Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 3
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WSTER 'ENSIVE, IL LEARNS bcountants Sub- leathers Split t duction | OPPOSED ·i Hunply Is mnom in the Mtato and u it developed in r of iho city counci'i nn the counullint-i, h- i eduction Hnl u a majority at fur Ihtr cut, A Vote i Thur»day'it council ice. the council con blled upon of SIO.COO, The an- iui recr.mmomlatlon · the council, mere:met nnd summfu- nii n split n, n f t c r J» sillily of ltd. Split on lh(j the rales. Coni- iint'b finnouncod tidl vote for the ii-rh (he stenll- · r 'he council- '(··it thii' we ou^ht |r. Smith. "We cnn prf sent luTiinjfi 1 - iJtite In short or" renl c-trt In the i-iiim-is of wntri, IIIW'B 1)111 It won't ic -.utiip money," |fi jvlltli'iMllni; lh objected hi'M wnlcr i* iJi-inlvr; In the rfjlll-i Hre SUittMKl- iphly li.'titcil Hnd .|y wiiM lltil-d In ii extimplc of n I'ri'iitiir'x. Coin- i,b]i'cii,il to thh ilnit tin- wdlcf ia nnd oilier clili-n I [' ' II I 1"['3I I Iti , -t nf these cities i\* ·^etl Hsi IVenrur' 1 , not s*ot1-n' L d nn 1^ Smith nnd A. HELP ID PEACE, DECLARES hul n.iiJil peace ll"S .f iHnlionnliipi of fin Ilie vouth of till Utiuin of M. Cundrti, Iui appenrcd he- i-. n t'Jlt'l of bH ,i nh Mtilflent vol fell ii fin n eloflcr ic- Ihe Muilrntrt t.f ,im1 those rf the for cc-ntlnu.ince of h h c pioneers eatnh- ·ppinc^. » » Y CAK -- Mrs llerachell Wester veil, wn* irdny nlRht when hv nn niilomobilc HH t ho pfivc- rclion cf Main find AH the ;o Know e;»TS acjo 1 ttot uiJov.n rhnt I lover. One tiny Ut. 'Wl»y il^n'i H. Pinkhiim 1 !! po'inJ?' When to by tiles 1 felt tt ^ii. My Urtlc when ( had twelve years. fcror snivi, 'It's You may ucr for I wane know how tKi» 208 ly. N. J- Compound EWSPAPERl l UR H f F J A I H WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 8, 1936. HERALD TEACHERSHEARMASSEDUCATWN CHEST WORKERS ATTACKED IN ANNUAL INSTITUTE U S, Conmissioiwr of Edu- RESUME SPREADING OF ! II CUT I KIP fiPT 07 at ,on Straw Individual ; SOUTH MAIN ASPHALT, NICCHM) UU, it Student National Authorities To [ Compare Methods on Eve ol Local Drive BIAMES LEGISLATURES Two or Three Days Work Remains Before Resurfacing Is Done First Dedications For Route 121 Right of Way Filed On Wednesday The first dedication of right ol j way secured for route 121 wore oniMnry file Wednesday In the office of Mlfif Lelnh Fositcr, county recorder, Tlif landowners, the amount of sold, and Ihe total pil-c I'nllow; Of thoul ·(·,1 Mini Hi" fippill .,,, ll.iiii- in it 1 · Cniii'il ,, Ml--' 1 '!· ·« ''' ·' "·' (1 '",!,,.,,,,,.. TU- 1.'- 1 pnmie d! '!'· '··In 1 -'-' "i-; ' ! · ' ,,.,! ihe -i "''" f l f H v l I l K t'l'l dot III V; nll'l'* til' 'i ,.,,,,.',! i,' I,- i - ' u - I ' I ' M ' 1 ' 111" * We'll All it": Si l h, mi- ll, 1 Bin A Dil.TOll resumed s.i|ihaN *lti'(iA(liii(f on Srmlr. Main sli-ccl, Wedm'sitiiv. follow-in),' a tiny of tlclai- diif In mln. The norlli hnlf of the ,Wi hlm-k wii completed nnd then thr nipliull clew nim-ril gnu lit to the en- ti'iini-c to the Miu'on Cotintv Conl C'o imipeity lind h'-Kim »-oikinn north. Twri Oi llilfe driys. If the weather full nltl hr tfiiuiieil tn i-oniplcte ihe rciuifieini; woilt. Thru Ihe ns- phull will he *|ii',id uo lln 1 new i'on' r-irdi b'. c hi 1 ! u pen Ibf- nine pn'uji '-IK .-iitr-'uef nii(i the (''C-£(iu l^vclv In-; ''n. piln'it jt!,i ninth of the mi HIERONYMOUS COMING^ Acres Uttlvln C Shvei- ;,m l^i-dnh 11. Soillliern . .173 J M, WoddtU 1,16 Mnrgarpt E. Hall . ,,,-l.aS Margaret. E, Hull ..., George p. Inghnm nnl unrt John A, Brown S.,'IO Mary H. Thslcher .(» Grstn Co. ., ,Sfl Price Acres H. Thatcher,, Addlo Barton 2.41 '. ,.drl"H K, Englaml , ,2.7+ Charles E. Bateheldcr 1,14 Geors* P. InRhnm .,,1,61 Illinois Central Rail road 07 K. Englund,. n,10 Price flM.IK) 19D.60 David 477.2ft 206 'K\ ,WO,W)iAnna M. Suhrenr . (IfiO.Wi.T R Notlleman ... Char IDS Bntcbelder, Allnnli: R Herroil . ,13 , . 22 . .84 ,41 ft.BM.50 2SO.W) i 100.00 Town Briefs 1,02,1.00; Ttin prlcsn pnld include an w«ll 111 Ihe coitl or Innd. cf Hi- fin mi -11 of rlii- nuul on tin- suli- ttiMd' 1 no i i'i \\ Vi'jrt iloue on Uif .Wllllll ll,ll.' III III'' ltll|)toUM.I.'[ll. floilltl if Ihe i(iilni:iiL tic, U''. VV"dni IB (tny Oin) nioie d.iy'si wo:k lenmlnv to () f [Itlrifils, and Rntlnev 'Rrnndon. i'nni|il'tt- UK- ecn.-te'.f Im-n- ,m thai P dlirclov of well .IIP *ork, will [jiojccl . ll w,is he pi'-scut In'lhe niei-llns 1 tlliil wn the impugn (ijvcnln^ on O"l -8 weli'viie. reilol' ami eornrtiunlty workers nnd hulhotlticji from Hi) over (be alite wi 1 Ktithet 1 In PeeHtui on Ihc pwulnH oJ Ocl, 37. toi their nnnuali Niitlnnnl i-ulhoi ll let, on eotiiiiiutilt^ t wf-lfrirc and relief woi k wl't h*» In' Decntnt lor Ihls nieethif;. ciimhn; fioni aa [,ii 'H New Virlt rltv (o at-| lend, Jiirlge J, H. McCoy and R J p Mufflcv a i e in ehtiii;e of (irrnuse- iti.'nts hoe. Or. n. 1C. Hie i Lin'.-ntait'], I *ni vc.rsut \ Hi.- .if tin- t l l l l l l l t h l \ V ( d , - | . (J;i; b- ii'siiiii' il TbiiiMlnv riub-Ki.idin ; iui "l.llth- li could tin 1 nun fu-i noon. "We si. nf I'lnnrt ' v.-lth Ihc il [ii'tnnint- Rnntp i-l tiKundes in tie- ,,., ,,( U ,,),(,), ».· m l l 1 l l l ( . l l . Hlj( nuw Id an Inil Hu- I I K 1 1 I l,n cd mi ill-- ii' til iiit ['mining, e^ir e VU I f O I u l U l O ] ! tlf t h l ill li,, niait':d sv^uUi l-'tiLlav If then 1 Is no Tiiii int i arilhiii' As aoon ilit ,, , ' 'A mill IH ti I lie Llir-t?l p thti shot-l atrct fiiito Condit alt ret avw. «v fei'l Hint II IK old enough to ·wiilK'." IH-. Hlci'unj luoii.i BHhi In api-al'.inB of (In 1 rnetliiiK her* "We will tttudy Hnd dldcuti'* Iht or^nnlKa- The prltnnry [impose of the tue«t- Inx. which will bf open to the worfc- ers of the caninaixn and lo »M filnciiiir.ri |,|.riioili»li.m i no nttiuhi-rl lv The itidjit din i clues in lo refill, , ,,. r lo thf vnrent« "* » riinil he 'leditl'-il- '"''lie leli her_lin" tiffnr'r h^r .10 (.r pup" hnllr COUNCIL WILL STUDY NEW SUBWAY PLANS Wabash Engineers Will Go Into Conference With Commissioners stt.'t-i 3uli\-, u\ will he h roil nil I to t t-riiitricntt 1 wiih Hit- i-lr. cotmril liy W.ilvi -h rtillniiiil V. . 1 . A ilffuiUF- f,nut.iiiii '-d, A CDiif-'i-f-Hci' hiii) bi'cn net for ii''-(ln\ hul «ri, delnyed betnusie iiT *he *ilneiine froni Pi-eiitur of Mfiy* r.t f), IV, Snilih who n"*ndcd Ih* tutu inl f ti 1 1 1 .In e. When !ln- i-fty nnd Ihe I'Rlltmul Mi',. i",i--h"il 1111 ·iRierint-tii on Ihe { Irrt nl .itbwiv il.'-ired, the \tlnn* w i l l I." |u r-,eiii-.j tn the IV H- li('l'!.l lltv 'It hv Ihc work piihtlc will be tu rtlaciiM the by other 1 « (rronpM tn thf alnte and to fflve HB * I *""· will oh Find Shortage Of Seed Corn This Season flood need corn h difficult lo lind In Ontml Jlllnul.i fleliln Lhl.t fall. W. W. McLaiighlln. lurru munlif;*!!' of the CILiicris National bank s-uirt I'ol- lovrinA a week of Inspection on ^7 fttrms In six counties. Corn Ihflt will do foi .nci'd IH good when it Is. found, he s»ys, bin th± difficulty nrlscu fiom the fuel I hat so much of the cro|t IB ninde up of sjiiiall uai'.i and, Linfilled eurn, Thi; hoi wettthei hkirl I tic corn, bllstcrinK lu^/tla and aikk^ und earn were stutit^ tid In growth fi'uni drouth and U1J not fill out. A guoil many blank mallte ar« found alao. Sixne Gimd Corn fields planted to dts*»*f free show gonte good corn, but Ihu aver- PAY PHONE STOLEN FROM RESTAURANT, RIFLED BY THIEVES Riii'ttliirii entered Ihe M;n1i?-Rl(v SHurlwloh shop In 33S Enstl Kltlorjid" Btiert during th* niyht Tuccday (ind look a pny telephone from the wall The telephone w»n found In the rear of the High school where It hnd hfion bi'oken open and the money taken (Com It. O. Ij. Willliimfl, 1*2S W*fit Deca." ripnrt«it lhnl hln home hnd Iveen eotitred (lurlnpf the night Tncsdsy and a child's bank had been stolen. A wutch also wa,s reported . T i , . i t Ileldl "« taek!n * m may draw wild, so th»t It would be secured *nd put «*»y hctore * hmd O(h»r plnn.i for openlns the rtvlve front cam* lo damaj(« it. In Decntut tin tnltlns foi-ot Thomas 1 Corn In well advanced, Ai-coidlng Pearmnn, Peoiln. will «[pear here to immplea of giain tllal Mi. Mc- in * luncheon meeting on Monday Ocl. 27, Katiy bli'd brenltfnst. a t t z - dlllonul Instilutlon of Ctimmunity (or t,ht North Sldln' tht "'l drives, w)f) be In Ihf V. M. ' ·A. dining room on Oct. SB, the dav the ilrlv? will i entiinesrs nen( rcpoi L meeUriR will \ hiia ntl Iwfn \Vci.lne«iliiv following Ihe tirlve. bus bruiight In tiom farms. Tbe kernels are hurd anil Ihe cob Iti dty The grain nlf Resume Hearing Oct. 22 On Gas Pipe Line Case Nn. CITY WILL JOIN IN OBSERVANCE OF HALLOWEEN Plant For City Wide Celt- bration To Be Made Monday Night WILL ALLOW MASKING Pliinn for recatiir'ii thlid annual riitllowcen cetebrotion are lo he formed In n public meeting In the conni:ll roonw of the cjly hull *i T:3n o'ototjt Konilny evenlns. It w n c 1 announced Titestdav by (tie mnyoi'n ITnllowdcn committee, Members of ihe coitimtlli-^. who will he )n ehnrive of the phintilnKj nnrl cai-ryinc on of thn eelehratlonj nr* rln)|)h Vimier. chtiirman- fi l Roy ICfwIck nnd E. V. Hiwton. Fullnw old plnn Unitertnlten In 39-3 nn n jilnn to eliniinftie miichlef-iuiililn^ on Ail- Hnllow'n eve, the c.lvic rclrhrniion* hn» tnore thnn nclitevci) II* pi)rjM)."i'. members of the committee believe! Not only bus leu? mli.ehlcf been done, i til 12 o'clock Thilridsy noon, fi lin.H CENTRAL ILLINOIS LUTHERANS OPEN CONVENTION SESSIONS "Actiom More Tta Word* Needed/' Keynote Speak* er Declare* TODAY'S MEETINGS tm»*i, trite N m r. o. R . w AGE "LOQUACIOUS" ONE Oeriaitir Berk Nn BM, F. 0. K f^nntnn Decniur lodge NO. 19. f. 0- Appl-oi-lrrtHldy 4*1 Kl.«itk»l Work- lodke tv*, pus. ' C n ' t-'nltliful Kndeavoi r. A, 10 B. n./r. A detent Ordei of filenn«i». nl Ren Hur, Oe-jtri-e of Honor Ifi'lu 11 No. 0*, Dcure* of l,rnl«c. No. 77. Dci-nii'ir council No, 92, IV A, I^iilR'' No. !(M. W. U. I,. 1.. t.oml No, (10. JamneyitMn Hflrheif Slejhen 15ccn1i)r lodjie No, fITO, A, K * A, M. Alinbnli temple No, 2Stt. P. O. K K Pride of '4fl lode* No. MS. FUNERALS WAIT/, Mr* 'Fiibcrlne: scnkcs In ihe chupel nf .1 J. Mfn-wii A f-nnit Thnritilnv nficinnon lit 1 n'cloeh, tin. for divine Mcrvlrn «t .lohnn- nff ehnrch, opening (he ]Mh convention of the tnir«i Illinoln rii*. drc»H of welcom* 1 , followwl hy nre. Hwfiinry nrmoiitiec-mrtnid for lite d»v fjtic«i orKnnlxi wi«i Arthur Alhi'fhi , of Hock Inlnrtd, Pt 1 . !·'. )*fotcnh*iicr o/ rhlcnuo. iK-«ldeni or ihf Missouri «'oi 1- "Thl KliiK'loiit fit God i ln noi in woidf. hut It) (mwcr" WA1TX., Mr". but Ibe whole oily, Ihu-i rreiher for a fi-ollc, has had tin ejt- Oi'lltnt evi.ntnK'ji flin cin-h yenr. The ijeneial jitan of the ,-c|(-br:i- lion (hit y«.nr will be lnillHr to ih:il iih-.ed In 11)28 and 192ft. Addition? tbul ahoulrl make tlie affair more enjoyable than befoi-e ure c.onlemnMted,: nnd will be worked out In detnil hy' nub-eommill#«fl lo bt nppolntcil In, th* meyiUnjj Monday c\'enlnj(. i Allow Mnxklnt | AJ before. »t) pmait* will he al- mlBi ^ ri lowed lo BO moulted on the down-j Q O inT(i mieet towd utreetri D'Om ft o'clock imttfl mMnfRrtif nn TTn!lowe'n. Civic,' , |». | may f-nlt nl 137S Nrtilh 1'nlvcii'My ' "In "In our diiv »nd (itte nihllcnt pun- olplep mijHt not 'inly be cnuo-iorntcij, bill Ih'-y nil^I lie triinii|rkill4 ttiiu deed*. W. »fe MviriK in a i*)iwc|oii»i IB* 1 . Moic KiW'trbtt iip-i. mudt rhatt ever hefoie, nn.l ev.-ti In th" fhiitch ihtii tflivlcpicy KI ftpenli inlher lliarr to do, I KIM hf-eofire jKrlfcr.fiblc, \^V bm* runny nii i iinjti, iminy i'i"iiii" iionx, but alt too ortcn 100 lit Ik nr- theiin... ,;i *) yi'7 1 noon. In J. J, ", ( t Movan fon* riinju'l. Mittln) will be w '. . in Crncc.brid cepielery. Service lime ,, nni wfl-t chanted fi ftni XVednenddy ff ly the '"''""' when ihfn nrc HM.rlnK* by the TTHnota ComnilMlim In Sprlneflcld. on ihe petition of the Eastern Pan hand)* Pipe fjln* eomjany ten- permission to| a line to carry natural ptin (o oil,ITM, hnve been enntlnued to Oct. 22. to allow the city of SUunton' lo pi-escnl Hdditionol evidence In pro-j jiwarded by ih* commlltce, teat * RB ins I the line. Uiey nnl only tlin, but lhiv n to Ib'-lr tli'cri k foe It t'llt'ltCII M I iirlndim) toind In ihe t.'vi, we mny well npplv to por»onil KROWNI.HB · B"in to Mr. nnd ChftMliniMy, e.inirwitlorisl life »nd :. Biownlee, 2S-I Wi'dl r'm-»«|"Vn'Kllfill nclK'Ulen. The fnlili of Ihn fl, * dnitiihicr, , liiitrlorchu, npoxlleji, nmllyr^ wnn * v|i»l power In llieir Ih-ec, it roni- iherti irj endiite Mtiythlntr In DIDTUC BIK I Hft The VAN'nKVBBR-Boi-n to Mr. · hoKpltti), Oct., a ddii({hter coo i»Qiy .!««.·«... »..«» ..... -" --------- ......... - -·- i All pct'wns, who wish lo'tfllt* p o r l j .'""'' B '"' 1 ' . lr) lly. Corn from which he took these] Residents of Slaunion an- flfi;litlii(f . In Ihe relebrntlon and nil who have, -losjepn v,. l TM' · honn ntwl. In I . J "" docttlnnl unity. In Mr*, 1),^),^ \ f rtlrenKlh, bin only when 11 * "'· it n f"rfnl'pl'a«lii!j iinioti. « it'll If n o( WORLD SERIES GAME CENTER OF INTEREST THROUGHOUT DECATUR nltcnrt Mondnv cvonlng's The bsst place let be WtHitie.iday, ·y Henctrtl consent, wf*f* to front of ^.^ be ui'lblMd now mid wonldjihe inlroduetion of nalura) gas in!'riea;i they believe ahonl.l be Incor- MBII The first i keep, (hough it may ha^e loo utiiehjlhe. ground (hut It will brliifi about a! pvoraled In the plnn fot the eelebrfi- be at noon on molittnrt In II lo be shelled and «toi.-..uhstnntlal reduction In th« use of lion nre (t^ked by h» cnminlilf* t) eit In hlnsi. !Illinois mined con], tjofMiltivu iiitodi Itiile Out T^tMe T^riibH John Oflesliy, " l«nanl on une of A question BH lo how much Ihe I hi )ari«B bclonjjlnc to Will lam | Company wan wiilinR 10 ptiy fsrirnrc Buineu. ,/i . near tlwnKind, hft» com-jfor ensi'meuls on rlgbl-of-wny wai pic led the husk Ing of 40 auifts and ruled out on Ihc eround, J thai the aeourud an tvoiagB yield of 38 bush- question did not hnve a bearlmr upon elia pet ttciu. The field hud Lhe ap-|lhc ai»pllr,atlon for perml.islon tn dfs- ot making 10 biiHticisi un itrlbule natural B»». It would be \- inttre thnn that, Mr. Mul^iuitli- lowed later. I'onneil lni' 1 ' n ' Hi'rald witr-hlnp the Wnrtrt Sel.! help In HM tr-rn* In SUfh, pf,-!,. Phll.del- l(n Is » total ot 2.000 aorea o( j on Ihe furnisj undei Mr. _ ^ _ .,,.,.. I iilldinc It tboi^h M;i-m Smith and |Ihln. belni; teprodurerl on the Play-, MeLuut'lihii's manaBcmwnl in Macon 'ith*""e'ei'uflente^of' convenienc/ nnd nlhet rn'-mlH-K of lh" council m e : O-Ort|ili ' ' " ·"" -ki[,llrnl npHiii 1 rhi-ii clnnn'e!" of rij- Ttit 111' 1 Mr. DlKon tjald the Panhandle oom- Ifl prepared to atari work In reeftipl NEW LINK HIGHWAY OPEN FOR TRAFFIC Road Makes Shorter Way Into Decalwv For 80 Families houn *(r*»l. in the Dcceiur and M«- n3H ,.,) on u,.. \vont of i t-on County ho*pllal, Ocl. 7, H d»UBh- ffo B )i*nker puiri n vintni tiibutf! t'f. to the IjiHhernn Jim O'-hlii) sehcjfll*, MOl.l.OHAN (!"in, io Mi. »i)'i which hav* contHbijied much ic, i,he Mn. Homer Motkilutn, 13W Noitb iruJnln^ of An In (citizen i lay mein- (illc- - i ( " t ' i . Sept, 23, M daughter, bernhi]), H' ill'Cril t h e 1c1r£nteft to Bolorce Jean. expand then" cehooln wberevcr po- , I ,, ogllll chilelian, Plait. Dewllt. and | necess | tj , nom tlle Commerce (lorn- J" , '""' n-| Moiillrie counllea and threshing haul j , In 10 A ft£t(| . g |- Bn llnff '" n " c _.._ . . ....... H i .1 . ..] 1 1 _ ... ,. ...,,. « n V k * . . t ... ..' . f . i . ' i Tniin A he-it place in kenp I now formed on the pu-oiriexs of the lenmn s t a rt*i(. Th« yield will average, "'"'of the tii-i,iilj of what IB xoiiKhl In 1h(''va« ''.in« F onvplriee" you happened to i wo8 n 16 and 20 busheU Jier acte, he on in (, lf | nl if led pi in fin I lie tuhwuy hnve.Kn (Ifiwnt'iwn. Bverv store or nhoni ihiiiki. Th* condition is good,, nur'ti i:ivi-n onl. hut M wider th;it is equipped wiih ifl'llo, and it i -· * - - jlicri nnrl ti nirne uridunl nlope In'icomi thfil ino^t of them ni'e, had 1 lirtCDIT Al RII.I. OF work would be tuned hi on the ' their ,i"t In frnni EARNED ON COI^TY FIP'DS DURING l " 1 " "r" 1 - eiieu nnd nf the ep OF StiPTFMRER COUNTY INCREASES ""'Care ol Dependent Palients 40 Per C September n lour nf Wtiler and oiip founil thiil ·*e nnlll anoint' toak 1171 Ih* y. Persons nhtlfceH to hiiri-v h"ie fill'-I'-)-! ''fltlll(ll!l Of J4.'!«.'JI on plnl1 t] "' rf '" ll " *' i L V ' l l l t t n f f (tl * (ouuli furul" In Se|iii'inbii' weie r*. bnwbnl! frnnie were tint ohlked lo )uilHi Wfilni"«i«v by Mis, 1C, C, "tli" 1 " e Ifnerul outline of ihe i, col in (A- trenstupr The In- Rflm* . w.i.i pnl.i hv lh' followinE *^ H wemod Hint fi-w personsi aeptnmbc.r. * 40 pet cent. National. t.WUl; hnd hiiHinenj' linporL.nt Hnrk nf Deratui. S10MS: Itcep lhe m f r( ,m wntehin CITY PUNNING GROUP TO HEAR DISCUSSION OF GRADE CROSSINGS · Sloy, Dccntur township commiMloner, h»i upctl"! f the link rnnd b'twecn corner on Ih* old Si. l^iiiln ,d Ttonle -18. hno been graveled and ·hane 10 fterve nn a shoi I The put In route Into Decatur /amllicH Uvinff west tfnckfl loitlhweiit of 111 is road wrta Imill people bad to RO a half out of Ihelr wuy to (ret to Rout* The new rond In shout 4 NOTFS Iti'lririilioi lli'clitleri'rl MViiA* Afier th)' ni'i-vtr* ihr |e(;1-(rntio« 11 Id MwH* O f dclctcntef w n c iNlten bv l)ic ficer*" mcmberH of th» Ot-.otry of trie dlnirln, IVv. 1 f , .(', Wepe- terbeln (tulhi of Tni'blood Meniorlrtl'hniiH of Chaihtim, church itiendcd t tl)* meetlnn Tiwtt-i Officials of 'he dletrh't to »irl\* diy ntRhi in 1hi» home of Minn Alice'Wcdne^day wep-i Rev. PH Willi«lm Taylor. MS North Collejje nii-i'i't,. of Koch Mnw): Pmf. Wnnnet, cst. Plunn w o r e made for w Halloween ittiylnl. of SprinjifWrti llev. pnul parly to b* Riven next Tuendny nlglil .Rohiil*. pr»itW'Ht! lrof. H A Klein. In the home of Mis* Ruby Woke- director of Ib* aprlnafl"|.l Conand »IM for t box soctm ihc t-ordia Kemtnarv, week in Nov'inbur. Thrvd ievv lln«*r »»d Hll|l)icr wele wrvm1 lit were taken In, Those parti. »* TouBit )»*nple's bill by women fit Jumps 40 Per Cent. In irT..^.?^ Bl KJ^S^.°l f .^ 1 '«i«irtnir i« ih. u...u,r n, m iiv flriMp Seventeen membern of the A nitoun cement l,uih»rnii won inmln \t A meetlni? of Ihe member-? of (h*: .",,.,,; . ' " " " ' , "' . '*!' ,',,; Seventeen membern of the noilih- i-iiu-rflii i.«yii-i ,TM c.llv manning committee of the i " f "'" "' '.°. nB * B(I ? W .* rl *TM ". )ri '-" Hrcle of ihe lndle«' »ld of firsee HI Tilnity p»)h linll Assodslion ot Cnmmerc*, dlrcclorn, Methodist church met wlih Mrn. ftli-'hi, T. f, racers. fWrt ne, of lh. organisation and olhe,K, hMi j!^?^' T*' eb ^"jtSl." 1 . W "f h Fr "' 1 '"· ""'" T ""' «'" 1 '"" OB '" lo , * Ml T 1h " " rt * 1 " 1 ** been called for 4 o'clocl, thl, after-i '^^£*»£**''"Z^Lm ^ *° n »- 191B W "" F '"'"" Mm * ^ "^'^ ""**" TM ·noon In the TJecatur club, to o( to over the coat ot hoapltallitntlon for -«·,,.,,,. * lu ,..-, n . ,, the^pliiy. AuBilst. Sutiy-three putienw were W\ 72 Ml fllnn Jlundredii of persnnfl ciowded the cnied for by the county during tne · ! i .^ · u^'.UJa . u ml. n** t\ pOafllh' , ,h.i'"« biRhway. Work wi: Mrs, New York, Mr. So(t arrived in Dccatut, Wed- to help, plction hefoie rnpldly I fall 'J.-VOterl A. A. lilll. Vediilent. jircaideil to the pjenidctit 1 * nniiutil i-fl^"''. ''Wi- f.i tbd devotion*. Mm. ,T. R. mltto* repoiH, ' ' ~ ' » nod ·nnouncenient and watt met Kohert f rldlni; ttilu "i Ihll i- ( h.n i' 'did un »o · lu Mi^nr "Till- tl"Hlilf V'hlrli lldlU'l ellll'.-d hi lh(« (-multi -. unit (lie ll'i'lhte ihlcli rnl..r(',. i-i rnii 1 -]i.j I 4 inrcelv . . iind SiHt,e Bank "trect and ilrlewilki tn front of The list monln. Hernld and bullillnw m-rnw Main "Mor* people were »!ck In Scpte.m- nlm lne · Elv/in Wan Sft*s Mark In 1-1,1 torn window. f r o m b«r than in August," Dewey Green, overseer of the poor, snid Wednes- His pren with the ituse here Is In donnecClon movement ntnil(Hl tasr tn tli- niiim.*] i-l^l .- In! ...... Hi hv i-n- U'-'-.U ne J-N " t (; r 1 - h iivi -u|iei inie tl fulil'i 1 I n - I l l ' ! Moil 11. ml" fl " Aikll*. ^ jiri4 ml I mLiieeit ^ i 'i. Th»«'f f (u-- (1,1 niiiinh)" '.ciiilnn IVlllric.l [tlll.'r liv til'- |l|r;ill|l W W| eiclie 1r;i u i- eli rune if. ··irhtrO'i MT oi t ) ^V « mi ill i I'lntinii'lt'- lii Hi K V I'lip H i rmnti \Vnlni-Mlii ill. i" n I'Uftll-CII in r lin'.ll 1 ' lift* iMHH fit Mr f*n,i|ui of our cli JPHI illd- ' nnl (Ji-iuj;)- Wctli of neni Khvin. i«- i-i ruls- e.iahliflietl whm lit thoiiithl in lie n rernxt In hardline limestone n 1.1 '.in I'-.j n' ilone, hauled II foui IIJK! ^ hn If m 'I,1 * n nrl * pi-end ft on « '··-M in one i'iv f t p nnntkri ihe tlfiii--'n^i 1 nl Ihe late nt tlu?e ton-i Atlhosish the w.ilelieri were over- day, in explaining why the Replmn- sprinit to make ·comprehensive mir- whHnilncly sinj! Ihe.e were women ber bill showed such » sharp ln-|vev of city traffic, unrt grnAr erosK- who ,l np , for 'nn in-i^m-,0, and, cr«a«e over th, previous month'silnpr sep. ration ncedR. «lon B wllh «,m» fc«- who Mood thi-outthoiit theniosl^, !" hlit- f » et(lls ln b(ller cllv l lM »- Hoipitnl records In Deutitnr houpMniiK. Isln bear out Mt 1 ill-pen's dtalcnient j Some Idea of whnl mich ix mtrvey to the extent that both Institutions In'would hnvc 10 be mid whnt It would To \VATKlt STIIKKT Tlin'e cdlu o! elnlhr- 1 " nntl one i-nii-oiii w.-ic »toleo h- n thief who 'iii-"ilm- nliflii entered the Kninhei lor.' In Xortti VVaiei ilieel i»; MFKTINfi DATtf \Vect illviiion nf Piis : Indies' aid society Comnl^te Program For Fir"»l Revival Seric ITev C f. Moore, pastor of Trin- 'u- (' M. R c'ni 1 ''.'.'I r.f f, f l i 't)verton. pastoi of the Church of the 'Tflvlnn fioit, will jrlve »ddr*Rs,er Sun-! day In tlie Antloch Bnptlst church.| dlirinK Ihe ctnslnK service of the re* SCHOOL OFFICIALS TO DISCUSS ATHLETICS Thomas Arklc wen n c i T will DC Speaker In Me?t for the comtiiK yyir. Mm. 1C. tinnc"' conmitliee nf O, Clnrh. ehttlrrnan: Mm. Hiiniil*y, Mr*. W. N Brisirii nrit Mrf. Oliv ' l W " IV(-| v "' ' ·" w - 1 ' :i * ( * eollecled on duin inri SI 00 for Ihe pledge. ttefreii|iininlf were neri-eil Tarr Building To Be Used \s Sunday School hmrh )lJ»f *»· The citt.d lh» «)n,iiii of ih» IvMrrt to n*(. the fart "' 1l " 1 nnHleM, K()ns .,. n o.i MI*, inn. Heponu thin nil fund* hn,l been ,| l erenfwd wen 1 rend lo ihc Th*i.i |t^ rl! " 11 ' *" lh(t tBUlar iivellilK hv Mro, 15. A. bultdlne for a lirnneh ' '· i^ "»n«i th*- MeihodlM Siiinlity , ni| , B ,,,,,, ,, Fi^e The being remrtdellert (i( r ,,,,_ -, _ - . ...,,-. ichool iillilettcJ* will come in Decoltir ahoweii a sharp Inci ease Inmost, will be given by Mr, Scott ln|for closienl seruiiny under the eyes "' "'* ^i-'t''" Meilio.ll-,1 chinvh Tucif- number of piiU*ni)i cared for during i the meeilnp rhla evenlnK of oiitstandlnfr «lijf-:ijnrn of the nui-' ' ilv nfi"! ntion r!i"Mii.'* of illncsii In September ha* not becnj - - - + - - wh) , n un no ij, seliool Board officinln M "- * l p t t *''«'" !l home, Ihe nieeiltlB meet in Decntiir on Oct ,23 and 24. *"' ''(mdiicie.l in Ihe ehuich. A rf Teacher*, salnriex end compcn^'lon l w ' ( nl!tfl W8 » lll! " i(l lht " 1h! nff '^ nnd liability Insm-nnee of achoold f""»l'y h*m« " ! " f * f "r h \' H" 1 ''I" 1 " inlso urill be dis«et],w.l In the (wo dnv Wflli i»rot'tiii:lm Thi; visiiliip; com- an unii.iual monlh for slnhnmn however, and hoftpltalteation hafl not been aj ptrent. in the last month a« (lining September ot previous years, olfic.lalu sai'. i vet nt-- r - 1 n will itlio b spcnkn'.i, of t 1 -- fi-drfiv *il Itiild Mill rVniif.l Mettiollii " S n\"f\ nl i 3(1 Prldnv ln«tend ef Thur.i- tl-iv «|th Mr^ Mflrv Richardson. 429 .r Ihe (Tl'.het North ?ntiitiiil (n-enue. I O p C K l t d t · wi«-ner ions' V r I tiny HI 'the church. l-.e'.,' one of ih« pHn M er j wea ther Continues To Show Improvement Instal Device On Refrigerators the 1 ' t rl,,. rn |. puhlli «r v l«wJ'na tblf full, an-1 1 Rev ll»niei T.iunci and mcMhett .-,! h^ conjrre^fltioii ni one* fiw ih» po-i)i|litli1ies ')f ipi'liipj th.' liutl.lliipi nf :i Siin.liiv school, M A t'(ipi»-lrin( will bcih* ^upciInrendctn, n-*i*lctH hy volunteer workflCd from ihc upt/iw-n nr pi'"Bi'«m will r. lnis nl ft o rlocli In reeent dcvelopmonln In meal construction m the four riisplny [will speak on edncullonal ulini nnd rcmfons lo he ncert hy the In iL.'lllhl !l. ii- «ii. .ulrt* I.H ni lent! HI nf the fin nil of lix.k- l« nn titilnldl i ,iei-iv Cl lllld " toHMIil tii In holh (he ·"I *mpl(ivf H of rhi- firm im liu-Mmi (if ihe et\ ,,f ihe (,'itMt Metlv will meet Thuixlav ; Mi ,.vtivl In ih*i horn* he Rev. A. l; iti' of the TREATMENT TO BE AT GUSHARO'S 3 DAYS irenlment |J*/' nltl 1(ro. nilfflnnlriri of Ibe "~alp Irralnient will he in wiiwy Shop, thhfl floor. * v f'rld«' nnrt Snturdav. or the lookout f»r (fllf-ifd u .ji n rt| .y 0| , n |) v f vt s , )t deacrl|Hl" ,,"' hull-. p|-|, v 1,^]]-, dnn- Onstahlc Hum. t '('«lp III" are irn-ited Hilnre to II," Miiy! 1 , i .1 \lititiln Toll i »i I'lil l 'HT.r'ili-t Ariln ll.i'l']' .1',!lll Ur-llllllE- Alll " t-.I.Ul l-|l ^..k, Mi * II. U nil, !· II.H' r,iti..-iir i 1 *lf ivniliim V n n . Km .l.e',' ,Mi» Mi L.lllil llj.p'-li M.". .1 c. Minn. j ,T. A. Merlwenlher, president (Nalional Bank of riecatur, who hns heen in a eiilICB! condilinn In St. Mary'' hoipltnl for several weeksi, \i ^r.idnitlv improvinK. He WHS able Lo h- up In a wheel rholr for a very ahoi I time Wfcdnwlny 4 IN MT. FlILASKr CHURCH Rev, S. K. Reynolds rtt rincnrur c.nans in thf mnrkel. o f ! Difficulty ban nlways been met the elans of diuplav cirar of the refrigerator "sweat"' and of the natural moisture and vnpntv arising from meati. The remilt, in most case*, in of the pinsa. Wllh Ihrce jmnen of two dead air J pares In e;tch open Prof,'Hiram T, Of (he state university, will (he value of .^cltonl budget* and audits, He H lieod of the ttepnrtnient of ten sin fas or (snn iJJillon nnd opera- lion in Ihe university. : on « [n (ilttlnpr the C'nmmiiniiy 'bfl.m fund nf !he eitv Honlenneit for TiK.fdny df- trrnoftn'd meeilnc were Mrit, Ro,\ Rail, Mrs. Pi-ort HUM and Mrti. M. (.' , C'ntlin. The nexl itnttterine will b' ft fnnilly pollnck dinner. tn p, rs | . ' ,, 5. S. , Officers of the association will be elected in the meeting here In Uern. cloudy nppearsncellur. Retirind officer* Include, W. C. Urban. Oanhe Cily, president; Frank J. Pelru. Cicero, vie»-pi-Ml-; F. E. Wllllamxon, Urban*, Sl^nin Injr snd wiih the addition of new TOUR CAM1V will conduct seivlce; in the F'irst [tnstilnlinK material, the lOhiistlan church. Ml. Pulaskl, morn ins;. Oct. 12, Kun'litv school rntlv dny will be oh-', nerved lit Flrtit M*ihfl*lt*t churcti; ii'-Nt Siindtiv l J lniiM h«v» been m»de ,) )( , for nn »ppi-n|iri»i» |i'ORrnm rittd 10,' Of the SUma ctnnn of SI p.iHl'n M f t hod Inl church which wn conducted Tncsdav evcnlnsr In the lrensm-cr: A, n. Mcl,nnv, Ut bnna, secrciary. (leoijte N. Tnylot Rev. Twenty Rnls of Ihe High srhon) Mr. Reynolds wast the former pastor lioiup economics club went through of the First Christian church, Ihe Chocolate Shop candy kitchen TucMla\ p afternoon. 1 and MIW how cnndy In made In a commercial kilnhen, lra, Clarence Dnaklns, new nrtvlsior for the cluh. was preacnl. . The yroup had s shott bnsln*" 11 ' meetinjf In the sichool precedlnK Ihe tour. Samples of candy were given tn the pupllM. miii'n ciwin"ii"nd"ciesr'at":iii"tineF t l««l f-.' T " Tn ley are members nf Ibe Tinprovlnfc 'he appenrnnce of th« crises nnd enhancing the Appearance nod stMttBtlon of the mear. Headquarters Will Be Established Within Few Days tjpadqimrfer* (or Been I ill 1 Com- cls now p*yln|E rent ie btlnj Peln 1 n conslnhte h.Tln't alf din nuioke tin duty, nn' I shoes stilnej, nn' he Officer* hflve been elecled for (tin vear a* follow 1 !): ^"·iliii'tu Mnii.- l',i".-ii.i T.e.miirt 1 -- flrtt^ Tiillk 1 ' Mni-lulll llorolln 1,1- .-V Ftf.KS FOR nrvoncn Walter Friend filed *Ult for a divorce from Beatrice Friend Campbell Wednesday In circuit c.oilrt allef-ine desertion. They wer* marrifid In 1927 but nrvfir lived tosether. ' mlinily Chi-wf c.umpalRn which will Allhoinjh several (n Decstnr on Ocl, 28.-will he.ned, no we»k, probably In Ihe hulldlnfi previously oceiinlert bv Ihe Telephone company In Ihe 100 block Kasl North street being corwid- *rtabl(Bh«l ,,,, ran- executive com mil tee. Durlmr the sixteenth vent ion her*., oulslandln^ of 111* stale will anenk to They will include: R. C, Moore, sec- Stale Ttdchers' Alton, counsel for Illinois School Board assoclgiinn, nnd George North 1 The of the Simdny church will be home of Mnt, ,)o««tih Miller, Illft *'' ( " 1 ff ' r ""' *'«UWH "I" 1 winter Kant Wood street. Mnmbcrjt of ihe inonins, li-ich Sunday mop nine the club will hm-e n wiener rnaitt Frldav, 1)1 - v '* "« d C irl!t W 'H '"" l wlth '"* Oct. 17 In Fail-view pnih, The rhil- ndulri to h«*i n (ihfirl ncprniw. Dilr dren from the, fJIrK WcHsre hoiw tns Die ndnli nwnioii, the children · , where « jpec.inl })rW)ni Sw|ply In Mwl llieir needs will he The Kvcrwdy noclHy of the KUf't (he supei-vliiion of rtev. Mark n, Me borne nf Mm. Alice linlton, 410 W»ni _ ,, H ||y dny prosrnni are Simrtsv *-hriol Grdn»ei wood «wrt. Member* m* inked to. N , M ( on »,, w |, fl tlie *tudy if fhe 'lnm« plan*; rally day r i rlnh cl"h under Ukcn. children from Dncalur sohoolswlll Kdl^UI. T.1 H LH-'lF-^rlU I I1F|.|| n f f t - f l-ll'luTI ft^ +T\J| M* * * P »J *1 ULP41I " 1 '( V" ''I- I P P I 'S V I P 1 I TM * , - Tnylor. presltlcni of SirMtor school' Church of Chvldt will nicnt Thurmtiiv ! . ·dlslric.t No, ^,V ' rs an noon as Chest headquarters' LEVEL STEADY Necessity i( obtaining hcfldqimr-j l.i established . and a apace large tcrs Immediately and of starting next weeli on prepnratorv organl'/Jitlon for the i-Mnpftlsn, will recjuire that Ihe Cheat headquartei-K be mover I to enough lo nc com in oil ate the groups obtained. nflernoon at t o'clorh In Ibe [ i»r)or. Mm. .JenneUn Knjtel will t\\'i · t a. de.voUonal IslU. Mlw Helen Cnx, iu cm-re rtr n aiktr ' wl " " tv * " rnitn f- Brirt »IM Ifl SPITE Or RAINS : Tibb*t«n win niv* » violin MI«. of thf. la sit few d«ytt hm not "The tlie iKntor dnt Junior- tvovi, A msle chorus v/il directed hv Kidon , , . he' I affected Ih* level of the lahe M yet. ' N I N K STOLEN I* obtained, som* will be nece^aary before lite head- in Impression! j-ecelved in a Come e* trip taken under the direction WITH THE SICK dam, Wednesday, ft h»!' horn*, of bin mother. Mr*. since the water flowed, I£v*nK. )«R Kiwi North dli-nei. HOCIA1, PRPDAV NIGHT The. Moihcrn' club «( ih* Orove acjjoi)! will have a nocinl F; tay ntfiVi' in lh* school. *«h -Artv, 7i bondlta thnti Mrs Chesler Hiidnon, 531 E*nt quarters may be moved. jnf Mis. .1. L TRllman, chairman of if," complfilne'l jGiiuli itreel.(imported to police that fi addition lo a headquarters the Come and See committee, Ar,iy "There'* iiti'nlne chicken! were stolen Monday ibtilldlnK, (he central houMnR pirn ls|r!\nR?m*r:ts were made lhro*jti Mlsa A i d e Small, Ji Inlshl fiom l*r home. Two weolis[still hclnf,' inventlRHrcd and » locd-1f.,nlsi Yoder, ndvisor for Aj^ra so- RUMMAGE Groups (our and nev P. T. A, MRKT* Mcinli(rc of ib« Brush Collc^; nf the l«..a Parent-Teacher aneociatlnn whn wJtnts'hiti marrlftft* annulled, »co the wme 1 'number were stolen, tion auitabl* for aid soctclv of Ihe Flrjtl Pt-e.*-1 nine) nil t)nv Ihe tarii No.. will! LOCAL NOTICES Wii»v«t T1r» Co. Ml'K. L. R. hyfcrlan church will huve matte sale Saturday and Merchant , In ilwhowoj promptly rum- o/ Mr*. Arthur Cotton 2800 G»»i h«*|in^ ·« In M»rrfnn *vtnw. A py^ck lunch, in The HernW »on will he nervdd. CluwvrW Stetloik -- -- NEWSPAPER!

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