Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 29
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 29

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 29
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30 SUNi::>AY ' DEC - 5, 1965, Lake Charles American Press IJ/CTAJDV w.isasxauiBL ' > IHiHBWK^r' 1 -? Of J I WK f Students To \ /• . k i A , | Visit Toledo Viet Nam Agreements™ works SENATE RACES Most Violated Pact Both Parties Are Optimistic LEESVILLE - A 20-member Lccsville High School science class Monday will see some of the things the students have aiu aeciis oi .iiarvt uvrtv j»-«' •-• * , . n««-:j»«t ready is under way with Repub-! of Texas. This s President Editor's Note — The divi- , duce troops reinforcements or« held. The South Viet Nam gov-: 7| ie group w ju g 0 to the To- |j c ans given smaW chance of! Johnson s old benate seat. _ ^ sion ot Viet Ham came i new weapons into Viet Nam.jernment balked on the grounds | ec j 0 g enc j rjam site on the Sa- strengthening their lopsided mi-. 1 In addition, they rate tncir about in 1954 after the French j Also barred was the creation of! that conditions for a free ex-,t)i ne River where they will see nority position by much. j chances good in the races m- defcat there and eight conn- ! any military base under control pression could not be guaran- ! ear »n strata in the manv deep " ' ' volving Sens. Mllward L. Sirnp- of a foreip state. Steed in the Communist-held j pxcavations ' GOP campaign strategists al'. son O f Wyoming, Carl T. Curtis, _. . L , , . .North. The United States sup-' the Capitol said Saturday they ! Nebraska, Jack Miller, Iowa, Elections were to be held in. porle( j tnis position. The class also expects to find are hopeful of making a net i Gordon Allotl. Colorado, and J. tries got together in Geneva to plan the country's future. The following gives the background to thai agreement A. D. HARGRODER President TOM BERGSTEDT Vice President and what has grown out of it. WASHINGTON (AP) - The 1954 Geneva agreement, by which Viet N im was divided, - «Ap/» * t. AL. ' f ' 1*V/I fc\,\4 It HO J^V*J 1VI Vf 11 . .11%. -WI.AUM **.-.— •* ,,|- « — -~ . — , ... _ ,,. u .. v ^, v ._. —. -- -- -o > Wl V»V* I 4»«iwv-i _..-I July 1956 with the aim of reuni-i Th !,„:,,,.) c talc< , c u arc .: some fossils. The dam is n e a r gain of two or three seats in the j rjaleb Boggs, Delaware. !fying North and South Viet Nam. j '™ t Canine ^ 1958 thsei the mouth of Toro Creek which 1966 races. They now have 32 \ ^ Democrats believe Gov. The U.S. and South Viet Nam terrorist campaign to capture ! drains into the Sabine, and the senators, contrasted with 68,; Harold E. Hughes in Iowa and presentatives refused to sign, control of South Viet Nam It' creek formerly gave up many Democrats. j GOV. Frank B. Morrison in Nc,« ».„_„:—_ __r I , uuijuwi vi WVMUI ii.» * UK.. *» * • ^ !.,,__._ r«^ 1U« notvin. I. i _ IJ ». n tm nai<ftn1llarlV representatives The American refusal was not officially explained but was at- is one of the most thoroughly tributed generally to John Fos- violated pacLv in history. Both s..ide.s in the Viet Nam I ter Dulles, then secretary of state. Dulles was said to have disliked the partition of V i e t J\ OUUUl »JC^ J 10111, A^ ' ™ -.^-••••w*.^ ^,- - — — j- w . r ,...-. I VJ V T » .».»-. — - . _ Communists bv accres- 'perfect fossils of fish, ferns But spokesmen for the Demo-1 D raska would make particularly - '- 8 ?- ! --- -<•---•"- —•'.- * —•- f—"<•-" r nm . effectivc candidates if they seek to oust Miller and Curtis respec- uar say they want the agree-i Nam. and to have opposed the ment carried out. even now.; presence of Red China at the But each side accuses the other j conference, of wholesale violations. aii/u agoiijai. ovuui rtcbiiaiii broke the Geneva agreement and that U.S. intervention was a proper and legal response to a call from South Viet Nam for help. An engineer guide and ans^ the class by a the contractor, will serve as cratic Senate Campaign Committee profess to be confident they will pick up at least two , ! additional seats net for a total j . J ffith j of 70. ide said. ; f ne Democratic margin alls in the Earth rcad >' is the widest S " 1CC the it is the United States that is Science Department of the high t [Jf^^g cSlgrets"'^ of She 96 tion to geology, said Wade. tively. The Communists contend that violation of the Geneva pact. the 1954 pact could yet be the j reached to sto b]oods ^ basis for a peace settlement. : Brjtish Prjme Minister Wjn . But. says Smeary of State ' st . on Churchill sent his congrat- 'Dcan Husk: "These"people on! ulatlons to then chief Br 'tish the other side won't even come i representative in Geneva. Forto the conference table to try to i ei S h , Secretary Anthony Eden, bring the situation back to those ; on . th f success ^ Ich was re- basic agreements." l^rbg ski? Pal ' ent> peiw ' Blackout Report Goes to Johnson YMBC Slates * \Drive to Fill Yule Bdwls With one exception, all of Ihe 35 incumbents are expected to run for re-election next year. j The one senator who has an- • nounced plans to retire is an; Oregon Democrat. Maurine B. , Neiiberser. one of t'.ic two worn- The annual Young Men s en members. Business Club Christmas Bas- This is a state where Republi- i ket Drive will be Monday cans assert they are most confi- i through Wednesday, according KENNETH D. MARTIN Treasurer JOE PERELLO JR. Secretary KIWANIS OFFICERS — New Officers (above) of the Kiwanis Club of West Calcasieu will be installed Monday al 7 p.m. in ihe Chaieau Charles. Members of tlie board of directors will be Wilberi Dronel, Robert S. Kleinschmidi, Dennis Miller, Donald T. Rigler, W. Garland Strong, Dr. Charles T. While, and Dr. Loree Young Jr., immediate past president. One fact sometimes over- ' The Viet looked: The United States and i planned for South Viet Nam governments! never signed the agreement. ! The United States did declare ' ; at the time that it would view , ; with grave concern any aggres- j sion "in violation of the afore-1 said agreement." i Here is the background: In 1954, after more than ser-; Atomic Carrier May Be in Civics Club Plans Visit To Museum JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (AP) i comes at a time when FPC offi- • dent of gaining a seat if Gov. ! to Al" Carter, event chairman. A 60-page report on the vast cials still are looking into a Mark 0. Hatfield runs for the: Beginning at 6:30 each eve- expect. ning, members of the orgamza- here also are good | tion and the YMBC Women ? so area of West GOP prospects to win seats now < Auxiliary will canvass several crn New Mexico i held by Democratic Sens. Lee | r e s i d e n t i a 1 areas in Lake 60-page report Northeast power blackout Nov. Nam elections g. including recommendations 1956 were never on how to keep it from happening again, is on the way to Pres- looking more recent blackout in Southwest. The El Pas Texas, southern SULPHUR - Members of France had seventh grade lost its war to hang on to a colonial empire in Indochina. A peace conference was held in Geneva. Switzerland. Taking part were representatives of the three states which gas regulator went haywire, i Temvssee. Thomas J. Mcln-1 The goal this year will be FPC experts still are trying to j tyre "New Hampshire, Pat Me-; approximately 160 baskets determine what went " wrong j Namara, Michigan, and Fred R. i v h\ch will be distributed to with the regulator. ! Harris, Oklahoma. Johnson already has received j The Republican be distributed j needy Lake Charles families, strategists! O n Monday evening the area from Swidier a preliminary re- j believe Gov. George Romney in i aroun d Lake Charles High port on the Northeast blackout, | Michigan and Charles H. Percy j School and O ak Park will be meeting Calcasieu WASHINGTON I'APi — The could be justified as having im idenOohnson. ' j and parts of Mexico went dark ] Metcalf, Montana, Paul H. •• Charles for all types of canned The report by the Federal j Thursday night when a natural j Douglas, Illinois, Ross Bass, or DOXC d food staples. ' Power Commission is expected i to reach Johnson today and i will be made public Monday. j Johnson will have a chance to j look it over before FPC Chair- j man Joseph C. Swidier Jr. ar; rives at the LBJ Ranch Monday ., . . .. _ -._ ! to discuss it with the President, j but his cal61 for the full report j in Illinois would be strong con- j covere( j ( on Tuesday the area Swidier was in over-all charge j and his summoning of Swidier I tenders if they decide to run for; aroum j LaGrange Senior High i of the investigation. i to the LBJ Ranch indicates he | the Senate. ' School and o'n Wednesday the U.S. and Canadian offi-: wants to know more about it. i And. as a sign of the changing areas arounc j University Place and Lake Street. According to Carter, the contibuted must require refrigeration. He stated that any and all types of food are needed including baby food. Co-chairmen for each of the three nights are Charles King, cials already know what caused I U.S. and Canadian officials political climate in the South, m in L a k e • lne blaekout, chief interest in i said Nov. 15 that the power fail- j the Republicans believe their on uec. ii. i the report jg i^y to be ^ rec . | Ure W as triggered by a broken ! prospects there are far better which were concerned with the I n o s e n! ne y stone operation, was spend- Ontario Hydroelectric Commis- j eran Sen. John J. Sparkman. , __H..- . • . ...- ... , „, „ .,_,•— think Rep. day; u expected to determine The Navy now is in position to : signed July 21. 1954, by Britian". whether the Navy will get a sec-. demonstrate the value_ of a nu- France and representative oi tainrnent feature. Nam, Laos and carrier. operation. Tne fcnterprise tooK ; Until recently, the outlook had ; up station last Thursday and ; been bright for inclusion of a I began launching aircraft i carrier in the Defense Depart- • against targets in Viet Nam. and the South to a non-Corn- i rnent's proposal for the fiscal Naval planners are looking < munist governVnent 1967 budget. further ahead and to wohdwide j _ No person mil { iary or dvi[ . This optimism was based i problems in their request for | ian was to cross the dividing largely on McNamara's state- inclusion of a second nuclear ! j jne W j t h 0 ut permission of an ment to a congressional com- earner in the forthcoming budg- In!ernational ^, ntrol Commis- jnittee last winter that he be- et. tirobable budget session be-i mediate effect on the Viet Nam P'rance. Red China, Britian, theition nroiect TI«>rf n n « t Q « a ; T°.-~ "*— —' ~'\ "'" "•, u —.' "" I£~^~~ "" f>~- " ' t"^,« K 'n.j.-tin ma^ tak-p nn i«ecn President Johnson and i war. It takes upward of two Soviet Union and the United ! s twnpTCl be Mll^tJ to 8 hJ • ^" g P ^ S % r *% y Jose P h ^>' s ' e 'V on , the Nia « ara ;. Rlver ' ^^Rl i?r m • rJrJe ?'Robert Wolfe, and Monte Hur Secretarv of Defense Robert S. I years to build a earner and put states. S en7?o SioSarS' U ' S3 ' d lhe P ; esident ^ in f aid , U ' e ^'f y w | s , in he , S <-' S " ^ a ' kma " lf , ^ nf ? h ?'3Lte ! !«'. McNamir. within the next few U tnto common. Under the agreement .~&£ E^^ass r^^^J^^T ^'^^^ ^ffiS S'?^ M^carl^^l ^ J«Hi J.. be d.trUnitcJ the windup of the Northeast tario village. FPC officials race against Sen. Lister Hill in J ec. IB trum a pre-atranges <-nd nuclear-powered " aircraft clear carrier in actual combat: N or uT Viet ~K^"T^^*^^l^^ a "" c - P° wer ^^ investigation agreed with this. '^ !S • operation. The Enterprise took ; Cambodia: •Viet Nam was divided, the i going to the Communists j iieved a request would be made to Congress for authority to build another atomic-engined earner. But now mere is doubt, based on Johnson's latest order to the federal agencies to economize in every way possible. Mc.Namara and other admin- i-iraikm officials have said repeatedly that whatever is need- fd :<>r the war in Viet Nam will be provided. Bu; there is a f. .;•.:•:'ion whether a start on an- f-''.er nuclear-powered carrier Rosteet Jr. Announces Honor Roll Lafayette Man Named to Post By Supi. Dodd sion. —The conference powers agreed to respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Indochina States "and to refrain from any other interference in their internal affairs." —The opposing parties agreed ; to make sure that their areas were "not used for resumption of hostilities." — I: was: forbidden to intro- Comfort and Convenience of Electric Living help visitors enjoy staying at the New Roseweave Motel. BATON ROUGE .AP.-Thum- as J ' Derve!*v has Deen named by Education" Supt. Wiiham J. D'odd as director of the Education Department's Vocational Agriculture Section. Local Insurance Representative Completes Course GREENS BORO, N. C. - In making the announcement, Dodd said Derveloy has been on the staff of the manpow- George A. Seiford. special rep- er development and training resentative of the Jefferson section for 15 months. Standard Life Insurance Co. in He joined the department as Lake Charles, was awarded a a curriculum specialist in voca- certificate last week for suc- tionai agriculture after 17 years, cessful completion of a year- of high school teaching exper- lon i Insurance Sales Training mil "£r ience - .Course ro " A native of Lafayette, he holds' This course, nationally rec- m^iHno =n A-. a r». a bachelor of science degree;ognizeci by the Life Underwrit- Vnih eradTlvnda PoJhl' from the Univers "y of South-i ing profession, is sponsored by n£ r£n, r^.w wiS western Louisiana and a mas- Jefferson Standard and pre"" J e<" v ters f rom i^oujsiana Stale Uni- pares the underwriter to ar- versity. range financial programs He is a former president of which co-ordinate Social Secur- nriivmal at School L.nda Grant, and Sherry Hodgee. Eighth grade: Monita Bei- "^'GSn'^lleen^ahan" tne Lo"i^ana Agriculture Teach- ity benefits with income from i, . * .-.t T d.1 As^ocicition, 'i.-re!; Arsemeat, Sharon — __ arne_, Karen Carr and Karen life iasui'ance. seventh grade: Gail Haines. •Sieve Peu;r.H)n and Jeauelk Ciark. Smdems maiang grades of B o- better are Ninth grade Margaret But- itr. Paula Coplin. Vickj Bailey, Judy Cours-'ille. Tommy Edens, Margaret Meoard. David Tra- hdii and Susan Evans. Eighth grade: Monica Bellard, Hugh Morton, Sue Parton, Rosemary Mosca. Seventh grade. Kenneth Babineaux, Richard Barber, Patricia Baggett, Scott Chapman, Patricia Gary, Homer L<ewis, Ramooa K e 11 e y, Deborah C'iiaissofi ; Pam Hyde, Doon& Trahfln, Wana Viator, Robert Wilson, Suzanne Peters, Paula benoit, Kenneth Chapraaa snd Kendrick. The original dimensions of the Washington Monument were changed as a result of re- soarch by George Marsh, a l.'fjjied Stales minister to Jta- K A true obielisk. lie reported. u.iuld have a height abom lu i•••!<.- ii.v jba>.c widlh. h e n c i 1 i ; f lo^nujiient's final propor- !••::- foi !evi .V. inches high IM a b«>f 55 /eel I'-j inches Center "T)inln|f"'Room V . ."Outer Aisle . . . aa uubeitabic fruutier lunibiiuiiou to irralt exti'ioi tliuary storaje area* tad liveable convenience. Speciol Feature - G E. Self Cleaning Oven AITQ TRAILER SAliS LOL'IblAN'A'S LARGEST DEALER Open 7 J)a.vs Uisbway St; Last i.N'eir JioJiday Jun) 433-757J "1 ^^ ,Mr. and Mrs. George J. Duhon, owners of the newly completed ROSEWEAVE MOTEL, 1406 North Brooker Lane, Lake Charles, are welcoming visitors to an OPEN HOUSE today from 12 noon to 7:30 p.m. Visitors at the new 12-unit motel, opening for business December 8, will enjoy the comfortable atmosphere made possible by electric heating, cooling and lighting. Mr. and Mrs. Duhon chose flame- less electricity to power most of the facilities because of the economy of electrical operation. GUA.J5? GTA.T&& VTIUTI&& COMPANY

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