The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 17, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1859
Page 3
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F.UtvN FAYOEITE EOUTE TO UAVI8, { H Inlets from fr NOTES, PLBRZHEIM OFMIIS-.BO. M YOUNG'S HIW BLOCK. ^L^Mat^o^^n^^m^iir^^S: '•• -"- - - -• ' •'-• - - (Niir opened to Lake Mlehl«tn.) dau'*wi& : «J*r ed to Ibrntah the cittieni of MOwauket torn the -weU known Dairy of M. BARBEH, ftq., « a fair price and in qnantiUe* from a tdnttg* tran- s' •&»P wl11 ' 5 ?? *° ^ inpplle<l,<*ileav« their orders with Mean*. Honn 1 Crosby, opposite the Wai. k< S,2r*- JL^WOT, yaoketMnkman. ft 'OB, SCENES IN AAOXIIElt AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAPT. ALEX. SCOTT, LEADER. IS NOW READY TO FDKNIBH AST of BaS-amento, fronTone tei «t rcuoMble J augll ,"'*?^ °*£S- Xtlt Boo"*' »* Hempstett tore, 178, Bart Waters*. • PRIOB * CO.. Seaman's Mammoth House Fornlahlag Block, MITOON STKEET, Kunrsvtonntro fir, AXD BULZSS n MODERN PILGRIMS, AC. _1I» JBnjtfcj of Ufa, by the Author of Miiklatflrlnff lleta Gray, by *. J. Mclntoah. l>ota Deane and Maggie Miller. ' The JnlUu, «. 'PrlnotortheBooseof Da«ld— ne* edition. LlTlnciton'iAMca-.U mo. edlUon. Potaaleby tfebl») E. IKttt 4k ttt /»J^P*««*fV«r*.i|Naat Steamer* \ ''City pfi^TOland," & "Cleveland," ,..;..,' • (TbOrougrJy refuted for iis rdute.) O N AND AFTER MONDAY, J prU u, ]g59> Pu . seoger Trains will fdllbwi: : NEW j inductor Pipe. AUo, agents for Collins 1 celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air furnaces and Registers, VenUlaton, AcT^' Orders thankfully received and promptly atten- «ny28 ed to. ISAAC K1NQSLEY, «AS A: STTEAin PIPE F1TTEU, NO. S91 EABT WATBB StSXKt, he Book, by W. M. «ie Power of Prayer, b, Li. Prime. Memoir of Btoddard. Bitter Bwcet, b( Holland. . Cash OapIUl an« 8nrplnij;i 1-AMAK 1«7 East Water suit, JUSTICE OAS, 8TEAW AND WATKE COCKS, GLOBE AND CHSOK VALVKS. OCAOK COOKS, 4e' Al»ay» OD hand, a lareeanortment of „ « AS Fl X X P It E S work done In a workmanlike manner, at short ootlee and lowest price*. . Je»-dly M '" of am onaUtv paper. , I. TERny » CO., ICICast A KEWBOOs'liy John si Ahfcott.5 The Empire of AostrlaJ t'OMPASiY, '•- •• Of New Tork City, ...• . . Cash Capital and Surplus..............$244,839 6» CITV FIRE INSURANCE ^COMPANY* ;Pf llartfoid,Connecticut, ..- , „ . CasbCapltal and BirpiBt,.,......,,...;...fsoi8;j31 is l.wliijt business'for ttie»bo»e nasned Companies, en- tir«*y upon ttelr own m«rlto aBdjMpopsjbulty, M J vef* to their prompt and liberal settlement of all bones heretofore, a» a guarantee for tbe future. Policies Issued without delay. OpINO .•••'.• Mall. . ' '•*• Bap. Bridge, dtp. 930 '* ' A. V. •Detroit, depart.. 1M Fentorrvllle, arrive »-.SO fOswego, arrive.. 1*:W» 8t.j4.hns, arrive. 12:10 i Grand Rapids, arr. S.-flS •Orand Baves, arr. 4*0 A. M. Milwaukee, arrive. 2^0 WEST: Mlxe<J. Accom. Express. r. ai. A . •. «0 .... A- *. r. u. ISO 4:45 Sad 7:30 1:40 fcas A. K. MO -, r. H. A. H. 1030 r. ». •:00 A. M. IfclC Hill _ „ 12U& m •Refreshnients. KABT Acco. _ ..,en Joa«Hou*«»,Aa»'t. Rorthrfeat cor. Main and D. P. MAHBBILL, Surreyor. WUoonslo iU« Milwaukee. septS v V iiitett Slat e»M. 4t F. lus. Co. N. & GO., LADIES', GKNTLEUKN'3 AND CHILDREN'S IsOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, M A 8 0 K STREET, Opposite the Walker I! o D B e mySl H. WKINBHKNNKK, m miUftt^Tpy^ AVD X>RAUn lH BOOTS, SHOB8 AM» OAITEKS, NO.. 24 SPRING STREET, Oppotlte Americnn House myll Bool & Shoe Store. NO. 48 EAST WATER STREET JOHN FUEL,AN, KEKP8 always on tiand good custom made Boot* and Shoes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shod made to order ID the latest style and warranted to satisfaction. JOHN itK^K, » If 01. ESA I. E DRII4JU18T, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Ola», Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Transpcr'^d entirely by vessel. It come* In perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates I have permanent arrangements to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. 'pyM JOHN MOt. ARMSTRONG & OONNKL.UY PAINTERS, KRAIKERS, GILDERS AMD SIGN WRITERS, Chicago »U, between main & Water. EV Particular attention paid to Kalsomlnclng Cell- ln >™_ J myl8_ Harper Brothers (EsiabUAed in 1848,) bODSE : 8IQK, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND OKSAMENTAI Painter*, Clazlera A Paper^lanircra. IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 ONEIDA STREET, A FKW DOORS KASTOF TBS MA.RKFI BOD8B. jy* _ _ JONKS & WH.ITKHKAD General Land and Insurance Agent*. NOTARIES PUBLIC, At'., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Mevrose's Block, Fifth Ward. WUl attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate Insuring Goods 'and Buildings tn responsible Oompa nlea, Attend U. the Collection of Accounts, Making ant of Deeds, Mortgages, Contract*, Leases, *c. All Collection: made on accounts placed In our hand will be promptly paid over. i. o. TOMS jyss. soasarr wHrrraMc. The Minis tr> o If eta Gray. , Downlnga Fruits and Pralt Iresjs. Berisesl fclltlon. The House, a Manual of Bouse AroUtecTare. ««le by g. IKailT, *>"** _ 167 Bast Water street. WISCONSIN "' STATE DIRECTORY — AND— ........................ silOOXOOM . SURPLUS ........... ,«i:.A^^.wS».6S8 00 OBoe, under «IUjhellVB«Sk,'corfier'o»«i»tirate» aad -.-"- •••' •- - • ant. WA VKmx.'. ...... ....... Wisconsin. FOK 1858-69. PKICK TWO DOfcfcAKS. THIS WORK CONTAINS THK NAME AND ADDRESS OF EVERY PGB8ON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O H his own account in the State of Wisconsin, from the Wholesale Merchant aad Jobber to the small dealer. Representing both the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Professional branches of bnsi- nets alphabetically arranged and Uflwaukee, depart •Brand Haven, dep Grand Baplds, arr fit. Johns, arrive.. Ovosso, arrive. Fentonville, arrive •Befrolt. arrive... Bus. Bridge, arrive fM 9:40 r. M. Mall aipr's p. M. 8.4)0 A. ». 4:00 8*0 B!BS r. M. r. H. 8:65 Mixed. »:55 r. «. 2:15 A. H. 4:00 Nlghirj Expr's. H. 1S:00 r. M. 8:43 10:30 a. sj. 1*0 8:00 4:50 _ —-,«-._. T A-^lliCX Trains will run as follows, Tl»: ' i GOING WEW, leavettaclne for Dav6—Freight«.-Ace., Leave Eacioe for Belolt— Passenger, ; j 6XUNO- KABT. Leave Bdolt forHaclne—Fnssenger, leave Bnvls for Kaclbe— Freight A Ace.. PasatOgerj by taking the T A- «. train ou the Lake Shore KallroaJ it llilwaukee, connect at Racine with trala to'Da vis; arriving at Uavla at KJO r. •- Stage leaves Itavls lor Freeport OD arrival of train, d A) A. n. trhln; from Uavla eonnecis at Racine with afternoon triiosjm the Lake Shore iUilroad NoiUi and ."ouih. el^-lit forwarded with u»patcii. It U LIMIT UAKJUB,Bupcrint<ndcl>t. Pitttburgli, Fort W^yne & Chicago tf"" . im*^ ^_ _ _. gl f™ S.J-TJT?. ._.-'>-] f*.'ii.T--^>-'- - - iEED IN THIS CITY AT St All, i?OAJ>. f> \UlflXee and direct itouu uew open to New furl, X Uojtun, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and CLASSIFIED THEIH , SCSItifSS Information relative to Banks, (showing their capital date of organisation, circulation, kind and value of securities deposited J Railroads and other Incorporated companies. *^ Agricultural and Manufacturing Statistics of the Sketch of the State, and a full and^comp'rebens'i^Ap^ pendlx. Advertisement of the leading business- house* conspicuously wlsplayed on Unfed pages, Interleaved through tbe bo«y of the work. The Book Is of full ectavo slae, handsomely printed containing about six hundred paces. The advantages the business community must derive from its reneral circulation, as a book of reference, throughout the State, and the principal Eastern Citle«, affording as It does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, resources, statistics, wealth, In fact, a perfect mirror of Us business, hi of Inestimable value, and canmt be too cener- ally appreciated. \&T The Book wdl be sent bj mall, free of ••ostai.e on receipt of ' TWO OOL.LAKS. Law and Library Binding, $2^0. *'"" 1 STRICKLAND A OO Booksellers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. J. A,Helfen«teln, B. Sanderson, llo»rs Rowland, 8. B. Danrett, 6.«iue|-Ua»e, e. D. Donaman, • II. L. Palmer, Edwrn Townsent, Solomon Ariltr. J: A. HrajgNBTPH, President. •3. D. DGTJBMAS, Vice President. ' . „ _ W. T. PALMER, Oeoentl Agent, B. a Warn, Secretary. 8.8. Diottrr, Treasnret. H. L. P>Aijm, Attorney marM> MIL.WAUKKK OFFICE: IB nilcbcll Building-, miclilyaii. at. MriwApna, Wi8oo»sni. CHARIKRKD CAPITAL; . . *2oo,ooo Paid in, $IOO,OOO. IM RECTOBS: o. D." DJIVIB, ' W. A. Pakrnsa, B. S. Ooswvxa',* . H. RnjmaaOHT J. Uuvraaar, JOSSTH F. UILL^ J. BkCoanas, jAa.ahraaAt, .C. COSUJTOOX, Gao. tint, t. TOWNBEHD, President. „ , „ ' J-L WALHATH,Secretary. 1. L. PALMER. Attorney: taC~ Fire and Masine Risks taken at current raws. •aefreshments—Hotel in Depot at Grand Uaven. • Boat will leave Milwaukee -en Saturday* at 8 p. ».— for Saturday Night's Express pauengenwest, but 4 A. «. train will M ,T leave on Sundays. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays eicepted. THE TELCOBAPH LINE Is uow opea far POVLIO Bust* IBB. 11. L. PALMWJI, K. T Kaixo oo, is. GEisaxao, marK SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For sale at teblg REPORTS STRICKI^AND * CO, 134 Ea,l Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. NEW MAP, showing th« Route to the Gold Re- TEAS A1WW COFFEES, WHOLESALE & KETAIL -AT- Koberfi Criiriiey's ORE VT \VENTEaN TEA" STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 2S per B) lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on tbe premises by the most improved methods. Java Ifto Bio lie. St. Domingo 12J$. Remember the number 174 East Water su. Seaman A_ Wlng^s^lld Store. jyg] febis glons In Kansas, just received by STRICKLAND A OO. . 12« East Water street SCUNiECKEX & BHUNOTrO, OOMMISSIO/M MKKCtLANTS, Real Ettatt and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orwca—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Offlce. marZT L). CJOHSON, A T T O It N E ¥ AT LAW. HAS remoTed to JOfflce, No. B, State Bank Building, corner ol East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. mar20-d3m BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \\J K artprepared In our Bindery to Bind Magazines «¥ Penodlcali or anything else in the ri,rni of a Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates <*- n8 ^ gTRlORLAND A OO. Mereo«copic Viewx. W E have reclved a fine lot of Sterncopic Views embracing views of Interesting localities in HtlSSIjt, SWITZF.Ht.AND, SPAfK, K'O Y P T , NUBIA, GRKKCK, iriTSKKT, fSKLAJfD, *<'., ^r Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instrument!!. STRICKLAND A CO , Booksellers and Stationers •P rl 134 East Water utreel. .,. FIKF INSTHIATVCr. rTIHK undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks JL and rtre Risks on produce In- store. In the North Western losurauce Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at as low rales as by other reliable. Companies. The reputation *>f this weil-knowB, long established Company entitles i fto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Aftent, n °v» at ogee ol W. A i. r. Hill. BYSTATE AUjisbRJfY, AVISOONSIN QKNEKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY < HAItTCU OAK riUK I.\8. CO., Hartford, Ocan. CASH H FIISK Uariforj, Oonn. tSS4,S«r 06 CASH ASSETS WBSTKHX MAw«lttE INS. CO.. Of IMtuBeld, Mais. CASH ASSa-CTO ................... »206,6»9 41 CO* WAV FlUlTTrVStlKANCK C«-.. ' — r Haas. CABH ASStl. . ......... tgfc . CONNECTIONS. AT DETKOIT-GRSAT WSSTKRN UAILW4T for all points East—MICHIGAN OENTdAL and MIOHIOAN SODTHEKN BAILEOAD8, and CLBVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT »It AN It IIAVEM—With •• HCKON » Steamer for CBIOAOO, Ac.", Ac. AT nnHVAUKEE—Wi'th the SHSSIBBIPPI, LA CBO88E, CHICAGO, WATKBTOWN and HOBI- CON BA1LUOAD8, for all Important points Wcs« and Northwest, and on Mississippi Kiver, and with Steamers •tor Porls on Lake Michigan. Passengers' for Great Western Railway go on the Railway Fauir 8r«A««m, at D. * M. R. Doek, laavlng Dock at 3:00 A • , l.-OO r ». and 7730 r » N10HT TRAINS on the O. W. R have 8LKEPING CARS attached. PARCELS left at any of (be TICKET OfFIOItt are forwarded by Pifisraosg. Taiins ar Via? Moois- STS RITES. . The Comttany's Time-Tables caa be had at any of Uir Stations, W. K. Til, III. Q.n'l Sup'i. A Foaass, Ticket Agent, 280 East Water st . Wai. OB,BUI, PreiKbt Agent at Oomoany's D<Jtk. H. O. WILB,),, General Western Agesit. P. A M. K. Omces. April, 1859* aprS Wat. & Baraboo Vallej KAILROAD O Nand after Monday, April 4th, and until furflier oo- tleea Passenger Train will leave Mttwankee from the depot,foot »f Second street, for Pewaukee, Uartland Pln« Lake, Oepnomow«c, Watertown, Lowell, and Colambus at 4.20 p.m., arriving m Milwaukee al -135 a. n Passengers arriving at Milwaukee by the Milwaukee A CWeago R. IL, La Cvosse A Mil R. R, and Mil. A »i.« It. R., or by Boat, can proceed lo the above jlacei Ooimeclions are made at WnWrtown with .tares lor Late Mills, Jeffer.nD.H'auTloo.Hanrhelville, fun Pra, rle, Cottage Grove and Madison. Also it Col nn il,u, for Lo.di, Meflmac, Alsejro, r».l Hive-, J^.d'. Corners Harodro. Lowville, Dtkora,Vork.Arlmmon, l»lsu>l ami for all point, to ihe West and North West Passenireri arriving ai the Jaurtl.m from the above places ia»ke connections t. the Milwaukee t Mlsils- •«lp[« ». B-, fnr Janesv.lle, .Madison aoj Pralnr du Clneti and at Milwaukee, with ri,s>l» t« Uir Aonth, West and North. Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, BMCjUo, Falls.and all eastern clliea. Cuciniiau, Uulumbus, Dayton, ttpriugdeld, Urbaua, ZaneaviUe, IjtcuUavillu, Newark andiWI.ei-liu^, and all Interior towns ol u.'u», Fenn syrvama, Virginl-v, Maryland, Nca Jersey, A.-. nittg ouc (irand UiibruLcii U. K. Linr WIIXI CU1CJOO AJID Tb« UbT. LUW A* A.\r UTUK1I li(li"l£. tsinng tu j;o tj Ihil Uuulf Will he i,ar ticutAr and enquire for Tlc«rl» via JWt Wayne, tl.ereb) avoiding the Annoyance ol rechecking Lheir baggage TKAlSfS I.HA VIS VSJ'UT Oft VAX UlUXN s'l DA //. >, >1^>' f t>LLO \V&: »:00 r. n,—Right Kxpreia, daily, Satunlaj^ rlcrpted. 8:00 A. Mi— Murniug Uall and Kxpress, daily, Sundays ; executed. With but one cJiange of cars to. Plttgbargh. autaima EAUQAOI ruunocK To Pittsourtb, Philadelirfiia, Baltimore M.J New York conneEtlni directly with trains on the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern cities. Also/will. Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland Dunkirk Buffalo, Niagara Falls vlu New fork Central ami New York A Brie Bailroads to New Vork and Boston Persons galng east wUl and this route by lar the mosi Hesirable, Both from the advaotao In point of distance variety and beauty of tlie country through which lh< : roads pass, as well aa thsHeM frequent cfcanges of car. aadahe annoyance of re-cheoklns; bsigKage rlqulred by other routes. Facilities for tin t»ansportatton of yreishl and Liv> Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Uatea as low a.. any other route, and with equil dispatch. llcketa for sale al allt he (.nnclpal ticket offices in tl, Wot, and at Company', Office, No. 80 Uearliurn jtrec 1 nppuilte Tremout Uouse, CMca^o, and al the ..Bice the Lake Shore Railroad, Milotatrkee, by A (.i L^IID.J JNO. J. HOUSTON, General Krei?,hl Agent. PilLsbu/gli, Pa- D. W BOSS, General Wejtatn Agent, Chicago Vhica^o, Mar^h 6, 1SMI Milwaukee GBBAT SACRIFICES, THK NKXT FOK THE STOCK i* HI: 218 and 220 ftpr9-<12mo SIXTY I .vv, \*i> nr* East Water St reet, ___ MISCELLANEOUS. DR. H. W. K SI IM.I o* KOKMKKLY or CLKV KI. A 0 , fftjM-ctftiMy mf..rm^ tin; • ll,Z.;iii ,jf \I,]\V I |IIK, v t h.( Vitirf .M alt-.J .11 it , pi;, he ij.ti-ini-1 [»rri'-fiC nt.' 'UH |, Morse trV.-iieiJ • j, ui"il in necti-.n uruh t. ^ pr* i will Prick ami l> I Lhr? mo-tt apjii nv»<J *• y t to tjain the (TorifliU-ncf DRY QOOIJS, &C SPRING AND StlMMEE DRY GOODS! $ gentlemen, ' oj«J Mr «r professionally In the coumf uf ien y We feel Justified In laying -hut h-* [>r rlor to the g»fnyral run of Vetrrmary IV* ho J". John C. Broiiht-sd, Judge WUaoo, A r*KK. Wm. J ini, Marrmy, Pryer A Co , J 7' , «ftf And- ews, Vilden, IV.-1. H. *• M. •• M. A. A.^. ley. I.. Wright, L. U-wii. In., K rklau.l. 1859. 1859. SUMMEK AKKANtiEMKNT. » Great United Stales Kail *»d' Erpras Kuule. rUffaV-only reliable and ju. Rouri TO rni kjar, Suaru M- *5Jr NoBTU-WsdT, and ittv ouljr Line mak tag fur c coHBeCtions. Uaggaee checked ihruugh u, principal |x>mi«. On and after KONDAY, APHII. aatto, 18.-,», Traiuj leave Depot, corner ol and H.rtlay iu., James Krllj, SZ<I<I N. A. Bn,wn, The Latest Noveitie* W. J. Q White I • , r . I>-y:u. J. K. Curtis. 8llas Slerchaut, |»~ OlDce. Kirt.y 1 , ip-18-dawtf », Wt erv . Al t tulilr, l.inu M,, n x at Ch, S I i M M Kit . ». MKRR1I.L, Bupertmend«t. IS59. A KKA N < 1 KM K N 'I' — VIA- as Tulluui 1O!3O A. .11. — Ezrasas Pi C»K« at U:10 r. . 3:i a V, M.— Kir mas P»»sasoia— arrlvloj al Chicago at 6:li r. u , and m». n« close cunnecuoni »lth Evening Trains Kajt and South Wea«, and with ihe Kaciue »n I Altsal**! ppi Hailroa" , al K». m lunetion, f.,r ISeluil an.i uldrr «tauom <m that Luir Train leaves al -.&» *. M , arrlv lorwarded «i!h dnpat..h, an. I 1'W.eogir Train., leave l.'bi. airo i ; M, <n) p l at 1 tienat 12. JU r a|ir'J4 JN ). T (HI au.i , J ! wa.i«re «od BUPI %l,0, t I.I \ I AND Chicago lane of lerew O N N ihe i. t .ei,.u B ..f f Hill Lin- mil Chicago, lev-;, Ulsl ( strenuih anil rv-r^ J . FOK.'IIX. 4 THI.UIIKs.l l . WoUllY, Ma uKUi t. uK fllK i NOHTHIAS TulS.^r-.kTlT ..N ( . . M r 1 » T , ' Rates of Freight fiednc=d Again by .^ew t'orU IVorUierii 'I P: X | T \TIL further to! (_J Alitwaotrf, U< etl ill .torr* ; Ut Clan ilcrrhan.hgr thr Utis met , * YuttK CIL*N rtt TH.4J. LINK »..f it Llr-vciatnl vitn Ui K. It , luuchii.* »i D 4JJ.I |ir.l»._.|,: illy i it, n IL, 41.,; tft- \ L iiU \ I -, .tn CL.K V KI, 4..% ; <f I I I I s I » Mill A <-'I.OTH DEl'AK ..{. B O O K S O rjR stock Is tbe largest In the West. We s«l everv Book sa the Publisher's price. ^* We can furnish to order any book wblot exists, either In the Bngltsh or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. J* 040 8TRICKALND A 00. Springfield, Mass. CA8HASSCTS......; «>IItAHD FIB I. IMS. OrPhlla.UI|>l»a OA8H ASSET* ..... •«2S4.TW 73 J. \\, «;rahi, Agenl, NO. », MARTiN HLOCK, UP STAIRS, Mnwankee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUID 4TI01N in Dry W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of iionds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons vishing to obtain Loans or baring Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find It u> their Interest to file with me their applications or statements. 0. BOHLET, y" ^ Opposite Walker House, J B. BOTLEa .JJ.T. POST. I,every A: Boarding Stable, Foot of Mason xtxtet, (on the River.) School Books. W E have^very School Book in demand, add si them at wholesale or retail J*" 80 STRICKLAND* OO. PAPER. WK KEEP A GOOD STOCK OF WALL PAPKR, BOKUKKS FIRE UOAKD.S, THAT IMMENSE HTOOK O» ,-AT-J No. I §7 Ef. »l Water Street. MOST BE CLOSED OUT BY THK AShlONbK, — AN1>— '": Western (Canada) Railway. ,HAIN« leave the Orral Central Depot, fooiofljike M- street Chicago, as follows . 4COO A. Itl DKR10IT ACCpMatODATION.fSJon. days exeepteil), arrive at" Uetrsll 6,00 7:00 ». n.-CIHCINRATI EXPRI5S. ( ««n4ayi eicepted.) Ain». al Inillaaap <1i» 4^»i » «., CiBcinna'l S.3UJ • 8MJO 4. «.—LIOHTNING IXritsfpl). ,8an<lays ex- cepleJ,) arrives at Uetrolt 7:iHI r. •., Bqspen\lon Bridge or Baffalo 4.0 > A.' • , Albany X;UU r. M , 9j r w Vork »u« r. M., Boltiui 11 p. *. ZMKI P. m.-NIMC- AOtOMMODATION, elceft Sunday «:<K» f. n NKW fORK AND ROSTOB KIPRIUSL teiceptBauirday.) Arrive at Detroit 7: i5 a. v .; Auspeuslon yf \iigt or buffalo «.-30». «.; Albany fcUO j. j^ New ¥ork 10:00 i. H ^ Boston 8:1>'J r. K. 8;OO |». H|—CINCINNATI ASD LOU1KVILLK KJ. PRESS. (bUrept Saturday.) Cincinnati 9:1^ A. M.; LoQifville 4'Uu ». •. Oce train oa8ncday at HrUO p. •. TJie&SW a. M. and 8:00 ». «. train* conneet at Parj. wlta u,. Buffalo A Lake Huron. Hallway, for Bunai.. and all points; at Toronto with Orand Trunk Rail wajt, to KingaU n, OgdensVurs:, MootrtsJ. Qoebrf and all points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, New Hampahlre and Maine. taf~ Baggage chee>«d thro« c h. Through tickets foi sale at the principal J. MrtKA, Agci.t. IT; ll {3P~ rihip aall Duaix street, te W E, the for Uk4 rvllectl company, b*j[ to Infu uflice ^o. S Wiscons April, where or-lrri c al tnlion. t>ur aulh. «t U,e »arch,.Q. r , .., »r r ||tM Uan,p.,rt»l,..n picallnnn Oir .-Wn FA UK Which we offer to the trade at wholesale, or to the public at retail, at very low rates. _ ___ STRICKLAND A OO. STATIONKKY. STOCK i: n B R A «; E N or n T BE ftubseriben bave removed their stock from tbe stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to tbe old establishment foot of Mason street. Urns consolidating tbe two establishments, makinc the largest and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. W« shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish tl"-~ *r ; **- n« cond and stylish a turnout as any similai «•..,., i n ihe city. Thankful tor Past palronufcc, » c ijupe to meet a continuance/of the same. Particular attention given to furnishing carriag. :>e*raee for funerals. BUTLER t POST. es auj OOOD OHANCIi. HOUSE AND LOT FOR MALE CHEAP. T HE undersigned will eell hie Home and Lot, now occupied as a Tart n by aim, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E_ A M. H- E- Depot. Tbe house Is located on the beat business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of busl- nes», especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. r . JOHN EARTH. Racine. January 85, IBM. jan27-dflm Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schaooer Fashion, 224 tana. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Kueby, 1C8 tuna. The above TOneli will be aold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR A JKWETT, Buffalo, Hew York. Enquire of B. B. Jons, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febSS J7VERTTHINQ ever kept In a First Class Paper and J.J Stationery Establishment, which we offer at prleet which make It the Interest for all U try us. JantO STKICSLAND A CO. I. O. O. F. fTTIIE Odd Fellows Manual, illustrating the History, M. Principles and Government of the Order, w«h the Instructions and Duties of every Degree, Station and Office hi Odd Fellowship, with numerous ugravlnaa • by Aaron B. Grosh. Tie Odd Fellows Text Book, an elucidation of ihe theory of Odd Fellowship, embracing a detail of tlM aprK-dtf maj be £xpeet«d. JOSEPH CAKT, R E M O V A L . irvnci: vsi- OF BUSINESS. L ADIES— your atlentlon li now called to tte best stock of _ • - -- -• •»—-» —«.M v> MI« sjvuc( mt uiucc, coroer Lake A Dearborn streets, ooposlte the Tremont Uoae, Onles«o, and at tbe Dfrpot, foot of Lake IWes*. „ „ R.H. BIOa\,*upt. a. J. ayauaa. Qen. Pass. Air^. aprlS petroil & Nil. Kail.vny. » Lxll~~~*- THE Steamer Cleveland will take 4ssKSHi( *er place In line of the Detroit A Mjlwau- kee:KaUway, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass ngen wlsWng through tickets can be supplied on and after Moiday next, at £30 Bast Water street, ar at the office on (he dock of the Detroit * Milwaukee Railway Co.- Du« noiice of the lime of departure will be given. This aJI pTts°Kast. >h0ttMl ' ehe »» >al » Dd 1"'«*«« route lo Fare |,-t „,.,, Vork * tri- . A f.rn Kaiirond -AN D— rraii>j>orta(ioii (>o,\ I- 1 li K S .S <.trt Uir ( , r ,e,i lr..iu N-» \ ... k t. U- »s !.,l,om |.-r lim I.,. 1,1, r-r ass. ^1 t t.m 4^h I'la.. "T. 4.">r. .I.Vr. 1>».I bj 1 ,i r.,ulr, ..i, t, I u, A,, 1. t.. J. U.CllAYt Ku..b. i.- T.:. New V a i tt A K r , •• U , r • * . l 7' ltr«iaii« \y . N. V >tu Pirr i. ^J.^l K., . . r . .* ;,,. " r k- T|Tl - '1 . i i 1 4 A Tlil. Railroad. • cd, llBnog br- r, >(.,«. 1..I shrill on AQU .lelim y ..r ."r .1,1 t.,r this rm meTch«r.n n.| ,'./.!*,iari -»n W lrft| ^:j.J will , - r , . t , |...ii ( ,i •f.'|.,..-r, If.l .-u.^t . „ r ,,..'! l ,,.. «n i-fi !hi, . .., »n , 1 . 1 f,y » r . "< Sir A K«l \\ . A.r-i ,'i *MiKlf t Cil. in A >i;<:i-:i > UT Til*: & ERIE RAILROAD! « Dunkirk »oil ,s r ^ Vork [, y th<- K».lri.,.|, wi i i»- j: i;,i „ ^, i ur . J H CHA WF«t.. h, \tr-fiu. • - . OTJUK. I.M 1 1 fl 1' A fCl \1i \ II 11 l i : u D u . sab • .l/i '. Ifi- 1* ;.%.-t ..• x » ! •« ,, lai'-uui . «i-r>r>i at,: j \t-- , p , r . -'Ut *Ii y J..S-. W .:i :n. .- .,.,,.,.,,, e ., .... , ....... LUNTKH.T'V, •>••"" " *•• «». *. '"i N V i AH -. « ., . N.» V .r«. >I U .- P.M. 0.,,.. V;.-,,, ,,..,„.., „,,., ,. „ ., ., «•)..-..-. 1 .r. *•" • ' '*"" »i- i C.. , I'r .,., ,;„,. ,, ' •' ' ».•..! L ,,r, S :t\ r: ,.,. ,, \. , , _ ^.-r...... A.- ..; L. -...,, . , j r.. ., . ( » v» Lu.,: . .«. ,, . -.. ,,.. J , .. , Kl ir ..III,.,, Mil i ».,«,.., ^ r,,,j „. M , . .,., , . H '.;« »•>• . -.- .: • ... «. ',. ... A" L. ... J - 1 1 ..»•!>.« j. «., >| ..,,„ ] M .. . !"• «. »l ' 1.1... Ml » 1 i"1 . ^ ,.., »U,. (i .,,. ( '" "' ""'• - l-".i •: <l.<-l..i-ai .1 . lluir. 1- \ 1 . 1 (it- 1 sr,.s <« S'0 1C f» 1 •)! !•' If *. 1 II. 1 »- 1 \« 1 1 1 K M || | . t -)fj ! I*'.J ^ A £"£" .. ' •..'*. 's ^"^r''' "^""*i; " •'•••' ^•'•'- ••• VV'Ot'LU r-s|.erlfully \nn»ui,.:- L.. ''i-ir .1 VT -i < th-it th.-y ,t.:i r.. n t na.- I ........ »d I b..«i .,.le(-lerl ,^l...-l( of tl. ,.i.(, ' '.../r l '. .1" 1 .:. U v ^Lat.. t[j ,j w ,; ,.,,„,!„.; .,,^, r bu , ( 1.. .u, [ii.Aiiy ;,cw .-u.t, inrr'.t *H r-' "'* '' * ''* l " " UJ i ,-all. w,. w.ulil (I? .n<- .r . u r ^. .1 ., V'..rk. «n.| we |,., T ^ tvillti^s f.,r th- |.,i». •.»._ ,,, jfacmr- ..( fit. ,1 3 t^l 11 i:, u. t li. r\ -^, i .\il tlra^S rr' ',. t.i... lilva^'l.., ' h' ' \l tn. 1 hat. b... u ,.nal.l»l i,. r..'. ir . :h. .r >'0.|., .jl {<>.., l.i. wliit-h «. -'.M . ,„.. .„, lowest prices n>ml. in.. rk,i. in.l .MI ..,,, , „,.,..„ v/!..'ni. ,.'. . . ran.i 51:,,- .,,: IM{ I > I x. u,,,,I- x|» I K I s. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY 1,0'JDS AND YANKt ' \ I I \ - "i r \ Ml !1 lh«r- nolle aprlu UFFIOK Oi? IIIHilOl 1 A CO , UUU(lA<iKR.« Is Puvs>siu»i.r Mn. A iJiiu:aa.i R. R., Milwaukee, April -., l%'.9. O N and after April 9th, 1SS9, an.l until further no- lice, no persou \* authorized lo make purrfiaacs or ci ntract tor materials Tor the Milwaukee an.l Oilc«- go Bsllroad without a written orj.-r from the nmienlirD- ed. Bills will be pai d mi.ulhlj „,( , C r.,un , o/tll not be i ontlnneU wufc ' any concern that neirleru l., renJer monthly hljls. C. B. UALU, Oeo'l igl. BorliraeeeJ. aprlt J. T. MOODY, Master of Tran.portatlotu n:- i M IS39. KORTHERIV RIBBONS AND f LOWERS, Ever brought u> Milwaukee, to be found at BLAN C H ARD'S, VOIJIMI.'S RI.OCK, WAIN 9JT. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Vlilnankce RAIL HOAO. Paschal Donaldson. For aale at STRICKLAND A CO.'S., Booksellers and Btatio&ers, Ut East Water st. apr2l KIT CARSON!! AND GENTLEMEN'S FUKNISH'G. ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON, Tbe Wester of tbe Rocky Mooytaius. From facts narrated by himself. Just received by maylO _ , STRICKLAND A CO. HE DOOBLf THREAD SEWING Tliat took the FtBJJT PllCmiUn «t MAOBIN-FB, r-or »mlly use, at the Wisconsin State Fair, October 8. are for sale at the °ctU achine Einporinni liL.OOK. IKAAC A. HANCR A CO. NEXT I»OOR TO VAN COTT>8. 0 NEW BOOKS! A NEW HUtory Of the .Conquest of Mciico, by B. 1, WUsoo. - 7fae AoatriAU KnplfCf Its rile &ud present power by Thocodale or Conflict of Oplnloni,by WUllam SajUh. Whd Bporu in the Du Weil For aale by tKBSt t OtEATtB, mar * MT East Water streW. , riwrreto UTA'TCR The Panoera L»anA TrnstCom •) pany, •s. The Mllwanlree t Superior Bill road Company, |a the tl B City of Milwaukee, Vtrlct Court for John 8Uwart, • OuUrlct of H Jobaon C. A. Allerdlnf, i In tqulty. OhrisUab Hahm and I Gottfried Wootsch. J I K pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by tbe District Court of the United Stales, for th« District of Wlsoonslc, on tbe nineteenth day of Msrch,185» ID the above enttiltd cause, Ishall sell at Public Auction. onToad»y,2ndda]rof August, 1869, at 8 o'clock 2 the afternoi.!!, from .the slept of tbe Custom House. In the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, the morSiJed premises nttpjioned In tbe Bill of complaint In Au "Tf. •n'' defcriked as: "All the following, present and In future to be aoulred, real »id persona! proper, ty and real estate of .tbe (aid defuBdant, Uie Mllwankee and Superior Railroad Company, f at S to «aw, in rf !^?*fjjllf. a » »'«» V«^!".'«!'» W"«d torn TH1-1 SHORTEST AWD no»T EXPP.DITIOIIH ROf'TEf TfX. Launing, La «Jro«se, Winona, Kead't Landing, Bed Wing, '• *HE8COtT, ST. PA0I, AND ST. ANTHOST. 1859. 1 Hi; TRANSPORTATION COMPANY WlU,. <fnrtng the present Season, mn ihelr well known and popular of Fir»l e. Monday, April 4, 1839. tftV TRAIN l.EAVt.H i*IU,WAETKEE 1 l.-OO A. M., Arriving at Janerrlfe 2.30 1. M ; Madison 3:33 P. Uj; Vralrle da Cbleii 8.-00 P. 11. Cpnnect(n(t with the Prairie dd Chlen and St. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie da Chlen on the arrival of Ihe 6.-00 P. M. Train »D TRAIN I.CAVRK nfl'WAIJfi fcOfl P. si. Arriving at }anvtsfvllle 8^C P. M.; Madlso IfcOO P. M. Fare to an pomtson tbe Mississippi River as low as any other Hoot*. i WILLIAM JERVI8, ^f" - Oenl Superintendent. rD«ter. „ -. -- -, i ^- J »»ailfe,byBoardman. Hew_and good Books at E. TBRR? 4 orf mart NEW F lOT0RKSOFOOrjNTBYLIFE,byAlloeO»ry, ' The Methodlrt, or Incidents «>d Ohvacterafrata. Life la the Baltimore flonfrence, by ». Fletcher™ For sale by '. K. TREBT A OOi. g»rt . .... Ho. KgJBait Water street. " P»n» d^Odant, from ihe City of City of Green Bay In 8tat/of :e of one hindred and t required for a Tall and aaaorted jtock MWholeaile and EetallOrnr Store Is by HarriDgtoD, and oT the very best quality/— esa^i low ai any other rente," .;,'•.:•::". ':>.-. ;V -.••:'•,'-.:.. *- 0. HARRlNeTON, the „ - Stewart, Allerdlng, Haom ua WooteA, or either of them, may bare had at th«tlmS ol ai4klngs»iaaecr»e, to land upon which talTRaD- road Company n« located its way, and tot whleb«> compOiiatloa has b«n made to th.m.) toretber wIUV theiopmtr-nctiire and track thereon, u7^Ui«Bd other anakriaU tiled thereon, bridges, viaducts, en 1- verts.ftnoes,et(alpmeBta, necessary depot groiods and bluldlnii thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Com- ••«»/*ri«i»Jl rplUne ftockJ engines, UDdeti, OML toots,msjIcTlah, aacBhery, flitares, and all otlierMrl' [ to the said «rstd!vislon of laid road. V iaeoBM M! b« bad or levied then! - ' bther - LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE VRCAT NOUTII-WEKTERN l(M ' . STATES 1OA II, 4c EXP AJfD ONLY ML SAIL ROUTE TQ LA F CBOSSE <h« the UPPER MISSISSIPPI BIVEB O« and After Mondiy, 1 April 1«th ; Two Throngh BtpreM Traini L.KAVK< i«iiL *»oii DIPOT root OF ' j r.'-' Tralnr arrive at Milwaukee at ,j> , 80-^. M.s JviSI> a:80 :£». ; Close connecUoni are nide^atmj,,,^ - st^^ lT . e ^ ^^ ^ I ?l?^ * esota Packet C.-ompani's- New aa ; Splendid l.Blf^a States Mail WB*' ofSteamereti>&TromSt.Panl ; IntetBiedinte poiMts^ i-^;* s; by" taklBf lti» . Rehback'M ...... . , ; . FOBflAUtBY , Jb Tfcey»je.(»ref«lly to totln*«lsh8d I .^fei^ ^^^'^^&^^^^^^^M Mi^fallSiife^i^^^s^M^ Regularlj, between OGUKNSBUKCm iJtOSWKttO, AMD VUK I'PPKB I.AKEMI tormlng a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdeosborgh and Osweco, aad Chicago, Milwaukee and Intenneliate I'orts, connecting at Ogdensburgh with ihe OODtNMJDEOH * VERMONT CBHTRAL RAILROAD ROUTE, Between Ocdenlknrgh, Burlington, Uoncnrd, Min- cDelter, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, and at Oiwego with the New Oswego Line of Thirty first Class Canal Boats on the Enlarged Canal between O»wcB»,fcTrar, {Albany ft Now Vork, .Connecting also at Dunkirk with NEW YORA' Afilt KKIK RAILROAD, And forming a Tri-Weealy Railrrad bine between Donkjrk, ^Hvaakee & Chicago, a=sr Property forwarded by this Lloe will be subject to hut One Vranahlpmcni. &F~ Merchandise marked '"N. T. «:o. FX. PMEIISk," will be forwarded from Ntw York by an 7V.i<» ovrr the JVew, J',«-* ^ KHt And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.) APPl^^ TO J. Mnas, Agent N. T. Co., 17T Broadway, New\ork I. L. Wianca, Agent N. T. Co., » Co-nties Slip, New York. O»as. B. Tarui, corner Cth and Ohesnnt st.. Phlla. llovsr ACaawroan, Oswego N. T. R. D. ClLDwatx, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. Caasrauux, CaATroan A Co , Cleveland, O. Jam* Hocmo, Agent N. T. Co., 85 State st., Boston. A.OcsH«A«,Agent V. 0. Line, 108 State St., Boston J. F. CauaoayAgent, Rouse's Point, N. r. 1 ' ««eirt,Ogdensburgh, S. Y. - M"»«a*ee, WIs^ offlee LaOrosse A M. I.) Ol. ..rJer, Tor i ,, m<r,' ,>r Trun* Maker ner l.> ^'vt ,ali3ra.-t.,, W'r tl«o keep »a iMiir f-ll.>M, 7|M>kes, Huh,, h.nd.orwill u>a«. i,, r.age, \V»y,in .ir Tr^m Call and see lor rou ( lleiil .«! . r i' . ,r l.-r, my DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Steamboat Liu? ! (i SolTHWKLL JK ,uuj < .i.«r.ifj,,r SL-MMKK IM.KVSI RK XMIIV* ' i.'v O X and aft.T 3d May tint. ( ,.r t .. llh- swift anil el-cant Stenni-ri <ln<t i IfTfltintt, tn Irran.i H»,r[i, Grand Kauuls and hack *l .-lirap -v<:u: lime afforded t,, view u.e heacC'ful <cenerr on th,. Omi.t K.v^r ir.'.in.l :h r R.-ip d*. with. ,n extensive t,YI'?TM II ' .^r^s ^lotiud-n^ r.ioms or l>frt/i,i) '. flve— lit Oran.l Haven in.I bj.-< F..r|.i:rt.> .'n,,. t., Ur.n.l «»!„.•, , : v • i ' '.aJ nn h.ianl tl tl, C y , 1>WELLL\(, ,\ r s •:; ;• I i MI-: Parties ca>i lei tirieu rtiadc iral one week. Iloum af A I r»lii». I11111 n I n E In .S:.-i<i » "' R. R. Depot. Sly.-.ifS?.?*' 0 * 11 ''} ^«nkee,W ta con.?n, .. - _ , Offl« near U. A M. ft. R. Depot. «. B.—BJilppets are reqmsted to see one of the afcove Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rate*, and their connections with the OJeenahargh. and Oswego routes, and especially with the »«w Tork t trie RaUraa* glre them unsurpassed UclHtles for chiap and speedy transportation. marlS-Jfcn-IMtwlaw Leave Ml] waukee.... Lea»e Grand Haven Arrive at Grand lUui.l, Leave OnnJ Uapl.l., Leave liran.l H.iv^n Arrive at Milwaukee There Is a new and comfortable h the Hallway Depot at (Iran.l Havo, Parties (ilesirinu to sp rn <l a f.»- hour* »i i or on the Beaeh which is quite ,-lo,e i., have every att«ntioa. I3?~ Parties from C«lleir-<, .-<.-h<iols snd instiluli.ina, will be carne.l ,< n v.ry !..« can be had on application lo ihe <ul>ifnt>. tSf~ Tickets can be ha.l al D..rk Olli. ,sera oo board steamer, an.l W K. MUla, General Superintemlent, ab. Hera K<curs, n.l HA, ,,.,i ) .„ fir- s 12 H> J. J) 3 ( i and \.r.i\\ W. liftAUAil, •• v ^ I ^ M. I. IV \CKKV. \ l I i: K E M O V A L W . F . B A Y L F, 1 . .Haa remoreti to his old stand, (VO.J ISO EAST U'ATICK .STUTET. (Opposite J, ^V. BonM'.eefit Pry GiHMl*$t4>9*i) And having made snch additloni tn hit facilttu-d for ATLANTIC: L r NCLK ' II au II i Old Black > Star Liae «( Packets 01 flee N«. 40 mi tea •(reel, », Y. ON L.Y JD 1 K K O T LINK I N eJrecating P C) K K A 1 T As to enab e him to say to the publie with conn.lmr.- that he Is oow prepared tn furnish them with every desirable style of Picture known to the community an. I at snch Astounding Law Prices as to defy conipetu.,,n for example, Daguerro types tor l^lu. — TO— , STUH TO ALL POIHTB !of «reat Britain far $30., The powerful Iron Steamships our OF BALTIMORP, KJirr OF WASHINGTON OltT OF 1UHOHESTM, KAKfiAmOO, j viao, WUl sin from New rork for Cork and thence to Uv- Verpoi 1, t&KATS , , Paisage from New Tork: CaMn,....«7B...^. Third Class..., |«J. • Paarasxfrom Uverpoolaod Oorkc 'aise«get»>nrard«41» Itaviw.- Antwerp, Bra- len and Hamwarg far ft 5 la Cabin, |3& Third Class. TO PARig (InMhoan. frcw ll.erpo*!,) Cabin (90; (ars>k«llt of Irasi, In wsUertigbt •-••' '—•-'--'—• ^^53 .OarttaACo, 1IT BroaJ Line'at oM the' risk and Ff'L.1. SIZE PHOTO*; II,I Pits For only $1,00 the first one, and 50c tbr the Dupl.ontes WELAIMEOTYPKS, ATIUKOGKAPBS j At d In fact every other .style of Picture, at corres- , ponding loir prices. x IMPKUlAI, PIIOTUUIi.t PUS, '\ Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In ' the highest style of the Art.| THE STEEaWOTVPE, i A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In OH, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty ol flnlsh.any other Picture ever offered to tha Public.— These Pictures have only to bq seen to he admired. All who are desirous of saving money are respectfully .V I A r - < > r 1ST a •« I W w. n. i e o a l «• r f I tirvffory A < <>., COMMISSION Mr-.KCH \N is. w ...XT u »Ti:u M ana r. \<>. 2O: IVMonal itte nil all .,( ^on-Iiiplo«ti»«- fflHK p J- anil J'A 1 r-.-N. 1 solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand, ^ Ho. 18C. Ka»l Water ttrtetf JOlmnutff, . marl3-d<m W. F. BATLBT, Ai tint. Doctor C , H ATING located hlnnelf In Milwaukee, offers service* to tbe paoHo. Dr. L. has served In the British Army for fifteen vears, hi India, Barman and in the Crpaaa, , t • StirglcateuesprompUv atteqdeil. Office comer Baron aixl Tan Bur Tan Barca st. o. BAJRURGTOM. •At B MUM. per 390 lta.«A I rn.w riiv-ir-.l with :li^ MK^T, M.\/J?4f ill most KCONO.MfCAI. l.imiT ev»r |'irn'f(uceil. ^t superior lo the tiejii C'Hil finx>i It ^ adapted Ui Churches, Uutrt.,, ,Ht.,r.-s, K^^dm.; li..,,,,,, Private. Dwellinir9 v Railroad Uars, 1,- . ta. A^trlai mi'ii prove IU aoperlority .jver all Portable Liijhi,-,,,,,, a»e. It Is unltKeall ,,U,er Ump», l,em M ,aslly raailaueil Tree from , ra ,, ku or „„,.„ lm| ' nife from , k n .lanirep ,.r - v ,,, ( , JOHN (JOODM.VN'-l, •1A Wlsronmn Jtre^l. I., ml for Ihe State ,if \V''la<!on>ui. brilliant, economical, what l.i more, entirely lion Apply *t -I o H a I h a ii C r o u r h , I'NlJKK'l AKKK St., Oppmlic AuivrlcJiii 91ou«e KESP3 CONSTANTtl on hand a large iMortmea of Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood Oafflns to Settler wltaVtsk'sMetallc Burial Cues. ' Theomceof thuyorcj^ Home Cemetery Uojnuanv is »t my place, where I have the plats of the wounds u sa »lwa»» ready to accompany patrons to the Cem.- [reyto srtectlots at places for burial, &n.l can be rSunJ tmnjy Plac» of business ,la, or n | ght . Coffln Triro- amwof an kinds for sale. T UB p»«re to hoy Qrocaries u at " nm M MSPOBK, auglfl gM«l artlfde, in stare, for tale LATTON * PLANKISTON

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