within which marriage license may be issued; in words and figures as follows: CIMITKU ui AN ACT to repi'nl and rc-*nacl with amendments .Section 0 of Article Kl ot tlie Annotated Code of Marylnud (Ur.'l Edition), title ".Marrlnsea", lo flt tlic time ivllhlu trlilcb uiarrlajrc license may bo Issued. Section 1. Be It enacted by tbe Ocnerul Assembly of Marylnnd, That Section a of Article C! of the Annotated Code of Maryland (I'J'-'l Killtlou), title "llarrlat-i's", lie and It Is Lcrcuy repealed and re-enacted ultli ntnenduieats to rend as follows: G. Before the Clerk of auy or Hie Courts aforesaid shall lisua any license lie shall examine one of tlie contracting parties to tlie.niarrlago, under oatli. woo shall appear personally before the Clerk and mnkc an- lillcatluo for the Eame, and the Clerk shall aacurtalu: first. JLe full natnt of the parties; second, their place of residence; Ililnl, tlielr atre; fourth, tlielr color; fifth whether nmrrlcd or ninths: alxth. nlirthrr related or not. If un. In which decree ot relationship; ne\enth, If ever divorced; which facts upon the payment of one dollar tfl.fKi) as an application fee shall be tct out In prlnlcd form lo lie ftlgnrd by the IHTHOII m a k i n g the application, and no sueh license to marry Blinll he delivered by the Clerk until a f t e r the expiration if Forty-eight «l hour* from the lime ap- plleatlnn In madi 1 therefor: provided, however, that any Jinlge of the Circuit Court of the county In \vlileh the application ,s made or. If mnde in llaHluiore City,, nny JiiilRt! of the Court nf Common Picas, for giioil mid sufficient i-atise shown, may, by nn order ID writing slcned by him. authorize the Clerk to deliver such HOMIBP nt any time after the application therefor It shall be u n l a w f u l for tho clerks of any of the eourtfl aforesaid to make public thr fact Of UL BCLEUCtUou tot A mnrr|^ gH ]j. cense until such license shall have been issued. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted That this Act shall take effect June J, 1937. Approved: March 22, 1937. NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY IV. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, pursuant to the authority and direction contained in Section 5 (a) of Article 1C of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this Proclamation containing a full, true und correct copy of Chapter 91 of the the Acts of the General As=embly of Maryland of 1037, be published in at least two newspapers in each of the Counties of the State where so many may be published and where not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three news- papcrn published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be published in the German language, in such manner and for such time as is provided in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NICE Ey the Governor; E. RAY JONES Seeretnr-j nf S'att. Office of the Supervisors of Elections for Caroline County, Denton, Md., September 21, 1938. NOTICE of Intermediate REGISTRATION To the Voters of Caroline County: In compliance with Article 33 of the Code of Public General Laws of tbe State of Maryland and the amendments thereto, notice is hereby given that the Officers of Registration for Caroline county will sit in the respective election districts at the time and places hereinafter stated, for tiie purposes named in and by the provisions of Article 33. For the purpose of registration of voters the Registers will sit on Tuesday, October 4th, 1938, between the Kours of 9 o'clock a. m. nnd 9 o'clock p. m. The second and last sitting for registration will be on Tuesday, October 11, 1938. between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 9 o'clock p. m. The places of sitting will be as follows: First Election District at HENDERSON; Second Election District at GREENSBORO Third Election District- First Precinct at DENTON; Third Election District-Second Precinct at DENTON; Fourth Flection District at PRESTON; Fifth Election Dlst^Ist at FEDERALSBURG Sixth Election District- First Precinct at HILLSBORO; Sixth Election District- Second Precinct at WEST DENTON; Seventh Election District at RIDGELY; Eighth Election District at AMERICAN CORNER. The Registers will also sit at the above named places on Tuesday, October 18, 1938. between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. ind 9 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of REVISION ONLY. EDWARD W. LAPHAM, THEODORE F. SCHMICK, JACOB O. WILLIAMS, Supervisors of Elections for Caroline county, Maryland. RUSSELL W. FLUHARTY, Clerk. Order Nisi CALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee vs. JOHN R. MARINE and BESSIE P. MARINE, his wife In the Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3496 Chy. Ordered, this 13th day of September 1938, that the Sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by JALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee be ratified and confirmed unless cause o the contrary thereof be shown on' r before the 17th day of November icxt, provided a copy of this order be inserted in- some newspaper print- d and published in Caroline County, nee in each of four successive weeks, jefcre the 17th day of October next. The report states the amount of ales to be $1,000.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test:-T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. KWSPAPERl Order Nisi GALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee vs. JOHN R. MARINE and BESSIE P. MARINE, his wife In the Circuit Court For. Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3496 Chy. Ordered, this 13th day of September 1938, that the Sale of the property mentioned in these, proceedings, made and reported by CALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee be ratified and confirmed unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on ?r before the 17th day of November next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in eome newspaper printed and published in Caroline County, nco in each of four successive weeks, before the 17th day of October next. The report states the amount of sales to be $1,000.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk.. True Copy--Test:-T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk- .'SPAPERf

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